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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 8, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we search for great videos so you don't have to, and we got 'em for you "right this minute." >> a woman arrives at an airport with a bag and -- >> a baby inside of that bag. >> see who cops say was going to buy the baby and how security cameras blew open the whole twisted plot. >> russian bungee jumpers take it to a level -- >> i can't even describe. >> the twist that makes this a truly extreme sport.
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>> a truck slams into two cars in the snow and -- >> it's about to get worse. >> the chain reaction that's one slippery slope. >> plus, everything looks better on a 42-inch flat screen. we've got the buzz word for your shot to win. and a video on what not to say to your girl friend. >> i'll finish up here in the kitchen. >> are you sure you can handle it in. >> yeah, i'll do what you do, i'll burn the [ bleep ] out of it. >> if only that big red x could disappear in life before you say it. >> security cameras at an airport in istanbul, turkey catch a bizarre story. that's a 22-year-old who has a baby inside of that bag, and police claim that she was there to sell her baby. >> is that other woman who got out of the cab with her? >> yes, according to reports, that's her mother helping her.
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security cameras catch her going towards a bathroom inside the airport. apparently they were there to meet another couple. reports y this is a turkish-born germane the woman public bathroom. we see the woman with the bag and her mother go in the bathroom. then we see the woman from the german couple going into the bathroom and then she walks out with the bag that the 22-year-old woman had had earlier. according to reports, she purchased this baby for about 300 pounds, about $480 u.s. dollars. >> wow. >> we then see her come back. they're looking for the woman and her mother because they decided they didn't think they'd be able to get through customs without the proper paperwork for this baby. so then the woman from the couple called police and tells police, hey, i found an abandoned baby in the bathroom at the airport in turkey. the police did catch up with the 22-year-old and her mother and get this, the 22-year-old, her mother and the baby were
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deported. they also took the woman who allegedly purchased the woman into custody but they released her once she gave a statement about the incident. >> we believe this video was captured outside a police station in bahrain. we know the country has experienced a lot of social turmoil. look how quickly this seemingly quiet scene changes. >> oh, no. >> it looks like there are a couple of guards outside of this building that we believe is a police station and suddenly you see molotov cocktails raining directly on them. somehow they're able to run out of the way but the molotov cocktails keep coming and they keep swerving around them to miss them. you do see one of the guards bring out his gun and start firing. >> this is terrifying. there were so many of them and not just hitting the police station and the stuff inside the wall. you saw them spread out into the
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road. there had to be a lot of people. >> there are a ton of people. we have a second video that show how many. there are a ton of men. they run across the street and start throwing the molotovs. >> i guess the security guys saw them coming. hard to miss. >> and maybe they threw them into the trees. >> they're wearing what looks like gas masks and when they're done throwing the molotov cocktails, they start running again. in the end, it doesn't seem like anybody was actually injured by this attack. >> thank goodness. >> already around the world there's plenty of snow on the ground creating problems on the road like here. you see a couple of cars that
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may have come together on a slippery street. looks loike it's about to get worse because this delivery truck cause s a huge problem. this truck dislodges the cars and people trying their best to stop this truck. >> they're all sliding around like they're wearing ice skates. >> and this truck is going right toward that car with all those people. thankfully they get out of the way. >> i give those people credit for trying to stop a truck on ice but that's not going to happen. >> what's better, a front wheel drive car with winter tires or an all-wheel drive car? a lot of people think they need to spend the extra money on all-wheel drive. this guy puts it to the test. the gray car all-wheel car.
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the other car, front wheel drive with snow tires. >> the all-wheel car, no traction. >> wow. >> this is like real consumer reports, like rtm on your side. >> without the right rubber, an all-wheel drive car is just as useless as a two-wheel drive one. >> tgif, y'all. coming up, we are giving away a flat screen tv. >> you have to be 18 years or older and must be a u.s. citizen to enter. >> good luck, y'all. >> we do not condone street fighting on this show. we don't like it. >> but -- >> if you are going to be in a street fight, there are some unspoken rules. this is a neighborhood in philadelphia with all sorts of bars. there are some guys jawing at each other on the sidewalk.
