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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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this restaurant is boarded up and clayed up. the owner might -- and chained up. the owner might not even know. how one campus demonstration ended early this morning. thankfully, it's not as
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windy today. but what about the rain? it's time now for "mornings on 2." welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, march 3rd. we're following overnight news in san jose where a fire broke out at a strip mall. janinedelavega is live at the scene where business owners are just starting to arrive. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, tori. other businesses are starting to arrive. you can see this restaurant right here, it's boarded up and it's chained shut. just because -- if you take a look inside its just a mess. just before 1:0 a.m.,
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firefighters were called -- 1:30 a.m., firefighters were called to this strip mall on story road. they saw flames and smoke in the back. firefighters had it under control in about an hour and a half. at this point, they do not believe it's arson. >> it appears there might have been an electrical fire in the back storage. we did have the fire investigators on the scene here. they've been through the rubble. it looks like it's going to be accidental in nature. >> we came yesterday with my daughter and nothing happened. we talked with the lady. oh, my good, i don't know. >> well, even though the sign on the restaurant says that -- that it is the grand opening here at -- at this this restaurant, other business owners tell us this has been
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open for a while. firefighters tried to contact the owner of the restaurant and they've had no success. when he and she arrives here this morning, it could be a complete surprise to them. damage is estimated at $200,000. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you. two former officers of a parent/teacher group accuse of em pezingle -- em pezingleing money -- embezzling. the two are accused of buying clothing, going on tripes and -- trips and doing other thingses with money. last july, a big fire at the school caused more than $10 million in damage. two teenagers were charged with arson. 7:03. this morning, protesters are now gone from uc berkeley after attempting to take over a
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building. during yesterday's day of action, police say about 50 protesters gathered at the wheeler hall. police say when it came time for the building to close, a smaller group of protesters locked arms and refused to leave the building. police say 17 people were arrested and cited for trespassing. yesterday's national day of action protests were a call by students to stop planned cuts to education. albany police say a teenager who may be armed is still missing this morning. 16-year-old john scott kiss appeared yesterday -- disappeared yesterday. his father says a gun and ammunition are also missing from the house. there was a lockdown because the school officials were concerned about the teenager. it's believed he's upset about recent problems. some charges may be filed against norman wielsch.
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he's being investigated on suspicion on the false arrest and kidnapping of a teenager. investigators believe wielsch took drugs from that teenager and pretended to scare him to set him straight. he's also accused of stealing drugs from the county evidence room. well, the work continues this morning on the new bay bridge tower. this is live right there. this is a part of the bridge where construction is happening where we speak. caltrans wants to help four sections of the new tower in place by tomorrow. the rainy we've been having have today m -- have made this a challenge. caltrans says the work should be done on time. all right. let's see how things are on the road today. a little better than yesterday, sal? >> they are better. we don't have the wet weather so it's making for a much better commute. the bay bridge toll plaza looks very nice. if you are driving into san
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francisco there is a small delay there. there will be some waiting behind the metering lights, but compared to us yesterday, it's an improvement. interstate 880, the same thing goes. we've had some very windy commutes out there. this is a look now at the south bay. southbound 101 at de la cruz. there is a new crash reported on the offramp. the paramedics are en route. this is near the san jose airport. they are still clearing an accident at 880 coleman. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a few breaks in the clouds. fog toward the north bay. there's been some light rain towards the peninsula and santa cruz mountains and near milpitas. there's also some going over the bay bridge. sun, clouds, mild, a cool lool -- a little cool in the morning. nothing compared to what we had a week ago. tomorrow, it will be warmer. now, for weekend, we'll start
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to include it up. north bay is gonna take the bulk of this, but cloudy on saturday. rain developing on the north way. but it could be one of those situations almost similar to what we had yesterday, where the peninsula and the south bay didn't have much. see how everything is rotating around the big low. speaking of the weekend, that's all going to play into our weekend forecast. it's more a mixed bag of sun and clouds and a few showers popping up here and there. there are some breaks in the clouds. watch right over the bay bridge, and highway 4, concord, clayton, pittsburg and down towards milpitas we've had some rain as well. the rain yesterday was ho-hum for some. not too bad for anyone. sanrafael had almost 2 inches of rain.
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kentfield, 1.85. santarosa, 1.40. after that, all ut the way down to -- all the way down to a trace. everything continues to rotate in out of the west-southwest. today we get a little slightly unsettled pattern. today, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. a dry forecast will carry us into. a lot of moisture in the air right now. 40s and 50s. mid-50s due to the cloud cover. if you get a break in the clouds, you get in the mid-40s. weak high pressure will build in for friday to give us a slightly warmer air mass. but by the weekend, all signs point to a pretty decent weekend. fog, clouds, a few breaks in those clouds. a few showers, 52 to 60 by noon. some low to mid-60s if you are in the sun. 62, santa rosa.
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63, fairfield. berkeley at 60. hayward, 62. we'll go 65 in gilroy. mountain view, los gatos, with santa cruz at 63. so sun, clouds, a few light showers. mostly sunny after fog tomorrow, then we cloud it up. rain starts in the north bay and should dip south sunday for entire bay area. 7:08. we're watching the clock because a critical deadline is looming tonight for 49ers and radar -- raider fans. kraig debro is live with reaction to a possible football lockout. >> reporter: good morning. as it gets closer to football season, fans appear to be panicking more now. owners and negotiators arrived for a meeting in washington, d.c. players are -- players will be there. according to "murph and mac," a
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popular radio talk show, players would be required to take an 18% paycut. the lockout could begin by tomorrow night. they've been telling everybody that's what they will do. now, according to the people we've talked to, they say that the fans aren't going to feel the pinch for right now but the 49ers will be hurt by this lockout more than the raiders. >> if it was mid-august and the giants and as were in the seller, we might have much more of a concern at the -- a concerned vibe at the station. but this is not quite at the forefront of our radar right now. the raiders will continue to work in the direction that was beginning to work for them last year, whereas the 9ers have to go all the way back to square one and rebuild again. the owners have a right --
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>> reporter: the owners have a right to lock the employees out if they -- legally. the players could certify the union. owners have warned against that. they say once they do that, they could file lawsuit. owners don't want that. they say if that happens, that could make the situation worse. again, meeting scheduled for this morning. we'll pass it back to you more later on -- pass it back to you and more on this later on. an important overnight development after the shooting of -- of a man.
