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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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and a look ahead at some of the weekend's biggest bargains. pkg script: ((nat)) -- "2! 1! and here you go!" the dash for deals and discounts.. kicked off overnight across america.. and for these bargain hunters.. the early findings.. not so shabby! ((mos)) "50% off everything! you can't beat that!" but to try to beat the madness.. many came out with a list and a plan. ((mos)) "i'm going to four different stores so i'm kind of rushing between each one." ((mos)) reporter: "successful outing?" m out!" this year.. shoppers are expected to spend 27-billion dollars.. making this black friday.. the second biggest shopping day of the year. ((sot)) -- woman: "it was just a lot, a lot of shoving, a lot of pushing." woman 2: "i think it's too crowded, too crazy!" the crowds.. overwhelming for some shoppers.. and in new jersey.. police are investigating a shooting in the macy's parking lot that left a man dead and his brother injured.
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and it's very scary. you know. you are starting off the holiday season and you're excited about the upcoming times and with family. in the meantime.. busy.. keeping up with some ((gfx)) 137 million people.. planning to shop this holiday weekend.. and if you decided to skip the malls on black friday.. you guessed it.. you can still find some great sales online and in stores this weekend. elizabeth hur standup close: "for example.. if you happen to be in the market for a new cell phone.. walmart, best buy and target gift cards for iphone 7 and samsung galaxy phones elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. they may not celebrate thanksgiving, but in panama and brazil, shoppers are fully embracing the black friday experience. crowds rush the stores early to take advantage of dep discounts. back at home now -- here's a
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tom i'm lesley marin from red rock canyon-- where a hiker fell more than 60 feet, being trapped for hours...before rescuers could find him early this morning. find the guy by the gps on his cell phone. 13 action news has seen rescues like this before...avid hikers want to remind people...with thousand of visitors expected this week...start early, bring water and dress warm. 3:20:09-3:20:25 i'm parker collins at the premium north outlet mall when you walk
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take vo at 3:20:17 i'm talking to international tourists some of them planned specifically to be in america for this day for the sales others were completely surprised take a look a this. this is the line this morning outside the animal foundation. eager adopters.. ready to meet their forever friend. they are waiving all adoption fees during the "home for the pawlidayz" special this weekend. the animal foundation started with 25 cats and 124 dogs you can bet they're going to fast. the "home for the pawlidayz" deal is now through monday. we've been telling you about our 13 days of giving. we're trying to make a difference by helping children get toys this holiday season. 13-action news -- anchor dayna roselli is -- live at the nevada highway patrol -- southern command -- right now! black friday shoppers are
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in tonight's financial focus.. a first look at online sales. plus.. president-elect donald trump and his team are back to work.. picking the members of his cabinet. the controversial picks that are making the short list. karla ad lib
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13-action news -- anchor dayna nevada highway patrol -- southern command -- right now! in tonight's financial focus... stocks hit fresh records today
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the gains were modest -- but broad. the dow is up 69 -- nasdaq up 18 -- and the s-and-p 500 -- up 9 and -- a good day in gaming. stocks are up across the
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jumping more than two percent. boyd gaming -- and red-rock resort -- are up nearly two percent. black-friday shoppers -- this year -- are spending online -- more than ever. according to adobe digital insights -- online sales are expected to surpass -- three-billion dollars -- for the first time! thanksgiving day sales online -- totaled nearly two-billion dollars. that's up almost 12 percent -- from thanksgiving day last year. opened a class action lawsuit -- against the bank over its fake- account scandal. but wells fargo is playing hardball. the bank -- asked the u-s district court in utah -- to force dozens of those customers -- to resolve their claims -- in closed-door arbitration -- instead of open court. wells fargo argues -- customers sign an agreement -- requiring them to enter arbitration. the bank -- is being sued -- for opening as many -- as 2-million unauthorized accounts. wells fargo -- has
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wrongdoing. and now to the latest on the presidential transition....after president-elect donald trump celebrated thanksgiving with family and friends at his mar a lago resort, he is now expected to turn back to his transition plans and filling out the members of his cabinet. abc's lana zak is in washington.... pkg script: as president-elect donald trump moves forward with his cabinet picks--there is an internal struggle for secretary of state with trump advisors split over mitt romney or rudy giuliani.... nats trump loyalists are advocating for the former ny mayor, but there is concern that with potential conflicts his foreign business engagements could pose, he could face a difficult confirmation. nats by contrast, mitt romney would send a signal to the world as a more moderate diplomat-- but he was one of mr. trump's harshest critics during the campaign. sot dowd "this is a guy as you remember that called donald trump a phony, a fraud and a
