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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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sierra nevada. breezy and cool. the low will create a high pressure gradient. it will feel it with more of a north wind. tomorrow looks good. next system wouldn't be until late sunday or monday. that is a northwest breeze. 50s or very low 60s. here is sal. good morning, steve. right now traffic is doing well. but chp says weather is to blame for this overnight crash. the driver lost control and taking out a metering light. the driver was the only person in the car. no one was hurt. the chp is also investigating another accident near the san leandro and hayward board. it happened just after 2:30 on southbound 238 right by the 880 junction. the driver of the car tells us he slammed into the side of is a big rig to avoid an accident.
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the driver of either car or vehicle was not seriously injured. this is a look at westbound 92 the san mateo ridge bridge-- the san mateo bridge. traffic looks good. and also looking at traffic on the nearby 880 freeway that looks good. we will find out today whether this weekends planned closure of the bay bridge will actually happen. ktvu claudine wong is at the toll plaza this morning where she tells us weather is the deciding factor. >> that is right. cal tran has been preparing for this. they have everything in place. this is the area that will be effected. they are realigning this area. it's the last major plan closure but weather could play a factor. take a look at that sign up there. the sign that is it will up usually has information about this closure. high winds today. that's the issue today but that is not the concern for this
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weekend. the big concern is rain. because rain could change everything. again, this has been a very long planned closure for this realignment. they are going to close down on friday night and go into the holiday weekend. they do that because they think it's fewer people. but if there is rain, that could change everything. for now, however, thens are look -- things are looking good. >> we have to have dry weather to do the paving. we have to have dry weather too the striping. we have six or seven hours worth of work where if there is sustained rain we won't be able to do. >> reporter: back live out here at the bay bridge just before the toll plaza where workers are here. they put these plans in place for a long time. the initial part of the work isn't a problem. it's that sunday, monday where
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the next storm could come in or the next system. depending on how much rain puts down will depend on whether they get the striping down. so again we do expect a decision today. in the meantime we'll be watching the skies. live here at the bay bridge claudine wong. investigators will hold a 10:00 a.m. news conference to reveal new information about the mass grave. they have unearthed 1,000 bones. they include the remains of 16- year-old chevy wheeler. the teenager disappeared in 1985 after running off with wesley shermantine. we spoke with her mother on the phone she remembers shermantine's chilling remark years ago. awe aid >> shermantine is now on death
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row. his maps lead authorities to the burial sites. they are believed to have killed 20 or more people in the 1980s and '90s. herzog committed suicide last night. joseph naso is expected back in a marin county courtroom. the judge is expected to decide whether the 78-year-old murder suspect request continue to act as his own attorney. he's accused of killing four northern -- investigators believe he may by responsible for at least two other deaths. antioch city leaders want to hold a town hall meeting to address an increase in violence. the fatal shooting at the front door of a home was the tipping points. he wants to boost neighborhood watch programs and rework the city's budget to fund more police officers. the exact date for the meeting has not been set but the mayor
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says he wants to have it as soon as possible. vallejo police are investigating a fatal shooting. stevens was shot several times yesterday afternoon. a friend took stevens to the hospital where he died of his injuries. police say they believe there was only one begunman involved. alameda county supervisor has enter rehab for a substance abuse program. in a statement she says she is seeking treatment after a recent incident at a newark motel. she says she was violently assaulted by an exboyfriend. she is in rehab to heal from that attack and for treatment of a chemical dependency. ? as a supervisor i think she is taking responsible steps to address this. i think that she owes it to her constituents and the public and as a person i applaud her because we all have issues, we
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all face concerns. >> lockyer says quote alcoholism and addiction are diseases from which many of us suffer and unfort the -- unfortunately i have not been spared. meantime the district attorney is deciding whether charges should be filed in the alleged newark assault. what was found on a cruise ship docked in san francisco could land someone in prison for a long time. coming up what lead investigators to nearly $1 million worth of cocaine on a cruise ship that builds itself as family friendly. time is 4:36. this morning two executives of an airport shuttle company will be in court. the go laurie shuttle company is accused of making an illegal contribution to mayor ed lee's election campaign. the direct attorneys said it broke the law to ask employees