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nighty night. a. good morning. a lot of fog in some areas. especially down towards los gatos, san jose. we'll have a mostly sunny day. this morning, federal investigators probing that the san bruno pipeline investigation, they are closely examining how pipelines are maintained. this is the third day of hearings on the san bruno explosion. ktvu's alison burns is following the hearing from our washington, d.c. newsroom. alison? >> reporter: let get right to the live cast of this hearing.
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pipeline safety experts are testifying about how problems are detected. we just heard from one witness who says with all of the technology available, it's still possible to miss the potentially fatal flaws in underground lines. federal investigators say the september 9th, san bruno explosion began at a badly reconstructed a -- reconstructed weld. the san bruno fire chief conceded he was clueless about the existence of a pipeline until it ruptured of the head of the national transportation safety board held pg&e about this serious risk. >> you have serious causes of concern. >> it causes us to step back and really ask the question, what are we doing wrong? >> reporter: we've also learned from documents this week that a pg&e inspector expressed
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concern about a sue line -- sewer line installed in the gas line. investigators want to know if that compromised the pipeline in any way. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison and we'll follow today's hearing for you all morning long. you can also get the latest information on our channel 2 website, just look for the gas line explosion tab for all of your coverage. 7:16. todays -- today, the international criminal court in the netherlands say it will investigate moammar gadhafi and his sons for some problems with the anti-government protesters. there are new reports of libya with more air strikes foremorses loyal to gadhafi. some leaders are asking for international help to impose a
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no-fly zone over libya. but robert gates said that would amount to an act of war since it would require the u.s. to attack libya and destroy its air defenses. investigators say the suspect in the airport in germany has confessed to targeting the u.s. military and says he acted alone. ariduka from kosovo is accused of the shooting and killing two at the airport. his family says he worked at the airport -- at the airport is a devout muslim. the shooting is being investigated as a possible act of islam terrorism. charges are being given to private first classman bradley manning, now included is aiding the enemy. that's a capital offense.
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prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty. today, mexican president, felipe calderon, will be at the white house to meet with president obama. now, this meeting comes at a pretty intense time with our countries. an immigration was killed recently, another wounded. the suspect, drug cartels. well, today former house speaker, newt gingrich, is expected to talk about the possibility that he will run for president in 2012. a spokesperson says fin grip will not set up an exploratory -- gingrich will not set up an exploratory committee yesterday. he says he and his wife need to tie up loose ends with businesses before they take that step. wisconsin republicans are trying to end a boycott by
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democrats -- democrats with a $100 fine for lawmakers who don't show up for roll call. 14 democrats have been absent for two weeks. just one democrat is needed for a quorum so the senate can vote on the controversy plan to cut collective bargaining rights for workers. the $100 fine is not the end of the world but it's certainly something that i think, once ginn, demonstrates the idea that this majority is trying to compel those senators to come back and do their jobs. >> fact is, we're working on negotiations, until those are resolved, until we have a good resolution, we're standing firm. >> reporter: fine -- >> the fine takes effect tomorrow. last week, the senate sopped -- stonned a bill to -- stopped a bill to on the senate floor.
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ohio senators approved a bill yesterday that weakens the power of unions to negotiate contracts. but republican-sponsored bill goes farther than the one in wisconsin by including police and firefighter unions. this bill now goes to the ohio house. 7:19. a videotape is at the center of an investigation, one that focus on a half-dozen san francisco police narcotics officers. now, the city's public defender's office released this video, saying it proves that those officers illegally searched two south of market apartments. there are also allegations some of those officers falsified police reports and committed perjury on the witness stand. >> are you considering maybe accusing yourself of -- you know, from the -- from the two statements, because you were the police chief at the time? >> there's absolutely no reason why i should recuse myself. >> both the police d and d.a.'s
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office are defending -- police department and the d.a.'s office are defending this. there's calls for an outside investigation. how a food fight between mobile vendors and restaurants in santa rosa has come to an end. good morning. traffic is moving well on interstate 680 so far this morning. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area.
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7:23. a southern california company is promising to have cleanup crews on stand by following a publicity stunt over the san francisco bay. the company, thg, released 10,000 red balloons over san francisco yesterday to promote its latest game but the release made some environmentalists furious because some of the balloons ended up in the bay.
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you can see here. the company says the balloons are 100% biodegradable. but even those take a while to disappear. the city of san francisco just scrapped a program that allowed food trucks to be in the -- to park in the downtown area. they are arguing the trucks were given an unfair advantage by letting them park for free. the city of oakland will soon take over the operation of the jack london aquatic center. the nonprofit that runs this will hand over the reins because of lack of funds. it is 7:24. let's check in with sal for an update on the commute. >> all right, tori and dave, traffic looks pretty good.
