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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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leave. plus--another officer killed in the line of duty--this time in washington state. the breaking new details about the supsect, coming up. sot - fire cant take memories.. .so we still have those. devastation...tearing through tennessee. a massive wildfire is growing..we'll have the latest on the firefight. but first we have some breaking news... you're look at the aftermath of an explosion near houston, texas. we're told the blast happened at a business around one this morning. this is at an underground electrical company. firefighters found the building on fire..and quickly put the flames out. nobody was hurt..and it's still unclear what caused the blast. somebody who lives nearby says the explosion was so strong it shook her home and blew out the window of her patio door. .
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and i'm todd quinones. the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett... freezing conditions have arrived for the valley! until 8am, las vegas will be under a the center of the city should just above that; coming in around 34 degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your cars properly, dress yourself and your kids accordingly for
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killed following a shooting in tacoma, the suspect was shot and killed by police after a standoff that lasted several hours. officers were responding to a domestic violence call in last night when shots rang out. the officer was rushed to the hospital for surgery. we all will take our time when it's appropriate, to grieve and to share our thoughts and feelings about our friend." police say the suspect was
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fellow church member. the homeowner and her two children were escorted out of the house and led to safety when the officer was shot. this morning a man is dead after being gunned down near downtown and police say it appears to be drug related. investigators say two men and a woman in a red jeep drove up to a home last night. we're told at least one person fi once in the chest. police say the victim was in his late 40's. the shooters are still on the loose right now. happening today--metro police department is asking for your help in finding package thieves. but it requires you to hand over some information. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston is live near durango and spring mountain to tell us how this new program works. this is all you need to
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and you can submit it online. the program is called vegas safe cam. its designed to cut back on property crime-- and help police find people responsible for different crimes caught on camera. police say a lot of times-- a homeowner-- or a business owner-- may have caught a crime or a suspect on camera-- but didnt even know it! so-- that footage never gets to metro-- and is never available for them to help solve that crime. that. police reports show that theft and property crime increase during the holiday season-- between thanksgiving and new years. later in the newscast-- i'll explain why police say this later in the newscast-- i'll explain why police say this program can actually help you right now. mk-- 13an. now to a 13 action news exclusive... that you're seeing first on good morning las vegas. a popular strip restaurant and lounge asks a muslim woman to take off her religious headscarf --- or leave.
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who was left in tears. shot at standup 1 00:00:07-00:00:47 it's hard for louvenia daan to talk about she's a muslim woman who wears a head covering... being without it is like being staff members she left. but daan says she's worn a take sot louvenia daan, muslim woman 19:23:45-19:23:51 "i wear a hijab all day and i see hundreds of thousands of customers and i've never been treated like that ever." 00:00:54-00:01:01 daan hopes peppermill will change its policy... she's even reaching out to the a-c-l-u parker collins 13
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on later editions of 13 action news... we'll show you the message peppermill sent daan on facebook. "you're saying it's a criminal hub back there? absolutely. oh absolutely." only on 13 action news--a community under attack. a vacant lot near lake mead and hollywood is at the center of a neighborhood's concern. people living nearby say they don't feel safe in their own home we're told homeless people started taking over the area months ago. locks and fences have been put up, but that's not stopping people from moving in. "we saw drug deals going down." (sot) "they were bothering my dog." "they started throwing rocks at her." it's believed the homeless may be responsible for everything from attempted break-ins to lesser crimes. 13 action news is reaching out to police and the city to see what can be done.
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has killed even more people.. and this morning, several people are missing. next--you'll hear from a man who hasn't been able to reach his wife and daughters. plus--breast cancer death rates are higher in southern nevada than the rest of the country. hear what researchers think is behind the alarming trend. people in the southeast are
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five people are dead after tornados touched down in parts of alabama, georgia and tennessee. jackson county, alabama saw some of the worst damage. strong winds knocked down trees and powerlines..and turned buildings into rubble. in georgia--three tornadoes touched down in the atlanta area. nobody was injured but witnesses describe a terrifying scene. robin cook, witness) "it was so much wind...everything was it was bad." (co-worker) "really dark up there...right there in front of us." (robin cook, witness) "the wind was just like.and the whole door just shook." a tornado killed two people in tennessee--a state that's already reeling from a raging wildfire. developing now...the death toll is rising from those massive wildfires in eastern tennessee. three more bodies were found yesterday bringing the number of people killed to seven.
