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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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p.m. st. took three weeks before the body of -- it took three weeks before the body of lynne spaulding was discovered at san francisco general hospital and that prompted the family to question why searches were conducted sooner. >> a new claim that discorrects a case. a hospital worker who spotted lynne spaulding in the stair well days before. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with new developments in the case. >> reporter: today investigators interviewed five member of the sheriff's office about what happened at san francisco general hospital. the attorney representing the deputies told us the story about a mystery man who saw lynne spaulding in the hospital stair well is fantasy. >> reporter: no one knows what happened to lynne spaulding. it has bane month since -- been
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a month since a worker found the body in a stair well at san francisco general hospital. investigators asked for help finding someone who saw a woman lying in the stair well days before lynne spaulding was found. deputies say the key witness may not exist. he is representing five members of the sheriff's office who provided security at san francisco general hospital. today investigators interviewed them about what happened. he told ktvu he thinks the story about a potential witness who may have stepped over a woman's body is made up. >> i don't think there was anybody who said there is a dead body. i haven't heard anything credible that seems to suggest that that happened. i think that is fantasy. >> reporter: he says lynne spaulding was about to be released. sources say a week passed before anyone ordered a thorough search. he said the deputies relied on
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medical staff for information about the patient. >> i believe what was conveyed was limited information that it wasn't great cause for alarm. >> reporter: today a spokesperson for san francisco general hospital told me they stand by everything that has been said and cooperating with all investigations and we reached out to the family and we will have more tonight at 10:00 p.m. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we want to know about stories in your neighborhood. send us your ideas. an emotional plea from the family of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. andy lopez's parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit. ktvu's allie rasmus was there as the family talked about their loss. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the mother of andy lopez was calm but angry as she
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called for justice. she said we want this killer to go to jail. he is sitting in his house right now why my son is dead in a freezer. andy lopez was carrying a bb gun. a deputy as patrolling the -- was patrolling the area and opened fire after the teen didn't put the gun down. they hired a independent autopsy of the teen. >> the first shot that andy -- the trajectory is front to back, right to left. andy didn't point the rifle. the physical evidence makes that absolutely impossible. >> reporter: the attorney said filing the lawsuit before the official investigation is complete could jeopardize the process. >> there is a real potential of
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interfering with the investigation. from the county's point of view we have confidence in the police department, the district attorney and the grand jury and the fbi that is involved in the investigation. >> reporter: he represented families against police departments before. he represented a southern california teen paralyzed in an officer involved shooting case. he says the family's suit does not specify how much they are asking for. he says that amount will be up to a jury to decide. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues on you can read the family's lawsuit against the sheriff's department. click on the top story tab for the latest on the case. the killing of federal investigator sandra coke may have been triggered by a dispute involving her missing dog.
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new details emerged at the hearing for randy alana who is accused of killing sandra coke. two nephews testified said and one said sandra coke called randy alana's patrol and he just he said after sandra coke disappeared randy alana called him sounding suicidal. the hearing continues tomorrow. police are looking for a bank robber who held up a credit union today. investigators say these photos show the suspect entering and leaving the bank. the smell of smoke woke up
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fraternity brothers at uc davis. >> reporter: this afternoon fraternity members were keeping quiet about the attempted arson. police say sunday morning people in the house smelled gas and discovered a leak. fraternity members shut off the gas and later discovered something in the house was burning. >> the intent of the fire was to ignite the gas. >> terrifying knowing that somebody is -- very much in the way of the blast. >> reporter: police won't say why anyone wants to target the fraternity mebs here. they -- members here. they moved in this past fall. >> they have been good. i was surprised. i was like great, here we go but they are respectful. >> reporter: police say the fraternity members waited till
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sunday afternoon, 12 hours later to contact them about the gas leak and fire. they also say it would have been easy for an intruder to get inside. >> the doors were unlocked. >> police stepped up patrols around this fraternity and others. the college sent out an alert. >> we also reached out to fraternity to remind them of keeping an eye out for now there is no way of knowing if whoever did this might try again. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. santa clara could change how they deal with illegal immigrant. how law enforcement cooperates with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. the county does not honor requests from authorities to hold minors or hold anyone longer than 24 hours. the board of supervisors is scheduled to pick up the matter tomorrow. a pedestrian who was hut by
