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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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two homes burned to the ground, and three more are damaged. tonight we learned it started from a spark on the side of the road. good evening. >> new information tonight about the seven-alarm grass fire in fairfield. we learned it started on the side of interstate 80 and then jumped a sound wall and roared through the neighborhood. stiff winds pushed the flames, and it didn't take long for the fire to destroy two homes and damage at least three more.
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we have team coverage tonight. we have been asking fire crews if they had enough resources on hand. we begin in the any burr hood where the two -- neighborhood where the two homes were lost. >> reporter: frank, the two homes that were destroyed are behind me. as you can see, all that is left is a burnt shell. i spoke to the inner of the home and others in -- spoke to the owner of the home and others in the area, and they spoke of chaos as they scrambled to evacuate. >> it's always so calm here. for something like this to happen is crazy. >> reporter: neighbors say police came door to door. >> the palm tree in my backyard was on fire. >> reporter: this owner lost
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everything. fire crews were busy saving other homes and didn't get to his. >> i wasn't able to do anything, just watch my home go down. >> reporter: several homeowners tell me they were at work and rushed home to see what was left. >> as you are driving down the road, you can see all the smoke and everything. and i couldn't get there fast enough. >> reporter: when she arrived she found extensive damage to the home. this family was lucky. the damage is mostly to the yard. >> there's a lot of smoke damage, but i really feel badly for this family next to us. they've been my neighbors for a long time. >> reporter: the family who lost this home tell me they'll be staying with relatives, grateful nobody lost their life. this woman was evacuated, but convinced firefighters to go back to the apartment to rescue the puppies.
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>> my kids are the most important, but i can't leave my animals behind. >> reporter: firefighters tell me they will remain here in the neighborhood for the night to keep an eye on hot spots. ktvu channel 2 news. >> our team coverage begins with ken who is live with what we have learned about the cause of the fire. >> reporter: streets are still closed here. fire officials say they know where the fire started, but they admit they may never know exactly how it started. it was called in at 3:39 this afternoon, a fire burning along the shoulder of the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 when there was a cigarette or a spark from a vehicle or something else, but nothing has been determined. it was a challenge for
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firefighters. >> it's extremely hard and moves extremely fast. you literally have to almost be in a full run to catch fires like this. >> reporter: strong delta winds blew the fire and wreaked havoc. firefighters recognized the danger and called seven alarms. >> every fire truck that we had, off-duty personnel were called in. >> reporter: but 200 firefighters were called in and helped stopped the fire's march. cal fire was called in, but there was no air support. despite the stretched resources of the california's fire departments, fairfield said they had enough personnel and equipment to contain the blaze
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before it did more damage. >> it encompassed about 40 acres, and with 200 fire fighters, it's a huge response. we need to get as many firefighters here as quickly as possible. >> reporter: to be clear, cal fire says no aircraft were sent here because none were requested. even know there was property loss, investigate news is there was no injuries. live in fairfield, ken. >> the rim fire has grown to become the 7th largest fire in california. >> a fire crew is watching for potential flare-ups. it broke out about 1:00 this afternoon. a fire official says it started in a building that contain add
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booed chop and spread to the grass nearby. firefighters say they worked for two hours before they got the fire out. the hills here are very dry and officials tell us this was the second fire there in less than a month. now to the new bay bridge. here is a look at the count down clock, and it will be shut down tomorrow night. a new eastern span will be open after labor day. what happens to all of those deliveries that so many of us rely on, such as mail or medical supplies. let's look at how we who it be impacted. >> reporter: many companies have been planning ahead and making adjustments to make sure
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their customers aren't in convenienced. the deliversry drivers rely on the -- the delivery drivers rely on the bay big to deliver medical equipment in, and they will reroute. >> it will be tough but we're prepared for it. >> reporter: the company is telling patients that while there may be delays due to traffic, they can still expect same-day delivery. >> with urgent cases, we put that as priority. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service is making adjustments to make timely deliveriry of -- delivery of mail and packages. >> anticipating what we call advancing the mail or rolling back the clock, if you will, advancing the dispatches and getting them out of the building about 30 minutes earlier so we can meet the traffic. >> reporter: and here at this
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restaurant, the thursday barbecue rib special won't change. they -- they plan to order ahead. >> reporter: with less than 24 hours to go before the bay closure, many have already been making adjustments so customers see as little as possible. more details on ways to get across the bay while the bridge is closed. officials laid out their plans today. bart plans to run longer trains and limited overnight service from 14 stations. for those braving the roads, allow extra time when using an turnive bruising -- alternative
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bridges. off coverage continues at 10:30. ktvu explored the benefits some are already seeing from the upcoming bridge closer. >> new video of a deadly shooting by police in antioch. an officer saw a man in a silver mercedes who showed the off a weapon. there was a chase, and the officers felt threatened, opened fire, and killed the man. information is not released yet. they report a juvenile in a separate car was injured after being hit by sha shrapnel. a construction worker was areached by two armed men. he handed over money, but they fired two shots.
