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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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e thce epiernt ofhe tro gwing empandic. an d the neeominsor fou cntrymu awsic .ards fibut trst,'sodaye "eyeropen." wyour iorld sn 90dsecon. y >>avou he asy lou corerd. 16rs yeand aou yen hav'tke picd a in wner. ea plse pick w athinner istime. he>> tdi cansdateak me their pifinal tch toa iow vo.ters y >> courpaamign is bn ased othe idthe ea y thatou're a wi.nnerdo t es thaanme yonou dav't he towi n iowa? n >>o, d i hon't taveo win .it butou i wikld le to win .iowa>> e wt can'urbe b nedaiagn. e thesstak t areoo high. h>> iyoope gu'lld o andstan up r fome. pe i ho yl ou'lfi fghtor me. s >>s ound ylikeanou wtma to ke a picolital voreonluti. ee[ chndrs ala app]use a >>or majin wterrm sto has got s iteteyes s on .iowa rtimpotoant ot neow hhi tlls wi af yfectour uscauces. e thbulkth of e snowrt stas yo beidnd mtnigh on tuy.esda
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m isee otingveysr wa toat btle e thggrowina zikus vir reoutbak. th eup grold couid dece to ar declehe tus vir aba glol thheal eremgency. >>gi virtenia ch snttude s ar chwiged heth tuc abd ationnd rd mufer o a ea13-ydr-ol girl.>> yevou neter gve or shiometng li hake tt. >>ra amtknv itiestigangbj oects at thuc strk ara tinr neaew n rk yo. ve>> edyrybod, saiy m god,s it' a gut.nsho>> b theosronc p anderanthsre a inlicaiaforn.>> ll a>> ed tz cru isop hingit to a li lette lovfrom his htdauger. ntshe wains nothgo tdoit wh it. >>ea nrly struck by lig.ghtnin o >>h, myod g!>> o allf that ermatts. >> wmeelco toer divse tv. >>dr iisa elb sdumme uphe t enscrect aorils gu adwardh wit thate-onr.line i >>'veft oeeen bldn to i'mot n thinouengh, i'mot n white gh da it, i am enough.
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>>ke jo, i y,saf i you're si yck, ifou've got 104 attemperigure, r iht, b'veeen g doin,this if yourr doctoay ss cayou eannot lrve you oubed, y n'wote mak it,do it t esn'ma .tter ge t up and get upau and ccus. a>>nnncou: erdatos y' "eyeop brener" toought y you b .toyota t' legos la ps.ce lc weoome tcb " s this in morng." fithe otrst ves a arebouto tbe castn ine oe of thof most the he atedsi preldentiast contes i nde mostrn hiory.wa io i holdstsre piasidentl ca ucusest.tonighte vol rs wil igatherarn libries,ho scol gyms, and pteriva s.home ilthey widl dece twoy verlo cse races. rnand tuilout w l bekey. >>oc demraticiv r balse ernisa annders lld hiclary aintonre ndneck a ckne. 'land welk talh wittheme forr cr sey etarteof statl shory. an 12 ctedidaes are in th pu re rblican waceith donald antrump crd ted uz fgightin for rs fie.t placrs
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tdecideheco outme. ouror cderespon antsndit policalre ail in waio. egwe bitin wajh morar gretth witth lie pol ticaowsh.downma gjor,moood g.rnin r >>teeporr:d goomog,rnin and we e lcomamto cp uzcr. is thon is te ofwoor drimitoes cathe gnmpai r hasdentee her in s deesmoin. m i'inkeepg my voiceow dn hare t0n 13ol veruntes from 31st hatescoave ome t iaow to mp ca aaignndil mob vizesoteror fte uzd cr. an thd oey d ithe t old fonashiedwa y. e onr vote tat aime.>> tedas hn beesi contlsteny erconsvevati. no -fflip.lops>> or repter:te voluners ated t icruz'sowadq heasuarter t hitheon phunes sday. w >>vee ha aot l ofea lhidersp in hi wasnngto who areow kngtowi heto t idpresent. ep >> r porter: aart of li mobi ezationcoffort ednsider tsecondo .none >> w!wo>> or repter:n othetu smp in des es moinz, crulo impisred h or suppo ters tshow .up>> 7p.:00 omm. tworro t,nigh an stthd wi. usca wucusith us.
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r >>teeporher: tz cruam cn paig salsotenhi ts r,flie which ok lokes liov a genernmt cu do,mentig hhthligingot ving atviol,ions tost boo rntuout am ongnd uedecid tevors. 'siowaec sryretast of ate tiquesoned the halardbl rntuout taicct. d soonid dtrald ump. t'>> iiks le ania officl do ntcumeng beien sot tpl peoe in tiowathhat avey h ge toet out voand ecte b tauserehey' in ol vin.atio sai haid tt's a fraud, it's al retely lerribs , aasfar i'm co nencerd.>> or rep cter:suruz tepporrs ll caed it aic typal uvmaneer. ssa leic typal e.on l >> cet'sallal donucd dk and y tretto g t himo do a de.bate or>> repter:ep dloying uc"dk na dy'ssty"l phier robtson to ckattar youal rivor fpp skiing ade umpha uncerractcaisti llydo
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oudo ye havinto w in ?iowa >>no, i't done havtone winr it. avwe hfae a sirlyanubst tial ileadn iowa.i dwoul like .to>> or rep tter:rump has rdelie onpe alrson rspeonuasi. i >>fr youoc dtor saysou y otcannve lear youbed, you w'tonke ma ,itt in'doest matter.t ge aupnd caucus. aget upnd uscauc. r >>r:eportemp tru has no it dormrory fo luvo,nteers but hedo aves he sarah pa wlin,ho will ca wmpaign hithim l tateroday innin racedar pids.% 71of trump'srt suppoersay s ethey'rly totaltt commi tedo hahim, tet's thhe hignst i the field. umbut trp is almost no one's second.choice th atld couiv gez cru an ad e vantagamong uscaucgoers who ul coild sthal c tngeheird. min >> r,majonk tha youy ver.much the"dnees mois girester" poll edhas prictedig ehtf othe last nine iowas caucu winners.a oflot us foc isn o whol wil shfini third.rc
