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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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family members are staying quiet. many survivors and victims once worked here. they could still sue the driver of the limo and the company in civil court, it is something the driver is aware of. one of the things he spoke to us about earlier today. >> jim: ricky brown was not celebrating. >> every day is painful. >> reporter: he moved out of the bay area and hasn't drove a limen sense. he says he doesn't feel vindicated. >> i never really, you know, i knew -- i was there. okay? and, um-- i mean i knew i wasn't on the phone. >> reporter: not on the phone. his wife claimed he was distracted when the accident
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happened. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. >> reporter: he says he moved to sacramento. and has been receiving counseling. an attorney for the owner tells ktvu he expects victims families will file lawsuits against the family. he expects them too. >> i am hurting just like they are. i feel sorry this happened. >> reporter: i had a chance to tuque the district attorney, he sat down and met with some of the survivors and victim family members before the announcement to let them know they would not be seeking charges. with the limo driver there was one question he hesitated to answer and we will have more at 6:00 p.m. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues at 5:30 p.m. ktvu's rob roth sat down with a
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limo company. why it says it is not surprised and what officials had to say about it. >> let's talk about the exact cause, what led to the fire. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar has been investigating that story for us. >> the question is, whose fault? no ones. >> we have concluded the fire was accidental. >> reporter: what caused the tragedy? >> the catalyst was the failure of the rear suspension system that allowed the drive shaft to come into contact with the floor panel. the heat and sparks generated from the friction between the drive shaft and the floor pan ignited the materials covering the floor board. the smoke and fire blocked access to the redoors, leaving the passengers -- rear doors leaving with the passengers
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with one small opening. >> the limo was seen earlier on two security videos. >> there is nothing evident in the videos that would indicate an abnormality in the height or the manner of travel. >> the cause of death was smoking inhalation associated with fire. all five of them accidental. >> the driver will not be sited. >> investigators determined mr. brown was not on his phone at the time of the tragedy. >> the california public utilities commission will levy $7,500 fine on the limo company for failing to operate safely in over loading the limo. >> no real cause can be attributed to anything that could have been done ahead of time to prevent it. >> reporter: criminal
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liability? >> some tragedies are crimes, some are not, this one is not. there will not be criminal charges. >> reporter: at 6:00 p.m. what the family's options are. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we are tracking high fire danger tonight. a red flag warning is in effect through wednesday. live pictures of contra costa county where as you can see conditions are dry. >> much of the same in the hills in the south bay. firefighters are on alert for lightning and fire. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions and joins us now. >> we have been talking about this. friday night last time i saw you, this low-pressure system pilling in moisture, a good chance for lightning. lightning around the bear valley area. notice how everything is moving this way? the low is over here, right?
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it is like this. it is pulling the showers off shore. check out this area. i will stop it. you will see we are looking at this area here. significant stuff. going the wrong way. not going to hit us. there is more moisture heading our way. red flag warning tonight and tomorrow and till 3:00 a.m. wednesday morning. could be gusty winds, lightning strikes possible. more moisture possible tomorrow. in 10:00 p.m. the red flag warning, more specifically when i come back in 10. cooler out there and the five- day forecast. see you back here. today's red flag warning has firefighters across the bay area on alert and ahead how they are preparing for lightning strikes and fires. the san francisco fire department is revisiting helmet
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video cameras. yesterday the chief reminded firefighters about a 2,009 policy banning the use of recording devices. it was put in place because of privacy laws. today they said she is reconsidering the ban because the video was useful in a crash investigation. three dead and nine recovering after a crime weekend of gun violence in oakland. you can see the five location wheres the shootings happened. including on telephonograph avenue where four people were -- telegraph avenue where four people were shot. ktvu's ken pritchett has more. >> reporter: if one is looking for a bright spot in the violent weekend, there is an arrest announced today in one of the shooting that came as a
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result of the public and the police working closely together. >> reporter: he was here on saturday when it happened. >> they shot 9 rounds of bullets. it was crazy. i thought i was in a battle field. >> reporter: three co-workers chased down a man, demetrius ward who stole a purse. >> he said there go the guy that stole my purse. >> reporter: they went to confront the suspect here again on this sidewalk. >> as soon as they went outside it was gunfire. it was strange. never experienced something like that. never. >> reporter: the co-workers were shot and a fourth woman grazed. the arrest of demetrius demetrius wards was one of several police would like to make. three people dead, two at a
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party friday night where four people were shot. >> tragic weekend. number of shootings. >> the police chief says resources have been focused on reducing gun violence. >> together we could be successful at making a dent in violent crime. the cooperation from the community is appreciated. >> reporter: he said he was relieved to hear of the race and he says the neighborhood is fighting back. >> we will be here. we are not going nowhere. we are open for business. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he says of his co- workers, one was shot four times but they are all in the hospital but they are all expected to be okay. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. police ruled the deaths this morning of a father and daughter a -- a murder-suicide.
