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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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all flags on state buildings to half-staff, until sunset on the day of her funeral debbie smith was 60 years old. she is survived by her husband greg, and her children, erin, ian, and olivia. today seems very similar to what we saw on saturday. we're seeing some high level clouds with sun filtered behind it. temperatures are mild for this time of year, into the upper 50's and low 60's. winds right now are light, sustained at five to ten miles per hour. they will pick up this evening in advance of a weak system to our north. this weak system will give us more cloud cover tonight and a few
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border. temperatures tomorrow morning will near the freezing point. monday will be dry. turning to campaign 20-16. the nevada democratic caucus is over, and hillary clinton has been declared the winner. so how was saturday's voter turnout? ryan canaday has been following the caucus action and joins us now live in the studio. ryan what did you find out? jen experts we spoke to said there were really no surprises saturday both in terms of hillary's victory and voter turnout. now although we did report yesterday that a few locations did have a lot of people show up to caucus. as expected...the state wide numbers were still very low. "caucus" although the washoe county turnout was better than clark county... nevada still had a very low caucus participation rate compared to states like iowa and new hampshire..with nevada attracting less than 12 percent of voters on the democratic
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that's the problem with the caucus state and maybe the problem with the west where we're much more jaded about politics a lot more distressful about candidates so building enthusiasm out here is challenging." but could poor participation affect nevada's value as first caucus in the west during future elections? lokken says that answer is less about voter turnout and more about harry reid's decision to retire from the u.s. senate. "with that kind of longevity came tremendous influence in power, we could immediately see the loss of frontloading status for the caucuses but i'm hoping nevada will also reconsider caucuses and go back to primaries, we have far better participation rates, even though they're still abysmal." but even though the participation isn't always the greatest in nevada, lokken believes our state is more reflective of america than states like iowa or new hampshire...making the democratic caucus a great test for both campaigns. this is now a reality check for the sanders revolution or movement and it's a chance for
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and suggests that this is the start of their new momentum which is what i tend to think is exactly what will happen." what then does this all mean for the republican caucus later this week? lokken believes it'll be more of what we saw on saturday. "the party is going to see at best a 7 or 8 percent turnout, you know we really do, i hope in the 2017 legislature need to stand back, look at this process and rethink it, especially in the post reid years and we really should rethink what we're doing if we think more people should be involved." the republican caucus is this tuesday, but you can only participate in that caucus if you registered as a republican before february 13-th. covering campaign 20-16 live in the studio, ryan canaday channel two news. a dwindling pool of gop presidential candidates heads out west this week for the nevada republican caucuses. danielle nottingham has the latest from southern nevada.
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picking up 50 delegates in his south carolina victory. but trump isn't underestimating his republican rivals. "i'm dealing with very talented people, smart people, good people. i think they'll be competing. we still have competition." its shaping up to be a three man race between trump and senators marco rubio and ted cruz heading into tuesdays caucuses in nevada. rubio picked up the endorsement of nevada senator dean heller-- it could be key in his effort to become the choice of establishment republicans. "the democrats don't want to run against me, but i want to run against them" "cruz is hitting the ground hard here in nevada after a disappointing third place finish in south carolina, where he lost the evangelical vote to trump" cruz says he's the only republican so far that's proven he can beat trump. "do well in the first three states and then compete and have a very strong night on super tuesday. i think i'm ideally positioned to do
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cruz can win nevada bd: yes. i'm hoping so. i really am and i'm going to be one vote for him." senator bernie sanders was also looking to rebound from a tough loss in nevada to hillary clinton. he attended church services in south carolina sunday trying to court black voters. the democrats have their next contest saturday in the palmetto state. danielle nottingham, cbs new, pahrump, nevada. and heading into the g-o-p delegate count. donald trump leads with 67, after picking up all 50 in south carolina. cruz is second with 11, rubio has 10, kasich 5, and carson 3. jeb bush had 4 delegates, but suspended his campaign yesterday. in advance of tuesday's g-o-p caucus, ben carson stopped in resort. according to recent polls, the retired neurosurgeon is polling in last place in the silver state. after a strong showing in
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he had poor results in new hampshire and south carolina. today, he touched on many subjects, including what he feels is the death of the american dream. "that used to be the american dream. it's gone. completely gone. carson will hold a town hall meeting a the piper's opera house in virginia city tomorrow doors open at 7:30. and florida senator marco rubio will hold three rallies in northern nevada tomorrow. he will be in elko at 9-30 a-m... in reno just after noon... and in minden in the afternoon. to r-s-v-p for either the carson town hall in virginia city, or rubio's rallies, head to k-t-v-n dot com and click the blue "news links" button. and with the g-o-p caucus here on tuesday, and super tuesday a week later, be sure to stay with channel two news on air, online, and on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage of campaign 20-16.