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seven-hundred homes are scorched. thousands are still away from their homes and many say their family members are missing. including one man who can't find his wife or daughters. michael reed/wife and daughters missing in fires: "i've called the other shelters here, they said she isn't there...just hoping for a miracle." over 15-thousand acres have burned...but their weather brought some much needed help yesterday. rain allowed rescue crews to go house by house looking for those who may be trapped. are the worst fires the state has seen in 100 years. time now is x:xx --- today, president-elect donald trump will begin his "thank- you" tour. beforehand, he'll be talking about how he helped a company from leaving the u-s. but we've also uncovered something else that prevented them from leaving.
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happening today,
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kicking off a "thank you" tour following his victory. he and vice-president elect mike pence will hold a rally in cincinatti, ohio later today. will head to indianapolis to talk about the deal to keep a thousand jobs and prevent a-c company "carrier" from moving to mexico. steve mnuchin, trump's pick for treasury secretary, said he thought the deal was a terrific opportunity. (steve mnuchin, treasury secretary nominee) "the president-elect and the vice president picked up the phone and called the ceo of the them we want to keep jobs here. can't remember the last time a president did that." the company also reportedly received financial incentives from the state of indiana to stay. a new report from the united nations just into our newsroom... they just released their state of the world population report for 2016. it shows the world population grew to 7 point 4 billion this year... the report focuses on the well- being of 10-year-old girls as indicators of success or failure...
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10-year-olds face obstacles to equal and safety in developing countries.... new this morning.. a study out by unlv reveals the breast cancer death rates are higher in southern nevada compared to the rest of the country. researchers found survival rates in southern nevadans is five percent below the national average part of the reason is nevada women are less likely to get a mammogram compared to women across the country. the research also found survival rate low among black and filipina women. black women are more likely to have aggressive tumors..while filipina women are typically diagnosed at later stages. the clark county fire department kicks off their fifteenth annual "fill the fire truck" toy drive today. a kick-off event will happen today at noon near desert inn and las vegas boulevard. you can donate new, unwrapped toys or gift cards at any local clark county fire station through december 18th.
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several organizations including the boys and girls club, salvation army..and local schools and churches. time now is x:xx --- bill foley is defending his team. the golden knights owner fires back at him a hard time over the name of his nhl franchise. and later--changes at ccsd...but the latest moves will give you a better say in
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in new york! the annual lighting of the christmas tree in rockefeller center took place last night. thousands of people gathered in manhattan for the celebration. mayor bill de blasio got some help from saturday night live stars alec baldwin and kate mckinnon lighting up the 94-foot tall norway spruce. some 50-thousand colored lights cover the tree. netflix users can now watch shows, even when they're not abc's kendis gibson and diane macedo have the details in this morning's techbytes. abc's kendis gibson and diane macedo have the details in this morning's techbytes.
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arrived for the valley! until 8am, las vegas will be under a freeze warning with city wide temperatures mainly hitting a around 34 degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your cars properly, dress yourself
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morning. we have a lot more coming up on good morning las vegas...including vegas...including more parking changes on the strip. the wynn announces they too will charge for valet parking. will the latest moves cause
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plus--nevada is one of the most vulnerable states to identity theft and fraud. we have tips on protecting yourself. adlibs happening now at five...
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we'll tell you what you can do today to help them. add the wynn to the list of resorts that'll charge for parking. will all these parking changes keep people from coming to the strip? concern is growing about the future of undocumented immigrants--especially students. and now--a local non-profit is getting involved. good morning las vegas! i'm dayna roselli the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett... freezing conditions have arrived for the valley! until 8am, las vegas will be under a the center of the city should just above that; coming in around 34 degrees by 7am.
