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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 9, 2016 5:00am-7:00am PST

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. > >> mgood,orning j it is anuary 9,20 w16,elcome tocb " s this mo inrnrdg satuay." pt ca uredamid al hai after nf guire. maa ntn hus end for the wosrld' stmo wd antedrug .lord d annewai detnls o thean m nt waored f tg ryintocu exete a ad philelolphia pfiice of cer inth oe name fisis.>> couldt iea rch oneil blion ar dolls?de stamg on tot'nighs hryistoic we pol rbalthand lde goigen nht.we b'll dreakown theke wee'snd engold w >> beeginit wh a eye op,ener yo
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phphiladelopia's t cop ra micu lousivsurval. t-poink blanshambut a his ui crser. ha>> t ct isinhilleng wh you h watc.thathe w knee wh hwas indog. w heryas ttoing ss anaassite is thic pole ceoffir. ig>> bgeacst jkpot in orhisty. i>>'moi gng toba probly buy a bignt giasi manon and dig aig b amoteunrodt i >> 2 s016o nmaightreor f wall st . reet>> fire intr aus haliaased wip aout ow tnur bning aast let 120 ho mes. t >>doouchnwn i si.dney >>es rescun a ngraanorn.guta
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>>3.6 remag.inin onclarks. w thatunill co it ift ar clksone at therbuzz. o >>n cbsbs"cmo this rning tu sarday" aysaturd". >> big pllowerbaac jkpotow n $800 iomilln. f >> iaryou he thers numbe 1,, 4 , 11, 49it67 wweh a poofrball ,12 meak syoure u tunent io the ow shnd on moauay becse i will t no be rehe. e.goodby a neeveryo.a shgreat ayow tod. gowe're ling totook a the ig orinf othe modern pesurhero. a gear,ts gadge and crinedible st ieorseh bouind ber d lovecocmi okbo. icons trone naitearly all of their to crears . have>>
5:03 am bert new aacist, bckk rog sonbe kst rocm. albuth ey are here and p willrmerfo la n ter iatour syurda session. to our p s,tory c fallsorhe t d worlosears mt wanted and now ca reedptur drugor ld to be ad extr ticted uo the.s. me imy.diatel >>ma guzn isk bac in me.xico st the ateep dtmarentos pated $5 iomill anrdwa for his .arrest trben acy has the y.stor >> the manexicer govtnmen ra pathded meirost wanted drug rd lo onna natioevl telision lastni heey tn put onl eochapn o is th hopelicrtend ahi flew m ck bath to pe sameherison
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r afteaas msive mitilyar atopereaion frlyyridaex mican ri ma cnesreaptudhe tsc eaped fe itthorsties dorme these hou ey thie bel hvedse wa atnd a fo aund slewf o apweon, in g cludineta rockpe proedll adgrene laerunch. hae cp eedscaphr toughhe t suer wabut ser latau c aghtndro bughtto this hotel. e thescgraphige imasw shoom se ofis hha men t kt werebyilled ffire wightith marines. n mexicaenpresidt aednnouncis h pt caure on terwittin say g si "mison coacedmplish." we have him.on ev telnisio c hedalle the ca e pturltresu d ofays and ni fghts o uivnequlyocalp i mm contitme to binringimg h to ju e.stic ac johimch el apoma guzn e skamd in .july
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me ti heks walo intis h srhowe st all.d anintohi ts mileg lon rst yea 60 mesinutep rdorte onth ce sod alleeltunn cave. danhe t iiongenusce plas he il butis hsc eape utroes.el po cha w,hichns mea sy,hort is ofone theig bgest and most vi drolent dsug lor ien th world. is soainal drugar ctel is worth t abou$3 bonilli andon cstrol lynearf half othe l degalrugs in flowomg frt thary counte to thit unteed guans i bdelieveo tbe re sisponble fmaor as 34ny as sa thounds. death>> ip the tt thaed lo t his arrest came from.s u. law rc enfoement. whe'sinanted six sintates cthis aountryndff olsicia tell usha tt he couldnt eveyuall be ad extr tictedo the n tracy, gelanguas. ph elilad aphiatiuthories say ali musm man wholl alyeged tried
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lyparent wasns i bpiredy .isis e thovunpr aokedkttacas wau cght ondevio. r>>orepter: slaurveilidnce veo sh thows eri horfyingom mten when ea 33-yphr-old philadelicia pol e r officee jessneharttt was am edbush atnt poink-bla e.rang cepoli say the spsuect, 30 r--yea eoldddwarhe arc frired l at aeastoz denti mes.he oure y can see hisrm a iensid th tre paol car. tevenhhoug oerfficar httnet wasst hrruck tee times ien th ltef arm, heve bralyte exid his hi veancle d pursuedhe t suspect on foot, firingis hea wndpon a ngwoundi the iscommersion thwatch at. an thd if at doesn'te mak the s hairouon ykr nec rseai wn he seyou e atth,t iis arscy.
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r >>teeporolr: piceay she arcr tt admiiled gut,de iientifd f himselas aus mlim anded pledg gialle tanceiso is . >>or accding toe him hve belies th pat the doliceefend laws that ntare co traryeo thch teaesf oth en.kora >> theea firrmse ud wasto slen om fr ael fpolow licefiofscer' me ho in .2013 h >>onow cincerng is itn whe you thearheun f theus spectd use s wat tha of aernothic offer? >> thehi tngsap hpen butt i cutsev en >>ar httnetai sdis h s aonslway nt wao ed t pbe ae olicceoffir. >> s he' taough guy. an and xc entelle of ficer. f >> cor tbsheni morng tusarday, ad phil. elphia t rche fieeat debe over wh toether allow peopleei fleng e
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le sett in .sthe u. is inging af oter tw rearsts. ri >> cminalai complntsug sgest e th two men didk talit whne o ot an aherndis dcussedli traveng iato syr to train and isere e noevidenc they in otended prlanned a ittacksn th e u.s.d anfromit capoll hilth to e ca gnmpaiil tra 'sit unreg itinth bae devete oetr whthher se su do ening toughoee scrn furegees.>> facingrg chase he iem attpted to provideer matupial s tporto . isis's hen been ithe.s u. since 09 20.ho laurs inter ac sntrameo alay j
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t hellraveoed t syria t foight with bereosls them nov hberwe fle f rom ochicagur to tkeynd an the to al ep poehe wree h took up arms th wi trierrostrg oataniz aionsndhi atd thm frout ahoesritin whe r heneeturd in 24.01 hi>> t ts isinhe k td oft hrea kthat meepspe u at ni ght. ep>> rr:orte thewo t may have rbeenaladicizeder afthe tamy ce t tohe.s u. h >>y ow mang tickinomtime b bs e arngwe goio tng bri ins thi raprogitm whout ape prorti vetng emsyst in e.plac o >>n the cnampaig tedrail t uz cr e tchoedhose consncer.e ths texatosenaugr broht uphe t starret s asstopos acrs iowa on fr . iday>>
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in brenging tfs oho tusands of ri syan reeefugso tme aricave e n ou thhegh t fbiay ss weno cant ve ost theug ref teeso dmieterne et whorher noty thearesi is rr tetsoris. nd>> aal donumd trulp cord fo a onban li mus emsinnterg the tr counsoy algh weied in. re>> we' notng goi to letpl peoe w inere nev saw rebefo,e w have deno ihea wy re theare.ey thld cou be isis. si>> uesng a tted bas on re onligi orci ethnioety ds not esreprwhent reo we a as a y countr nand isngot goi toee kp afus anita,ngccordio t.s u. ll inteigenceic offiasl more than36 us tho fandoreign fsighter ve hale traved to a.syri ve250 ha comero fmhe t.s u. se vererm stosre a etexpecd toat bheter t southin aga datoy. ihailnou hston andea hvyai rn tr reigge sd widedprea r more on the nnaatiolea wther ct piure edra curnoi j unss from wb
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niod morng. s>> youee we have af lot o ac otivityut mippissitoi inss tenne ee and o we d have ak risse of verez bunceon ai agdan toy.a ar mlgina skri. e thesthree eaars,gi marisnal rkr fo.severeth rere isorisk fha il, for st rong,ag damingnd thuorerstm s windandsi outdenc chaeor f a ad torneco, esp aiallys you look at co gulf astte stas lsen eewhere rain in the rt no thwest,eo thor nstthwe we se e rain and earlyn ithe week 'l wetl se upur ol enileno-fued s rainti pary cularl to theno t.rthwes da toay te winrto srmar wning for hw nortndest iiana into the anmichig could see six plus ch inthes in ese eaars.