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out our traffic window, you can see the traffic at the toll plaza is backed up but it's not a very deep backup. it's about between five and ten minutes and certainly an improvement of what we've seen the last week. traffic also looks good on the bridge. this is 880 northbound. it's looking good there. no major problems. if you are driving through the by, the traffic is gonna be busy on -- area here, the traffic is gonna be busy. the pair paid medics -- paramedics are on the scene. let's go to steve. sal, fog, sun, showers. there's your forecast. wow. that doesn't look good. i have no idea what that is but it doesn't look good. maybe sal can touch on that. he's pretty good about that
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stuff. we have patchy fog. light showers have been popping unaround the santa cruz mott -- mountains. so san rafael touching on morning fog. we'll go 55 at noon and then 60 again. combination of some sun, clouds, faba -- maybe a few showers. that system to the far left of your screen will work its way in, material to the north by by saturday, saturday night. coming up in our next segment, i will show you a computer model forecast which really paint as lot of rain saturday night. today, a few showers, sunbreaks, a few mid-60s. yes, a few mid-60s. we're actually near normal on the temps. there will an a lot of -- there will be a lot of fog at night. and then on sunday, it will spread south for everyone. 7:26. a police chase goes
7:27 am
underground. where the chp arrested a man who ran from them. >> reporter: retaliation violence is escalating in the mission. he's a -- he's a little stray dog that's gone from being a stray to an internet sensation. this story has a -- this little dog has a story to tell about coming back from the dead.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. time now, 7:29. gang violence is on the rise in san francisco's mission district and there was an emergency meeting last night. ktvu's jade hernandez is in san francisco now with the details. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. police are saying yesterday's shooting that happened seven blocks away from this spot had to do with payback for someone messing with the memorial, a known gang member, according to police. gang retaliation has become a growing problem here. >> i know who the gangs are. i can't publicly tell you. but in some instances there's -- there's dispute -- disputes. we kind of have a sense on who the gang members are and the gang that are involved in this. >> reporter: yesterday's shooting victim, a reported gang member will survive. he was shot by a gunman fired
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rounds at him while standing at a sidewalk on 24th and harrison. the bullets struck a nearby home. police say that victim was the fifth here in the mission. yesterday, the san francisco police chief called an emergency meeting with head of the task force. sanfrancisco's supervisor and david -- david campos and other leaders. we're told the gang war and the peace between rival groups tried to solve the problem. now the community has to come together. >> we're not going to tolerate violence in our neighborhoods and streets. we want to send a very clear message that public safety is our top priority and that we're going to approach this in a way that really involves not only
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the police department but also the community. >> we've contacted the police department for more on what the department plans to do in the mission. we haven't heard back from the spokesman yet. we understand a peace rally is being planned by those concerned about the recent violence. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. fairfield police say they have new evidence in the murder of a solano county nursing student found stabbed to death last year. this woman was last seen at a bookstore in april. her body was discovered two weeks later in a wooded area of napa county. investigators are not revealing what the new evidence is but they say it could lead them to a suspect in this case. a man was arrested 8:00 last night following a traffic routine stop. officers say after the man was told to get out of the car, he
7:33 am
dropped a semi-automatic gun and then ran to a nearby tollbooth and then he ran into a tunnel used to get into the caltrans administration building. that build was surrounded by police and that man was later found hiding under a forklift. police in tiburon say they've made their third arrest using technology from recently installed security cameras at two entry points. police say they arrested a suspect on tuesday after the car's license plate image was detected by one of those cameras. the 27-year-old man from san francisco was stopped just west of downtown tib -- tiburon after the car he was driving triggered an alert when it was photographed leaving town. the car was reported stolen. an 8th grade math each teacher is in -- math teacher in atherton is on leave after one of the students called 911.
7:34 am
>> atherton police say the student at school was scared when her teacher rattled a chain and used profanity. she left the classroom and called 911. the teacher apparently was upset because the teacher said the -- because the students didn't know the answer to a problem. >> when have you a situation where the student feels threatened, then we feel a strong allegation to -- obligation to investigate what are the actual facts in that case. >> officers say when they arrived, the students were calm and didn't appear to be affected by the teacher's incident. this morning, caltrain will be asking for public inpit on how to close their budget -- input on how to close their budget. we're looking live at one of the stations there. also, mountain view officials
7:35 am
say they will be there. they will be lobbying to keep their san antonio station open. other ideas include raising fairs, limiting weekend time service to peak hours. 7:34. great news on the economy this morning. it's coming from some very familiar names in business. pam cook's in the newsroom with the surprises, nom of -- some of them good, some not so good. >> that's right. retail sales for february are in. many of them are much better than expected. 3.6 increase in sales is what was predicted. thage for last month, in february, but some of the retailers -- the average for laugh last month in february, but some of the retailers beat these numbers. limited brand, which owns victoria's secret and bath and
7:36 am
body works, they report a 12% increase in sales, especially back and body, up 12%. victoria's secret sales are up 15% from last month. that's probably due to valentine's day. nordstrom's sales jumped 12.3%. and wet seal, also ahead of predictions. now, target posted an increase in sales but it's less than 2% and less than forecast. another retailer that did not meet expectations, s an francisco-based gap. its same-store sales dropped 3%. analysts expected a drop but less than 1%. now, gap's main stores have struggled after stocking more trendy clothing. old navy and banana republic also carry that merchandise.
7:37 am
but they both saw decreases last month. there could be a harder month coming because of the gas prices. reporting live in the newsroom, back to tori and dave. >> thank you, pam. sal, what's happening in contra costa county? >> well, dave and tori, we're watching the traffic getting busier on highway 4, even though it's not raining and it's not as bad as it has been. we do see some traffic in the area i've circled there. traffic is going to be busy as you drive to 680. 680 looks all right. if you are driving on 580 that commute looks okay over to castro valley. dublin traffic is okay. southbound 880 at tenny isn't. there is a crash. it could affect your drive, even though it's not in the lanes. today will be a little better than usual but you will certainly see slow traffic.
7:38 am
traffic continues to look good on 280. it's getting more crowded. you can tell you are seeing some slowing. and finally, we always check the bay bridge toll plaza, that looks like an eight- to ten-minute delay. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. it won't be like yesterday where it was mainly an off-and- on rain day. 3inches up cazadero. son and clouds. a lot of clouds around. a few showers, light, fool for -- cool for a while but on the mild sun. any son and we'll get -- any sun and we'll get into the low to mid-60s. even though it's getting later in the season, it's warmer.
7:39 am
saturday, it may stay up there for a while. i will show you that coming up. we've gone from north to south, from west to east and that's what's bringing in a warmer air mass. partly sunny, scattered showers, a dry forecast on friday. some of that rain looks like it is taking aim so far around the peninsula. nothing too heavy. parts of the peninsula and then milpitas, san jose and near los gatos. it continues to rotate in from this system, now for your weekend, there's one area and one area here. there will be a lot of clouds moving in. but the forecast might be like the rain totals we had yesterday. the peninsula/south bay, hardly anything. 40s towards napa, fairfield, santa rosa and light showers towards the peninsula and also the south bay. you can look a -- you can got a good look at the system.
