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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 22, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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breaking news out of texas after reports of a gunman on a college campus. new details about the suspects accused of shooting an undercover officer in oakland. new allegations about a big starrily-syncing at the presidential inauguration -- big star lip-syncing at the inauguration -- at noon.
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a texas college is on lockdown at this hour. what we're learning about the search for several armed
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suspects after reports of several people being injured. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is off today. we begin with the breaking news out of texas. s.w.a.t. team near houston are searching for multiple shooters at the lone star campus. the north harris lecation has been put on lockdown. there are reports of two people suffering gunshot wounds and others being treated for unknown injuries. a representative says the shooting appears to be between two people. police say one suspect is in custody. apparently, the other was seen running from the school by witnesses. there's 10,000 students sheltering in place. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you any developments. we have details on an undercover officer shooting. sal castanedo has more. sal? >> reporter: well, an 
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undercover police officer was shot last night just down the street past that oakland police s.w.a.t. van. in the last hour we've seen police making new arrests. this video of officers in front of the apartment building where we saw arrests being made. several search warrants were served on that apartment building down the street. last night's shooting happened on seminary near international. police say men confronted an undercover officer and shot him in the arm. that officer was injured but is expected to survive. he's already released from the hospital and is said to be resting at home. police say one person was captured immediately after the shooting. another one was arrested early this morning. just a few moments ago, we saw three people being taken away by police. so that's five. police believe the suspects are members of an oakland gang. the undercover officer was part
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of an investigation into another shooting here last weekend that left two men seriously injured. police say it's unclear whether the shooters knew the victim was a police officer. but if they did it could affect charges filed. >> any time we have subjects who are willing to confront the police and pull a trigger on an officer, i think we have to take that very seriously because that -- if you can -- if you are gonna shoot an officer, that doesn't prevent you from shooting other people because the risk you take when you shoot an officer is that the officer could return fire. >> reporter: now, officers brought out heavy equipment and served several search warrants looking for the suspect. people in the neighborhood say that made for very tense moments last night and early this morning which kept many from sleeping. >> i can't go to sleep. so scary here. >> reporter: so many have said that this ongoing problem with violence in oakland under scores the need for the police
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to change their -- to change their tactics. we did ask the police if this will spur the city hiring more officers. he didn't want to comment on that but he did say oakland police have a problem and they are combating it with special police task forces. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, sal. and sal mentioned the protest is planned. angry crowds are upset that bratton's force stops and frisks. for the first time we are hearing firsthand from some of thing teenagers shot in brentwood -- some of the teenagers shot in brentwood yesterday. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us with why the victims say they were targeted because of a pair of sneakers.
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tara? >> reporter: a group of teens was standing out here on the sidewalk. they were waiting for a ride when a car drove by. they said that they thought the young men inside looked like they were looking forrable trouble with you they -- but they had no -- looking for trouble but they had no idea the issue would be a pair of shoes. >> hit me in the stomach right here. >> reporter: 16-year-old ernesto describe, the drive-by shooting in front of his house. >> i saw the shine of the gun. after that i took off. >> reporter: ernesto's younger brother says four men in their early 20s pulled up in a white four-door sedan. >> they asked us questions. he wanted the shoes. >> reporter: nike cortez are what teens around here are what gang members like to wear. >> he says why are you wearing those nike cortez's? and my cousin said don't worry
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about it. the guy said if you wanted to fight him or something. >> reporter: the boys, none of whom are gang members, according to police, ducked under a hail of bullets. four were shot. the youngest 13 years old. all are expected to live. >> it's shocking. nothing like that ever happens around here. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't believe violence trickled into their community notorious quiet. >> it seems to be random. this neighborhood, it's a great neighborhood. yeah, gentwood is a great community. we won't tolerate this and we'll work hard. >> police will be checking virginia of nearby businesses. the brothers who neighbors describe as good kids want to go back to high school and forget this. >> i'm not regular kids. i never thought this was gonna happen to me. >> reporter: now, we do have a more detailed description of the vehicle of that car. witnesses say he is white with blond hair and a buzz cut with
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a small goatee and small build. the other three are described as latino males. two of the victims are in the hospital. two are at home. one of them in the hospital, ernesto's younger cousin, he's actually undergoing surge rip right now to remove a bullet from his kneecap. we're live in brentwood, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san mateo is holding a gun buyback event this weekend. the event is scheduled for saturday at the san mateo county event center. $100 will be given to handguns, shot guns and rifles. and $200 will be given for assault weapons. jackie speier's office is providing the funding. crews are working to repair the bay bridge bumpers damaged by a tanker. the work is expected to continue for about four months. the tank hit the bay bridge on january 7th. the expected price tag is between $2 and $3 million.
