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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 31, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." >> after a race car flips over, gas pours in and -- >> watch what happens. >> meet the lucky driver who escaped a caged inferno. >> when it's your te to go it's your time to go. and it obviously wasn't my time to go. drunk driver e is abt to puts him in a coma. >> but he remarkably came out of that coma. >> what life is like now for larry and kelsey as friends try to make their wedding dreams come true.
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a guy can't believe his eyes when he sees a kangaroo -- >> pulling his dog out of the water. >> meet the hero who jumped in the middle of one strange battle. >> the dog came out with water spurting out of its nose. >> plus, a little new york street justice for an accuse car thief. and it's a chance to look manly. but see how a dude screams like a lady. >> that's race driver at the mahoney valley dirt way. they are running on asphalt track. you see fluids running out of the engine bay and down on to the ground. yeah that's gasoline. debatable whether that was a
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good idea or not. watch what happens. oh! yep, that fuel runs down on the hot parts of the engine. that ignites the fuel. michael immediately unbelts himself and does get out unharmed in this. they were able to get this car back up and running. and finish the race. i don't know if he would be able to get out unless they flipped him right side up. steven, let's find out. here to tell us about his hot lap is the driver, michael. michael, was it a good idea to have them roll your back on your wheels or not? >> not the best idea they could have had because my left shoulder harness got stuck on my lap belt. >> if you were still on your side there's a chance that car still would have erupted in flames and you were still stuck on your side. >> or somebody could have come climbing in and then they could have been in the line of the fire also. >> what was going through your
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mind once the flames started? >> inevitably, just get out of the car. don't panic was one of the biggest things. >> what was the safety crew saying when they were trying get you out of the car? >> they were asking if you are all right. i kept telling them yeah. i need the car put back up so i can get out of my belt. they did the job as they were supposed to. i heard someone yell fire and grab an extinguisher. by then i stopped hearing what everyone said and was more worried about getting myself out than sitting there listening to anybody. >> what actually was damaged on the car? >> basically cosmetic. the whole structure of itself held up. >> you were able to finish the race after all this. >> actually when they hooked the car back up i said let's get some jack stands under it and start looking at the damage. they had me back on track. i drove the car the best i could with what i had. not many creatures would take on a great dane.
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that's a big dog. except this one. that kangaroo is there with max. max is a great dane. watch what happens. >> tried to drown him. like holding his head under the water. >> exactly. the owner got two videos of this kangaroo holding his dog under the water. he stopped recording to go save his dog. the kangaroo was just in that hole taking a bath and this great dane came in and interrupted bath time. he didn't want this great dane seeing his little private business. >> the dog started chasing the kangar kangaroo. the owner said max has never done that. >> i love the kangaroo's hands. >> smacking him around. >> to tell us all about this boxing kang radio, -- kangaroo we have anthony here. what got into max that he started chasing this kang radar. >> it was 500 meters away. he must have smelled pretty
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good. once the roo got him, he dragged him under with his front legs and stomped on him with his back legs. the last video i threw the phone down and got in the water and had to fight the kangaroo off. i'm 6'1" and the roo was taller than me. >> at any point did you start getting fearful for yourself or the dog? >> the dog mainly. for myself, i've been to afghanistan, so i don't really care. i kept on punching and pushed off the dog with water spurting out of its nose. >> is the dog nearby? >> yeah, yeah max is standing right next to me. >> hey, max. >> was he injured at all by this kangaroo? >> miraculously not. he's got a couple scars on his nose from where he got scratched. >> you think he'll attempt this again? [ bleep ]. >> look out. look out. >> oh, man.
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>> this is in astoria queens, new york. this person inside this dodge van is trying to steal this van. you see just bystanders and the police trying to stop this person. you have police with guns drawn at this guy. he's still revving the engine. seems like maybe he damaged the van because he can't get it going. at one point the officer right here opens the door. as soon as he opens the door, everybody takes off because the driver of the dodge van got out and started running. they take off down the street, end up apprehending this guy. you see him down in custody on the sidewalk. lots of people around. people upset because this guy put a lot of people in danger. >> hang on. everybody hang on. >> i can't believe he thought he was going to get away with it with all those people around and a ton of police officers. where did he think he was going? >> this was caught on camera by
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reynaldo torres and is joining us right now. what was going on? >> he tried to steal a car from down the street. as soon as he impacted the first car, everybody that was on the corner tried to come and grab him out of the corner. thank god there were police officers on the scene. >> was anybody hurt in this incident? >> just a couple people got some scratches and bruises. that's about it. >> you guys are sort of helping the police out. you were sort of working together. is that the case? >> yeah, that was the case. >> is this like a new york city protecting your block kind of thing? >>of o own. everybody there, we know each other. we grew up together. look out for each other. it's like a brotherly bond we have. >> videos like this one are all over the internet. this is the latest one, and it's awesome. you have the burly guy on the left. according to the poster of the video, that's his brother's girlfriend. so he wants to look manly in front of her, huh?