7:40 am
weak high pressure will build in. but the projections show the forecast models and by saturday could be getting rain, but concord might have to wait until sunday morning. this is forecast model projected for rain and snow. a few light showers by 1:00. generally a quieter pattern. there's your pattern. now, watch what happens saturday morning. mendocino county and lake county starts to get the rain in there. by 4:00 saturday, that's pretty good rain starting to move into the north bay, yet from san francisco east and south there's not a lot. this could be a decent rain producer for the north bay and hese -- and these are warmer systems not cold. fog, clouds, showers. there are some breaks in the clouds. sun, clouds, on the mild side and then temperatures, clouds, sun, maybe a few lingering
7:41 am
showers. but 58 to 65. low 60s. we're sitting in the 50s for -- for some. temperatures will be at about the -- about the same on friday. on saturday, as you saw, we cloud it up and then sunday it looks like everybody gets into it sunday morning. a little stray puppy in oklahoma has triggered an adopttion frenzy after he escaped an attempt to euthanize him. he was given four doses. the shelter manager says he found this pup prancing around in a trash bin the next day. the little dog nick nailed, wally, after a -- nicknamed wally, after a disney character, was checked out by a vet the next day. >> the vet checked him out. his heart is fine.
7:42 am
he needs a special home because he's a special dog. >> now the shelter -- shelter is sifting through hundreds of applications for adoption. family members react to the supreme court's decision allowing protests at soldiers' funerals. also -- why could cut ties with more than 10,000 of its affiliates here in california.
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leaves god is -- believes -- believes that god is pushing them and that's why they've been at the funeral, doing this. now, one man sued the church in 2007 because he was claiming this was an invasion of privacy and caused emotional distress
7:46 am
at that funeral. the lower court awarded family $5 million but this case was taken all the way up to the supreme court after the church appealed and in the ruling yesterday, chief justice john roberts is quoted here saying "speech is powerful. it can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow. as it did here, inflict great a pain. on the facts before us, we cannot react to the pain by punishing this speaker." of course, a surprised reaction from the snyder family. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common senses that god gave out. we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in this country with dignity. what is the -- what is this country becoming? >> reporter: this case is a very narrow ruling, tori,vy to say. it really pitted privacy rights
7:47 am
to first -- i have to say. it really pitted privacy rights to first amendment rights and this group. >> was there any dissension? >> reporter: one and that was by justice scalia and this injures the family members and the loved ones because they want to have a peaceful funeral for their loved ones. so clearly one dissension there and high, high emotions, surrounding the entire subject on all sides. i should mention even though chief justice john roberts and the majority of justices voted in favor of first amendment rights, they still say they don't necessarily have to agree with what speaker is saying. >> all right. certainly very true. all right. sandra endo live in washington, d.c. for us. thank you. 7:47.
7:48 am
after the supreme court's decision, the westborough church is now targeting a san jose school. tom church members will picture gunder son. and play about mathew shepherd. members of the local gay, less we upand transgender say there will be a -- lesbian, transgender say there will be a protest. even more counter protests are planned on social networking sites. student actors have been told they could opt out of this play. so far, none has chosen to do that. tomorrow night is the last performance of the play. taking a live look at the big board on wall street. wow. look at that. oil prices easing below $200 a
7:49 am
barrel. the unrest in libya is one of the reasons the market's down. one of the reasons the markets are up. also, the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits dropped by 20,000 last week. that puts it at $368,000, the lowest number in nearly three years. analysts had forecast a slight increase. applications were less than 425,000 tend to indicate modest job growth. a major oil company is blocking bonuses of several executives. bp announced it is holding back money due to executives responsible for operations in the gulf of mexico during last year's disastrous well blowout.
7:50 am
that includes former ceo tony hayward and the production chief. the former ceo has decided to forgo his bonus and he's the only executive to receive a pay increase after he took the top job. the s.e.c. is backing a proposal to make top executives at big wall street firms wait at least three years to be paid at least half of their annual bonus. it also sports dumping a requirement that money-market funds invest only in securities with dre ditt ratings. and they the funds could assess the securities -- credit ratings and then the funds could assess the securities themselves. may cut ties with 10,000 -- of its affiliates. they are fighting a tax on
7:51 am
internet purchases. one california official calls the move by amazon a threat to california jobs. it's ten minute now -- ten minutes now before 8:00. a girl reported missing is found safe. why she was hiding from her family. and what's keeping serena williams off the tennis court? ♪
7:52 am
[ female announcer there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life.