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thacd pln e ithees latt poll. eydean rnolds isth in ete sta pi catal in m dessoineit wh ta himde goan, niod morng. ep >> r worter:ell,f iolthe pls are right, theig b loser tonightwi hmtablisent. thand g e bitiquesson iha wt im pact thatea defilt wvel ha on rathe oice gng fod.rwar>> e i'v got terryns bratadt a me ho.i lookt at i for irinspation. r >>r:eporteer govnor chris iechristd sharestthe wageith iowaov grernoer try stbranad, a re icpublegan l iendns thite sta istablt.hmen c>> i wan'ttoait geto intthe e white houscaand ll terry br adanst and y,sael h mpe fix icamerhea t way youix fedio wa. 'l we il dot toergeth.>> or rep ster:orenatco mario rub ined capar ridsre implod the d. crow>>
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an a choce t win. r >>teeporolr: payls sei nther ,he chierist, jeb bush,or nn joh si kae ch havchmu a ofho st in io wa.>> 'v youote gha to ve ain wner th is .time u' yooire go ng t ahave wi.nner>> or rep wter:itha iow blrepus icanmore ilincnedow tard na doruld tr mp oted .cruz b>> god tlessrehe gteat sta of . iowa ep >> r rorter:ubiond a teshe rt are pnginnihe tirop hes oen th xt nete connst i new>> ll we' bevi leasong as on as c the iaucussr oveand we'lle b in namew hrepshisd tueay rn mo ring, teadyo work. ep>> rr:ortefo so r emth,a iow a iscr seamblor fhi trdr o thfour e.plac>> d youavon't h ge areatd recor p of ickingidpresents, outhgh.>> or rep gter:rovernons bratad ha ts nose endor adny cteandidas asbut hpp ad eare twith ohenes l he aikesotnd npp adeare with th ese on he n'doest. w>>vee hae mor cdaandites than ewe'vr eve had. ini th'lk wevel ha aor recd t.turnoui rctespe the o futcomerom the io epwa rcaubliusn caucgoers. ep >> rr:orte, nowin losg iowa isno
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an the myer loss reheal, rond ag rean was one who lost in 1980,t bunwent oo t winhe t pr enesidcyat lerha tt year. n>> a intmporta ndremier. an dean, thuk yo so chmu.wh eren vot outurntea mns hieverytng, sannow c really updisret th uccauses. a li bdzzar isin movcrg athoss e ai plowns tardow ia this mog,rnin ngmakie somidcand atesounervs. the ltatesol pl ofoc demrats s showla hilntry cliiton wh the nd saers. y nancde corss i at acu caus sitein dnees moishe wre uccaerusgos llwie makir theic choe ghtonit. nc naooy, grnd moing. r >>teeporoor: grnd moing. 's itd harfor evenan iows to be e liev dtheays iin fally .here ke ta ak looth at e panewsper, "c laucus:ouet yoir vce be he "ard. ithise s onhoof tsela pces er whee thce voil s wilbe arhe d,in
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te voilrs wlat gher and tory t inconv eceotach therotc swih de siaks, mingn a adylreaht tig ra vece eorn me w >>n'e cat adfforma to ke a mi e.stak>> or repter:k loo fored rioemptn a inta stehe sos ltig ehtea yrs ag o, conlintle boidow dn her ss metoage itses e.senc s >> wtickithas ide thatil wl ac lytualk wor oforur trcouny. ep>> rr:ortet jus like,2008 a tione-unme ogderd isip npingt a r he s.heel >> itnd soukes lian you wt to ma olke a p riticalioevolutn. ee[ chndrs ala app]use ep>> rr:ortemi prosingor maj gechan.>> e' hers a raladic .ideato ergethre we'ng goi c toereat coan e tnomy whatorks forll a of us,ot nt jus 1 for%. ch [ ndeers a auspplae ] i >>n thisst firum colnve we' go ant age erd gend.>> i'mli calitng weh thla hil ry toclinmpn ca.aign>> or repter: thepa camignsav he stinveeaed h ivilyhen tir get toutheot ve efs.fort w >> ge're toingalo wk it t hreeti
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r >>teeporher: tan sdersm tea ld to cbs news 4,000 veroluntes keknocd on 00112,0oo drs this we d.eken w>> iill be csiaucung rrtomoow. >> for be?rnie >>yes. >> llexceent. ep>> r aorter: poll outs thi en weekd d foun%83 of cntlion sursorte t say mheirind is madeup,om cdpare to f 69%or f th o pthemd ulle aouthell t sstops thiee wkend to charm rsvoteen, ever sinenadgir the orsupp.ters s thian ld was made y forndou a me >> te repormer: forarr mdylan go mvernoro'artin imalleyst a i 3%n the polls, and in a pr thimary ouat wakld mime h a no ctn-faor.bu t in a uccaus,he wre nrseighbo ho can rse e,tradhe tny cawi stch gi allehaances lfway rothugh, at th 3%ld cou make the ff di, erencealespeciinly sce cl
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teseparabod by aut 3 points, ch arlie. ha>> tnks, y.nancs cbolnews palitic dir aectornd e "factithe naon" moroderatn joh erdick ison isn m jod , gooinmorng.>> mo good rning, lichare. w >>hatul sho wdee bki loong at w andouhat c tld be he ns concequees of iowa?>> n oot bhep rcaublin and cr demo atic,sidee' w lreooking r fotut.rnou t' if is big rotepn otheli repubcan de si m, thateanson dtrald ump d anuzted crup's serportes hav utcome o to .caucus don thetiemocrac desi, itns mea sbernie handers casreated an tu acrgal oatanization th can rn tuot out v terseo thcu causes. arthose e the first two big inth igs l'mngooki wwhate'llea lonrn tighte on th atdemocre,ic sid l we'll iearnf hi clllary sinton' rustcture, ic whsh she'ee bnor wnking o for nt mondhs a months,e before berni sa erndwas as ,threatas she w bu aildingnrg oioanizatern h teo me beco. 'land wedl finut of i thatga ortinizaeaon bts the usenthhaiasm tt he'see bn able to ilbud.d
