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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 15, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the stunned reaction from fellow officers, robert. >> well frank, there has been a flurry of activity concerning this case today. just a short while ago, two of the week involved were officially charged with conspiracy to commit a crime. then both were transported back to this neighboring building, the santa clara main jail. both are still incarcerated and the santa clara police department is still working to repair its reputation. santa clara police officers acknowledged the rank in file are still reeling today. 36-year-old officer clay rojas was arrested for supplying private dmv information available only to law enforcement to a member of the hell's angel motorcycle gang on two occasions. august19th and september 4th, betancourt then sent that information to an acquaintance,
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vivian rodriguez. law enforcement says they work hard to attain the public's trust. >> we work so hard to attain that and then to have it tarnished by one of our own. >> this is a very scary situation for the citizens thinking that their information may be given in such a way that their lives could be in jeopardy. >> reporter: but district attorney delores karr says -- >> it's impossible to build a system that is just without flaws. >> we're convinced that it was a single officers bad decisions that led to criminal conduct, we have no indication that any
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other officers are involved. >> reporter: betancourt is being held without bail while rodriguez is in custody on $250,000 bail and will be charged on october 28th. robert handa, ktvu news. for the second time in three weeks a man has been struck and killed on camino real. police say the victim was a 65- year-old transient who was living at a near by encampment and that he was crossing the street with another man when a toyota camry hit him. >> this morning we had low light conditions, somebody crossing the street, it's just an accident. >> reporter: still, with the earlier death of a bicyclist on september 30th on el camino real, some people say that police need to look at safety
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there. we now learned police of the two teenagers accused of setting a school on fire. they are 16-year-old lazaros riazz and crawford quan. each is is charged with one count of arson. if convicted the two face two years to life in prison. >> this is not an act that kids are fooling around with, something that gets out of control that sometimes happens with juveniles, this is not that kind of case at all. the da's office says it also chose to charge the teens as adults because of the major damage done to the school, estimated to cost about $12 million. the san jose fire department is looking for the cause of a two alarm fire early this morning that damaged a convenience store and a laundromat. the fire broke out at 4:00 this morning behind a convenience
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store. the fire appeared to have climbed up the back wall and into the shared attic space between the store and a laundromat next door. it took firefighters half an hour to put out the flames and they had to deal with dangerous conditions. >> that's a concern for us because in the past, there's a phone through the ceiling, through the roof and injured and killed firefighters. on this particular building, when our firefighters went to the roof they found that the ac units had been compromised. that the structure units around them had been concerned. >> it appears the two business will be closed for some time. an independent panel is now looking into last night's deadly pipe explosion in san bruno. a panel will focus on any systematic problems at pg & e that could have contributed to the incident. federal officials are already
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investigating the explosion. no word yet on when the independent panel will release its findings. the smell of natural gas in the peninsula, not far from the san bruno pipeline explosion. christien kafton is live where crews are working on natural gas pipeline. >> reporter: and let's take a look at where crews are laying a new pipeline for natural gas. the aim of the whole project is to make sure the peninsula has an adequate supply of natch natural gas as we approach the winter. today's work was at times loud. pg & e crews had to vent the natural line so crews could rerout the gas up the peninsula around the areas affected by the septembers explosion. the effect will be similar to pg & e rerouting electricity
