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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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apartments--here behind me. we are across the street because management asked us to the leave the property. we don't have a lot of details but homicide detectives were focused on an area in the parking lot inside the gates near a car port. we know that one person was of the victim or the suspect or what led up to tonight's shooting. police are still investigating. carla wade 13 action news developing now... for the second time this a major parking announcement..... that'll hit you.... in the wallet.. caesars is announcing plans tonight..... to roll-out paid parking..... in the coming months..... at the -8- properties.... listed on your screen.. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live on the strip right now to explain what this means for locals. bryan. the valet programs at the linq and harrah's will be among the
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you can see from the pricing sheets when fully rolled out the price for valet services at the eight strip properties will range from eight to 18 dollars. self parking will remain free for everyone until the self parking machines are installed the various properties. caesars says locals will continue to get free self parking with proper identification... as will platinum loyalty members. but tourists on the strip were not happy about the change. "they make enough money off gambling and everything else, why do i have to pay for parking." (cut out long pause and cover rest of bite) "and il caesars, because you could go to the forum shops and stuff. at least validate it if i am staying there." caesars has not released the prices for self parking at its properties that are expected to start early next year. of course.. .mgm made the transition earlier this year. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. new at 11.. she watched her home being burglarized while she was in thailand. but tonight.. police have recovered her
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home near durango and flamingo. the homeowner says she was alerted to the burglary by her home security system. police are still looking for the thieves.. who made multiple trips into her home.. before taking off in her mercedes. shot up "we're afraid for the children, we shouldn't have to be and we are." only on -13- action news... fear...... after gunfire erupts..... outside a center.... for those.... with special needs. 13 action news reporter..... mahsa saeidi is speaking with families..... who fear..... they wre and... worry.... it'll happen.... again. "these kids are so special, they add so much to your life." like every other 12-year-old-- deborah avery's daughter is currently a little obsessed with her crush! "pang sha boyfriend. (yea you got a boyfriend andy he's cute)." but diagnosed with down syndrome .... deborah says ...randi needs more help ... has special needs! "you want pizza? yes. for dinner? yes." that's why deborah first joined
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"it makes you scared." that community ...shocked and alarmed. after finding this sign--- steps from their front door -- shot up! someone opening fire -- this holiday weekend! "we could have not been closed, children are in and out of here all the time." "(are you worried this could be a message?) that's, that's my biggest fear." now this mom turned board member...asking you at home to help solve this case. be an advocate and voice for all the kids ... including her daughter. "she's trying to show you she "it's sad." ### developing now.. a curfew is in effect in parts of east tennessee because of a dangerous.. fast moving wildfire. right now.. more than a thousand people are in shelters while national guard troops make sure everyone stays indoors and away from the flames. tonight.. the hardest hit area is gatlinburn where the flames have destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses.. and claimed at least 3- lives. we're learning more tonight.... about a gang of scammers..... who are targeting
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"they are roma gangs also known as gypsies that infultrate an area and their very devious" 13 action news.... crime and safety expert.... randy sutton says... these gangs... have targeted las vegas.... for years! we've spoken to..... at least.... -7- woman who say.... they have fallen victim. here's how it goes dowh... but then..... offers to fix it... for hundreds of dollars. sutton says.... these crooks... for police to catch. 040736 040743 they move around very quickly..and they'll work an area...and then they'll vamanos.. sutton says... it's easy..... to protect yourself... don't agree to anything with anyone.... you don't know.. and... if that doesn't work... call for help.... and... lock yourself.... in the car. you ask we investigate. tonight.. local families say they're fed up with the crime at wetlands park. in fact.. the ongoing vandalism was so rampant this summer.. the county had to close the
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13 action news reporter gina lazara spoke to some frustrated families tonight.. and found out when the park entrance may open back up. emma ellsworth -- her siblings -- and her cousins miss coming to sunrise trailhead at wetlands park. emma ellsworth "we used to ride our bikes and we used to like find sticks and go in the rivers" the girls tell me --- the graffiti and broken glass got so bad -- they can't even come to the park anymore. emma ellsworth "it cuts peoples toes when they don't wanna wear shoes cause sometimes we don't wear shoes" on top of t nats: here's some right here the county says....the vandalism issues were just too much to ignore... so they went ahead and blocked off the park's main entrance this summer to try and deter these alleged teens from partying at the park. natalie ellsworth "it was totally blocked up....broken glass everywhere.....graffi ti.....and it's not being maintained regularly" here are pictures from when the bathrooms and picnic tables were vandalized a few months back.... wetland officials have been trying to clean the place up
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a priority, then what are they doing? this is a place for us and families in the city to enjoy" emma has some words for the people responsible for the mischief. emma ellsworth "do you know that this is somewhere people love to be and you're just wrecking it??" gina look live tag: clark county officials tell me they would love to be able to open up this park entrance again but that all depends on when the bathrooms trailhead gina lazara 13 action news to throw a couple of extra blankets on the bed.... tonight..... because the first freeze of the season will arrive.... in just a few hours! 13 first alert meteoroloigist..... karla huelga has more..... on who will feel.... the bone-chilling cold. karla? our current storm system is slowly exiting east and the breezy winds will taper down through the rest of the morning. a freeze warning will be in effect tomorrow morning from 2am-8am for central and northeast portions of clark county.
