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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 16, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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an investigation is under way after an officer involved shooting on one side of the tunnel tonight and a motorcycle crash on the other site. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. frank somerville is off. >> and i'm heather haener. authorities responding to the motorcycle accident had to
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close lanes on highway 24 backing up commuters heading back toward contra costa county. new information from amber lee. she's live in contra costa county where investigators are. >> reporter: if you take a look behind me you can see investigators are still gathering evidence. contra costa authorities are overseeing the sea. but we've seen a number of officers at the scene. >> the rider was taken to highland hospital for medical treatment. >> reporter: what led to his accident? >> that is still under investigation. we're still trying to determine who was at fault. >> reporter: a short time later a chp officer investigating a
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hit-and-run saw a car matching the vehicle description on wilder road on the other side of the tunnel. we have learned that this silver honda was parked on the shoulder. the chp officer stopped behind the vehicle. there was an altercation. the officer shot the male driver. he was taken to john meyer. >> very shocking that something like this happened here. >> reporter: this woman tells me she lives just down the road from the shooting. >> it's un unfortunate this happened here and it's a very sad incident. >> reporter: we saw a special team of investigators. reporting live in costa costa county, near orinda, amber lee, channel 2 news. now to developing news and a statewide amber alert that's in effect tonight. the case involved two young children missing out of elco
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nevada. they're identified as 8-year- old and a 5-year-old. amber shank is the mother of the two children. freeway signs are activating alerting people to be on alert for the family. the children are believed to be in immediate danger. the four are thought to be driving in a mustang. it's dark blue and an older 1992 or 1993 model. it has nebraska plates. police call it a new low. a father and son robbed at a
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playground. >> reporter: the man who attacked a father who had his young child at a neighborhood park. palo o alto police have more officers at the park after the arobbery. two men approached them, pulled out a gun and demanded money. his child was not physically harmed. >> it's something that i haven't heard of in my career. somebody being targeted as a victim for a violent crime when they've got a very young child with them. it boggles my mind quite frankly. >> reporter: the father
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describes the first suspect as latino in his mid-20s, about 5'9" tall and 150 pounds. with dark brown hair, clean shaven and wearing a black t- shirt and black pants. and the second man is believed to be a black man in his mid- 20s, about 6'1", 200 pounds, black shirt and black pants. >> i would rather not think of it. here's another look at the two sketches. >> reporter: police are looking into whether these men were involved in another crime. police says that rare in palo alto. maureen naylor. an alameda county judge
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revoked parol for a convicted rapist. convicted in the death of sandra koch. she is the federal investigator who disappeared earlier this month and who's body was found one week ago. alana failed to recharge the gps charger he's supposed to wear as a sex offender. he's due back in court november 1st. mourners gathered to say goodbye to a 16 -month-old boy who was shot and killed last month in oakland. the family of drew jackson arrived at the funeral home this morning to honor the child's young life. jackson was sleeping with his father 20-year-old andrew thomas when someone fired through the window of a home he was saying in and killing them both. the shooting was deliberate. no arrests have been made in this case. california's newest batch of jobless numbers include the
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state's unel un -- employment rate. the july unemployment rate rose to 8.7% that's up .2 of a percentage points than june. the nine bay area counties are fairing better than much of the state. solano county a low of 5.3 5.3% in marin county. getting a job after being laid off can be a long and discouraging process. we spoke to a man said he lost his job in june and is hoping it pays to be patient. >> actually i'm getting a lot of interviews now finally. it took that initial push and i've had three interviews this week. >> according to state figures,
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there were 1.6 million unemployed people in california in july. roughly 17 million people with jobs. california's high speed rail authority lost a round in court today. a sacramento county judge ruled that the high speed rail project has not met the financial and environmental accounting workers required when they funded the project five years ago. the judge did not stop funding, he says he will hold a hearing to see what happens next. the high speed rail authority of failing to meet the requirements of measure 1a. the celebrations for the new bay bridge has been cancelled. at 10:15. what we've learned about millions of the dollars in toll revenue set aside for a party. prosecutors in contra costa county have filed additional molestation charges against a teacher. two more young people have now come forward leading to 17
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additional charges. a total of 13 new children have accused martin of abuse. martin thought fifth grade. he had been at wood side elementary since 1991. martin was arrested in april and has pleaded not guilty. he faces life in prison if convicted. accused serial killer joseph naso made his closing statement today in his murder trial. naso is representing himself and his soliloquy closed up his defense, frustrating the judge. >> reporter: this is how he closed the trial. it's been a pleasure looking at you during this trial. i look at the jury and it reminds me of a wedding