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around an outage. >> very similar to what we would do if we had an electrical outage. >> reporter: the act of purging the line sent gas into the air. some people knew they knew it was coming. >> we found about it through a phone call, then there was a story in the paper and then online. so there were three ways we were informed. >> reporter: others just found out today. >> i still haven't heard anything. >> reporter: some of those interruptions could affect large residential customers but pg & e says the work out here that they are doing today will allow them to avoid that option. we'll have more details tonight at 6:00. out here to a live look, we've been watching them put that pipeline into work. another day of work is set for wednesday, the utilities says that the gas that they vented
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today was vented straight up into the atmosphere so it was of no danger to anyone here in the area. we're live in san bruno, christien kafton. we have late word tonight that it'll be until sunday that caltrans opens the westbound lanes on the san mateo bridge. traffic appears to be very light at this hour. the word on when the repair work will be done came in the past hour from caltrans. the agency spokesperson said that crews decided to add an extra plate to reenforce a steel beam found cracked on wednesday. that's at the peninsula end of the bridge west of the high rise. caltrans is advising people to consider using the barton
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bridge to avoid delays. once again union picketers were out early this morning in front of that hotel. they say they worked more than a year without a contract and negotiations are stuck on health care, wages and pensions. management says it has an offer on the table. saying that it will damage san francisco's tourism industry. across the bay a three day strike by nurses at children's hospital oakland ended at 7:00 this morning. a hospital spokeswoman says things went smoothly during the nurses strike when they protested a lack of a contract. the oakland a's effort to find a new home in san jose has hit another snag. city leaders say money problems may prevent the city from buying the last parcels of land needed for a downtown stadium. team officials say a's owner lou wolf may step up and buy some or all of the land still needed for the proposed site which is a few blocks from hp
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pavilion. there are still a few obstacles until the team may move to the south bay. major league baseball and the san francisco giants may also sign off on the plan. speaking of the giants in just about 24 hours from now, they'll be playing game one of the national league championship series against the philadelphia phillies. the pitching match up is as good as it gets. sal castaneda is live where the giants got to test out the field today. >> reporter: it's been a little bit windy out here on the east coast. yeah everybody has been talking about that pitching match up for game one. giants practiced on the field today and they seemed lose and relaxed as they went through their routine. the winds here lock to play a big part in this weekend's game. despite this being the first time the giants have made it to the nlcs since 2002, players all seem to say to them it's just like every other game. >> you try to keep it the same
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and just go out and doing the same thing you've always thought about. >> it's a different feel obviously, me personally and other guys here embrace. we know how philly fans are. no matter where you go in the postseason, they are going to be loud. >> reporter: there's an increased in fan and there's always room on the bandwagon. >> bandwagon is good, we will not discourage or criticize any fan at any point of the way, it's all great. >> reporter: meanwhile, fans slowed up early. and they had some advise. >> don't come, don't come. we're a relentless bunch, we don't like other fans at our place. so don't come. >> we'll make sure that we do
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whatever we have to do to win. >> reporter: so i'm going to make sure i never wear any giants stuff out here, or i might get beat up, just kidding. we're going to try to find some giants fan, there's already great atmosphere at the park. they are already talking about lincicum versus halliday here at the park. sal castaneda. nancy pelosi and pennsylvania senator spector have set up a wager over chocolate. if the giants win the nlcs senator spector will send speaker pelosi a load of hersheys chocolate. if the phillies win, pelosi
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will send spector a load of ghirrardeli chocolate. democrats bringing out the big guns here in the golden state. the big political name campaigning today in california. a bay area airport construction dome. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, an economic act of faith still ahead. the bay area did cool off today. even a few patches pushing back into the bay, coming up i'll show you where the fog will be tomorrow morning and also a noticeable temperature change for the week end. w e e k end. -- weekend.
