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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 16, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we know you love great videos and the we have the best of them for you "right this minute." neighbors gather around a giant water main break until one man starts -- >> screaming for dear life. >> get out, get out, get out. >> what he saw coming that nobody else did. a motorcyclist brake checks a driver and then -- >> brake checks again. >> and why going for second leads to one nasty spill. >> and rescuers leads to -- >> something on to roof. >> how they lured a scared pup
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to safety. and it is a crowd pleaser as a new kids on the block concert comes with a very adult moment. >> straight up smooch. >> that is straight up makeout session. >> it is easy to know after watching the images coming from chile that the residents in the area are in a terrible predicament, the water main broke. and as you can see, it is surrounded by residential homes. the man recording the home evn chully comes over to give us a different angle and we can see that the water is rushing down towards where the tree is. >> it looks like a waterfall. >> and then you hear him screaming for dear life, because the wall is about to fall. [ speaking foreign language ] >> as he is running away, the camera pans away, but we catch a big slab of concrete falling
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down into those homes. >> thank goodness that these people did get away from the edge, and the dogs got away from the edge, but now all of the damage is going to the homes below, and how are those people doing? >> there were no injuries, and everybody survived. the sanitary company there is taking responsibility for the incident. they are relocating all of the families that were affected and they will cover all of of the costs to rebuild the homes and fix this broken main, but 15,000 people will be affected. this is how they are getting their portable water. >> oh, what a mess. you are looking at the dash cam footage from the you won't believe officer rasmasson in minnesota. he is picking up speed in a pursuit through a residential area. this is a 30-mile-an-hour zone,
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and the officer was going from 70 to 72 miles per hour, and he said he was trying to pursue someone who was speed iing. watch what happens. >> oh, oh, oh. >> oh. >> you see that he does brake. and then immediately after impact, he springs into action. >> this is 1052 and need a ambulance -- >> were the sirens and the lights on? >> according to witnesses they say no that the emergency lights nor sirens were activated as he was driving down the road at a fast speed and this happened on july 8th, 2011, but this footage is getting attention now, because it is the center of a lawsuit that was just settled. the two people inside of this car were 82-year-old myra meyer and her son 60-year-old brian richmond and they were both killed in the accident. no criminal charges were ever
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filed against the officer, but the family brought a lawsuit to the city, and ey settled dollars, but as a part of the settlement, no fault was admitted. >> does that mean that officer r rasmasson is still working? >> well, he was according to reports disciplined, but if you look at the list, he is still serving as a police officer. working in live of the you never know what is going to happen. check out how the news team at kiii tv in corpus christi reacted when they heard a loud noise that rattled the newsroom. >> i'm john thomas and it is friday july 12th, and christy is here. nice to be -- >> oh, well, the studio had a little bit of a ruckus. >> was that an earthquake? >> in reality, there was an explosion at a home nearby and
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according to the reports when the authorities got there troof of the home that was affected was gone completely and the house next to it caught fire because of the explosion, and three people were injured and two were hospitalized in critical condition, and 50 homes had damage and 55 additional homes had broken windows, and people blocks away said they could feel it at their home. >> we live on princeton way d n down, and we were shook. >> my whole apartment was like -- >> fire officials did tell us that it was a natural gas leak that happened in the home, but they are trying to pinpoint where. >> some people were pulled to safety by mike obenhouse at a nearby restaurant. >> we saved a little boy and girl and dad and then another house that started to catch on fire, and there was another guy
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in the initial part of it hwas n fire, and was bleeding. >> what i cannot believe is that nobody perished. is. am surprised with the force thioms huron huv or unmanned ariel drone. this is in afghanistan in 2010. keep a look at the flight personnel on the tarmac up ahead, but before you know it, they run out of the way as this drone takes off and you realize that the thing is completely out of control, and up ahead, you see a transport airplane, a c-160 sitting on the runway, and smash. >> oh, no. >> reports now say that the guy driving this was recently out of training. he accidentally engaged the auto
