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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now we're tracking rain headed toward the valley...and snow in the mountains! greg will have your minutes. but first lets get to what happening right now... our crews at the scene of breaking news overnight...a rollover crash on the 2-15 near tropicana... and a crash on the east side of town... right now we're getting new details on that crash near sahara and nellis. police tell us a motorcyclist is in critical condition after around 12:30 this morning. the driver of the car was arrested for d-u-i.. 13 action news reporter parker collins is headed to the scene right now to get more information... this isn't causing any traffic issues right now...but that earlier crash on the 2-15 is... lets get over to yasmeen... today, showers, heavy clouds and snow are expected to the valley and surrounding areas! thanks to support from our
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cal-nev-ari, the cold front coming from the pacific chance for showers within the valley this morning and snow chances at 90% starting 7000 ft and above. rain and snow chances are at their highest from 4am to 10am with these chances then dropping to 25% 11am through 4pm. after that, the front will have severe but a range of drizzle activity to short bursts of concern. snowfall since yesterday to the high elevations could reach an accumulation of 1-3 inches by temperatures remain in the low
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incredible! an argument between a couple driving down the road ends when the girlfriend pulls out a gun and shoots. police say she was in the passenger seat last night near lamb and lake mead when she shot her boyfriend while he was driving. the girlfriend asked a neighbor to call police and surrendered as soon as officers arrived. take a look at these pictures i northwest part of the valley. a semi truck went right through a neighborhood wall near azure drive and torrey pines last night... at least one person was injured. police are working to determine the cause. the family of a young man who was stabbed to death is in shock... after learning the victim's roomate has been arresteed for his murder.. the family identifies the victim as 20-year-old kevin zaldana. they say he was sleeping when 20- year-old jacob driscoll went into the victim's room and
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this happened near washington and decatur. zaldana's cousin says driscoll had been living in the home for a few years now and everything was fine the night before the stabbing. cristian mendoza, victim's cousin "they were really good friends....they were together all the time." butted with ismenia magana, victim's mother "when i turn on the light, i saw kevin bleeding everywhere" police say driscoll tried to get away at first. but he was eventually arrested on suspicion of murder. take a look at your right now... police are looking for the person you see in this surveillance video.... police say he's behind eight different robberies...this image is from a bank he robbed near desert inn and mcleod. call police if you recognize him. v breaking overnight... the man suspected of shooting a saint louis police officer has been killed in a shootout with they say when the suspect realized he was being followed, he got out and started shooting at the officers.
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this happened just hours after police say the suspect ambushed an officer during a traffic stop. officers say the gunman pulled up next to him and shot the officer in the face twice. :15-:26 (mayor francis slay, st. louis ) "this tells you how dangerous of a job it is and tells you how much we have to appreciate our police officers. we have to understand the difficulties they go through, the sacrifices they undertake amazingly, the officer did not die... now to san antonio... where police are still looking for the person who shot and nats - "i've got an officer down in front of headquarters. investigators say officer benjamin marconi was in his squad car just before noon yesterday, writing a ticket across from police headquarters. that's when police say another driver pulled up behind him, walked up to the passengers' side window- and shot him twice. the man took off...but police do have an image of him from surveillance video... new details this morning in a similar story out of florida.