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5nin misneapolnd a norew yk8 5gr deees. daby monwiy you ll bee in thlow 30s. >>ha tnk you ogteorolist ed ancurr, thanks. now to the wild week onal wl et gt evenewood ns onhe t.s u. jo ntbs froou cld slowhe t stock 'smarketow dnward eow d and&p s 500pp droed 6% or mo.rewa week. out. d >> goog.mornin at>> wh'soi g ngon? i >>hi think tsll a sedtarth wit fe the ar ofow slowdn inch ina. they released datath on e nu maurfactcting seor and the ma rkets plngummeti. avthey he newcu cirit br.eakersi
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as it w so tern ithek wee thene chise rn goveinment tvaluedrrhe cuency. ttrying so makehetuff caper en wh they shipt i adabro. t >> wha wshould ceareut abo he re? e >> wldshoun't in the big ct piure. 'twe donp shi that t mucho china. butna chie is th lsecondargest on ecomy.d anilten trlion s,dollarf i ey thlo are s dwingown thet res wof thes orld iggoin t foeel th lee ripp .sme compaesha t dto a lotf o bsusinesn i asia willet grt ovonall ecyom't isnoi gong t sl n ow dow mthatuch. e>> wad h a sg tronu.s. jobs rtrepo. be>> unlelievab ngstro. 00292,bs0 joed creat in erdecemb. lewe pul sd offngomething amazi in2015. cothe seesnd btea yr for job ea crn tion iasthe lt 15 s.yeare thes btr yeaas w in .2014 we sawll reay rusobtro ghwt ro acsss lot ofif dntfere se s.ctor d anatth was so ininterestg.
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rvicesin add tinstrucalon, he.thcare t a lo ofrs secto at .playun meemployaint remnedt a betterth an --ne remaid at 5%s thiwas a tt bener thaxp eected porert. >> and werages wet fla ag ain. d >>own a y.pennso id it dn'tk loo good.wa roge gwth is a sntubbort par hiof ts yeve orr yea itke loo ldike wa weges pre u 5%2.. s that iita ltlef bit o ae mirag ebecausas lh t montwas a ibincredeale wonk mitth so s look.betterhe otasr are of neweak.ssst ill soan meoy pple emunployed fornglo-term, moren tha 6 nt orople w pkingartim te becauseth ey't canet g full time .jobs andil ol fel 10%in agastas l twe fad manug cturin treallyaking n it o the urnufact2%ing, 1 oef th u.s. y.econom
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arta storting om bece a endivergwece beteren s avicend ma ctnufag.urin ll i wihi say ts, for all the wo abrry inout chana and inxiety th ete markis this week,e tak a deepre bath anday sou y t knowhe cou.s. esnomy iwi grong at 2nd a aua qrter rcpeent.d anro pducing 0292,00s job last nt l is not stlo. >> and islan ofli stabity in thest orm,llji. >> oh i love .that>> csiongresonalna alysts are po ovuring er the latestch bat ofe- e e statmedepartnt lereased lynear 300us thoand pages of ile-maids frnday a o onefhe t m is dngrawi aot l of ntatteion. ep>> rcaublirgns aue the newly re asle eedai-m plsrove that formerec s oretaryef stat kn yowingld share stiensive in atformonion ri her pvate un accot. a inhan excronge fm 2011, a top aidert alesli cnton that
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g sendinomher se talking points a viur seceax clspton re,onds ify the can't, ntturn ioon n paper. o inorther wdsn a we-mailith id unedentifi headingnd a send non resecu. ene stysitivi and tngalki in pon'ts areeat tat par is rectda.ed thstill epe rcaublin share of th eat seneic judiarymi comttee ll cated i toe clin cnttommieeol td cbs ne t ws ialis fse thatil h larycl n intodaske c foriflassied te marial to been st oaver non se cureemsyst. theha excngeas wmo ang 29 nd hu predages lereased be y th e statmedepartnt. 00ge paass relethed by e e statde mepartnt.
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sespons to onquesti's --he ty e statonthey dav't he the urreso kces to weep upl ith alth ese requy ts thefrget heom t pu bl tic andhe a.medi fors "cborthis matning s"urday. > >>owtomorrni mornge her an e "fac the nation"s guest cl inudingau pln rya andz nnl orgovernhr cisis chrtie and ke sntuckyorenatan rd paul. >>gi apolozing for what critics resay we rtacis rksemarut abo hi s state's heroin ep.idemic>> se there as guy of t nheame d y,mone smieooth, syhift -- these otypeuyf g tshat comem fro nn cocuectid t anyonew rk. ey the comup .here ey thl sel their inhero, then o they gomback alcidentlyth half mee tiy the eg imprnate a youngte whiir gl be tfore heyavlee. >> f onyridae hai s hdeke spo
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thbut een hai sd isth.>> iai sdhi wtean womf i you -go-nd a i'm notng goi og apolize for thene maien wom r fothat. usbecae if youo go tai mne you wi eell st tha we'reen esslytial wh 95% ite. l >>epageas h aep rnutatio for ea sp hkinginis md and rinufflg hefeatrs. >> the so cdallelu affenzan tee biseingel hd on oneli milon ardollnds bo. anshe erd h sone werrr ad estein xi meftco aer hell alyegedd fle te xas to davoi pnrisoor f gkillinou fler peopdr in a unkeniv drcring eahn couc isng bei ddetaine in co mexi. >> aty utiliny compa near los > >> u atytilipa comeany ns r lo ge anisles nn plaoning ur bning of hef t gas in an unundergrod st e.oragth
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toto se p thleak at'nd i s been of out ol contr l sinceate be octor. akthe le notxp eectedo tp sto l untih.marc > >> tmoreahan dr hunedes hom ve han beerodestinyed the ivmasslde wi nfirethear tye ci p of ierthstn weauern listra a.on toe bwnneurtod he td. grounfo plur peomie are ssing.'s it l thet ateserin a sfies o st devaanating dld deayil wdfires b torourn actrss ausinalia sce no . vember>> br> and t azil aleastig eht le peopbe have esen arrted fo inllowg dstemons ration in thetw o lstargeie citves or the 8 nt ce insecrea in bus and sy ubwafa res. li posece uard te a gasepnd pper sp onray ho tdsusan w whoere segttines bus oirn f aend th rowings.rock ar antschis are bl.amedth e fare's ealquiv tento $1 and th e ey'rhein t grips of aev sere on ec omicwndo.turn lie head the edsociat r presstsepor thes.
