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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the fashion show mall where "pink" just opened their doors to holiday shoppers... about 300-thousand people are in las vegas right now o holiday and many of them are heading out to get those doorbuster deals. meanwhile... 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi is at the toys- r-us at 5th and deer springs where parents are rushing to get the best deals on the hottest
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people out here right now for
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an see the line all the way around the corner look at all these people here! how long have you guys all been in line? 2 or 3 hours how long have you guys been in line? couple hours.. what deal do you have there - i how long have you guys been in line? couple hours.. what deal do you have there - i got the 200 dollar tv we're getting towards the front - how long have you guys been in line? 4 hours looking for tv -300 bucks you're saving money so you're saving a few hundred dollars? yeah! getting to front now - we've been waiting since yesterday ! we're here we're
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for the deal can't beat 200 dollars on a 4k tv while you sit back -- enjoying your food-coma.. think about this. today-- the average american -- consumed 45-hundred calories. that's according to the calorie- control council. and a lot of those -- came from pie. and who doesn't love pie? just take a look. this is the the manager tells 13 action news -- they expect to sell three-thousand pies today --
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alexander ennis, general manager the pies.. we can't produce enough. as soon as they come out, they're going out. there was also a tent behind the restaurant -- where people could pick up pies -- and a full thanksgiving dinner. metro's on the hunt -- for an armed robber. take a good look at the pictures on your screen. this guy's accused of robbing a business near charleston and jones last thursday. these are pretty clear pictures. if you recognize this man -- please call police. only on 13 action news... only on 13 action news... a criminal changes his mind after pulling some pretty risky moves. 13 action news reporter parker collins found out straight from the victim what he got back. this subway clerk had just started his shift when a man with a gun came in. he wanted money and something else-- his car! douglas catalan, robbery victim 5:27:53-5:28:01 "it was crazy. of course it was deaf. i was in fear of course, but at the same time being calm.
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it laughing. that's because the story doesn't end there. police chased this guy for several miles-- getting on the highway-- reaching speeds as fast as one hundred miles per hour. without warning... things came to a stop in henderson. las vegas metropolitan police - all area commands audio archives scanner 2016-11-24 12:38 am-1:08 am 2:37-2:45 "roll down his window looks like he's either-- is he trying to call on dispatch, or he's recording the incident." turns out-- the thief was trying to get officers on the phone so he could turn scanner 20:57-21:03 "the doors opening. he's coming out now. he's got his hands on the roof of the car... hands in the air." police arrested the man and found the stolen he did get it back but it did have a flat tire 5:28:20-5:28:31 "i was surprised. i thought they won't catch up or anything. they say we found him we got your car we had to pop one of your tires though so it was alright." douglas finished his shift at subway... before he drove off in his returned car...
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nea collins thirteen action news. a look at temperatures across the valley... pretty cool right now and black friday shoppers may be in for a shock when they head out early in the morning... let's head over to 13 first alert meteorologist dan bronis with more on a holiday chill headed our way. dan? black friday shoppers prepare for some chilly temperatures early in the morning as lows bottom out near 45 in las vegas. afternoon highs will be near 65 with sunny skies. as we move into the end of the weekend, it gets interesting. with the valley but the models are split in an odd way. drop in temperatures is going to happen; temperatures will go from the 60s to the 50s saturday into sunday. one family is sitting down for thanksgiving tonight -- for the first time -- without one member. why the family -- is still thankful to be together --
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them apart. plus... you may be doing your holiday shopping online... but beware, the package thieves are out this season. now... how one man is taking the fight back to the crooks. and -- count on chopper-13 -- to bring you breaking news -- fast and first -- and only on 13 action news. we'll be right back. for one valley family...