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start program and he could not turn it off in time before it went out of control and crashed into this other plane. >> how much damage did it cause the other plane? big enough? >> it can't be cheap, think of the cost of a drone and a tra transport plane and well into the millions. >> was anybody in that plane when it was hit by that drone? >> no injuries reported in the accident and the plane was not ready for takeoff and just parked there. >> well sh, maybe he can have a payment plan, because that is a lot of money and somebody has to pay for it. >> you have the watch out while driving on this russian road. because on the other side of the street -- >> oh -- >> find out why this driver was in such a hurry. and a few friends are going to attempt one nasty task. eat some maggots and then drink the juice. >> oh, my gosh, that is like bugs in the mud puddle. >> see if this challenge is too
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from the roof you expect to rescue a cat, a bird, something that you don't see on a roof often is a dog. >> hey. oh, h he is a cute little fellow. >> the own over the dog barry was walking bella. >> i said, what are you growling at? and i looked up to the roof and saw the focus and a dog up there. >> he called the rescuers and higbee, the rescuer on the roof with the chihuahua mix was able to carefully get the dog to come to him. >> and as long as the dog doesn't just run away from you instantaneously, there is a good chance that you can sit down and relax and show the dog that you are not a threat, and get within range to catch it in some semi shape or form. >> any clue how this dog got up on the roof? >> well, the rescuer believes
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that he may have gone through the garage door, up some stairs. >> ran out the top room and back on the balcony and jumps on the roof. >> apparently somebody on the neighborhood had called him about the chihuahua on the roof. and he going to be taken to the an mall society to be checked over and then neutered and put up for adoption. everybody, our favorite part of the show, russian cam time. this first one, you have the watch out, because on the other side of the street -- >> oh, no! >> that is apparently the end to a high speed chase by russian police. if you notice right there, there is a police car in front and we hind the vehicle that crosses the median and right into the car that was riding in the guy inside and they slump over. but the police officer runs around and tries to wrangle the guy out of the car who is not
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responsive. another one, brake checking is a bad idea. when you get in front of somebody to tap the brakes to send a message to the guy behind, but never attempt this on a motorcycle. you see the guy on the yellow bite speed ahead of the camera and jam on the brakes. if you know anything about a motorcycle, it is going to stop faster than a moving car. he gives the brake check and waves the hand and speeds up and jams the brakes again. this time the car can't stop in time, and hits the biker and sends him skidding down the road. you see the biker start to get up a little bit, but then the driver of the vehicle gets out, and the first thing he does is to check the damage to his own car. >> and you can see him walking over there to slap the rider around a little bit. >> but it is the driver who got the ticket in this situation, and posted his citation online and he said he is going to appeal that ticket. if you haven't heard by now,
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there's a huge tour going on, the new kids on the block, and 98 degrees and boyz ii men on tour together called the package tour, and that is what i'm talking about. and sunday night, gail and some of mu our friends and some of the ladies at "right this minute" attended the concert. >> there's my photo. >> and the music was fantastic which the new kids on the block knocked it out of the park and it is awesome to see nick lachey doing his thing with the 98 degrees, but this is the talk of the night. donnie wahlberg, one of the most popular members of new kid on the block performing on stage and has a nice en koucounter wi this woman right here on the stage. >> oh -- that is a straight up smoo smooch. >> that is straight up makeout session. >> and we had to look this up. was this a one-time thing and was donnie wahlberg just doing
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this, because he was really into this lady by the stage? turns out, they are all kinds of videos from every stop on their tour posted on youtube, because donnie wahlberg likes to make out with the ladies at the concert. >> and these girls are going to go out to buy the tickets to sit in front to see if maybe onet of the upcoming shows there a girl he kisses. >> this is a great publicity stunt and great way to get people to spends lots of money to get that seat. >> i hope she brushed her teeth. it is a film that debuts at comic-con and asks the question -- >> what is a sidekick to do? >> meet the movie maker on next "right this minute." still to come, some dudes decide to take a hike up a crane. >> you see how high up that ey getting here. they are not just climbing up. >> see what happens when they get to the top. and plus, dad is coming home from afghanistan and time to tell the kids. >> he has two little boys who
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have different reactions to the news. >> watch the sweet moment they get together to welcome dad back. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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and soon we'll be ending alzheimer's disease. and that'll be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at a group of guys walking around their town of brighton, and at one point, looks up, what do you see up there? >> a crane. oh, no, they are headed up there, aren't they? >> they are haeaded up there.