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me are etingdi to wascuss ys to st reafart taghanisen peaclk tas. erleadoms fr china,is pak atanndaf isghantan wbeill ar p otf the re thdae-ycu dis assion tndhe la st roundll staed in july. ay mondcu's diswission ll not udincle talhe t wiban hhichas bbeeninattle g th bu.s.d acke anafgher govt nmenmofor hare t n de a .cade>> > theea "minns poli star un tribd e" saiotminnesfoa and urot rehers ang gettiti more me to ll ro f out a aedlyveppro d fiidentication hnh joanson cenounatd th air gepassen crs cane ontinuseto u r theingexistir' drivenss lice e ir at a sportitecurcky ches pointfo her anotyer two ars.a rafedew l lairrequree mo ri stt ngentiidentificaon. >> >ol poiticor reptse morha tn tw eno doz newscu exes tiveare ll caing onta secrestry of ate jo
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reasrter jon resaian. theti execuveshi wch idenclus somee her at cbsew ns sayt tha u. the uls. sho td useheer levage with irano te fre him.> >>n'you wo tt likeexhe ne.t onth yoe new lyrk daits repor ne ws --f ore pmiumsk whiey have been iethoritens in ky tuck had te whetwhd the eistleserverywh e nnwhen ainounclag pons tti aucon heof tze boo csconfi batedy im crs.inalso otme b ctleso an gfor th ndousa ds ofrsolla .e th makersai rbjsed osection ngsayith that tle botldes cou be edtamper. withth ouey c blde rodestyed. ge blogrs areli calng that ib possquility aote,ri cnme upo a crime. osomehef tot b atlesre like 23 ye olars d. t'>> isus jg.t wron i >>t is. d annt emeertainnt thtonig s reportisthat msom colbiaas h ag o reed t ttalkevo strve l wilhebe tst firti meeng nc sis e hieamisr odinge f th
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e scdi movered aomentsfter be lling caheed tne win r thatth tis wasnehe runr l at wilbe itinteresng. i >> k don't inow ifve belie theef be .li i be heve weirave st tred up he beef. >> s shed aie'shnos vet hryappy r.with m ut's abote 22 afe r th.hourno 'sw herek a loo wat theeatherr fo wyourndeeke.hahat s.ppen i itt s abou22 after ther. houw no aa lookwet the r athefor ur yond weeke. >> >in comg prting up ntcors mi cop,ng unt priuping nt corsrovey. tl hier'sei mkan fmp hasn'tee bn ld so sinceor wldar w ii,ai detls hyon ws it'g beinispubl hed. an 'sd it b thestiggeot ltery t nighayit mw groto b $ rat's.ight u' yoatre wg chin t"cbshis mo
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he>> tng alo be eforthe at ciroestif oe thhouslocat, st hihaory d an tlouine.ei "mfn kamp o," arew my",," or my eis naz pedrintt atleas ten iomilln co.pies ey the wersold wyidel andn eve ha onded tutoly new awedsnd ld sorsie. whenit hdiler heed t asllie nd haheed top chtyrigo tthe va bariannm goverent.bu t 75rs yea later ttha ri copyhaght pis exanred dme "in ka f"mp i bskac in book sretos r fofithe rst meti. thises latt pinrintg h sasome yke tiaddions. e thma gernov genernmtld wounl oylo
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emacadnnic aofals t thisxp e toseshe lies and such. >> it's a ntra. it is stunedructur. iits reunleadab. d anini thkak mingt tha open and ow sh tinghat to ptioten ally te inedrestde stuisnts oo a gd th ing.>> theub pinlish hgousein behd th e new aiodditned sitionheays ty't can ep kep uh witthe .demandco rsntrovey sells books. e thre'saction beenix med in ra isel. i >>ot'm nle thril tdhat "mein ckampf" ian ben even wider di inssemnatioun arohed tor wld n givethe hulatefon ctentt tha it co.ntains on but th the oder han k it isind ofssimpoible to controlch nd i'mveot ene surha tt we .should >>tlhier's ogirinalme " in
5:28 am
tsouofide er gmanynd a lionne. laschoayrs s farm fro being a fa tscisib ble the newsi veron fe ofrsru c ccialxtonte that ex aposes hcorrifiso past st hin'ory cat repeat lfitse. be newookha tt einxplas why so mes placee in thor wlde creat rimore b plliant teoplehan he s that id.aheabu tt firs a looke at th wereath forou yr d.weeken > >> up ne,xtic medals newn iur omo g rninround. latestme recomnsndatio for he althy in sudingrtronge wsarning ab soutndugar a .salt
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ave the tnswero aue qstion fo r your pllowerbala putyers o er the.n ca moneyy b you haesppins? wyou'reg atchinhi"cbs t s g morninrdsatuay." (v to) newtsidy cawe lightight lawith gde.l alrethe stndngth ane freshss, synow eaft to li! ha wlf the seight,s mellt.grea nd fi l ther itte wthat borks estr fo you. hoevery erme, evy cat. s there' ca tidyfoats atr th. th u e fls.viru 's itea a rbilly alg de.
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m mos knoweeit n ds g a bitisoluon: a anirntival. do kin't oud aritnd w hth u,e fll cal dyourrocto wi tthinirhe f8st 4 s hourymof ssptom asand ouk abt es prticripamon tluif. ckatta f theirlu vtus ait urs soitce wmih taflu, ntan aalivirth elat htops sp roit frem spgadin hein ty. bod fltami lu indiqui iforma s fdovappred atto tre f then lu ioppewole t ekweges of ald and oer os whu e fltosymptams s rtedwi tthinashe lo t tw.days rebefoin takmig ta flull ter youordoct y ife ou'rnapreg nt,rs nuing, ha erve s ioushe calthontidions, or e takrothe cimedines. if d youopeveln a al rgle ricctean,io se a rvereash, or ns sig ofun l usuavibehaor, stinop takflg tamiu ca and rll youct dommor iiaed.tely il ch adrennd ol adntesces in ti parlacur bemay n at aeaincrrised sk s ofreeizus, us confion, bnor a ormalha bevior. e th cmostn ommo sideef ctfes miare ld m toe oderatna useaan mid vo.ting tian-flu? go iv antiral th wilu tamif. an[ scbener g epin
5:31 am
ir "se "? com on.knyou iow who am.og prree ssivrainsunce? , uhvei sae peoplraan aveofge r ovehe$500 w sn theywitch? d dickyou payo bur own ags?! oh--right th mee napr your olice to. s it phowse eoplcypolins optio h tot elp fibutheir .dget [ scwaanner ]rbling cr thazy bat at ig shoelike mul wockd pa h oiss,wn bag? right ch [ esuckl ]so h, do ie ave thrightto rn emaisohandme? [ klchuces ] itwa. h.uh-o an cenoun:mentth tois srorm ps misee to bth eggbiofest d thee.ecad th wial totcc aatumul ion uof tp toeehree ft. adrolls wish be ut idowninndefy.itel an hod scarols ose cled. ca bempllou's so ps gtgrea awithd cola and rniceed.
