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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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planner into the noon hour. so this morning a little bit of patchy fog expected. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. as we get through the morning hours, temperatures begin to warm nicely. and by lunchtime mid 60s at the coast with partly to mostly cloudy skies. low 80s for our inland cities with mostly sunny conditions. i'll have a broader look at your afternoon highs coming up. good morning, sal. rosemary, good morning to you. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area but it is early. we will see if today will be better. some people might be able to stretch it out to a four-day weekend. we'll see about that. we are looking at the commute in san francisco. southbound 101 approaching the 80 split. the traffic does look good. we've been looking at the traffic on this spot and other spots throughout the closure. this is a look at the toll plaza. i want to show it to you again.
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do you think there is one person that doesn't know that the bay bridge is closed? glen we begin with break -- we begin with breaking news in the south bay. police have shot and wounded a man in san jose. janine de la vega is on scene with why police were chasing after this suspect in the first place. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. police have allen rock blocked off have -- have king roadblocked off from allen rock. homicide detectives are on scene. the shooting ended down the road. it's unclear if the man who police shot will survive. police say around 1:00 this morning an armed robbery took place in the downtown area. a suspect and car description went out to officers and that
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car was spotted by officers. the suspect wouldn't stop. police pursued it and we are told the car crashed here on the east side near king and beverly. at some point, shots were fired. a lieutenant told me that the suspect actually tried to run over the officer who was on foot. and the officer ended up firing at him because he felt threatened. the suspect we are told is now at the hospital. he is in surgery. again, it is unclear if his injuries are life threatening. we're also hearing from police that they are looking for a second suspect. a spokesperson is supposed to arrive here on the scene to give us updated information and when we will get it, we will bring that to you. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. it is day two of the bay bridge closure and cal tran says work to get the new eastern span ready by tuesday is right on schedule. tara moriarty is joining us now from construction headquarters where officials say the worst
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of the traffic gridlock may be behind us. we'll see. tara. >> reporter: yeah. our fingers are definitely crossed. you know day one everybody was adjusting to the commute. now they know what to expect. also a lot of people because of the holiday may have taken some time off. so we may not see as many commuters out there on the road. last night our crews got a very close look at the massive project under way on the new eastern span. about 3,000 truckloads or 84 tons of ripped up asphalt will be carted off the bridge as 56 tons of new asphalt will be brought in to repave sections. new pavement will go in at the toll plaza. nearby a 1,000-foot stretch of the incline section of the old span is being demolished for a temporary access ramp to a bike trail. at the other end workers are preparing the connection to the tunnels which will eliminate that dreaded s-curve.
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officials are already preparing to demolish the old span. a process that will take three years. there is still a lot of work over the holiday weekend but it is possible the new $6.4 billion bridge could be open for business by late monday. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. news chopper 2 gave us a birds eye view on the progress crews are make tearing down the old bay bridge. take a look at this gaping hole in the deck of the old eastern span. crews wasted no time getting this section of the roadway demolished. it's just one of many projects under way as crews get things ready for the opening. many bay area commuters are getting up bright -- dark and early at this time. the bay bridge shut don has turn -- shut down has turned
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other areas -- many drivers found out their commute time had doubled or tripled. >> how long did it take you? >> an hour and 20 minutes. >> it's normally what 30 minutes? >> yeah. >> what time of day was it? >> 2:30-3:00. >> better than i expected. i expected it to take 2.5 hours but it took an hour and 45 minutes. to avoid anger out there the chp asking bay area drivers to allow for extra time going to and from work. more than a dozen bart stations are open 24 hours a day during the bridge closure. bart reporting a huge jump in ridership. bart says by 7:00 last night 390,000 people road bart. the all time ridership rod
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568,000. that was set on halloween last year. to find out the very latest on the information, you can go to our website, click on the bay bridge closure tab right at the top of our home page. happening today law enforcement agencies across the bay area are preparing to crack down on drivers leaving town for the holiday weekend. the focus may be mainly on drunk drivers. officers from chp and local agencies will hit the roads starting at 6:00 tonight. last year the chp says 35 people were killed on california roads during the labor day weekend. half were not wearing their seat belts. there were also more than 1300 arrests for duis state-wide. many people in the bay area will be heading to the airports or hitting the roads today for the long holiday weekend. in fact, aaa predicts nearly four million californians will head out for the holiday weekend. traveling 50 miles or more.