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reception. today naso said i worked with a lot of models and carry a lot of props with me. i never touched anyone, never harmed anyone. the 79 79-year-old also told the jury the prosecution is weak. he told stories, talked about the victims about how he knew them but that he never killed them. >> what he's trying to do is testify. >> reporter: at one point judge andrew sweep to naso, follow the rules. naso shot back, i think i'm doing quite well. you're overreacting. steven clarks says if judge has to give naso his due time knowing that if the jury found him guilty he will state that he was not allowed to properly defend himself. >> perhaps a judge at the break will say, you're starting to bore this jury. but i think mr. naso could go on for a longer time. >> reporter: now he will, court let out about 4:00 today and
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naso is scheduled to resume his closing argument on monday. after that the prosecution will be allowed to rebuttal then the jury will make their decision. a group gathered for a candlelight vigil. santa clara police say 46-year- old mark muse hasn't been seen since last saturday. he's described at 6'3" tall, about 240 points. he's known to frequent the kas prodistrict. it's not the kind of thing you want to see. >> the principal's attempt to keep it from happening again and why students say it'll backfire. >> plus we will show you where to expect the warmest temperatures this weekend and where you have a slight chance for a thunderstorms. we find out why your toll dollars are still being spent on a bay bridge party that will
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continuing coverage tonight, a plan to close the bay bridge the week after next and keep it closed for six days and five nights until it is ready to reopen. we are asking what is happening with all the money set aside for the opening party.
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the event's producer is still getting paid. >> reporter: that's right gasia they are and they hope to have at least some people up on the bridge or on if bike path. they hope to get this paveed all the way up to the new eastern span. they won't have the capacity for thousands of people to be on the bridge as planned but they do hope to have this path ready on opening day, space is limited though and it will not be an easy trek. time is limited. and workers are speeders ahead to open the eastern span by september 3rd. but with a tight line up, officials cancelled the celebration that was expected to draw up to 8,000 people. >> i think it's going to be disappointing for a lot of people who have been looking forward to it. it's been a long wait. >> they should have a celebration to commemorate the opening. >> reporter: the event would have allowed the public to walk on the bridge, take in the spectacular scenery and see the structure up close before opening it up to cars. a celebration similar to ones
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held for the golden gate bridge. >> the idea was to allow the public access one time at a time to be on a major road access with no cars on it. >> reporter: the question now is what will be done with the money set aside. that money will now be used to pay the event producer for planning that was already done. >> we have a contract with the contractor that contractor did a certain amount of work we need to go through and figure that out and we'll move on from there. >> the remaining money will go into the general fund. we have learned that officials are planning to have the bike path open too for pedestrians and bicyclists. >> it's still going to be a construction zone. we also need to be clear that it's not as if you're going to a city park. >> reporter: bridge officials say they will not have time to complete this bike path all the way to yerba buena avenue. it will stop short of where that big power is. so just be warned there won't
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be any more capacities, some people might be able to actually see the scene from the bridge on opening day. reporting live from oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. traffic is moving tonight in sonol after a postal truck overturned and snarled traffic for hours. the accident caused the closure of all lanes. the driver may have hit debris on the road. crews worked seven hours to clean up the mess. and tonight at 10:30, why bay area police officers are out in force right now. their focus today and for the next 17 days. 9/11 tapes should help clear up chaotic events that led to an officer involved shooting. a girl called police to a hayward apartment wednesday night because she was concerned about an argument between her parents. officers arrived and fatally
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shot the girl's father johnny jim simmons jr. officers say he lunged at an officer with a knife but the family says that he was not armed. the explorotorium has announced sweeping lay offs. >> reporter: four months into its new location, best layed plans are going up in smoke. >> people are angry, upset, crying. >> reporter: the museum notified 80 workers they are being laid off. that's over 20% of the staff. >> it's sad to have these folks go. we're not happy about it. >> reporter: the problem, early
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attendance predictions have been low. >> it's free for children under six. so you know when you do an average ticket price it's a little less than what would if it was a marquee. it's less than what thought it was going to be. >> reporter: exhibit services director patton says he feels blind sided. he's losing the job he held for 20 years. >> i'm walking away here with a mixture of sadness but also a mixture of pride. >> reporter: the nonfor profit says the museum hours will not be affected but some of those being laid off worry about what's next. >> they're going to be losing the most creative people here and roll them into a more generated museum model. workers who received pink slips will continue on for another 30 days.
