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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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contract talks and said they are displayed by news that governor jerry brown will call for a 60-day cooling off period to avert a b.a.r.t. strike. without a deal in place sunday night, workers said they will walk off the job, and the governor said he is not going to let that happen again. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar is live where negotiations have been slowly moving along all day. tom. >> reporter: in fact, here at negotiation headquarters, it's fair to say that the parties are literally miles a part. so much so that if the governor's attorneys convince the judge that the parties are so far a part, a strike is likely and the economy of the bay area would be seriously impaired and that the public safety would be threatened. the unions don't like what b.a.r.t. management asked the governor to impose. >> there is little to no movement. with the governor's announcement that he will seek
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possibly a 60-day injunction on sunday, we're displayed and hope that that announcement will not throw additional cold water on what has been a very, very slow moving day. >> it doesn't change anything about what is taking place in this building this week. everyone is working tirelessly to get to a deal by sunday night, regardless of what the governor announced. >> reporter: if theocology off period expires, a strike is back on the table and the governor has no way to stop it. a strike in early mid-october with school back in session and people fully back at work is when the impacts of a strike would be far, far greater than in july. it's highly likely the court will allow the governor's cooling off period to go into affect and avoid a monday morning b.a.r.t. shutdown. we'll be standing by to see if there are developments. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the progress of the b.a.r.t. labor talks. this started on april 1st when the first round of talks was set to start because the current contracts were to
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expire soon. the negotiation teams didn't sit down together until may 13th and on june 28th, unionized workers gave three days' notice they would go on strike and that is what happened -- what happened july 1st. that created a traffic nightmare for many commuters. b.a.r.t. workers were back on the job july 5th. on the 7th, a 30-day cooling off period was called o. sunday, a seven-day board of inquiry was convened to examine the bitter labor dispute. the inquiry period officially ends on sunday, which is, again, when governor jerry brown promised to order the 60- day cooling off period if a deal is not reached by then. the search for sandra coke took a grim turn this afternoon. at this hour, the medical examiner is on the ground in vacaville in the ongoing search for the missing woman from oakland who has not been seen since last sunday. a woman's body was found at this site in vacaville this afternoon. shortly after search teams announced they were leaving vallejo and heading to the
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lagoon valley regional park. the body was found on the other side of interstate 80 by cherry glen road. we have live team coverage of the active investigation. paul chambers has spent the day learning more about the person of interest named in coke's disappearance. first, we go to ktvus mike mibach in vacaville where the area has been taped off to investigators. mike. >> reporter: i'm standing in the middle of cherry glen road and it's blocked off the last four hours. highway patrol is keeping us back a good 150 yards or so and it's down this road, right through the trees where the body of a woman was discovered this afternoon. from news chopper 2, a crime scene down below. tonight, cherry glen road in unincorporated vacaville packed with multiple law enforcement agencies, including oakland police. >> and we can't confirm a body has been located. the body is female. >> reporter: a new search for 50-year-old sandra coke of oakland was up and running this morning at the lake in vallejo.
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at noon's move east on 80 to vacaville's lagoon valley park, a new command center and a new search, but one that didn't last long. >> contra costa county sheriff's office search-and- rescue team was deployed while still at the vallejo location. there were two or three teams that responded to this area and began a search. shortly after, they began their search, they did, in fact, locate the body of the female. >> reporter: police say coke's former boyfriend and convicted kidnapper and rapist remains in custody on a parole violation and is a person of interest in the sandra coke case. the detectives won't say if it was alana who led them to this area in vacaville where a woman was found dead. >> we're waiting official confirmation on the identity of the body and after that, the next process will be to notify the next of kin. >> reporter: i left sandra coke's sister tanya's couple of messages. my calls were not returned.
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coworkers told ktvu they remain hopeful and don't want to comment further until the body has been identified. the solano county coroner's office will be the agency to do that identification. live in solano county, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police have a person of interest in custody tonight in sandra coke's disappearance. paul chambers is live in oakland. you spent the day trying to uncover more about randy alana, his history and how he knew sandra coke. >> reporter: that is true. we spent the entire day digging into his past. we first told you at 10 last night, a police source told ktvu that randy alana was seen pumping gas at a gas station using her gas card and we believe that station is behind me. he's considered a person of interest in the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend sandra cook. the 56-year-old randy alana is in santa rita jail, a place he knows well. >> i tried him for murder and back in the '80s.