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im te nowor for mning rs oundwi jth dr.poohn laok and dr. y fit uped feralta diery el guidreines leasedhi tsk wee d coul tchangeayhe we som ofs u t eainand ae timhe wne morha tn th two-firds oca amerirens a weover oightr e.obeswh ishis. >>ne of othe mostra dmatic ge chan ts ishahey luve inc ded a li top mit of theun amotf odd aedga sur. ho it suldak me upo n moreha tn o% 10 of ourai dlyor calic .intake es the are added oney d'tlu incdeur natally ga
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5:34 am
inactus foc onve orallin eatg pa nsttert, no t justhe tey sayo in ycreaseourn lea eiprotn. ea incritse fruds an tavege.bles ninef out o o tenme ansrica do n'tat e enough vleegetabs in a day.we d shouloc fus on whole grain, al hel,thy oili ovend aan cola an dat ees ls of satatured fats ic whh arema pririlynd fou in im anal ucprodts.mi liddt aed sugarnd aim l tithe nt amou of sodium. >>ha wet arh wit itmpacs inguidelikes le thisav h oe n op pele? i >> thinkhe t hyave leittl .impact rebut hean is le exampy of whu yo nreallyeed to read the be lal. is thpi is a wece of hited.brea
5:35 am
youht mig think thepi sranach wp b isrette for u.yo ofpiece white bread, 90 ri calooes, nur satated fat.sp inach,wrap 210 locaries, two s gramof satatured fat. w hod woul kyounow that?u yotcan geed fak out.u yoohave td reathe he tnd e othf eay dou y can't pjust ithisurs yo thheal. no and ust jtng talki aboutor sh'r welke taabing outve o r10, ,2030 , yearsou y rrkis of allor sts of leprobms. ,abetesrt hea asdisee,ok stre even cr.ance >> ild wou askf i you brought -- nd >> at jus to add to john's in pot. ievenivf ind diduals fon't ocus so much on the idgu, elinesthey il st al havee hugmp it acon our ci soety.ey thus help o t make s chool h lunc menus.ey than have ac impnt ooo fd as
5:36 am
th and oey als impact how our nu iotritns labelread. sohe wr ther oeynot thcu we fos on t themehey ar g toingo have a ct impa on etsociy. >> a newoo bk theky luc s.year johnke spo with dr. david aboute th book and thee rolt thaa dat ll wi playe in thur futef o me nedici. al>> we l have to collect our own .datae thordoct's ceoffis.a enpatitom ces in,e wre measu ev hierytdrng, heaw tloir bod and tcallahem ew fay ds ore doctsic offee of the futur t ishey comen i with their .data c wean sit down ando det somhing wa -s - haveve a connrsatio a nd sit f thereorha tt 10, 15 te minud s analactukly talbo aut tathe daad insteal of cling them f aeway ds telar. >> se theay dsve erything has to be
5:37 am
wh but aat youreay s iingfou y er gath the data outside that is ry veta impornt but justav hing olthe dhi fasonedrs conve ations rt impoant. th and en itdd can aui bld up and ombe cd bineandol rupled o int th somelling caed -- it is a di rtyor wd b you --nt ionuiti. >> iointuitn. >> -- put htherauman bin amazing at in lookgt a sngomethi and mgakin me judgnts.yo und aav i heee sn tanhousdsf o ancases cd wetaan sort tay s at thin is gobeg to more gr ag tessivehahan tt one and we n' catlw aays w sayuthy b there s isngomethit. to ith ere gtatesol technhaogy i ve fbyarnd a ayaw at myin fsgertip t isoo gto aie patntnd a say
5:38 am
lecoup thatit wh my art and it'srfpowe.ulth e hopes ihe tse togechnolies ll wi t makehe poor icphys, iansu youpknow, er to evyybod t ishe same d itbe will ara democtizer r focare in ournt cou are you. he >> t luckyea yrs isil ava able fonow orr me of thent i gerviewo to at a iesnter tingnvcotiersaon. i>> velo.if et you lie patlknts taon lg ou eneygh, th a willllctuaely t lyo iu whatmas the tter.d anei lov the factt thas he' ch su a sct.ientis's he so excited. j hetusls nai it rightre whe it sh boulde i think.u yocanbi comne allhe t scecien ncand fa sytuff andte high-ch t withowhe l chte, within touchg bo someandy's hd andha wt value th .at has by and the way, whenod someby co tomes in o your afficehend t ir hahes on tk bac ofr you neck d stanup,ha tt isot n nt scieific. u but yoeahave l arned after lo ng b timeeing a docrtoou y us
5:39 am
>> nafilly, the beatles sang that ey"monan c't buye m love." butt whaabout pphas?inesa dy stu of 4600 peoplein fd -- ne >> ohi tng i found iesnterting t abousthis i the oldere peopl t goorthe meik lelyhe t ty wereo thvalue imeir te overne es becom ae morbl valuae ceresour.e thimless te we havehe tor me we value .iton eea cavst i miaillennlee smo tre vally talueheire tim and are faskingeor mor of aal bn ance ie th rkwoplace. >>nd ahe tld oss expreion, bo not dy andthe e of theirif le t onheirea dthed br eve said if honly iadd worke . more>> a forll the pwheople ol wil lo tseheer powballht tonig --
5:40 am
fromir vtueaal r tlityo abwearale, ur futef o hchigh-te hiat ts year's cr onsume onelectr.s showth cat'sg ominup.ev neryone aeeds. bffen evsm your ile. co atlgope ittic whhpe toot aste b goessueyond rface tstainseno whitov erha 3 s des. f inac t, itenwhits more th hean tle exading pressenwhitriing stp. its ' syour bmileff. wh oriten me b justhiy brus ng. re e solvurto tadn hes rocin retol. u it'swop to tes timon str gerth mian irstato ctry roin ret ol iocorrex nn htig.. cream. r aftee onekwe, ne fi linespe apo ar tfade e onntmoh, epdenk wriles ok lohe smootr... teand af r arone ye, in skks loo esagels. on roly fcm ro .
5:41 am
in includ ng yourails. in introduclag the test no intivaroon fopm am\. th \ e amopecelictron c nailstare syem. th we fastay to file, ff bu, d anshine. fo rtr effo, lessy,shin ilwow nas! y so sou canoutep tht wi a thatonmop\ cfidence an ind sh e on. s)(kis e thecnew elictron il nae caremsyst om fr. amop\ th l-e altanew .coma
5:42 am
eri'm thbee for ssie. thi'm foere y.r ra d ted lovesebaball. drph. ikil loes twa fotch llotba. e,rennan who wppts sloony joe th mee rynu eve day. ro mysie's t besndfrie. evyneles likda to nce. rr haie wtt hantsrier fshed s rimp a.well al neice an v likes ianillace wicream coth choyrlate s up andborainnkw spriles. gthey sive mecho mu back. n'i caent evgi ima ine howco ssuld poivibly g we them hatthivey ge .me we lose's pre nts"h beow to at good . math"ho mw mucho oney dthyou inkedwe savod t?ay a lot. t now ge h$5 offmegtv ho
5:43 am
> >>nnthe aualme consur ec elictronw shoinas las veg is ane magr t fo htech oeadsf all kinds. e thle coost newro ps ductfrom rt vireual ality andrt sma home ga todgets ct eleric cdars an we arablewe arable ecels.troniche tere to all usbouthi ts ar yehe's tmes and somef othe bi ggestpr surisers is n,jaso go niod morng. oo >> gd mo rning. i >>ket loode lik w thereas some ow. ea >> ye h we'vall beenti waing r fotethe chnd iyustr to get itsho tooks inhe t out meotiv
5:44 am
thand at's haedppen. ev chy ilunveed itsew nt bol car. itdespee tht facha tet th de t troiautow shoex nt ekwe. 's ittt preciy ex.ting e th ideals erevy'ybodens be inwaitrg fo a carha ttos cts ss len tha $30us thoandnd a can go 20le0 miset bween archges. sthis i an allct eleronic cl vehie. d anbothe oolt lo ks thebe t rs fit to do . it>> re thee werother .carsth gm. >> ioi'm gngo trt sta wftith ly. ft lyke is li uaber id re sharing e.servicgm er partnited wfth ly to un annoy ce theinare gog to ve dea lop tflee off selng drivi carsha tt p deopleon't o bwn ut eyth b cantoeckon th them rough an app.
5:45 am
to thef selri dving b cars ut s it i sort o tfhis new m fodelorca r rsownehip.yo car. >>er vyil mialennl tuattide.>> dno ather y,compan rdaise a to ofn di funng and t heyilunveed theiron ccept carle cald the ff , 01t iisls aoll a is c a conceptar. doi thn't weink go're toing see esthone the .road avthey he four neengis,ne o ebehindhac reti. t andheirod mel is one also e wher you p aay sptubscri fioneed an you get c aariv deloered t u. yo i >>to want a hearhebout t home f. stuf wathe shernd ari der seemsik l e cit bould e lifengchangi. >> h. yeawe en've beng heari abouthe t teconnecdom he
5:46 am
pls form ywhat sou aregtartin toee sre aid indivualev dices rethat atl a litee mor mtodes ab outt whatheir civonnectity i theres aew nhe wasrri der ll caedat marhon. i it is alln e.onth e ere arwa fe ofho tse out er the hasct conneivity in .it as it hhi tngiks le aam cera in it .an t app ahat istessociahd wit it. it but sn doe'te giv h aard sell on the cotinnecvity. s that ifsort ot almos aja tro n rs hoe,o t seere whe kiitktivy . goes d ane thesbe able todd a that as ites go.yo eu arin guy gg areatas wher io billnabuire tlo cnose eugh. aryou e nebusiwnss ogeers art stted.