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we'll find outf i trued czas h be aenble tveo ha an zaorganihation tdot can r bette an th p thereolls a thte will sll u noty onl about we how e ll h dcano rehe, butf i an he ch launc the crvonseeativ retivoluson he' been sgayin he 'll chlaun. >>d donalptrumd tolou y st yey,erdan, johha t htesn doe't thaveno wi waio. oea, dats thpr surise you,nd a oudo ynk thi he's ttorying lo wer ctexpensatio? wo>> t tshingou y do on csaucu y dahere in iowa. e, onou y trynd a turn outr you te vod rs, ano,tw youry t to gemana peexnsctatio. j he'skeust live ery other li potician in that sense. d he noesn'tsaeces hrily ave to win in iowa. ibut it cs the oenterf his me arguatnt, ths he'a d so twohat ulde b a b igblow.bu t the ohine thang tdt woul ve saim her is thnoe's clt a ear al ivternat e.e' therlts an atiernan ve iiowa t buotit's nes neclysarihe t t casellhat aub repnslica think uzted cr t ishena altertive to do runald tmp.>> andhe tre'so als the p oint
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hthe migle be abun to r the bl tae.>> yes, he mighte b tableo run the bltalte, ah,hougno you kw, in thnggs chare afteet we gut o of iowa. l we'lhosee w r marcooeubio ds an hed whet br heecomes the rn alteinative new shhampire, ic wh mh is areuch moor fav ablest r ate fohim. ha >> tounk yhn, jo.ah oread, m e ofjohn's one on one ieintervhw witd donaltrump. d any hillarn clintoewill b with fusromes d inmoes,ll we' talk ywithomou, cing upn o "iscbs thmo "rning.>> te> innarnatiothl heal of s ficialytoda could declare e tha zik virus aba glol er eld worh healtzaorganistion ime g etininev gena tocu disss an ti acon plan. e thert are atleas 31as cesn i un the ited esstat. a allreed relat r totecenve tralou tside tshi country. or>> repooter: gind br bil haseen hardest hit by th e zikavirus. m iteay haved arrive her in 2014 t athe wuporld cce socr ur to anamentndin s tcehen has
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n millio ipeoplenra bzil er feas it idcoul sdprea to an rothe 4il monli peeoplos acrs the amesricath in et nex2 1 nt ec's b aomenll aoo tom cmon e.scenhe oalthiafficprls sgayin se ine cticidhein top hfes o ki g llin,this thequ mosito aedes ae ptgyi,po resnsible forhe t ka zi viruswe sgepinou thrgh n latiicamernda a the bbcariean. vithe hruseeas bnpe susctedf o ca gusin anre incase inas ces of cr mihaocepchly, drilen born with uaunussmlly alls,head often th wira bin da.mage tmore han4100 sctuspeedes cas ofic mphrocealye havn bee edreportfa so r in ilbraz, and pr naegennt wom fearer othid se fe efomcts fr the s.viru >> he tli pubcsn doe'tno kw ev hierytngut abohe t kazi.we 't donw knoct exahely t eqconseuencf ohe t s,viruy onl th e miepcroc.haly r>>orepr:te tsmouriil wl also li kelyffsuer, dteespiic offials
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rio'sed famni carvales fltiva nsbegith on e 5th. thhealrs worke tooke to th s,streetrm aed withns ientrumts and rminfoation.en evets likhi tsst wreling matchar ree aladynd uayer w and etathl aesakre ting ecpronauti, us bingug saypr andyi stang do inors. in>> kd of y.scar s there'gnothinan you c do, if yo guet bit,ou y b getit. ep >> rr:orte if the weaorld hlth niorgaonzatire decla vs theirus bla pueaic hlth geemer incy,t ll wi benl oy thert fouh theime t zaorganiastion he don ,so anmeg inirzika vusld coun joi th ane compyf o1n h1 icenfluen an d ebola.>> john, t joil wlak tes unt io the ercentth of e zika pcandemi gh tonit. e thla acess expre was
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om in wash tgtono new.york ss parsengeor repd tearheing ctobjeacs smnsk agaihet t train in ilphphadelia. trthe nai wasn othee sam route as ay deadlcrash lyeast ar. o partf theal feder ve inatstigfoion oncused werheth anbs o ttruct therainin mutes be tforehe ciacde.nt> >>ofparts cnialifora are ea clpning umo this grninm froa wdeadlyinter hi winds ragaved the e.stat e onve drir in d saniego was ll kin ed oaysundn wheeea tr letopptod on her car. n be tracy inos lel anghoes sws a usllhe t madage.>> or rep hter:inigh wds roupotedan 8--wfoot oideakre ten ian s di kego,ngilli aan womvi dring th is a.hondth oreether cars wereo als ma daged. ee trlls fe allos acrs serouthn ca rnlifoiaau becse theun grod is edsoaky bec rent sstorm and nd wires weli how angt up to 70 s mileurper guops tped 115il meres pr hou omin s aereas andom sere tes st noodo cechan.>> iea hrd a p,po like slow
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ep>> rr:orte theds wino als do pwned owers,line lngeadio t rewidespad geoutas. sulate nday, 41,000 peopleti slld hano power. e>> i'v livede her 15 years and ne sveraw it blow soha rd.>> or rep ater:ke worr wasin trygto uc rede thed win rtaesisnce en whs thi towerla col.psed ulthankfwaly he sn't hurt. cthisar slid off anem mebanknt.e th wdriveralked .away i >>st wata sble iensid the ve e.hicli mhadany hd oen thte sgerin wh aneel ed thf roo of the clvehiane d okindenf wtht wi e th acars it rdolle .over>> or rep dter:teespi themadage, focalirnesia dteperaeely nds the in ra. af terou f yrearsf ohi punisng drought, w ililiel no fdueles storm ar
