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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 29, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day and the stories behind them "right this minute." >> easy. easy. >> tourists are doing a little elephant watching when one of them -- >> charges and hit the car they're in. >> how they survived a ride on the wild side. a guy tries to chase down a rider who has -- >> a small child on the back of that motorcycle. >> the tiny passenger creating an internet outrage. from all tankers to power plants and frozen holes. >> if it's dangerous and it's
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broken, call these guys. >> we make a mistake, people die. >> now meet the folks behind alaska steelman and show no fear. >> if they're that crazy, they're pretty good. and it's like the bigfoot of underground party tricks. >> watch out! >> the story of a crazy stunt finally caught on video. >> this is like next level crazy. south africa's cougar national park, elephants are chilling out. maybe they've gotten used to seeing the cars of people coming in and taking pictures and get going, but today the elephants were just not in the mood. all of these elephants are charging a little bit towards the car. most of them stop. >> easy. easy. hey!
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>> oh! >> one of elephants was especially angry, charges and hits the car they're? >> you can hear how freaked out everybody is. >> hey, hey! hey! >> hey! >> hey! >> in the car is a very experienced tour guide johan lomba lombard. he's experienced. he said this was a completely unprovoked attack. he's never seen this. he's been doing this for a long time. it's the very first time ever the elephant hit his car. >> awesome to see the power. >> she might be the only one in the group, notice she's missing one of her tusks. even though it sounds really crazy, nobody on this trip was dangered and the el font walked away unharmed. when rob mots fires up his semi truck he means it.
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this is at the summit motorsports park in norwalk, ohio. that's a jet-propelled gem m el truck. and he's practically blowing the doors off this place. check him out. he's got a big jet engine on the back of the thing and he's taking down the build board with all the thrusts. then he really just roasts that backstop. >> he meant to do this, right? that's what he really wanted to do. it's not an accident. >> that's a good question. i'm not sure if he talked to the park and said, are you guys getting rid of that billboard, because i can take it down pretty quickly. >> i don't thinkhe liked it. oure >>fascinating, the thrust shooting the panels of the billboard off. >> it's got all this force behind it. >> do you want to see it move? >> i do. >> okay. the truck moves fast. here it goes. >> that's insane.
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210 miles per hour out of a semi truck. that's impressive. >> it's not aerodynamically designed for a jet engine. >> who cares. >> this thing is quite a spectacle. the people at the motorsports park love it. if you can imagine the whole assault on it, the sights, the sound, the smell of that jet engine and exhaust. >> the smell of the burning billboard. >> if you're into cars, motorcycles, motorsports at all, this is awesome. dirty deeds caught on camera in australia. the first one happened at the mall. i want you to notice this woman in the purple blouse. that is betty partridge. she's 84 years old. she's walking with her partner, russell harris. you see them right there. police say watch the young man behind her. he's 17 years old. they say betty was being followed by that young man and another woman. that woman that you see right there. watch what happens next. he approaches her.
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takes her handbag and runs. betty is 84 and a line dancer. watch what she does after they snatch her bag. she takes after these criminals, too. >> good. >> not good, nick. >> oh, no. >> watch. >> heartbreaking. are you kidding me? >> yes, it is heartbreaking. she slipped and fell giving chase. she fractured her shoulder and broke both of her hips. >> oh, no. >> now she's in the hospital recuperating. back to russell, he's chasing these two. the 17-year-old young man and the 21-year-old young woman with him, russell wasn't able to capture him but he did get her purse. the two were arrested. there's betty being taken to the hospital. >> russell was running after them, and then i did my share, see what i can do. what do you think i did? i slipped over. >> think about how they would feel if this happened to their mother and grandmother. >> glad they got caught. another video, also in
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australia. a guy goes to a jewelry store pretending to be a florist. he has bunch of flowers. the woman unlocks the door and let's him in. he comes in and pushes her to the ground. then his accomplice comes in as well. this happened two years ago but police have rereleased the video because they're trying to find the guys that did this. they've now offered $100,000. in australia that's about $90,000 in america. a dash cam video from south africa has created a fire storm online. the text on this video was put on the video by the uploader. you see this guy pulling out of the parking lot of a sports bar. there are a lot of people staring at this motorcycle right there directly in the middle of your screen because there's a small child on the back of that motorcycle wearing only a bike helmet. the motorcyclist drives away and, according to the publisher of this video, high tails it in
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the parking lot. this guy in the car tries to keep up with this motorcyclist and has a hard time. >> man, he is going fast. >> and you'll notice right here in this part of the video, the poster of the video says he blew right through that stop light. i've got to believe him because he is still in the intersection and the light was red. once this video was posted people did end up identifying the owner of the motorcycle. according to reports, the police have now gotten involved and what they're looking for is witnesses to come forward, including the uploader of this video because once they have some witnesses, then police say that they can press charges against this guy. however, they don't think that the owner of this motorcycle matches the description of the guy actually riding. >> scary because the little girl has to hold on on her own. it's like you're strapped in on a bike. >> at the end of the video there's a still shot of the little girl on the back of the motorcycle. and it's terrifying. >> that bike is not rated for
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motorcycle crash speed but she can't reach the foot pegs. she can barely reach around this guy's gut. this wedding reception photo booth raised the bar because -- >> slow-mo video. >> see the special way to celebrate. and dudes on a ride having a screaming good time. >> his knuckles are completely white. >> why he may lose his man card after this one. a7
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all of their guests took their turn at the booth. it was shot with a red camera. and as you can see, people had a ton of fun. >> this is a cool idea. the photo booths are fun but this captures the energy of the guests, the fun that they were having. >> plus, you can use silly string. >> this is ellie and that's quang. clearly enjoying their wedding. >> this is one of my favorite moments, these two guys are getting in. they're getting close with a kiss. and out of nowhere comes a third guy. he gets slapped. one of them slaps the other one, they crack up and end up breaking his glasses, too. >> that really involves your guests. they get to have something to take away besides just a couple of photos on facebook. >> plus the people who didn't go to the wedding, i really missed some fun. >> uh-huh. you think you've got a tough job, a hard day at work? shut up, you didn't. you don't have a hard job.