5:47 am
an n d ru byouresusins. lzlega loom. hegalp el hisere. htweigat ws cherchhas anged. ou l-r albenew tyondcahe s le raprogtsm pu f theocus on ou ynd a j not uste thernumbth on ale sce. wloseteighwh eaile htinghiealter, th wi n allmaew sinrtpots. anved moe mor ncby ingludine fitss in s way wthatfoork r you. e segohow ouod yfe'll el wi heth t w newt eighhewatcrs yo behend t p scalero!gram
5:48 am
i' ilm phke micprlson, ero golf. rimy psortatic a hritisuscaoied jn.nt pai st jue likodmy me eratseto hevere rd umatoitiarthris. d ans i wadworrieou abt t join.damage ocmy didtor sajo inint para from becan ig a sxin of e stingt joindamage th ouat cnlld ot y gee.wors rehe pd scribe enbrelelto hevp reliine pa d antohelp shep furtger dama. elenbrow may lrer youil ab fity tonfight ionectis. ouserioms, sesetimal fat, ev ientsdinclung ctinfe, ionsrctubeisulos, holympotma, caher s,ncervo nerus emsyst b and dlooddeisorrs an rgd allectic reaions cchave od.urre te oull yctr dofor iyo bu'vesoeen acmeple erwhnge fual ioinfectrens amo comn, iorref you'ne pro toctinfehaions, s ve cutoror ses, adhave hit hepathais b, nve beeea trr ted fofaheart urile, or yo if veu haer pensistvet febrr, , uisingngbleedi p, oresalens. t don't starelenbryo if veu haan ec inf ltionthike u.e fl jo paint ndin aam d..age. ca sn goe ididby
5:49 am
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5:50 am
> >>onsomeeut ore the i jsust nsixrsumbem fro sintrikg it ri ally .rich e thmuch aipnticatedow pllerba ni toght at 1059 p e.m.rnaste time. e thni winngsil easyak te theop tsp ot. ghthou y ifouin wrl nea ayll nc finaial ex rpertsndecomme ta king tnehe oe -timcash ngat bris you down to 649 mi nllio dollars. c ofe oursyoeverhone wgh bout a ti lrcket aeahidy tnksy theaare nn wier. hi>> ts is . it>> h. yea nn wig inettick. t >> ahosehere t onesht rig th ere.>> g i'm honnaloave a t of ne moy. a ha h ha. s >>o the odds are 1 in 292 ll miion. t we wantoe giv a youean id howlo
5:51 am
e therare 51 million psixeln i th onis mitor and h weaveid hden a gl sine red pixel. >>av you her bettes oddin fding it bldlindfoedsi ungnl o ay pin thanng winni the ttloery.>> have yout bough a cktiet. >> nut any s.mber i s >>ceo ni. >> up , nextthede golesn glob. sit ipe hap tningroomorwht nig d anwee hav are pview for you. r fo tsomeheoc lalew ns is .next re the ckst stind arou.
5:52 am
sarning ".turdayw nevemoney orsusld y.mone m i'e blur colla guy c uomep from le humbeg b inso'whse mad aot l mo of ney. es repr tentsheri amecan dream. ol poche's raracte is a. u.s eyattorn swho'er vyvy igu leae s haed decid to takeit ltleon meyto ig fn ht iputhe blic's name. gsthin. i think he sdhoul stay omyut of ndturf ago we . t >> ins ope with ain kkyex s sc soene iug tho'mht i g notoing g to hetdooke on -- >>- -at wch thesh ow. t>> ied start with that io g er thgoe you . cent. y >> m . accent ow >> h youid deced which new yo enrk acc wt you gereoing to do. g >>oueners of u.yo lasasong av i hmee so kindf o rknew yo . accent o >> n you do?>> iug thoht iat gre ian c do mye
5:53 am
i gs goinbe to t doinghis ewhole timnd a i did try that ab lfout ha a daynd a briannd a tdavid owsh'sre cators took me to one sidend awe nt, .okayso tishis .finet bu n it is ootur show. t sohis guy ism fro nkyoers, ?okay thso in e end iid dechaed tt the hmrhyt ts andheha empndsis a thewa tyhatew nrs yorke speak with at that gre ecmphatity quali with ndpace a s withpeedas w the mostim
5:54 am
h ii'ope e ve donthat.>> lc> wetoome s "cb mthisorning rd satuay."i'
5:55 am
nd>> a'm a iit vina oohollywrsd's fi at bighoward sw t ofrhe yea t isroomorw t.nighe thre pviewth of ole gden lo dpeb s.>> from rmsupean to ba,tman rh supe aerosupre ser popular. lwe'l show you axh new eibit no hohoring t se whontinveed es thase clsic accharters. a >>acnd v lationsike a super st ar for superea chp. travels experthave the secrets.>> top y,storre the are calls fo r a reurcapted mexicang dru lo o rd tbera extddite teo th s.u. the manexicer govtnmen pedarad jonaqui gu,zmanl echapo, on xi mecanla tv igst nht. >>ic mexanar mesintu cap hredim on ri fy.da anhe's wtedn i six u.s.te stas o andiafficls will lyikel push to
5:56 am
cortry fo l.tria >> io> velencst again picolse ha ke tan a newn turn ihi tsou cntryaf ater hi plpladehiaol pice ceoffiwar sam .bushed en elev sthots ase clo hrange, ema d nagetoe subduhe tpe susct it despine behog ste in th ri terrosm. inon silicy valle theync annoued e thio creatn ofhe t taskce for inusg alsociia med toec rruit
5:57 am
>>ywhollkiood cksff o itsf selco tungras lationonseasor tomrow t nighthe gnolde gslobe and st biars ag sndmalll wiln tur ou t l to wearnhichho sws andv t me mber mb meers. re hepr to tedicthe topie mov no ho irss matt ersing,an mgagin it edor andti cric forn scree hcrus omdotc. orgood mning. >> i'm t goingiso ms tinand a am y. >> es y and the big storyl wilbe he who des.fend given hiser prmfoance in ev preaious yrs. an guaro teed tewbe a f pe.opleth eer oth bigry sto isng goi to hobe w a win hsksowha ttff eects the oscar reey are diffeount rse oscand ahe t .globus thest os cars ithe academy. obthe gl ces are bhosenys les an thdr a hunrned e can b funec bauseis it ar hd
5:58 am
is this the first sortf o re. lolet's tok athe bigpr ize, bestamdra. >> i'm goingh witpo shttlig in cthisorategy. r forethe iasont is aov mie ouabbot onstlo gepbe rrorte e whoscound verethis sexse abu sc landa i andty realleb celsrate urjostnalis so aa s surelt not rpsusirioungly jisrnal ttsend to onrespryd ve vofay.rabl d anowh votes? nda hu >> ellspeciay enwhhe t jo liurnaarsts e heicro. tisshiou yr cechoi. >> c myichoeou wldba probly be ma mdaxur fy .road cr inibed alevechientme inct aiond an macinehytograp. ea it rllyle evated the block bu erstov moie tig hh art i th ought. l >>et'sal tbok aut best aorct in
5:59 am
eserval tkingut abona leordo prdicaio ca di. prio y >>eaou red thri stoowes har hd asit w to makehe tea hd lines. ryouead thato leda it raw n bisor live sand ileptn an an imalca carss and lived to tlel e thtale. te vo srstor of rpoes tndo that cr sae,ificic dednatioo teth af crt. danna leoasrdo hon w a few th utings o there. >> who'sti gettng besre actnss ia amdra. i >>'moi gngit whe bri rslaon.e sh isne oth of eos mt eitxcg in g younss actrees in ag lon .timeco medy, a.dram i thisnts an iseenmo a rfeat pencormae.
6:00 am
co pdn'ttut i down. soit is d gooouif yav h'ten re head t book also.t' lesal tkes bt preictuy comed or the >> ioi'm gitng weh th big om has seub scestan erthe. it a is ny funie movut b grany. thabout e emiconoc meme tiofliest the bunch. stthe mota impornt and that wa alsys goe overl welwith . voters i >>ll'm stiin tryg to figure ou t "rtthe maian." ou >> yt didn' zwenroiry stof o a ma nra tppedn o rsma?>> andet l's look at mu sical. go catery. ili'm stlnk thiing aboutt mat mo
6:01 am
.medy s he'soil husario in thatmo vie. t bu n,agai theol gdenlo gbus. >>e weshave e >> weshave btor act up here.>> re they reall i'tsn a strong ad len ithe big short. matt dn amon ithe ms aurgisrtian .is w >>o ho dinyou thkes takes bt ac tress. >>en jfeni rlacewren.>> e w alle lov jfeennir wr la. ence>> h. yea ethreie movwis thhe tid dav o ss ruell. ldtwo gobeen glores i isink thoi is gbeng to the d.thir>> let'sk loo at bestup sinportgac tor. t' >> inns fuy.ju
6:02 am
onoo t aol hidayie movvi preew iand d saihe tn ihi tnk lv syr esteonstalige minht w an ca osr for ookred. d an oht tha w bouldrae cutzy b i k thin git isooing t ha. ppen b >>upest sgportin esactrs. e>> janfo agnd disreea.yb mae mott the st howiesrf pee.ormanc ha but whsn't fonon a lg t aimend is ue dor f r>>neound o of the awards le batt. t >> i has n.begu m >>att s tingerhanks so chmu. c andl heryundderwoo from the lk tabe will ak tingve or ore cbs m thisorning twitter edfe.