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william roberts shot and killed martin roberts. a family member reported the shooting. william roberts was suffering from progressive lung disease and he expressed concern about his ability to care for his daughter who was a quadriplegic. search underway for the next oakland police chief. it would be the fourth permanent chief since 2009. the mayor hopes to hire as soon as possible. the city plans to pay a company $100,000 to help find a new chief. the current interim police chief plans to apply. the murder trial of joseph naso has gone to the jury. he defending himself that he murdered four women. today he completed closing arguments. the case went to the jury.
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someone spotted writing on a truck in the parking lot. it read joseph naso was charged with my sister. the owner was the brother of one of the victims. there is a warning tonight about scammers claiming to be associated with a company secret shopper. it is a nationwide scam that two residents almost fell victim to. they sent them large cashiers checks and told theme return 17 -- them to return $1,700. but instead they contacted authorities. av transit plans to meet to discuss the next step in the labor dispute. employees voted 567 to 257 to reject the contract agreement that was reached earlier this
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month. it included a 9.5% raise. so far a.c. transit management haven't commented. as for bart, no scheduled talks. the two sides haven't had any talks since a judge order a 60 day cooling off period. they are waiting for a mediator to set a new schedule. the cooling off period ends october 10. new school year got underway today in san francisco and police were out to help children. there will also be extra patrols again tomorrow. police will be looking for drivers violating traffic laws. >> reminder to drive safely, stop at the crocks for the -- crosswalks for the children and take your time and watch out for little kids. >> they have also added 45 more
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crossing guards. they are on streets with high traffic and in areas with a history of accidents. now that we know what led up to the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge, some are asking what happens next. >> if they are going to do anything about the cars, it is not going to do anything. investigation for nothing. >> we talked to mechanics about the findings and why they say more needs to be done. >> coming up later a giant whale washes ashore why efforts to save him came ufshort. >> -- up short. >> you heard about the red flag warning, why the first warning could come from this cal fire look out station.