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♪ good morning, "discovery." that was "city of blinding lights." >> now see, i knew that. now everybody's awake. today is actually a rest day for the astronauts on the international space station after a really good successful spacewalk yesterday. they are gonna undock the "discovery" and later on today,
7:54 am
they will be expecting a special phone call from the president. president obama. discovery-- "discovery" will make its last and final trip back to earth this sunday. this morning, a 13-year-old girl is safe after hiding from her family in a hotel room. the san bernardino county sheriff's department says the girl was found yesterday afternoon after a relative who was helping her hide. now those who helped her hide, her siblings, are in custody. conrad murray will have to wait a little while longer for his trial to start. the judge postponed opening statements until may to give both sides more time to share information with each other. murray is charged with giving
7:55 am
jackson a leagueful anesthetic lead -- lethal anesthetic leading to his death. serena williams's hospitalized for a blood clot in her lungs. she was rushed to the hospital on monday and had emergency treatment. she's hoping to be on the court by early summertime. she's not played tennis professionally since she -- since she injured her foot on glass after winning at wimbledon. >> they are really talented, those sisters. they really are. what's happening with traffic, sal? >> we have a crash right there at highway 9. still some slow traffic getting into los gatos because of the crash. a big rig hit the right sound wall and is now blocking the right lane. let's move along to northbound
7:56 am
101 at de la cruz. there is -- there is an accident. hayward, union city freemont heading southbound. out to live pictures. this is a look of 880 further up. it looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like things have improved. let's go to steve. sal, we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies, sum sun breaks in there -- some sunbreaks in there. a little bit of blue sky there. we'll have a combination of sun and clouds. the light showers will probably pick up later on. there were some, about milpitas to san jose. that's san mateo and the santa cruz coastline. what i'm trying to say there's more fog to the north and a few light showers to the south. most of those look like they are winding down. we'll see -- see partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. the next system takes aim for north bay on saturday. 40s and 50s. the fog to the north and more clouds to the south. but some mild conditions and
7:57 am
after friday, all eyes are focused on that system coming in. 60s for highs today. i know we have some 40s now. there will be upper 50s, low 60s to the north and mid-60s here towards the south bay, santa clara valley. machine on friday. a lot of moisture. we'll have to deal with fog. clouding it up on saturday for everybody. rain in the north bay and that should keep south for everybody. tori and dave? >> all right. thank you, steve to an overnight fire at a south bay strip mall. investigators still want to answer one critical question. something happening tonight could cause a lot of misery for 49er and raider fans this fall. the list of really disturbing charges against a top bay area narcotics officer is getting longer.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> reporter: this restaurant is boarded up and chained up and the owner may not even know this morning. we'll tell you what happened here and what investigators are saying. how a day of action protests ended overnight on one local campus. >> reporter: what's happening tonight in march that could affect the 49ers and raiders in
8:00 am
september. well, the wind's gone for the most part. can we get rid of the clouds and rain? time now for the second hour of "mornings on 2." good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> it's thursday, march 3rd. topping the news at this hour, the a critical deadline is looming tonight for 49er and raider fans. kraig debro is live in san francisco now with reaction to the hospital pro football lockout. kraig, this comes down to two really rich groups arguing about dividing up a lot of money. >> reporter: yeah, but it's all relative. if you are one of those groups, you don't see it that way. you are trying to make as much money as you can. now, they are all stating -- sitting down right now in washington, d.c. trying to
8:01 am
avoid a lockout. people were calling in to a radio station about this. if you just took a look at the super bowl, you would wonder what is the problem? that super bowl xlv was the most watched tv show in the history of nfl television. you talk to a lot of fans, even the experts and it's hard for many to have sympathy. >> i think it's a lot of -- a lot of malarky in my opinion. i think the players get paid enough. i don't think there is the need for a lockout. but that's my take on it. >> it's hard to relate to billionaires who are asking for more billions and millionaires who are arguing for more millionaires. >> reporter: now, the lockout, if it comes to fruition -- especially if it's in place later this year -- it won't only hurt the teams and fans but the 49ers are seeking to
8:02 am
build a new stadium, weather that's in santa clara or somewhere else. the nfl has a fund up to $300,000 they give teams or loan the teams so they can help build their stadium. how far, that seems po to be part of the -- that seems to be part of the problem. the cowboys stadium cost a billion dollars. the 49er station is supposed to -- stadium is supposed to cost a billion dollars. so the revenue on this agreement will not end. without discussion about the stadiums. back to you. >> thank you. we're following something that happened hours ago in san jose. a fire re-- erupted at a mexican restaurant in a strip mall. janinedelavega is there. i understand the owner of the strip mall has arrived there as well. >> reporter: that's right. the owner. strip mall showed up about a half an hour ago. very surprised to find out there was a fire in his
8:03 am
building. he's been trying in vein to try to ahold -- to try to get ahold of the owner. so far, that's been unsuccessful. the number is disconnected. you can see the restaurant is boarded -- boarded up and changed up. the fire broke out at story road and lucricia. firefighters were on another call nearby but they were able to come quickly and knock it down and contain it in about an hour and a half. it did not spread to the other nearby businesses. investigators have already come here and they have -- they believe that the cause is electrical and that it originated in a storage unit in the back of the restaurant. >> there's heavy smoke damage to the restaurants. it will not be able to open today or any time soon. they pretty much are out of business for now because of the heavy fire and smoke and water damage. >> i'm sad because they -- they
8:04 am
are really nice and also the lady works very hard, you know. >> reporter: well, other businesses in the strip mall have been boarded up. they also have padlocks on their doors and that is because firefighters had to break into the other businesses to check to see if there was any smoke damage but luckily, that didn't occur again. most damage was done at the restaurant here. we've been told by the owner of the strip mall that usually this restaurant opens up in about an hour hour, at 9:00 a.m. -- in about an hour, at 9:00 a.m. so we're expecting to see the owner any time. if he does show up, this is going to be a very unpleasant surprise. $200,000 in damage we're told and it won't be opening um any time soon. ja nin de la vega, ktvu channel
8:05 am
2 news. >> thank you. alameda county deputies are searching for an inmate who escaped. he was brought back to the jail from court on tuesday night but somehow ended up in the inmate release room and was let go by mistake. he had been jailed on suspicion of car theft. albany police say a teenager who may be armed is still missing this morning. 16-year-old john scott disappeared yesterday. his father says a gun and ammunition are also missing from their home. albany schools were locked down yesterday, just as a precaution because officials were debbed about this runaway -- concerned about this runaway teenager. officials say he's angry about a few things. norman we will, is being investigated on -- norm --
8:06 am
normallen wielsch is accused of taking drugs from a teenager and attempting to arrest him in order to set him straight. he's also accused of stealing drug -- stealing drugs stolen from the county evidence room. during yesterday's day of action, police say about 50 protesters gathered at wheeler hall. police say when it came time for the billing -- billing to close, a smaller group of protesters locked arm and refused to leave the building. police say 17 people were arrested and cited fortress bags -- trespassing. yesterday's call of action was a call by police to stop planned cuts to education. 8:06. let's get you to where you need to know. hey, sal, have you fixed things on highway 24. we're looking pretty good but we've just now heard of an accident in san francisco on they -- onny streets in anza between -- on streets in anza.