6:03 am
wr yourndeeke.>> xt up ne, ifou yan wt toin fd ne a ge us,ou ye hav tow knon whe e andllspeciarey wheo t oklo.a newk booer offs ale detaid guide. theeo ggraphy of nigeus.we 'llk tal weith th orauth. ar you che wat"cing hibs t
6:04 am
it... it wa... pe t.rfec at m del,onte rn copa is cked t ateahe p fk ofnereshss uswith jr t wateand a f dash oltsea sa. g nothin.else so s it'tuall-na rald ancidelious. coour etsmliics ne a was hit. e th wordersshere in co i eluld fe d ourineadles ciraarng towds us. idwe dt n' aneed loan. wede neet-d shorterm infundstg fa. bu diil8 ng 1shome 4inon m ths? asthat wp. a lea i but knouew i cyld rel a oncameriprn exess hto belp meseuy thoil buatding m.erials elamex h bped meuy inthe y ventoredi need .ou hr amexd elpeusfi oll therders. ikjust l.e that ot anepher ste on thnejoury. ll wi y bouree y adenwhgr thowre pntseits lfse? izreal be yourpouying wer oatcopen.
6:05 am
heso w an mya sthmtosympepms kcot bmingack m ony -tlongnterm co rolcimedi,ne ta i tlked do myr octo andd founssa mipiing ece m inmay asthme treatnt. ce on b-dailyevreo prstents ahma mssympto. ibreoads for ults a witha sthmllnot weon cletrold a onte long-strm acohma ntrolcimedine, li inke an cohaled terticosroid. br oneo wep't r rlace a escuer inhale ddfor sureen b pathings.roblem obreop pens us airwaypto hel e improvinbreatha g for 4full 2s. hourbr oneo cs tainpea tyme of dicine i thatesncreasis the r dk ofeath om fra asthmmsproblean ind may eacr rse theofisk ta hospionlizati in ilchnddren asc adoleents. eo brno is r t folepeopse who maasthll is weol contr aled on -tlongtherm astrma conmeol nedici, alikehan ind leiccortroosteid. y onceasour ithma s wellrocont,lled yo tour doc dr wille ecid if you n ca bstopd reo ancrpresibe a di enffermat asthtr conmeol ,dicineli n ke aleinhaicd cortidostero. otdo nbr take e eo morthan crpres.ibed yo see tour docour if ymar asth es do i notvempro o wr getsorse. as urk yor doctohoif 24-our bre d coulisbe a miesing p ce foryou. s yoee if liu're efogible r
6:06 am
us [mic] , no, nonono, , pe aopleotre bfth so andro stng... y!ye h whichyis w ourpr tsoduc t areoo. l ange.soft e,seve we'pl comy etelderemolede zy. s let'hego cckut o ntthe pa ry! 'sit d ourkiunn' m drearoom. inamazg. de s liciounkdu' indonutsco ffee. ck piup some erwhbue you ery groc ies. outry cur k-dsp poay tod
6:07 am
> >>cea n rtaiwords get tnhrow ndarou aot lhe tse . days>> ge usni, nigeus. >>genius. >> that is g aenius of a.americ >> the pull off thisiu gens ro onutine te haso be a . genius h >>e's a usgeni. i>> am. b >>uthe w erexactlys does geniu co mefrom? eauthorric winer tdravele taroundldhe worin hopg to an swter tha tiqueson. e th ghyeograp of usgeni, bl pubyished on sim and stschuer, via di osionf cbs.go niod morng. oo >> gind morng. >> t i whinke alle havhi ts icromantn notioha of wt as geniu is.bu u t yot say iis aer tnce pla an ced a rtain time.
6:08 am
er the e artwo big mythshe wn it co mes tousgeni.e ontis tha theen giuss i rnbo. ey th jtusop put o sayla pying piano athr teeik lrte moza.t buill reaiey belve thatiu gens g isn rown ioithe sl and that pl esace dote matr. yand ifooou lk ahet tor wld map wh and gereseniuse have popped isup it notndra.omlyth iey aren grpsou,r oiu gens rscluste c as iall them.>> s geniurscluste. y >>heeah tynd sou geluus cstersth in e g.morninwh fetherlorida oren athsk or sl
6:09 am
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6:10 am
grimmisuant isccess theyt jus arwork hdse becauy theare mo tetivatd bu i t thinks here ire mo to age imse i an a ofn eroutsid. avthey hese a frpeh persctive t buy theareid inserst a the me sa .time t soheyy occup aet swepo st in cu e.lturth aey aren deinsiidr/ sooone whs bring a i newdea t buepis acctedno e sugho their ideas naresote.yo bu needothpe hapninge at th imsame t e. er>> int gestingiven theat debe at irammigannts ird the s tatus. l >>atook the list of gseenius o wh iwererammigs ntor rs.efugeeth ge listnoes ond a on. ft >> aer sgtudyinou yav he af o th desefeifrent p hlaceserend a ro abthad is meere soyothing u do can to make your ousurrnds? ue>> i gss wee havo t stop th oinkingusf geni ast gifro fm th e gods.yo eiu are orther bn with it or ar you noe t. th i aink welso have top sto ki thin ing of atshi sometngha tt shappensi exclun vely othe duindiviveal lel.
6:11 am
an pit isartf otheub plic od go. g wa. and that we ed we'rll an i it getother.>> youls aoak me the point ea cr itivitysta congious. po the er morut you p t itheogetre tht more imakes. nd>> a h we'reaving aiv create co tinversahton rigo now s pe hoitfully ub is rbing off. t>>hegr geoaphy ofen gius is on r saleight now. >> up next, theou fgndin fathers of pesuerrhos. nea muw umsexh eitib is un g maskinthe itonvenrse of th th ese asclsics. at th's ahead. reyou'at wg chinbs"c ts hi inmorntug sa."rday 's itte winr. ea ntt winaer scks. hm fresan. becamp.ll's fmadeorea r rl,l li itving wroh chminic negrai s feel elikedaach y gis aofame nc cha e. nti waoed tt puodthe inds vo my fa
6:12 am
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6:13 am
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6:14 am
nd...a m foriten, ps helrt suppoal heblthy prood reessu vwithitinam m d andsiagneum. ta ake oneul day mmitivitans. >> bruce wayne meets clark ntke.lo i ve .it
6:15 am
beenva captited by the ntadve ouresf suerperhos.e thbublock chsts su as bat man rs veus superman outn ima rch.e th hdramaas nerevee bmon re r populabut hidow d it n?begirk ma atlber takes us there. r >>r:eporte on sta reetne conr in ot gham thisla bck mieodifd fo grdaxal hyashe tow pero t fr zeeeeo p tple inheir tracks.e onrof fouat bob milesed creat r fo1960sat b man tvw. shoan id its thet baio t pull you to xh the eibit a ttheew n york hi icstoraloc sietyal cled er"supshero in ".gotham >> e i lov isth. >> thisou wld stopff traic he anywre. >> nina the hiext'bis co or-curat. t >> ireis go at t tsee lhemein up and justgl oe it. >> is it aw sho sertopp. t >> i istibeau ful. >>at generions onsf fa have
6:16 am
pedru csader and r hist ide bu hewith t wholeve unifrse o rh supe.eros mgothamaay be made upor wld th but oe holdn us is alre. w >>dihat ud yo think when you lk waed? re jeffd y anfohis raurth g de s claslare so ome4 f the sathoundud stilents wl be whisked through hithe exn bit itheon mths to meco.w hoommany cicks booyo do u ve ha?yo veu hath to abink out it.yo veu haco .untingmo hare tn ?five>> entwe?ty-fiv f >>ive c,comis books. he >> towy kn who all the su erperhosnd are ahe yet ty kndon't irow thery hid i tilnk wl ite givm the ea ids in terms of cgreatinom se he of tir own comic books or >> yt ou wano them tbe inedspir. w
6:17 am
t >> chatomes fromee sthing e lehumbeg binse of th ao extrarrdinrey c aators tndhe n mewhoat creed emth. >> an bat mbe numre. on amfor exe pl batn'mas solo debut ay in m 1939 or su ipermann ac tionic comsr numbe e.on in origal etskches,he t 1939 roilty itpewrader me ofel stet tha ga veth birth to e man of l.stee d an theel tnevisioho swed a mp veks of suanperm. tr the buthd ehinhow s theestori n bega iss atssfanfatintasascal the ta thles weyould .tell manyor bn at a time w ahen tr counedy need heroes.>> w theseere s.tanler >>yes.