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>> reporter: after two trials, he was acquitted. according to a former district attorney in alameda county, he said alana was a member of the black guerilla family prison gang and while awaiting trial for the death, he was charged with helping to kill an inmate. >> eventually, he -- involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: they asked the corrections not to release any information on him. besides the two murder charges, we heard he has two rape convicts and served time for several robberies. >> he was actually a three- striker. for whatever reason, someone gave him a 15-year deal. >> reporter: this gas station has several cameras pointing at the pumps. we learned from employees that police were here a few days ago looking at the surveillance footage, although they would not confirm if alana is in the video. we found out that three days ago, the department of corrections put out a warrant for him because he did not take part in a gps tracking system.
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of course, we'll stay on top and bring you the latest as it develops. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following breaking news on the peninsula. a grass fire in san mateo family -- county shut down part of state highway 92 east of half moon bay. at one point, both he highway c the highway patrol said that they new conducting one-way traffic control in the area as fire crews look for hotspots. the fire was reported about two hours ago near a winery on san maao -- san mateo road. we just got off of the phone with the fire department and they say the fire is under control. a san francisco police officer suffered minor injuries today when two patrol cars slammed into each other. that happened about 2:45 this afternoon at the intersection of mission and 18th street. both cruisers were responding to another officer's call for help. the third officer was chasing a suspect in the vehicle. a patrol car cocloudied sending one officer to the hospital to be checked out for minor injuries. the other officer was not hurt.
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and as of today, eight people filed the necessary paperwork to be on the ballot for mayor. pete constant, madison wynn and sam ricardo, bill chu and andrew diaz, louise garsa, mark sam and david wall. two other people expressed their intent to run or interest in the job. term limits prevent the incumbent from seeking re- election. the primary will be held in juthe general election held next november. 246 schools in california have been flagged over cheating concerns on standardized tests. lowell high school in san francisco is on the list of schools where students hosted images from testing rooms on social media sites. amdoor valley high school in pleasanton and pittburg high and yorba buena in san jose are under investigation. the schools are in jeopardy of losing their academic performance index scores for two years and that can cost them state funds and
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eligibility for state performance awards. students at mills high school in millbrae returned to campus today to retake their advance placement tests. almost 300 student his their ap test invalidated by the college board because of what it called seating irregularities. the board never accused of students of cheating, though. some turned in their exams with a piece of paper saying they took their exams under protest. several hundreds of bay area residents learned more about getting coverage under the e -- under the healthcare error act. they held up to forums. as many as 5 million californiaians could enroll in the program starting october 1st. about half could qualify for help with premiums. representative nancy pelosi was among those at the meeting this morning at ucsf mission bay. ronnie hancock hosted a fore chin afternoon in oakland. and vector troll officials are ask -- control officials are asking residents to reduce
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the threat of west nile virus. seven dead crows tested positive for the virus. the vector control district is urging people to dump or drain any standing water where mosquito pe-- wear mosquito repellant and avoid being outside when they're likely to be present and that is at dawn or disk. a federal judge in new york today refused to put her rule against apple on hold in a case involving the sale of e books. last month, a judge ruled that apple conspired with publishers to drove up the prices of e books. apple denies the accusations and had asked the judge to put a ruling on hold while apple appealed. she refused. she could impose a five-year ban on apple making deals with publishers. meanwhile, u.s. trade officials banned the import and sale of some samsung products saying some of the company's devices infringe on apple patents. the international trade commission said the violations involve two apple patents; however, the agency cleared samsung in four other patent
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disputes, comes less than a week after president obama overtraded a ruling ban something apple products because they infringeed on samsung's patent. after the break, this bay area millionaire met the president and was a guest on oprah. now, the jaw-dropping domestic violence charges against him. and how the crime was caught on camera. >> and then, a bay area starbucks is the center of a lawsuit. the illegal activity that one woman claims has been going on there for years. >> and a little morning drizzle may kick start your weekend. the things are warming up. coming up in seven minutes, when sun and warmer temperatures are set to return to the forecast. 5ñ