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a pedestrian was injured in san francisco this morning after being hit by a muni bus. that bus was headed south on -- headed south on mission when the pedestrian was stuck near 16th street. that person was transported to ucsf hospital and is expected to survive. the bus driver will be put on non-driving status until the investigation is completed. cancellations for the dreamliner came after the flights were canceled last week because of the safety concerns. the faa ordered all 787 flights to be grounded of a one of the planes made and emergency landing last week due to battery problems. >> they have to change the
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flight. >> they hope the airline can resume the flights very soon. the route just started about a week and a half ago. so far, more than 300 787s have been canceled. the flights are being rebooked on other -- on other planes out of sfo. the national realtor association found that bay area home prices jumped 15% for all of 2012, says zillow. sewering bay area rents may -- souring bay area rents may finally be slowing down. average rents in the east bay, peninsula and san francisco were almost unchanged in the fourth quarter of last year. average rents declined sitly in the south bay.
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some renters decided to buy. president obama began the first day of his new kay ofshsh -- new day of work with sox and prayers as the -- songs and prayers at the national washington cathedral. he and michelle obama were joined by joe biden and his wife. the post inaugural press conference dates back to the first inauguration of george washington. how thieves managed to steal a dozen cars from an east bay car kieler -- dealer. and it's a mild, sunny date out there -- it's a mild, sunny day out there. rosemary will be back to tell you about changes. >> reporter: we're live at a march if where a rally is due to get underway about the roe versus wade.
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afternoon update for you on that -- an update for you in texas. three people have been injured from a shooting at the lone star college. others are being treated for
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unknown injuries. police say one person has been detained. school representatives say the shooting appears to have happened between two people and the three victims were hit bite crossfire. one of the shooters is no longer on campus, it's reported. well, police in the bay area city of pittsburg have made an arrest in the shooting that killed a 16-year-old and injured another. the s.w.a.t. team arrested a 20-year-old shooter at his home. he's accused of shooting two teens last night. investigators say the shooter left after the fight and returned with a gun. the victim who died was shot in the back. the other was treated and released from the hospital. a little over an hour ago, san jose police announced they are searching for several men involved in a hem-invasion robbery that targeted and elderly couple. that break-in happened just before 7:00 last night in the 6700 block of brett hart drive. police say the robbers were armed and they tied up the two elderly residents and took
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several items and then drove off in the victim's two stolen vehicles. this morning, a neighbor said it was difficult to sleep knowing what just happened a few doors away. >> the police came to our door last night about 8:00 or 9:00 and asked if we had seen anything suspicious and the neighbors had been beaten up. and moving on now, today marks the 40th anniversary of the roe versus wade decision. new at noon, ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live in los altos where marchers are planning to march today. >> reporter: i'm here at the los altos youth center. just inside here, this group of pro-choice supporters are
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listening to a pediatrician who is telling them that the right to have a choice should not be taken for granted because anti- abortion supporters have been chipping away at that right for years. [singing] >> reporter: they sang a song about women am rights to rally the crowd -- women's rights to rally the crowd. today they plan on making a one- mile loop marching through downtown and back up to the youth center. they are commeant rating the 40 -- commemorating the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade which allows the woman to choose whether to have an abortion. we spoke to people about this and one doctor talked about how grateful she is for the supreme court decision. >> i'm also thankful for all of the women's lives that are being said by having abortion
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being legal. because back in the day where it was illegal my professors used to tell me about wards, which was 30 and 50 women dying in the back alley dying and all they could do was hold their hand and pray. >> what comes to mind is the 50 million children whose lives never got to be killed. 52million women and men who were wounded by abortion. >> reporter: that woman you just heard from also told us that even though her clinic supports women who were sustaining their pregnancies, they do offer free counseling services to women who had have abortions. on the political end of this issue, republicans have introduced three anti-choice bills according to democrats. today's event is just one of many happening around the country from both sides of the issue. now back out here live again, a
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short presentation is going on and about -- in the next 15 minutes, you can see people are starting to stand up because they plan on leaving the youth center and marching the streets of downtown los altos and they will be marching with their signs and hope people see their strong message, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. sheriff's deputies in alameda county are using surveillance video to try to catch thieves who stole a dozen cars from a car lot. investigators say three men kicked in the car door and stole car keys and drove off with the 12 vehicles including jaguars, mercedes and bmws. >> i have a family. this is my life. this is my living. this is for me to provide food and put food on the table. >> the family that runs this business believe the thieves took $200,000 worth of inventory. only one car so far has been recovered and no arrests have been made. fire investigators say an
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early-morning fire at a fremont furniture store does look suspicious. crews were called to a shopping center on albry street shortly before 2:00 this morning. the fire was quickly put out. no one was hurt. they are now looking for the cause of the fire and information about a potential arsonist. marin county residents will soon have access to the state- of-the-art emergency services. there was an upgrade launched to the tell figures system. it delivers an emergency information to cell phones like text, voice and e-mail. >> we can send out approximately 10,000 phone calls per hour. approximate. it depends on a lot of different factors. >> a new system goes into effect on saturday. residents who would like to see the new notifications can register online.