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one hit the victim's truck and the other went into the school yard. they say it's the second armed robbery. now to berkeley where an investigation is underway after a 62-year-old man was killed while working in the track area at martin luther king, junior middle school. it happened about 12:45 this afternoon after the school on rose street, about two blocks away from martin lutheran king way. a truck parked on a slope rolled over one of the workers who had his back to the vehicle. officials say their were students on campus for a "women to the new school year" -- for a "welcome to the new stool year." >> video that may help catch a shooter. today was supposed to be his day as a high school senior,
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the outpouring of emotion for the teen who died in this crash. where the smoke from this rim fire is headed down, i'm tracking that for your week and weekend.
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new developments in the rim fire. the fire is considered the state's seven this largest on record and it's still growing. the u.s. forest service says more than 184,000 acres have burned.
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containment remains at 20% tonight. a park ranger told us thirty one residents have been lost, plus 80 outbuildings. the u.s. forest service says most of those were lost at a mp. they are working to contain the fire, now burning into yosemite park. we were with firefighters today, and they explained why the flames are spreading so quickly. >> reporter: there's two main areas the national fire service considers the most active and threatening. the first is here near the entrance of yosemite national park. firefighters say flames move quickly on the ground and tree to tree. >> that fire is traveling up the tree through the dry bark. once it gets established up into the canopy, then it moves on
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quickly. >> now we are more optimistic than before because we have seen how they are cutting the lines and how many retardant they're dropping. >> reporter: some residents who evacuated voluntarily were not as confident. >> there's been a club of fire line dumps, and we -- couple of fire line dumps. >> the national fire service says they are using a similar strategy as other fires. >> i try to be optimistic. i know the winds change and it's easy for things to change. >> reporter: still the rim fire is starting to impact the parka little more. starting tomorrow, some roads will be closed to accommodate
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fire crews. >> ash is following on the reservoir as the fire is burning in the water shed. there's reports that flames are as close as 300 yards from the reservoir. however, a spokesman says the water quality at the reservoir remains good as water is being drawn from 260 feet from below the surface. water is being moved at a faster rate to certain counties. it serves some suspect $.6 million residents in the bay area. a third person is facing murder charges in connection with the killing of a 19-year-old man at a bus stop in san francisco. the shooting back in june claimed the life of rise and least -- rice and left his girlfriend injured. a day after the shooting, police also arrested a 20-year-old as
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a 14-year-old in connection with that killing. students at a high school in the east bay returned to class today with heavy hearts. there's still many questions about a car accident that killed a 17-year-old on the last night of summer break. >> reporter: it was a devastating scene on this drive where one teenager was killed and two were hurt in a single car crash last night. >> it breaks my heart. a family lost their son. >> reporter: this nearby resident brought her two young sons to look at the crash site. >> i would like to know more about it, like how it happened and why did they do it. >> reporter: kimed was a 17-year-old -- killed was this 17-year-old. >> he was a lovely boy. we're devastated. >> reporter: his aunt and a family friend talked to us at the family home. >> he was a larger than life
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young man, had more passion than most people in life that i've ever known. >> they're was the first day of class, a usual joyful day. >> make the most of our relationships in our life and let got shepherd us through the pain. >> reporter: students wrote notes on a big sign that will later be given to the family. >> he was well-liked. it kind of brings it home that it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: it will be weeks to determine how fast the car was going before the crash. the driver and the teenager in the car are in stable condition. a chase ended in a crash
