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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 29, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day, and this is the show for you. "right this minute." police race to save a driver whose car is on fire. >> you do actually hear a woman screaming. >> how some brave officers ri risked it all to get her out. a guy can't believe his eyes when he sees a kangeroo. >> holding his dog under the water. >> meet the hero who gets in the eout and i let him go and run. >> australia.
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>> police try to arrest a pregnant woman who they say had -- >> threatened officers with pepper spr pepper spray. >> how a family feud led to a full-on caught confrontation. and time to get your corn on the cob fix. >> don't you actually want to do that? >> the invention to leave you grinning ear to ear. >> imagine how much floss you need after this is done. this is dash cam from one of several police cars that were responding to a call at this point approaching the scene of an accident. it was a one-car accident. inside the car is 28-year-old shana porter. turns out the driver somehow went off the road and crashed against the tree. as you can see, as this officer approaches the scene, the you can see the car is in flames. we have the dash cam view of the
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second patrol car approaching the scene. you can see how severe the flames have gotten at this point. three different officers attempt to put out the fire with fire extinguishers. at one point in the video you do actually hear a woman screaming we believe to be shana. they are eventually able to put the fire out using hoses and they are able to save her. she was taken to the hospital in serious condition. but the video shows how diligently these officers were working to save her and pull her out of this burning car. >> this is terrifying footage to watch. how horrible for this woman because there was nothing she could do. i can only imagine the burns she must have suffer fred this. i have another video. this is from the ukraine. also a dash cam. captures a very unexpected moment not only of this driver but the driver of the white van on the front driving on this very rainy day on a very wet road. suddenly --
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>> oh! >> did you see that? >> the back wheel of the van got caught in an open manhole, sending it into the air. it almost hits the smaller car that was right next to it. both drivers get out like, what the heck was that? >> it looks like the manhole cover was still on because -- is that what i'm seeing rolling off to the left? that looks like the manhole cover. i betcha that thing somehow got dislodged a little bit. just enough. as the truck ran over it, it almost catapulted the van up in the air. >> i don't think there was anything that driver could have done to avoid that without swerving and causing more damage and causing a crash. >> yep. >> that's nuts. not many creatures would take on a great dane. that's a big dog. >> except this one. >> max is a magreat dane. watch what happens. >> tries to drown him. like holding his head under the water >> the owner got two videos of this kangeroo holding the dog
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under the water. the owner came in. the great dane came in and interrupted bath time. >> no, beth. the dog started chasing the kangeroo. the owner said max has never done that. >> come on. >> he's like slapping him around. >> to tell us more about the boxing kangeroo we have anthony. welcome to the show, anthony. >> hey. >> tell me about max. what got him into? >> he's been around kangeroos. we've been camping and everything. even a cat, he never chases them. he just caught scent of this kang kangeroo. he dragged him under with his front legs and stomped on him with his back legs which are very, very strong. the last video i threw the phone down and got in the water and had to fight the kangeroo off. i'm 6'1" and the roo was taller than me. >> at any point did you start getting fearful for yourself or
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the dog? >> the dog mainly. for myself, i've been to afghanistan so i don't really care. grabbed it by the chest and kept on punching and pushed on the dog and the dog came out. i let the roo go and ran. >> another day in australia. >> is the dog nearby? >> actually stand right next to me. >> hey, max. >> was he injured at all by this kangeroo? >> no. it's got a couple of scarr eon s nose but nothing big. he's pretty tough. he'll do it again. hands behind your back! >> no. >> this is a video that has gone viral. listen to what the woman who looks like she's been arrested is screaming. >> i'm pregnant! i'm pregnant! >> that is 21-year-old glenda hardaw hardaway. the officer who is trying to get her hands behind her back, according to police, is officer
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lucas crowell. he's trying to get her under control because according to reports she had threatened officers with pepper spray as they were trying to arrest her 16-year-old brother. >> if you point pepper spray at the police, don't expect them to not do anything about it and negotiate with you. >> according to the reports they were called to this house because of a domestic disturbance. this is where the video gets difficult to watch. >> oh. >> oh. >> wow. >> officer crowell hits brenda hardaway in the back of the head. and it looks like he body slams her to the ground. >> the poster of the video says she is thrown to the ground and that viral video is now the center of a police investigation. >> the police chief in rochester, new york, has now come forward praising the restraint of the officers in this particular instance, however, the police chief is reserving decision on whether or not officer crowell's actions
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were appropriate. both brenda and roman hardaway were arrested and charged. >> brenda hardaway just appeared in court and she pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree assault, resisting arrest, menacing, and unlawful possession of a material. a good samaritan on its iron speed driving down san diego, california, comes across this car with the gas door open. the video may look a little bit familiar to you. we brought it to you not too long ago where the rider passed the guy driving the car. did you know your gas cap was open? yep, i'll take care of it for you. the rider comes up to the car. pose a fuelorseems like it wouln a lifetime kind of scenario, right, or not? same guy. same town. same scenario. this guy just has an eye for open fuel doors. pulls up and notices the gas door open.