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lows between 31 and 37 expected. new tonight.. we're getting our first look at a $1.3-bilion proposal to keep the raiders in oakland. the san francisco gate is reporting the deal includes $200 million in public funding.. $600 million from an investment group.. and $500 million from the raiders and nfl.. the same amount they're being asked to contribute for the las vegas stadium approved by state lawmakers. that $1.9 billion plan also includes $750 million in public funding and $650 million from the adelson family. raiders owner mark davis says he remains committed to las
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-6- people were arrested..... after blocking the street.... in "the fight for 15". this was the scene..... at sahara and paradise.... just hours ago..... as a group of about.... 100 protestors marched..... demanding.... a -15- dollar minimum wage. there was a large metro police presence..... in the area..... ahead of the demonstration. officers expected.... civil disobedience..... they were armed..... to take the protestors away... and... even blocked traffic.... in the area..... to make sure.... no one was hit. new tonight... two former political rivals..... came together tonight.... for a night on the town. donald trump and mitt romney appeared cozy..... dinning at "jean georges".... in new york city. this is the second meeting..... for the president-elect and romney... the two are reportedly in talks...... over romney..... possibly serving in the trump administration.... as "secretary of state". president-elect donald trump
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replace obamacare. trump has nominated georgia representative tom price to become secretary of health and human services. price is a leading critic of the affordable care act.. calling it broken and unaffordable. trump has also tapped elaine chao for transportation secretary. she was the first asian-american woman to serve in a cabinet position as labor secretary for president george w. bush. a mother finds herself being attacked... after she walked into..... but... what she did next... probably saved her life. and a warning about some of those high tech christmas gifts. many of them can be hacked.. including some in your own kitchen. tonight.. some tips on how to keep strangers from invading your privacy.
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bystanders watched and took pictures. a security camera caught somebody carving letters into the paint.. jumping on the roof and even ripping off the grill. and there were plenty of witnesses 122-128 they would come by... and just take off. after several hours.. someone finally cl and the woman was taken into custody. police say they believe she suffers from a mental illness. surveillance footage captures the moment...... a georgia mother returns home..... to find intruders inside. police say... the men snuck in.... through a kitchen window... and... waited for her.... to come home. one of the men..... violently attacked her... while the other ransacked her home. police say....
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until they finally gave up and left. so far.. no arrests... have been made. new developments..... on the california mother..... who went missing... for -3- weeks... and... turned up.... on "thanksgiving day". police..... with more questions.... for that missing mother.... found alive.... in california.... sherri papini's husband is here's abc's..... kayna (cain-ya)whitworth. script: tonight sherry papini's husband- keith - of kidnapping victim sherri papini is speaking out...(pic 1) revealing to gma his '...mixture of horror and wife in the hospital. (pic 2) 'the officers warned me to brace myself.' '?her face covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings, the bridge of her nose broken.' weighing just 87 pounds, 'her now emaciated body [covered in] severe burns?she has been branded.' that branding on papini's skin.. now being scrutinized. sheriff: "we believe it was not a symbol it was a message.. kayna: to whom? sheriff: it could be a message to her. or it could be a message to others." authorities are still
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two armed hispanic women driving a dark suv (pic 3 with pic 4) keith papini says his wife was released from that vehicle '?with a chain around her waist?and a bag over her head.' and tonight he is pushing back against any speculation the 22-day ordeal was some sort of hoax. (pic 5) calling the rumors '...exhausting and disgusting...' keith papini says.... his wife's.... the sheriff says.... that might have been used... as a kind of psychological warfare..... to destroy her identity. a powerful moment in court today between a woman and the man accused of killing her two sons. police say willie worthams was driving drunk when he crashed into the two brothers near lake mead and rainbow. the victims were on their way to buy their mother a birthday gift. today in court.. their mother says the worthams mouthed the words "i'm sorry."