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that ended in individuals being hurt. vehicle theft was involved. authorities say this man stole a truck from a warehouse about 7:00 this morning and hit three cars. the people in those cars all suffered minor injuries. the faa tonight confirmed it's lifted a temporary restriction at san francisco international airport that permitted foreign airlines from landing on side by side run lines. it was put in place two weeks after the crash on july 6. a spokesperson says the restriction was lifted last week. the instrument landing service was shut off in june. it was not on when flight 214 crashed killing three passengers and injuring more than 180 others. a former east bay elementary school teacher faces a total of 125 counts of six abuse. prosecutors charged 45-year-old
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martin with 16 more counts of abusing former students. although these new charges do not involve any additional victims. martin had taught fifth grade. he had been at wood side elementary since 1991, and he faces life in prison if convicted. federal prosecutors rested their case against a deputy accused of setting up men going through divorce for drunk driving arrests. he's facing seven counts of executortion. prosecutors say the stings involved women who were looking for leverage against their husbands in divorce cases. the council approved the ordinance to ban stye s t yrofoam contains
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containers. campus police say uc berkeley are reporting a slight uptick in alcohol-related 911 calls as students return to classes this month. officers say they responded to 14 calls since the beginning of august. 12 of those calls involved students under the age of 21 and occurred just last weekend as students moved back into the halls. it's 64 in walnut creek and 67 in concord. it's breezy up through the delta, and 59 in san francisco. tomorrow's temperatures are a lot like today. 90 in antioch. fog when you wake up, and it will be mild. livermore, upper 80s. morgan hill, upper 80s instead of low 90. when i come back at 10:45,
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we'll get the long-range focus and look at the labor day weekend. the county is preparing to test the emergency alert system, and the test comes more than a year after the massive fire at the chevron fire in richmond. test calls are set to go out tomorrow. last month the system sent out evacuations alerts during a gas leak, but many went out to the wrong areas. tomorrow's test is set to begin at 5:30 tomorrow. the governor's plan to keep thousands of inmates behind bars. too big.
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hackers hit the new york times website. the times said the hackers appeared to be an electronic army. the hackers hijacked the domain name and gained control of the website and took it off line. the paper said that domain name should have been very secure. the same group claims it also hacked twitter. facebook released information on the number of government requests that it received during the 1st half of this year. u.s. government agencies made 11,000 to 12,000 requests. facebook supplied information in 79 percent of those cases saying they are obligated by law to do so. the total number of -- facebook said it refused all requests from some companies such as egypt.
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the governor is planning on sending inmates to private prisons rather than set them free. today the governor proposed spending money to rein prison cells -- to rent prison cells. they are ordered to be released to ease overcrowding. >> i've come up with a plan that, in the short term, meets the capacity, not by letting thousands of people out, but by finding additional places. >> the plan will have to be approved by the state legislature. the index of 20 u.s. metro areas found home prices rose 12% in june compared to one year ago, but the pace of the increase has slowed, a sign that rising interest rates are
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taking a toll. the biggest price jump is in las vegas, and the second area is in the bay area. l. a. home prices were up nearly 20%. war activist's -- >> i'm running because i'm exhausted with the struggle of living in the state that puts the bottom line of cooperations above the needs of citizens. >> she became an antiwar activist after her son was killed in iraq in '04. she is being sued to refusing to pay her taxes. she said she gave her son to the country, and if the country can't give him back -- can give him back, she'll pay her taxes. oakland mayor meant with the president today discussing how
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to reduce violence. they are requesting for more officers and other resources for interventions. he is one of 18 mayors thatments with the president obama -- that meant with the president. today workers were preparing a stage at the lincoln memorial where dr. king smoke. tomorrow the president will deliver his own speech there. up next, a story you will see only on 2. >> we have the surveillance video of a scene on this street corner, the investigation into a shooting on board a party bus and what a camera recorded passengers doing when officers arrived.