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this time the fuel cap is off, as well. >> your gas cap is off. i'll get it for you. >> the rider pulls up. thumbs up. adios, pal. >> i think all the open gas doors in this area are attracting him. >> this time at least the scenario is the car and the motorcycle were stopped. >> do you see the way he closed that cap? so good. and the way he slowly closed the door. he's really good. >> that's a man whos has attention to detail. >> no problem, man. it's a hold-up with a bottle of liquid. >> he was telling the cashiers at this bank that it was acid. >> what happens next and what police find in the evidence left behind. and some unexpected guests make quite the appearance at a wedding. >> they heard the music coming out of the closet and they thought, let's go in there. >> why these party crashers are now in the spotlight of an investigation.
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you guys know there's nothing i hate more than -- people up to no good. >> this guy was caught on camera in russia holding up a bank. he jumps up on the counter, waving something, threatening the cashiers. look closely. >> a bottle of alcohol? >> that is a bottle of water. he was telling the cashiers at the bank that it was acid.
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heeened them that they needed to hand over the money. police retrieved to bottle and it was, in fact, plain old tap water. >> i'm glad that there was no real threat to everybody at this point, but how absolutely scary. >> a terrifying scene for the people inside of the bank. luckily the cops in russia did catch up with this guy. he was arrested. and according to police, he is a known drug user. police have not, however, caught this guy in canada. this is inside of a mini mart. you see a guy up to no good with his face covered. come rush into the store and he, according to police, is waving around a firearm. he terrifies this worker behind the counter. it looks like it's a woman. he hands over a bag. she quickly pulls an undisclosed amount of cash out of the cash register, shoves it into the bag. this guy all the while face mask slipping just a little bit so we do get a shot of his face. police in canada have released this video because they want the
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help of citizens. they want to know if anybody recognizes this guy because they want him in custody. you don't see much video out of the middle east that's like this. what you're looking at is a palestinian wedding that has been crashed by some israeli soldiers. everybody is loving it. they are dancing to si, a big hit all of the around the world. the soldiers were supposed to be in hebron, in the west bank. they heard the music coming out of the club and they thought, let's go in there. as you can see, they've got on your uniform, flak jackets, their weapons. they wanted to party with the palestinians. so they went in there, everybody was getting along. great story, right? he is teaching the world to sigk in perfect harmony. anybody going to get in trouble for that? >> yes. and officials are looking into this because they're saying, as
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nice as this seems, they weren't following orders to be on patrol and, number two, you can't go into a palestinian party like this when you are an israeli soldier because you're putting yourself in danger. they could have snatched your gun and hurt you. >> that is why it's being investigated. >> but none of that stuff happened and what you do have a wonderful, peaceful moment between two groups of people who are notoriously not peaceful towards each other. so take it for the pr that it is and call it. >> can we get some girls in there because it's a little -- i was thinking that. that's the worst part about the video, where are the girls? >> having a great time, but, come on, where are the girls? >> i'll just take this. this is a first step. serious pete has posted his latest video which he claims is the corniest one yet. he took a bunch of cooked corn. he put a rod through it and them
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on ether side htaed drills. >> ready? let's get it on. and then they turn them on. the corn starts spinning and he starts eating. >> watch your teeth, pete. >> this hurts my teeth just to look at it. >> doesn't it look fun? don't you actually want to do that? >> yeah. >> seems like it's working except he's also getting it everywhere. >> i'd like to know how much is going into his mouth. >> i have a feeling he does haven't any of it. >> i bet he's eating a lot. >> his arms, his shirt, all over his face. imagine how much floss you need after this is done. >> oh. >> up in his nose. probably has them in his eyelids, too. he did a really good job at the e end. here's another attempt that he did. one corn at a time. attached it to one drill and tried it. again, it's hysterical to watch. >> that's awful. that looks gross.