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a car -- hit by a car is in the hospital tonight. the crash happened at 6:10 a.m. this morning. video from news chopper 2 shows police cruisers blocking off the scene and a vehicle stopped in the middle of the crosswalk. we don't know the extent of injuries. a deadly collision today highlighting one of san francisco's most dangerous intersections. ktvu's david stevenson joins us with the latest technology aimed at keeping people safe. >> reporter: the flowers you see are a memorial and a reminder for pedestrians and bicyclists about the dangers of the intersection. >> reporter: friends brought flowers today to the intersection. the site where the 31-year-old wheelchair bound man was fatally struck by a car. >> he was always, you know, an
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inspirational person. he took his disability with a grain of salt. he was always living life to the fullest. >> reporter: he died this morning at the hospital. it appears the car had the right away. it is the intersection with the most collisions in the city. 30 between 2009 and 2011. >> the higher the traffic speed, the more traffic we have and the crossing disten contribute to increased risk -- distance contribute to increased risk. >> reporter: they installed warning signs to prevent bicyclists and pedestrians from being struck. a red light camera activated at 6:00 a.m. this morning, hours after the crash. >> especially with the disabled community we need to make sure that our crossing time is long enough. >> reporter: he was also involved in improving the emergency response for disabled
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people. his family is mourning their loss. >> my prayers to the -- to the gentleman that accidentally hit him. i am sure he feels horrible. >> reporter: officials say pedestrian fatallies appear to be -- fatalities have appear to be on the decline. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of east palo alto named a new acting police chief. he takes over friday. he replaces the police chief who is leaving to work for the u.s. department of justice. he spent 11 years with the oakland police department and worked as u.s. marshal. delays at sfo during bad weather may get shorter. under a new procedure by the federal aviation administration planes arriving during poor weather will be allowed to land
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in staggered patterns. in the past they were required to approach in a single file line. water officials are hoping for a wet winter to fill low supplies. we need heavy rains rains and healthy snow totals this winter. right now most rev wars are filled to 77% of capacity. >> people should be aware that we don't have the cushion that we have had in other years. >> it is a possibility of turning into a drought. >> while water officials way now is the time to prepare for additional water conservation efforts next year in case we have another dry winter. more details now on how the largest reservoirs look now. it is at 42% capacity.
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foalsm lake 29%. lake shasta are at less than 50% capacity. those numbers sound low most don't reach full capacity. almost done. it is state of the art. and soon you will be driving through it. >> features of the caldecott tunnel that could save your life. only on 2 the help commuters will have to escape a fire like friday's. >> temperatures trending upwards but not saying good-bye to cold nights. a frost advisory. >> and surf is up but the surfers after the. what is causing the smell that is clearing the beaches. i love watching tv outside.
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to get a closer look at new safety measures, this days after a vehicle fire inside the caldecott tunnel sent people running from their cars. today first responders were shown the new emergency plans and procedures. the new 4th bore highlighted in green includes emergency tunnels and ventilation designed for just such a circumstance. ktvu's tom vacar went underground with firefighters for a look. tom? >> reporter: this tunnel is just about ready to graduate to public use. but at the moment it is taking final exams. >> reporter: just a few days after drivers and passengers fled from a fire, fire units
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came to see what awaits them and they saw the public escape portals. >> they have been coming in for the past week or so and really getting a better sense of the lay of the land. >> reporter: firefighters see it as a life saving field trip. >> the command staff and firefighters that train near the tunnel it is very important we work together, communicate together, fire, incident or a vehicle accident. >> reporter: the tunnel saturate saturated with censors has a control room that could see what happens where. powerful fans can blow toxic smoke outside. all of it so drivers and passengers guided by signs and
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speakers can get out on foot if necessary. >> reporter: they have many systems to suppress a fire and blow toxic smoke out, first responders will still be critical. >> go in and control the incident. you have to come in and put out the fire. there is a lot of things that happen or take care of the people that are injured. >> reporter: scheduled opening two monday mornings from today, providing all the tests allow the fire marshal to certify. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the caldecott tunnel 4th bore has been a long time coming. voters passed measures in 2004 and 2006 that provided funding.
