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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:59pm PST

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. live in roanoke park where hundreds showed up to support one of their one who lost their daughter in a tragic accident accident. >> the cold weather leading to produce problems. >> and the turmoil in lybia blamed for a spike in gas prices and they could spread to other items soon. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktu. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. a quiet memorial today in the north bay to remember a young life lost at the hands of a young distracted driver. paul chambers was at the event with the story you will only see here. >> reporter: heather it's
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wrapping up right now. cars filing out as we speak. it was the first public appearance since the tragic accident, she is able to see the love from her community. >> lots of people and it's amazing. >> everybody is touched by this story because it could happen to anyone. >> reporter: it was december 1st when murray and her 2-year- old were crossing the street. an 18-year-old who on the phone struck them killing callie and leaving murray with two broken legs and a shatters pelvis. >> it's about supporting the family who doesn't have insurance and raising awareness about all of us being careful. >> reporter: that event still touching many. everything in a room includeth venue was donated. a school created paintings, they shared stories with
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students. >> they starting car washes, bake sales, they wanted to create art to sell it. >> just want to do something for the people but i don't know what. >> reporter: the family said they aren't used to be on the receiving end. they would rather do for others but today is about them and getting the word out about not using the phone if you are driving. >> don't ruin somebody's life by trying to answer the phone or text. >> let it ring. put it in my glove com partment. not put my or somebody else in danger. >> reporter: murray was able to show the crowd her progress by standing before them. her husband said she can take ten step was a walker. they hope to raise $20,000 for all the proceeds going to the family. >> oakland firefighters today quickly put out a fire inside a duplex. the building is in east oakland. fire department said the fire
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broke out inside a heating unit. nobody was hurt. the extent of the damage is not yet known. >> three people were killed in two crashes on bay area roadways. a driver and passenger both died after a collision on interstate 880 and vacaville. emergency crews found the sedan on the right shoulder. the highway patrol said an investigation shows the driver was travel in the eastbound direction but for an unknown reason she drove off the highway and struck a tree. around the same time one man was killed and another was seriously injured after their car overturned on highway 101 in east palo alto. a witness apparently saw the driver race another car before hitting the sound wall and crashing on the university avenue on-ramp. >> san francisco firefighters pulled off a dramatic rescue today at land's end. they rescued a man who spent
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more than 12 hours in the cold after falling off a cliff. the fire department said he climbed up alone last night and fell down and broke his ankle. just before eight hikers on a trail heard him crying for help and called the police. firefighters were able to get to him onto a rescue boat. besides breaking the ankle he had hypothermia. concern growing in san francisco tonight for an at risk elderly man missing since thursday. the 73-year-old kenneth chin lived at an asifted living facility. his caregivers say they walked him to a bus stop to take him to a senior center but he never came back. . about 40 searched but there was in sign of him. searchers say his age and the fact he may not be dressed for the weather are concerns. anyone who may have seen him is asked to call police. >> the bay area said good-bye
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today to the frigid temperatures. mark is in the weather center with more on the noticeable change. >> reporter: that's right. in fact temperatures this afternoon warmed up into the 50s. today nice recovery in to the mid to upper 50s as you can see, all the clouds moving out of the bay area. here is the forecast in the short term. at 6:00 temperatures 45 to 50. a bit of a breeze with winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour. we head toward the 8:00 hour. 42 to 47. temperatures cooling off. by 10:00 back down to the upper 30s to the lower 40s. that will set the stage for a cold morning but no freeze warning, no frost advisories for tomorrow. coolest around 32, 33, santa rosa, forecast low of 34, san jose 46, haywood 38 with partly to mostly cloudy, look at this into the monday, there is a chance of a few showers, mainly up in the north bay.