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signs of a u.s. military strike on syria could be just days ago. download the ktvu app and you can watch all of the news live on your mobile device.
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shots fired on board a party bus only on surveillance video captures the scene as stray bullets fly into the streets and passengers scramble for safety. this was over the weekend in san francisco. we are live in san francisco where we went through the video and talking with police about the investigation. >> reporter: this bar behind me just happened to be where the party bus pulled over as the shooting started on board. the bar here had already closed, but a surveillance camera
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mounted on this wall was still recording. running for their lives, shots were flying as people rushed to get off of a party bus in san francisco early sunday morning. look again at the top left of your screen. you can see bullets fired from the bus hitting a brick wall. a camera outside the hole in the wall assist loon captured the chaos at 2:17:00 a.m. a crowd of passengers ran the opposite direction when police arrived. officer a block away heard the shots and responded in two minutes. nobody was hurt. a woman in her 20s may have been grazed by a bullet. passengers were retained for questioning, but few cooperated. nobody was arrested. the party bus picked up the group earlier in the night. we showed the surveillance video to long-time neighbor and former member of the an fran entertainment commission. >> well, it matches what they've been describing to us for
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years. the party buses are trouble on wheels. >> reporter: a represent sive for this company would tell us they are cooperating. we noticed the first man off of the bus appeared to have a dark object in his hand. police say they're looking closely at this video. ny say this scene could have been worse. >> those areas are very crowded at that time and we're lucky nobody was hit. >> reporter: you can see where some of the bullets actually hit this wall. place say they don't know if there was one or more shooters. >> a security camera caught a car crashing into a building at about 3:30 this afternoon. one driver cut off another driver and the two collided. one of those drivers ran away from the scene. nobody was hurt. police say they have
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arrested one man and are still looking for another in connection with a home envision robbery where the suspect posed as pg & e workers. they are looking for cox in connection with the robbery. this man has also been arrested. he's a suspect in two other robberies. less than 22 hours 'away, there noise doubt the bay bridge closure will have an impact on bay area businesses. but the mood is not all doom and gloom, as we found out. >> reporter: starting 8:00 tomorrow night, san francisco will be bracing for
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the best... >> it will be a ghost town or a the opposite. >> reporter: they are asking folks to order early because the drivers are having to work off of complicated delivery plans. >> we'll do the big circle route, and that should work. >> reporter: the impact of the closure is unclear, but city officials say that with the 49ers' games and baseball and big conventions ahead, the labor day weekend was simply the best option. businesses near train stations tell us they're expecting a bump in business. the creamery is adding staff, anticipating a bigger brunch crowd. >> we believe we'll have more foot traffic. >> reporter: after 8:00 tomorrow night the only commuters who can use the bay
10:35 pm
bridge are treasure island residents. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the winery is hosting two weddings, and the guest would be given those passes that will allow them to get through the checkpoint from san francisco. others who will be given passes are people who live or work on treasure island or who have berths at the marina. how are you planning on getting around? that's the question we're asking the viewers on facebook. you can share your plan by leaving a comment on our wall. a ban on pleading wildlife, making it illegal in parks and open spaces. they were scheduled to discuss this tonight, but the final decision will be up to the city council. >> i am here to demand action
10:36 pm
and answers. the list of demand these women have for city hall that they say is a matter of life and death. in 10 minutes i'm tracking a temperature change over this labor day weekend. what to expect? learn what this dog is trained to find, if not caught, putting a big dent in the state's economy. goodnight.