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m> caew n atonnd the cinarola pa rsntheke loodty sshlis ay the ep stofped ef thne pla in sanjo nse oda suny after a cr cooss-trunfly .ight e thnc broosan lded a few hours ieearldr anes busri caredto peynma gnnin andir theea tm teio thr ho r ithedsquail wl haveuc mh do mewntiwe betowen nnd a ay sundme's ga. ay pl aersndch coaes will meet withs fan and media asof part bosuper wlni openg t.nigh is cbs ou yr home for s buperowl . 50co geverain begsda suny with b"superowl datoy" at p 11:00.m. fipacic time.d ane wvi interewde presibant omaan d the firsty ladiv lm e frothewh usite hote, juse beforhe t .gamew hothabout amose c nnewto nt pas? i >>'mg tryin ato getai pr for prthe enesidt. k i thinlthey'l be a erconvsaontite starr.t bueai hry' theghre tou to>> u do yo tthinkhe pntreside d anfirst lady are ready foru? yo>> 't i donw. kno t i don'know. wowe're g rkinon ,itch arlie. >> i knowow har hd t hosees quwitions ll be.>>
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il> hlary toclinn's fstir loss b toobarack meama caio in wagh eist year ago.'l wel ask the frormean r:nouncepo this n rtiocbof "
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y ever bkissegwiins ayth k. aol clegeck trath alete se accufd o kngilli a 13r--yeaold rl gi. >>d,aheahy wic poleel bveie he ha d helpn ithis ermurd. t >>he news is b tack inhe mo rirning reght hebs on "c this rn mo"ing.ker h ien the inmorn ogncb "iss thni morng." no anr:unces thiioport "n ofcbs th oris m" ningsosponbyred ne parera s od ahoit sbeuld . d anthwarm loand g okin,good an ndd sa awichound sdp ansi inokde jes, daand bn isack! , goodn clea pfoodrsaiel wwil athinnythg. clthe paean gsirinu. men
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wh heat t heck was ?thatea ahd, the fillrebatt spo edac trosshe trcouny. > >>tomo od gong morni k thanr you fongwatchiel chann2. nd i'm aari gueva. selet's ovnd it er to te meisorolog mt jeffneartiw z nor fohea weatter upda. od goni morffng, je! e thsystorm hastem tght brout us o snowndn suasay h o movedut of ar the wea. wel ile sertpaly dyclou a skiesd nd colte urmperath es witinhighs thew lo 3to midh 0s witzya breewi 25nd 10-akmph, m fing iteel ev deen colk r. loor out foicy ad ronds aroueg the rition, wh ai chron contfols up ofr all theun moastain pe ses. windry thgs fo out rer the thst of e weekth wi i highs40n the e s. hava
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
ngar you e one of the best qu d alifiepeopleo trun for pr t esiden lin a ongtime. e ther a islso thegh tou itcompetanion ccd su ess ofbe anrnie sders. y doieou belve that he,ho w es suggdsts neeo tai rse taxes fo or someprf the hogramse ul wod likee to se thery count , havebeand ecaus he is a de atmocric soiscialt,an ce b ec elted? el>> wl, lichar ae,ot l of mo des cratrrare wodieut abo th reey aak spe ingout. atheyorre w ried, thatknyou ow, it could beif dltficu and we rt cewaainly nt toe tak back the na sete. av we he gotre ganat ctedidas g runnin tacrossnthe cou wryho twantkeo magr proess ien th housend ate sta ho.uses k i thinaiit's fr toay sha tt e thendiffer ces we,havey the re o,ally got n so m tucho the goals. weh bott wanve uni hrsalh ealt careveco,rage forexe.ampl lii beweeve ul shouid bldn o theaf abfordarle ce act.we are90 at ve% co araget'nd is ofone g thereatem dcocrati pa rtyve achie amentsndas i w ri thhelled wren pntside obama go t it .donei o want teimprov on it, but ido
7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:47 am
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7:50 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:59 am
>> iyes,ld wou pay 00$8. >>hello. 00 $8. nd>> sta up. 0.>> $80 at wh i havete gotn myself ? into >> cueche.arli i >>rl'm chae ie rosaywith g le ng ki n and'dorah o.onnell e we'roujust hrswa aym frohe t fi vrstotesn i the 2016 es prtiidenal race. iliowa woll hd itsau ccuses ni toght.en wha iowem ddocratese caucud in t2008nthey sek barac oobaman hi tos way hi the wte e.houshe te defeadla hilntry cliiton wh almost38% ofhe t vote. ig >> eht yatears lller, hiary nclinto faces a sarimil al chlenge.rn bedeie sanotrs, anher id candatesi proming change is ju eest thrs pointd behin her in e th ltates m desoinesis regter ll rdncy cocoes is ngveri the mo deincrats desesmoin.go niod morng, nancy. r >>r:eportemo good rning.u yothknow, uce caus processs i so ueuniq, comeon t yightlou'l haveun hsdred of peopleer h ien
8:00 am
s nute tandhey will h beorse ai trtrning, o ying tgbrin theirig nes hboro over t theirside. s i wa just t talkingo a slocia ie studhes teac ar herehet t mi chddle sool. d he saiosthe mter powfuleo pple nyon aau ccusht nigre ahe t de uncided. th die e rshail wlar come med wi irth the ttoughes meesssag, th cle ninto f wolksille b ar guinghe s hashe tla pn. beshe's teen tesved in e.ry waye thssander folks willrg auee w ed neev rnaolutio rygechan.e thta squtus sno i't goodh enoug en whor wngki fieamilsre a fa g llinndbehi.ob slviouaty what m mtersost is ge g ttinyourpo supsrter heren ith rse fi tplace. sthersandem tead tol usha t t ei thrun volsteerck kno oedn 00112,0 doorsus jt this ekwed.en in cltoton ould y a short time ag teo her am knocked on 00125,0 doors just ese the numbers raaccute? er thnoe's way for u tso owkn, th boms teare at sor ofhu tgmpin th cheir
8:01 am