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to make donations and reimburse them with company money. the ed lee returned the contributions after questions were changed. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to table one measure that would have replaced yank choice voting with a primary and run off system. the other measure calls for more voter education and consolidating the odd year elections. supervisor sent that proposal back to committee for further review. the 49ers could be playing in their new stadium sooner than anyone expected. last night they approved the final plans for the $1 billion facility. it calls for the 68,000 seat stadium to be finished on august 2014. and thiamines the 49er -- and that means the 49ers would play just two more seasons at candle
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stick park. iran is scheduled to unvail several new projects. the projects will illustrate the slogan nuclear energy for all and nuclear weapons for none. iran insists the nuclear program is aimed at producing electricity but u.s. believes iran is developing nuclear weapons. in the meantime the obama administration is looking at cutting 80% of the u.s. nuclear arsenal. back in 2010 they met in prague to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. but any reduction would only come as part of negotiations with russia. those negotiations are not scheduled to resume until after both countries hold presidential elections this year. if analysts paretics are correct you will pay record high prices for gas by memorial
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day. right now the statewide average is .37 a gallon. experts warn we could be paying near $5 a gallon for by memorial day. sal, it will be interesting to see if people change their summer plans, vacation plans if gas goes that high. >> people do change what kind of car they drive on those situations. car dealers actually ride out the spike and things change rather quickly. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well as you head out to the mccarthur maze. another thing that changes is people get out in the road early to avoid sitting in traffic. obviously that kills your mileage. so right now traffic is looking pretty good getting out to the mccarthur maze. no problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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and this mornings commute in san jose also off to a good start getting up to highway 17. no problems on 17 heading on down to the bottom of the hill. steve. >> sal. >> when we drive to work there is no one on the road so we do well with our gas mileage. >> i know. it's time to get the horse out of the barn again. [ laughter ] i saw it go .30 cents higher in one week. did i hear rain last night? yes, i did. the cold air behind that and wind is cranking up if it will be a sunny, breezy, windy cool day. i have seen anywhere 25-51 miles an hour. that 51 is at point rays lighthouse. windy and a cold morning. if it wasn't for the breeze we would see a lot more 30s. a north wind is cold now but that can be a really warm wind for santa rosa. which is why we are going in
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the mid 60s there. there goes our system. 40s, 30s for many. san rafael, fairfield, livermore, and redwood city all holing in there at 42. napa at 37. a lot of 40s here. these will continue to come down. the system will dive in and form a strong low down in the southern california. high pressure will build into the north. we will be caught between. that will give us a blustery day. on the sierra we do have winter on the go there. this is a fast moving system. a lot of cold air so the snow levels are really chilly here. windy and chilly. that is a north, to northwest breeze. 50s now that 64 santa rosa. everybody else will be upper 50s or very, very low 60s. tomorrow will be really coal. but the day will be nice.
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friday looks good. actually mostly it's a tough call. i think we are okay on saturday and we will cloud it up on sunday. maybe late sunday early monday for rain. >> okay. a north bay city crack down on parking. a deal in sight to extend the payroll tax cuts. how much extra money it could put in your pocket. good morning, westbound 24 looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel. another commute update straight ahead.
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look at that little guy fly through. it's about .5 to a tenth of an inch. it's moving out rapidly. snow in the mountains. windy and cool today. highs upper 50s and very low 60s. santa rosa is getting tough on people that disable parking placards. last month the council rejected the $750 fine because they said it was too low. the cities parking supervisor say the number of people abusing placards is on the rise. 1,000 people opposed it but mountain view city council voted for a new smoking ban.
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within 25 feet of outdoor patios, windows or doorways of work areas. >> we all have to be outside in the parking lot or we all will have to be walking up and downcast toe street smoking. >> i have the right to not have my right shortened by people that are using their rights. >> the ban is scheduled to go into effect in may. officials say it will only be enforced on downtown castro street. opponents say they will try to take the issue to the voters. congress is moving closer to extend the payroll tax cults. they reached a tentative deal yesterday. that was after republicans ended their demand that the tax cut be paid for with spending cuts. they refused to go along with raising taxes on millionaires to pay for it. instead it would be tacked on to the deficit. the payroll tax exchange would
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benefit about $160 million -- 160 million americans. that deal also extends jobless benefits. 4:46. u.s. customs agents say a routine interview lead to a major drug bust on a cruise ship. more than 26 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $1 million was seized. the drugs were found while the ship was docked at peer -- pier 35. they found even more cocaine located in a cabin with two people from new zealand. >> we come in and talk to them and ask them where they are from and what they are bringing in. based on that interview there was an anomaly in the story. >> that lead to the arrest of the australian national and two passengers from new zealand.