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police officer during a traffic stop and then taking off. police caught up with him late last night and after a shootout with officers, they took him into custody. the officer is expected to be o-k and is already out of the hospital. these shootings over the weekend are not isolated. already this year 58 other officers nationwide have been shot to death in the line of duty. that more than a 60-percent increase over last year happening right now...there are concerns holiday travelers could see more long lines this year.... and now airport workers in chicago who are threatening a strike could only make those lines worse... workers plan to announce when they will strike today-- in just a few hours. about 5-hundred workers including baggage handlers...cabin cleaners...janitors and wheelchair attendants say they will strike. they want to be paid 15-dollars an hour. the strike comes during this busy holiday travel week...and
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airports. so it could cause a ripple effect in airports across the country. good morning las vegas... time now is xxx... the first family is typically eager to get settled in to the white house. that's why it may surprise you to learn who won't be living in the white least not right away. a warning this morning about a toy that can catch on fire! it happened to a washington can see the toy on fire right in the back of their truck... ((ad-lib)) several hundred anti-trump
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this was the second weekend in a row--- people took their they started behind the linq and made their way to trump international hotel. their ultimate goal is to get the electors to vote for hillary clinton next month. clinton's popular vote lead over trump now exceeds 1 point 5 million votes. president obama is apparently getting a lot of questions about president-elect donald trump--- as he meets with other world leaders. and he's trying to reassure the rest of the world that the u-s will still work with its allies. listen to what the president
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:16-:31 people should take a "wait and see" approach in how much his policy proposals, once in the white house, once he is sworn in, matches up with some of the rhetoric of his campaign. president obama went on to say that he would weigh in if the ideals of the country are called into question... :7-:19 trump: "i had really fantastic days. met tremendous talent, tremendous people. and i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the cour america great again ." president-elect donald trump was busy this weekend meeting with leaders in both politics and other fields in new jersey... just yesterday he met with 12 people from across the country. they include...former new york city mayor rudy guiliani , new jersey governor chris christie... and washinton state congressman cathy mcmorris rogers. guiliani is considered a top contender for the secretary of
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youngest son barron will not move into the white house right away. the president-elect says he will live in the white house but melania and 10-year-old barron will live in new york temporarily. the couple wants their son his son to finish out the year at the same school. time now is x:xx -- if you're cooking for the family this thanksgiving, you have a lot to be thankful for. it's something that hasn't happened in over 30--years. and dig out those umbr everyone! greg says rain is on the way... he'll have your full forecast
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support from our upper level low that hovers over cal-nev-ari, the cold front coming from the pacific northwest is yielding a 50% chance for showers within the valley this morning and snow chances at 90% starting 7000 ft and above. rain and snow chances are at their highest from 4am to 10am dropping to 25% 11am through 4pm. after that, the front will have passed and we will begin a clear of clouds through the night. showers are not expected to be severe but a range of drizzle activity to short bursts of heavy rain is expected. minor pooling may be an issue but for the most part, slick wet roads will be the main concern. snowfall since yesterday to the high elevations could reach an accumulation of 1-3 inches by the end of today so lee canyon
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blanketed with snow. high temperatures will range between 60 and 65 degrees with a breeze 5-15 mph and gusts around 20 so do bundle up! temperatures remain in the low and mid 60s through the holiday and into the weekend but mainly sunny skies will return by tuesday and hold through this saturday so your thanksgiving day and black friday will be
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house fire in rural indiana... we're just getting this video in from our affiliate there... police say all four children who were killed are girls...the oldest is 11. at the time was airlifted to the hospital. two police officers were also hurt in the fire. one police officer who was injured is also a volunteer firefighter...he was injured trying to save the girls. no word on what caused the fire... :15-:18 pause for 3 seconds of nats new video this morning shows a car fire in sweden...and what sounded like some sort of explosion... when officers arrived they also
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investigating this as arson this morning the death toll cotinues to rise after a train crash in india. 115 people were killed when a passenger train derailed saturday night. at least 150 others were injured. officials are calling this the country's worst rail tragedy this century.. no word on what caused the train to derail. things are moving from "tense standoff" to all out riot in north dakota. police are saying the 400- peop access pipeline are out of control. this morning, officers are trying to block protesters from crossing a bridge. early this morning police sprayed tear gas and water on protesters. protest organizers say 167 people were hurt...but police claim they have no received reports that protesters were injured. protesters have been trying to stop the construction of the pipeline for months...saying the project will hurt the environment and destroy some