beuld aam ge changer for cl inton,,though a wins i ia crucusl becase she' wayeh bindin newshhampire, thet nex co ntest up. if she loses in bothta stes it bwillear hdo t arguehe s 'sil stl the rufront-nner.>> ncnahay, tnk you so keis weeolnd's plho swsd donal trumpng leadi tz ed crue by fiv tspoin. aicruz soed he diesn't v w anyat ste as a stmu-win. a he hndispa camignav he made age hut iow rmajoar grett i isnes d .moines ep>> r worter:ouhat yee s around me is camp. cruz e we'r coming toou yro fm the fgroundfloor o one of two ar apttmen cexomplhees wrebo aut uz130 cr verolunte bs haveeen ngrotatiou thringh slyce ear ce de.mber c ifruzs win nitoght, ga ortiniza monaleusclik l tehis b will re theeason y.whe th cruz cnampaigls tel us it's en id etifiedotvery pential li aukely ccusde atten enitoght. t no only cctontaheed tm rs pelyonal t once, bwiceanut my me tis. uieven blt a mtiathemacalel mod elit bsieveil wle ensur
8:02 am
ab yt four earsago, 122,000 bl repushicans uowedp athe t ca ucus. teestimas are turnout thtonig d coule risto 0,15000. 'scruzpa camignan magerur enses me ha tthe tyl wil win even if it he reacs 00150,0.if it reseach beyond 0,17000 um tr wp will binseecaus he' tr atactedo s many new uc cas.usgoer ha >> tnks, dompld trud saioehe d'tsn ed ne w toin nitosght'ow ia ca ucusut b hed toloh jn sodicker an in "face the nation"te inrviewe' hs cdeonfinte h can.>> in ,iowa youram cnpaigs i d basendarou i the ydeaeou'r a nn wier. es dot thamean you have toin w io wa? >> on i dav't hoe t win itnd a gh riw t no ayound i areit s ting
8:03 am
ahave sanubst ltialead in newha i itink weould bll reayoo g d in to w iowa.d i'likewi to wan io. i'moi dngll reaely witl weh th geevanlslica. vei ha arl faiy sanubst ltialead in.iowa ini th wke have ad goonc chae ofwi g nnin.iowa kei'd li . to ou>> yr llraies,he tpl peoe ndatteliing ke a youre un rocomp.misingi ttalkedsho waoningt inrsside, somewmlasaker who are coover tmingheiric skeptism ou abu t yoby tinhinkgs he'ng goi coto mimprose. 's heng goi to makels dea in inwash.gton ic whe h onigis rht? >> ihi tnk yoeverne's ghrit. ne ho, stly tihink trehey'h bot gh rit. m i'alm deaakerut b we heav to ke ma d.eals sit's oortf nnfuy.wh en iee s c tedruz sintand g inth nae sendte aob nelody se is withhim,s he' sintandllg a by elhimsd f anyouav hell a of es thhee otr pocilitians, tosenandrs a recongnssme llgenerahey and 'sry tingo t -- bhe'sy f.himsel 'rtheyt e noggoin to get yt an hing.done gyou'veot teo b able to get in thdogs ne.te esd don'tav h aennd emeorsent om fr u oned niteesstat ser.nato >> d he' sayha tt's great.
8:04 am
ou y've said suchri terble in thbogs aheut t m ininwash.gton he>> t ny'reot bad pe.ople lo a t ofm there ad goo peeopl d an asome preeeoplt tha w on't itget done. en wh ted d'toesne hav one se r,natoe likkea mi w lees ho i ase conivrvate guy,d goo guy, y wht isn'ethe g ttinghe rsendotsemen. re>> theot's a l ofra dunma arodyo ur mpca.aign re you' oioccasy nallintt twier wa rs. t ishat idpresalenti? i >>'ve beenn itt twier wars ibefore was a lipoantici. nti we tore gat scs.hool ias w a g sreatnttudel , alof at thff stu. mi'ab capfle o snglowi down tw r.itte ou>> yke talbod aowut hou y'd ke li to be edunprblictae. hais tt pruntaedictybili? >>s,ye ourmi eneesno kwt wha 'r wee g gointo whdo, ethers it' tt bale, war, nafince. f>> i yeou'r idpres pent,eople ha sve thinx a fiousngeeliut abo u. yo hayou ove t fix that. >> on i dhi't thenk tdoy , i al rely t.don'
8:05 am
st lig eninoto t onef oou yr orco-hasts lt .week ey thd sai'vtheyvee neeer sn blfavoraesup go fa so s st amy fa blvoraeses, alpeciorly f me so sbodyllo wewn kno. asit wos alm tunheard of. my fabavorles are veryd goo theyai sdhe t ny'veever seen an ngythie likthat. >> ihi tnk you'd h aave togree, u yoo went tcha churse e.rvic e th snermo was inar ptn o li humity. he>> tdny diw 't knoasi win comg ca be suse ofyecurit s.reason uswe jort sft o sdhoweup . yb maeye thng chauied q.ckly m oraybet i was cicoine.denc i >>st wa lihumity. a >> o lotfpl peoe't don in th yk --ouram ne is on er evngythi. ofyou tenal tdkebo aut -- you so memetiags brs, it't parf o ur yo h.pitc >> 's there moreil humityn tha woyou uldth ink. h >>idden mihutyli. >>re we' all the same. 'r wel e algoing o onef two es plac. h iaveh muc moreum h tility ahanlo pt of weopleould k.thin nd>> a s heays .so
8:06 am
>> funo t tcwah. ly on oncb "iss thni mor ng,"di erks beyentl is heren i sotudi 57 to aennounc topat nominions th for e a ocademytrf councy musi .awardser diks ntbey,leve ste ksroft i ysalwaoo lking for a good sty.or refeel fe to arshe. > >>in risgta srsik ledi madde anta y y, the
8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
cosiisheon tui bgldin of a t yachnd a buye mor erpropty. >> or rep tter:ryhe sto was nt inteyionalled devis tose rai fl red ags and lead the lrsawye el to bheieve tte minismor's ney s wadirty. ri duheng t etme,ingsy onlne of oe th16 erlawys,ef j hfrey erman,to imld h no. hi>> tt s ain'.for me myta s andardsre . higher or>> repheter: t e restssxpreed invaryegg d oreesfes interth witst moem of thff ogerindv a ice on chow ite ould bdone. >> we d oyteverhing,p souto nu the's no lionmitatis.we 't don sa oy,h, we doon't d ow winds or dealit w h the nc finaneial moagy maner or erwhatev. wehe orc astratend oizrgane the en tireng thi. ewe'rpy hapo te takt tha re sispontybili. or>> rephater: wpot's imtortant inpot anout d it c bannote ov ederstat t, isonhat n oef the s lawyer swe'vehown youke bro an y ,lawsn i rtpa, becausehe t af mirican dnisteridn'tea rlly
8:13 am