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the forecast timeline throughout the day. 7:00, 35 degrees, 12:00 -- 3:00, 57 degrees. not a lot happening but watching this guy developing in the left portion of the screen. this will be a factor into the forecast for tomorrow 689 coming up we will look at the timeline. the track of that and when rain chances, when a bigger chance of rain returns. >> thank you. >> the record breaking cold temperatures have been rough on northern california farmers. that could make it harder to find certain types of produce the next time you go to the farmer's market. >> for the carrots and the peaches no problem. >> reporter: this is what frost does to lettuce. >> those parts burned. >> reporter: cold weather destroyed a large part of the crop on the farm. he said he lost about 200 boxes of lettuce.
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>> all the time the people ask me, why you don't have lettuce, what happened with it? it's to cold. >> reporter: farmers that grow fruit trees and produce mandarins and almonds have had a rough few weeks. >> hail, frost they can have lost crops. >> reporter: an official with the agriculture unless constituent. they manage eight farmer's markets including this one in san rafael. >> we have had farmer who have had to cancel markets. >> 1 there are 95. >> reporter: it snowed on tim's farm in auburn. >> see this transparent look? had is where it froze. >> reporter: in november an early snow ruined 15,000 pounds of kiwis. this weekend's weather damaged others. >> when you get down into the 20s for more than a couple hours you start losing stuff. you loose the tips off the
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mandarins. >> reporter: he is ready to move onto his spring crop but can't think about planting them until it warms up. >> when you get the cold we have had it kind of stops progress. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2news. >> livermore police asking for the public's help in finding a man suspected of robbing a denny's at gun point. he held it up around 8:00 last night. investigators say the armed robber pointed the gun at a cashier and demanded money. he got away with cash. police describe him as lasano, act 5'4'', he had a bandanna and dark clothing. anyone with information is asked to call the police. tonight detectives in santa clara are investigating that city's first homicide of the year. police say the body of a 31- year-old was found around 7:25 this morning in front of the old orchard apartments. police haven't said how the man died but only that they have
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treating it as a homicide. anyone with information on the case is asked to call the police. >> a memorial service was held this afternoon for one of the two teens who drowned in a rafting accident last weekend. friends and family gathered at a walnut creek church to remember the 16-year-old matthew miller. he and his friend gavin powell were honored at a favorite hiking spot for them. they went rafting a week ago saturday in a rain swollen canal. their bodies were found the next day. the new bay bridge will be a step closer to boeing done this week. tomorrow morning crews scheduled to lift the 4th set of suspension towers into place. the structure will stand at 480 feet, just short of it's final height 525 feet. they will work around the clock to lift it into placet.
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will be done in 2013. >> the governors at a yearly event in washington dc. why isn't governor brown there? what his office is saying. >> could be face eye government shut down in congress goes back to work tomorrow. what a shut down could mean and what a lawmaker said today about the deal on the table that could buy everybody more time.
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. hazardous materials crews cleaned up a toxic mess after a fright train derailed. railroad officials say 14 cars went off the track. some had a chemical known to cause breathing problems. at least one of the cars leaked. nobody was hurt in the derailment. no the winter meeting for the governors got underway. this year's focus is expected
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to be the president's health care reform package, the fall out from the wisconsin union battle and a possible federal government shut down. the president met with democratic governors yesterday. he will meet with the full group tomorrow. governor brown isn't attending because of the budget issues going on right now in sacramento. >> as we said congress heads back to work with priority number one avoiding a government shut down. we spoke to one lawmaker today about the looming friday deadline and the deal that would buy more time >> reporter: it was business as usual but the business of the federal government remains in question. >> i think that neither side wants to have a shut down. >> i hope that they are trying to work together for everybody's best interest. >> reporter: congress goes back to work tomorrow and a short term deal could keep the government running while both sides work out a long term solution.
