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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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50s, livermore 54 and out of the advance of that system we may get a warmup but by tomorrow, if there is any warming it will go into a cooler pattern. morning fog and i am dealing with this. some low clouds will again appeal back to the coast and yesterday we had improving conditions over by the waters' edge and temperatures try to bump up to near seasonal averages. traffic looks good if you are driving on highway 4 coming from concord to pittsburgh. there are no major issues and they are reporting a disabled vehicle just before bailey road on highway 4 and that's on the shoulder. as we are looking at interstate 80, traffic looks good passing
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the coliseum and now we are approaching the 880 split, there is road work on the lower deck of the bridge right as you get on the bridge of the far right lanes. let's go back to pam. >> we start with late night overnight vest s an amber alert for a 16-year-old boy is canceled and the boy is expected to be safe. good morning craig. >> reporter: good morning they told us he had never been robbed in 26 years and it all changed yesterday. here is the barbershop. he was robbed at gunpoint and a 16-year-old boy was kidnapped at gunpoint and he did not know if he would much see his family again. he went to buy batteries for
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his boss at 4:15 and at that time he was doing that the place he was going was being robbed. >> he had oversized jeans and he meant business. >> reporter: after the suspect got some money he needed insurance, just as he was leaving the store he returned to the barbershop. >> at that point he told him to get into the car and drive him and he said if i made any move he would kill him. >> reporter: it triggered an amber alert and said he was released by his captor. they did not say if he had been hurt. the suspect is still thought and he is described as a 25- year-old black male. police consider him armed and
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dangerous. the car the suspect drove has been captured and they are trying to get ahold of him to see if the boy is okay. at 9:00 this morning they are set to vote on the debt ceiling issue. >> the nays are 261 and the bill is passed without objection. >> now the motion is expected to be signed into law by president barack obama and increases the government's borrowing limit and even those who voted for the measure did so with miss giving. >> they can solve $14.3 trillion in-debt. no piece of legislation can be a perfect solution. >> i am not happy with it but i
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am proud of some of the accomplishments contained in it and that's why i am voting for it. >> of the bay areas of the house of representatives of democrats only two voted yes along with nancy pelosi voted no. here is her view of the debt ceiling plan. now this was the first time congresswoman gabrielle giffords' return to the capital since she was shot back in january. her colleagues lined up to hug her and congresswoman gabrielle giffords voted in favor of the legislation. congress has not approved the funding of the federal aviation administration. nonvital services across the country are on hold. coming up in 13 minutes, the money that could be lost if
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that issue is not resolved within the month. the body of away area soldier killed in afghanistan is being returned for burial. william gross died when insurgence bombed him in the province. he immigrated to anything interrogatory what when -- anything rag what when he was -- anything rag what when he was ten. a family friend says he can't believe he is gone. nicaragua and a family friend says he can't believe he is gone. >> if i start talking about it i will start crying again. >> family members are there to retrieve his body and he
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received several awards including a purple heart. one of the key witnesses in the bryan stow beating case has died. matthew lee was with bryan stow outside the stadium. lee died after he ate a salad that contained nuts. it is unclear how lee's death might affect the prosecution's case. meantime the two suspects in court yesterday, 20-year-old sanchez asked for his bail to be reduced and the judge postponed the request last week. they are due back for their arrangement. yesterday the prosecution also released new details about the attack. prosecutors say sanchez surprised him from behind and punched him on the side of his head. he immediately lost
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consciousness and fell to the ground. an eight-year-old san jose boy is being called a hero after rescuing a three-year-old girl from a swimming pool. she was with her grandfather at the park, hialeah apartments yesterday afternoon. one moment she was riding on her shoulders, next the two were spotted floating facedown into the water and that's when the neighbor jumped in and pulled the little girl out. >> my mom is proud of me and my dad said kind of the best things i have ever done. >> after that they pulled out the 69-year-old grandfather. he remains in serious condition. family members say the little girl is conscious and she is talking. a 7 alarm fire is contained. it began near central place east of the interstate 80, 680
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interchange. they called seven alarms because firefighters were difficult to reach. 100 acres burned and no word on how the fire started. cities across the country will host national block party. oakland will host 57 parties a year ago including barbecues and other events. this year they are aiming for 500 parties. it let's neighbors get to know each other so neighborhoods can be safer. they struggle with the death of another loved one. somebody gunned down charles smith over the weekend. smith's family tells us he leaves behind a one-year-old daughter. his death comes after somebody killed his 15-year-old brother
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outside a supermarket. the run campaign has gathered more than 51,000 signatures encouraging edward lee to seek office. they were all gathered to make the announce the city hall but the group -- make the announcement at city hall but the group has come under scrutiny. mayor lee has until august 12th to file candidacy papers. the group is looking for ideas on how to create more jobs. they are also looking for solutions from both the public and the private sectors. executives from facebook an and, a organization l-members are members of the facility task force.