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a dramatic breakthrough in switzerland. workers today punched through the last stretch of rock on the way to completing the world's longest tunnel for railroad cars. the 35-mile long tunnel beneath the swiss alps has been 20 years in the making at the cost
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of $12 million. the goal is to use more environmentally friendly trains. engineers say they hope to have that tunnel up and running by the year 2015. oakland airport has recently built a huge terminal, just undertook another project and the control tower is ready to be built. that's not all that's going on at bay area airports. here's tom vacar all the projects going on that will keep the bay area flying high. >> reporter: a lot going on. it's just part of the bay area building boom. the chief of the aviation administration joined san francisco officials to break ground on a towering tower. tower construction will provide 650 good paying construction jobs for the next three years,. >> obviously it has an economic stimulus benefit but for the faa in particular it allows us to accelerate projects that you
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know we gain the efficiencies more quickly. >> reporter: oakland airport needs it, here from the current control tower, you see this huge hanger. that structure blocked off controllers view of the north field runways, necessitating the construction of this second control tower which has an unobstructive view. the new ultramodern tower will be 236 tall, taller than the other two combined and once built, the old towers will be demolished. >> actually in the whole bay area, we have all three airports including san jose. we have projects at evy one of them. these are small investments in all systems running well. >> this will be open in just six months. >> reporter: with 13 new domestic gates, this $13 million improvement will allow
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sfo to accommodate domestic growth. next spring sfo will break ground on its own new control tower. >> we had just signed an agreement with the faa to get the funding accomplished. the faa is going to provide the funding, we're going to do the management, hopefully we'll see a new tower five years after that. san jose recently opened a brand new terminal and eventually when passenger volume permits another will follow right alongside that new terminal, an old terminal is being torn down to build a temporary parking lot. eventually the lot will be the site of yet another brand new terminal. a lot going on. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a minor earthquake shook san jose today. no reports of damage or injuries as a result of that minor quake. we've been talking about a cooldown and i do believe it's here. let's go into our meteorologist mark tamayo is here for bill today. >> that's right, temperatures cooled down today and by the weekend you will definitely
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notice a change, barely making it up into the lower 80s by the weekend. by sunday, just the 60s and 70s. fog is regrouping coast side, here's a look right now at live storm tracker two. the clouds from santa barbara to san jose. closer inspection with the clouds from daven port and pescadero. with that importing the fog. a bit closer to the bay. closer to pacifica, daily city and san francisco, the clouds a factor right near golden gate. over the next two to four hours the clouds will continue to be on the increase pushing back into the bay. as far as current numbers, san francisco right now checking in 63 degrees. san rafael mid-70s. remember yesterday we were talking about mid-90s, not the case today, san jose reporting in at 77. the extended forecast we're
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expecting a warming trend. nothing major. tomorrow we're going if other direction, you can see the range from the lower 60s coast side. quite a few 70s to lower 70s at the bay. we will continue to cool off as we do head into your weekend. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, some areas of fog targeting the coast and right around the bay, upper 40s up toward santa rosa, napa quite a few 50s for concord, freemont and also san jose. here we go, walnut creek temperatures as you can see starting out the day at 7:00 in the mid-50s, by 12:00 right around 70 degrees, an afternoon high of right around 80 under partly sunny skies at 3:00. a lot of activity to our north and west and will impact our weekend forecast. i'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. all right, we'll see you then, thank you mark. former president bill clinton is scheduled to
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campaign in southern california less than an hour from now for jerry brown. as many as 10 million 10, -- 10,000 people are expected to attend. san francisco mayor gavin newsom is also expected to speak. he is running for lieutenant governor against the current office holder maldonado. as the deadline approaches to register for the november 2nd election, latino leaders are hoping to get as many new voters as they can. >> it's really important that we all try to register, even if it's just one vote, we can make a big difference. and that's why today i'm registering to vote as well as my brother. >> reporter: according to the california immigrant policies center since 2000, california latino voter turn out
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skyrocketed 85% to just under 2 million. if you want to vote in next month's election you should hurry up. the deadline the to register is this coming monday at midnight. there are 6.5 million eligible to vote. you will find more information by going to when you're there click on news then politics. the bond between those 33 chilean miners trapped under ground, it is holding strong now that they've all been rescued. the pact that they've made about their future. break a window. and unusual legal advise, technically he's right. we'll tell you about the unusual legal advise he received after the bank forclosed on his home. a surprising crime wave in a bay area city. burglars looting churches at an
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alarming rate. the good deeds police say may be making churches vulnerable. and also, will the federal government go after marijuana users even if voters decide to legalize the drug in california. see what we found out. and good news for commuters in one part of the bay area. the project now under way that will get more drivers out of their cars and on to a popular public transit system, tonight at 6:00.