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. new at 6, he's hailed as one of the bay area's technology elite, met with oprah and the president. now, he's facing a judge accused of a brutal beating that investigators say lasted
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for 30 minutes and was all caught on video. he faces more than two dozen criminal charges for allegedly beating his girlfriend. ktvus david stevenson is live in san francisco with the court documents saying the beating stopped when the police rang the doorbell. >> reporter: the bay area multimillionaire is some the in the spotlight facing serious accusations. >> any comments? >> reporter: online or on tv, the 31-year-old usually has a lot to say about his rise as a san francisco digital advertising multimillionaire. >> the kids would make fun of you every day in. >> yeah, pretty much. my kids would -- i would come home four or five days. >> reporter: today, he was almost silent as he was arraigned on 47 counts of domestic violence related crimes. >> i think it's always difficult when a celebrity is involved. >> reporter: prosecutors alleged entrepreneur struck his girlfriend approximately 117
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times late monday night inside his infinity towers apartment after learning she had sex with another man. the prosecutors alleged he threatened to kill her twice and held a pillow over her face, preventing her from breathing for a period of 20 seconds. the complaint said she said i'm dieing to which the defendant responded by telling her i'm going to kill you. his defense team is challenging video take know by a bedroom surveillance camera that investigators say recorded the half hour incident. >> my analysis of the facts so far indicates they initially seized it without a warrant and got one later. >> reporter: his biography said he founded his first business at 16, sold the company for $40 million, and made a $300 million profit in 2007, by selling a second company to yahoo! on fox's secret millionaire, he donated as much as $100,000 to the rafael house shelter for children and families. his attorneys told us prosecutors are overcharging their client. >> there is always -- it's
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always difficult when you have a high-profile to not believe you're being singled out a little. >> reporter: he posted a $1 million bail and surrendered his passport. the judge put in place a restraining order. the prosecutors say the victim told them this is the fourth such incident of domestic violence in that relationship. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are trying to determine what led to the shooting of a woman and two men this morning. it happened after 4 this morning at the san jose apartments on cunningham avenue near medfield avenue. investigators say that all three victims walked to the hospital and are expected to recover from their wounds. so far, police have not arrested anyone. a man charged with killing a young san jose missing student made his first court appearance today. he was facing one count of murder with a gun enhance -- enhansment. the 19-year-old kimberly chico was caught in the cross fire when she was struck by gun fire early saturday morning. she was a nursing student at san jose state. a funeral will be held for her
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tomorrow. the cause of death of a man whose body was found in a car in an apartment parking lot in concord is still a mystery. the contracosta county coroner's office identified him as 50-year-old gal ushka. his body was found at the car in the palm lake apartments in oak grove road in concord and there were no obvious signs of foul play. the coroner's office said toxicology tests will be performed to try and determine where he died. apolo alto starbucks employees are suing the giant saying she was subjected to harassment, gender violence, assault, and a hostile environment at the university avenue store. it began in 2005, and went on for years. the lawsuit was filed wednesday in santa clara county superior court. a spokesman for starbucks can't comment on the case, but that the company has, quote, zero tolerance for harassment in the workplace. these types of allegations are not consistent with our company
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values. we have been tracking the cooler weather pattern all week long and there is in the much change this weekend. the biggest is developing to the north and they're in parts of lake county. and there are thunder storms to the north of clear lake and some thunderstorms in lake county. the rest of us, we have the low clouds and fog from south san francisco to the golden gate bridge. the current temperatures updated for the 6:00 hour are from the -- ranging from the lower 60s in san francisco and some in fairfield and breezy. checking in, 72 degrees and our time lapse from this afternoon, looking on tourist golden gate bridge and this is a familiar scene over the past thee to four days and some low clouds