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he's on a mission to spread the word about project swag. >> this project is designed to help out two children who are both suffering from cancer. >> see what he's done so far, and see his plans for the future. >> we have plans to take julio who meet derek jeter. and it's the ram with a temper. >> two of these guys are out there on foot. but they're out there coming in peace. >> we'll reveal why there's no peace making with this ram. [ malat sizzler...
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all right, everybody. it's best of rtm time, that means we have a bonus video for you to find on our website. what's the video about? >> we have a lot of students heading to college tofor the fit time. this is from our buddy the crazy russian hacker. you can't have a grill in your dorm room but you can cook hot dogs if you use your coffee maker. pop some of the dogs in the coffee pot. heat them up. bin bingo. >> nothing better than the boiled hot dog. he'd head over to and click on best of rtm or check it out on our mobile app. what's up, y'all? >> that is haas.
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creator of something called project swag. it stands for simply winning applying god's gift. this project is designed to help out two children who are both suffering from cancer. one from hodgkin's lymphoma and one from leg cancer, jordan. >> after hearing the kids and families' personal journey i attempt to make a customized strategy according to, you know, what, you know, be a life changing event for each kid. >> coming to new york city. we are ready, the campaign. >> the campaign is an indy go-go campaign. the most recent video posted is haas' first meeting with julio. >> how are you doing? >> i got the s.w.a.g.! >> i love that. you can see julio is a huge yankees's fan. his dream is to meet derek
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jeter. haas has done this in the past for other children. in fact, wkew was on the hand when bailey got to meet one of his favorite celebrities. we have haas via skype "right this minute." haas, tell us more about this project. people are donating, how does this help julio and jordan? >> we have plans to take julio to meet derek jeter and jordan is a big dance fan. we're taking him to has vlas ve. julio's mom has a cake business. we're going to get her cake business out there. and jordan's mom, as well. >> this money is to give them some dreams rather than medical scare? >> project s.w.a.g. doesn't do medical care. we just help family s do something epic and give them a platform to tell their stories. project s.w.a.g. is a documentary and julio and jordan are the last two kids of the documentary. we're going to do somethg epic .
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>> guess what, anger management ram is back again. we've already seen two videos of him. this is the third from the same youtube channel. turns out that motorcyclist owns this land. a farmer let this ram loose because he couldn't control it. we've seen why. this thing has a temper. now two of these guys are out there on foot. >> call him. >> this is in new zealand. sounds like they're calling this fringe rambro. but here out there. >> trying to save the infamous rambro. >> the guy is thomas conner. he's friends with marty who is the guy who had been on the motorcycle before. marty is taking the video. >> as long as i've got this on i
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should be safe. not so bad. >> the ram is like, i'm going to take off if you don't mind. you guys are cool. eventually maybe you kind of get an idea of why this ram is so upset because it looks like he's got his little ram family back here he might be protecting. maybe this is why he doesn't want people prancing around his mountain here. >> run, man. >> i'm so glad i'm wearing this. >> they did have a few cuts and bruises from this. nothing too major. we get a little shot of one of those bruises at the end of this video. it's the latest technology to hit the surf world.