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oh, my god. [ screaming ] listen to his screams. his eyes are rolling back if his head. he's hanging on for dear life. his knuckles are completely white. you'd think somebody's got a hold of something tight. >> to be fair to this guy, i would never do this, and i know i would scream, too. but it's embarrassing. >> it gets even better. keep watching. >> are you kidding me? does he not realize what he sounds and looks like at this moment? >> according to the poster of the video, everyone got a huge laugh out of this except for this guy. but as the spring shot screamer starts to slow down and they are just gently lulling and bouncing -- >> [ bleep ].
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[ screaming ] >> thank you. >> i would have pooped my pants and screamed just like that. a boater tries to scare off a great white by starting the engine. it didn't work. >> see why nothing else seems to either. >> this is jaws. >> and it's one rooftop fire breather. plus one clever camera setup. >> that's how they get this 360-degree look. >> now meet the tech whiz behind a whole row of go-pros. >> that was the first real shoot i did with it, and it worked great. 5ñ
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i am about to massage your eye balls with some super cool video shot by not one go-pro but an array of 27 go-pros.
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this is a fire breather over the sky line of san francisco. and it's shot on an array of go-pros. so basically, a whole battery of go-pro cameras set up and they all take the picture at the same time. and with software, they can make that picture look like it's wrapping around the subject. so you see that guy down in the bottom left there. that's tyler johnson. he's the guy holding the go-pro array. a whole big bar of cameras. that's how they get this 360-degree look. we're joined via skype right this minute. he's in san francisco and he works for go pro. tyler, give us a little bit more insight as to how you stitch all this together once you've got 27 different angles. >> you literally take each frame from each camera you want. he breathes the fire. when i want it right there at its biggest point, i take that frame from the first camera,
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then the next, then the next. it slows down in frame so you get that slo-mo. you get that whole span. it's super fun to play with. >> is this something you built or is this rig something that people can buy and plug in their own go-pro. >> since i work for go-pro, i got the opportunity to do this. it all worked out. i was stoked. >> tell us about your fire-breathing friend? >> he's the music manager here at go-pro. he was talking about his fire breathing one day. he was looking ford doing it. i said, two and two together, it's his rooftop here in san francisco. we climbed up there and went up a spiral staircase. >> what a quick tip for people out there capturing stuff on go-pro to make their videos better. >> always make sure your lens is clean and shoot in high quality if you can. >> anything from inside the walls of go-pro that you can
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tell us, tease us about. new cameras, new software, anything coming down the line. >> we're always innovating. and that's about it. we've seen some amazing encounters with sharks. this one, quite scary. this happened in port beach in freemantel, austral. guy is out fisle he was out th white shark, which was bigger than his boat, started menacing him. >> wow, that thing is humongous. >> it wants to eat me. >> that's a great white? >> that's a great white shark. it's 4 1/2 meters. this boat is 4 meters. and let's just say he was a bit terrified as you can hear from the bleak language. he says the shark at one point went under the boat so he turned the engine on. it didn't work. >> what did it do? >> this is jaws! >> [ bleep ].
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>> the shark latched on to the engine. >> no, it didn't. >> it did. this is rob collins talking about what happened to his boat and the damage the shark left behind. >> i pretty much turned the steering wheel and grabbed that. had the other hand on the motor and it just started spinning, and it was shaking this way. >> so many times we hear from experts that sharks are not out in the world after humans. this makes a really bad case for that story. >> we got that story from 7 news, and 7 news also had this story about a humpback whale rescue. this humpback whale got caught in shark netting off the gold coast of australia. the seaworld rescue team was called in. the shark net was wrapped around its head and its pectoral fin. took them three hours to get this thing free. this is the second time in two weeks that this has happened. and it's the third time this month that they've had to go and rescue one. so shark netting a problem for the humpbacks, but, boy, after you see that other shark you
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understand why those nets are up. you need the nets because a lot of great whites are off australia. i guess they like it there. >> it's the next big craze in water sports. >> those boards that they are riding have their own built-in engines inside. >> what? >> see what it's all about. >> i thought i was like, i wonder if it's going to work. >> and a couple who faced the worst of times. >> he was hit by a drunk driver. >> finally get their happily ever after.
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this is one of the most beautiful stories i think i've ever shared with you guys. this is a story of kelsey and larry. high school sweethearts. an adorable couple. march 10th, 2010, larry came to kelsey's sister and showed her the engagement ring he had purchased. he was planning on proposing just one week later when he went with her family to disneyland. however, that same night, he was hit by a drunk driver. he was in a coma for several months. but he remarkably came out of that coma. and this video you can see larry going through physical therapy. this is where the story takes an incredible turn that just shows the love between kelsey and larry. kelsey ended up taking a job at the facility where larry was in treatment, and she became part of his rehab.