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new am in addition tonight for critics of government spending for the second straight year, the congressional budget office says the deficit has topped $1.23 trillion. president obama is has set up a special commission to look at how to slash the budget. over all the national debt which is the accumulation of deficits that figure is now at
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$13.6 trillion. president obama wants to send an extra check to social security recipients to help recipients get by after a second year of no increases. pelosi promised to take up the matter. banks across the country suspend foreclosures. some lawyers are advising their clients to try a new tactic. move back into the house, casey ryan has more. >> reporter: rene zepeda admits he fell behind on payments. four months ago the bank forclosed and his family was evicted. now he has an unconventional way to get back. >> just break a window. i got inside the house. it's my house. >> reporter: michael pines is
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zepeda's attorney. >> they were wrongfully foreclosed on and wrongfully evicted and we're going to get them back into the house. >> reporter: not so fast says police, they promise to arrest anyone who break into a house. >> i want to let you all know, if you cross the property, we're going to -- >> reporter: or not, the zepeda's go to the back of the house and broke a window. they were quickly arrested. >> reporter: do you think that you legally own the house? pines is among a growing number of lawyers challenging
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foreclosures on grounds that many companies used to expedite legal documents has no legal standing. >> it'll be their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that my client was trespassing and they're going to have to prove that and i wish them a lot of luck. >> now the move to retake foreclosed properties comes at a high in california. concerns over the foreclosure crisis helped push the dow lower today. financial stocks dropped including bank of america and jp morgan chase. weaker than expected earnings from ge also drove down the dow which ended up losing 31 points. a different story for the nasdaq which gained a little more 33 points thanks to googles 32% jump in third quarter profits. we have much more financial and
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consumers news on just click on the business tab. after 69 days trapped together under ground, the 33 rescued chilean miners are binding together aboveground. why the fire marshal says this is dangerous and why one station owner refuses. starting very soon if you drive into the town of tiburon, town police will know you are here. some people need to be worried about that.
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they shot me down, they shot me down, i think it's
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unfair but i have to make a stand. she's just one tkpas station owner that is making a stand. today is the last day to get rid of those latches that help you fill up hands free. ktvu health and science editor john fowler live in san san francisco with more. >> reporter: the problem is with gas station nozzles made with vapor systems technology and the hold open latch is this. the state fire marshalls says these are defective and need to be changed. requiring them to be done by today, but we found one gas station owner who refuses. >> if they shut me down, they shut me down, i think it's unfair but i have to make a stand. >> reporter: gina oseneti's
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busy station is equipped with the nozzles. san francisco firefighters hand delivered this warning to stations six weeks ago. a compliance letter was to be signed and returned by today. some stations including this one also on ocean avenue have complied. the station has to hire a certified technician to remove each latch and customers must hold the nozzle manually. >> the thing is for something good, why not. right. >> reporter: elsenetti says state officials last year approved the nozzles. after the lease dts did replace the nozzles at free charge but the new ones also have latches. she says daily tests show these
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work fine and she will not inconvenience customers. >> why don't they recall the nozzles, it's unfair. >> reporter: a spokesperson failed to return our repeated phone calls, come back live now, this sign is going up at gas stations that do comply warning drivers not to wedge objects into the gas station handle to keep the pump flowing. reporting live, health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police believe the sketch today of a man suspected of attacking a couple after coit tower. police say this man is one of a few people suspected. police do not have a sketch of the second suspect, they say the pair attacked and robbed a man and woman who were out on a date. suspects broke the man's jaw and made off with the woman's purse. the town of tiburon is on
5:34 pm
the verge of implementing a new program. it's a program involving severacameras that will take pictures of each and every car going into and out of town. ktvu's john sasaki is live in tiburon tonight where some folks think this is more like big brother. >> reporter: now it's home to those four cameras that will watch most of the traffic that comes to town. tiburon boulevard is two lanes in each direction, these four cameras on a pole near vista driver are positioned one for each lane. >> it's for either a post crime tool or to try to catch a vehicle that is wanted in the system for one crime or another. >> reporter: the cameras will take photos of each and every passing license plate and register them. >> it's going to be going right to dispatch and dispatchers are
5:35 pm
