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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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13 action news road warrior bryan callahan is in the thick of it in our live drive unit. bryan.. how does it look out there? well it's been slow going here eastbound heading toward the airport connector. lots of people obviously not getting the message about this weekend's closure... that will remain in place until monday morning. our first time through this it took us xx minutes. so we decided to test some if you're heading east towards henderson on the 215 your best options are to get off at either jones decatur or las vegas blvd. and take them down to warm springs where you can get back on the 215. all three of those took us between nine and 11 minutes. if you're heading west the best option is to take the windmill exit to the 15 then get back on the 215 heading west there that took us just eight minutes
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got back on at decatur. if you're trying to head towards henderson from the 15 it's best to get off at blue diamond or saint rose parkway. it's also important to note that you can use the 215 to get to the airport but as you can see it from our drive here it may be a better option to use paradise or russell road to make your way to mccarran. reporting live drive, bryan here's a look.... at our traffic map... in real time. what you see in purple... is shut down.... right now. all of the red and orange... is the major back-up. now... let's roll through.... some of our other traffic cameras... as we said.. this will be happening through the weekend so we've dedicated an entire web page to help. you can find the closure maps
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and click on the 'traffic' link at the top of our homepage. happening right now-- n-t-s-b investigators on the way to a and alternate routes at and click on the 'traffic' link at the top of our homepage. happening right now-- n-t-s-b investigators on the way to a plane crash in elko--that's more than 280 miles northeast of reno. this video--posted on facebook by a man who says he lives nearby. witnesses reporting a fiery explosion as the plane crashed into a paking lot near a casino--and just miles from elko regional airport.
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newspaper reports this was a medical aircraft with four people onboard transporting a heart patient to a utah hospital. and quotes a city councilman as saying there were no survivors tonight.... police are looking for a driver... who ditched his passenger.... after a crash....leaving her to die. chopper 13 fast and first... over the scene... moments after a mustang lost control and crashed..... into two other cars..... near flamingo and torrey pines. the pasn was - 27- year old.... natalie bruno... witnesses claim.... the driver kept yelling "natalie"... before hugging her... and then.... taking off. nats of animals .. 14 big cats and a fox were taken from this pahrump home after nye county authorities say they were living in deplorable conditions. but jackie freeman's boyfriend says she's had permits for the exotic animals for ten years.. and cares for animals no one
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down she gives them a home." " for her it would be no different then if you took her cruelty for the way the cats were kept. that includes 3 lions.. a tiger and a panther. the animals will remain in a sanctuary until her permit is reviewed.. when it's possible she could get them back. it's a trend..... that's popping up on college campuses..... across the country.... including u-n-l-v. therapy rooms for students..... to share.... their election grief. 13 a tom george.... takes a closer look at the movement.... that has been chastised by critics... as "therapy for crybabies"!!! tom live script steve and tricia, here at the marriage and family therapy center people come in with everything from personal issues to relationship counseling -- but this is the first time they've election-- they've had a lot of people concerned - it's why professor kat hertlein and her students are hosting private post election therapy sessions
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it to go this way so that's why i really care about being here. the goal - talk through issues and move forward- especially in families who may have voted differently from each other sot here comes thanksgiving we're all going to be sharing space together and how are jose conversations going to go. the sessions are getting a lot of attention of campus... sot they're calling us crybabies.. but some say it's necessary because this election was unlike any other... sot this is a different movement. this is very polarizing times and this is why people feel their very well being is going counseling is a little too much... sot counseling something devastating that happens to you or your family it's personal if you're really devastated by need to look on the bright side find something trump is good at not just sit here and cry about it. live tag now unlv plans to continue these group sessions through the end of the semester friday. we have the info for you on our
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live at unlv tom george 13 action news 18:43:50 :i'm making america great again- one person at a time." 20:07:48 woman "i did vote for you and i got (expletive for it) 18:59:34:05 we're not going to be taking selfies with trump..real or fake the presidential election is still fueling a lot of passion on both sides. and now that donald trump has won.. we found an interesting way to see what voters think about the man who's about to move into 13-action news anchor christopher king is live outside trump international hotel to explain. christopher. we wanted to do a social experiment. we couldn't get the president-elect to do an interview with did the next best thing. we follow around trump impersonator..las vegas's very own..john di domenico. "this guy is tremendous! this is is what i'm talking about-they absolutely love me!"
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trump is going to be the next president. "this guy, right here has a tatoo of me!" we go to the world famous..welcome to las vegas see what voters think..of president- elect.. donald trump. "i wouldn't do that for myself! but he got a tattoo of me-i love it." right away..we find a guy..who thinks trump..will make america great. you're gonna make america a better place." "i already have-i already have-because of you" ( "i love this guy!" fans..and tourists..even newlyweds..flock to him. "youlook absolutely fantastic!" others..find him..well..p "i don't like donald trump." "we're not going to be taking selfies with trump-real or fake." but..before we head out..trump impersonator..john di domenico..undergoes an hour-long make-up get inot character.'s fremont street./to press the flesh. "my name's hillary." i hillary-how are you? you look very familiar actually." "thank you!" "how are you?" people out here..are just as spilt as the rest the country.