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in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. wall street ended the week with another losing session making it the worse week for the dow industrial so far this year. the dow lost 30 points today and more than 300 points for the week. nasdaq fell three. still the major indexes are up so far this year. unrest in egypt is increasing fuel prices. analysts say it won't take long for that increase in oil prices to be reflected in the price at the gas pump. the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. is shining once again three weeks after it was vandalized. someone threw green paint on to the marble at the memorial back on july 26. most of it was removed that same day but traces of paint remain. a treatment applied to the statute overnight removed the remaining paint. officials have charged a chinese citizen with an expired
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visa for the vandalism at the cathedral. and work on the martin luther king is being completed. the new inscription should be ready later this month in time for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and that famous i have a dream speech. an interesting day today. pretty nice a lot like yesterday. fog along the coast right now. as we head into the bay area weekend tomorrow about the same as today slightly cooler. that means temperatures back into the low 90s in the inland bay valleys. currently 69 in fairfield, 67 in livermore. fog is at the coast. one other thing comes into the works. the computer models, tomorrow morning they start coming up from the south. that's sort of the precursor for tropical moisture that's going to visit us this weekend.
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that means increased humidity. kind of muggy feeling around here. as we head into the bay area, the tail end of the weekend into next week, a chance for thunderstorms. there's a fire weather watch up in northern california and even lake county for the monday time period. tomorrow's forecast highs, 90s a little further inland. a little cooler, sunday's temperatures quite a bit. we'll tell you how warm or hot it's going to get on sunday. a naked run across campus. in two minutes the school prediction that's now under fire. one administrator says it's gone too far. the california teacher who took action while on vacation. what he heard as he intervened in a shark attack.
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a california teacher who helped rescue a shark bite victim in maui is speaking out  about the horrifying event. he jumped into action when he
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heard a snorkler scream. a shark had attacked a european woman. >> she was in and out of saying these words. i'm dying, i'm going to die. and i said no you're not. no you're not we're going to get you to shore, we're going to save you. >> reporter: the woman's friends say she is responsive. there were 11 shark attacks in 2012 in maui. and administrators say it's time to put an end to the tradition of streaking. >> reporter: two seniors streaking across campus. >> it's not like the thing you really want to see but it didn't really bother me that much. >> it's the principal that says that. i don't know anyone who gets bothered or disturbed by it.
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>> reporter: not true according to school officials. they say streaking hear has gotten out of control. seniors planned so called streak week each spring and now this. administrators say it has to stop. >> for many of their fellow students creates an unsafe and uncomfortable education. >> colleges are going to to be looking at this suspension. it's a bad decision. >> reporter: some see the principal's letters as a challenge. >> everybody wants to rebel against that. >> i think she put us in a position where it's her against the student body. >> reporter: students say they aren't stopping now. >> hopefully it'll be worked out by the end of the year and we'll be able to streak. >> with this letter the principal is hoping parents
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will take action talk their kids out of any further nudity. however a parent apparently drove the get away car. anne rubin. ktvu channel 2 news. if you live in or visit oakland you may have noted big changes on the intersection of broadway. a new pedestrian plaza opened. it converts telegraph avenue to a pedestrian only space with plenty of places for people to sit and enjoy the city. the plan is to keep the area pedestrian only for the next six months. it's been a family favorite for decades. the you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app.
