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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 29, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind they "right this minute." >> bay area drivers putting on quite a side show. >> donuts here, drifting. acting kind of crazy. >> what happens when police show up to break up the party? a couple's first wedding dance -- >> this is about to get real star wars'd out.
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>> and it's not all fun and games being a school mascot -- >> a new series "behind the mask." >> and the dude who is a rock star. >> and a sky diver behind a moving car. >> you won't believe what she is going to do. >> why seeing is believing. >> it's the coolest thing ever! >> a series of videos posted to youtube recently shows a lot of this kind of stuff going down in the bay area, donuts here, drifting, acting kind of crazy in the vehicle. this is somewhat of an organized meet up. it's a large group of people who came together to do this. looks like public roads and parkingots doing these kind of you can see unsafe tricks. they call them side shows. there are some events organized and kept off public roads.
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th don't look like them. >> not too long ago we had another one of these videos on the oakland roads. in another video, the police do show you. a lot of people shouting things right at the officers, things that the officers can definitely hear. this guy in the multi--colored hat here really is the aggre aggressor. he's pleading their case. >> the cops just don't do anybody. they kind of stand there. i don't know if it's a matter of they're waiting for the crowd to disperse. >> if they just stand there with their patrol cars, they can't do
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their tricks and it becomes a who's going to give up first? zaund do sh >> and you do see other cruisers show up. >> it is called then 7th street show. we do have a call into police to get more information but have yet to hear back. >> a storm hits denmark. that's the scaffolding that has been fixed against this building. but right about here you start seeing that it is about to be compromised big time. it slowly starts moving away from the building. you see the plastic that surrounds it flying all over the place. >> oh, boy. >> and before you know it, entire thing starts falling and crashing down.
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>> wow. that is the whole thing. you weren't lying. >> the entire thing. it rips away from the building as a whole but then starts to crumble and fall down. >> this looks like an apartment building and looks like from the state of the balconies that people still live there. this must have been terrifying for the residents inside. >> i have another video and this video is crazy. those aren't fireworks launching off of that building. that is an electrical short going crazy out of control. the video is about a minute long and the entire thing, this thing is just popping and bursting like this. >> there's nothing the officer can do so he's like i might as well get good video youtube!
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>> you didn't want to be anywhere near this driver in this black car after he fled from a traffic stop. this is in china. notice this black car. nearly it's the car but he backs up. he hits that girl and another girl on the scooter. he's not done. he gets that other person. you think he's driven away. no. he's not done. he backs out. >> what's wrong with this guy? >> is he trying to hit as many people as possible with his car? >> he's trying to evat police. as you see here, he backs up, hits those two scooters again but then finally drives around that truck that's been sitting there and escapes. as you notice, this black car right there, that's the po-po. >> does he bump into the place pl -- police? >> the police eventually caught up with the guy and he was arrested. >> in dallas they're looking for the driver of this truck.
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there's a little boy who starts out into the street. that is 7-year-old lorenzo. it was his 7th birthday when that happened. he was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay but he's expected to be okay. >> why? 7 years old. he could have stopped, helped. >> according to witnesses, the driver of that white truck eventually stopped but then took off. >> so he knew that he hit the kid. >> his family said that truck was speeding. >> you can't run off. no matter who you hit. it's even worse that it's a little boy. >> this video is certainly not about the pictures we're seeing but about the sound, the spooky, unidentifiable sound. >> it's a trumpet.
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>> this video is from the united kingdom. >> i like it. >> the weird sounds happened throughout the day, the night. people getting their cameras out, not really able to identify what they're hearing. >> if there is actually water, sounds like heavy metal rubbing against other heavy metal objects. maybe there as a construction site near? >> some very industrial metal stuff. thech said they drove around trying to found the source of the sound. one of their other neighbors also posting a video upstairs in a flat. >> that time it started like somebody was setting up their system for a garage system and they were getting microphone feedback. >> who knows, creepy sound, halloween, watch out. >> halloween is almost here so you know what that means. >> it's just time to kill some pumpkins! >> the jacked up ways to destroy
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costume because of halloween. but there are people who dress up in costume year round because it's their job. mascots. >> ah! >> this is the trailer for an upcoming original series called "behind the mask." it follows the stories of four different mass -- mascots on four different levels. hey reb got a full ride the unlv to be this mascot. >> i was going to school. i hate going to class, which is why this is my sixth class. >> he's joining us to talk about the series on hulu and being hey
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reb. tell us why you became mascot. i was. >> jumping around in a cow costume in south jersey and found out i could get a full ride and i started ato every school possible and unlv took me. >> my dream job went from policeman to ninja to professional mascot. >> you the gymnastic n iic masc the dancing one. bango was the kid you saw at 3 years old jumping off bunk beds. all of us have different attory bruds we play off of. it's really cool. >> you have fully invest. if not, you're just another sweaty dude. >> what do you like about it so much? >> the performance comes with the it. it doesn't get old. i'm great friends with a couple of 5 and 4-year-olds without
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ever said a word. it's fun. >> you say yourself you get to be a little bit of a local celebrity. >> in las vegas, it's a little different because we don't have any pro teams here so unlv is here. so i have the biggest mush tash in town. >> this time of year gives many of us a certain fall feeling. it gives hitchcock 45 that murder feeling. >> it's october and it's pumpkin killing time. >> it's time to kill pum kens in a myriad of ways. he's got three other iterations of wasting pumpkins. first he he's going to try to kill it with a fire extinguisher.