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today barbara lee said the proposed extension still makes big cuts. >> you can't allow even a two week extension to create the same effect only in a smaller way. . >> reporter: time is an issue. four days and the current budget expires, four days and we face a government shut down. >> i'm frustrated with this congress, yes. you know its government. it's frustrating. >> reporter: what would a government shut down mean? most federal workers will likely be told not to come to work. the postal service will still deliver your mail and social security should still issue checks. the longer a shut down the badder the consequences. in 1995 and 1996 the government shut down. >> we are working, we want to compromise and make sure we don't shut down the government because you know the most at risk are going to be hurt. >> reporter: a poll said 60% of
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voters want a compromise. in oakland, ktv channel 2news. >> the leader of lybia vows to stay in power as violence escalates and his control diminishes. hundreds filled the streets in the city's to celebrate taking control of towns. another city under rebel control appointed a new leader and others have set up councils. we have more on the obama administration's response today to the unrest. >> reporter: the secretary of state is heading to geneva to consult with allies. she offered the latest administration comments on the situation saying we have been reaching out to many different people trying to organize in the east. we are going to be ready and prepared to offer any kind of help that anyone wishes to have from the united states.
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she didn't comment specifically on whether military help would be offered. this one day after the president for the first time urged leader to step down in a talk with the chancellor of germany he said when a leader's only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people he has lot of the legitimacy to rule. yesterday the united nations security council passed a resolution putting sanctions on the government and authorizing the criminal court to investigate. as the rebel forces continue to advance toward the capitol some members of congress are urging further action in spelling out what more can be done. >> we could impose and could have imposed a no fly zone. they would have stopped flying, using air power and helicopters to continue these attacks. >> reporter: mccain and
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liberman called on the united states to recognize a provisional government if formed by the government. > tensions in behrain are rising as protesters demand the king step down. they paralyzed the capitol city. an opposition leader is calling for the overthrow of the king. officials have offered to talk but so far demonstrators have rejected negotiations >> the prime minister of tunsia stepped down today. he expressed hope his leaving signals a new and better era, waves of street protests triggered it he was seen as to close to the former president who fled last month during the first wave of protests. egypt is marking it's new government with a visit by
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american leaders. lieberman and mccain visited today. liberman called egyptian exciting place in the aftermath of the president's resigning. during their stay the senators expected to meet with leaders of egypt's transitional government. >> the unrest in north africa and the middle east is making gas producers nervous and we are taking a hit. libya supplies 1% of the united states's oil. one reason behind the latest price hike is concern that if they stop contributing to the global supply other oil producing country also be able to raise their prices. coming up later at 5:30 jim vargas looks at how the unrest is impacting prices here and the cost of other goods. airline passenger with measles may have exposed people in several states. the 27-year-old flew from the
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united kingdom to washington last sunday and then from baltimore to denver and new mexico last tuesday. she is believed to live in new mexico. anyone infected on the flights could have started showing symptoms by now. if so you should see a doctor. symptoms start way runny nose, watery eyes and fever and progress to a red rash. >> a familiar republican face may soon enter the presidential race. and a major shift late today in the protest in wisconsin. hear what the demonstrators are doing right now and what the governor is saying. >> also conservatives go all out to stop same sex marriage as another state takes up the issue. >> and what's behind a shake up in the french government and how it's linked to the up risings in north africa.