6:18 am
fooking r .work wtheyofere tencr disediminat up econ b tausewehey re sonsf o grimmi.ants st mo o allfm thes son jofhewis grimmi.ants omso sloe caked sethemlves, gi chanirng theam n fes toit .inan td ge yanlebe lierec bame lestany. bjaco bjaecame ck kirby. aned th bob cain. and jchoe srusten evete repordlyus ored mhae tnne o dopseunym. omfrhi t fsstir suanpermto caron in ,1941 pesuosrherld wou en evlytuale takgh flit as t he av grity dngenyi miaedge jugtrnauwe w kno y.toda mi coavcs hero pnve so
6:19 am
di eysn bghout mvearl for4 $ bi inllion 2009. itand 'st kep anle endssin le offi lmsom pe sur gonirl cbs dedebuts a these mason'sostat wchedew n show. and theic comsen invtionenconvkntions own asom cic con is bog.omines tetimas putes sal at $875 mi n,lliore a .cord e>> wan wteo ppleho wec bome ar attists e som p tointoli reazeat th it isibpossle. e andeveryon t haso start so e.mewher>> t evenhisea daydrming
6:20 am
h inise h drewbrew scokhoolbo. o >>nly way ild couns compeate s warato decw bome aer supo her yin m own way. al>> a hurf centry afte the odoodlethf e darkgh knite h ed usan bat min aga for this ramemobleto carnon i 7.19 a>> whyreou yti sllti cap vated bysupe. rheros >> you never lose thatni itial infascwiation th rtca. oons>> t andhoselt adus aresi pasng f thattiascinaon on toir the ki rds who pealize ferhapsor thers fit timeou yon d'td nee rpsupes owerhato cthnge e world.>> io dl feepi insnred i them inth atay w t yhatanou c beecom okind bfgeigr thanou y think u >> nd a thety abilio tp lea tall ob s stacleuswith jt ak sicngle un bod. >> the kpiktbiexhit atew nk yor
6:21 am
2bruary1st. e we werrajust d wn in.>> ou did yiv g heimhe tec lture hoabout w his pastld cout effec hi fus retuik leh witthe cr rseato. e>> hs get lthatreectury eve . week nd>> aom c ing.upwe e hav tips on how c youan si vitom sef otheri ptcies eltravti desonnati osn the nk ba.yo wau are ngtchis "cbthis rn mosaing rdtuay." id>> d c you oomeut ofhi ts with di a enffernst sefe o you and wh asat w rtimpoant?>>
6:22 am
foere re ninon minths sub tzeroraempes turein lgcaary. al re looncatis. r fa off tilocaons. oowe l akedt this as thend gra icartist exmeperint.we ev'd neeer bn apart of so inmethkeg li .this ehwe rrsealled a dayon l tgo pull offom seer v cyalruci and thardoo dt shos ask thend we' ha ve anou hr h and afalf o ranatuhtl lig and itam beckee li t live aheatert end oef th day fthistirenec pa tce,his te iny nsitwede nee kd toeepp u .with fobut lr al ofs u ist wat jus tabouow alling olvurseo es tput t ournrust ieb somody el se's ueuniqoc press. thand sat it whas thiwas fors u as toacrs.bu lot a t of this wasug thoht ab outef banorehdn igreat ildeta.bu nt wetoeed giveur o selves over cetomplely toet somhing en tirely new.d anowyou kn itat creed a great ma caeraderien betwehe t cast andcr ew and dr.irecto
6:23 am
haas an actor? atby nfure o -- b >>yur nat oef doing a movie, ah yewa this ser ctainlyhe t he tougstm dpii've estest film i've everee b an pa rt f. nd>> a thezi amanghi tng about this rfpee.ormancyo veu habl proba ly said iessn is th filmha tn any filmou ye hav .done i itous abt essxpre aionndbo aut in pa i andt isut abo all the in thhags tout yo dh witou yr a eyesndou yr body. ha>> tst wat wha iwasesnterting
6:24 am
tonseow was h to t isiming einverythg as the sa ying .goes
6:25 am
isalys byhe t websiteri tp ad yoviser n u ca bsaveig on ttraveloom sef othe rlwod's ie pricstes dontinatipls simy by knthowing e mostor aff tdableimeof year. oo >> gd inmorng. ithere whn whe and where great id eas. th rse fi it ones n,aspe co dolora. s whenhouldou y go. en>> aspio obvsusly i a ski in destation.bu it thats thexp e tensiveime go to . iits the prolaygundf o rtheich d anusfamo.if youo g ithn e sgprin c youan sa ve 74% andre the is l ootsf co nan does des hom and y couan a save lotf o nemoy. 'v>> inee do a ituactyll not in as se ton and ihereres gat hi king. i >>eat is b autifulnds lotof fe sstival too.>> p andeople alwaysor wrybo autba hed weatenr wh booking off . peak t buiain mmich bea tshere i a twindowhat works. >> late .june miamis i h hotot hotse becau of the atweher.
6:26 am
ngwatchihe and t bar scenend a night life. yo but n u cacoolff o in the duwater hering t day and go out at t.nigh >> andan s o,diegou yav he a icspecifto time . go sa>> in din ego, nbeovemr and ce dember. n you ca arentat vacionall renta d an save t$3ushoand,000su verg s goinin su the ndmmer a the cad you tn takehat andut p itwa toanrds rothe whole cavation. >> y andou sayoi gnng i mid fe ibruarys the bargain ntmome. >>ou y can savegh throu a ca vaention rtal70 %y b going in fe .bruary noit is ngt goi to be hot and tthehingbo aut san torini is e ther tareseheav ceelikom hes bu ilhet in ts cliff thatou y can rent ande wav hedr huneds of em th c you ranten on the .site and iay so g doom sngethi uniqueyo nu haveonever de rebefo.
6:27 am
>>in v aeyardsndie ancnt ruins and tanrails fd theood azaming. neand wi too. >>no atherar populio locatn, to stthe beur of yole recolction d an kay-- tu d rks an.caicos>> t allathe vacntion reveals ha aca berih, ptevaea b ochpor a ol iand itlks wain gstdi.ancear stnit planng now. on get theit se and start ar reseches. >> is here onef oy mor favite in dest lation, aondonmend sumr is the peek.bu t i thereals tlw windon ithe tsummerishat not eypric. >> one ekwe. ulour jy 4th where theid ks in u. the res. a o outolf scho but t in.khe uhe. ty areot n yet un fatil s w weeklater. so ha tist he t pkee time to cad you n save about 40% off al nso o aac vationnt
6:28 am
t look athe parksnd aoo lk a t thall e mus.seum ilondonsat gre but it isll reaype exsonsive seoome pusple jt n' cafot aford t go. y soou can >> and alsoks looik le the t largesannuallo fwerw sho takesac plee ther the 5thhr tough the th10.wo rthse. eing l>> andots of ke aybroadw.>> a lndtas but notea lsts i st. martma arten.>> l i wiloutell yt thasthis i tone ofhosean isldsre wheou y lacan isnd h bopseecauis it toclose t allthhe oer i itrys veop eurn ea fin eel. h itheas t french s tide,he du detch si t andheil sim saro stngroga a tinstheur eo. cso youanea rllytr setchol dlarev een mor by ingog.on ie thatco suted three dr behroom, tthee baroom,ws vie t.of sts barnd a the eaocn. i itrgs go.eousi
6:29 am
ye ersty dayisa lnget's all go beuset i ends p uper lecoup. t ifrehere aee thr couple, $130 a ghnit. ca you oonnot b hk aotelor f thatpr ice. wo>> -- avn't he so do so much g begginand pg.leadin >> i'm sureno t. >> a,debr tshank so chmu.>> s. thank n >>ooow a lkth at eea wther foryo up snt nex > >>up .next dthe bishanorn dse raid in in home. gewe'll t a tastep u xtne. e you arngwatchith "cbs is mo sarning ."turday djaneidn'ket litr restiicons. t noifin l t d no iwhenmet cao ttc wanghi c heralieors.
