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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the challenges here, the terrain is deep right here. basically, the water supply was the problem. we figured out we're shoveling water and we got a line around this thing and basically mopping it up now. >> reporter: they were not sure how many engines were here. this is government resources. park police have been keeping the roads blocked. the chief said this is probably a three or four acre fire right at the south west corner of the cemetery. this is the only water source close by. luckily no buildings or homes were threatened. live, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> ac transit workers are threatening to go on strike. employees are planning to walk
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off the job just after midnight. they've been without a contract since june 30. commuters who don't own a car and people with disabilities rely on the service. >> i have not had a car since 1995. i can't go anywhere without buses. >> ac transit serves about 180,000 riders a day and those heading into san francisco. the go sides are at odds over salary. a three member board will hear from management and leader boards. the governor will decide whether to impose a cooling off period of up to 60 days. the board itself will have limited authority for power. >> they will not make recommendation. they will not make a decision
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in terms of what's the right one. they will not tell the governor what to do. >> governor brown appointed the board when he intervened at the request of park management. they have one week to present the governor with a written report. meantime they say they'll have to pay for the shuttle buses they have hired in the event of a strike. we showed you a scene from yesterday morning. the bus is ready to bring commuters to san francisco. they sent an e-mail advising them the strike was off. apparently, many of them did not get the message. some bus companies have a 72 hour cancellation policy. >> developing news this morning. a statewide amber alert has been issued for two children abducted from the boulevard near the mexican boarder 16
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year old hannah anderson and 18 year old anderson. they're believed to have been traveling through canada or texas. he was last seen driving a blue four door nissan vers with a california plate. we have an update from yesterday morning when the big rig caught fire. caltran inspected the bridge and said there's no damage. it happened about 3:45 yesterday morning. they closed two lanes of traffic and it took 12 hours before they were back over. the driver said a tire blew out and somehow the truck caught fire. still not clear what caused the
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fire. today marks one year of the chevron explosion that sent people to the hospital. yesterday chevron agreed to pay a 2 million-dollar fine and agreed to inspect 100 percent of their piping. >> following new developments of the threat of al-qaeda. the department says all u.s. citizens in yemin should leaf immediately because of an extremely high security threat level. u.s. intelligence officials says the shut down of embassies in the middle east and africa was triggered by al-qaeda.
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reportedly the communication between the two men indicated they wanted to quote do something big before the end of the muslim holy month which is tomorrow. airports around the world report all flights back on schedule this morning. that's after the reservation system went down for about three hours overnight. more than 300 airlines handle the systems. travelers were told the system was down but didn't get much information. one traveler tried to keep it all in perspective. >> bad news is i'm not going to be where i need to be when i need to be there. >> some airlines could check in passengers manually. some missed their connecting flights. >> new york yankees super star a rod got a chilling
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introductory in the windy city last night. he got booed and took the field just hours after major league baseball suspended him for 211 games. he's being allowed to play while he appeals the decision. >> from this moment on i want to focus on baseball. every game is important for us. >> a rod is on a 13 player expension accused of using performance enhancing drugs. there's not a single player from the giants on that list. we do post the complete list at our web site >> just a messy situation there. >> i know. >> time now 4:37.
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hopefully the traffic will be as messy as it was across the bridge. >> especially after this cup of performance enhancing coffee. good morning everyone. let's go out and take a look at the commute. bryan is right. by now, it is not too bad anywhere. we are starting off doing very well. obviously, yesterday we had that messy commute at the bay bridge. this morning we're starting off getting into san francisco. things can change in a moment but for now it looks good in the city. trains are running and hopefully we'll have a nice commute today. 280 getting up to highway 17. that traffic looks very nice. speaking of very nice. let's go to steve with the weather. >> i actually watched that yankee, white sox game. >> i did too. it was incredible. he looked good at the plate. if you like this kind of weather, i tell you, the next
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three days are in your wheel house. this low is really flexing its muscles. you can see it spinning. it looks like a component of it might stick around for five to seven days. the main low will go in around wednesday or maybe thursday. until then, it has really picked up the fog bank. lows in the 50s. most, almost every observation says cloudy. cooler pattern, in fact, the coolest day looks to be thursday. if it moves quicker it will be wednesday. not much of a rebound for temperatures as we go into the weekend. yesterday was 61. i'm going 60 today. it was cooler on the low as
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well. uttererring sea breeze -- another roaring sea breeze. a lot of low clouds and fog. gray here. it will be slow back to the coast. temperatures are below average and going the stay there for a while. it's mild and breezy and picks up and cool by the coast. burkely only 64. upper 60s. not much changed. i think thursday is the coolest day. that should max out the fog. it will be warmer inland and bay side. >> all right. thank you, steve. 4:40 the time. candy distributed by a san jose company is being recalled and could be especially for
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pregnant women and children. >> a horrible snake made its way through a ventilation system and into a room where two young boys were sleeping. look at 'em.