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they won't say if the cases are related or where the trugs may have been headed. san francisco is suing federal pipeline regulators over the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the pipeline and hazardous material safety administration ignored safety standards for ten years before that disaster. the city is asking the judge to force the agency to increase its safety enforcement. in another development san bruno city officials will make an announce the today about restitution negotiations with pg&e. san ramon annual fourth of july sale will be going dark this year. they took the first steps to scrap the display from the upcoming celebrations. the fourth of july event has drawn tens of thousands of people. but city lead leaders are worried they won't be able to -- gay rights activist are vowing to protest at san francisco city hall every
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valentines day until same sex marriage is legal. gay rights supporters sang songs of love. couples could not obtain marriage licenses yesterday. a federal appeals court rule it unconstitutional last week. the same sex marriage ban remains in effect. they refused to leave the courthouse and were briefly detained in plastic handcuffs. >> we are focusing on love and relationships and the right to be recognize by our government. >> the annual valentines day protest is part of national freedom to marry week. the amazing voice of tony bennett on the 50th anniversary of his song. he was a guest of honor at city
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hall. celebrations earlier in the day. an estimated 3,000 people attended the free event. bennett received a key to the city and say mated by local choruses singing i left my heart in san francisco. kids of all ages gathered at justin herman plaza for the seventh annual valentines day pillow fight. the only real hazard came from all the feathers flying in the air. >> i have a temper feedic pillow. >> the pillow fight lasted some 3.5 hours. take a look at how many people were out there. city crews spent several hours cleaning up the mess. common problems feathers jamming up storm drains.
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it's supposed to $30,000 a year to clean up that mess. the investigation into the death of whitney houston takes a new turn. the subpoena expected to be served in the next few days. the top dog crowned at the west minister dog show. why protestors rallied against a republican presidential candidate.
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best in show at the 136th annual west ministers kennel club is the piquancies. >> that's malikie. he won the hearters of the club long before winning the top prize. he beat more than 2,000 other dogs. his owner says now he will retire to the life of chasing
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squirrels and being spoiled. outside the dog show protestors actually held a rally against republican presidential candidate mitt romney. they are angry about the way he treated his dog. romney put his dog in a kennel and tied the kennel to the roof of his car during a drive from boston to canada. anyone that mistreats an animal does not deserve to be president of the united states. romney has not commented. investigation into whit nigh houston's death is focused on the prescription drugs found in her hotel room. investigators plan to serve subpoenas to doctors and pharmacies where houston got the prescriptions. authorities collected several bottles of prescription drugs from houston's hotel room. but they say the amount of drugs did not seem unusually large. they will be looking at whether the drugs were dispensed properly and whether whitney houston was receiving too many
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prescriptions. we want to take you live to outside the new hope baptist church in newark where take a look the attribute the fans have left in whitney houston's honor. houston's private funeral will be hill at that church this coming friday. no private -- no public memorial has been scheduled so far. lin sanity has spread to canada. >> lin puts it up. jeremy lin from downtown. >> last night palo alto native jeremy lin nailed a three-point shot. giving his new york knicks a 90- 87 victory. due to his appearance it was asian heritage night. lin scored 27 points leading the knicks to their sixth straight win. very exciting. coming up on 5:00. check in with sal. we're all rooting for him.
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>> i think we are. that was exciting. >> yeah. >> let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems as you drive to the area there. there is no problems on the upper part of the bay bridge. speaking of the freeways the traffic is moving along pretty welcoming up past the coliseum. if you are driving this morning in contra costa county things look good down from 24. westbound 24 looking good over to oakland. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. our system is flying already down toward caramel valley and probably down to paso and central california. we are up on the windy and cool side. the system digs into the sierra nevada. windy and cold. upper 50s and low 60s for high.
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gusts to 50 miles an hour. 30s and 40s. 39 livermore and 37 napa. after today though everything looks good until probably late in the weekend. rots -- lots going on out here. tomorrow morning once the wind dies down it will be very, very chilly. sierra snow until 10:00. there is not a lot of snow. maybe two inches. windy and colder though as that system starts to slide into the four corners. windy and chilly for us. mostly sunny. it's a north to northwest wind. highs to upper 50s and very low 60 proposal the extended outlook -- the next hint of rain wouldn't be until sunday. until then we are okay. >> all right. another big step toward the new home for the 49ers. what was approved last night that has crews working in santa clara. a grim search continues in
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the central valley. the break investigators got last night and the new development set to happen this morning.
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we are live in san joaquin coty


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