8:07 am
we're trying to run details down. if you happen to be in the area, you can send me a message somehow and let me know what you see. let's go out and take a look at the santa cruz mountains, commute northbound 17. we have an accident at highway 9 northbound, a truck ran into a wall there and traffic is busy. we also have a look at northbound 101, de la cruz, they are dearing an accident there. the nimitz freeway, no surprises. it's getting better but the fremont part is betting busier. westbound 24, we mentioned that. westbound 24 is improving a little bit. still pretty thick. when you get to the toll plaza, that traffic has improved quite a bit. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. fog up the north. there's been light rain in the peninsula and south bay. it looks like most of that is over now. we'll have a dom bin nation of sun and -- combination of sun
8:08 am
and clouds. still some rain continuing to thicken up on the north coast, eureka, crescent city. for us, more clouds, more show than go. there's still some isolated showers in there. so partly sunny to mostly cloudy for a while. it will be changeable here today. friday looks dry. mostly sunny a little warmer after some very thick early- moving fog. a couple of showers are popping up. no big deal. just a little. you might encounter mist, drizzle or light rain. about a week ago, it was coming straight down out of the north. so the pattern has changed. the coastline, there could be a few light ones left. most of it looks to be over with. 40eneds and 50s -- 40s and 50s. sanrafael our target forecast. starting off at 46 and then up
8:09 am
to 60 today. well, after friday, then we'll start to watch this system here and also some other moisture coming in. it looks like it all wants to take aim the north bay by saturday evening. that looks to be where the heaviest rain is set up and sunday. it may take a while and there may not be much south towards san jose just like yesterday. we have another way to ease into this. 44 to 54, fog, sun, clouds, showers, a little bit of everything here this morning. sun, clouds and mild at noon and then by 4:00, 58 to 65, yes. partly sunny, partly cloudy. low 60s upper 50s for some. but temperatures starting off. it will had only take about 10 degrees to get to some of these highs. more of the same on friday. probably more sunshine after some thick fog in the morning. then we cloud it up. and then we move south on sunday. 8:09. crews in new zealand, they've
8:10 am
give be up -- given up hope of finding any survivors from last week's big earthquake. now they are trying to recover bodies out of rubble like this. 161 bodies have already been recovered. final death toll could be as much as 240. no one has been found alive there since last when -- since last wednesday, the day after the earthquake. the 21-year-old suspect at the shooting in a german airport is speaking out now. what he's telling security officials. and wisconsin democrats calling it a scare tactic, the republicans' latest move to get democrats to agree -- that's next.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
well, good morning. if you haven't looked outside the window, we do have a few breaks in the clouds. it looks like the rain is winding down. look for a partly sunny day. temperatures will even warm up to a 60s in the santa clara valley. investigators say that 21- year-old suspect in yesterday's airport shooting in germany confessed to the attack on u.s. soldiers and claims he acted alone. the suspect identified as an ethic albanian from kosovo is
8:14 am
accused of killing two americans worked at the airport. there are new reports from rib we yaw of more air strikes -- from libya of more air strikes today. some rebel leaders are asking for help to inpose a in-fly zone over libya. however, robert gates is cautious. he said that would amount to an act of war since it would require the u.s. to attack libya and destroy its air defenses. it's the final day of a federal hearing looking into the san bruno pipeline explosion. it's been an eye-opening two days of testimony so far. alison burns has been cover egg the hearing for us.
8:15 am
what will the focus be on on this final day, alison? >> reporter: tori, the focus today is making sure this doesn't happen again. investigators are taking a look at new pipeline technologies, detecting leaks and protecting pipeline integrity. this is a look at the ntsb webcast from this morning's testimony. the bottom line from this panel, there's new technology to find flaws. it's not foolproof. pipeline workers, pg&e are under the microscope today about how those lines are inspected. investigators are taking pg&e to task for not notifying first responders and san bruno residents about the existence of the pipeline. jackie speier says she's introduced legislation to a make sure it -- to make sure it
8:16 am
doesn't happen again. >> there's a very sim pill solution. i've-- simple solution, i've introduced hr-2. it would require pg&e and every other utility of this country to notify the homeowner who is within 2,000 feet of a transmission line. >> reporter: the report and safety recommendations are expected to be issued in set. now, a few moments ago, a representative from the -- a representative from the -- with the the american gas association was testifying and she raised a lot of eyebrows when she said she sees the san bruno disaster as an anomaly. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. 8:16. wisconsin republicans are trying to -- trying to end the boycott by democrats with a $100 a day fine for lawmakers who don't show up for roll call. some members have been absent
8:17 am
for two weeks. just one democrat is needed for a quorum to take place so the senate can vote on the plan to cut collective bargaining rights for public employees. >> the $100 fine is not the end of the world. it's something that i think, once again, demonstrates the idea that this majority is trying to compel those senators to come back and do their job. >> is we're working on negotiations and until those are resolved and until we have a new resolution, we're standing firm. >> well, this fine would start tomorrow for any senator who is absent for two or more days without leave. last week the senate stopped a bill to stop direct deposit of payments. and the ohio senate is staking -- is taking a stand against republicans there. one bill would weak be the
8:18 am
power to negotiate the contracts. however, the sponsored bill goes farther in wisconsin. they are including police and firefighter unions. this bill now goes to the ohio house. one governor jerry brown's ideas to save the state money is to consolidate some of the hundred aide -- sol of the hundreds of special districts across the state -- some of the hundreds of special districts across the state. in marin county, there are 30 special sanitary districts. >> if you are redundant, it's an ununnecessarily -- unnecessariry expense, you have to compromise. >> people say we're the worst of it. those people have an agenda. i don't know what their agenda
8:19 am
is. 8:18. today, mexican president, felipe calderon, will be at the white house meeting with president obama. now, the meeting between the two comes at a pretty tense time between our two countries. three weeks ago a u.s. immigration agent was killed. another one was wounded. the suspects -- drug gunmen in mexico. that agent was the first u.s. law enforcement official to be killed in the line of duty in mexico in more than 20 years. today, former house speaker, newt gingrich, is expected to talk about a mob 2012 presidential -- possible 2012 presidential campaign. his spokesperson says he won't be setting up an exploratory committee yet. he says he and his wife need to tie up loose ends with their businesses before they do that.