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. a few hundred prounion protesters left the capitol of wisconsin but hundreds more remainedo to pose the proposed budget. they have been gathers nearly two weeks. many have been sleeping in the state house overnight. police are expected to clear out the building tonight so it can be cleaned. wisconsin's governor said he hasn't been swayed by the protesters. 14 state senate democrats have been blocking a forum and vote by holding up in illinois. the governor repeated his call for them to return. >> those 14 senators fled to
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come back and do what they were elected. they don't have to vote for support it but they need to do their job. >> there is more word on when the senators will return. they say walker's demand for public employees to cover more of their pension and health care benefit itself to try to undermine the unions. there are reports that newt gingrich is getting ready to run for the 2012 republican nomination. officials say he will likely take that step with in the next two weeks. in 1994 he became the first republican speaker in 40 years. he stepped down after the 98 elections after two terms and under pressure from members of the republican rank and file who blamed him for the loss of seats. mike huckabee also considering a run. the republican won the iowa caucus in 2008 but lot of the nomination to mccain. he is currently on a book tour
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in iowa today and tomorrow. >> conservatives in maryland attacking a same sex marriage bill with warnings about what kids will learn in school. maryland senate passed the bill thursday aimed at influencing the vote in maryland's house of delegates. a delegate said democrats are trying to destroy traditional marriage. >> it'll be taught at some level to children attending public schools as has been ordered by the courts in various states. >> he is mailing a samel of educational materials he says will be used in the public schools which have been described as porn. the vote is set for tuesday. in news of the world in france there are report that the foreign minister has resigned. she came under fire for going to vacation in tunsia during
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the up rising. she took free flights in a jet owned by a tunsian businessman. she is one of france's longest serving ministers. the this as france faces criticism for its slow reaction to the up rising. in chile hundreds gathered to mark one year since a devastating quake. taps was played at 3:34 a.m., the time when the quake struck. there was a vigil to remember those who died in the quake and the tsunami's following it. the president led the memorial recounting the events one year ago today. the massive 8.8 quake and tsunami's killed 524 people and left thousands homeless. in boliv. >>announcer: a a landslide forced thousands out of their
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homes. officials ordered the evacuation. hundreds helped shaken residents pack um their belongings and move. 2,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. it's blamed on heavy rain, flooding across the nation forced the government to announce a national emergency. >> a washington state count couple who lived being stuck in the snow five-day is now taking. they hit an ice patch and slid into a snow covered ditch. they were unable to get a signal, their family eventually reported them missing. the couple was rescuedo on friday by people camping nearby. >> we had no food. i had a small bag of jelly beans and we had two water bottles with water. we had to keep filling them with snow and letting them melt. >> they both have diabetes and need insulin. they are both in good health
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despite going days without their medication. the unrest in north of africa and the middle east could soon be felt here. >> the story is about how that unrest is a effecting us here. we will have a live report. >> what one bay area community is doing to help boost ferry rider ship. . and three months since a man became the first owner of the nissan leaf. we will check in with him to see how he did.
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. the unrest in the middle
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east and authority african is continuing. we are feeling the effects here in the bay area in many ways. jim vargas with the story starting at san francisco airport. >> reporter: the instability in the middle east is a effecting oil prices, they are going up and just about every aspect is a effected by oil. we will soon look at increases in airline fares. as prices go up so does the price of fuel and the cost of flying. of course most feel it at the gas pump the most. in these days the highest rate is close to four dollars. >> the price going up. i paid $3.99 for a gallon the other day. >> reporter: the high prices particularly hard on this man who is out of work and having a hard time making ends meet. >> $3.85 a gallon. you can't afford it. >> reporter: what do you do? >> i have to drive lessful.