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this guy and this other guy on the street with the white long sleeve shirt eventually -- >> oh, come on! >> i like it. >> but then they square up and the street fight is a street fight, man to man, right? the guy in the white shirt lands a couple good shots and this guy in the blue comes in from behind and just starts cheap shottinging this guy without a shirt on. >> [ bleep ]. >> this guy in the blue is some buddy of the guy in white. one big roundhouse punch and this guy knocks him down, hitting him from behind. >> that's cheesy, man. if want to have a fight, pick it yourself and defend yourself. >> well, two against one is never fair, especially in the second guy just sneaks up from behind. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> there are a lot of cops in this area.
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and before you know it, there's a cop car that pulls up and breaks that entire thing up. >> the worst part about this is the loser loses a perfectly good tank top. >> i know. >> ice, gold and danger, it's the second season of "bering sea gold under the ice" on the discovery channel. >> that took my breath away just watching her go down into that water. >> now one of the divers tells us what it's like to take the risk and go down below. >> it feels like you need to make peace with good before you do it. >> he's got himself in a plastic bag. >> see why the cat's not out of the bag until the dinner bell rings. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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want danger? i'll show you -- >> danger. >> danger in the form of bering seagulls under the ice. they are cutting giant holes in the ice in alaska and then they send divers down to mine for gold at the bottom of the bering sea. below, negative 30 degrees fahrenheit. >> that took my breath away just watching her go down into that water. >> this show is from the producers of "the deadliest catch." >> why are they going to these lengths? >> it's an untapped resource. emily reidel is only 25 years
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old and she's doing this to try to earn enough money to someday become a professional opera singer. so talk about two different worlds. >> you want to talk to her? >> yeah. we have emily via skype right this minute from nome, alaska. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> this is fascinating. how in the world did you get into this? >> i hate 9 to 5 jobs more than i hate anything. >> this looks incredibly dangerous. tell us about what it feels like to jump below this frigid, freezing ice. >> it feels like you have to make peace with god before you do it. i think we all were accepting of the fact that something might go horribly wrong. >> have you guys found enough gold to actually make a profit? >> like anything else, it's an
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investment. you have to spend a lot of money to make any money. sometimes you'll go down and you'll find your pay streak, your pay later and make big bucks and then sometimes you'll make absolutely nothing. >> tell us what we can expect from season two of this show. >> for me it's an enormous challenge. i learned a lot about myself and what i really wanted. it surprised me. i was on the verge of quitting and it ended up going a completely different direction than i thought. >> we heard you're an incredibly talented opera singer. would you sing for us? >> it's from the opera "carmen." ♪ ♪ >> whoo! beautiful voice. >> i don't understand what you're doing under the ice in alaska. >> the season two premiere of "bering sea gold under the ice" airs tonight, friday november 8th at 10:00 p.m. on discovery.
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>> there are all types of body modifications people can do to their body, you can do crazy earrings, piercings, some weird, some questionable, some painful. what you're about to see here i can't even describe the amount of pain these guys must be in. this is in russia. these guys are known as the sinner team. what these guys are about to do with some body modifications is you could say very extreme. they're getting some rather large piercings in their back. >> those are suspension hooks, right? >> yeah, they are. they are bungee jumping from a very high tower. t the only thing connecting them, you see the piercing in their back. i can't imagine the pain. >> why would you do this? >> i don't know what else to say other than i don't get it. >> people do all kinds of stuff.
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although it might seem weird to us, it's their thing. >> i've seen people do that, where they're just hanging with the body modification in their back. >> yeah. >> that doesn't surprise me. the bungee part does. >> that looks like he has a back pack on. >> that's his back, his skin. >> they look like they have safety harnesses on just in case. they don't just do the bungee. they also do the base jump. the chute's already open. the guy's on his way down. you can see right here that's a base jump with the hook connected to the parachute in this guy's back. >>it's fascinating thathe body can handle ths. >> a homeless u.s. army veteran gets a second chance. >> he already looks really good.
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you never know, looks like a completely different guy. >> and still to come, get distorted with the game. >> and if you laugh, you kind of lose. >> see what happens when you give it a go. >> this is my real face. >> plus the friday buzz word you'll need to know if you want a chance to win a flat screen tv next.