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now larry never forgot about that ring that he purchased back in 2010. and now we see this moment. ♪ marry me >> you hear train's "marry me" playing in the background and there's larry holding the box with the exact same engagement ring. and we watch him put the ring on her finger. sealing the deal. kelsey's sister put this video together to go along with an indy go-go page. they are hoping to raise $20,000 to send them to disneyland for them to have their wedding and their dream honeymoon. and people can go and donate and help this incredible couple, this amazing love story like no other love story i've ever heard. >> i hope this gets funded for them. >> it will. it's too good of a story. i know you've been wondering, what's the next water
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sport to come down the road? this. it's a jet surfer. these guys look like they are on rfboards or wa there's nothing towing these guys. those boards they are riding have their own built-in engine inside. yeah, it's really cool. they are called jet surfers. they are put out by the same guys. a professional surfer had a chance to check it out. >> as soon as i got on it, i felt how the whole reaction and stuff is like unbelievable. like my instant idea was just another fun thing to do. >> there's a full-on engine. >> a little two-stroke engine on the inside gives you about 35 miles per hour of speed on the water. these guys love it because they don't have to paddle out to the waves. if they want to catch up to a wave that they may miss, just give it a little throttle and it looks like it's all hand held connected. they got that cord. that's probably the throttle. >> a little throttle trigger.
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see them holding on. prices start around $11,000. so not super cheap, but if you really love this kind of thing, not out of the realm of possibility. coming up -- he's the rapper who takes on any word you've got. >> all right. >> salt like the pepper. so i'm going to say these words that kind of clever. >> but can he pass our freestyle test. >> the name of our show is right this minute. can you freestyle about it. >> yeah, i'll just do it right here.
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mom's admonishing voice will get you, no matter what species. >> is that a snake on a frog's butt? that's a snake trying to eat lilly the toad. mom is not having any of it. she's throwing cups, balls at the snake trying to let lilly go. >> leave her alone. leave her alone. >> don't make me come back there and make me throw my shoe at you. >> lilly popped out of there. she looked a little injured. >> that snake got a hold of lilly's rear leg. lilly was able to get away because mom intervened. >> a lot of action going on. i think it's mom's voice that did it. >> i'm going to throw another shoe at you. leave her alone! >> still managed to film it. >> when a woman is mad, she can do a lot of stuff with a phone in her hand.
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>> nasty snake. you leave lilly alone. leave her alone. leave her alone. you leave lily alone. you leave her alone. prepare to be blown away. this is 19-year-old nate schultz. and nate has a very specific talent. nate freestyles. you are probably thinking freestyling. how do we know if this is an internet video. how do we know if he's going to generate. he's going to generate a few random words. >> salt. salt like the pepper. so i'm going to say these words are kind of clever. it's whatever i can probably change the weather, make it rain. so insane. let's get back to salt. fur. fur, kind of like the fur upon the sheets. it's a bad situation so i'm getting kind of deep. keep up in my mind. i got them puns. >> hold up. the mound like you [ bleep ]. i am tearing you down.
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you know i'm feeling like a cat. >> the person behind the camera is just calling out the word on the screen and he goes for it. >> he's making it sound good, too. and rhyming things. this is not an easy thing to do. >> so "right this minute" via skype we have nate from south carolina. where does this come from? >> well, actually it started in eighth grade. i watched "8 mile" with eminem. ♪ >> that kind of inspired me. i was like, i've got to get this down. ever since then i've been freestyling every day. >> do you do this because people were always saying you've got this prepared? >> if you try to do it, especially on the internet these days. it's a lost art. a lot of people prewrite them and claim they are freestyle. i figured the word generator was a way to make sure people believed it. >> the name of our show is "right this minu." can you freestyle abut it? >> yeah right this et the
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white kids finish. i'm going to get it and a stack dough, plus mad flow. the comparison between me and you all is we've got macros. you know the skype interview and i'm in the mood to do it right now. i'm like a white cow like the cattle. like i said in the last youtube. check it out it's not like 1 million and two views. i don't really know, though. i should get a news crew. >> can't even think of the amount of volabulary you have. do you sit around and read dictionaries? >> i've always loved english. i love scrabble. i just love words. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for great videos, this is the show for you "right this minute." >> easy. easy. >> tourists are doing a little elephant watching until one of them -- >> charges and hits the car they're in. >> hey! >> how they survived a ride on the wild side. >> hey! >> a speed demon heads straight for a man -- >> pushing his 2-year-old grandchild across this crosswalk. >> see the miracle that came out of the wreckage. >> people line up for a street performer who is going to -- >> run and jump over them. >> what happens when the over part is a


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