nsmillio ofla dolrs andlo gbal switneswi stnesseai sd noon mey ever ch haanged nds. >> is this ait moraly stte. i >>'tt wasnt -- ia was otestne th.system ou >> y knpeow, opleld coue mak thearntgume, all these guysid d ly real l wasniste tos thiso pern amthat ceo inthe tir fiofce. ey thn' didket ma a alde.ey thn' didgnt si .upth aiey sed wd neeo to dor me chresear. >> ou and ywh know eyat, th 'd be teabsoluhtly rigy to saat eeey nd to sayet somhing else wi th to to,hoseaw l lyersaid out inen oft craonsidebleet dail a my f riad oendiffertto ways g brin mntoney iico amera. r >>teeporonr: nhee of taw lyersag o reed tntake ohe tfr aican ni misster a aen clit norer w eth edey ask to. w itreas a pryliminang meeti. ethat wndeditht mosf ohe t rnattoeysxp einressg itnteres in in contuing the dguialoe and some iaenthusbostic a lutanheding t ssbusine. s >>roteve k jft uoinshis ts rn moing.od goni morng. d>> goomo rning, no rah. >> iblncrediee piec to no ofhe tse lawyers catechnioklly brlae any ws. is how that sspo? ible>>
8:14 am
ngerythi was kefa. moso no anney chndged has. e ther mwas nor,iniste no ll mi oionsllf theasre wot nhing to os pre.ecut om >> ciomissbrner haatton s a ng sayiew in nyo rk,'v i herdea him say, it c louldook awful but 's itfu lawl. en wh i wasng looki atha ttas lt t nighi was tghinkin atth.wh aen youirhe t inrecordgs, ar hoen't tse ateytornt/clien pr egivile? ar how ibe we asele to e ? that t' >> ings strae.di i nodn't kw tfohis bee re whad ne dost the ory. the pgerivile is te proct th e client, not tote proct the la anwyers e d thn kleihithe w chin c thisase waslo gbalss witne th trey conheol t egprivile.if sa they id weto want rseelea cthentontes of this er conv wsationouith r s,lawyer it he's tghir rit. o >>ne of the lawyersas wam jes ensilkadat, he t ofhe bar so asn.ciatio w >> taseahe hd of theca amerin ba cir assoation. y >>ou ,knowse becau he was head of thear b atissociaon and es reprentingrs lawyee in th it untaed s ttes, ihahink tt was
8:15 am
ashe wif a d cferenty.ategor e becaushe was sfipeciycall se .lectedd analso, heas wh mucmore sp su oiciousf thean afric ni mihaster tn some ofhe tth oer le peop. w hehas mucor meti cauous in hisrt pa m aboutoving arforwd. s they taidheyn' didt pa iprtic iatenhi wchny a alcriminit activy was in. volved o >>nlyne ola wyer,r. m rmhean, s heaids thiin a f'tor ,mey m st s andardhiwere gher. s wa sthatinurprisg to. you y >> versisurpring. t >>erhat thse way onle. on >> o all tfhe other lawyers prexseeserd conc dn they idn'twa nt to get in tre,oubly the ew kn w thereleere gal suises. >> euaventeylly th cameth up wi ea idtes afrss expreing erconcn. he >> t wn theynent o toiv ge ce advi. w >> yhat doounk thi e thend lt resuth of is is?do you thinkis leg wlationille bop prosed? er theme se bs toe a gaping op lohole. t>> ihink the baria assoction wi roll p sbablyntep i and do insometh i theyk thd nee toen tight up so me of their own e ey havta bi of a pr problem here.
8:16 am
gi leioslatn. rethe iason st'so syea,t' is $3 00li bilon of money gets relaundend i thed uniteesstat every .year bit'sseecauth it's sie eaest e plac tinwohe rld. i>> whys that? >> on you de 't havtto lis who e coany. y whenoue filrp doyou ven't haay to sho w al actus ly ownit. ulyou co dd putheown tes nam of th ree sectaries in the ceoffi. w >>heneo p bpleuyes real tate, th they do atteofn. t >>dohey it .er ththe's nolling iboegal aut tt se aing up limited ltyiabili atcorporngion slous y're doing it to protectou yrsgaelf ainst il liabority pctrote your y.privac ouif yit do toon calce a incrimal act,n thes it'on mey un la.dering e >>peye oning deined. k thanyou,te sve t.krof >> aaylws tgoodveo haou yer he. lw>> a aays supleare. a dpolicesog i l aisted s rocity pthperty tat mus be neauctiod off. , ohno. d,ahea t how phe iublicshi rusng elto hp air retedff o ticero keep his ffuaithl okaycanine mpcon.anio yo reu'at winchgcb "iss th
8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:20 am
yo spu inusire to doytevere hing or...fdn goo sess'ake. i ea rlly do acippreate it.i t don' hknowow ian c ever threpay e lepeop. i' tmchoued byhe tir then.usiasm ha>> tt's ohio pe olicceoffi r tt ma hyicke who just dretire la kst wee and now dnsonatio are inpourog in tp hel him keep his p k-9artner .ajax
8:21 am
e cityls cal theni amalit cy pr topertyushat mt beuc a tioned arly00$60,0ee has bnse raid ee to kp the duo thtogeer. et mariouta cncilem mber said the w cityouldy onlptacce bids ai tr wned to workith peolicog ds wowhich lpuld heic offer hyicke he in tng biddi p.rocess of one those thingsre wheou y ha tvefio reguut oet som fhingor mathe een to kp the dog. >> c>ryountre gat odgoor mngni dii'm anra gueva. le d ts senr it ovetote meisorolog mt jeffz artinefor r ouwastorm vetch corage. je ff? od gong morni! , jeff st the storm syt em that broughusow snnd on su may has oovedf ut oe thwearea. se will lye partad roous arhend tn, regio with cochain untrolsalp for tl ofheun moastain pe ses. windry thgs fo out rer the thst of e weekth wi i highs40n the e s. hava
8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
son ,aldean garth ,brooks lukery an, eurric chch and miranda la mbert. on>> secgod catery? ec>> satond cegory acm vocal odu heof tar othersne osbor. danshea. a joey rndyor and matie and tate. t >>wehey here re. u yore tmemberhem? i>> do. t>> youwioured m?th the ey th aregreat. o >> s muchfun. ro so pheud tey arat nomined in this gocatery. m >>e too. r >> geallyreat oppele. >>ylga we, youant to go ?next>> no. h hethas anoer rycatego. h >> iave one .morevo oucal grthp of e arye. yo eli ung ndba. tt liigle b town. old midonion. rascalatflts.d anthe zac brown band. e >> wthaven' heard fromas rcal flattsor fle a whi. o >>omld dinion isri binnging d old.blooe