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and when i look at him i see my boys. they're the same age! it just that split second he made a careless decision. sharithea everett says she is planning to bury both of her boys this saturday. worthams will be back in court in january new information on one of survivors of that deadly plane crash in colombia. we've now learned doctors were forced to amputate the leg of a brazilian goalkeeper. he and 77 people on board the plane when it crashed yesterday in a mountainous area. 71 were killed. 6 survived. authorities say another goal keeper was also found alive. he was actaully able to call his family but died from his injuries a few hours later. investigators are now examining the flight recorders to find out what went wrong. we're following new developments tonight in north dakota.. where demonstrators are now braving a snowstorm to protest
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orders yesterday in hopes of saving lives in the harsh conditions. the protesters.. however.. say it's only a scare tactic and are refusing to leave. we are continuing to follow breaking news.. one person shot to death at an apartment complex near rainbow and windmill and police just released more details to 13 action news anchor carla wade carla? it happened just after 8-oh-clock at the covington apartments--here behind me. we are across the street the leave the property. we don't have a lot of details but homicide detectives were focused on an area in the parking lot inside the gates near a car port. we know that one person was killed. and police already have a suspect in custody. we don't yet know the identity of the victim or the suspect or what led up to tonight's shooting. police are still investigating. carla wade 13 action news
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tonight.... about a potentially dangerous item.... that could be in your home. a recall is being re-issued.... for certain de-humidifiers... because they can overheat and catch on fire! these are linked they're made by.... "gree".... but sold.... under more than.... a dozen brand names... including "g-e" and "kenmore". the recall was first issued..... back in -2-thousand -13-.... a warning tonight..... about what's on your christmas list.... this year. many of those high tech gifts.... you've been asking for.... can be hacked. and... we're not talking about the usual suspects.... like your laptop or phone. if it has the word... smart or connected.... hackers can attack it.. that includes.... your smart refrigerator....
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drone... and... even streaming stick. so... here's the contact -13- bottom line.... don't use open.... or public wi-fi. also... change your default password..... as soon as... you buy the product. and... use strong passwords. and finally... make sure... you're activating security applications.... in other words.... download software updates.... when they're available. our current storm system is slowly exiting east and the breezy through the rest of the afternoon. however, it will be a cold night with our first freeze of the season expected tomorrow morning. a freeze warning will be in effect tomorrow morning from 2am-8am for central and northeast portions of clark county. the warning does include the las vegas valley with overnight lows between 31 and 37 expected.
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day with highs in the mid 50s as we will be between systems. thursday, high temps will warm by a degree or two, but it won't last as our next system will be making its way into the area. this means another cool down to the low/mid 50s on friday with low end windy conditions and extra clouds. the system exits by saturday morning and we will gain a few however the winds will still be breezy. we make our way to around 60 on sunday and monday, but by monday afternoon we will be back to breezy as yet another system starts to make its way into the area. by tuesday we'll be upper end breezy and highs will drop by about 10 degrees to the low
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of a bizzare vehicular slugfest between two women. 3-4 sec of cars crashing into each tonight... you won't believe.... how this all started. we'll be.... right back
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? music: it's a small world after all ? come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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the food is also being blamed.... for -3- deaths. it was prepared... by a community church and served to a crowd of over 8-hundred...including homeless people and the elderly. health officials say... it appears to be..... a food-borne illness... but... can't say for sure. 8 sec montage of cars smashing into each other your eyes are not deceving you. a fight between two women in los angeles turned into demolition derby..
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parking space. the two cars repeatedly slammed into each other in the small parking lot until the driver in the silver suv finally took off.. but not before taking out a fire hydrant. so far.. no has been arrested. a big change at unlv is getting backlash from alumni but applause from state leaders. plus... a terrifying ride..... through the smoky mountains. you'll see why these said.... it was like driving.... into hell. and remember..... to watch "good morning las vegas"..... for all your latest news.... weather.... and traffic. it all starts at 4-30.... in the morning. hit the gas, hit the gas..go go
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two tennessee residents had to drive through..... to escape the raging wildfires.... in "the great smokey mountains". those fires have now burned... -1- hundred homes and forced.... thousands to evacuated. unlv's campus newspaper has a new name tonight.. after some argued 'rebel yell' was too controversial. going forward.. it will be called the scarlet and grey free press.
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was a confederate battle cry during the civil war and felt it was disparaging. nevada senator harry reid spoke about it on the senate floortod. and applauded the name change. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after 13 action news. ((verbatim)) our current storm system is slowly exiting east and the breezy winds will taper down through the rest of the
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future.
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morning. a freeze warning will be in the warning does include the las vegas valley with overnight in japan....
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they're training reindeer..... at a driving school.... to deliver pizza..... in one of japan's coldest, snowiest regions!!! the delivery reindeer will even be equipped with gps tracking so customers can follow their progress. no word yet on when the reindeer will start making deliveries. that does it for this edition of 13 action news live at 11. jimmy kimmel live is up next.. and remember.. we're always o our ktnv mobile app and our roku channel. our next reports begin..... at 4:30- am... on "good morning las vegas". thank you for watching.. and... from all of us at channel 13..
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from flatbush zombies. and now, moving right along -- here's jimmy kimmel! ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. wow, that's very nice. i'm glad you're with us. you know, we have a good one tonight. we have a superhero on the show,


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