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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon -- the umbrellas are out in parts of the bay area. a lot more rain is on the way. ktvu is tracking the wet weather and when it will hit your neighborhood. plus -- a contentious issue of pay raises and benefits between san jose and its police force could soon be resolved. what's happening right now that could make or break the deal. and police find a senator stabbed multiple times and his son shot to death. what we're learning about the deadly incident, how long the senator is do -- and how the senator is doing right now.
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well, rainy weather is in the forecast for the bay area. on the left is a live picture of the conditions right now in contra costa county as you look toward mt. diablo. on the right, is the gloomy view towards the bay bridge. good afternoon, everybody. i'm brian flores in for tori campbell. at this noon hour, we have team coverage tracking the rain. ktvu's tara moriarty, who is live along the russian river, where it's been raining all morning. we begin with rosemary orozco in the weather center tracking the wet weather. >> yes, that rain is falling. let's get to where it's wet at this moment. right across central portions of the bay area we're seeing the scattered showers. we'll zoom in a little bit and stop the radar so we can take a look at where we're seeing some of this rain along the coastline, pacifica, hook, you can see san francisco -- half moon bay, you can see san francisco stretching down to redwood city. if i switch to the east, we have it over pinole, richmond, oakland, stretching across into
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far sections of the east bay as far down as about hayward. as we shift east here a little bit, concord, san ramon, dublin in and out of a few scattered showers. let me go one more time. antioch and bregetwood. it looks -- brentwood. brentwood you are on the edge there. you should see a few light scattered showers move into the area in the next few minutes. this plume of moisture stretches all the way back towards the areas along the tropics. so we have more to come. not only today but for tomorrow as well. these widespread showers are gonna be picking up over the next few hours. i think te will be with us for the evening drive home. when i come back, i will have a look at the future cast model. we'll talk about this rain and how long it will stick around. the rain already starting to fall in some parts of the bay area. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the north bay where folks are seeing the most rainfall at the moment. tara? >> reporter: yeah. we've been seeing steady drizzle in sebossty --
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sebastopol. we did see some rain in guerneville and then here downtown we've seen scattered umbrellas, birds taking some baths. a lot of people walking around trying to sort of stay dry. people overall are pretty excited about this wet weather. this is the first significant rain in the bay area in two months. we've had less than 4 inches of rain in san francisco this year. according to the national weather service, that makes it the driest year in 164 years of recordkeeping. usually the city gets more than 16 inches through mid-november. >> i think it's wonderful. it's long overview and very, very welcome. >> reporter: do you very any plans today? >> stay dry. work on indoor things. >> i love the ray. we just got back from the park walking around. it's beautiful. wonderful. we really need it. being a gardener, we're thrilled to have the rain. >> reporter: but even though folks are excited about the
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sprinkles, they won't be here long. by next week it should be dry again. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. meantime, the drizzly weather is causing delays at san francisco international airport, as is often the case when there's low crowds. here is a live look at the airport. sfo is reporting delays just over half an hour on arrivals. we would like to see your weather photos to us. send them to us or upload them on facebook page. you can follow us on twitter and for the latest weather conditions in your neighborhood. well, new at noon -- vote to increase the pay of san jose police officers was made in the last hour by the san jose city council. the police union has been at odds with the city for years regarding officer wages which has caused hundreds to leave the department. janine de la vega joins us live from san jose to tell us what's in the agreement. janine? >> reporter: well, we're here at the police officers association union headquarters where a city representative just walked in and he went in
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with a signed copy of this tentative agreement. now, this agreement is a little more than a 10% increase for officers as far as pay goes. it's something the officers have been wanting for years. these are the terms of the tentative agreement. a 4% immediate increase plus retroactive pay. then on july 1st, 2014, officers would receive a 3.3% increase on on top of -- on top of that. and then in july of 2014, another raise kicks in. that basically restores the pay cut officers took back in 2010. morale has been low. since 2010, nearly 300 officers have retired or resigned from the police department. a portion of the 40 new recruits that just graduated had left to go work at other police agencies. now, the city voted in a closed
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session this morning and approved that meditated deal that was negotiated last week with the police union. the poa says they don't understand what took the city so long to give into this deal that they had previously asked for. >> i'm thankful that this money will help some of our officers keep their homes and hopefully we've turned a corner. the problem here with this deal is that in 2015-2016 our officers are gonna make what they were making in 2009. >> reporter: union leaders say they are not sure if this will stop the bleeding that's going on at the department. they say it may help slow down the number of officers leaving. now, this agreement still needs to be ratified by the rank and file officers. the poa says that that vote will take place on the 246th. report -- on the 26th. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. well, a man is dead after exchanging gunfire with sonoma
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county sheriff's deputies in guerneville. it happened after 11:00 last night at the river lane resort on first street. a woman called 911 saying her intoxicated husband had a rifle, was suicidal and threatened to kill her. the dispatcher told the woman and her daughter to go to a sheriff avenue substation across the street. when deputies arrive, they say the a 9-year-old man -- the 59- year-old man came out shooting. deputies fired back. he died at the scene. it's not been determined if he shot himself. tonight in san francisco, a rally is planned outside the mission district police station in response to this violent confrontation on friday. this was caught on a cell phone camera at the valencia garden apartment complex. many residents say there was police brutality and officers overreacted when trying to arrest a man for riding a bike on the other side of the street. >> that's considered reasonable force? >> well, that suspect was
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ordered to leave not once but twice. >> police say officers used reasonable force against an angry crowd that was getting out of hand. in over an hour, a 28-year- old man accused of assaulting a sleeping homeless woman is scheduled to be in a san francisco courtroom. he faces two counts of felony assault. san francisco police launched an investigation into the attack after ktvu obtained this video and chief greg suhr saw it. developing news out of virginia -- police responded to a 911 call this morning to the home of virginia state senator creigh deeds and found the senator stabbed multiple times. his 24-year-old son, gus, had been shot and died at the scene as well. this morning, u.s. representative from virginia morgan griffin spoke about this situation during a house security hearing on obamacare. >> it's obviously shaken everybody in virginia. he's a good man. our prayers are with him. i encourage everyone to say a prayer for him and his family.