8:29 am
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8:30 am
er kram andir mandab lam bered an d kaseyus mgraves andri care de un rwood.>> h and iave one more. maleal vocofist y theear.ja son dealan andri ecrc chuh andbr ett dreledge and ds ierk lebenty! weld coun't let ynnou aounce is thce sin you were noteminad. soand alis chr apstnleton it thaca . tegory e >> wlkwast on anage thd get atco tinneciton wheh tndm a ap seplau. u yo twant ro beniecogbyzed yo ur peers andry evebodyn i the bi z. m it ieans at's bigty parha tt mi ght,re!ally >>s it'e timo t drag out et "gngtiru dnnk o a e.plan" e ths lyric ont thag sons i so gr eat! rt a pay on the 737!yo u'reo- cg?hostin ho
8:31 am
t idalkeo t leukan brynd a at th elemente of thri dnking and in beasg in ls. vega wayou pnt aar btyutou y have somere bisponsi.litieske luom had sice advte tha once etyou g t pasthein owng nomoguloe,n theyouin can kd of t haverihe dlonks f lw ae ittlbi lt andseoo nup. oo>> a gimd teil wl bade h by l. al >> r win o lose,t i bwill ae ea grght nit. >> t the iitles "b"lack bseecau veyou lo black lepeop?>> i do love black pe.ople>> t buthat is nothe t real re i low youlaike beock p bpleutt no thel rea . reason>> no. ov i let whaoe gsn oft aer the li oghts g down. my wifeam ned it lapopur. >>'t i cant wai toea hr ae good bndad rioelatpsnshi? >>ng bei ilon a erng-tm la mohely td. goou
8:32 am
e melonesoe sidf oif le and ro tcugh pad hes anki thint tha r is aibespons ailitys a so kind ofxp erelo ts whoseays as l wel moitly poslaive reiptionsh . d>> you kon'tnows thi about me mobut hare tann hiytwing, i sh ico siuld ng. t i can'sing. ve i lo s musiccho mu . ini tht k abou gyouuys onge sta wh hen youhoave t ousandsf op pe kle whoounow y andno kw your.lyricswh that is liat feeikng le when re you'ta on sge and eboverydy goes crazy? >> we had a sthhow wie lukin uncanc w and iasin sging ag son ic "m hhael oldon." fr and iniends ro the cewd wer hi watcndng a aoo gdoo l oksver ayand ss t shisongns meae moro t nme tha youos psibly owkn. kehe bro dnow anded start .crying so the ngs geten wov iento th fa obricopf peesle livea and mn a t.loth oue cntryic lyrs the story gtellin is so weporful.>> u do yo swritefome or you own? m >> ost
8:33 am
re weng talki about,before i e.wrot g weot are gat sg oninwritg mm coy unitasin nlehvil and try rato d tw onmohem hare t n mypa st. theon shag i ve out, ier nev wr itote a nndew w bloodrote th gis son i and'm h tonoredo be icthe vothe of e ngso. l>> iove yusour mic'm and i ri chee yng for iou and love you, erdiks bey!ntle >>on h toredo have youer he and cb hs is tonoredot hoshe t acm .awardsu yoan cat w tchhe 5 a1stcademy of ry countic muss award from lasga ve saysund,pr ail 3rd, at 00 8:0 /7:0racentl on cbs. t heir newoo bk creompaexs s to a fmuorla one race car.u yoboknow at?ut tha>> to sex, o!>> yes, he !do abutctors agmeand goo and vodenfr klanidin decoed tlo swhi t ngsdo
8:34 am
dcoul patie th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce. th ree pa..nts.y who matnoha hve ahyealtt, budge bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing
8:35 am
at whoucanympdoca.oaignrg on i d't .know gh mi gt bengettifr it om so ermewhsee elau bechese ty onl i guy tknowito wa m sixs onthtoha exve sld woue bn o ltheow odownr the . down>> -huhuh!th
8:36 am
estrs agmean'sws vie onex ss i ff dit eren ofromt n see whershe fi wrstdorkeh wit her then hu desband von infrankl.ey thie belve sgavin sex ishe t ke y to auc slcessfu rrma.iage ntit mea to selllicebacynt uilhe ty ti heed tt kno in .2012 netheir kw boo isd calle "the ."wait b theyinoth jot us athe bltae. he>> llo!>> d gooeeto s youbo .th d >> goo yto seeou >> you get the book andck sniers loand thok at e two oemf th. weyou elre ceibat tenrs yea fo be mre youet her.yo yu sa dateliberotely nav hing se ax isor feignce conpt to men. t >> iis. o >> t m everyan i know. >> for tayen dmes sos timeit's a n foreigt.concept bu,for me it started a it spiracual otherlife, i'm aac preher an dnd i dit't wan to live two lives.i 'twasnct praceicing blibacyut lk taabing out e ten hsaid iav he h toheave t g manodle calde m tobe
8:37 am
is thnd vow ati waingil unt rr ma.iage i whened startoi d tnghat it ga e ve mlidiscipone t help me in y ever dotheriniscipl me ofy life.i told men ytou wanbe to cc su gessfultoet vicrry oves thi a arearend the ishi notng in li cfe youdoan't . >> whyas whe tt wai animportt?>> wa it ys ver atcause nd the e oef th day, fwhat isound i y wheneou'r da ndting a you s haveex on the ta tble,gehings tcl oudy. ou >> yit said s cloud your ntjudgme. s >> it' lalmostike datingnd uer eat inf puation yeriodouon d'tkn tow whosohe per. n is>> yeah. in i thk tthhe trulo is a t of s timeesit takar us yes down the b linee eforeawe r wlize whoe e ar dgatin b wecauseee ar a liitttle bed blindak and ming ex hecuses ndre are thehe for t pe brsonseecaue we aro s ph lyysicalni coopienon depdent on m theenand wh youe tak that ou het of tqu e yationetou g to heknow ter pn so tacrossrdhe boa ryin eve otherway, e txcepthe alphysic way, whiches comer lat 'sand it icingn othe keca. >>l sexuaom clipatibianty is po imt rtan opartf iamarrge. >> so ablylute. >> o a lotrrf mageiares b ak upbe pecause ople are s notyexuall ibcompatle.