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kellyanne conway tweeted-- "some trump loyalists warn against romney as sec of state" the president-elect may choose to go with someone outside of those options--former general david petraeus has expressed interest. as for secretary of defense, gen. jim mattis is considered a top contender-- nat trump: "he is the real deal." (gfx) other top posts awaiting appointment: treasury, homeland security, and veterans affairs [wild line: meanwhile the transition team announced two staff- level appointments but said no cabinet appointments would be made before monday] and on a very different note--former green party candidate, jill stein has raised $3.5 million green party presser sot -- "what we are saying is there is enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated// 13:36:19 it's not about the outcome - it's the process." her campaign officially filed for a wisconsin recount in advance of their friday deadline. hillary clinton, who now leads in the popular vote by around 2 million, has not weighed in. lana zak standup close: "meanwhile, a us official tells abc news the president-elect has had just two intelligence briefings...the vice president has had more...but there is
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lana zak, abc news, washington." the holidays a time for decorating -- and feeling festive. but too often --that festivity -- leads to failure youtube is filled with epic "christmas tree fails". contact 13 has advice from the experts to help you avoid a decorating disaster. plus. ben stiller opening up about his prostate cancer diagnosis is bringing new attention to the disease. i'm kumasi aaron. what's being done to fight the
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alert. we're helping you avoid a holiday decorating disaster. the website "the sweethome" went to work spending more than 100 hours - testing tree stands and dozens of holiday lights. their favorite.. the krinner tree genie xxl. it's a hundred bucks.. but the editors say it's worth every penny. if you're hoping for something a little less expensive.. the editors recommend the dollars. for christmas lights to put on the tree.. the editors suggest the g-e energy smart colorite miniature lights. it's one of the most common cancers in men. but now -- new medical advances -- and a new celebrity voice -- are bringing awareness to prostate cancer -- and hope to those living with it. the now's -- kumasi aaron -- shows us how. --pkg full=-- --take nat:--
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this is the side of ben stiller many are used to seeing. --take nat:-- --09:44-45-- --"ben stiller zipper"-- but this week, the actor shared another side, speaking for the first time about his battle "cancer-free as of today, you know anyone who as cancer you know you just have to keep checking but i'm really fortunate." not all men diagnosed with the disease are as fortunate. --take nat:-- --17:02:44-51-- i had missed a psa scan and next time it just skyrocketed. jerry benson has been living with prostate cancer for 11 years, keeping it supressed sometimes make doing everyday things challenging. --((use pictures here))-- but now a new clinical trial is changing that. --jerry benson / prostate cancer patient-- --17:04:39-55-- i'm now in my daily workout routine i'm lifting more weights building more muscles feeling better about myself just have much more energy. 50 it's brought back what i had 15 years ago before i got this disease. jerry is in a trial that treats men who have advanced prostate
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supressed in patients to keep the cancer from spreading. --((video of jerry here))-- --take nat:-- --16:59:21-23-- "it's hard to ever use the word luck with cancer." dr. thomas flaig is jerry's doctor and is overseeing the trial. he says clinical trials have drastically transformed treatment of prostate cancer in --16:55:31-41-- when i look at the way i treat meant standardly now that come to me in clinic with advanced disease it's usually with drugs that we developed together we get a lot of other academic centers across the country in the last 10 years. and i see all the good that but participation in the trial, isn't just about him. --((video of jerry))-- --jerry benson / prostate cancer patient-- --17:11:16-27-- the big thing is it helps people behind us i mean i've got a son grandson probably more hopefully down that line and everybody wants to help everybody in this situation is a good way to do that. doing their part in different ways, with the same goal, police are scouring norhtern california.. trying to find two women
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she was found tied- up next to a road near sacramento.. more than 150 miles away from her redding, california home. i have seen her and it was a very joyous reunion and we were just very excited to see one another the sheriff's department is combing her clothes for evidence. the mother of two.. vanished almost a month ago while she was jogging. the sheriff says they don't know the motive and don't think police are investigating -- a tragic thanksgiving crime in florida. they say -- a man stabbed his parents with a steak knife -- during an argument over thanksgiving dinner. the father -- fighting to stay alive. the mother -- is listed in serious condition. the incident happened -- in he's being held without bond. nats: urgent, urgent, urgent. command to all units.