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thicken up tonight and tomorrow morning. partly cloudy patchy fogs develop. this weekend, morning clouds to near the coast line and extended a bit of a bump in the issue ins. no -- in the numbers, no major heat. the overnight lows in the low to mid-50s for santa rosa and hayward; san jose, 53; morgan hill, 53 and talking about some drizzle, wet roadways near the immediate coast line and around the bay to start out saturday. this area of low pressure is still in full command of the weather and sticks around a bit and that will be on the move in this weekend. as a result, a little bit warmer after some morning low clouds and fog. we're going to hold on to the onshore breeze and gusty winds approaching 25 miles per hour in the afternoon hours. for the extended, the high pressure returns are going to warm things up a little bit. that is the overall trend. by wednesday, the warmest locations inland and -- locations inland will be around 90 degrees. this is our forecast model again. showing you the overcast first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. once again, a drizzle out their and clearing back to near the
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coast line and partly cloudy skies in the afternoon hours and patchy fog for the beaches and around the bay itself. forecast highs for tomorrow, taking a look at those for you. stipson beach, 62 degrees; saint helena, 84; more neighborhoods and more 70s around the bay for oakland and hayward. head to the hills, you will find lower 80s, san jose, a forecast high of 76 and san francisco, 66 degrees on the cooler side. look ahead, the five-day forecast with the weekend always in vow and the weekend is coming up a little warm -- in view, and the weekend is coming up. the warming trend continues on a monday and tuesday and the strange number on wednesday and low 90s, 92 degrees for day 5. >> and more summer like weather. >> slug . >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36, continuing coverage of the latest wrinkle in b.a.r.t. talks. the governor's announcement he will call a cooling off period if no deal is reached this weekend. what commuters have to say. also, a victory for r&b singer usher in what is quickly becoming a bitter custody battle. join us at 7 on tv 36.
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tiger woods is vying for his 16th major championship. an unlikely golfer set a courts record at the pga championship. ;
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. more than 150 guns were handed over to san francisco police last night. the bay area's organized the buyback in the mission. it's said to be the first gun buyback in the country funded by crowd sourcing. the office said police collected 157 guns in exchange for a total of 15,500. for assault rifle -- four assault rifles were among those collected. oakland police and the community group youth uprising are hosting a gun buyback tomorrow. $100 will be handed out for each handgun, $200 for each assault weapon. gun owners must show proof they live in oakland. the event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the youth uprising center on macarthur boulevard in oakland. and here's our sports director mark ibanez. looks like tiger's major victory truth continues. >> and it was in 2008.
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you better believe jason's motor was pounding at the pga championship as he flirted with history. and it was another frustrating day for tiger woods, though. tiger shot an even par 70 in today's second round, missing the four-foot par putt on 16 and with that 1-over par, 10 shots back in the leader. jason duffner plays with the dip in the back of the mouth and looks like a muni golfer an the two-time winner. the par-four of, second hole. and doing the moon walk. coming back. his 63 ties the record for the lowest score ever in any major tournament. jason duffner, enjoys a two- shot lead over scott, matt kuchner and furyk. raiders are about to kick off the exhibition season against the cowboys. not sold out, and it will be
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broadcast on tape delay on our sister station kicu, cable channel 6. last night, the 49ers second and thurston with the majority of work against the visiting broncos. overall, the defense shines a few offensive players impressed the head coach and commit four turnovers. denver wins it 10-6 and back to the drawing board, especially for the backups. >> and turn the ball over four times. [ indiscernible ] >> oakland as in toronto. josh reddick has three home runs. >> really in. >> winning 12-3. >> okay, thank you. >> yeah. >> see you at 10. we brought it to you live as breaking news less than an hour ago. you are look at b.a.r.t. union leaders. they left the negotiating table because they wanted to blast governor brown. this comes after the governor said this afternoon that he will seek a court order to
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prevent a bat strike on monday if unions and management can't make a deal by the strike deadline. we have a ktvu crew monitoring the labor talks as they continue tonight, and we'll bring you the latest on efforts to reach a b.a.r.t. deal coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> and keep in mind, we're here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. see you at 10. >> have a great night, everyone.
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