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construction began in august 2010. crews worked on the oakland and orinda sides. they met right in the mild in november 2011. the tunnel is scheduled to open for traffic in two weeks on monday november, 18. public utilities commissioner is providing a higher fine in connection with the san bruno pipeline explosion. wants to raise it to $17 million for fines for falsely claiming two pipelines were safe and filing misleading records. pg&e said the company is disapointed their efforts fell short in the eyes of the commission. lingering red tied is keeping people out of the ocean. the problem is bad. people are complaining about a
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foul smell and it could irritate the skin and cause alleging reaction -- allergic reaction. temperatures today mild. temperatures tomorrow warmer. today 71 concord. nice looking day. weather system to the north of us. jet stream way up here, right? rain in seattle. we are down here. as we go into the end of the week the jet stream drops down and that could give us a shot next week at a oportunity for sprinkles, showers or rain -- opportunity for sprinkles, showers or rain. here is the north bay. east bay, walnut creek, concord, frost, livermore frost as well. cold night again.
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tonight. last night was cold. frost. over night lows into the 30s. mid-30s and lower in some places. the winds are blowing. sfo 17. what happens is the winds are going to die down, especially in the valleys and temperatures drop. low 30s, right? north bay. frost can form at 40 degrees, 38 degrees. you don't need freezing. depends on the surface. exsteppeded forecast, dry a-- extended forecast, dry ahead, no rain in the 5 day. high pressure builds in tomorrow. warmer. like today. next day, wednesday, similar. 73 vacaville. 72 fairfield.
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highs. 73 livermore. 72 pleasanton. valley 69. 71 morgan hill. and along the coast no fog and plenty of sunshine. a nice looking day tomorrow. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. tuesday. tomorrow like -- look. right? warms up wednesday. cools on friday. and sunday, sunday, clouds move in. the clouds mark the beginning the of jet stream working south and perhaps, hopefully bring rain into next week. not this week. next week. we will watch it closely for you. the story right now is the frost advisory for the north bay tonight and tomorrow morning. >> thank you. the san francisco 49ers didn't play this weekend but they are making big news today. mark ibanez will tell us why, he is coming up next. what is coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36.
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mark is here now. the warriors are having a great day. they just finished playing and it turned out well in philadelphia. >> basketball pay back for what philadelphia football team did to oakland. warriors go into philadelphia destroyed. up by 39 points. rested all the starters in the 3 3rd quarter because blow out. 18-0 run. he owned the first half. 14-12th quarter run. -- 14-1, 2nd quarter run. more from the former sixer, he had 7 threes. that is a career best. they took him best with plenty of time to rest.
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32 points. warriors 110-90. the 49ers idle yesterday with the bye-week but the front office very busy. a couple of big moves as nnamdi asomugha and the team parted ways. trying to resume what was once a brilliant career, didn't work out, he was injured and not able to get back. he was waved today and that allowed the 49ers to activate manningham and wright. a veteran who will take over as the nickel back most likely and the 49ers with major moves but moving on. they play this coming sunday against carolina. your high school voting tallies. go to and one of those games will be featured friday night as our high school game of the week. the warriors at times look
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incredible. that is the sporting life. >> thank you. a bay area sheriff's deputy accused of misconduct, use of physical force and having relationships with prisoners, all offenses that should get him fired but 2 investigators why he still has his job even after he was terminated twice. that story coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. >> good night. to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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