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domestic violence case near durango and
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man was shot and killed in front of his own child. carlo concepcion, neighbor 14:41:52:05 it started off with some arguments, lasted a good hour, then it went quiet, we thought he argument subsided, but the next thing we knew there was a loud bang investigators say two parents were arguing tuesday night--possibly over custody. that's when a stranger tried to intervene. things escalated and the suspect grabbed a gun and shot the father. police say the child is still with his mother a grandparents tonight. an update on a seperate domestic shooting. a man is behind bars right now accused of killing his own son. metro has identified the suspect as michael garenhire. police say they were on another call tuesday night when they heard three gunshots and ran in that direction. that's when they say gardenhire came out of an apartment near rainbow and windmill saying he shot his son. detectives are still trying to figure out the motive behind the shooting. sentenced-v a former math teacher will
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prison for having sex with a junior high student. nicole wilfinger was sentenced yesterday. police say she kept a journal on her cell phone detailing the encounters with the -14- year-old boy. she was teaching at "molasky junior high".... when she was arrested. police say she was also a family friend of the victim. holiday season is in full swing..and metro wants your help finding package thieves. marissa kynaston is live from durango joins us..with help officers out. this is all you need to register your camera-- you can see its only a few questions-- and you can submitt online. the program is designed to use surveillance video-- to cut back on crime. many people across the valley are turning to surveillance to help keep their homes safe. but right now-- property crimes spike during the holiday season-- with whats called porch pirates. these criminals may follow delivery trucks or mail carriers-- to swipe packages off front porches.
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monday packages rolling in-- you could be a target. 17:35:15:00 it's just a number game, they grab as many as they can, this is like a full time job for some of these thieves the good news-- the vegas safe cam program is free-- everything is confidential-- and you can unregistered at any time. parents will have more of a say in decisions at clark county schools... each school in the district will have a team made up of parents, teachers and support staff to help advise the principal. we spoke with the principal at bonanza high school about the program who says he's had to give some parents a crash
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where it's spent. they saw that and they never realized. one of the biggest surprise comments i got was, 'we spent seven million dollars in ten minutes.'" these meeting will start in january to plane for the next school year. even if you're not on the team the meetings will be open to the public the ripple effect is being felt on the strip. less than 24-hours after caesars announced it would wynn" is following suit. in mid-decemeber it'll cost you 13- dollars for up to four-hours in valet parking. the price goes up the longer you stay. self-parking will remain free--for now. as expected, most people aren't pleased with paid parking. some say they just won't go to the strip anymore. but according to one local expert--they're bluffing! scott roeben-- founder of vital vegas dot com says this is the
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he believes--soon enough-- the complainers will stop complaining and just suck it up and pay. scott roeben, "every time something like this happens...people say this is the last one..i'm never coming back! well vegas is busier than ever so it's not actually true" caesars entertainment says self parking will still be free if you have a nevada drivers license. m-g-m also still has. free self parking for locals but that's expected to end sometime this month. time now is x:xx --- we you this morning. a young boy badly injured..and police say his school tutor is responsible. details on this heinous greg adlibs some people around the valley
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with donald trump about to take the white house.. and now.. a non-profit group is getting involved. the rogers foundation sent letters to k thru 12 schools across clark county.. asking them to become sanctuary schools. that means they wouldn't turn-in undocumented students to immigrations authorities. sot mos from 6 pm the schools have to. the school have to protect the people in their charge.