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13-action news reporter -- marti glaser joins us now -- in studio -- to explain how the family -- still has so much -- to be thankful for. for the the ortega- hubbard family- it's the first thanksgiving without grandpa-- and while he may not physically be here .. he's there in spirit. . nat you did good for leslie ortega - nat spending this thanksgiving with her
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blessing - because her 18 year old grandaughter faith hubbard is alive. 051323 its just a real eye opener on how quickly life can change . 051326 6 months ago , while her grandfather ....(nat everyone calls him ) was driving faith to college - sot 051326 one second everyone is together and everything normal and the next it's like you are walking in an 051335 they were in a tragic crash .the result of the driver of a pick up truck running a red light sot 050517 the only thing not crushed in that car the seat that faith was sitting in 50530 she can walk , she can talk , her personalities in tact to be really thankful for and while faith still has a long road to full recovery . she tackles everyday with a positive attitude 051407my grandpa my grandma we all like dressing up ...
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thanksgiving be any different. 051412 it a shared a trait 051422 a new addition a tragedy that has brought grandma and grandaughter closer together . 20 52255 life is short so you have to make the most of it while you can by focusig on the happy parts . 52255 and grandma ortega recommends taking lots of photos with loved ones .. because those mememories last forever... a man fights back --- against package thieves in his neighborhood. how you so they -- don't steal your stuff-- and what federal officials are doing -- to stop porch pirates. plus... hurricane otto has made landfall in central america... but that's not the only natural disaster they're dealing with. what struck today that has thousands of people sheltering with their lives hanging in the balance.
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treating a hiker who fell 60 to 80 feet out at red rock canyon. the fall happened just after 5 p-m. no word on how serious the injuries are. we'll be sure to briing you any update as soon as we get it. don't you just love it -- when someone outsmarts a crook? this next story shows -- how one man -- won his battle against thieves -- stealing packages in his neighborhood. here's -- jace larson -- with more. (shots of package thieves... maybe several shots on screen at once) with today's technology... cameras are everywhere... catching bold crooks who seem not to know or not care they're that one of the suspects was driving an audi." check out this woman... she's got something official looking in her hand.
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she tries to play it casual looking at her papers. 22.21.31 agent eric manuel, u.s. postal inspector "you know sometimes we have drug users." 3.57 al knepper, denver resident "they got a package from across the street." al cameras... but recently... 6.31 al kneppe, denver resident jace: "what's in your dummy package?" al: "blocks of wood. (laughs)" he rigged up a package with a bungee cord tied to his porch. 15.31 al kneppe, denver resident "i was losing hope after 4 months but then he went for it." then he got a bite. 6.51 al kneppe, denver ri door and bending down for the package and i still wasn't quite sure what he was up to... and then saw him try to run and i was like i know what he's 22.26.19 agent eric manuel, u.s. postal inspector "yes i have talked to people that have stolen packages." federal postal inspector eric manuel says they do have a track record of busting porch pirates. byte continued from above "some of them show concern for what they've done to their community///but others admit/// it's often just about/// you know that excitement of it or looking for a quick monetary
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numbers from the postal inspectors show they received 97-thousand mail theft reports. not all of them are packages. in a year, federal agents busted 23- hundred people. law enforcement says watch for drivers awkwardly backing up on your street then someone getting out but not going inside the house. (show guy peering into window --i think from yellow jeep in driveway story) if it happens police report it. so many don't. 2.45.35 officer diana cooley, aurora police department "if you don't call about it... the police departments like to know about it and therefore we steal h and after several days not a soul had touched it. the would-be thief on al's street hasn't been caught... but police have a pretty clear image of him. 3.44 al kneppe, denver resident jace: "is there a little bit of satisfaction knowing you outsmarted him?" al: "it was quite entertaining" --jace-- --looklive tag=-- you might also install something like this... a motion activated doorbell. this way you'll know when your packages arrive because it sends video to your cell phone. the ring is one costs about $200.