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these guys are known as 26 and 25-year-old guys climbing thup thing, and led by harry brooks. you see how high up they are getting here. they are not just going to climb up -- harry and one of his buddies calum decide to go out. >> it sat an angle, and not a lot of places to put your feet, and you are not supposed to walk there. >> and he is showing off the town which means he has one hand on the crane. >> for all of the videos like this and we see like this, have we reported on one of the guys falling? i feel like no, yeah, we haven't, but andy reynolds from the east suffolk fire and rescue team said that these guys are irresponsible and reckless, and the group storer blog responded saying they have done it before and they have a number of individu
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up on line with them climbing and doing stuff and they are a par corps free running group, and you can see they make it down safely and the guy from the east suffolk county rescue said they can't afford to go out on calls to help people like this if an accident were to happen when there are other serious emergencies happening in the town. swimming with the dogs. ♪ this video is a slap yo self production and when you see it, you will want to slap yo self for having watched it. >> these are maggots from 215, and now you need to eat them and
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take a drink of the juice. >> he is holding a can of silkworm larvae. >> somebody canned silkworm larvae? >> that looks like bugs swimming in a mud puddle. >> oh, i can smell it. >> they are gagging before they start. >> the guy with the jordan t-shirt is going to town, man. >> it sounds like he went to the family reunion and the whole family is gagging. >> is that what it is like at yours? >> no. >> oh, no. >> shut the hell up. >> blah. >> the juice part. that is the worst part.
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the juice. why do you have to drink the juice. >> they describe what it is like? did they describe whether it is spicy or stinky? >> i think that the gag is enough to let you know it is not tasting good. >> amazingly, they all do it. >> they all grab the little bottle of water and then drink and voila. >> oh, that was stupid. getting a picture snapped turns into a frightening trap when -- >> they pretend to lock the girls in. they have bloody masks and a pick ax. >> this is awful! >> the
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here's a fun fashion fact. 2013 marks the 100-year anniversary since coco chanel opened the firststore in 1913. >> wow.s chanel suit. >> so carl laggerfeld put together a movie to commemorate that and give us a preview of the fall/winter 2013/2014 precollection with the this film, and the film is called "women only" and as you notice in the beginning the lady is coming in with her man. and the usher says -- >> sorry, women only. >> this is carl lagerfield in it. >> and you see the women wearing the season collection items and very casual.
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>> it makes the fashion seem attainable in life rather than on the runway. >> and it is usually when you say, where would you wear that and now you can see. >> and a daddy is come home from afghanistan, and two little boys have different reactions to the news. >> oh. she is so excited that he is over come. they should have let dad come home. >> and usually when dad comes home, he surprises the boys, but this time, they wanted the boys to surprise dad. >> you want to make a sign for it? >> so they are going to surprise dad with flags and signs. >> my daddy is coming home.
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>> and but then he goes to tell little brother -- >> you want to tell him? >> okay. i want to. >> hayden, hayden, daddy is coming home. >> when? >> right now. >> daddy will be here soon. >> so he is told the news that daddy is coming home right right now, and he says, okay, i will play the video game, and he does not get that it is a few minutes away. >> in a few minutes, he is coming home. >> my daddy? >> oh, jump into action, and he will get in on the sign making. but then you will see all of the signs and the flags they have waiting for dad and the big smiles. >> what's up, guys?
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you guys been into the photo booths and aren't they fun? you go in there with your friends and sit down and make goofy faces and fun to look at. >> they keep them forever. >> and check out the girls, they go into the photo booth and -- >> really? >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> oh, no. >> they get more than their picture taken, they get the scared out of them by the guys at slam box tv. this is a prank, and they pretend to lock the girls in. they have bloody masks and a pick ax or something. >> and here is another couple happy to go into the photo booth and do a kissy face and get some pictures until -- >> you are going to die. >> oh, no! >> get out! >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> you are on black box tv.
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>> this is awful. >> this is a cruel and dirty joke. >> you can't play back. >> watch this guy react. >> even in the photo booth i'm sad already. >> and a few people in the box seem to get it after they hear it, you are getting pranked by black box tv and they dial down. >> this last guy -- >> oh, no. >> he looked like he was hyperventilating. >> he has to turn in the man ca card. >> who wouldn't scream? >> that is it for us at "right this minute." we will see you next time, this minute." we will see you next time, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if it is great videos that you are looking for, you found the right show "right this minute." a nasty rearend accident leads to a freeway fireball. and -- >> you ain't seen nothing yet. >> how what is on that truck turned it into a toxic flame thrower. police pursue a wild creature through city streets. see what happens -- >> after hours of chasing the thing, they run smack into it. crazy good video


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