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a massive apartment fire in new york city forced firefighters to try a risky maneuver--- using a rope to rescue an 81-year-old man from the fifth floor of the burning building. this happened last month. but for first time w'ere hearing from the group behind the daring rescue now deemed the "miracle on 93rd street". joseph moore, fdny / ladder 13: this is the type of job you see, you know, once in a 20 year career ///butted to/// nats: go to your right, jimmy, windows, the roof was on fire and the reality really set in saved a guy's life. a rope rescue is a dangerour technique rarely used by fire fighters. one of the rescuers is lowered down to rescue the victim.. then sent the rest of the way down the burning building. in this case it worked.. and everyone was able to spend thanksgiving with their families. adlib let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga. to start the weekend we will be
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later in the day with slight snow chances in the higher elevations. winds will pick up some in the afternoon and remain breezy through sunday. we are still on schedule for a cold front to interact with southern nevada by saturday night into sunday. rain chances are holding around 30% for las vegas with snow 7000 feet and above; ranging between a trace and three inches. the rain and snow chances bleed into monday but looking to last only until the early morning. after the system departs it will leave us sunny and cool. highs all of next week look to stay below 60 with overnight lows in the upper 30s a few
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into southern nevada, enjoy! a fast food giant is adding to
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dieters jumping for joy.. and others running for the hills. plus -- holiday shopping -- isn't always a family-friendly activity -- especially if you have little ones. but have no fear. we have two great events -- happening this weekend -- that
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with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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the grand mac is made with one-third pound of beef... while the mac junior is a single-layer burger. you could say iit' get if you up-sized the big mac. and the mac junior is what you would get if you shrunk it. the ice rink on top the cosmopolitan is back. the boulevard pool returned to it's frozen form today! locals pay ten bucks for all day skating access monday through friday. you'll have to pay another five dollars to rent skates. the motor trend international auto show is here - and has more than 350 of the newest toys for the road.
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you can test-drive some of these bad boys. the show -- is at the las vegas convention center. it's open to the public -- and goes until sunday. coming up later -- tonight-- in abc primetime. at 8 -- santa claus is comin' to town. at 9 -- shark tank. at 10 -- 20/20. then -- on 13 action news -- live at 11-- more shoppers are choosing to check off their christmas list by shopping online. but that means more opportunities for thieves to now police are fighting back with a new high-tech ta -11- before we go.. here's a live look -- at nevada highway patrol -- southern command -- where 13-action news -- nhp -- and findlay toyotoa -- have been collecting toys all day. we're asking you -- to donate a new -- unwrapped toy -- during our 13- days of giving. you can find a complete list of donation bins -- all over the valley -- at so... while you're out shopping... please pick up.... an extra toy..... to put a smile..... on a child's face.
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distributed..... by "the las vegas rescue mission". "findlay toyota".... "nevada coin mart" and "zippy shell" are proud sponsors of 13 action news and "the 13 days of giving". that's 13 action news for now.. but remember.. we're always on at our ktnv mobile app and our roku channel. "inside edition" is next so
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holiday shopping alert. >> what do i do to stop them? >> be aware of who's behind you. >> what you need to know to keep from getting ripped off. >> now the biggest mistake that shoppers make inside the mall. >> what you need to know to stay safe while shopping. then, danger in paradise. our shocking investigat >> on after, one tourist a week dies in hawaii. >> how vacationing in hawaii can turn deadly. and the gymnast with no legs. and her extraordinary family secret. imagine her shock when she found out that her olympic idol was really her long lost sister. >> i was flabbergasted. then, when good food goes bad. >> disgusting. >> thanksgiving leftovers. tips you don't know on how to


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