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a new,000-feet facility called the america's cup pavilion will be built on pier's 27 through pier 29. it will be about the size of berkeley's greek theater for outdoor concerts, family shows and race-related events. it's unclear what happens to it after the race in october. if you are planning to travel to new orleans to see the 49ers pay in the super bowl, get ready to pay. right now, the average cost of a flight from sfo to new orleans on the travel website is about 1500. now, that's about triple the normal cost. these prices are for passengers leaving on the friday before the super bowl and coming back on monday. a dry, mild day around the bay and it will remain for just one more day. giving you a live look at san jose, high clouds drifting
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overhead. these high clouds, associated with the system that's going to bring us some rain for your wednesday. so already the transition beginning to take place. right now our similar -- our temperatures are very similar to yesterday. [no audio] >> picking up a westerly breeze in oakland. notice the arrows still remaining from the north and from the east. this is going to change by the afternoon. a westerly breeze will begin to take shape again, the next sign of that transition beginning to take place. stormtracker2 continuing to break down and shift off to the east. this is the system that is going to brick us that rain for -- bring us that low for tomorrow. we have a low in the gulf of alaska that will come in mingling with the subtropical moisture and i suspect we'll see some rain.
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tuesday, pretty uneventful. it will be another nice day. it's now wednesday morning, you can see the rain beginning to approach already over northern california. but our morning dry looks to be dry, by the end -- by the afternoon it's entering the north bay. it looks like it will stretch across and taper off in the evening hours. and then thursday morning we wake up mostly cloudy and we're mainly dry. how much dane do i expect we'll get? .10 to .2/10. for the afternoon today, widespread 60s in the forecast. 63 for weekend, 62 san francisco. 66 san jose, upper 60s for morgan hill. there is your extended -- extended forecast. we got the rain moving in tomorrow. it pulls out thursday/friday. the weekend looks a bit unsettled with your weekend in view, you can see in addition to the possible of a few scattered showers saturday into sunday, temperatures will be cool. mid- to upper 50s in the forecast for the afternoon.
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it will be quite a change. the positive note there, the clouds in the overnight hours will be bring up our lows. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you got it. still to come -- there's a new singing controversy about beyonce's performance at the enaugustration yesterday. ñç5xñóñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe-
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a live look at the big board. dow jones currently up 41 points. stock market was closed for the martin luther king, junior
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holiday. currently, the s&p is up 4. the dow is up 41. the nasdaq is up just a fraction. president obama's second inauguration ceremony has a little bit of controversy. it has to do with beyonce who sung the national anthem. according to one source, she lip-sinked. she reportedly was a no-show at the rehearsals and decided to perform a prerecorded track at the very last night. arnold schwarzenegger stale he's still in love with maria shriver. he said despite their separation, they spent the christmas holiday together with their children. shriver filed to different serve -- divorce after 25 years of marriage after learning that schwarzenegger fathered a child
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with the housekeeper. that's gonna do it for us this afternoon. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. be sure to join us tonight at 5:00. we are always here for you at and until then, have a good day.
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