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truck off its shelves after one family says the toy burst into flames on their way home from the store! a washington family say the ride-on dump truck caught on fire in the back of their pick-up truck. they were able to put out the fire...but when they started to head back to return the burst into flames again! toys-r-us gave the family a refund...and they're no longer selling the toy in stores or online. the store is now working with the toy's manufacturer to figu a warning this morning about sabra hummus that you might have in your fridge right now! the company is recalling some of it's hummus and spreads over a possible listeria contamination. the f-d-a says listeria was found at the plant where the hummus is made but the bacteria has not bee found in the products that have been tested. if you have hummus, salsa, guacamole or greek yogurt dips with a "best before" date through january 23rd...throw it
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most of us have much to be thankful for this thanksgiving--startin g with this: you can expect to spend less money this year. the american farm bureau federation said the cost of a classic thanksgiving dinner for 10 will cost $49.87. adjusting for inflation that is the lowest price for the holiday meal since the farm bureau began tracking the cost 31 years ago. good morning las vegas... football is a rough game...but one guy got wiped out before the game even started. see why this video is going viral right now new video in this morning of snow in upstate new york... i'll have more from the
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he was able to steer that plane away from homes and business and land it in a parking lot! we're told two health professionals and a patient were on board friday night when the plane headed to a hospital utah...went down. investigators say... there was a mechanical
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the las vegas communitygets together once a year to remember those killed on our roadways. this weekend's event brought healing. it was back on new years day in 20- 13 that crystal hill lost her teenage son. jesse and his girlfriend were walking on a side walk ... when they were both hit by a car. 03:52:32 it's bitter sweet, ilove the holidays celebrate them there is part of me that is happy beacause i get to celebrate another year of holidays with family and friends . 03 5243 hill says jesse saved his girlfriend's life by pushing he was also an organ donor...saving even more lives. the event was hosted by palm mortuary downtown. new video in this morning.... of a major storm hitting new york state... this is the first big snowfall of the season... it swept through michigan first...then hit new york. makes us all feel lucky to live in las vegas right now... let's get a look at our weather
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and snow are expected to the valley and surrounding areas! thanks to support from our upper level low that hovers over cal-nev-ari, the cold front coming from the pacific northwest is yielding a showers within the valley this morning and snow chances at 90% starting 7000 ft and above. 4pm. after that, the front will have but for the most part, slick incredible! 1:19-1:25 kyle larson drops
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seventh nascar championship! nascar driver jimmie johnson wins his seventh nascar sprint cup championship...over the weekend. :22-:28 then i get the restart of my life at the end and i get clear off of turn 2, and it just all like-- i got the goosebumps down backstretch. i'm like, you've got to be kidding me. with this win johnson is now
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championships... :1-:6 timing is everthing... before the vikings cardinals game even started...we saw the biggest take down of the whole game.... as vikings players were running out of the tunnel the ran right into a fox sound guy...bernie he gets run over by 329-pound linval joseph... beaudry is expected to be o-k he did get a little banged up...with a bloody nose and broke his glasses. he still worked the game... the american music awards wrapped up late last night... if you missed it here's a look at some of the big winners... pause for 5 seconds of nats singer ariana gran-de took the
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selena gomez was there last night as her first appearane since taking a career hiatus. she won best pop female arist... prince was also honored with an award for favorite soundtrack for purple rain... his sister accepted the award. tyka nelson/prince's sister prince defied the odds, a black teen from minneapi goal to electrify the world. he had the courage to be different. rapper drake also walked away with four awards.... justin beiber with four and rihanna won three... good morning las vegas... we have a lot more coming up at five... including the president-elect donald trump's latest twitter battle... new information overnight on a police shooting in missouri..... i'll have that from the
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we are following breaking
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for a killer. a live look outside... you might be seeing some flashes of lightning as you wake up. greg bennett says we have a good shot for showers. we'll check your forecast in a moment.. but first..let's get to dayna breaking right now... a street race, involving a corvette and a motorcycle, ends in a terrible crash. parker collins is live near sahara and nellis... where lanes are still closed. parker. investigators are out here now they're expecting part of sahara to be closed for a good chunk of the morning commute overnight a motorcyclist rear ended a toyota the rider is in critical condition police say


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