going to be able to alert our officers immediately. >> reporter: for such problems as stolen cars, a car that's known to be owned by wanted felons or even an amber alert. but the system has detractors. some people we talked to say it sounds overwhelming. >> there is a certain big brother aspect to it that feels some what uncomfortable. >> in some ways it's good, in other ways it isn't. it's a violation of privacy. >> reporter: another system is going in on paradise driver which is the other way in and out of town. though everyone seems concerned about big brother, even those who live outside of town agree with the idea. >> i think it'll be safe for the city and for the neighbors living around the city. i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: police point to last year's still unsolved killing of joan rosenthal that could have been helped by this
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technology. >> we would have been able to basically run all the license plates that had come and gone. installations will be complete in the next few days the cameras will be tested, if the all goes well it could be operational by the end of next week. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. a former bay area cub scout leader pleaded not guilty today. fbi agents arrested 40-year-old michael voder in walnut creek yesterday. san ramon police originally arrested vawter after a tip led them to examine his computer. vawter had almost 200 pornographic images of children that seemed to have been downloaded from the internet. officers say they were trying to arrest one of the men outside of a storage facility this morning when he drove off. and that he nearly ran down
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officers who were waiting at the gate. that's when they shot at the truck but missed. sunny vale police shot the truck and arrested the driver. they found the other man in a near by neighborhood. teen marijuana use is on the rise. there was a 9% increase from 2008 to 2009 of teens who currently use marijuana. during that same period the average age of a user went down to 17 years old. the drug czar is worried the push of legalization is sending children the wrong message. >> equating the marijuana with medicine one is wrong and as you know california and others are talking about legalizing marijuana. the obama administration is completely opposed to drug legalization. >> reporter: california is one of 14 states where medical marijuana is legal. they were trapped together
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in a mine for 69 days and now aboveground it appears the chilean miners are sticking together. they were immediately taken to the hospital, most have since been released. and tonight we're getting word that the 33 miners have agreed to closely guard their story and have hired an accountant to help them fairly divide any money that they get for interviews about their comradery in the mine. >> our boss told us every day, we had to be strong. if they find us, they find us, if not, not. at times we thought there was no hope so we just had to encourage each other and pray. >> one miners said the darkest moments from their 69 days under ground will never be discussed as part of their pact. >> reporter: the old phrase what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger now has scientific results.
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psychological advantages of going through tough times. the i pad is expanding. the new stores where you will find these products on shelves. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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the retailer known for low prices is adding apple's i pad to its stores. wal-mart says by mid-november the tablet should be available in all of its stores just in time for holiday shopping -- shopping. angela mosino agreed to pay fines and pelts the largest ever paid by a company executive -- fines and penalties, the largest ever paid by company executives. bank of america bought country wide in july 2008 and will have to dover cover most of the settlement. latest rankings of the top states, utah, virginia, north carolina, colorado and
5:43 pm
washington. the rankings are based on economic and banking trends. maine came in dead last. there's new proof that the old saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger may be true. living through adverse events fosters well being. the study surveyed more than 2,000 people over four years. shedding even a few pounds could help children avoid high blood pressure. researchers in indianapolis tracked weight of over 1,100 children. the impact increased as the body mass rose. bart is launching it's biggest push ever to fill its train. what the agency is doing to try
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to get you on board. the bay area cooling trend continues, right now i'm tracking a weather system out in the pacific, and it could produce showers for one part of your weekend, details ahead. burglars looting churches at an alarming rate. the good deeds police say could be making the churches vulnerable. will federal judges go after marijuana users even if california voters legalize it in california? ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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one stop shopping for bay area seniors looking for colleges. organizers say the college fair gives students a chance to find out about applications,
5:47 pm
financial aid and what they might like to study. >> working harder to try to get to a better school like stanford or something because i want to be a doctor. >> i would like to stay in california at least, that's all i know. >> reporter: similar fairs are coming up in berkeley, palo alto and san jose later this week. bart announced today when crews will break ground on a major project that will bring relief to a lot of passengers in one part of the bay area. julie haener is in the newsroom to look at the other stories we're working on. desperate times leading to desperate measures. the bay area city where criminals are targeting certain locations that in better times would probably never be hit this often. also ahead tonight, blunt comments, what the u.s. attorney general said he'll do if californians pass proposition 19. that would make it legal for people to possess small amounts of marijuana for their personal use. why cal and sanford fans are going to be very disappointed with what usc's