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these guys have a tough job. >> fire in the hole. >> the best heavy metal welder there is. team work. the biggest stuff in the world. let's go. come on! oil tankers, power plants, crab boats, you name it, we fix it. >> alaskan steel men. his wife teresa. >> watch out for me. >> better get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> they own marine in cokodiak alaska. if it's dangerous and it's broken, call these guys. >> work ain't easy and it sure as hell ain't safe. >> i'm working as fast as i can. >> we're talking about boats going to the bottom of the ocean. >> holy [ bleep ]. scottie, it's pushed in pretty bad. >> we make a mistake, we could die. >> we got to go, let's go! >> 15% of underwater welders
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dionne the job. >> i think i'm ready. time to get wet. >> brand new series on the discovery channel. joining us "right this minute" via skype we have dennis and his wife teresa. guys, how do you get into a business like this? >> it started as a marine repair business, but in the marine industry there are no weekends or holidays. and then you end up working all of these times and the 234eks thing you know everybody is calling. >> we started with one truck, a trail, and one welding machine 20 years ago. the business just built itself. >> how do you choose the guy that's going to dive considering 15% chance he's not going to make it? >> first you've got to find somebody that's willing to do it. usually if they're that crazy, they're pretty good. >> we just saw a piece of the video where you were tossing something at one of the workers. >> watch out for me. >> get the [ bleep ] out of me. >> are you a tough lady? >> me. >> you threw something at one of the guys. >> that wasn't a worker. >> we don't see that very often.
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>> even better? >> i'll just have to wait and watch the episode for that. i get along with them. but they have lines that they shouldn't want to cross. >> what is it about all has cla west of the united states can't get enough of? >> it is the last frontier. you can't just throw something away and expect to get a new one from seattle tomorrow. sometimes you have to mcgooifer t it and make it work. >> it's "alaskan steel men" premiering on friday, august 30th, on discovery channel. this has gone viral in florida. you're about to watch a guy named vulture, the butt waterer. watch what he does. >> what? >> this guy vulture has figured out a way to fill himself with water through the exit door and he comes out at parties and he does this because he didn't want to be known for this.
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he told people at the parties you cannot show pictures to authorities of this but the woman released this video. >> he's going to do it again. here he goes. here he goes. >> it looks like he's ducking behind the pushes there and using the garden hose to fill it up. >> the nasty thing about this is that butt water is actually getting on the lawn. these people aren't wearing shoes. they're walking around. >> it's not just getting on the lawn. >> watch out! >> no, no. no! >> oh, my god. you cannot be real. no! >> he tosses it to the ground and releases the water. >> the letters wtf is because of this video. >> this is is 15 years in the making. >> he's been traveling the orlando college party circuit. >> what? >> this trick is not safe at
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work but if you want to see the whole thing uncut, be forewarned -- >> go to our website and click on best of rtm or sdhcheck it out our app. he's an american with road rage in another country. see what happens next "right this minute." and still to come, hiding behind a strange device to take on a raging bull. >> and then before you know it, everyone else is doing this. >> see what happens when man meets beast, next. >> that guy got -- >> poor guy. plus, a golfer hits more than balls on the course. >> oh, man. >> whoa. >> that wasn't even a fight. that was a sucker punch. laid him right out. >> why this shot had him feeling sorry.