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back new the red flag warning. we told you about at the top of the newscast. a live look at dry hills in the south bay. ktvu's robert handa has a closer view of the conditions and joins us now live above the hills to show us cal fire's response to the red flag warning. >> reporter: we are way up high at the cal fire look out station. and as you would expect they have a view of the santa clara valley and the bay area. it is part of a network that went into action this morning right after the red flag warning. >> reporter: a volunteer took his spot on the look out station this morning. he will remain here 4400 feet above the valley from dawn to
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dark till the red flag warning alert is lifted. the focus is on lightning strikes from the thunderstorms. >> we look for smoke columns. we try to determine what the smoke is like, dark, light, building, tapering off. and study it and get a reading and radio morgan hill with the information and let them dispatch equipment. >> reporter: they came up to see the same view if fun and they are glad to know a person is on the look out. >> it is important. you have to have someone who is available to immediately take action. and make decisions about okay, what do we do next. >> reporter: they say the look out and crucial right now. >> in this particular case because there isn't a lot of precipitation associated with the storms, with the dry fuel conditions, lightning has a
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higher probability of causing fires. >> reporter: that concern extends into the bay area. coming up at 6:00 p.m. more on life as a look out in a look out station. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. fire crews were prepared when a fire broke out. an lecerallal -- an electrical fire. they had the fire out in 10 minutes. >> we want to catch fires early if we can. that is the case today. we had the fire that spread and we were able to get here quickly. >> the hill next to the fire had been mowed that helped keep the flames from spreading and any mowing should be done in the morning because during had heat of the day could cause a fire. the largest wildfire in northern california burns out
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of control in the foothills. the american fire doubled in size. the fire has burned more than 14,000 acres and growing on dry, steep terrain. a red flag warning has been issued in the area through wednesday due to the threat of lightning and winds. >> across the state, 5,000 firefighters are battling 10 different fires. this according to cal fire. one of the largest where 2,000 acres burned. it broke out friday afternoon and only 45% contained. the fire is threatening 400 homes and evacuation orders are still in place. with more on the fire danger right here in the bay area, our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> tracking the storms. they are scattered. last thing you need, we heard from robert handa, listen,lash
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thing we need is -- last thing we need is dry lightning strikes. a look at what is happening outside. this is the current situation, you see this area, i will put it in, this is significant stuff. moving the wrong way. going off shore. let's back it up and see where it was earlier this afternoon. i will go all the way back. 11:20. right? santa cruz. look how quickly it develops. that is where we are. the next few days, the same mechanisms will be in place for that kind of development. if that came over the bay area we would have lightning strikes and fires. there is more of the same stuff out there wednesday. they will become more aggressive into tomorrow merchandise right now a red flag warning -- tomorrow.
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right now a red flag warning. you get the picture. high fire danger as the thunderstorms could pop up tonight, tomorrow and early wednesday morning. kind of a unsettled fire danger pattern. dense fog along the beach. mid-60s, upper 60s around the bay for the evening. mild evening. over night lows, redwood city, 60. 64 morgan hill. these are over night lows, mid- 60s. moist, humid, warm air lingers. clouds coming through. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, looks like there is clouds and then you see clearing. this is fog along the coast. temperatures drop off tomorrow. back to school time. this is west contra costa county. they are back in school
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tomorrow. 78 degrees at lunchtime for the kids. low 80s into the afternoon hours. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view chance of showers monday, tuesday, wednesday and even into wednesday morning hours. highs, temperatures trend down a little bit. tracking the pop up thunderstorms, you saw how quickly that developed. that would be a big deal in the bay area. >> thank you. the wind was a farct today in the america's cup on san francisco bay. organizers scheduled two races today to make up for the two this weekend because of high winds. the teams completed one raises before the weather forced the canc -- race before the weather forced the cancellation of
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another. up next here, hollywood is mourning the death of a popular actor only 29 years old. and a bazaar kidnapping case in southern california leads authority has to the south bay. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a birthday without the cake or presents. the reason this mother honors her daughter's special day and a man tries to light another man on fire and why commuters are concerned. these stories and more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house,
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a pimping operation was broken up today. police arrested four men and accused them of kidnapping. all five are from the south bay and planned to force the victim into prostitution. it began on thursday when the victim was kidnapped in los angeles county at gun point. >> she was very distraught, she was very scared. she wasn't a willing participate. >> police say the suspected abducted the girl in compton and then took her to a hotel in riverside county. two of the men sexually assaulted the victim and then told her she would befogsed to have sex for money -- be forced to have sex for money. today ktvu spoke to the brother of two of the suspects and the
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brothers told him the victim was a prostitute. >> they don't force people into sex trades and things like that. i have never seen them with those weapons. >> police arrested the suspects. they face multiple charges. all are from san jose or gilroy. this is an active investigation and police are concerned there may be more victims involved. search continues for a hit- and-run driver ain a weekend -- in a weekend crash that killed a pedestrian. saturday night he was crossing when witnesses say a ford struck him. it salight cull -- is a light color with a red stripe down the hood. former disney star lee
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thompson young was found dead today in los angeles. the 29-year-old actor starred in the famous jet jackson. colleagues are heart broken and his manager said he was a brilliant young actor. authorities say he took his own life. our coverage on the deadly deadly limo fire continues. >> the california highway patrol concluded their investigation but what does that mean for limo drivers and their mechanics. >> a strange sight for beachgoers, how this whale ended up here and the efforts to save him that came up short. >> and a political heavy weight take as trip to tahoe and it is not for a vacation.