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>> reporter: it costs one man $100 to fill up his van. >> i need a van -- or a truck or something big to haul stuff. you just have to pay. >> reporter: whether you are flying somewhere or buying food that was shipped to your market by land, sea or air the costs are passed onto you. >> it couldn't be at a worst time for the economy. >> reporter: berkeley economist says he expects some will start pulling back on spending. >> you holding off is not bad news, everybody holding off causes the economy to grow slower. that is not what we want to see. >> reporter: he isn't predicting a recession but people have a feeling they don't have the power to do anything about the situation. jim vargas. >> the city of vallejo trying to give a boost to its ferry
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service by taking buses off the road. city officials say buses that travel to san francisco are competing the ferry. a proposal would eliminate 11 weekly bus routes. the public will get it's first chance to weigh in during a meeting at 6:00 p.m. this tuesday at vallejo city hall. also starting tuesday transit rider who use clipper car also have to put a minimum of five dollars on the card. officials say they decided to raise the minimum from two dollars to five because of a loophole that let passengers ride for free. muni rider who don't want to pay can still buy single ride or round trip tickets. >> how soon will electric cars dominate the highways in in december the nissan leaf sold in the united states rolled off a lot in redwood. now the first 13,000 being built for the market have been sold out. a man who bought the first leaf in redwood said his three
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months with the car have been pretty good so far >> reporter: rarely has it been a media event to pick up a new car. when a 31-year-old took this black hatch back it was a green while stone, the first affordable mass produced electric car sold in the united states. industry experts say if 9 leaf and the volt catch on it could be the game changer that the president is pushing. >> the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. >> reporter: and electric car lovers have been waiting. >> it's a very exciting moment for electric car fans and sort of a signal of a dawn of a new era. >> reporter: for the next three months we followed this man to see if the leaf met his expectations. >> much slower l is no oil change. >> reporter: he drove it mainly to work. in january having driven over a you this miles he still loved
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it. >> no tail pipe and no gas. >> reporter: the car takes about eight hours to charge. he does it overnight. by february he still wasn't sure how far it could go. it can travel between 80 and 90 miles. that has led to what some are calling range worry, the fear of being stranded. to boost confidence the government is paying for 2500 plug in stations in city across the country. still many consumers remain skeptical about if the electric car will help them. sticker price for a leaf is about $35,000. some worry their electric bills will go up. as the technology improves costs and charges time also come down. until then nissan helps reviews from satisfied customers. >> great. >> reporter: will convince others to turnover a new leaf.
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in san francisco, fox news. >> officials hope an autopsy scheduled for this week will shed light on what happened to a man who was found buried in a backyard. the remains were removed after three days. it's not been identitied but police suspect it's that of a 74-year-old dale smith. a neighbor reported him missing earlier this month. smith lived at the home with his wife. police are investigating what role if any she might have played in the disappearance. no charges have been filed. >> san francisco police investigating two deadly shootings that happened yesterday. gun fire was heard last night at 23rd and dakota. it's believed the victim was shot inside a vehicle. police haven't released the victim's identity. the san francisco medical examiner has identitied a man that was shot yesterday in the
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city's mission district. the 24-year-old was shot and killed at 17th and mission street just before 2:30 a.m. a black suv was soon leaving the area after the shooting but nobody was been arrested. the gang task force is a sifting homicide with the case. >> south san francisco police looking for two men who robbed a woman of her engagement ringt. happened just before nine near airport boulevard. officers say two men cornered the 24-year-old and demanded money. she said that's when one of them grabbed her arm and removed the ring. both men are in their 20s, act 5'8'', one had a short goatee and had a black hooded sweatshirt, and dark jeans, the other had a gray hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information is asked to call the police. >> dozens of goats were struck and killed after they wandered in to traffic on interstate
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five in sacramento county. the incident actually caused a seven car pile up and snarled traffic for hours. one driver was treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries. they came from a nearby farm and police are trying to find out how they got on the freeway. from cooking and looking after kids some say grandma does it best. still ahead how families without one are now renting one. >> and there may be drizzle ahead. mark will be here with the look at what the rain may return to the bay area.
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. the stars come out for the 83rd academy awards. the star studded event kicked off on the red carpet at the kodak theater. want to show pictures now.
5:40 pm
couple of the stars that have arrived. she starred in black swan. the king's speech lead thissa year with 12 nominations. for more be sure to watch the 10:00 news. >> the nominee for best weather forecaster is. >> we all know who. it's mark. >> thank you so much. getting nervous there. that past week has been challenging. weather forecaster here, talking about the cold numbers and the possibility for snow, at least this week the snow level going up. we still have rain chances to talk about. right now on the maps, i can so you show -- we have mostly clear skies, a batch of clouds moving in. those cloud wills continue to approach the area. at least for tonight the weather story is this with mostly clear skies, temperatures in the cool side.