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>> he ran for governor in virginia in 2009 but lost. authorities have not offered details about what happened. they are not looking for any suspects, suggesting the altercation was between the senator and his son. cybersecurity 2013s are warning that the troubled website could put your personal information at risk. they say personal information is safe but during hearings on capitol hill today, experts testified the site is vulnerable to hackers and might have already been compromised. >> right now, screams to those who are trying to break into the system, if you would like my healthcare info, maybe you can steal it. >> an official testified that it's subject to rigorous daily testing. democrats are accusing republicans of using the security issue to scare people from using the site. the state of california is hoping to stop a planned strike
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by local 3299 members who could walk off the job, including radiologists and mri technicians. this is video of the last whackout in may -- walkout in may. they are seeking a temporary restraining order in court in sacramento. we're finally seeing a picture of the man who was killed when a car driven by former nfl player thomas howard crashed into him on 880 yesterday morning. >> reporter: 25 years missing. why the mother of mikalya garecht says she has hope mikalya is still alive.
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new details now about a deadly crash we first reported yesterday. we now know about more -- more about the crash victim. one was 64-year-old zhang long lu of hayward. he was driving southbound on interstate 880 early yesterday morning when he was hit by an out-of-control car that flipped over the center divide. that car was driven by former oakland raiders linebacker, thomas howard. the highway patrol said he was going more than 100 miles an hour when he crashed his bmw. former teammates say he was a good friend and will be missed. >> he was a laid-back guy, funny guy. he helped the community. he helped his friends. he was just a guy that you
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would want to be around nonstop. >> investigators say there were no obvious signs that howard might have been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol but they are waiting on a toxicology report before they rule that out. well, a child abduction that captured national attention is being recognized 25 years after it happened. mick garecht was -- michaela garecht was taken 25 years ago today and sal castanedo has more. >> reporter: it was in 1988 where the girl was last seen in this parking lot. she dame back to get her -- came back to get her scooter. that is what the last time she was seen alive. it was here 25 years ago that 9- year-old michaela garecht was kidnapped from the parking of the rainbow market. today, family members, friends and even police officers placed yellow ribbons near the tree
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where michaela was last scene. the market and many of the people in the area have changed but michaela's mother is keeping the search going for her daughter who would be 34 years old. >> at this time, michaela is actually the same age that i was when she was kidnapped. and you know, thinking of her having grown up like that, you know, of course, i have to wonder where she is. >> reporter: police say a witness saw a stranger force michaela into a tan-colored sedan. this composite sketch was put out after the abduction and police and the fbi followed thousands of leads but have never found the girl. >> i was a young police officer when michaela was abducted. and if i could have one thing come of my career, it would with be to have michaela found. >> reporter: in the last few years, lauren, one of the so- called speed freak killers was suspected of being involved. police took dna testing of the bones associated with the killings but in january
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determined they did not belong to michaela. >> it's really hard to describe the really devastating impact that whole episode had on us. to spend several months, you know, contemplating whether or not she were actually gonna find out that michaela was no longer alive and what that would mean and feel like. >> reporter: michaela's mother says until she sees evidence that michaela is not alive, she will continue to search for her or for anyone who knows what happened to her. live in hayward, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. the faculty of san jose state university want the you csu chancellor to investigate how long the university is being run. they say there have been several problems with communication and transparency over the past ye but they add they are not trying to remove university president. the president, by the way, says he welcomes a review. the oakland fire department is not doing enough to prevent another firestorm in the hills
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according to a new stu audit. the 1991 firestorm killed 25 people, destroyed 3,000 properties. city auditor ruby says the clearing of the fire fuelses to not seem to be a priority. she says in 2011 and 2012, fire officials found 829 yards that needed clearing by an outside contractor and the city only hired workers for 11% of them. the city administrator acknowledges the problem and said the city is working on changes. well, five people were displaced by a fire in downtown martinez this morning at a building where the mayor has his coffee every morning. mayor rob schroeder took a photo with his cell phone of smoke and flames pouring from an apartment over the cafe on main street. the mayor was inside drinking his kof fee when the fire started just after 8:00. he said it smelled like an electrical fire at first. >> i thought maybe somebody's laptop had overheated and rosy, the waitress, was kind of investigating and went out the emergency door, ran back in and
