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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 11, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everybody, i am beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, we've got them "right this minute." the dash cam proves it. you just never know. >> what's going to come flying at you. >> how some lucky folks survived a two-ton boomerang. he is a u.s. marine. she is a jujitsu expert. that -- >> that's a choke hold, my friends. >> see who gets bragging rights after the final takedown. >> whoa. first her boyfriend took her
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out on a thrill ride. then he whipped out a surprise. >> does look like it is quite large. >> oh, yeah. >> what left a stunned girl from end in tears. and dry ice is definitely cold. >> you definitely don't want to touch it or eat it. >> see the guy who tried. dash cam time. keep your eyes peeled. you never know what's going to come flying at you. >> whoa. >> right into the windshield of this car out of seemingly nowhere. the guy had no time to react. sad part, listen. >> oh, a baby. >> no serious injuries to report and some reports say the driver of the on coming car was a 71-year-old man that fell asleep at the wheel, crossed over the median and into on coming traffic. you see the cars up ahead manage to get out of the way and the car hits a tree and spins it around throwing it right into the path of this car.
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you can hear this driver saw it coming right before. you hear him go oh, no chance. let's head over to taiwan. you see a truck approaching this and keep your eyes peeled. something is about to happen. watch it again and keep your eyes closer to the top of the screen. right there. this truck was going through the tunnel and hit some cables that were hanging down and it was a lack of maintenance that caused the cables to hang so low and looks like the truck was knocked over on its side but it was just the windshield that was broken and that caused the camera to go sideways. no injuries to this guy but backed up traffic for miles through this narrow mountain pass. i think it is safe to call this a crime of opportunity. this man you're looking at is suspect gordan graham. police detained him because he is suspected in stealing a pickup truck. he is in the backseat of a police car in riverdale, utah.
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police say he was able to get his hands from around his back where he was cuffed, get out of the cuffs, and steal the police car. you can see the police running behind him. this dash cam video here shows a different angle. nearly hits one police officer, the other officer actually fired a shot, but gordan keeps on going. >> he flew out of there. where does he think he is going to go? he is in a stolen cop car now. >> eventually he abandoned the car and somebody spots him and called 911. he was eventually captured by police. >> just made everything much worse for himself. >> he was suspected of a pickup truck and the police think they got him on that one. i can't believe he almost ran down an officer in his attempt to evade police. >> this guy is definitely not a class act. if you know one thing about u.s. marines, tough. really tough. right? the toughest of the tough. check out this u.s. marine you
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see here in the jujitsu ring with a female jujitsu athlete, highly trained, knows her way around the octagon here. see how the fight goes. >> whoa. >> right away you're thinking bad news for we think her name is taylor, the jujitsu athlete and you see the marine takes her down and you're like, okay, he is just stronger. keep watching. >> right about here comes the reversal. that's a choke hold, my friends. now she starts going to work. all her training kicks in. he is sort of defenseless and you think that's him getting the upper hand. oh, no, she has the choke hold locked in. >> she is getting up. >> he picks her up and you're thinking, okay, he is going to get the upper hand again. nope. you're going down. gets behind him now. watch that. spins around. she has a sleeper hold on him.
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you're thinking he is done. >> good night. >> good night. >> watch this. he goes for the slam. then shortly after that, tap, tap, tap. >> he is done. for get about it. she wins. girl beats guy. they get up. you can see he has a smile on his face. i think he had no idea what he was about to get into. >> i am so pleasantly surprised. >> i wish i knew the moves when i was growing up. my fights with my brothers would have been very different. >> he's done. he's done. this is in darwin, australia, and these young men believed to be teenagers stole that truck and are now using it to back into the doors of this store. they actually manage to ram through the doors. >> surprising because they're not going very fast. >> according to police officers they weren't very familiar with the layout of this store because if you see, they are running around trying to figure out
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where this stuff is and you're thinking probably after cigarettes. they seem to be the popular thing people are after. nope. these kids are after booze. >> yep. >> the owner says that there was about $500 worth of booze missing after this incident, but they did cause $20,000 worth of damage. >> for $500 in beer. >> and a stolen truck. >> yep. check the police log for some rager party that got busted that nights. >> according to reports a 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with this incident, and he is facing several charges. >> no word on the status of the other people involved in this robbery. dude claims to be the first google blast user to get hit by a car. >> walked right into a moving car. >> real hit or will you see through the glass? and man's best friend takes
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because local means fresher. ♪ yesterday i told you about a water spout that formed in tampa bay in florida. you have to take a look at this new video of the same water spout. oh, man, these guys are closer. >> boy. >> it is just like the sky is plugged into the earth. >> yea >> terrorizing remind me again, do or do not water spouts pick up water. >> they have water spinning around. scientists now believe that is doesn't suck water from the actual body of water that it is forming in. >> still, this is pretty dangerous to be this close. if it does come on land, it turned into a tornado. >> and in fact even this one did hit land just briefly and did turn into a tornado. this did damage one home and no injuries reported. >> look at those palm trees. wow. i am out of here.