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continuing coverage of our top tory. -- story. the california highway patrol released their findings on last may's deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. investigators have concluded the fire that broke out in the rear of the limo was accidental. no charges are being filed. and despite reports the chp
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says the driver of the limo was not talking on the smart phone at the time of the fire. ktvu's rob roth is live in south san francisco and tells us drivers and mechanics are hoping something positive comes from this tragic loss of life. rob? >> reporter: drivers and mechanics are not surprised by the conclusions of the california highway patrol but they hope the outcome will improve the safety of limooes -- limos. >> reporter: many vehicles that come in for service are limos. the owner showed is us the underside. this area failed according to investigators. that caused friction from the drive shaft and caused sparks followed by the fire.
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the mechanic said knowing what happened and preventing it are separate issues. >> didn't do anything about the cars, not going to do anything. investigation for nothing. they have to have this car inspected. >> reporter: drivers say their vehicles are checked annually but one driver said only tires, lights and seatbelts are inspected. >> front suspension, rear suspension, seatbelts, signal lights, lights, the breaks, the tires, these very important for the safety inspection. >> reporter: drivers said the investigation concluded what they suspected. >> double check the car too, double check with the management if they have the opportunity to go over the car.
5:33 pm
>> take care of the car more. let the mechanic know about it. >> reporter: that is the lesson here? >> right. that is the lesson here. >> reporter: drivers we spoke with noted the limo involved in the fire had two more passengers than allowed. reporting live in south san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our web team put up video of the news conference on bay area blues -- legendary soul singer lester chambers filed a lawsuit after he was attacked on stage. the 73-year-old was performing at a festival last month when a woman rushed on stage and knocked him down. she has been charged with assault and elder abuse. he is suing, the city and the
5:34 pm
blues society that responsered the festival. -- sponsored the festival. he says she still in pain. >> it is a nightmare. it is like anytime i am in a place where there is people, anybody moving, you know a my phone ring i jump. >> he says he suffered bruised ribs and a hip injury. the suit alleges there was inadequate security. manning has been convicted for leaking documents to wikileaks. he could be sentenced to 90 years in prison. defense attorneys argued for a lesser sentence saying he was capable of being redeemed. the judge said she would consider the matter tomorrow.
5:35 pm
protecting lake tahoe was the focus today. california and nevada are sometimes at odds on thew battle development with -- an how battle development with other condition. >> he is worried the clarity of the lake will suffer unless someone puts the brakes on development. >> we have to get the machines is out and say enough is enough. there needs to be a moratorium. >> reporter: it is governed by california and nevada. but a plan gives local counties more control over how much or little development they want on the lake. california has yet to vote. governor jerry brown was non- committal on how the state will respond. >> i am not prepared to
5:36 pm
comment. >> reporter: nevada's governor likes the plan and says it is possible to spur the economy and save the lake. >> a necessary foundation for a continued environmental gains. >> reporter: some environmentalists are suing to stop any further development. folkinize joying nature walks -- folks enjoy canning nature walks said they want to go slow. >> if the sate feels it is necessary to development more, i think they should. at least do it with more local businesses rather than strip malls. coming up, watching out for a deadly disease. if you think lyme disease is not a danger in california, think again. >> the effort to save a stranded whale along the bay area coast line, the likely reason it beached itself.
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>> the security flaw the facebook ceo found out about first hand.