8:20 am
the army has filed almost two dozen new charges against the army private suspected of turning over tins of thousands -- tens of thousands of classified documents to to wikileaks. the new charges include aiding the enemy. that's a capital offense. but prosecutors say they won't seek the death penalty. private manning has been held in a military jail since july. 8:19. a decision by san francisco court could make it harder for some people to get a job. why a federal appeals court is upholding a one-strike rule. and where one of northern california's most popular tourist spots is. good morning. traffic on 237 looks okay so far. you drive through the valley -- you drive through valley. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
san francisco police have made an arrest in connection with a homicide in north beach. a 58-year-old homeless woman is accused in the shooting death of lynn magny sonson whose -- magnyson, whose body was found in his business. a man, 33, was arrested also on burglary charges but he's not
8:24 am
facing charges. an injunction would make it illegal for the 40 gangs members to gather in a large area of the fruitvale neighborhood. opponents say the injunetion could lead to -- injunction could lead to racial profiling. a san francisco federal appeals court uphelds the one- strike rule for those who tested positive for marijuana. yesterday, it was ruled that the long shoremen's rule does not implement recovering addicts. a $500,000 bill is being
8:25 am
pushed -- for wildlife. a senate committee passed a senate bill two years ago but it has not been any -- gone any further since. >> tahoe is beautiful. >> yes, it is. we have something more serious to talk about with sal, a crash. >> that's rye. eighth and clement. it's in san francisco's richmond district. watch out for the traffic to be slow. ache and clement -- eighth and le meant. traffic is busy on 101 heading down to san mateo. 280 is a much better commute. this morning's commute if you are driving on 808 south, it will be busy. 880 north, that traffic is moving along okay getting up past the coliseum. no major problems driving past there and when you get to the toll plaza, it has been nice and light, although there is a little more of a backup on the middle lanes. let's go to steve. all righty, sal.
8:26 am
some low clouds, nothing and sunbreaks, up to the hills and the north bay. we have had a few showers for a while. our photojournalist confirming exactly what i just said. we have some low clouds around. we'll have a partly sunny day. a couple of showers went down to milpitas and not a big deal. if you are watching you -- watching us towards the north, things begin to develop off eureka. -- but for us, it look like we'll have a mostly sunny, partly sunny day. still a few showers. the fog in the north bay will lift. there's nothing above it. once you get rid of that, it will be sunny? tomorrow looks good. today, sun, some clouds but it will be warmer. we mentioned a few showers. nothing like we had yesterday. 50s for a few but a lot of low and mid-60s. mostly sunny, slightly warm he on saturday. rain to the north bay, coo be
8:27 am
moderate to heavy. 8:26. a bay area police chase goes underground. how a robbery suspect ended up in a caltrans tunnel. good morning. i'm jade hernandez. i just got off the phone with san francisco police chief and he says they are planning enforcement activity in the mission after several retaliation shootings. that story -- straight ahead. in 90 minutes or so, you can start sounding off on caltrain and tell them how to keep their budget on track.
8:28 am
the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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good morning. welcome back. 8:29. there has been a surge in gang violence in san francisco's mission district. now police are taking steps to
8:30 am
stop it. ktvu's jade hernandez is in san francisco now with the latest from the police chief. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i just got off phone with san francisco police chief godan. he says they are planning action and the purpose of yesterday's meeting was to pull in the community for reenforcement. >> i basically put them on notice and said we need some help as an agency, we cannot solve the problem. the police department needs all of the other stakeholders involved from the community groups, from the gang intervention groups. we all have to come -- to come to the table. we, the sfpd, need everyone on the same page to help solve this crisis. >> reporter: police say yesterday's shooting had to do with somebody messing with this memorial here, that it was retaliate. now, yesterday, around noon, seven blocks from this spot,
8:31 am
someone opened fire on a rival gang member at 24th and harrison. gunman fired 15 rounds a the man and struck him once. a stray bullet also struck a nearby home. police say the man shot was the fourth gang-related victim since saturday. and that's why the police chief called an emergency meeting with the head of the task force, david compose and other city lead -- campos and other city leaders. to combat the problem, police have amped up patrols and they will plan to explore other options as well. we also understand a peace rally is being planned bier to community groups because they are -- planned by other community groups because they are concerned about the violence. [no audio ]
8:32 am
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speaking of san rafael, especially the north bay.