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the end of summer could mean the end of driving in people caught in the dragnet. deborah villalon is live at one of the many checkpoints tonight. >> reporter: more checkpoints more places, starting earlier and lasting longer than ever and it's already getting results. >> i think you've had too much of the valume or something is going on. we're going to get you to get a check. >> reporter: showing signs of
10:30 pm
impairment, the night did not end the way he wanted to since he could not walk the walk. >> on average two to three will be dui. >> do you have a driver's license with you? >> reporter: two of a dozen doesn't sound very effective but check point fans say it's not about how many drivers you catch but how many think twice in the future. >> if we're able to impact those 1,500 people that came through maybe we prevent a fatality in the future i think it's well worth it. >> reporter: about .1 of all accidents are drunk drivers. killing one dozen people nationally. at the flat iron a popular sports car near the checkpoint. the friday night football crowd asked about them was mostly supportive. >> i had a lot of friends that passed away in high school because of drunk driving. >> reporter: some skeptical. >> it's ridiculous if you want announce it to everyone. everybody sends a text and
10:31 pm
everybody knows where they are. >> reporter: others dismissal. >> everybody is driving drunk in san anselmo. you have a thousand bars. >> i wonder how much it's costing them an hour to do the checkpoints. >> reporter: it's drivers paying for the officers to come in on overtime or days off to staff the checkpoints. >> it's probably about nine to $10,000 in checkpoints. well worth it in my point. because we have people come through and thank us for doing this. >> reporter: the huge financial hit for lawyers and higher insurance all await the convicted drunk driver. 4-1/2 hours into this checkpoint they sited two people for dui and arrested someone for a dui warrant. reporting live in san rafael, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, tonight's checkpoint is known as avoid
10:32 pm
the 23. the crack down lasts through september 2nd. statewide the chp reports 888 dui arrests for the labor day weekend last year and 11 were killed. employees are being notified. the attack happened in late july exposing information such as name and social security numbers. a cyber security team is investigating. in a memo the department of agency said no classified data were targeted or compromised. a team of researchers at georgia tech says it has managed to slip malware. once configured remotely the software was able to do things such as send texts, e-mails, and call numbers. apple has increased their
10:33 pm
security measures after learning of the security breech. the rnc says the clinton broadcasts are a little bit more than promotion and show political favoritism. both media outlets defend their decision to move ahead with their projects. solar panels were first installed on the white house in the carter administration, ronald reagan had them removed. and the day was called a
10:34 pm
day of rage. government officials say at least 82 people died today including 10 police officers. more than 700 people died in egypt's civil unrest this week. in the philippines more than 200 people are thought dead in the collision of a ferry and boat. coast guard officials said the ferry carried 870 passengers and crew. divers are searching the wreckage for victims. the new zealand, authorities are evaluating property damage one day after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck by the capital of wellington. seven homes near the epicenter were severely damaged. there were at least six aftershocks today with magnitude of 5.0 or greater. marin county health officials are reporting the first human case of west nile virus in that county.
10:35 pm
a woman from nevato became infected. her name and age have not yet been released. but a public health officer say the woman is now recovering. it is the first human case of west nile virus in seven years. police are flocking to enjoy the last few days of a landmark in the peninsula. the malibu grand prix is set to close on sunday. the landlord and business owner couldn't come to terms on a new lease so the 35-year-old business is shutting down and with it a lot of memories. >> it's a lot of fun. i forget how much fun it is. now that i know it's closing, it was sad. >> i came out here before i got mar -- got married and this is my grandchild. how many years has that been since i've been here? >> mark -- the park is set to close for good at 8:00.
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a warning about those colorful laundry detergent packets. bill martin is back with your complete bay area forecast for the weekend and beyond. and a dramatic jump in whopping cough cases in the south bay.
