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tv   Second Look  FOX  March 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. could this man be responsible for not one abduction, but as many as four? why authorities investigates phillip garrido for a strength of disappearances of young gerl flats '80s and '90s. this man was convicted of abducting two bay area girl and measuring one them and reportedly made a deathbed confession to taking a killing a third. could they man be responsible for abducting not one, but two middle school
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girls in the forward fort ortarea? >> hello even, i'm frank somerville. >> phillip and nancy garrido admitted everything in hopes of a reduced sentence for nancy garrido, who reportedly said it was she who actually snatched jaycee and raised the two daughters that phillip garrido fathered with duggard. almost as soon as they arrested phillip garrido a convicted sex offender in 2009, they began to wonder if he might be implicated in the disappearances of three othergers around the time he got out of jail in august of 1988. three months later a companion of 9-year-old garrett described
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a man resem resembling as taking the little girl. and in december of that year 4- year-old amanda campbell disappeared in fairfield. as amber lee first reported in september, 2009, authorities immediately began to look for the connection. >> reporter: they swarmed the property and using ground- penetrating radar to search for disturbed soil and use other specialized equipment to find anything that may link the couple to the two girls who went missing within months of each other in 1988 and 199. >> my first thought when i heard jaycee was found, let michaelia be with her. >> the 9-year-old was
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kidnapped in 198 and today her mother says there are several similarities between her daughter's abduction and jaycee duggard. >> the car and on the witness said it looked to her that the car she saw michaelia kidnapped in. and they were both dragged into a car in broad daylight in front of witnesses. >> reporter: witnesses helped police come up with a sketch of the kidnapper and that witness says garrido resembles the man. >> she says he looks as much like the kidnapper as anybody else she has seen. >> our aim is to methodically and systematical and thoroughly search the properties knowing what we're looking for in our cases. >> reporter: dublin police are also involved in the search. they are investigating whether the garridos are responsible
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for the disappearance of 13- year-old girl who vanished on january 30th, 199, just a little two months after michaelia was abducted. >> at this time we cannot say that the garridos are with certainty suspects in this case, but certainly we have been unable to eliminate them as suspects in the case. >> reporter: after a week of intensive searching, investigators say they have not located any definitive evidence linking phillip and nancy garrido to the disappearance of two bay area girls, but still consider garrido a possible suspect and call him the best lead that they have. this morning's search wrapped up by earlier afternoon. the families of both girls haven't given unhope that their daughters will be found alive after disappearing two decades
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ago. >> they had found something on this property, it most likely would have meant michaelia wasn't alive and as it is, i feel a little bit relieved, a little bit lighter-hearter than i did yesterday. >> reporter: eileen's parents are out of town preparing fore their grandfather's funeral and says tieing the garridos to her daughter's disappearance, she wants them to remain behind bars for life. >> i walked back there and saw the sites excavated and they are a little creepy and look olympia's. >> reporter: police say they are awaiting the results of dna tests being conducted on garrido's ford granada and items may provide answers to what happened to michaelia.
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>> we have boxes and boxes of his items that we have taken to go through to see if he may have written anything about her. we don't know for sure it's phillip garrido, but there are too many similarities to igknow. >> reporter: she would like to meet with his wife nancy. >> i think she may be as much a victim as anyone else of his and perhaps, once she is free of him and once she believes that he will not be free set free to do more harm to her. >> ktvu's jan sasaki checked back with authorities about their search of the garrido property. >> we'll continue to explore to see if there is a connection between the disappearance. the 13-year-old disappeared while walking home from school on her to ice skating practice in january ever of 199.
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police became she interested in phillip garrido when the jaycee duggard case broke. >> his geographic location would put hill not far from the city of dublin. he was out of prison sometime in the summer of 1988. >> reporter: and police say eileen's disappearance fits garrido's modus operandi. we were showed pictures of his bestdaes when they shared a barmitzvah for the twins in the year before her disapperance and he says his family has been interested in the jaycee duggard case. still ahead, a bay area man convicted of taking two girls and murdering one of them and how one victim's bravery brought him to justice. and still ahead, the deathbed confession that closed
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the books on one of the most publicized child disappearance cases.
