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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 22, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody, i am beth troutman. let's get this week started with the best videos from the web "right this minute." a diver in deep water arts noticing. >> oddly quiet. >> why that was the quiet before the shark storm. cops say this guy ranks among the all time -- see the crime that takes some kind of nerve. new video of a tourist bus swept on its side. >> and eventually over on the
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roof. >> hear who is now blaming who for the terrifying accident. and a little girl learns where chicken dinner comes from. >> you kill the chickens? >> she can't wrap her mind around that one. >> the lesson that's a little hard to swallow. >> i don't get it either. we're under water for this one in an area called the pinnacle south of the thunder bolt reef in the ocean near south africa. eugene there says he speared two nice yellow tails, visibility at this point only about 16 feet, so tough to see what's around, and he said oddly quiet, oddly still and in the blink of an eye look what appears right at him, a giant great white like out of nowhere. >> and at this point just right in front of him. >> yeah.
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good place to be especially if you're carrying a big harpoon, but he is still surprised as you can hear. >> how do you not poop your pants? >> he may have. >> he is a brave dude. i will show you why. the shark comes back again. this time right at him. eugene says he got too close and had to push himself away. it almost looks like he sticks him there. where is his buddy? >> while you're dealing with this guy is his buddy looping around behind? >> the shark's buddy. >> yeah. >> i don't know where his buddies are. eugene's buddies are up on the surface. listen to them. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> the mixture between terror and like insanity, laughter, you don't really know. he says that the sharks circled the boat three times after he
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got on board. eugene has had other close calls. in this video another big shark is really close and watch what he does to intimidate this thing. >> he hasn't learned his lesson apparently. >> making some pretty awesome videos. i have two to show you. this first one is in ireland. this is a very nice community coffee shop. look at the guy on the cell phone, very casually waiting in line. as she is turning her back the guy reaches for the tip jar and puts it in his bag and continues to casually carry on his cell phone conversation and then fail. >> big loser is the most appropriate word you can use to describe this guy. >> police are still looking for this guy, the owner of the coffee shop says if found he does plan on pressing charges.
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the other walks into a store holding an axe and then starts smashing the slot machine. >> you know you have a gambling problem when you come at them with an axe. >> apparently he had lost about $6500 in the previous week and after smashing the machines he did just walk outside of the store to wait for police to come and arrest him. >> maybe he smashed them so he knew he wouldn't be able to go back and learn more. >> gambling prevention in his mind maybe. >> yeah. >> he was found guilty of possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage and given a six-month jail sentence, but because of over crowding in the jails, he was excused. i know. i know. i know. >> you're looking at the beginning of a horrifying situation for bus travelers in
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samoa. es the bus begins to travel through swift moving flood waters. watch what happens. >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> this bus gets swept away and completely rolls on its side and eventually over on the roof, and you see people coming out of the windows, trying to get out of this bus quickly. you do see people trying to spring into action to help. according to reports, about 40 people were on this bus at the time that it got swept away by these flash flood waters. unfortunately two young girls were killed as a result of this accident, a young girl age five and a young girl age 12. 25 people were injured and 15 had to be rescued from the flood waters. >> you don't have to be anywhere that fast. just sit and wait for the thing to be over and if you're late, you're late. >> this area is normally a
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shallow area where people can cross and vehicles can cross and some flash flooding caused the ford to look like this. this allppened on saturday, july 6th, and this is back in the news and the video is out now because people are now starting to point fingers to talk about whose responsibility this was. a survivor of the terrible accident spoke to the sydney morning herald. >> i kind of noticed there was all of these buses banked up and they wouldn't cross because it was too dangerous. a bus driver didn't hesitate at all. he accelerated. >> you can't under estimate the power of water like that. look what it did. it knocked over an entire bus. >> with temperatures approaching 95 degrees, the michigan humane society was called to east detroit because of a dog in a
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car. >> we have a dog locked in the car. the windows are cracked and it is way too hot, 93 out here. >> this is dave mcleod, an investigator with the humane society. he is hoping the honking will alert the owners so they can talk to the owner about not leaving the dog in the car and here the comes. >> that's my dog. >> you can't keep your dog in there like this. it is 95 degrees out here. >> i know. >> you know? >> we were just upstairs. >> let me get your information. this dog would have died. you have an attitude about it. >> no, i don't. >> the windows being cracked like that, not enough. if you wouldn't have came down the dog would have been removed and i would have charged you. >> they're putting out the video as a warning, don't leave your dog in a hot car even for a little while. a little while can turn into a little longer and longer. they believe this dog was in the car for at least 20 minutes. >> she removed the dog and i said if the dog was back in the