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as kids head back to school officers worry about whopping cough. the numbers doubled from last year and we're not even in the peak season yet. >> reporter: inside concord's immunization clinic the whooping cough vaccine were in the menu of shots for children going back to school. the organization coordinator paul young says he's been monitoring the number of confirmed cases in the county. >> it's possible this could be another peak year. >> reporter: this year, coco county has seen 15 cases of whooping cough. the last time the department saw a spike like this was in 2010 when 200 people reported whopping cough in the country. by the end of that year the state had recorded 9,000 total cases. this young mother was not going to give her son the tdab
10:40 pm
vaccine until her doctor insisted. >> it's very scary that your child can catch something like that. >> it's very dangerous for the kids and they were potentially die from it. >> it can put people in the hospital, it can kill them. >> vaccination is the best way to protect people from that, from happening. >> reporter: we first reported a spike in whopping cases in spring. at that time the county had seen 37 cases. that number has grown to 121. last year only five cases were reported. whopping cough cases are down by 10. the health department reports only 59 cases so far this year. in concord, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. more details the centers for disease control recommends babies receive four cases of the whooping cough vaccine. then a booster shot called a
10:41 pm
tdap. pregnant women are urged to get the tdap in their third try pester. - - trimester. officials are confirms the death of a young boy after swallowing a detergent pod. this is the first fatality linked to the colored pacts. 57 children may have been -- 5,700 children may have been sickened by the pods this year. gm said problems with the
10:42 pm
power assisted brakes that caused 27 low speed crashes but no accidents. transmission and steering problems and side air bags malfunctions are included. a bay area couple is making wine in their garage. how they turned a hobby into $300 per bottle.
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10:44 pm
a public filing revealed today that chris hanson donated $1 million to stop a new arena. hanson led a group that tried to buy the sacramento kings then moved the team to seattle but the nba rejected that bid. allowing a sacramento group to take over the team and keep it
10:45 pm
in california. hanson sent an e-mail to the sacramento bee saying he regrets donating the money and he got caught up in the heat of a battle. the area is right next to highway 17 and highway 1 interchange. officials say they discovered tents as well as a marijuana garden. it appears several people were living there at the camp site which caused major environmental damage an contaminated the creek. it is not hard to find people in california that make wine, but one couple has taken it much farther. finding a way to make wine in france. >> reporter: they've realized their american dream in of all places the burgundy region of france. >> this passion only came out of my interest in taking on a
10:46 pm
hobby of my wifes. >> reporter: you see this is also a wine lover's wine affair. >> the passion and the drive would lead us to whatever adventure we would find. >> reporter: it was a lot of hard work, eventually a silent partner with $100,000 to risk. >> i had nothing in my pocket, not much in my head but i kept running. and that's what i think impressed him. >> we didn't know how much we had to gain, we knew we had a lot to lose. >> reporter: producing only 40- barrels a year. the red burgundies are made from premier grapes purchased from the region's finest region. >> we try to keep things as simple as we can. >> reporter: they sell in the u.s., england and australia for
10:47 pm
140 to $300 a bottle. their highest priority, stay small. >> once it's too large it's not special. i need to be able to go down there and do most of the work. to have it be a family run project. >> they're definitely impressed that we're from california. >> i think the concept and the motivation of the american dream is in the hearts of each person that's going after it. >> reporter: a visit to their american family now over, they go back to their french home sunday. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a 100-year-old winery in the south bay held its annual blessing of the grapes today. >> lord god, bless this new fruit of the vineyard. >> reporter: father chuck tilley from the sacred heart blessed the grapes harvested in los gatos. this is the winery's 126th harvest.