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if there's within thione the done is goofy. we can do goofy. >> we went to take it a step further and actually create a game out of it, a party game. >> so step one is going to be find a friend. this is jewulian. the goal is just to make them
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laugh. >> you can't laugh. >> the goal is to be stone faced during the game. >> it's hard not to laugh. >> it is hard not to love. -- laugh. >> we play with ours. >> oh, we can play with it. >> i'm already laughing. >> and i'm laughing at you. >> i have a secret, guys. >> what day is it? >> speak into my good ear. >> i think we forgot the premise of the game. >> anybody ever called you a block head? >> ooh, kind teeth. >> now i've got a tiny head. >> i went to the dentist this morning. >> i think there is something wrong with your head.
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>> oh, my god, it works. >> this one got jacked up at the gym. >> it worked. >> calvin's got himself inside a plastic bag and poked himself head through the handle. >> the cat's not out of the bag here. that is cat is in a grocery bag. it's not in any harm's way. it got its head stuck in it while playing in it. they are waiting for the dinner bill. watch what happens when the bell goes off and calvin wants to make his way toward food. does get down but eventually he walks into the room and just says, okay, i'm waiting. you have to help me with the bag.
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>> i'm surprised. i thought the cat was going to get so scared that the bag was stuck to him that he would freak out. my cat did that once and bounced off the wall. >> wow. >> from that video let go down to baja, california where people are on a whale watching tour. watch what she does. >> she kissed the whale. >> i just kissed a whale! >> you saw her reaching over and petting that gray hump back whale. >> you couldn't put a price on that. she kissed a whale. >> and betty who was on the tour, she got one, too. >> mouth open, waiting for the kiss and she kisses it. >> i'd be concerned about her. she just met this whale. you can't throw yourself at people like that. >> it's a good way to end the
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week, everyby. flat screen tv g away. >> it's your chance to win a 42-inch flat screen tv. all you need to enter, friday's buzz word, you got to be 18 or older and you must be a u.s. resident. >> enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post on our page and tap on that link. >> and the friday buzz word is robot. >> go over to our web site. >> and type in rob-o-b-o-t for what happens and to win. >> are you sure you can do it?
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>> just in case y'all are wondering what manhattan as eighth avenue looks look. >> at rush hour. >> there's a bike lane. it's clear. >> that happens quite a bit, pedestrians walking on the bike lane. >> pedestrians have to follow the same rule as drivers and they get mad if bikers are on the sidewalk so they go in the lane of the bikers. >> if you're going to live in manhattan, one of the world's busiest cities, it's what you have to deal with. >> that's true. it is incredibly crowded. >> sure. this is during rush hour? >> yeah. >> he was by a crazy busy area, people getting on and off the train. you got to be able to dodge a
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million people. >> dudes of america, listen up. here's a free lesson on what not to say to your girl friend, wife, fiancee. >> hey, honey, how was your day? >> oh, my god, i just walked in the door, i don't want to talk about it! >> i'll tell you about my day but first tell me about yours. >> it was okay. hey, did you remember to get those tomatoes from the store? >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> i sure did and i also got you this baby bear. >> oh, sweetie. >> why don't you take a load off. i'll finish in the kitchen. >> are you sure you can handle it? >> yeah, i'll do what you do, burn the [ bleep ] out of it. >> if only that big red x could disappear before you say it. >> do you remember what today is? >> oh, my god, tuesday? who cares! >> our anniversary. >> your birthday. >> that's why you get in trouble
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because you guys don't think. >> i have to tell you some bad news. >> your mother's coming to town? >> you're pregnant. >> just keep these in mind for later. >> empathize. put yourself in the other person's shoes for a second. >> i lost my job. >> son of a [ bleep ]! >> the guy gets xs the whole way through. >> that wasn't right? >> i don't know what to say. will you tell me what i should say? >> marry me, marry me. >> yes! >> buzz me out! that's not the answer. >> if you want to see this entire video, go to our web site or you can watch it on our mobile app. >> that's it for rtm. we'll
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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman and it's time for great videos from the web "right this minute." talk about bold. thieves steal copper wiring -- >> directly off of an energy truck. that's bigger than bold. >> what these guys didn't know about the goods that got them busted. >> climbing a cliff with no rope? no problem. >> this is raw human strength. >> see the amazing moves of thailand's monkey


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