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freezes it and blows it up. run it is over with his john deere. chops it up with some kind of knife. in one, the weed whacker. >> you have to spend a lot of money on pumpkins on this act of aggression. >> i wonder what would happen if it fell off the ladder, humpty dumpty style. >> ooh, buried alive. >> gail, you'll love this one. life saver. >> what better way to slice it cleanly open. >> and at the end he pretty much just barbecues one. >> and it wouldn't be complete if you didn't get all slow motion. he repeats everything in
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slow-mo. there you have it. >> one of the most romantic parts of a wedding reception, the first dance. >> lovely. >> you get to hear the couple's song. tells you a lot about the couple. this first dance, the happy couple, it lets people know who they are. >> gail, i can already tell you're excited. this is "dual of the fates" from star wars. but keep watching, this isbou t "star wars'd" out. a grooms man slides in with a light saber. evidently they did not spend a lot on the special effects for this dance because this like saber would not work. >> the force is not strong with that light saber. >> he just threw it away?
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>> yes. now the bridesmaid comes through, he has nothing, no light saber, so he just bows at her feet. his groomsman comes back through with i don't know what that is, not a light saber but a stick of some sort. then the battle ensued. >> ooh, choreography. >> and the crowd loves it. >> somebody out there would say, ah, these two are fighting already. >> this is how you start a marriage. >> but if you two both have light sabres and you don't strike the other one down, then the force is strong with both of you and it's going to bind you together. >> it's six seconds of video gold. >> these videos became a viral hit for obvious reasons. >> see 'em for yourself next "right this minute." and still to come, cruising in the porsche. but then -- >> look at this crash up ahead. some adept driving. >> how this driver weaved his
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way to a lucky escape. plus dude play as prank on mom. >> in a way that no child should. >> what he tells mom next that has her in a tizzy.
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dash cam time. when you spend the extra money on the high performance porsche,
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this may be the time you're glad to have it. a deft driver weaved his way through. >> i don't know where that car is coming from. >> he t-bones the bushes. >> i know. hits the barrier. he goes on the embankment and weaves his way through. >> was he more afraid for himself or his car? >> yes. >> both. >> coming out of downmark, windy conditions, creating a havoc out ahead. and over it goes. >> must be empty. if it was carrying a big load of stuff, you don't know. >> hard to say. that truck goes right over on its side. doesn't look like any serious impact. >> this goes to show you
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anything can happen at any moment on the roadway. that's why you have to stay alert. if you are an alert driver, you get out of it unscathed. >> it's world series time. >> how about we celebrate with a little music. that's mike thompson. he has a popular youtube page. now he's teamed up with pepsi to celebrate america's favorite pastime. ♪ take me out to the ball game >> this is "take me out to the ball game." >> he's reinvented it using all kinds of acapella. >> what better way to celebrate the 2013 world series than with
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a video like this. ♪ ♪ >> gets you in the spirit. >> i like it. well done. i hope they don't start playing this version, though, is he seventh inning stretch. i like the classic. >> it would take like 15 years to learn this version. ♪ at the old ball game >> this sky diver is flying high and going in for one insane landing. >> there we see her coming down in the back. this car is driving. why? because -- >> see where she goes next. >> the
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>> just going to massage your eyeballs here for a minute. don't get nervous. just a beautiful look at the skies over new zealand. the guy who uploads this video
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says what a pilot sees in a day, most people will never get to see in a lifetime. just the beautiful snow-capped mountains. off to the left, you see a nice valley but it's covered over with in thin layer of clouds. >> that's cool. >> the pilot makes a small bank left and goes into the valley where we get a better look at that nice even cloud cover. the cool part about this is the pilot continues to descend and ever so slowly goes right in to these clouds. >> i know there's technology for all this but how do you really know what's down there? >> and then comes out the bottom and there's the valley below, the river below and up ahead see what he's going after. >> that's cool. >> in for a beautiful, perfect landing. >> the video i'm about to show you is insanely awesome. check this out.
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>>ism just got dizzy. >> no, no, this is cool. the lady, katie hanson. the lady driving because -- >> oh! >> how cool is that? >> she releases the parachute and just drives on. >> she might be a bond lady. or just jamie or nina. >> you do see the driver is helping her out a little bit. but there she is getting super close. you can't forget these guys are going really fast. not just the driver in the car but she's also flying down at very high speeds. >> next time step it up a notch, put the car on cruise control and get into the driver's seat
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and take off. >> this is not a prank i would play on my mom. >> i'm going to cover the camera. >> this is otherwise known as the comedy gamer, he's going to prank his mom in a way that no child should. >> mom, come, please. >> at first i thought it was going to be something with that sort. but i think it was a defense mechanism why he was armed with a toy sword. >> okay, what's this about? >> do you remember miranda? remember when you and daddy were downstairs? we were upstairs. >> he starts to tell them what was going on upstairs. >> we had sex. >> sex? >> yes. >> are you for real? are you serious that you had sex? >> yes. >> it gets better. >> she's -- she's three months pregnant.
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>> this is a -- three months pregnant, is she? my goodness. three months pregnant? three months pregnant? >> she grabs anything she can get her hands on. she's whipping stuff. >> your life is going to change. you're going to be a daddy soon. >> that's all right. >> that's all right? >> it's a camera, mom, it's a camera! >> even when he reveals it's a joke, the beating continues because he's mad that he tricked her like that. >> why not be happy? he's going to be a dad. >> don't do that to me! >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody. [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile.
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and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos from the web, we got them, "right this minute". >> an abandoned dog is covered in matted fur until rescuers -- >> removed three and a half pounds. >> now meet the doctors behind the touching story of shrek. >> he's recovering, getting better day by day. >> it's the first ever sky diving canopy stunt. what happens when someone


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