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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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dead. abc's elizabeth hur reports.. now, investigators are now trying to figure out what set the man off. pkg script: nats - "...sirens..." 9:52 am.. the first calls for help.. sot - 911 calls (broadcastify) than a minute.. the first responding officer is on the scene.. soon after.. police and fire.. swarmed the ohio state university campus.. at first - rushing to the scene for reports of an active shooter on the loose.. the university.. alerting students and staff.. tweeting -- "active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight!" sot - (facebook live) "we were starting to get a text there was a shooter on campus so they locked the building down. had us all go up to the third floor." sot - brandon "we all moved away from the door. shut it and we started turning
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noon.. university officials announced that a suspect has been shot and killed.. the scene secure.. and no longer an active-shooter situation. sot - (broadcastify) "be advised, we got a man with a knife running around, cutting people." sot - (witness) "a cop arrived on scene and yelled at the suspect to get down, but the suspect charged him and and rumors about a second suspect.. unfounded. sot - chief craig stone / ohio state university police dept over the curb, west 19th. cutting pedestrians." sot - most likely? from the stab wounds from the butcher knife.. there were number of pple with orthopedic injuries related to but sources say.. he is a legal resident of the u-s.. originaly from somalia.. whose recent postings online show he was upset about attacks on muslims. eh, abc news, new york.
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forced to make an emergency landing...after one of its engines failed. those passengers are finally in las vegas this morning--after a long wait...but there's certainly some rattled nerves. 13 action news reporter parker collins has video as one of the engines failed mid air 7:50:11-7:50:37 this morning finally able to pick up their baqgs here but it was a flight that started in dallas take vo one of the engines failed mid air a lot of the people on the plane i spoke to sid they heard a loud bang there was some rattling no one got hurt but a 4:53:25-4:53:33 "so you could see when the stewardess everybody getting nervous well we heard a bang we heard sound like a purring sound so we knew something was wrong." 7:50:410-7:50:51 to give you some perspective that flight was supposed to arrive her last
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at mccarran parker collins 13 action news right now.. it's finally cold enough for lee canyon to fire up the snow- guns! man-made flurries are covering the ski resort with fresh powder. officials say they also got four inches of natural snow over the weekend. snowboarders and skiers get ready... the projected opening date at it's certainly beginning to look.. and feel a lot more like winter on the mountain. 13 first alert meteoroligist karla huegla joins us now. karla. it's just cold down here in the valley. is this normal? it's been nearly three weeks since the presidential
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trump is claiming that he won the popular vote. trump is also also blasting hillary clinton for participating in a recount effort --- launched by green party candidate jill stein. trump sent several angry tweets yesterday..including this one that reads... "i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people
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no proof to his claims. trump's senior advisor kellyanne conway slammed the recount efforts. (kellyanne conway, senior trump advisor) "the idea that we're going to drag this out now where the president- elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons' and the obamas' is pretty incredible." the recount in wisconsin is set to begin this week. the green party is also seeking recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. more traffic troubles -- for the 215. right now -- a l near the airport connector. eastbound lanes -- between sunset -- mccarran international airport -- and warm springs will be closed tonight. drivers will be able to get to the airport. but everyone else is encouraged -- to get off the highway -- at jones -- decatur -- or las vegas boulevard. drivers -- headed from the 15 -- to the 215 east -- should get off -- at blue diamond -- or saint rose parkway. it's cyber monday.. time to score blockbuster bargains.. without leaving home.
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score the best deals.. and where. beth fisher ad lib remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow is down 54 points,
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difference -- by helping kids -- get toys this holiday season. 13 action news anchor beth fisher is live at findlay toyota right now.
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over the place to make it
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of c at our station. but there's also nevada coin mart las vegas paving and at n-h-p southen command. a couple more drop off locations-- triple-a southern nevada and findlay toyota at the valley auto mall. and of course we want to thank findlay toyota nevada coin mart and zippy shell. they're all proud sponsors of 13-action news and the 13-days of giving. black friday is in the past.. it's time to score blockbuster bargains online for cyber monday. but buyer beware.
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how many times you can check out an item? then they change the price! the secret to keep it from happening to you.