6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
ytelldoour actorutbo any di mecocal ionditns, di meoncatiu s yotaare ,king ifand h youkiave dney l or piveremrobls. g usinvoin kanait wah lf suuronylr ea oliinsun crmay inisease rk of lo blw suood gar. ag imliine itfe wloh a a1wer c. e arviyou lo yngouerr numbs? s there'neonly oan invoka . as dk youraboctor out it amby ne. ch ef chohan wasn borand edrais in a.indi
6:33 am
t ea w sheould runo tthe kenitch d ansk ahe tch kithaen w tthey were .makingin sh nae,vill gyloball fl ineduencui c isines served. s she'a gurerla judgef oeth od fo twnes ork' shithow cedhopp d an jaamesrd beawa ard of ce excellen nnwier. he r first books i la"fvorsf o mywo rld" aul cyinar tourou thrgh 35 trcounies.>> i love those old e,pictur th reey alo fabuus. my>> oh .goshdo drky anra embarssing bute lov stohare . them oo >> gd for tv. >> ac ex tly.>> u tellst whaou y brought . here itll smes lides.ciou >> ou trsro adun the worldh wit ann india arfle. mothe mpst iortant thing is the in
6:34 am
lemon ceoll and a -- chile ap singoreb cra ipinsredro fm brazil andm fro francet por au me'cre. nd>> a s onysunda w you gouldo heto tke martht wir you fa?ther>> in in mydia dad had a sercootd ana sy undaittradwoion beuld g us toingeo thme farrs etmark. it and ud seeto b angmazi be e causnewe kwh eac andve ery orvend h andad ael rnsatiohip wi thac ed h any everervend andmy ad dld wou sayhe te sam jokeev suery .ndaywe o'd g toet g theat potoes and nsonio. d anhe would tell my dadul shod pa
6:35 am
beuld e lik n i'mot cngooki fo her red w.ding same s joke,swame aner.bu et suchngndeariie memor s. ou >> y h kid otelnama.gement atwhe madou yss cro . over>> oo cking was aaylws myst fir lo ve. my ptsaren sayas i w bornh witala indle my .hand and iinn a di btoomec ae chef yo veu ha to doot hel ad stminionrati. thand s at iwhat i did. iwhen i waschn soolr overe the a they wsked ihatan wt tooo d xt ne and i asked anytr insructo ic whheh is tt bestu instite to goo tth in ent eireld wor and wi tthou bngatti anye elid he idsa thear culin iytenstitu of a.americ d an i cameer hend a when ie cam h overereas i w so fnaascidte th wi f thetacha t tthe
6:36 am
enffert in a tmericaithan is i in.ndia t soishat re whe j theeyourn i intofondian taod srted. >> d how sid youe ettlin na llshvie?>> d goo onquesti. myar pstnerpp aheroaced m to en op ace pla in thd i toughho w goeso t na llshvie?>> nowybever ody.>> now evoderyby. itand l was aovetir fst inlandg. uni fohed t swaner. it e was moewho gso tsh nae.vill and it's ute sohernpi hostytali is am g.azinth ode fone sce is the booming a endgxcitin cityto . be in >>e wveloin havg onyou op chped. y ifouou cavld hise thea mlit wh peany prsonorast se prehont w ul woatd thso per?n be>> my oh gosh, ie havo t say my bi two ggests.criticmy
6:37 am
>> chef,ha tnk youer vy orr mee on th pdishleaseea hdto oureb wsite at cbsst cbnihismoromng.ccb orsthism.cningom.d ango to fooacebk. >> y sta uwiths.yo wau are hitccbng " s thismo sarning ."turday flthe ruu r's ay ealldebig al. an thd wier fev, he acnds, as, chill mo owm kn ns it eedsbi a lug so:tion an iv ant.iral t don'arkid woundhit flthe alu, curl yoto docr inwith f the 4irst8 ur ho ss ofomympts d anabask outpr ipescr ttionifamlu. ta atheck t v flu airus t soits wurcetaith u,mifl a anirntiv al hthat selpstop f itsprom inreadg t inodhe by. mi tainflu ui liqd rm fofd is pra apoved atto trelu the fpe in toplewo we aeks of oge andlder wh flose mpu sy stomsedtart inwith l thetwast yso da.
6:38 am
if 'r youege pr,nantnu g,rsin shaveuserio thheal cdiontis,on akor thee otr di mes.cine ouif yel dev aop n lealicrgea rioctn, se a rvereash, or ns sig ofun l usuavibeha,or akstop tmiing taflu d anoucall ydor ictoredmmlyiate. ch enildr andad ceolesnts arin pcutilay r mabe a atcrn ind easerisk of zu sei res,nf cousion, a orlbnormabe havior. th ste momo comden si feefcte s armild to at modere eanaus voand ngmiti. an ti-flu? ntgo aiviral wi ifth tamlu. hu y rro in tlothe wwe'srinte ngsaviens evdat to yto ad take e vantagatof grede isals thn, seaso ke li - 10% o 30%ecff selt od pr suctswitorede, an t d ge e5% offayvery dwh uen yourse you we loon's cr sumeitcred card. h son urry iy todaavto sge biac trossnthe estire eor fo bes re it'tetoo la. so thil is dae foun.tion.. alfor heanthy plts. foonundatiea for heelthy tth. conew e lgatdatotal paily retoir teothpas. elit hemps ralinerenize amel an t d fighueplaqms ger hefor r althieanteeth .d gums ngstrehethen tat foundion hefor tealthy eth.
6:39 am
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6:40 am
so a ld out tour ien th u..s nd>> a teehr gyrammom nnsinatio ininclud ng best aewrtistnd a be rstockon sgor fis hit h "holdck
6:41 am
album for his cd chaos and thelm ca.ja mes mc- - with his newgl sin eet "l it go." from walkinge homnd aki talng loads t o sgeein showsen in eving ot clwihes th you ne from trvousouch and gtietngdr kun t ota spying u andak wping u wi th you ge di holng shiometeng won d't ne ed a s head go is rinna bng u tsour o s knee
6:42 am
just lett i be-e-e w hy don't you be yohu-oo ooh and ibe'll me e inverythg that'ske bro ea lve ito t there beze d whyouon't y y beou and i'll be me and'l il be me m fro tghrowinlo cthesos acrs th eor flo teto teh andla cws and am slming doorst a you if this is all we're living
6:43 am
hy w are are weoi dngt i doingt i doing it ng doi it more i se ud toog recnizeys melf 's it funny howct refleions change we when 're bgecomin sngomethi el se t ihink it's time tok wal aw ay o se comn oet lt i go j ust lett i bo hy w don't you be you and'l il be me ve egrythin that'sro wng ea lve itth to ere beze d whyon't b you yeou a ndbe i'll me. i' and m be a
6:44 am
g tryin to fitou yr handid inseof e min w whenew kno itus jt don't belong e' thers no force on earth ou cld make it fgheel rit no, w hoa in tryg to pushs thiem probl upe thhill w henit j'sustoo tvy hea to hold ink thi snow' the time to let liit sde soe comn o let ito g just let ite b hy won d'tou ye b you whoa ooh a nd i'll bee m a ndve einrythg that'sro bke leave io t tethe breez let thees ash fall or fouget abte m
6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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