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that is a 6% increase compared to last year. about 3.1 million californians will be driving to their destination. now to our continuing coverage of the rim fire. that fire is now about 32% contained. it has burned close to 200,000 acres. it's one of the largest wild fires in california history. some evacuation orders have been lifted in the area. despite the fire, most of yosemite national park will be open this labor day weekend. smoke from the rim fire having an impact on businesses in lake tahoe on one of the busiest holiday weekends for that area as well. some hotels and resorts say reservations are down. many of the beaches in the area are empty. tourism officials say people who have not canceled their plans are still concerned about the smoke and many have been staying indoors. time is 4:37. also happening today a bill
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designed to improve the safety of limousines goes before an assembly committee. jerry hill from san mateo introduced the legislation following that deadly limo fire on the bridge that killed five women back in may. the bill would require limousines to have two fire extinguishers and yearly inspections. a bomb scare forced the evacuation of alameda police headquarters. he discovered what he thought was a pipe bomb. at 9:30 last night he decided to drive it to the police and turn it into officers. police immediately evacuated the area and called in a special team. they determined it was not an explosive. classmates of a danville high school student killed in a car crash are spending the next week honoring their friend. last night about 200 people
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gathered for a vigil to remember 17-year-old robert orlando. he was killed monday night after the car he was riding in slammed into a tree right near his home. it happened the day before the start of his senior year at san ramon valley high school. >> i have known robert since sixth grade. ate lunch with him every day. great kid to be around. >> many mourners wore green and white the colors of san ramon valley high school. some students from rival schools wore the same colors. >> a public memorial -- police have not concluded their investigation into the crash which also injured the teenage driver and another teenage passenger. a south bay elementary schoolteacher is facing child pornography charges. san jose police have arrested brian westfall after finding at
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least 2,000 images of child pornography on his computer. he's worked as a substitute teacher since 2006. detectives say they have found no evidence of any lewd behavior with any student. it's now 4:39. the white house says president obama would like to get international support for a military strike on syria but that ultimately he will make a decision based on america's best interest. the british parliament voted against a proposal for military prevention. but the president of france says he still in favor of a strike to punish the syrian government for the quote chemical massacre. some foreign policy experts say if the u.s. acts without international support, it could benefit syrian president is al- assad. >> otherwise he hands a side of
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propaganda victory. very few countries support the united states with military strikes. >> united nations chemical weapons inspectors in syria are expected to wrap up their investigation today. they have been interviewing people and collecting samples at the site of the reported chemical attack. we're hearing this morning the team returned to their hotel shortly after heading out. but we do not know why. earlier this week one of the u.n. cars was shot at by a sniper. the irs announced a new policy on same sex couples. it allows same sex couples that are legally married to file tax returns as married couples even if the state they currently live in do not recognize same sex marriage. this comes after the u.s. supreme court validated parts of the defense of marriage act back in june. >> everybody has a right to take care of each other if they are going to be in a long
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committed relationship. >> jacob lou says the ruling assures same sex couples they can move freely throughout the country knowing their filing status will not change. coming up at 5:00 the crime that took place on campus a month before school was set to get under way. and why staff is now on high alert. plus new information about the big game between cal and stanford in 2014. what cal has decided in response to an invitation to play at the new 49ers stadium. good morning. right now the morning commute looks pretty good. people are getting on the road early and look at the golden gate bridge, that traffic looks good as you head down to san francisco. the heat will be on for some of our inland cities today. coming up in six minutes we will take a look at where we are seeing patchy fog this morning. and possibility of drizzle. where the warmest temperatures will be and a cool down in store for your holiday weekend.
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stay tuned.
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emergency services in boston have released new audio reportings from the april 158th boston marathon bombing -- april 15th boston marathon bombings. they released the calls. >> the recordings came as a grand jury indicted a friend of the two suspects. 19-year-old robel is accused of lying to police during their investigation. the attack killed three people and injured more than 260 others. medical marijuana supporters say they hope a new policy in washington will take the heat off dispensaries in
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california. the justice department announced a new policy say it won't interfere in state laws permitting medical and recreational use of marijuana. prose cue alreadies will -- prosecutors will not block state laws in california and colorado. it's now 4:47. california fish and wildlife say they have busted a major poaching ring that stretched from sacramento to oakland. 13 people were arrested in a poaching sweep yesterday. the raids were in oakland, san leandro, fairfield, and sacramento. authorities say the men caught off the coast and then sold it illegally. >> if the size of this one here could go 200 just because of the age and size. >> california fish and wildlife wardens say some of the
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suspected poachers were under surveillance for several years. they do face poaching conspiracy and for some of them perjury charges. several fast food chains say there won't be any pay hikes for workers across the country. workers at kfc, wendies, mcdonalds, and subway walked out. held protests outside the restaurants. they demanded their hourly wages be raised to $15 an hour. even working full time they take home less than $20,000 a year. >> i combine my government assistance with those so i will be able to make it. even at the end of the month i still don't have enough food to feed my and my son. >> many minimum workers are learning job skills that will help them move up their career ladders. they say as skills improve, they are often given new