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blockbuster shopping has
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than 154-million shoppers took advantage of those thanksgiving deals the busiest day so far? friday - with online sales shattering records.. topping 3 billion- dollars. that's up 22-percent from last year sot: nancy ware -- "we do it every year right, we want to get the best deals." sot: kayla ware -- "we almost didn't go today but i kind of dragged her out." retailers are now turning their attention to cyber monday. experts say it's a great time t appliances, electronics and clothes. it's also a great time to book travel. supers: :16 - :18 kayla ware shopper :44 - :48 nancy ware black friday shopper rebecca length: suggested intro: it's cyber monday - and the call center at zappos in downtown las vegas. its all hands on deck at zappos
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employees here expect twice as many calls into customer service-- than a normal day. but just outside the call around after you look at an item online.. with the same technology retailers can see you coming
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person.. minute to minute. be sure your browsing history isn't working against you.. delete it before you got back to make a purchase. check out for a list of the best deals on amazon right now. while you exchanged dishes on thanksgiving day a georgia couple was busy exchanging their an unusual place. "to our knowledge this is the first time we've ever had a supermarkets" that's right..the couple tied the knot in a grocery store. about 4 years ago the groom went to the store to pick up cranberry sauce -- for thanksgiving. but he ended up finding his soulmate, mary. they had met a few times before. but it wasn't until that day -- when they started dating. that's why they decided to get married, at the store. divorce rates in the u-s are at a 35- year-low that's according
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center for family and marriage. there are a few factors playing into this - - the aging of our population - changing gender roles - .and the fact that many people are not getting married. some americans are just staying single and living alone, or living with their partners without tying the knot. now to that wild weather - heavy snow in the mountain states creating travel problems for millions over the holiday weekend and now more dangerous snow, ice and rain caused terrible driving conditions. nearly a half foot of snow fell on flagstaff arizona causing cars to spin off the road. and four reported tornadoes touched donw near lincoln, nebraska... the state's first post thanksgiving tornadoes in over thirty years. let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga. the chilly weather will
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pushes into the area. northern parts of the valley will continue to see breezy winds tonight as the current system starts to make its slow push to the east. expect overnight lows in the upper 30s and low 40s around the valley tonight. tomorrow will be a breezy day with gusts between 25- 30mph as the system makes its final exit 50s tomorrow with clear skies. wednesday we will be in between system, but high temps will only reach the low to mid 50s around the valley. the winds will be light with only high cloud cover. late wednesday/early thursday, our next system start to make its entrance. we'll see extra cloud cover and some breezes thursday with highs in the mid 50s. the cloud cover will thicken friday and the winds will pick up. it looks like friday will be upper end breezy/lower end windy, but the winds will put
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high temps will only reach the low 50s. the system makes an exit by early saturday, which will clear skies over the weekend. saturday high temps recover to the mid 50s, then to around 60 on sunday. a system will pass to our north monday, but it'll be close enough to bring us some breezes and stunt any warming that day. the search is on for the alleged kidnappers of a breezy winds tonight as the current system starts to make its slow push to the east. upper 30s and low 40s around the valley tonight. tomorrow will be a breezy day with gusts between 25- 30mph as the system makes its final exit. highs temps will reach the high 50s tomorrow with clear skies.
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this, as we're learning new details about the condition sherri papini was found in. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first.
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on thanksgiving day. now, the hunt is on for her suspected kidnappers. a-b-c's lauren lyster has the details. on for alleged kidnappers... after a missing northern california mother who law enforcement believe was held captive for three weeks - was discovered along this road. natsot - "chp advising she is heavily battered and it is a confirmed kidnapping." authorities say 34 year old sherri papini was released by her captors early thanksgiving morning, about 150 miles from home -- bound with restraints, but able to flag down a motorist. sot - alison suttan / witness "i saw a um woman a woman with
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waving what looked like a shirt." alison suttan spotting papini -- and calling police... sot - alison suttan / witness "i figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car she must really need help." natsot - "she's chained with a quarter inch heavy chain and [inaudible] on her wrists." authorities say papini was terrified and could only offer a vague description of her captors...telling police to look for two hispanic women dark suv sot - brad garrett / abc news crime and terror analyst / former fbi agent "we don't know the role these women played//the real key is the small details she can remember - what was the room like what did it smell like?" lauren lyster oncam close: investigators -- now analyzing the restraints, surveillance video, and papini's past including a previous marriage and her online activity. plan to interview the california mom this week. sherri papini's abduction is
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this summer, alone 30 year old karina vetrano was strangled on a trail she took nearly every day. vanessa marcotte - murdered on a path behind her mother's house. and ally brueger was shot and killed in broad daylight all three women - simply out for a jog when they were attacked. so here are important tips to remember if you're running alone. first.. ditch the headphones so you can way. and avoid baggy clothes and ponytails.. form fitting clothes.. are harder to grab onto. you can tuck your hair under a hat.. or braid it and tuck in your shirt. . right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including a violent attack at ohio state university. nine students.. rushed to the hospital. the suspect.. killed by police. investigators now sharing who
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crash after crash.. caused by wrong-way drivers! we have tips on how you can protect yourself on the road,.
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investigators have identified the suspect in the attack at ohio state university monday morning. they say he was an 18-year-old man of somali descent... driving a car registered to a family member. as kim hutche nine people were injured and taken to the hospital ... one of them is in critical condition. --reporter pkg-as follows-- monday morning at ohio state university in columbus, the warning came-- "active shooter on campus - run hide fight." the campus went on lockdown as rooms ... blocking doors with whatever they could find they distributed images of what they saw on social media ... and spoke to news organizations from their hiding places. (voice of kevin vasquez/ohio


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