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hurricane otto made landfall today as a category two hurricane near the border of costa rica and nicaragua. several areas have been evacuated and officials are warning of life-threatening floods and mudslides. the hurricane is packing 110 mile per hour sustained winds. as if dealing with a hurricane wasn't enough... a 7-point-0 magnitude earthquake struck today just off the coast of nicaragua -- which has the area also under a and take a look at this... japan is a winter wonderland.... which is an unusual sight there this early in the season. right now.. japan's covered in snow. it is the first november snowfall in 54 years. black friday shoppers prepare for some chilly temperatures
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out near 45 in las vegas. afternoon highs will be near 65 with sunny skies. as we move into the end of the weekend, it gets interesting. a front is prepping to interact with the valley but the models are split in an odd way. drop in temperatures is going to happen; temperatures will go from the 60s to the 50s saturday into sunday. winds will also be common between 1a gusts between 30 and 35 on sunday. rain chances are split though. half of the models have a 25% chance for rain to the valley where the other half is sporting a 70% chance. as for the higher elevations, snow and rain will be likely sunday into monday at around 7000ft and above but if the moisture and force lift shifts to the southern end of the front, snow levels may drop as far down as 5000ft which would put it very close to the red rock area.
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tuesday and hold through the week. high temperatures though hold in the upper 50s. (dan back to desk) thanksgiving leftovers...
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what you need to know before you start cleaning those plates that could save you thousands of dollars. and it's one of thanksgiving's greatest traditions -- the macy's -- thanksgiving-day parade. but -- for thousands of new york's finest -- they sepnt the day -- searching for terror threats. and.. don't forget to download the
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okay. ?
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"yes air conditioning and plumbing" says business is up 50- percent this time of year. plumbing technician, fernando garcia, says that's because people tend to put too much in their garbage disposal... including grease and even bones. fernando garcia: try to throw as much as you possibly can into the trash can, without having to do it down the drains. cause you already have a lot of visitors coming in, bathrooms are being used, kitchens are being used. if your disposal is jammed, try using the garbage disposal key and hopefully clears any blockage. remember even if it's a simple repair, a plumber is going to charge you just for coming out to your home. and contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers any weekday between 11 and 1. our hotline number is 702-368- 2255. (parade nats) as america celebrates thanksgiving -- new york police are out in full force --
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lined the streets -- for the macy's -- thanksgiving-day parade. terror threats -- from around the world -- meant beefed up security -- for one of the nation's oldest -- and largest parades. abc's -- elizabeth hur -- is in new york with the details. ((nat)) on this holiday.. that's all about tradition for families.. ((nat)) -- "happy thanksgiving!!!" from new york city.. to philadelphia.. ((nat)) and overseas.. where us troops.. despite being away from family.. spent this thanksgiving day.. feel ((sot)) u.s. servicewoman from second brigade, amanda harrison: "i have a lot of friends here and lots of great co-workers, so that makes it easier." for law enforcement back in new york.. this day was all about staying vigilant. ((sot)) monahan: "we have thousands of cops out there. part of a massive security operation.. the added security also included closing side streets along the route.. with more than 80 sand-filled
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all of this.. to prevent an attack like the one in nice, france.. after isis propaganda called the parade an "excellent target".. earlier this month.. and the arrest of a brooklyn man just days ago for allegedly talking about attacking time square. mos: "we know nypd do a great job. we have full faith they will keep us secure." mos: "security has been great. having a fantastic time." nyc officials said all along.. there were no credible threats.. they even visited 135 truck rental sites to make sure no one suspicious tried to rent one. elizabeth hur standup close: at the end of the day.. the nypd says this is all about better to be safe than sorry.. and fortunately, there were no reported incidents. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. we all know -- las vegas is a huge tourist destination -- any time of the year. but next on 13 action news live
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international destination for holiday shopping and why some people are willing to travel thousands of miles just to get deals. (mahsa ad lib tease) with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels,
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and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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13-action news reporter -- mahsa saeidi -- is at the toys r us -- near 5th and deer springs. so -- mahsa -- parents are looking to get their hands -- on those hot -- holiday toys for their kids. if you think fighting traffic -- to get to the mall is hard


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