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car i would be removing the dog and possibly writing cruelty charges on her. >> i don't understand why this is so hard for people to figure out. this guy was sweating bullets standing outside of the car and it must have been ten times worse for the pour animal with fur inside the car. dash cam shows an officer -- >> hot in pursuit of a suspect. watch this. >> the mystery driver that cut the chase short. and take a hike on sketchy terrain. >> 1500 foot drop on that side. 1500 foot drop on that side. these are jagged edges. >> see what makes the walk on the edge so worthwhile. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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many of us may never slackline or tight rope walk, but you may get a similar sensation by walking the devil's cause way in the flat top
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wilderness in colorado. look at the hike t takes three miles to get to this point, 1500 foot drop on that sight and 1500 foot on that side and at the narrowest it is four feet wide and at that height it feels like four inches. this guy is hiking it in the rain in moccasins. >> it is not like it is a flat surface you are walking over. these are jagged edges >> they're salt columns flattened off by a process that creates a cool looking geologic structure and when you walk out, look at the mountain range. isn't that spectacularly beautiful? yeah. >> if he just tripped, just trip, all you have to do is trip and you've got a 1500-foot drop down. >> it is a popular trail. families have done it. there is videos like this all over the internet. i think it is spectacular. i think that would be a really cool thrill. if you can't do some of those other extreme sports you can
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hike to get that feeling. >> i don't think it is necessarily terribly dangerous, i think maybe the moccasins were an odd choice. when you see the lights or you hear the sirens and you're a driver out there on the road, important to maybe just pull over, slow down, look at your surroundings. you don't want to end up like this in toledo, ohio. we have lieutenant ramirez coming through an intersection with his lights and sirens on responding to an officer's call for backup on a weapons call and watch what happens when he goes through the intersections. the truck t-bones him and sends him into this pole you see here and the officer was impacted on the driver's side when the truck came and smashed into him and also on the passenger side when the vehicle ran into the pole. they released this video as a reminder to pull to the right, stop, slow down, when you hear the sirens or see the lights and
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something like this can happen and they determined the officer is not at fault in this crash. lieutenant ramirez is recovering at home. he will be okay. you can see damage to the truck was somewhat minimal. here is the driver is okay as well. >> a lot of force for that police officer to have to endure. it is a big truck. >> here is another wreck involving two officers. this was during a police chase. the ohio state highway patrol just released this video, hot in pursuit of a suspect and lasted about 45 minutes and watch this. that's actually two officers running into each other at an intersection. this is a highway patrol cruiser and a detroit police cruiser both involved in this pursuit and you can see right at this intersection lights and sirens going and then, crash, boom, both officers were treated and taken to the hospital and both are going to be okay, but after all of this, they were able to track down the suspect. >> this is something you rarely see. we have seen a lot of dash cams of accidents with police officers but not two involved in the same accident.
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quite the view from a couple of bears in denali park in alaska. what do they look like they're doing? >> it is not a dance move. >> no. >> boom boom on the bear skin rug. >> that poor girl looks like she is trying to get away. she looks like she is more interested in the grass than what's really going on and the tourists were kind of amused by the whole thing because they had to stop the tour bus for this. >> too bad mom wasn't here. >> oh, yeah. >> whoa, whoa. >> a jackrabbit, not a bear. >> they said they had to sit there and watch that for 30 minutes. he said finally the female just walked away. >> she looked to bored and uninterested and she is foraging while is fornicating. >> i would be uncomfortable as a parent with kids on the bus and if you're a teenager and any weirdness happens that has to do
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with sex, this is too much. >> what are they doing, mom? a busy mom on a very hot day. >> there is a young child in the back of the car. >> she just forgot. >> the video warning next "right this minute." and still to come, women in their 20s versus women in their 30s in -- >> one of the most accurate parody videos ever posted. >> the green scarf or the blue one? can i wear this shirt as a dress? >> the changes that are all too true. >> i know how that feels. >> plus get ready to take the plunge on a makeshift slide. >> it looks like it is breaking before anyone is even on it. >> see if it can hold up for the long ride down.
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hands down one of the most accurate parody videos ever posted on the internet. >> are we still going out tonight. >> yeah, let's get blackout. >> yeah. >> this video is called 20s versus 30s. we have two women in their 30s juxtaposed with two women in their 20s headed for a night out. >> let's make out with like the first hot guy we see. >> whoever. >> if some guy tries to creep on me, i will lose it. >> thank good for foundation. >> thank god for moisturizer.
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>> so true as we start dealing with our aging skin. >> the green scarf or the blue one. >> can i wear this shirt as a dress. >> this is spot on. >> women in their 20s don't care if it is a blouse or dress. >> one thing i am snowing is how can it takes to get ready. >> that doesn't change. >> no. >> what's your address? >> 625. >> i.d.s. >> i know how that feels. ♪ >> 30-year-olds would not be at the same club as a 20-year-old. >> brilliant point and they address that. >> here you go. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god, you're an actor. >> boring. >> and now the end of the night. >> hey, guys, our friends throwing an after party. >> oh, my god. >> do you want to get in and out. >> at what point does it change.