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welcome back. this morning a woman in custody for a shooting in pennsylvania. three people killed and three others wounded. witnesses say the gunman burst into a board of supervisors meeting and opened fire. police arrested him minutes later. they say the suspect had been in a heated dispute other a sewer line on his property. some baseball players are headed to the world series next week. some were students at sandy hook from newton. >> autopsies are being done this morning on two young boys
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in canada who were strangled by a 13-foot snake. police say the 7 year old and five year old boys were sleeping at a friend's house sunday night. that friend lives above an exotic pet store run by his father. the snake escaped its enclosure and crawled through the ventilation system and into the room. the son of the pet shop owner was not in the same room as the two victims. a man who sells exotic animals at a different shop says this is rare. >> i think it would have to be very underfed. it would have to be hungry and not in good condition. >> police have now logged a criminal investigation. a 13-foot python was also found hiding in a shed in florida. they also found the remains of the snake's meals which
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included a cat. five rescue members had to remove it from the shed and said it weighed about 100 pounds. >> president obama is focusing on the u.s. housing market this week. this morning the president -- it includes shutting down sandy may and freddie mac. tomorrow the president will take part on the question and answer session. the event is set to begin at 10:00 a.m. our time and be moderated by the ceo. facebook's ceo is pushing for comprehensive reform. he appeared in san francisco on the screening of a movie he created -- to push for
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comprehensive reform. >> a san francisco man recovering from an assault in february police are investigating as a hate crime. 50 year old james jefferson said he was attacked by a man that accused him of stealing gloves from his park motorcycle and shoving it in a gutter. >> not the kind of thing i think could happen in san francisco. >> you're just an n. >> jefferson's attacker faces felony assaults and elder because charges along with hate crime allegations. fbi reported more than 34 racially hate crimes in 2011. 72 percent of them targeted african americans. the fbi searching for a group of men that may be
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responsible for as many as five bank robberies here in the l.a. area. it happened on gary boulevard in san francisco. these videos were taken during bank robberies earlier this year. the men are usually armed and wear six jacket gloves and clothing to cover their heads and faces. >> there's a recall of some ginger candy that's contaminated by high levels of lead. it's sold in a 12 out round plastic container that has a white label and red writing on it. there's also a small coconut tree at the top of the label. state health workers say the candy should be thrown away immediately. scientist have created the world's first stem cell hamburger. the hamburger made its debut yesterday in london.
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it was grown in a lab using cow's muscle stem. taste testers said it needed more fat. they hope it could help end world hunger one day. the 330,000-dollar project was funded by google's co-founder. >> very interesting. okay. 4:48 is the time. how's traffic. >> doing well. pam, bryan, good morning to you. in fact, right now i would say we're off to a great start on 80, 580, approaches to the bay bridge. it's looking very good. very good visibility here. the traffic looks good all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. the morning commutes here are a little bit slow but no problems and we're looking at a live picture of downtown san jose. this is 280 on the right-hand side of your screen.
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cars moving up towards 17. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. >> low cloud bank is big and making a pretty good search here all controlled here. there's really helping the fog bank. now i lift it and it's kind of a hint of temperatures inland and about the same but i think a couple of degrees cooler will be the road here. temperature trend continues until wednesday or thursday. low cloud deck. 33-mile per hour windways. another breezy day for many. some don't have much of a breeze. there's a lot of fog. >> eventually that goes through and chews it up a little bit.
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a cool day over by the coast. sunny inland but temperatures are not that warm. they're well below average for this time of the year. fairfield 79 and napple73. 60 in san francisco. cool all the way to thursday. probably the coolest day will be thursday. a slight rebound and the inland temperatures near average. >> thank you, steve. time now 4:51. a bay area gas station sold a power ball ticket for a million dollars or so and now the search is on for a lucky winner. >> police crack down on gang violence after people say they're too afraid to go out after dark. 5ñ
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welcome back. new anti gang unit in control in san jose. police say there's 12 officers and two sergeants dedicated to gang suppression. the officers target areas known for gang violence. it's the third state of the city's effort to crack down on gangs. one woman say social security she welcomes the action. >> they keep the gate locked at
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night. don't go after 8:00 and i think it's going to be safer. the police union says the department is still short staffed and that the new anti gang unit is made up of officers taken away from other duty. tonight officers will participate in national night out. i want to share some video from last year's event in oakland. this is the 30th year for the national block party. it's meant to reduce crime. people are encouraged to organize cookouts, flashlight walks and other social events. you can find a link to the web site to find events in your area at look for it under the hot topic section. >> retirement got sweeter for a former catering employee that
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won a million dollars. carolyn says she was waiting for a friend when she decided to purchase a ticket. she bought it at the quick and convenient food, liquor and wine in fremont. if you bought a ticket for last saturday's drawing you could also be a new million air. the ticket was sold and matched five of six numbers. the winner has 180 days from the day of the drawing to claim the prize. >> i love the stories. 4:55 the time. how's traffic. >> doing well. we're off to a nice start on this tuesday. traffic looks good. san francisco, north bound 101, that traffic looks good approaching 80.
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also looking at 101, 180. 4:55, let's go to steve. >> we do have off to a good start. if you're looking for warmer weather maybe by the weekend, until then on the cool side. a lot of 50s here. all controlled by an area of low pressure right off the coast which shows no signs of doing anything until thursday. that has really lifted our fog and pushed it inland. cool fog. around about noon it starts to head back across the bay. sunny, breezy, cool, fog. a lot of 70s or 80s. it should be much, much warmer by this. 50s, we'll go with a soft 70 in santa cruise. cooler thursday and it does look a bit warmer. inland temperatures going into
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the weekend. >> all right. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, jet blue actually airways trying to attract more business. traveling between new york and san francisco or los angeles. they'll install 16 seats for the coast to coast flights. business class travelers can pay around $4,000. until now jet blue has offered. >> time now 4:57 and the disbutte far from over. now there's a new strike that could create misery on bay area highways as early as tomorrow morning. >> also crews battling an early morning fire. what investigators are saying this morning. we'll be right back.
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. baseball suspends a dozen players. good morning, i'm bam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it is cool and it is a pattern of not changing much. maybe the coolest will be in a few days. we have. we have more 70s than 80s. >> we're looking at


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