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at 6:30... jack sutton will show us an historic building in downtown reno that has become a gathering place for artists to live and work. that's tonight's nevada
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once considered for demolition, the riverside hotel in
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home for artists now for more than a decade. its new life provides the perfect setting for creative expressions. jack sutton explains in tonight's nevada backroads. the exterior speaks of a grand past, part gothic, part art deco. but today's story is found inside. this is where the artists live. "i was interested in moving here ten or so years ago when it opened. i love living downtown and with other artists and creative people. its a good atmosphere." when you first enter, the art greets you. the hallways have become a gallery. involved with gallery last year. collectors come visit. this is my studio, my residence and my
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"inspiration here. i've done singing and song writing and art. my art includes many things." you can't find any greater environment, for in here heart when they imploded the mapes. but they saved the riverside." reporting in reno, jack sutton, channel two news. meteorologist angela schilling will have a look at your
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today seems very similar to what we saw on saturday. we're seeing some high level clouds with sun filtered behind it. temperatures are mild for this time of year, into
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winds right now are light, sustained at five to ten miles per hour. they will pick up this evening in advance of a weak system to our north. this weak system will give us more cloud cover tonight and a few
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the oregon border. temperatures tomorrow morning will near the freezing point. monday will be dry. futurecast stays quiet this week with some more cloud cover on
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strengthens on thursday and friday. seven day shows quiet weather with highs in the mid to upper 60's and overnight lows in the upper 20's and low 30's. coming up in sports, it was photo finish at the 58-th running of the daytona 500 today... dallas will have that
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the nascar sprint cup season got underway this afternoon with the 58th running of the daytona 500... with 40 cars and 500 miles of racing... this years running of the great american race featured a last lap pass for the lead... and the closest finish in the races history... lets head to daytona... kyle busch the defending sprint cup champions... dale earnhardt jr. always a favorite to win... and then 20 year old rookie pole sitter chase elliot taking over for the now retired jeff gordon... but elliott's hopes for a 500 victory were dashed early... lap 19 he spins coming off of turn 4... and when he gets to the trioval grass his front splitter digs in and causes heavy front end damage. now 31 laps to go... and dale earnhardt junior also spins as
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nose it into the wall... ending his hopes of third daytona 500 win... he was alright... but junior nation... frustrated. 13 laps later you ride with greg biffle he has a run on danica patrick in the locally sponsored natures bakery car... they make contact... she gets knocked into the infield where her car would suffer terminal damage... she would finish in 35th... so final lap.. matt kenseth out front... but his teammate denny hamlin has a run... he looks high and then cuts underneath him to take the lead... kenseth falls back and we have a drag race between hamlin and martin truex jr... truex noses ahead but at the line its denny hamlin winning by 1 hundreth of a second... take a look at the finish... as hamlin said afterwords it was the best moment of his career. so here is a look a the final
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speaking of wild finishes the last 15 seconds of regulation between nevada and unlv last night was a wave of emotions before the rebels would go on to win in overtime. game tied at 77... rebel ball... ike nwamu's go ahead shot is no good... lindsey drew pulls down the rebound and he'll give it tom marqueze coleman... coleman will then decide to step into a 25 foot three pointer... and he burries it... nevada leads 80- 77... with less than 2 and half seconds to go... but the wolf pack in foul trouble decides not to pressure the rebels... and patrick mccaw races up the court
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his own... that sends it to overtime... where the rebels took all the momentum and would go on to win 102-91. so nevada will look to rebound on wednesday when they host utah state... the pack beat the aggies last month in logan 89-84... tip off set for 7pm. the big news from last night was the wolf pack swimmng and diving team as they won the mountain west championship down in texas... the ladies finished first out of 10... including beating the meet favorites boise state... carson city native krysta palmer was named mountain west diver of the year. the team celebrated by jumping off the diving boards and into the pool. this is also only the second mountain west championship in nevada wolf pack history... the nevada baseball team won the first one last spring. the pack will now go on to the ncaa zone e diving regional's set for march 7-9th... in flagstaff arizona. while the ncaa championships are march 17-19th in atlanta. and the wolf pack baseball team earned a split with the northwestern wildcats this
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10-6 win... tj freidl and keaton smith both hit their first career wolf pack home runs... the wolf pack will stay in suburban phoenix for another couple days before they will play one game against arizona state on tuesday. and the wolf pack soft ball team is off to a great start... 8-2 after going 5-0 at the desert classic this weekend... including blanking robert morris and southern utah the first game against the colonials nevada won 9-0... galena alum raquel martinez... carson alum jennifer purcell... and melissa arriga hit homeruns while mckenna isenberg pitched a complete game shutout... in game two it was 8-0... amanda weis hit a homer... along with purcell who had quite the day... she also hit a homer... brooke bollinger pitched a complete game shutout. then angela will have a final
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angela's here with a final look at your forecast.... seven day shows quiet weather with highs in the mid to upper 60's and overnight lows in the upper 20's
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> bill whitaker: the mexican marines have been trying for months to capture el chapo when an intelligence brief led them to the world's most dangerous drug lord's final party. >> for an incredibly savvy clever almost a criminal genius, that el chapo guzman was, he ultimately was done in by very
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>> whitaker: what do you mean? >> tacos, tequila and chicas. >> listen, a lot has happened. i am in the custody of these people. >> leslie stahl: when warren weinstein was kidnapped in pakistan, the ordeal his wife elaine went through over the next several years revealed the level of desperation so many american families have experienced in trying to get their loved ones freed from terrorist groups. >>love you. >.stahl: were you prepared for this? >> how could you be prepared for this? you can't. >> i never had held life and death in my hands and i'm telling you i held his life in my hands. >> you're going to fix it... now! >> steve kroft: michael fassbender and kate winslet are both up for oscars. >> fix it! >> what the? >>kroft: not because they are great actors, but because they had demanding roles in a very unusual movie that allowed them


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