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. >> in the year 2000 a little girl from vallejo disappeared and would not have found her if she hadn't had the courage to free herself. the day after the arrest, the police scoured two moms where anderson lived and at time diane guerazzi filed this report we were still using the name of the young girl, but be stopped using her name after she learned she was a victim of molestation and bleeped out from diane's report. >> reporter: they descend on this mobile-home park and used extent-detecting search dogs to collect evidence, concentrating their efforts in and around this mobile home, where according to neighbors curtis dean anderson sometimes stayed with friends. >> he would huddle with his beer and give you a strange stare as you drove by in your car and didn't seem like the
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type of person you would want to say hi to. >> reporter: people say they noticed anderson easily because he used to canes to walk. neighbors say they didn't know of his past, a three-strike candidate having been convicted of theft and kidnapping. police say anderson spent more than six years in san quentin after being convict in the early 1990s. as part of the investigation in a his past, searchers with dogs combed through this boards house on north 14th street where anderson reportedly staid on and off last year while working for this luggage retrieval service in santa clara. police say anderson stop here yesterday and it was then she made her daring escape. >> i saw her and she saw me and shea she came run to the truck and said help me. i have been kidnapped from
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jalo. >> reporter: this father of seven with an 7-year-old daughter-in-law of his own says he was driving by as the girl grabbed a key and freed herself from the leg chain that police say bond her to anderson's car. >> she was pretty frightened when she jumped in my truck and thought the guy would come and kill her. >> reporter: one of the anderson's former coworkers says he is spooked by the turn of events. >> yesterday he asked me for a garbage bag. >> reporter: a garbage bag? >> yeah. a heavy-duty garbage bag. >> reporter: he didn't say what the garbage bag was for? >> he didn't say anything about the garbage bag. >> reporter: what are you thinking now? >> oh, now i'm thinking something else. >> reporter: flores says he about to show anderson where to get a bag when she freed herself. on the first day of testimony the 8-year-old kidnapped victim climbed to the witness stand and calmly pointed out the man
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who she says grabbed her off the street and sexually molested her for two days before she escape. craig heaps with that property from 2001. >> reporter: spoiler court judge barred cameras from the solano courtroom was the star witness took the stand to testify against anderson. the 8-year-old victim in the case calmly pointed to anderson and identified him the man who kidnapped and sexually molested her in august. the little girl clutched her teddy bear and answered questions in a strong, clear voice and said anderson ordered her into her car as she walked home from school in vallejo and described in detail the way he touched her body and talked
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confidently of the day she escape after anderson left the car and how she ran to a passing truck driver for help. during the testimony, anderson stared straight ahead or looked down and took notes. in the courtroom, there was hardly a sound other than question and answer. many of those watching were impressed. >> the strong, brave little kid to get you there and talk and kept look over at him and notice she had was pretty fidgety when she got up on the stand. during crossing examination, anderson court appointed attorney seemed to laid the groundwork for a case that the witness was arebellingous little girl who said she wanted to run away from home. she denied she said that. before her testimony, he said he might have to call her friends as witness. >> i would call them to
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prepare for that, because of the conversations that happened. she says yeah, the conversations happened, than i don't need to call the kid. >> in may of 2001 a jury convicted anderson on one count of kidnapping and ten counts of child molestation. the judge sentenced him to 251 jury's in prison. four and a half years later, anderson would plead guilty to kidnapping, murdering another girl, whose remains were later found in the santa cruz mountains. anderson received an additional 50-100 years life in providence. he died in 200. >> when we control back, curtis dean anderson makes a deathbed confession and closes the book on one of the most high-profile child
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disappearance cases. and cases. >>
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garcia. >> for 21 years the disappearance of amber swart- garcia remain a mystery, but before curtis dean anderson deed the convicted murder and child abductor admitted he abducted her. >> reporter: police are convinced he kidnapped and killed 7-year-old amber swartz in june of 19 the 8. fbi agents spoke to hill in prison where and he told investigators he drove swartz to arizona and suffocated her in a tucson hotel room. he said he dumped the body in the desert. investigators have never found a sign of her and that leaves kim swartz, amber's mother with lingering questions. >> my problem is confirming everything that he said at this point. and is it really him? >> reporter: those questions may never be answered. anderson died in prison before investigators could question him again. when we come back on "a
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second look," the man the fbi reportedly suspects of abducting and killing two 13- year-old girls in the area around fort ord.