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i am out of here. >> to weather from another part of our country. >> right towards us. it is going to be a mess. >> folks outside of phoenix, arizona, saw a huge dust storm yesterday. in fact, reports said that this dust storm was nearly 20 miles wide and 1800 feet high. these are images that you are seeing that are pretty foreign to most people across our country. because dust storms don't happen in a lot of places. >> the people in that area, it is very common. every summer you see at least one, usually more, come rolling across the desert. >> it is called a haboob, believe it or not. >> very apocalyptic. >> looks like it is swallowing up the whole valley. >> baby koala takes a ride on
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mama. just got his google glass. he is excited. he starts recording when he is walking across the street, but he has a warning. pay attention to where you're going wearing your google glass. you can see him looking around and he sees the car with the lights on and you know what, i am going to walk in front. it is parked. he thinks he can beat it. he can't. >> walked right into a moving car. >> he said that he tried to run past when he saw it move. he thought he could leap in front and as you can see, it didn't work for him. >> it looks fake to me.
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the guy, it looks like he walks up to the side of the car and hits the car with his hand. do you hear that? >> it does sound like he hits it with his hand. he claimed the car hit him because he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. >> it wasn't even going 5 miles per hour. >> hit me, man. >> i think he was just trying to make a google glass video. >> yeah. >> this is his buddy who is driving it 2 miles per hour behind him. >> i hope you're ready for an animal ex traf ganz a i got one for you. this first one is very cute and furry. this video was posted on the youtube channel of cutis and fuzzies. these cats are agile. they're climbing up the person's leg because the food is on top of the table and they're not going to let a human get in the way. >> this is awesome. >> and then once you think they're all up there, you
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realize that's a ton of cats. >> oh, my gosh. >> look. >> this video was submitted to us by one of our users, melanie, and this is her husband on the floor. he plays like that with the dog. notice he has a toy in his hand. >> he is peeing. [ laughter ] >> oh, let me cut it out. i know you're hurting. >> i am pretty sure she is talking about the camera. >> it is not what you do. >> let's just cut it off. >> time to amputate. >> and then this last video i can guarantee you never looked this cute when you had a bad hair day. >> she is just owning it, though. whatever. >> this is ding ding. >> ding ding? >> i feel like this is one of those pictures passed around on facebook with a caption of oh, monday.
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>> had a rough night last night. never drinking again. can't find a good haircut girl in this city. [ laughter ] >> right? a woman takes her car to a mechanic because -- >> a bow acon triktor was tucked away in the corner of the body panel. >> why this was no surprise for her. and he is youtube's most popular catch catsup lover. >> love catsup. >> all kinds on his hand. >> see how he gets the message across. >> you don't l
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having a co-driver is important, especially when you're doing something like this when you are ripping it up auto cross style at the moore air field in massachusetts. this is jake and his girlfriend maggie. this has to be fun with your girlfriend, your friend, anybody. they're up there ripping it up on the course, going through the cones. we're seeing this from multiple angles. looks like a ton of fun. looks like he has been here before, too. screeching the tires. just great. they keep on going. maggie, the co-pilot, having an awesome time. she is like loving it. this is great. her thing, too. her is why jake gets real crazy. hand brake turn.
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jake is actually about to show off quite a bit. >> you're the most amazing woman i ever met in my life. every minute has been a joy. i want you to be on my team for life and i want you to be my co-driver for life. >> ahhh. >> out of nowhere, you didn't see this coming. >> proposal video, right? >> yes. >> i think she is reacting to the size of the sapphire t looks quite large. >> it is beautiful. he means it. >> don't show off. >> did you hear me say don't show off? >> he showed off. we're used to people taking their dogs everywhere. this woman says she takes her bow aconstrictor everywhere and that's when a minor accident
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happened. he is 7 feet long and got away in the car. she had to go to a mechanic. it seemed that the bow aconstrictor was tucked away in the corner of the body panel. this mechanic had to go in and get a tail light out and pulled it out and kept pulling and pulling. >> i bet streets the strangest car fix request this guy has ever gotten. >> what do you charge? it is not like when you walk in on the list of things, oil, filter, bow aconstrictor. >> fascinated she takes it everywhere and what fas natures me is the dog. it is really trying to talk to its owner. >> abbey, i love you. >> abbey. abbey, i love you. >> i think she is saying i love you.