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a stunning development out of egypt. hosni mubarak has been acquitted on corruption charges. it could trigger his release from prison. however he is still facing a retrial in the deaths of
5:40 pm
hundreds of protesters in 2011. the verdict comes thong heels of heels of the clash -- comes on the heels of clashes. the military is cracking down on muslim brotherhood supporters. 1,000 people have been killed since wednesday. a computer programmer is getting job offers after he hacked mark zuckerberg's personal page. he discovered a way to post to someone's time line without being a friend and demonstrated on mark zuckerberg's page. facebook would typically face 500 bucks when exposing a clip but not when privacy concerns violated. san diego mayor promised to return to work today but he was a no show. he spent two weeks in therapy
5:41 pm
after a dozen women went public with sexual harassment accusation. the city counsel called on him to resign. he had indicated he would be back on the job today. no word on where he was or if he intends to return tomorrow. chrischris christie -- chris christie signed a law banning conversion therapy. the ban prevents license therapists from trying to change minor's sexual orientation. the governor believes people are born gay and home sexuality is not a sin. california is the only other state that bans the therapy. a drag queen performer has died. he appeared in the 1950s at the
5:42 pm
famous black cat cafe. the first openly gay political candidate running in 1961. he had been ill for several months and tied today. a rescue effort proved futile at a bay area beach. >> a whale stranded at this bay area beach, what witnesses saw it do before it died. >> apple seeing a new color choice for the next iphone. >> tracking thunderstorms. they are in the area and they will be in the area. red flag warning for much of us. i will have details after the break. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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a neck cropsy is being done on a whale that washed up on shore today. the whale was still alive at the time. it was found on its side in shallow water. ktvu's david stevenson shows us the attempt that was made to save the whale. >> reporter: it is rare for them to incounts arlive whale on the -- encounter a live whale on the beach. >> reporter: stranded and
5:46 pm
struggling in the early hours of the morning. >> when saw it moving, we ran back to the house, and came back. >> reporter: they called the fire department that called the mammal center but it was too late. the video shows the calf inilities final movements before it died -- in its final moments before it died this morning. >> i have never seen a livetually on the beach before -- a live whale on the beach before. >> all the large whales are rare, endangered so it is rare to see a whale of any type. >> crowds watched as crews attached a cablal to pull it -- capal to pull it from -- cable to pull it from the high tide. cuts marked the belly from
5:47 pm
possibly scraping against rocks. there is likely very little that could have been done. >> once the whales are on the beach there is really no hope for them to get them back out into the water. >> reporter: again a live look at the whale from -- a whale shot from chopper 2 that we filmed earlier. this is the fifth whale stranding this year they are responding to. the calf will be buried there. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. only on 2 tonight, a new ktvu poll shows most california voters support president obama's affordable care act. 38% are opposed. 9% have no opinion. that is almost the same as a
5:48 pm
year ago. as children head back to school we are learning how the budget cuts will effect the young and say poorest students. the head start preschool program has been hit hard. 57,000 children nationwide are out of the program and in california 5600. the program prepares children for kinder garden and provides day care. >> mothers lost their jobs because now they are -- they don't have that care. >> 18,000 employees across the country will face layoffs and pay cuts. we put together a back to school section. all for you on and
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on facebook. do you recognize this picture. here is a hint, he is next to me. for all your back to school needs go to >> back when i had a lot of hair. our weather now. it is serious business. a severe fire danger and possibility of thunderstorms. >> yeah. the red flag warning puts you on edge this time of year. it will last through wednesday morning early. the highs from today. you will be impressed. livermore 104 degrees. look at that number. the official national weather service high. 100 fairfield. 89 santa rosa. the key was in this area. a chance of thunderstorms. and then we have the situation with the heat. so we have a combination of things. the storms, moving west to east. storms don't do that, do they? this spins. it is pulling things across -- from west to east. east to west.
5:50 pm
and that means the storms in the lake tahoe area will come over northern california in the next few hours. they will stay north of our area. anyone of those could erupted into a small thunderstorm. right now no activity in the area. no thunderstorm activity. low pressure continues this pattern. the red flag warning stays in effect tomorrow and wednesday morning early. the bay area. san francisco county, you are left out. you get the picture. summer time. if we had a lightning strike, dry lightning strike it causes problems. we are watching it closely. at 10:00 p.m. we will give you the latest. 64, that is the over night low in morgan hill. the cloud cover, humid, moist, must goy out there. -- muggy out there. fog go -- or clouds.
