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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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in fact, 52 in santa rosa, and san rafale 55. i get no one is going back to school yet. we'll start off a little cooler, we'll go to a high of 86 degrees. high pressure winds out today. this system inches closer by tomorrow. temperatures one day cool down a little bit. that's lighter breeze, it will be warm, temperatures come bumping up here. we'll see more upper 80s to near 90 degrees. >> good morning, we're doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact, we don't have much going on when it comes to traffic items just looking at the maps here. the traffic is looking pretty good as you drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems on the bridge to the city. this is a look at 80 in oakland near the coliseum and the traffic is moving nicely and we
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can take you the rest of the way on the maps here. this is up to fifth avenue as you pass mere and getting up to downtown oakland. a little bit of yellow as you approach the downtown area. nothing major here. if you are driving south, that traffic looks good. we've been looking at the tracy triangle here and so far it looks good. this is your opportunity to get a nice little drive this all the way into the valley. let's go back to the desk. we're following breaking news in danville where the first day of school is marked with tragedy. we're at the scene of an accident that claimed the life of one teenager. >> this car had three teenagers. and this car veered off the road and slammed into the tree. the extent of the damage that was done here, as a result of this accident, part of this fence was at that point down. the car was coming north on the
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street we're on and this road. this accident was at 9:00 last night. one of the passengers in that car died from their injuries. the driver of the car and another passenger survived the crash and they're being treated at the hospital this morning. all three people in the car are between 1 and 18 years old. we don't know what school they are from or where they attend. they're set to start a new school year today. >> the people in the car were under age and young local students that should have been starting school tomorrow morning. >> police are still trying to figure out what caused this crash although they say at this point there are no obvious signs that the driver was under the influence or that anyone in the car was drinking before the crash. police also say there is no clear indication that speed was an a factor in the accident
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either. the two teenagers who survived the crash remain in stable condition at the hospital in walnut creek. alex savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. investigators are still on the scene of an early morning fire in east oakland. terry more yet joins us where the fire was reported just minutes ago. >> those flames were shooting about 25 feet high through the roof. we were speaking to a woman who was distraught on the sidewalk. her brother may be inside the house even though the home was abandoned. she was concerned that she might be inside there. they found no one inside after the search. the fire broke out here on the 1200 block of 15th avenue just before 3:00 this morning. it went to a second alarm. nearly 40 firefighters here on scene. they did an aggressive i there are attack and poked a hole through the roof.
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several neighbors called 911. a young girl living next door woke up to a bright light near the window. the flames came dangerousery -- dangerously close and called 911. they say homeless people frequently crash there. one woman said her brother would light a bunch of candles there and they're trying to figure out what sparked this fire and we'll keep you updated. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you. the massive wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park. it's burned 161,000 acres. 4500 buildings are they end and 23 have been destroyed. despite its size they're making
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progress against the fire. >> it's been a real tiger, we're starting to get a handle on it. it won't let go, but we'll get there. >> it's cost an estimated $20 million and that number is expected to rise. >> lawmakers have budgeted $122 million for the season. the federal government said it will reimburse california for 75% of the cost of the fire. >> last night the camp was remembered by hundreds of people. [ singing ] the berkeley camp had been in operation near yosemite -- yosemite national park since 1922. people said there was no place like it? >> it was built 90 years ago.
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no cellphone signal, no why few, it was a step back in time. >> the camp director have yet to comment on it. but, even if it is rebuilt it will not have the same feel about it. this camp has no water because it is damaged. the camp lost equipment anosmias. in the next few weeks the staff plans to remove fire damaged trees from the area. water from the hetch hetchy reservoir is safe to drink. firefighters are posted there to protect it. some ash has been protected in the water, but it's not expected for puritiy.
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they are increasing water being pumped from help help to other places in the system. >> we're, now, learning that the new bring is opening earlier than first expected. it plans for it to open dawn tuesday morning one week from today, but it's looking like traffic could be moving on the new bay bridge one day earlier. it could be open for business on labor day. >> if they open monday night, that would be really good. i'll go across the bay bridge rather than the golden gate. >> it's almost ready for traffic and it's likely crews could be approved for paving and the cutting ceremony on monday. it could be reopen within hours after that. local transit areas will help drivers get across the bay. bart will be adding cars and running trains all night long.