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was on the phone and obviously there was something going on. >> firefighters got everyone out safely and contained the fire in about half an hour. that pr prevented major damage to the restaurant. but two apartments are sustained heavier damage. the red cross is helping people in those apartments. no word yet on the cause. there are concerns over the burned area on mt. diablo because of the rain in the forecast. two months ago, the wildfire on the eastern slopes of the mountain near clayton burned some 3700 acres. now erosion experts are warning the rains could trigger landslides on the charred slopes where there's no scregetation to hold -- vegetation to hold the soil. they say it would take heavier rain to cause problems. the cities of oakland and berkeley are working together to provide shelter for the homeless. the "oakland tribune" reports officials want to find space for as many as 100 people at existing shelters but find be a bed could be tough after a shelter closed at the former
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oakland army base last spring. shelters are asking for donations of sheets, blankets, towels, pajamas and clothing to help with increased demand. much-needed rain is falling over the bay area and i think you are going to need your umbrella. not only for today but for tomorrow as well. giving you a live look there at the mostly cloudies over parts of the south bay, south bay remained dry for the did morning -- for the morning commute. i think you will have it in time for the evening commute. let's see where the rain is falling at this moment. so again, we have light scattered showers in areas off the coastline moving in. san rafael, across the richmond san rafael bridge, you will find that one slick. the bay bridge as well. it looks like the west edge of san francisco getting a bit of a break but the east section and south san francisco reporting a few light scattered showers into the east bay from pinole, richmond, oakland, hayward, all of the small communities in between along 880, 680 as we shift over into
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concord, san ramon, light showers reported here along highway 4 and into antioch. so again, we just got started earlier this morning. it's going to continue into today as well as tomorrow. want to head you to the hills because we have south lake tahoe where you can see mainly dry. south lake tahoe picking up showers from time to time. as i mentioned earlier, this is a warm storm. snow levels are relatively high. caltrans was out there a little bit earlier this morning but you shouldn't have any widespread delays because of the snow. it looks like the freeways up over the path are pretty much in the clear. so we'll continue to track that for you. but some of the ski resorts are reporting a little bit of snow hand that will continue. we -- and that will continue over the next few days. we've seen a few hun hundredths over the south bay. as we get into the next 24 hours, this is going to improve. we're going to see widespread accumulation moving across the bay area, perhaps .3 over
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concord, maybe .25 in and around oakland and it continues into wednesday. looks like we won't be drying out until early thursday morning. as we get into the afternoon, notice how it becomes more widespread in time for the afternoon drive and evening commute. we're looking at wet weather. we get going tomorrow morning we're mainly dry but the scattered showers will remain in the forecast for wednesday as well and then we're dry on thursday. afternoon highs for today, 50s to low 60s. we're already right around that. so temperatures not gonna warm a whole lot more than what you have outside your door right now. a look at your extended forecast here. so the clouds and the rain for today, clouds and showers for tomorrow, as early as thursday, we're clearing out and temperatures beginning to rebound with the bay area weekend always in view. temperatures mild as we get into the weekend with mostly sunny skies. at least the rain is here. the second day of the dream force technology conference continues with one of the big
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names giving the keynote address. marissa mayer will speak at moscone center in san francisco tonight. this evening, the chairman and ceo of salesforce will speak. thousands are expected to attend the concert for kids. the money will help fund a new building for ucsf children's hospital at the mission bay campus which is set to open february of 2015. well, coming up -- the social media world blowing up with selfies today. we'll tell you why and after several fiery incidents involving tesla's model s, the government is now taking action. [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better.
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stocks going back and forth as we await what the federal bank will do. the dow is up 8. tesla's ceo elon musk says he's asked for a federal investigation into his own line of cars after three recent model s fires. he said he's made the request because of growing concern over the safety of those electric cars. palo alto-based tesla said the fires were caused by accidents and were not spontaneous. the company said some changes have been made to keep the cars from striking debris that can start a fire. the big trial between apple and samsung heads to a jury
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this afternoon. they are in a retrial to correct a mistake in the amount of damages in a previous case. apple says samsung owes another $400 million. san jose city hall is set to be home to a new long- awaited patent office. the u.s. commerce department announced plans to open a satellite office at the site by the end of next year. the city hall location will be the only satellite office on the west coast. figures show firms in the sill lon kol valley seek more -- silicon valley seek more pattons than any other city in the world. selfie has been named the word of the year by the oxford english dictionary. it appears the word first used in australia in 2002. it was last year when the phenomenon taking a photo of yourself and posting it online really took off. here is amy selfie this morning from the oakland hills. you can findable slide show -- find a slide show with other
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ktvu reporters joining in. tonight at 5:00, our stormwatch continues as the first rain in months makes its way across the bay area. we're tracking the system and the problems it's causing today. well, thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at you can also follow us on twitter and facebook. have a good day.
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