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tomorrow we bring in more clouds, extended forecast, that does feature the chance of rain. multiple rain chances, first, that's set up for tomorrow. a very weak system in the pacific and this will be the track. for monday it'll be strong enough to bring in the chance of showers mainly up in the north bay, south of the golden gate bridge. then partly cloudy for the south bay, not really a big deal for the south bay. the cloud and rainfall forecast model. you can see you a little bit of activity at 8:00 in the sonoma county. not a big deal but it could impact the 101 drive. just scattered clouds south of the goldn 't gate bridge. we will continue to put it no motion. here is the bay area forecast tomorrow beginning at 7:00. mid-30s to the mid40s. that cloud deck favoring the northen half of the area.
5:42 pm
low to mid50s, then by 3:00 a sun cloud mix, clouds could start to break up and temperatures, it's warmed up so no longer talking about the 40s or 50s, the warmest locations approaching the 60-degree mark. santa rosa 58 degrees, brentwood around 55 and san francisco 56, the temperatures around three or 4:00 and there is one of those 60s showing up. 60 morgan hill 59 and santa cruz 56 degrees. here say look ahead at the extended forecast. another stronger system that will approach on tuesday with increasing clouds, looks like the timing on that will be for tuesday evening, lasting into wednesday. the heaviest rain, that is scheduled for wednesday morning, there is the chance of a shower on thursday and then mostly cloudy on friday and if you are thinking about the weekend show that to you for saturday and sunday. look ahead with the weekend always in view mostly cloudy on
5:43 pm
saturday. the chance of a shower on sunday. look ahead to the weekend. looks like sunday we could have a few rain drops approaching. we are no longer hypothetical hunting for the snow. >> tahoe will get snow. >> maybe down to 5,000 feet. >> going skiing. >> personal travel assistant. >> thank you. you won the award. >> if you missed your grandmother she is gone or to faraway where do you go to find one? she could soon be as close as a click away. >> reporter: ask any parent and they will say, when it comes to hiring a babysitter it's hard finding good help. >> child care is always an issue. you are always worried about someone coming in to the home. >> reporter: getting someone with experience can be even more of a challenge.
5:44 pm
that's how rent a was born. >> everybody loves grandmas and a lot of them really aren't working, retired people, they still want to do something and love to cook, they love to be aroun kids. >> reporter: for 16 to $23 an hour parents can log on and hire a grandmother to left hand a hand. >> she was here helping us clean, she was here helping with homework, she was helping us do dinner, she was playing with the kids,. >> reporter: a very different approach from the neighborhood teen looking after your kids. >> no replacement for experience. i have had my kids in grade school and middle school and high school and done all that. it's definitely an advantage to bring to the table. >> reporter: something the kids can even appreciate. perhaps for different reasons. >> she made really good food. my mom like made this burnt pizza like and i was like my
5:45 pm
gosh i'm so happy we get someone who doesn't burn the food. >> reporter: while knowing their way around the kitchen isn't a requirement each grandma is carefully vetted before they are made available for hire. >> we do full screenings, fullback ground checks. >> reporter: this idea is still brand new. there are about 50 grandmothers hard at work in the los angeles area with a national roll out to follow meaning a rental grandmother could be in your neck of the woods some time soon. ist coming up a wild day at the track with nascar and a crash that nearly wiped out half the field. >> and the waries try to get back on track. ñw?
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. good evening. whether or not the war warriors stay in shouting disstance will probably be decided on the road trip it they started today. the warriors had it going for a while jumping out with 41 points in the first quarter. seth currie snaps the pass to david lee but rebounds the shot. warriors kept the pressure on after the hoop. currie taking the ball away and puts in two more. then the third quarter the they were out scored 35-16 and down by 17 at one point. not much defense there as love made the three. he had 37, 23 rebounds, more minnesota here. luke driving the lane but misses, michael doesn't, warriors out rebounded by 21.