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as you look at the roads you will see interstate 80 traffic looks good down to the bay bridge toll plaza. also this morning's commute looks good if you are driving to the coliseum. perhaps you are going to the oakland international airport and it is looking nice as you drive passed the coliseum. 280 on the right-hand side, northbound moving to highway 17 looks pretty good all the way into the west valley. at 4:40 let's go to sal. good morning everyone, temperatures today should come up a little bit inland. i saw some projections around 90 and i am like whoa, what the heck is going on there so we are splitting the difference. it has been there for a long time and yesterday we had some sunshine and we had 60s along the coast and head over the bay bridge, mid-70s and over the
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coastal hills 80s and inland upper 80s and that's near oak lay and -- oakly and brentwood, so if you are far away enough, clouds continue to erupt. tropical clouds stay east and south of us. for us it is not an issue, 21 the affair field another sea breeze there and at 7 in backerville i am struggling to say it will be that much warmer. some mid-50s if you have the cloud cover it is lower 60s. eventually this will give us a cooler pattern but today we will have nice conditions by the coast and i will go a little bit warmer not a lot. temperatures are settling in and no big changes the rest of
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the week. it looks cooler towards the latter part of the week. sunshine low clouds, 60s and 70s some mid-to-upper 80s these are getting slightly below. it looks like it will be warmer today and tomorrow and we will start a cool down thursday and carry it into the weekend, pam? one person is dead after eating turkey with salmonella. the cases are spread across 26 states including california. so far the center for disease has traced it to four locations. there is no further information about the person killed and as of now the government has not ordered a recall. time now is 4:42 and now demands from the man who
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confessed to the terror attacks in norway and the information he will give if his requests are me >> they are about to embark on a 4,000 mile journey, why they are riding their bikes all the way to brooklyn. if you are approaching mcarthur, we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. low mid-80s, 60 as well. new this morning, the man who confessed to killing 77 people in norway's shooting is now making demands. his lawyer said he has two different lists of terms. the first is more common such as cigarettes and clothing. the second calls for the resignation for the norwegian government and for his condition to be determined by japanese specialists. if his requests are metal divulge information about terror cells. >> president hosni mubarak is charged with corruption and
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ordering the killing of hundreds of protesters. egypt's top prosecutor has summoned president hosni mubarak and if convicted, president hosni mubarak could get the death penalty. they are morning the death of a woman who fell 600 feet from yosemite's half dome. she was attempting the 17-mile round trip hike with her sister and two friends. the dome's cable service was slippery from an early morning rain storm. >> there are several areas along the trail as well as signs as the base of the cables and the summit that advice climbers to not attend or descend i can'ts in the -- cables in the event of a rain storm. >> they do issue permits and it
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is up to each hiker to make their own decision about the climb. rangers say she was descending when she slipped and fell. away area man has been identified as one of two victims of a deadly crash near the grand canyon. the pilot's and driver's licenses were found in the wreckage. the plane was found saturday near the north rim of the grand canyon in the national forest and it's not known who was flying the plane. an autopsy will be performed today on the 11-year-old new hampshire girl found floating in the river. they found her only one mile from her home. the discovery comes one week after the 11th-year-old disappeared. they are now searching her home and it is considered a crime scene. >> we are again looking at all
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facets of this investigation and that includes where she was last seen. so this is routine as we would do in any criminal investigation. >> the girl's father says he is heart broken and grasping for answers about his daughter's death. casey anthony is ordered to serve a year of probation stemming from a check fraud case. she has been in hiding after a jury acquitted her of killing her daughter in 2010. in the felony check fraud, he intends to start it after her release not while she was having her trial. he gave her 72 hours to check in. the partial shut down of the faa could continue in month. new services and construction
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on a new tower is on hold. the senate proposal that would have given the faa temporary funding failed. now the government will lose more than $1 billion in uncollected airline ticket taxes if the issue is not resolved next month. delta airlines said they will start processing refunds for folks who bought tickets and that is even though the tax expired while they traveled. airlines were not authorized to collect that tax after july 22nd but many airlines did raise their basic prices so that fares remained the same. they were taking in an extra $4 million a day that way. inn dangered blue -- endangered blue whales are showing up early in california. a pod of more than a dozen
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whales were discovered off the coast of long beach. blue whales are not expected for another couple of months. there is a new addiction to chp patrol cars. they have a purple ribbon. and cleaning up after your dogs where people can turn pet waste into gold.
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. an agreement is expected to be formalized over a dispute over 100 acres in the south bay. they have been battling over who will get the tax revenue from the area known as area 36. the two cities have agreed campbell will get the land and
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san jose will get $1 million. starting today california highway patrol cars will be decorated with purple ribbons, it is part of the campaign reminding people about the dangers of leaving children unattended in a car. the group's founder is the mother of a six-year-old girl who's baby-sitter left her in a car for over two hours. so far so good on this morning's commute. you can get thought and gate nice ride on the roads starting off with the bridges. it is looking good as we have a live look at the bridge just south of the toll plaza. if you are driving on interstate 80 it looks good in both directions as i said and
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if you are driving on the commute from vallejo to richmond, so far so good on i- 80 heading west. still some tropical clouds. southern california over the sierra, fog is a main issue but you can see clouds developing if you look off towards the east you can see them popping up in the afternoon. a scattered shower or two and for us, forecast models say we will be warmer but it is north winded in san jose. there is still a decent delta breeze so i am having a hard time buying into it. the fog is not as extensive. it tells you temperatures are cooler some upper 50s and lower 60s and another system is spinning into the pacific
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northwest. maybe a slight warmup inland and it will not last long but it might be only 3 or 4 degrees and it will come back down tomorrow. areas in the coast some fog a little warmer but minor changes here. it looks cooler, some days are quiet, low clouds, inland just a little bit, wee bit morning fog there will be sun on the coast yesterday. pilaf, santa cruz coast, it looks like a little better conditions today, no big changes and it does look cooler as that system moves into the north. we will slide into a very quiet pattern though. coming up, three bay area firefighters will leave on a 40 day journey to honor the 344 firefighters that died on 9/11.
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they will be leaving from their firehouse in santa clara and riding their bicycles to brooklyn. along the way they will stay at local firehouses and raising money for two nonprofit groups which marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. cleaning up after your dog can pay in one city in taiwan. anybody who turns dog waste into the government gets a ticket for a chance to win gold bars. the grand prize of bars is worth $2,000 and could increase with the rising price of gold which is at record highs. they hope the contest will encourage people to pick up after their pets. a reported kidnapping, the frightening incident that
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prompted an amber alert. they are testing three bay area communities and we will let you know which areas will be targeted.
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