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on the air. in the air. with live tv. now to the continuing coverage in syria. government and opposition forces battled today in the streets, and amateur video showed a soldier running for his life after flames surrounded the tank he was in. on the diplomatic front, momentum appears to be building for a u.s. strike against syria in retaliation for the recent
10:39 pm
deadly chemical weapons attack. >> a top member of the obama cabinet says the u.s. military is ready and the order to launch could come as soon as thursday. >> the president is still weighing a major decision, whether or not to attack the sear re syria government for attacking its own build with chemical weapons. >> those who use chemical weapons against defenseless men, women and children, should and must be held accountable. >> the secretary of defense telling the bbc the military will be ready should the president decide to strike. >> we are ready to go like that. >> reporter: sources say the president is expected to give final military option as early as tuesday, a senior defense official says a strike could be carried out within several days.
10:40 pm
warp ships carrying cruise missiles have already moved into the region. they are accused of gassing innocent individuals. a leading opponent of the strike, russia, insisting there is no proof the government used chemical weapons. as for the regime, firm in its denials and now a warning. >> we have the materials. we will surprise others. >> more details. the 47-year-old syriaen the came to power in june of 2000.
10:41 pm
two years ago, as he brought hopes of de democracy, he want ed a crackdown. >> u.s. stock markets tumbled today, falling 170 points to the lowest level in two months. the nasdaq dropped. too many killings in oakland remain unsolved, and now the victims' families are speaking out. in five minutes, our chief meteorologist will give us more information. san francisco's new program to keep students in class.
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family members. victims of violence in oakland are demanding their loved ones' murder cases be involved. why city leaders say they are behind what the mayor did today that could help speed things along. >> reporter: mothers and grandmothers and wives and sisters of young men killed in oakland streets walked off with grim cases. they represent the cases that haven't been involved. >> the blood of those killed in the streets of oakland is screaming for justice. her son was gunned down in 'po eight. he was 20 years old. >> i have not been aware of any suspects in my son's case, and i here to demand action and answers. >> reporter: for more than an hour, linda and the other families met with representatives of the mayor and police chief. >> oakland police department detectives are not reported back to the family and we're let to
10:45 pm
feel abandoned. >> reporter: each person who spoke ended with these words. the families gave a list of demands from getting rid of guns. it's unclear if the city will meet the demands. >> the police department is so understaffed, it's not an ex-skew for bad behavior, but it is a reality. >> the meeting was a big point of the beginning. >> reporter: the anywhere was not there, apparently was gone asking the president for more
10:46 pm
money. here are some numbers regarding the homicides. heading back to school and san francisco wants to work on children going to school and not winding up in the juvenile system. he says his officer is providing $130,000 for programs to prevent truancy. . today oakland police joined forces with the coast guard and other agencies to clean up the oakland estuary. officers tagged boats with
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30-day notices that the owners are trespassing and have to move or they could lose their boat. some people are illegally living there and dumped toxic substances into the water. a nice today. some places were a bit warmer. 90 in antioch. 90 in fire field. temperatures tomorrow, they won't be different. 87 in santa rosa today and cool on the coast, 63 in pacifica. the numbers tomorrow, a few degrees warmer in some places, but not much. as you look at the coastal areas, you can see the fog is pushing inland. the fog is shallow. the winds in fairfield are 18,
10:48 pm
so it's still blowing. tomorrow the fog will be mostly around the bay and the coast. the winds are calm in the san francisco airport, eight mph. mid-50s and upper 50s in fairfield tomorrow, and antioch will make it to 60. highs for wednesday, a lot like today. a little bit warmer in some places and cooler in others. but you won't notice the change too much. there is the fog along the coast for tomorrow morning. the fog burns off and the model says there will be clearing along the coast. tomorrow, the highs in the 90s further inland. this low pressure center will