5:49 pm
they made a game come back. ellis with the steal and dunk. warriors down one but they never scored again. currie not able to get off the shot. the road trip starts out with a loss. 126-123 the final. louisville leading pittsburgh by three. panthers can't convert. the cardinals take it back the other way. the big jam and the game is over right? there is a problem. a cheerleader grabbed the ball with time still on the clock. that is considered a delay of game. pittsburgh made two free throws and got possession of the ball. that means the panthers have one more chance to tie. gibbs hopes for a miracle, they hang on for the win and one cheer leader takes a deep sigh of relief. it's way to early for conclusions but the new sandoval appears to be
5:50 pm
improved. he hit his second home run in as many days as the giants built a lead over the diamondbacks before it was a minor league game and arizona got four runs in the 8th. the a's opened cactus league play against matt garza and the cubs. crisp with the bag full taking garza deep. one swing of the bat. a 4-4 tie. a's getting production. off the cub's -- oakland turned in to a laughter with a seven run 7th going onto win 15-7. that's a good sign for the a's. their brain trust, made the addition of offense a priority. they had a strong core of starting pitchers before signing matsui the biggest free agent splash. they also added david and willingham to the roster. healthy crisp would also do
5:51 pm
wonders when it came to creating more scoring opportunities. >> our rbi production should go up this year. he is a clutch hitter. you know he is an rbi machine and speaking of the other two they have that power to drive you in with one swing or can get a bleater. >> other baseball. for 16 years duke schneider patrolled center field for the dodgers in what would be a hall of fame career. he finished his career with the giants in 1964. he was one third of a great debate, he was compared to willie mays and mickey mantle. he had 407 career home runs he
5:52 pm
died early today at 84 in a hospital. the golf landscape continues to change. we will show you the latest when we continue. after a long absence an old favorite returns to the winner's circle in nascar.
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. the daytona 500 was a nice kid out of nowhere story. today it was a victory for the old guard. clear and chilly day. last weekend's story didn't get very far today, making contact and spinning in to the wall. he crashed yesterday in the nationwide. he was 40th. after restart it didn't take long for the caution flag to come out. kyle busch made contact with edwards forcing him down on the
5:55 pm
inland. edwards started on the pole. lap 56 vickers looses it, 13 cars will get collected. right there taking the worst of it, once the top driver u jeff gordon had gone 66 races without a win but he held on ending his drought. he was able to celebrate the 83rd win of his career tying him for 5th on the all time list. the landscape of progolf continues to be remade this weekend. tiger woods exited in the first round. the kind of conditions not often seen on the tour. the round included a third
5:56 pm
round match. a 50-footer for birdie. every hole critical. 2-1. donald off to a quick start with a birdie on the second hole. he was three up after five and then they waited. in came the weather and a hail storm. once they resumed play he got himself back even with birdies at six, eight and nine. that one on number eight. donald for birdie. that puts the pressure on kiemer. a short era tempt for birdie but can't get it to drop. he was up three by the time he got to 16 and only needed the two putt from here to win. donald with the victory. the first time in 19 years, top four players in the world are european. westwood, mcdowell -- tiger is ranked 5th. the lakers in oak city against the team trying to establish itself as one of the elite in the west. they don't have kobe bryant.
5:57 pm
los angeles in front, four and a half minute mark. bryant hitting the three. he was eight of 22 but made the big hoops. like here upping the one point lead. they win as they hold down the three spot in the west. the thunder is number four. webb won the lpga. that's going to do it for sports ran. we will see you tonight. >> what's the story on tiger? he is just not getting it together. >> no. its been a year and some months because the big event was right after the holiday of last year and you know there is a lot of talk that maybe his priorities have changed and when you have something go down in your -- this point at this age its questionable if you will ever get it back. >> it's a shame. >> yep. >> thank you. >> coming up tonight at ten, pg&e under the microscope. the next part of the investigation into the deadly
5:58 pm
san bruno blast and what's expected to happen for the first time this week. that story tonight. that's the report for now. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. for all of us, thank you for joining us. the next newscast at ten. hope to see you then. have a good night. >> goodnight.
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