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for the most part you think of golf being classy, very calm, cool, and collected. check this one out. this is in canada. there's clearly some disagreement between the two people that we're seeing here in this video because the guy in the green shirt walks over to the other guy and straight up knocks him out. >> oh, man. >> whoa. >> yeah. >> that wasn't even a fight. that was a sucker punch. laid him right out. >> the guy just falls over and stops moving. clearly unconscious. >> when did golf become street. >> maybe he didn't let him play
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through. >> maybe he took too many mulligans. >> the guy in the green shirt looks upset. what did i just do. you see him holding his head like, oh, no. >> i didn't want to do this. i'm sorry. >> this is not good. no matter what the scenario is, this is not a good thing. >> this at sent tempt to fight . i don't know what device this is. >> swrvideo from the roman coliseum. >> there are people on the outside of that thing. how is that supposed to be protected if you're on the outside. >> the bull takes those people out very quickly. before you know it, everyone else just bails on this thing because it obviously doesn't work. >> that guy got shot into the air. >> yes. >> he flew probably 10, 15 feet. >> yes, i think it's safe to say this bull won this round. he went directly for the people on the outside. that bull is not done. easy target. videos like this one are all
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over the internet. this is the latest one and it's awesome. >> five seconds. >> you've got the burly guy there on the left. according to the poster of the video that is that girl's boyfriend. >> manly, right? >> ah! ah! ah! >> listen to him screaming. his eyes are rolling back in his head. he's hanging on for dear life. his knuckles are completely white. >> you would think somebody has ahold of something tight. >> i would never do this and i know i would scream, too. >> oh, it gets even better. keep watching. >> are you kidding me? really? >> according to the posters of
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the video everyone got a huge laugh out of this except for this guy. as it starts to slow down they're gently rolling and bouncing. >> ah! ah! >> thank you. >> i would have pooped in my pants and screamed just like that. give him any random word and this rapper this spit rhymes. >> he just goes for it. >> making it sound good, too. >> see what happens when
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you've heard of the nanny cam to watch what the baby sitter is doing with the kid all day? >> what about a dodge cam. >> his owner put a go pro on the shoulders. he has his own adventure at the doggy day care. >> to see what happens going on. >> when he got there let's just say a good time was had by all four-legged friends. >> this was an awesome way to kind of see what your doggy's day is like. >> you're seeing the world from a dog's perspective, i just want to say dogs don't see faces very much. kind of from the waist down. not looking up a lot. >> with this video you're running the risk of like seeing some things you might not want to see. >> you do see a few things checking under it kind of thing but not too much because --
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>> he's been around a lot. >> this seems like a really cool doggy day care place. you've got the big area where the dogs are running around having a good time. >> like a club med for dogs. >> this is awesome. prepare to be blown away. this is 19-year-old nate shultz and flnate has a very specific talent, nate freestyle. freestyle, how do we know if this is an internet video, how do we know if he's going to freestyle? le he's going to generate a few random words, salt. >> salt, salt like a pepper. i'm going see these words kind of clever. it's whatever. i can probably change the weather, make it rain. so insane. let's get back to salt. i salt your brain first. first kind of like on the sheets. it's a bad situation so i'm kind of kind of jeet. in my mind, yeah, i got puns so i'm winning and spinning until this day is done. hold up, the mound like you mother [ bleep ], i hant around,
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you mow down. you know i'm feeling like a cow, only cattle wican probably make baby come down. >> he just goes for it. he goes for it well. >> he sounds good. he's making it sound good, too. and rhyming thing. this is not an easy thing to do. >> "right this minute" via skype we have nate shultz from south carolina. where does it come from? >> it started in the eighth grade. i watched "eight mile." ♪ that kind of inspired me. like i got to get this down. i've since then i've been doing it every day. >> do you do this because people were saying, oh, man, you've got this prepared. >> yeah, yeah, if you try to do it. especially on the internet these days, freestyling is a lost art and a lot of people prewrite them and claim they're tree style. i figured the word generator was a way to do it. >> the name of our show is "right this minute." can you freestyle about it?
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>> yeah. >> right this minute let's let the white kid finish, we've got comparison between me and all you is we all got mat crow. you know the skipg of you. and i'm in the mood to do it right now so i'm like the white cow like the cattle. like i said in the last youtube, check it out. it's got like 102 views. i don't really know though. i can get a news crew. all right. >> i can't even think of the amount of vocabulary you have. do you sit around and read dictionaries? >> no, i love english, i love scrabble, i just love words. >> can you feel it. hey. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day, and this is the show for you. "right this minute." police race to save a driver whose car is on fire. >> you do actually hear a woman screaming. >> how some brave officers ri risked it all to get her out. a guy can't believe his eyes when he sees a kangeroo. >> holding his dog under the water. >> meet the hero who gets in the eout and i let him go and run.


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