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>> she is trying. she is like i would say that but this is all i got. all i can make are these noises. >> abbey, i love you. remember maxim bobby, the guy that loves catsup so much. >> my friends call me bobby, what you mean you eating catsup? >> he is a comedian. he has several funny videos on his youtube channel. there is no greater travesty than telling maxim that you don't like catsup. >> my friend said he does not like catsup because it smells bad. it doesn't [ bleep ]. catsup makes your blood. it makes you stay alive. >> his reasons for loving catsup don't have to make any sense. he just loves catsup. >> wait until you see what he does to get back at his friend
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for not liking catsup. >> i put catsup on my hands. >> uh-huh. yeah. he put all kinds of catsup on his hand. >> i am going to slap him with catsup on his face. >> i thought he was going to shake his hands. he is going to slap him in the face. >> he is going to go all in and this guy doesn't like the smell of catsup and he is about to put it all over his face and around his nostrils. >> he is sleeping over there besides the ducks and i put the catsup on now. >> he does see him come up and what he doesn't expect is what's about to happen. >> sounds like the catsup is eating his skin. at least he wore a red shirt. >> looks like his friend is having a good time. he has a good sense of humor about the whole thing. >> maybe this will turn him. it is time to jump around with this jump roping team. >> they're doing all kinds of cool stuff. >> is that the butt hop? >> you have to go back to
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take a look at this ad. sexy? oh, boy. >> the people. >> yes, that's fiat 500, all made out of body painted women. >> that's gnarly. >> that's cool. >> they got together like in a big clump. >> and everyone has a different part of the car painted on their body and they have to lay or sit
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in the perfect spot. >> exactly. this took five days to complete this shot. the print ad running in magazines, these girls are performers. no photoshop. just paint. >> i don't think we ever considered doing it in photoshop. why not get the best body painter in the country. >> looks like they projected the image they wanted to create over their body and then little by little painted each part of them as they went. >> you have to get comfortable for a long time. they're hanging out with each other in close quarters. >> in the studio it didn't so much look like a car. when you see it in two dimensions with good lighting, it all comes together. are you ready to be blinded by science? >> yeah, i need my sunglasses. >> we need our text-spert, zach. >> zap him in. >> zapped him in. >> hey, zachary. for our first video let's travel to the international space station. >> hi, there. i had a lot of people ask me how i wash my hair in space. >> it is all about hygiene in space. >> they can't use running water
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as you know. gravity doesn't work the same up there and they don't want water floating around. she has to spray water into her hair, same thing with the shampoo and mixes it around. >> how do you wash it out? >> it is a no rinse shampoo. >> that's new to me. >> she is it let it dry out, but it becomes humidity in the air which they can collect and turn into useable drinking water later. >> that feels kind of squeak i clean right now. this next video we really need you for. i don't understand why you would do this. he is eating dry ice. >> i thought you weren't supposed to touch it with your hands. >> it is negative 109 degrees fahrenheit. >> it is. you definitely don't want to touch it or eat it. i am not sure why you would do this. >> what does it do to your tongue. >> if you leave it on any space on your body for long enough it can cause frostbite. he is chewing it around and moving it around his mouth, so
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it is not staying on one area for a long amount of time. he doesn't swallow it. that could cause huge problems. frostbite down the esophagus, expansion of the carbon dioxide gas in your stomach and all of that is bad news. we reached out to him and he said his teeth were really freezing cold after this. jump roping, not just something you do at the gym or something you did 20 years ago when you were a kid. apparently in hungary this team is very, very good at it. they're jumping all over the place. they're an actual jump roping team and doing all kinds of cool stuff. >> that's a fun team to be on. >> and it is not just girls doing this. boys get in on the action, too. >> i like they're using the old school plastic jump rope, like elementary school that makes the noise. >> and jumping on roads, on fountains, parks, streets, all over the place, and they're showing their skill.
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>> i didn't realize people were still doing this. >> if it is a jump roping team, are there competitions? like throwdowns. >> yep. >> is that the butt hop? >> it is butt jumping. >> go back. how did they do that? >> that's a video the team put together to show their skills. >> who cares. go back to the butt jumping. >> it was pretty cool. how do you bounce off your bottom? that's core. it is core strength. >> that's weird. >> you are lifting from here, right? >> doesn't that eventually bruise? >> i would think. >> good workout, the jump rope. >> probably ntry doing this at >> that's our show, everybody. th it's time for the
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"wendy williams show." get ready for an all new session of hot talk. >> plus, we show you the must-have fashion trends of the summer and all the latest juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheering ]


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