10:48 pm
the owners says his is the fourth oldest working in winery in california. he says the tradition of blessing grapes goes back to the 19th century. bay area weekend is here. it's looking pretty good. tomorrow looks a lot like what we head today. lots of low 90s. there's some fog out there now and clouds moving in. we have fog out in the avenues. up in salsalito. and that fog working its way into the bay area. temperatures outside right now you have 57 in livermore. the winds are not that high tonight. look how much cooler it is. novato and san francisco. the on shore winds are keeping the bay cooler and keeping numbers in the 50s. then you get a little further inland and you get the warmth which is what we get every night. looks like it's going to be nice tomorrow, a lot like today. maybe even a chance for a thundershower as we go into
10:49 pm
sunday night late into monday. here's how saturday sets up. this is why it's a little slightly cooler or the same where this low sits. tomorrow is like today pretty much. slightly cooler. this low shift south, high kind of works this way a little bit and starts pulling up this warm air from the tropics. sunday is a warmer day despite the increased pod cover. mid-90 in the warm spots. a pretty good chance for a thundershower, a certainly immediate areas. this weather watch goes monday through wednesday. it's kind of a big deal. so hopefully this won't happen, lots can happen between as you know between sunday night or now and sunday night. maybe that low will track further south or move a little quicker. we'll be tracking it quickly. that's sort of the headline for us because again this time of the year you don't need thundershowers or thunderstorms. these look a lot like what we had today for highs. looks like a nice day for your
10:50 pm
saturday. sunday we'll be slightly warmer and there'll be clouds. there'll be clouds tomorrow and clouds as we head into sunday as well that leads to the sunday night chance, monday morning chance of a thundershower. as i mentioned thupbd thundershower chances last until monday. if that lingers it could linger into monday and tuesday. nice time of year in the bay area. i think you're going to enjoy the weekend. fog remains constant at the coast. again with us, we'll keep our eyes opened for the weekend. fire weather watch. it's a big deal monday through wednesday. >> that's a long time. we'll watch it through the weekend. thank you bill. mark ibanez is here. when it comes to bay area sports teams three out of four ain't bad. >> i'll let you guess who didn't win. you think of all the hyper
10:51 pm
concern about safety and football. you wonder how long they can keep playing four preseason games. one local writer tonight described this evening's 49er game, grotesque nothing less. the place for the harbaughs tonight. kaepernick handed it to frank gore. reverses his field, that's frank gore mid-season form. 52yards before he starts leaking oil and goes down playing it safe. it led to a field goal in an early lead. however on the ensuing kick off, quintin temps of the chiefs will find his spot. the 49ers have some work to do on special teams because he is gone. 7-3 chiefs they led much of the night. alex smith wondering about him he was sacked three times. 7-16 passing. 62yards and down he goes there.
10:52 pm
he played the entire first half. and 62 yards passing but no touchdown. second half niners pull it out. rookie d.j. daniels feeds to jacobs. the 49ers take a 15-13 lead. that was the final. and they are 1-1 in the preseason. the raiders encounter little different deal. so many new players it's like a televised meet and greet for raider fans. find out who these guys are down in new orleans. mark davidson, pleasantries with sean payton. you cannot give it him 10 seconds to pass it. you know what happened? yeah touchdown happens. saints in the first quarter talk about mid-season form. there's raiders quarterback matt flynn he was sacked five times but actually not bad passing. 12 of 16. 225yards. got moore there touchdown.
10:53 pm
23-7 at the half. raider reserves trying to make it close. saints quarterback seneca wallis, coughs it up. they did get within 23-20. bottom line 28-20. raiders also 1-1. don't forget baseball, a's with a great chance to move a little closer to the top spot in the west and what is going on with the giants? suddenly, hot 19 hits, two straight wins. show you all about it part two sports, next. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599. and save an incredible 40% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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as you well know nothing comes easy for the a's and that's just the way they like it. edging to the place they left in the summer, that would be first place. first-inning one on cespedes look at him, this guy gets hot in september. come the seventh it's 2-2. one on, eric sogard nerd power into the right field corner he goes with a line shot. not known for his speed but he will come trucking home with a dive with what turned out to be the game deciding round. ball four saved number 41. rangers lose a's within a half game of first in the west. no doubt the giants are out
10:57 pm
of it but it would be kind of nice if they could conjure up some juices. all of a sudden they can hit. it's already 4-0 giants. pence in the second. a couple of guys on well into the gap. up the boards and up center. two runs will score. 6-0 lead five rbis for pence. remember yesterday hector sanchez 9th inning, three will have one homer he does it again. only in the 4th inning. he will take it back to back home run games for him. 11-4 there and a 14-10 vick -- victory for the giants. a little boring but they will take the win. >> mark thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaking. mornings on 2 begins at 7:00
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