8:38 am
ur rrma hiage, dowkno you ow if e you'r notom ce patibl andth at part ofr youat intime tirela wonshiprkill wo?>> e herhais wt weou fndnd a en ev o in our whhae you ve and fou oationf a loveennd fri adshipnd trust an yd then iou get ntosex, you no aw havend founatio toxp elore eachother. whatve we hafo also sund i you h say,i ey, twanto findut o if we haveua sexlmi chestryig rht now. ou it catld crexe se n buto love. w wetoanted find out can we lo h ve eacotherut withong letti r oul sexuas prowesin theei bng e thth tingoer detmine ife w ke liot each her and we found out vit wasroery stng. as>> w a thereew gatay toer oth in thsogs, ea to spk?wh caen it ime,t gave you an rt oppounity to- - 'm >> i sorry? i >>r n othe hwords,oow d it an chr ge youlife r?afte o >>h.h, yea>> was itor wth the itwa? ye>> is, wt was torthhe itwa. w itthas wor the wait. >> gr so aneat bdauecse you knew
8:39 am
l sexuac?dynami >>t.righ >> a tblexpo eloreve einrythg else?>> re the m is so tuch arustnd th eres io s muchfi condence and th sere ismuo ch, li jke,ust a ow kns ingnesthate w,have ca beeuse thnd fouation oft wha w ituias bnlt o u tos isus jto sli sod andth everying else, that dd is alitiona and icinge on th .cake t busti ju d kon'tnowow ho t ai expln it. i >>ug thowaht it ers int estingbe e caushayou abd a lel of being a y part.girl u yo hadot a l d ofntiffereig hh of prile riboyfends,ot a l of gh hile profiti relas.onshipan d sohe wne peoplrd hea you areno ?whatwh s at ihait tout yt wanpeople to know?wa as itig be changyo in ure liffo r you?bi a hag cn nge iayyour w of ki thinrng o i did htappener aft yo t u mehim?>> i no, htdappeneer aft -- it pp haftened a jerumpinghe t oo i eme hom andye prad a bout i what needed to beoi dng be i cause ikfelt lase i w aes ms and it felad i hoc hit rttk boom inms ter ofti emo aonallynd ir spllituad y antin thar prayeme tie i camth to one cnclusio i ne o eded tbeel cibatend a doing
8:40 am
oien d yng theearse befor and ev laery reiptionshe i cam out , ofeli ft aon cn victioouabt nt wa bing toibe celate buthe t on perst wasn'th on ee samag pe m withre o i would getrf feaul i ul wosed lo a them wndde woul k breaup,te whaver it may b aend asit wunn't itilus jtid dec ed i thiss what i needdo to or f me us becaede i neea to hl and focus elon mysf and i needdv to aance se myevlf in eaery ar ofy mif le ou witht the dtiistraconyo of, u ow kn f,eeling like id nee isth, ma evn, whoer it ybma e. om >> sein defofition ac celiby? y ifou m uarchp toex s andf i yo u -- >>ac celiby is about ou's ab kt, younow,ta absining om fr w sexith ospurpe. era difftwent beeenel cyibac and ab iinence ns i'mngot doiit . u yocane bti absnentec bause you n' dovet ha options.we e defin salse basyin abstaing om frec sex bause a hrighe rp pudose anig hher c aallingnd icspecifelally roated t gemarria. >> ca what n you d tohatno does t e violatyour? vow>>
8:41 am
re the o are tthershing you can ?do ntromalyical. gi>> hugng, ki ssing.>> g,hugginng kissi. di>> holhng eacer oth ghtit! h >> iuggingsn'tha we t ware lk taboing aut here! ri>> ght, right. >>ut b you'reg sayinre the are he otayr w os bfeing ientimat th hean t alctua act o ifduntroce tis whae we ar ngsayi. >> yes.>> tedefinily. i >> t don'te hink wyiare sang ywhatsaou're ying. a weinre saytg tha alphysicly, e theris a d ainnythhag tt would put you er ov l thatheine wres it' like, ay ok, nitechcalllica'ry, youe okindoif dng itut bot nnd a insomethg we avoid. eo >> panple wavt to he sex ca beliuse i ouke y and you like me ha, is tt a teerriblay wo t ve lie you'r?saying o>> in urexenperice, we just fe t el aenthe thd of e day youve hao tdedeciyo what ntu wa out l ofife.wh o at du yontwa w and aherere yo g u goinakand m teheis decions pto hel youet g erthe. ha >> t bnk youo oth smuch. t
8:42 am
>> > he"t waesit" go one sal to owmorr ands it'ub pshlied by mo sinnd ach s auster,io divisn .of cbs yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe.
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recyclegineing robotus octop .here
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ow shs age teenaen scice whiz re seey ulod bcksf o ice toar cveth eir vi.sion w itillem rain onay displ ug throayh sund inck brekebrecgenrid. >> startiic. t >>dohat tes i for .ustu nent io the "evcbs g enin"news
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for nitoght'sow ia an i'm vadi guera. s lets oend ittover te meisorolog mt jeffz artinefor stour tcorm warah covege. ? jeff od goni morffng, je! th ore stemm systbr that usought sn suow on asnday h o movedf ut oe thwearea. se will lye part oucl sdyeskiol and cd te atmperitures ws h highin thelo idw to mit 30s weeh a brzy nd wimp 10-25inh, makeeg it fl c even lolder.t ook ouy for ic arroads toundeghe rition, wh ch ntain cop rols ul for alof theun moastain pe ses. wthdry ings fo out e r th orestwef the ekth
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th efanks jf. ro the reads weic very y last t. nigh c.. andononditis are ly like j to beasust t badhis rn moing. i kyves ling at loanley d ca mc trranllo tewh us at
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wae:yn s,yeho w o!- y!mone ynwae: hey! najo:than's itri a t ip tondcela! ynwa ye: gouothe tig bea dl tofayhe d! le- s t' amakel! dea thjonaitan: im's tfoe r "s let' amakel! dea " w norehe t'sbiv's alg de er,ynway!e brad wae:yn, heyicamer a,omwelc "e tot'lekes mal, a dea" m i'e wayny,bradan thu k youcso mr h fongtuni in. wawho tonts e makala de?
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