5:51 pm
not fog. tomorrow morning early. showers or sprinkles at that time. maybe a thundershower. tomorrow afternoon, mow clouds tomorrow. that will filter the sunshine. here is the system. off shore, it brings us a chance we had today, good thunderstorm off the coast line, and it lingers tuesday and wednesday. low sits and spins up the unstable air. tough forecast. especially when you tap into moisture. tracking it closely. back tonight at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. back to school. 84 degrees tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. lunchtime mid-70s. cloudy. a lot of clouds tomorrow. that will create cooler weather in santa rosa. hot in clear lake, but temperature comes down a couple degrees. especially around the bay. forecast with the five-day
5:52 pm
forecast coming up, temperatures drop off a little bit. that will help the fire danger into the bay area weekend. but still, thunderstorms and a chance of a thunderstorm an issue. back at 6:00 p.m. with the latest. >> thank you. it appears apple is going to offer a new iphone in a new color. the 5s will be white, black and gold. the rumor surfaced last month and today they are confirming it. the gold color would cover the back plate and the sides with a white face. apple haven't commented. many people don't consider it a danger on the west coast, lyme disease but they would be wrong. now back to julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a birthday without a
5:53 pm
celebration. a mother remembers her missing daughter. >> so many people he did it. i don't. >> a man tries to light another person on fire. the reason commuters are concerned. these story and more in 10 minutes at 6:00 p.m. ♪
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lyme disease is more common in the bay area than previously thought. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler is live in napa along a trail where you might encounter these ticks. john? >> reporter: the cdc says lyme disease is 10-15 times more common than previously thought. the ticks that carry lyme disease are in parks, wild spaces like this and in back yards around the bay area. >> reporter: she doesn't remember any tick bite but six years ago began feeling ill. >> healthcares. body -- headaches, body ill. after being misdyinged i was lucky to -- misdiagnosed i was lucky to find him. >> i had problems in my knees. >> reporter: she now tucks her
5:57 pm
pants in. she one of 500 lyme disease patients whos 90% of lyme disease cases are unreported. >> half of the time it is missed. >> some species are the ones that cause more of the systems. there are so many of them. >> reporter: he says troubles sent him to a doctor. >> all the tests came back no problem. he said you need to see psychiatrist. they put me on anti-depression medication that did absolutory no good. >> reporter: doctors say anytime you have been out doors
5:58 pm
and may encounter a tick check yourself for ticks. if you go to the doctor, you should be assertive with your provider. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. new research shows that teen girls are still using indoor tanning beds despite the risk of cancer. >> a letter published suggests 30% of white high school age girls went to a tanning bed once a year and 17% went 10 time as year. indoor tanning before 35 boosts melanoma. 200 colleges and
5:59 pm
universities had pages ready for today's debut under the new feature. the company is lowering its age minimum to 14 to help attract high school students who might want to compare different schools and learn what grads did. on wall street, markets were down for the 4th day in a row today. the dow is down 70 to 15,010. the nasdaq is down 13 at 3,589. the s&p is down 9 to 1,646. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. the findings from the investigation on the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge last may are finally released. what authorities are saying about the accident. >> some tragedies are crimes, some are not, this one is not.
6:00 pm
>> investigators reveal what caused the fire that killed five women. >> and threats of dry lightning and tinder dry conditions prompted red flag warning. good evening. frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. dangerous conditions tonight have put fire crews on stand by. we are on weather alert. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here with more on the red flag warnings. >> red flag warnings this time of year always something to be concerned about. behind me, shows this rotation. the low pressure sits south of the area. it is rotating the moisture in an unusual direction. east to west. the thunderstorms around -- near mammoths lakes and yosemite. these carry over the top and bring a chance of thundershowers to northern portions of the state and bay area tonight


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