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>> in 1998 a mystery began after christinia williams disappeared near her home in fort ord. in the decade that followed two develops came to light a 4-year- old boy seemed to have uncanny insight into the case at tile and sources say authorities have a suspect in mind, though he has never been charge. here is diane guerazzi reports from june of 2008. >> reporter: ten years after christina williams disappeared from the oldfort ord monterey
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base the family reminisced over photo. christina, forever 13 is with they will in their thoughts. >> whenever christina was first missing, it seemed like we make the next day and here we have years later. >> reporter: monterey was the focus of national media. president bill clinton was in town. michael jordan and the chicago bulls were playing the utah jazz. christina's mother and brother were watching the game in the fort order game when christina walked out of the home with her dog and never b returned. today the sergeant says he has a suspect and that these sketches widely publicized at the time were no help. fbi says it has discredited a joggers account that she saw
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two men anyway forward grenada with christin. says he believes the kidnapper drove up to christina on park flats road, pulled a gun and ordered her to get in the car. he says a soldier who was walking his own dog here at 7:30 saw no one, but on his way back to the same spot ten minutes later, this time his dog alerted. >> and as he turned around he saw greg sitting there with his leash, christiania was go. that soldier walked back down here and i think he just missed the abduction. >> reporter: christina's mother found greg walking home 45 minutes after christina disappeared. >> christina! >> volunteers joined law enforcement, searching the 28,000 acers of old fort ord. they looked under barracks and inside every room in 4100
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buildings. they look through the former enlisted club, but in spite of the searches, presidio police chief says it is possible that christina could have been kept there for a time. >> we found a rolled up newspaper where somebody used it a torch and nobody was down there for a long time. there was a film of dust and depress footprints in the dust. >> reporter: ten years ago, when he was the watch commander the search for christina led him here, following up on information from a 4-year-old boy, whose parents were convictioned he was psychic. >> they were at the dinner table and their son was eating in his high chair and all of a sudden he stopped eating and said i know where christina is. >> reporter: his parents said he could not have none about christina, because they have no television and they drove him to the police station and on the way -- . >> he said stop right now.
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he said call the police now, mommy. >> reporter: stopping at the spot where search dogs lost christina's scent. the boy later told police she was at two parks road, which no one understand essentially, but as it turned out the closest intersection was parker flats road and parker flats cutoff. >> no way he could have gotten information prior to telling us. >> reporter: the boy told him christina was held in a witch's castle with roots. >> he couldn't figure that out until he went to the basement where halloween decorations were stood. >> the hair stood up on the back of my neck, like it is now. off to the right a smaller cooler was converted into witch's castle and hanging from the ceiling were hundreds of black pieces of yarn and when you walked through the yarn would hit you at night in the dark and feel like spiderwebs, but it was like roots hanging down.
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>> rep down. >> i told the family that i believe she was dead 20 minutes after she was abducted. i firmly believe that. >> reporter: in spite of repeated pleas from family ten years ago. >>let christiania talk so we know she is okay. >> reporter: celebrities and reward and unrelenting detective work. >> we were doing lead as the 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: exactly seven months after christina disappeared her body was found by a uc santa cruz planter. >> there is definitely a suspect. >> reporter: sources tell us the man that the fbi suspect, but with no evidence to
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arrested is charles holifield, accused of two attacks that occurred on or near fort ord. michael williams says the fbi has told him who the suspect is, but asked him not to tell anyone. when we asked him directedly about holifield, he would only say that it the fbi looked at him as a possibility. >> one of the first things they to is looking at pedophiles in the area and charlie holifield is listed as a sex offender. >> reporter: a year before christina disappeared holifield spoke to channel 2 about megan's law, requiring police to notify neighbors if a high- risk sex offender lives nearby. >> i'm not a risk at all. >> reporter: holi field is now in prison, serving 52 years to life, having committed hi third strike, trying to commit a young woman in seaside three
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months after christina williams disappeared. >> i was also told that one of the reasons they can't get him to fess up is because then he could get the death penalty. >>my thought is that if god wants it solved, it will be solved. >> reporter: sources say they doubt the case will every been solved. will is always the opportunity for more information to come in and finally answer the question who killed christiania williams? >> last year the monterey herald newspaper reported that the fbi is looking at charles holifield as a possible suspect in the disappearance of another girl from seaside in april, 1998. two months before christina william was abducted and killed. 13-year-old ecatterena was last reported walk home and her route would have taken her near the home of holeifield's
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brother, a place he was known to hang out and drink beer. holifield remains in prison serve a life sentence. that is it for this week's "a second look." i'm frank somerville and we'll see you again next week.


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