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donald trump. ccsd officials haven't responded to the proposal. but earlier this week.. a petition began circulating at unlv.. asking administrators there to become a sanctuary school. from contact-13 this morning...nevada is the fifth most vulnerable state to identity theft and fraud. a new study from "wallet-hub" looked at several factors complains and the amount of money loss due to fraud. when it comes to fraud complaints, we ranked sixth...and came in eighth for the average amounth lost to fraud. washington d-c topped the overall list. to protect yourself, experts suggest securing your email..sign up for credit monitoring..and use common sense when you're online. this morning, golden knights owner bill foley is defending the name of the new nhl team. the u-s army recently took issues.. saying its elite parachute team
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foley, who's a graduate of west point, wrote an email to espn saying.. quote: our development and use of the name 'vegas golden knights' was based upon nevada being the largest gold producing state in the country.. and the golden tones of the las vegas strip. he added.. "our use of the golden knights is distinctive from the army golden knights.. just as the new york rangers are distinctive from the texas ra or the arizona cardinals are distinctive from the st. louis cardinals." time now is x:xx --- coming up.. a public elementary school segregated by gender. the federal government has demanded changes be made. why the school made the move in the first place. and ice cream lovers..we have some news that'll get your taste buds excited! how you can get your hands on
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freezing conditions have arrived for the valley! until
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city wide temperatures mainly hitting a range between 28 and 32 degrees. the center of the city should just above degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your cars properly, dress yourself and your kids accordingly for the winter-like cold this morning. mainly sunny skies will be common throughout the day with highs ranging between 52 and 57 degrees. luckily, wind will be mild through the day ranging between calm and 5 mph.
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vegas will be just above freeze watch and or warning criteria. highs will hold in the low and mid 50s but by friday, clouds will build and winds pick up once more extending into saturday. no rain chances are expected nor the chance for snow to the mountains but due to the winds, high temperatures for the day feel we are in the low and mid 40s! sunny skies return for the weekend but then another front brings back the clouds and wind monday and tuesday with highs in the upper 50s monday then falling to the upper 40s and low 50s tuesday. fyi.winter does not start until december 21st!!!
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buzz aldrin had to be medically evacuated from the south buzz aldrin had to be medically evacuated from the south pole... the astronaut who was the second person to walk on the moon was on a trip in the antarctic traveling as part of a touristr you're looking at a tweet from aldrin from a couple days ago... he was in stable condition when the flight arrived in new zealand 0-:7 let's go get in there hey get out of the car... life-saving moments caught on camera in connecticut as officer rush in to save a man trapped in his burning car! police saw the range rover on the side of the road and knew
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with fire extinguishers...both front doors of the car were smashed in... officers were able to open the trunk and pull the man out safely. tough images are suracing out of baltimore this morning. they show a 7-year-old with a broken jaw and missing teeth after police say a school tutor slammed him against the wall. the tutor says he removed the boy from class for being disruptive. he also claims the student hit the wall after losing his footing. but police say surveillance video suggests otherwise. lateekqua jackson, child's mother: "nobody, none of the him. the principal. nobody." the boy is now recovering from major head trauma. the school employee was arrested today and fired. "did you shoot him?! did you shoot him?! did you shoot him?!" it's been over two-months since a charlotte police officer fatally shot keith lamont scott. and this morning, many people are upset with the district
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the d-a says the evidence points to scott being armed, but his family disputes that. they say he was just there to pick up his kids. sot - cm/family attorney 11:57:30 we still have real questions about the decisions that were made that day in terms of how they confronted keith// whether they used appropriate de- escalation techniques to end this situation in a way that didn't result in the loss of keith scott's life. meanwhile, people have taken to the streets in charlotte to protest the d-a's decision. followed in the days after scott's death. taking a live look right now in tacoma washington where a police officer has been shot and killed after an overnight standoff... the suspect who barricaded himself in an apartment for hours was shot and killed by police early this morning.... two children who were in the apartment with him were unharmed... the federal government is now stepping in at an idaho
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the boise school has divided classrooms by sex for a decade. the school says it was an effort to boost boys performance in reading and writing and girls in math. the u-s department of education says this type of segregation violates title nine...which prohibits gender discrimination in education. leo morales: "and if you teach based on gender stereotypes the etimes be very hurtful both for boys and for girls butted with :42-:48 sometimes we do get, we treatment that is disproportional and often times favors the boys." the school superintent says they've done away single-gender classrooms and they don't plane to have any in the future. across the country thousands of high school seniors are starting to apply to colleges...and some are even hearing back! students who applied to one university are getting accepted through snapchat... the university of wisconsin green bay is trying something