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there will be overnight stops at 14 stations all across the area. they're expanding service for ferries to help people get across the bay. cal trance is delivering an optimistic report on the stress testing on the bolts of the bay bridge. p 2 rods failed but now the bolts are holding up well. one snapped over the weekend. they're trying to determine how many of the 2200 already installed bolts and rods will need to be replaced. information for how to get around the city we have al special section dedicated to the bay bridge, you can find it under hot topics. new this morning, two federal agencies are locked into a court battle. 15,000 people reported breathing problems after the
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extent at richmond refinery. the us chemical safety board have spent the past year looking for answers. they have major differences on how to handle the investigation. they're in a legal battle. they're preparing for the next refinery accident. they'll test its emergency alert system tomorrow evening. the test phone calls will go to people who live near refinery plants. it will start tomorrow afternoon and continue through the next few hours. hundreds of electronics were found in a storage locker. they found laptops tablets and cell phones after following a lead to seventh and market. they're trying to return the items to their rightful owners. >> i had no idea i would get it back. >> it was a surprise. >> yeah. they have made three
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arrests in connection with the stolen items. they plan to post things on the website to identify owners. they're trying to make sure children have a maze to play after a playground was vandalized. they burned down part of a playground following the shooting death of an 8-year- old. she was killed at a sleepover at -- with a friend and was scheduled to start 3rd grade this year. the new equipment has not yet been delivered. >> the children what are they supposed to may with. what somebody gets out of that, i can't imagine. >> reporter: they are collecting balls and jump ropes. one local store has donated $100 toward the cost of the new equipment. happening today san jose is
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going to ban styrofoam containers, they're banning all food containers and cups. other food vendors would have to comply before the end of next year. some california cities have banned tire foam. if approved san jose will be the largest city in the state to move forward with the ban. the parks condition will make it illegal to feed wildlife at public place. they find wildlife is being harmed by the food. it poses a health risk to humans as well. the meeting is being held tonight at the conference room. a sex assault case, calling his own wife. the judge called it ridiculous.
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president obama says the syrian government crossed the line with chemical weaponses. >> traffic looks good and already up on the tunnel. >> the afternoon highs are warmer and we'll have your forecast in a couple of minutes.
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welcome back, the time now is 4:45 and the obama administration is moving closer to taking action against syria reporting a chemical attack last week. they're conducting a second day of investigations near damascus. they spent three hours yesterday interviewing doctors, and survivors of the attacks last wednesday. secretary of state john kerry
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said there's unmistakable use of chemical weapons. today syria state run agency accused kerry of undeniable evidence of the attack. kerry's statements they're saying is jumping off the work of un experts. the president will speak from the steps of the -- steps of the lincoln memorial where king gave his speech. the president was two years old then. the president will be joined by former presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter. the latest battle is post traumatic stress syndrome. tie carter was given the medal
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of honor. he pulled a wounded soldier to safety. he mace died in surgery. >> during the battle i lost some of the hearing in my left ear. i will always hear the voice of special, i'll hear his plea for help for the rest of his life. carter said he decided to make his struggles public to try to dispel the stigma of what he calls the invisible wounds of war. they're reaching out to parents of students, the district says last year 16% of kindergarteners were chronically and september. that's higher than the average for all grades. district leaders can be some patients don't take school seriously. >> that's when kids need to be
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setting the foundation of learning and too many of our students are not in school. >> that hurts more than the individual student who misses classes. last year the district lost out 2.2 million in state funds because of chronic absences, that's enough to hire 30 more teachers. millions of at risk students could be hurt because of federal policy. they've given waivers to states not allowing them to collect information from parents with learning disabilities from pour families and people who need to learn english. they may not be receiving the support they need. >> we have a special back to school section on our website. you'll find tips to back to school shopping. we've posted pictures of our ktvu reporters and anchors. let's go to sal.