5:48 pm
athletic director said today. the key vote and what it might mean for every single team in the conference. we'll see you at 6:00. extreme fire danger kept visitors out of alan park. and there's been no let up since then, no activities are allowed during the closure. the park is expected to reopen tomorrow weather conditions permitting. and what's it looking like this weekend mark? >> looks like it'll be cooler. high pressure has been on the decrease. that trend has continued and temperatures will be on the decrease as well. we can show you this on the storm tracker as well. the clouds finally pushing in for monterey bay from pacifica to half-moon bay. already a few patches heading across the bay, we still have relatively at least partly cloudy skies but that fog bank
5:49 pm
still closing in on emeryville. a live look outside, our camera looking out toward the emeryville camera. there's that fog bank at least, at least spreading over san francisco, expanding over the region. as far as temperatures from today, most areas pushed out as average. san francisco only 64 degrees, oakland topped out 76, san jose 84. still a few 80s -- 90s to report for livermore. a minor bump in the numbers and wind speeds will be on theincrease especially for the hills. fire danger could be on the increase. for that time frame as well. here's the satellite, took a few clouds out here in the pacific out to the north and west. most areas continue to cool off for saturday, about five to 10 degrees for today's highs. wind speeds do pick up around 15 to 20 miles per hour, this
5:50 pm
area of low pressure will be approaching the bay area and actually heading to our south on sunday. as a result scattered clouds, that will be the coolest day of the weekend, we also have to bring in this. the potential of a few scattered showers. here's our rainfall model. not a lot to show you for tomorrow, just partly cloudy skies and then into sunday. the highest chance will be for the southern half of the region especially as we head into late morning into the afternoon hours. this is only a chance for something that we will be watching as we head into sunday. but you can count on a few more extra clouds and temperatures cooling off. for tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the low to mid-50s into the evening hours. temperatures, not much in the way of 90s. the warmest locations only in the lower 80s. oakland 71, san francisco in the lower 60s at 63. here's a look at head, your
5:51 pm
five day forecast, partly cloudy skies on saturday. temperatures only in the 60s, 70s, early 80s and sunday we're just just talking about 60s and early 70s. gasia and frank, a remarkable cool down. looks like bart riders can expect a slow down. the closures will begin in about 10 minutes and will continue until sunday night. free bart tickets for a year. that's just one of the prizes bart is offering but you have to ride to win. on monday, bart's launching it's new ridership campaign. they are calling it try bart week. bart is offering many prizes. here's how it works. >> go inside the bart system
5:52 pm
and you know, the signs that you see that tell you when the next train is going to come, they are also going to have the word of the day on it. you text that word in and then you'll be eligible for one of those 1,300 prizes including hundreds of thousands of the dollars of bart passes. >> bart says it wants to get the word out that riders can get train details online.
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man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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there's controversy today between big oil and three california universities. the centers for american congress says the money uc berkeley, uc davis accept from petroleum companies leads to a cozy relationship. however the three california universities say the money does not compromise their research. she's gone from high school drop out to elementary school principal and tonight this san jose educator is actually at the white house. norma rodriguez is among 61 people being honored as national distinguished school principals. in her six years at aj dorsa elementary school in san jose test scores have jumped and students have made big games in
5:56 pm
language arts and school proficiency. all this in schools where 76% of students are not native english speakers. >> it reminded me why we do what we do and it's not to get recognition but showing that we are making a difference. >> tonight they are attending a black tie dinner. rodriguez story is really something. she came to the united states at the age of 14 not speaking any english. although she says that she dropped out of school at 16, she later got involved as a parent volunteer at school then she began teaching. rodriguez is being called a shining example of what is possible in public schools. quite a story. there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. >> reporter: what the u.s.
5:57 pm
attorney general says the justice department will do if california voters pass proposition 19 next month.
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a bay area police department has arrested one of its own. tonight what's reeling by the shame of that arrest. and warming up for a heated data. we are live in philadelphia as the giants get ready for game one of the national league championship series. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. san francisco police say it appears desperate times are leading to desperate measures, this as officers investigate what they call a dramatic jump in the number of thefts involving churching. the alarming trend is hitting the cities city's ig


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