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>> those boards that they're riding have their own built-in engine. >> see how these electric boards ride, next. didn't have a million ways
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with u-verse high speed internet.
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look at them. >> this is an island. we're going to see a super pod of orca. it is very rare but it does happen where you get three pods, that's right, three pods of orcas all at the same time passing through. >> what classifys a pod? >> they say they were three pods and they estimate there were 60 orcas in all. 20 to a pod. they are showing off. the people, a little bit excited about it. what happens when it's time to move in their own direction? do they get confused, like, which one is my pod? wait, where do i belong? >> of course, some of them are showing off. flapping their fins. the water is boiling with all if activity. that's really neat. every time you said super pod i just started thinking like super
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pod. pug's reaction to revving. i know you've been wondering what's the next water sport to come down the road. the jet surfer. these guys look like they're on surf boards or wakeboards but you will notice there's nothing pulling these guys. these boards that they're riding have their own built-in engine inside. >> what? >> yeah. it's really cool. they're called jet surfers. they're put out by the same guys that make the jet flier. look at these things. professional surfer had a chance to check it out. >> as soon as i got on it i felt the power and how the hull re t reacted was unbelievable.
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my instant idea was, another fun thing to do. >> a little two-stroke engine on the inside gives y abt 35er the water. got to run it because you don't have to paddle out to the wake and if you want to catch up to a wave that they may miss, give eight little bit of throttle. it looks like it's all handheld connected. they've got a core. probably the throttle right the there. it triggers. you see them holding on in the front. pull the trigger. prices start at $11,000. not super cheap. if you love this kind of thing, not out of the realm of thought. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody. now at 5, construction crews swarm the bay bridge in a
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race to get the old roadways down and the new ones aligned to the new eastern span. >> i gotta tell ya, i love this old structure. it's just gonna be an honor to take it down. >> we're getting a late update on the progress of the project. a live look at the hot spot when it comes to the evening commute. we're tracking the roads. and one in particular is pretty bad. plus, a fast-food fight for more money. we'll look at the impact those minimum wage jobs have right here in the bay area. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. >> an odd sight tonight at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are counting down the days and hours until it reopens with a brand-new eastern span. we have four days, 12 hours left, until that's scheduled to happen. >> and although it's a holiday weekend, much of the bay area is still commuting to work today. here's a look at some of the traffic hot spots, the golden gate bridge, interstate 80 and traffic even overflowed along
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highway 92 onto the san mateo bridge area. >> good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. this weekend's closure is more than ten years in the making. this is a video from caltrans showing the work as crews began to connect the new eastern span to the island. you can see the split, as the two new roadways emerge, one connecting the upper deck on the far left and the other there in the middle, which connects to the lower deck of the western span. traffic will be moved off that s-curve for good. >> we begin with ktvu's mike mibach, live at the toll plaza where bridge officials just updated us on all of their work. >> reporter: that's right, frank. just got the fresh update from caltrans, wrapping up a press conference 15 minutes ago. 21 hours in and they say there
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have been no glitches. the project of transitioning to the new eastern span is on schedule and looking good. take a look at this construction site. we just moved our truck here to the toll plaza, got the green light from caltrans to do that. you can see, up close, the construction going on. a ton of trucks here. inside those trucks are fresh asphalt. they have been laying down the asphalt. on the ground next to it, you can see some of what has been grinded up. the goal for crews out here this afternoon and tonight, grinding away two to six inches of roadway, install new drainage here and then top it off with thousands of pounds of fresh asphalt. signs are going up. striping underway. it is almost completed. the biggest piece of construction that caltrans said needed to get down out here was work on smoothing out the connection fr


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