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responsibilities and pay more for those jobs. oakland airport food workers are planning to go on strike. coming up at 5:00 we will have more on their demands and how it could impact your plans if you are flying out of the airport. right now it's 4:48. i want to check in with sal. i saw more cars on the road even at 3:30 this morning. >> i think what happened yesterday, pam, is that people saw all the traffic concentrated between 6:00-7:30- 8:00. we will have two things happen. people will go earlier and fewer people will go period because it's friday before labor day. some may stretch it out for a four-day weekend. this is a look at interstate 880 heading down to the san mateo bridge looks pretty good. the san mateo bridge yesterday in the morning during the peek of the commute was very slow. right now certainly more people than it would be on a regular day. but it's still moving along very nicely. over to the foster city side
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and 101 and 102. we're also looking at the closure or the detour around the closure for the richmond bridge to mill valley and southbound to the folden gate bridge. that commute looks pretty goods. 4:49 let's go back to rosemary. >> it will be a warmer day. ridge of high pressure pulling away. temperatures are expected to heat up anywhere from five to seven degrees. especially for our inland cities. wide spread is low to mid 90s for some of the warmer areas. we will have patchy fog remaining along the coastline. just a weak on shore breeze. which means if you live in the delta region, we won't be able to rely on that delta breeze for the second half of the day. patchy fog today. we've got the warmest day going to be today. sot ridge of high pressure and the sinking air associated with it beginning to pin some of that fog a little closer to the
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ground. visibility at half-moon bay reported two to three miles. santa rosa and napa reporting visibility down to a mile. and notice it's very patchy in nature so not as wide spread. we'll see an early burn off and for the afternoon temperatures will be feeling pretty good in most cases. a little warm for our inland communities. fairfield 16 miles an hour with on shore breeze. we still have it but it's fairly week. it's weaker than what we had yesterday. 60s outside your door in concord. 64 in oakland. upper 50s for santa rosa. here's a look at what you can expect. 88 for san rafael. mid 70s sausalito. 80 degrees for oakland. 92 in walnut creek. hot in brentwood. 95 for you for the afternoon. into the santa clara valley mid 80s san jose. 84 for sunnyvale.
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for the peninsula we have 84. 78 san mateo. 74 degrees san francisco. it will be nice and warm in the city this afternoon. if you are are going to tahoe for the weekend areas of fog will remain in the forecast. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. today the hottest they. temperatures begin to fall off tomorrow. increasing clouds on sunday. perhaps a little bit of drizzling in the forecast for your labor day monday but it shouldn't ruin your outdoor plans. temperatures in the low 80s. low 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. pam. >> thank you. time is 4:52. thousands of stuffed sully creatures being sold. the eyes can come off and pose a choking hazard. there are no reports of any yours from the problem. cal has announced it's big
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rival game against stanford will stay at memorial stadium next year. the announcement comes after plans to move the big game to the new 4ers stadium-- 49ers stadium. but in the end the university decided it was not in cal's best interest to move forward with the deal put forward by the 49ers. 4:53 is the time. new plan to fight crime in san jose is under way. how it would add more officers to city streets but why it's already drawing controversy. plus a new way to get across the beeyard. we will show you that launch of a new bike share program.
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en welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:54. two suspected gang members are facing murder charges in union city. erika strouter and aaron redding were arrested. the shooting happened early sunday morning near the corner of 11th and d streets. 21-year-old daniel garcia sanchez and carlosst track da were both killed. police say more arrests could be made. a new crime fighting plan for san jose police is causing controversy this morning.
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mayor chuck reid and councilman sam lacardo announced a plan to expand the police force by 200 officers. it would fill current vacancies and restore wages by at least 10%. the offer comes in the midst of a bitter standoff. that new bike sharing program is available in five bay area cities. the program launched yesterday in san francisco, redwood city, palo alto, mountain view, and san jose. it allows people to buy a membership to use 700 bikes that are parked at 75 different stations. membership rates range from $88 to a daily pass. >> instead of having to do maintenance getting it stolen.
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>> the program is said to be the largest of its kind on the west coast. it is expected to expand to 1,000 bikes at 100 stations in the next six months. the jury investigating the scandal in the america's cup yacht race is expected to announce its decision some time next week. the international panel is looking into allegations involving defending champion oracle team usa. the team is accused of illegally modifying two boats during warmup. the the jury has several options on whether top punish the oracle team. and that does include oracle to forfeit races in the finals against team new zealand. we have breaking news. a police shooting in san jose. we'll have an update from the scene of the gunfire. also it is day two without the bay bridge. we'll have a progress report. good morning. we do have a new crash reported on the san mateo bridge
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approach. this is before the toll plaza. westbound. we'll tell you what is happening there coming up. a warmup in store for your friday afternoon. followed by a cool down for your labor day weekend. ville a look at your current conditions and what you can expect for the afternoon as well. 5ñ unbelievable.
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police are investigating a shooting involving one of their officers. a robbery suspect is in the hospital. we'll explain what led up to this. it is the second day of the bay bridge closure. we will tell you if construction on the new span is on target. good morning. right now we have an injury crash at the toll plaza of the san mateo bridge. westbound. we'll tell you what is happening there. welcome back. we want to take you out to san jose this morning. a very active scene after a police involved shooting. this is a live picture out there this morning. we will check in with janine de la vega who is is down there. about what happened and how


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