10:49 pm
keep everything from getting hot. we won't have rain but a cooler pattern. it's back to school tomorrow for a lot of people. lunchtime, around 67 degrees, berkeley, along the bay shore. temperatures during the day are just into the low 70s. 89 in clear lake, 88 in fairfield, and 77 in this area. i like the weather like it is now, not too hot or cold, just about right. we're not seeing the upper 90s or low 100s. san jose, a comfortable 80 degrees. along the coast, foggy. the weekend, subtle stuff, and
10:50 pm
it will start to feel like fall. good news for firefighters, this is not a high fire danger. >> nice pattern. >> thank you. sniffer dogs are a familiar site at the airport, and now this beagle will share the ranks in tracking down citrus. he will find fruits and leaves that travelers might have in their luggage. fans of video games and football welcome today's arrival of maddon 25. the latest version features details taylorred to each team. 49er fans get a tour of the new stadium in santa clara. check that out. the raiders' fan have their own extras with favorite. >> a good night for the a's and
10:51 pm
the giants. >> yes. you never know what going to happen. the a's break out against two of the better right-handers in the league, and one of the better teams, and the first inning here, down the right field line. when you were not hitting the ball that well, they'll take it. verlander, right there. and nothing cheap about this shot, breaking a 3-3 tie, the 22nd homer of the year. that kid, wow, he was impressed. they finally canceled it in the sixth inning.
10:52 pm
one of the biggest adjustments for giants' fans in recent years, simply that this team doesn't have power. they don't hit returns anymore. if you grew up watching the giants, that is just weird. tonight, two home runs in the first inning, pence, a man on, and look at this, 457 feet, the longest in the majors, and there's that kid again! the next man to the plate, pablo, going back to back, his 10th of the year, a solo shot, and the giants build a lead that they hang onto, and sanchez, a dunker, an rbi single, and the giants go on to even up the series against the rockies. sometimes you can tell from the very beginning that a guy is a
10:53 pm
winner. and that's just what the 49ers have going. you will hear more about that right after this.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
i have a strong feeling you won't hear any stories of the
10:56 pm
word "busted" concerning the 49ers' drafts pick. number 35 here, he was named today, taking over the spot that -- that was vacated. he will be a starter! >> i feel like a professional football player. i say it all the time, we're just getting better everyday. i try to set a goal every day, fix something i messed up on yesterday, and i than that makes me better as a player. >> concerning the other kind of football, nobody can bend it like this man.
10:57 pm
landon, the l. a. galaxy. they rock the earthquake up. it's a multiyear agreement that they have reached, keeping him in southern california for the rest of his career when not playing for the u.s. national team. money cures that relief, probably in the $5 million rate. >> the packers and 49ers, the first game of the season, i can't wait for that. the same lineup as last season when the niners won! >> nobody wants to see the preseason game except for the guys right on the bubble. the 49ers, their depth chart, they are just loaded with talent. they are excited about the opener, and just like that year, opening against the packers, and their first five games are
10:58 pm
really tough. >> sounds good. thank you. >> thank you you choosing ktvu news. we'll see you tomorrow. >> and we'll be monitoring the final morning commute of the bay bridge. >> good night. >> good night.
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hairdo? yeah. you look like brenda starr. is that good? better than dondi. hey, my god, look at that. it's david and beth lookner. you know, i heard a rumor their marriage was a little rocky. really? mm-hmm. you know, i have a little thing for beth lookner. well, i have to admit, i've always thought david was kind of spongeworthy. yeah. i've been waiting out their marriage for 3 years. yeah. me, too. well, i've been waiting out 2 or 3 marriages, but this is the one i really had my eye on. this car out there is taking up, like, 3 parking spaces.


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