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any problems out there? we're doing well brian. we're looking at traffic that looks good. if you're driving anywhere towards san francisco for example, if you're driving, it looks good from vallejo from berkeley to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you get to the toll plaza it looks good. i think a lot of people are trying to get their business taken care of in the city. this thursday and friday, next monday, for the five days from thursday to monday, or wednesday night to monday, the bridge is going to be closed. you've been listening us talk about that. we'll remind you again and again so you won't forget about that. it's slow already west of 205 as you drive over the main part of livermore. let's go to steve. >> it's coming, you know it's coming. thank you. we have a warmer pattern
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today. it's mainly kind of hugging the coast, the fog, not much of a breeze either. it's back to school for martinez school district. a high today of 8 # at 3:00. it will be sunny for everybody all day. some of the higher elevations are up 8 degrees. there are 90s inland. it may be near 80 degrees. it's way down from yesterday. we've lost the cloud cover, there's your try if he can at that. only 13 fairfield. it was 22. i think it will continue to decrease. fog was making a strong surge. everyone was under cloudy skies. there are still some farther south. it's westerly now, the wind pattern and expected to go
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northerly. it won't do it, you'll have to wait until later in the week. so not today. 50, 60s, 70s, interior 40s in the mountains. a fight in the north. the high winds out today, temperatures coming up, a lighter breeze, cooler lows will give way to higher temperatures. a lot of # 0s to the north bay -- 80s, let's go with more began hill to gilroy. not much change wednesday. a little cooler thursday and it looks like al cool down that will take us into the weekend. now, that the stage is set for the oracle cup. an international jury has been trying to figure out how three cat marchance were altered with
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-- cat march ranks. >> they'll hold jury in san francisco and will figure out whether they engaged in misconduct and will be penalized. they're scheduled to compete against new zealand. >> the curtain is about to close on santa cruz theatre. they'll have to put an end to shakespeare. a child psychiatrist convicted of molesting his patients. he learns his face, the emotional response from the victims and their families.
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a truck was used to smash through the front doors allowing the thieves access to the jewelry cases. two men are dead and another is fighting for his life this morning. it happened last night near the exit northbound side of the freeway. the suv went off the road and
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down a 15-foot embankment. it's not clear why the driver lost control. no other vehicles were involved. a nanny has been arrested after picking up two children from their first day of school while reportedly driving drunk. they were called to kenfield. they saw a car repeatedly hitting a school sign this afternoon. the children had not yet got into the car. the kids were kept at the school until the parents could pick them up. a former child psychiatrist has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for citations. he may have sexually abused 50 boys. many cases fell outside the statute of limitations. victims say the long wait for
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justice only added to their pain. >> i think that this was retraumatic advertising on every level because of the duration of this proceeding. >> william ayres will be required to pay a $10,000 and register as a sex offender. the end of the year crime fighting effort. this focuses on gang intervention, drug enforcement and community outreach. in the past it's been carried out over the last few months in the year. this year, it is starting a month earlier. after 32 years, the curtain will come down for the final time at the end of this year's season of shakespeare santa cruz. >> the dean announced this will be the final season of the
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theatre company. it's been plagued by financial problems for years. the company debt will be nearly $2 million when the summer season ends this weekend. the last performance will be the holiday production in november. the tile now is 4:56, the major league baseball's worse feel may be the best team at making money. massive names lead to an early warning house fire. this could help answer what caused the fire. >> we're off to a good start when it comes to the morning commute. looking live and you can see traffic is moving well on the golden gate bridge. there's less of a sea breeze and it's warmer today. how much warmer?
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gentleman we're live in oakland where a fire races through a home. we'll tell you why neighbors said it was bound to happen. three teenagers hit a tree and one person killed in this crash. we'll tell you what police say
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about the possible causes. progress in the battle against the raging fire nereises. this may create a big challenge this season. >> they claim the us made this up as they get ready to take military action. we want to take you to an early morning house fire in oakland. the fire is out and flames were under control. they were leaping early. we'll show you the video in a moment and we'll tell you about why one local woman was frightened about who might be inside. >> i'm dave clark, let's check weat


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