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snapchat telling them they were they're hearing back from the university faster than ever before. michelle clemens: "they'll screenshot the snap and they'll respond with an excited selfie. butted with 1:07-1:09 katelyn santy: "we're proud of our admitted students and we want them to know that." the school says it's able to see when a student sees their message. (nat) "the empire's building a weapon, capable of destroying an entire planet. the new "star wars" film "rogue one" has broken a box office record and it's not even in the hollywood reporter says the movie has the biggest number of ticket pre-sales for 20-16..... for both "fandango" and movie-tickets -dot- com. the movie hits theaters december 16th. if you need a sneak-peak , twitter is holding a live-stream event for the film tomorrow. it will feature never before seen footage and a question and answer session with the cast and director. ice cream lovers rejoice..we
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offering unlimited frostys next year for only two-dollars. all you have to do is grab a frosty key chain which costs 2-dollars. but there is a catch---the frosty comes with every purchase you make at wendy' you have to buy something to get that free frosty. a portion of the money made from the key chains will go to a foundation that supports children in foster care. freezing conditions have arrived for the valley! until freeze warning with city wide temperatures mainly hitting a range between 28 and 32 degrees. the center of the city should just above that; coming in around 34 degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your we're following breaking news out of tacoma washington where
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shot and killed. police and the suspect were police and the suspect were involved in a long standoff
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investigation...operation lucky charms. detectives say a man stole the pot of gold worth more than 1.5 million dollars off an armored truck in new york city. that company is now offering a 1- hundred thousand dollar reward for information in this case.... the suspect was even caught on camera taking the 90 pound barrel back in september. detectives think the man may be in florida... a man is lucky to be alive
5:57 am
that collapsed right on him. firefighters were called in to rescue him in kansas city missouri yesterday afternoon. when crews arrived they say the man was buried up to his waist... the contractor was working on a water line when the trench collpased. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. fortunately the man is expected to be o-k. the f-b-i is calling it an epidemic.... mosques in the united states receiving threatening letters. the threats, which began in california, have now expanded the latest being in rhode island at the evergreen islamic center. "when i first saw it, i was a little bit upset, especially the language. the language was pretty bad. in this one, he was referring to what hitler did to jews, and now this donald trump is going to do to muslims. so this was really bad." so far there are no leads on who wrote these letter. the signature at the bottom reads "americans for a better
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since the deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino.. now for the first time-- some of the survivors are sitting down, talking about those life-changing moments. :10-:13 what happened in that room was inhuman. by the time it was over-- 14 people were killed and 22 injured... during the attack inside the inland regional center. the gunman... later identified as a husband and wife... were killed by police. still coping with the tragedy. 1:01-1:08 "unfortunately there's things we just see.. it happens more now when everything's quiet... when we're trying to go to bed." (butted with) 1:10-1:19 "i just don't understand it... i feel guilty,like had i been int there i could have done something... its just a helpless and vulnerable feeling both survivors say they're not planning to attend any memorial services for the attack, because they just don't feel ready.
5:59 am
responders from that day... learning how these every day heroes were able to prevent the rampage from being any worse. :29-:45 "they opened the door and then just started shooting inside the room" "then it was updated to man with a gun... take a deep breath. did you see the person with the gun. yeah there dressed in black and they have a gun." in the nightline special-- we're getting to look at never before seen photos and videos related to the attc have triggered the shooters. you can see the two part series on the abc news website. just breaking this morning-- the standoff with a suspect who shot and killed a police officer in tacoma, washington is finally over. police say they suspected shooter was killed by officers just a few hours ago. all night long, the man was
6:00 am
year old girl. both were taken to the hospital to be checked out, but police do not believe they were harmed. the tacoma police chief just made this statement. :17-: "our sincere condolences go out to the officer's family and friends of our fallen officer.. the law enforcement community in general." investigators say this all started when a police officer was shot multiple times while responding to a domestic neither the suspect or the officer have been identified. happening today-- metro police are taking some big steps to try and keep all of our packages safe during the holidays... but they're going to need your help. we'll have a live report in minutes. but first-- let's get right to greg bennett... watching a roller coaster forecast for us... how cold can we expect it to


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