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>> i think once you get to a certain point you realize i don't want to do that anymore, you don't want to party all night long. >> why are you so dopey in your 20s. >> because you have to go through it to be able to appreciate the other stuff later. all i can say about these two videos is boys being boys. >> yes. >> here is jack on a mountain bike. >> he hit hard. he pops right back up and tries to run off the pain. >> he could have broken his neck? look where he took the hit, right by his neck. >> he tucked and rolled and didn't hit on his face and took it on the shoulder. >> exactly right, jack. try again. >> he gets up and he runs it off. >> that makes me laugh more than him. >> currently my week's favorite video. >> you have to see people just eat it. >> i do. >> a chance you may think this is better. this is a makeshift water slide
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on a motocross ramp. >> okay. >> that leads to a makeshift pool. >> oh. >> this looks like it is breaking before anyone is even on it. >> doesn't look secure and as you can see, this guy is going up that ladder that is being held up by the loader of a tractor. >> the ladder looks look its bamboo. >> it should be called the widow make zero this is not a good idea. don't do it. don't do it. >> don't listen to her. >> successful. >> looks great. >> that thing looked like a disaster ready to just explode onto our street. >> it is kind of anticlimactic this one. >> show me jack again. >> no chance. >> dudes show up to make a special delivery and then. >> you see them unloading the dump bin. >> oh, boy. >> crash. >> why this abrupt dump was no accident.
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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress... and she's not exactly tidy. even if she gets a stain... she'll wear it for a week straight. so i use tide to get out those week-old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. and since i'm the one who has to do the laundry... i do what any expert dad would do. i let her play sheriff. i got twenty minutes to life. you are free to go! [ male announcer ] week old stains and odors just met their match. tide and downy, better together. this prank violates my personal code, you shall never waste nutella. >> this video they decided to spread a little nutella around their bodies. >> you like what you see? you like that. >> i love that. >> here. do me. do me. >> the reaction to this is what
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really sells it to me. >> i am liable to kick your [ bleep ]. >> sorry. >> time to go. >> i think this girl is a worker because she is pretty helpful for the prank they're executing. you know what, she deserves an a for customer service. >> why are you putting nutella on yourself? >> for you. >> for me? >> what does it smell like? >> no way. >> they're not exactly sure what that is. >> i think they think it is feces. >> yeah, and it seems like some of them are generally concerned for these people. >> it is a weird prank. >> you guys are nuts. >> whoa. the beautiful and innocent mind of kids. look at her mind. >> possibly real chickens? >> well, they eat a real chicken. >> she is finding out for the first time that people eat meat, specifically chickens. >> well, how do they put it in their mouth if there was so bad.
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>> it is hard for a kid because you see what chicken looks like on the plate and you go that's chicken and you see an actual chicken and you put them together. >> mom explains how the process is accomplished. >> the chickens are dead and then they cut them up and cook them. >> right. did you say dead? >> it is a hard process to explain when you don't have a visual. >> takes her a second to realize and process that one. >> you mean killing chickens? >> some people do, yeah, like a wolf would kill a chicken and eat it, yeah? >> yeah. >> some people do it, too. >> it is so sad. >> she really can't wrap her mind around that one. it is too much to process. >> i like the mom is not sugar coating it. they're dead, cut them up, cook them. >> keeping it real. >> you don't eat chickens, right? >> what do you do with chickens? >> i say hi to them. >> that's the cutest part, she says hi to the chickens. >> edie is probably not going to
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become a butcher. >> no. why don't you tell me what you think is going on here. this tow truck driver got this old sedan mounted on the flatbed and then does this. >> didn't tie it down at all? >> do you think he was trying to unload the car in a lazy way or did he load the car and just not think about tying it down and took off too quick? i can't figure that out. >> not like the newest of vehicles, so maybe they're dunking this thing. >> and in a similar sort of incident with a similar type of truck, according to the loose translation that i was able to get from the description, these guys are upset at a former tenant because he left a bunch of this junk behind. they are kindly delivering this
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stuff back to the new place. >> looks like maybe a garage full of stuff. >> they take out the tires and the tanks and then at the very last second you see them unloading the dump bed. >> oh, no. >> looks like a big old bucket of sand and other debris and they giggle. >> take off down the street and imagine the guy walking out of the building like that looks familiar. wait a second. >> that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time, every.
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hi, everyone, i am beth troutman. it is time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." one second it was there, the next second it was gone. hear what sent -- >> 30,000 tons of rock. >> raining down on a beach below. stunning video of a mama protecting her cub. >> and watch as the action begins. >> because someone is going to get a lesson in messing with the son of a bear. an angry mob ch


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