8:40 am
it will probably stay there until saturday night and then sunday start to drop south. you could see another two-plus inches towards the north bay. today, sub and clouds, slightly warmer. a lot of sunshine here. again, with temperatures starting off around 52, 53, it wouldn't take much to get to the low 60s especially towards gilroy, mostly sunny, there will be thick fog and then it looks good. rain starts in the north bay. it will be a slow process but dip south for everyone. tori and dave? >> all right. a bizarre police chase ended last night after a man gained access to an underground caltrans tunnel at the bay bridge toll plaza. the chp says he was arrested around 8:00 p.m. following a routine traffic stop. officers say the man dropped the semi-tut gun and ran to a nearby tool both -- tool booth
8:41 am
when they asked him to get out of the car and then he ran into the tunnel to enter the building. the building was surrounded and the man was found hiding under a forklift. police in tiburon have made their third arrest using technology from security cameras at the town's entrance points. police say they arrested a suspect in a car theft on tuesday after the car's license plate image was detected by the one -- by one of the cameras. a 27-year-old man from san francisco was stopped after the car he was driving triggered an alert when it was photographed because the car had been stolen. >> the cameras. >> yeah. 8:41. some big economic news this morning. one of them involves jobs. the other one involves the biggest names in detail -- retail. and a troubled actor goes on the internet and makes the guinness book of world records.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
some san jose strip mall businesses are boarded up right now after an early-morning fire. investigation continues into the exact cause of the fire. today is the third and final day of this hearing in washington, d.c. looking into
8:45 am
the san bruno pipeline that blew up in september. and the number of people filing for first-time benefits filings fell for the first time in three years. despite stores and rising gas prices many retail remembers reporting -- reporting -- many retailers are reporting positives. pam cook has more. >> well, the numbers are in. many better than expected. they already have a warning about march. now, the prediction of gas prices and the late timing of easter will both hurt sales this month. so many of the stocks are trading lower this morning despite posting good, strong
8:46 am
numbers for february. as for february, the numbers in this morning, analysts expected an average increase in sales about 3.5% last year. but several companies are beating those expect takes,ed bath and body works reported an increase in@ sales of 10 -- an increase in sales of 10%. discounters, kohls, t.j. maxx, ross, all did pretty well last mob. another retail that did not meet expectations, s an francisco-based gap. the same-store sales fell 3% in february, making it one of the biggest losers in the group. gap's name brand stores have struggled the last few quarters and old navy and banana republic stores, which have been carrying the retailer, both posted a drop in sales
8:47 am
this month. one retail analyst put this best -- when people have to pay $50 to $75 to fill up their gas tank, it's a big hit to other things. back to you. >> thank you. no bonuses for several bp oil executives. bp announced it is holding back -- holding back the money owed to executives blamed for the gulf oil disaster. that includes tony hayward and former production chief. the current ceo has decided to to forgo his bonus for last year. he was the only executive to get a pay increase after he took the new job. and the s.e.c. is taking a step -- is taking a step against two factors that contributed to the meltdown. the s.e.c. is backing a man to make top executives of big wall street companies wait three years to be paid at least half of their
8:48 am
annual bonuses. it also requires dumping the elimination requirement. amazon said it could cut ties with 10,,000 afill -- affiliates. they are fighting a state proposal to tax internet purchases. last month, amazon said it would close a texas dib tris bub center -- distribution center after that state said they owed uncollected sales tax. one california state of board equalization member calls this move a threat to california jobs. this morning twitter's cofound irsays the company wants to remain independent despite rumors it could be acquired by another firm. stone told a global conference in korea, there are always reports that someone -- there's already reports that someone wants to buy the company.
8:49 am
8:48. well, actor charlie sheen, who we've talked about quite a bit lately, september set a new -- set a new guinness world record by setting up twitter. m 25:17, he had -- in 25-17, he had more than a -- in 25 minute hours and 17 minutes, he had more than a million followers. when asked why he has been so keen on twitters -- twitter, he seas he has so many followers, he can score a fortune with the advertising related to it. well, apple's stocks are up after the unveiling of the new phone by steve jobs. >> we're incredibly happy with this. when you get your hands on one, it feels totally different. steve jobs is there. he appeared noticably thin at yesterday's unveiling in san francisco.
8:50 am
he didn't talk about his health problems either. instead he focused on the ipad which is set to be faster and thinner than the original ipad. the new ipad goes on sale next week, a price tag of between $500 to $830. two bay area miss -- two bay area businesses are at the top of fortune magazine's m ost- wented -- most low pressured -- most relative humiditied companies this year. cisco systems, google, intel, hewlett-packard and wells fargo and ebay are all in the top 50. fortune magazine asked business people from all over the world to name the companies they admire the most. a lot of people admiring a stray puppy in oklahoma. she's defied death and is now the focus of an adoption frenzy. the stray was given two lethal doses of a sedative because he
8:51 am
and four other abandoned pups appeared ill and unadoptable. but the next day the shelter manager said he found this pup prancing around a trash bip. the dog nicknamed wally after a disney character, had a lethal injection to the heart. a vet checked him out and he is fine. >> his heart is fine. he needs a special home because he's a special pup. >> now the managers are sifting through hundreds of requests to adopt the pickup and -- pup and plans to adopt him out. >> i see a movie coming. >> yeah. officials in san jose want to save a downtown movie theater. how governor brown is hurting their options. and we'll update the condition of tennis star, serena williams, after a serious scare.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
san jose's elementary school that was plagued with arson is now dealing with another serious crime. two teachers are accuse of embezzling more than $150,000. one of the teachers was arrested yesterday at school. vanessa reyes is missing and is still at large, believed to be in southern california. they are accused of use the money to buy clothing, take
8:55 am
trips and buy other items with that money. also that fire caused more than $10 million in damage. two teenagers were charge -- teenagers were charged with arson. fairfield police say they have no -- they have new evidence in the death of a solano woman. she was reported missing and then two weeks later her body was found in a wooded area of napa county. investigators won't say what the new evidence is but it could lead them to a suspect in the case. conrad murray, doctor charged in the death of michael jackson, will have to wait for a -- have to wait a little while for the trial to start. the judge is giving both sides more chance to share information with each other. the trial starts in may. if convicted, dr. con ray faces four years in police -- murray
8:56 am
faces four years in prison. serena williams is recovering from a blood clot in her lugs. she was rushed to the hospital on mobbed. she received the -- on monday. she received the treatment in los angeles. she's hoping to be back on the court by the summer. she's not played professionally after hurting her foot on glass after winning in wimbledon. also mariah carey says she's embarrassed over a concert that's connected to libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. she said she didn't know the concert she performed in was connected to gadhafi. she's one of several singers who were given money to pay privately for the gad happenfy family. she said she will deliver the proceeds to a human rights organization now. officials are trying to
8:57 am
save the sinny caus downtown before redevelopment funds are taken away. the city wants to use redevelopment agency funds to forgive camera 12 'rent through march 2010. but governor brown is trying to eliminate the redevelopment agencies altogether and that could be decided as soon as next week. 8:56. sal-- sal's there's cameras in san jose and all over. >> that's right. we're starting northbound 101. it's getting better. there was a crash on 101 that's clearing. this morning we're looking at 88 -- 880. the track is very slow -- slow. at the toll plaza, we've had resurgence. not too bad. let's go to steve. all right. mostly sunny, today. the temperatures are climbing back up to the mid-60s. saturday we cloud it up and
8:58 am
rain in the north bay for everybody in sunday. >> will there be snow? >> these are warm systems. there was a little bit of snow up at lake levels but it rain for a while. >> a lot of people are enjoying the skiing up there. >> there's a lot of snow up there. all right. thank you for joining us, everybody. >> bye now.
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