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for it." "i live in canada, so i don't have to worry about him." di domenico tells us..he's generally gotten good responses from people. that was before the election. now that reality is settling in..he is getting some negative reactions. live outside trump international, ck, 13 action news. motley crue frontman vince neil says he's no longer going to perform at donald trump's inauguration in january. neil says he was asked to perform months ago.. band was uninvited. no explaination was given. in less than 24 hours.. the newest hotel-casino near the las vegas strip will open to the public. the lucky dragon is on sahara near las vegas boulevard. you're looking at a time-lapse video of the glass dragon chandalier being installed.. which took almost 2-weeks to hang over the casino's center bar. the lucky dragon will officially open its doors at
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talking about that massive power outage a few weeks ago at paris-las vegas. and it also got a lot of locals thinking about what they'd do if they found themselves in a similar situation.. when everything in a casino suddenly goes dark. jovita torok / vancouver, canada (from 11/4's 6pfr people affected by outage) honestly it was like zombies we looked outside all the lights were off all the hallways were it could be a completely innocent situation.. but what is the first thing you should assume? (take randy to be trouble.. and you need to vamanos. and the backup.. so in this case it wasn't something sinister. but in general.. lt. sutton says the hotel-casinos on the strip go to extremes to keep the lights on (take randy sot/29:56) so if the electricity goes off and it stays off, that's an indication that there's a problem.. and you need to figure out a way to get out of the hotel. until you know otherwise..
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well-planned robbery. and be aware that someone might use it as a crime of opportunity. (take randy sot/30:39) was it part of a robbery.. people trying to grab chips off the tables.. lt. and if you can get out.. then do it. he also thinks hotel security and law enforcement might even look at their response to see in case it happens again. it's beginning to look and sound a lot like christmas.... in downtown summerlin. tonight... they kicked off the holiday season with a parade... and.... tree lighting ceremony hosted by henderson native and b-m-x gold medalist.... connor fields. if you missed out tonight... you're not.... out of luck. downtown summerlin hosts.... holiday parades.... throughout the rest of november and december.
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you've got to see. first.. a police shooting at a college campus apartment. see what sparked that chaos.. plus the wild moments when a thief whips out a gun and starts shooting. you won't believe what almost cost one man his life. plus.... a family living in fear..... after squatters bust into their home... and... refuse to leave. it cost us about $6,000 butt to : we felt hopeless. we didn't know what to do. contact 13..... with what you need to do... to take back....
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arethe stretches of road that are seeing the worst of it. let's go back out to 13 action news reporter bryan callahan..who's in the thick of it. bryan? newly released video shows a new mexico university police officer opening fire on student who was armed with a gun at a
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bullet, step out... drop the gun nats of shooting police were called out to the campus housing monday after the suspect began firing off rounds. he was released from the hospital tonight and now faces charges of assaulting a police new tonight... a sneaker sale nearly turns deadly.... in washington, d.c. police say.... the suspect met up with a man selling a pair of "nike air jordans"...then shot at him..... when he got his hands.... on the sneakers. the victim was able to knock the gun.... enough.... to save himself. police are still looking.... for the gunman. police are still looking.... for the gunman. imagine someone breaking into your home... and... never leaving!!! it's happened.... hundreds of times.... right in the valley. we're talking about squatters..... moving in and making themselves at home....
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what to do... when it happens to you? tonight... contact 13 looks at.... what you need to know. < jaimee oliver/homeowner: we felt hopeless. we didn't know what to do. it was a stressful experience for jaimee oliver. squatters broke into her home last year. jaimee oliver/homeowner: it was only a month. it felt like eternity. it was supposed to be rented out, just like this rental property, recently damaged by squatters. jaimee says they broke-in half-a- dozen times. jaimee oliver/homeowner: we they changed the locks again, and broke another window. they destroyed the air conditioner, and took the washer, dryer and the refrigerator. jaimee oliver/homeowner: it cost us about $6,000 in property damage. that's not including rental loss. we got to a point where i'm like, what are we going to do? the answer is, call police. hopefully they can arrest your squatters for breaking-in. then you'll need to post a notice that you're "retaking possession" of the property,
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lauren pena/civil law self help center: posting that and filing something at the courthouse is basically your record to show if this person tries to re-enter, they could be in criminal violation. lauren pena with the civil law self help center says, if police can't make an arrest, you'll need to serve the squatter with a "notice of surrender." lauren pena/civil law self help center: the squatter has the opportunity to answer and if they raise legal defense, it will go to court. if not, it doesn't go to court and the judge may give you an then the squatters have she was able to get rid of them, with help from property manager "black and cherry" real estate. broker and owner, ashley hawks, says her company is spending thousands in the fight against squatters. ashley hawks/black & cherry real estate: we have had to come up with some crafty, sort of innovative measures. she admits there's no foolproof plan for getting rid of squatters, but your odds are better with a property manager's help. ashley hawks/black & cherry real estate: we have
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as for jaimee, she's had enough of dealing with squatters. jaimee oliver/homeowner: we eventually sold the house. it got to be too much.> we have more information... about the legal steps... for getting squatters... out of your property.... on our website. just visit.... k-t-n-v dot com... and... type in the key word.... "links." also from contact -13-... interest rates are set to go up... and... that means... credit card interest rates will go up... too. and... that could be a big problem for those.... who pan "christmas"... with plastic. the rates on credit cards are already.... around -18- percent. but... that number.... could egde even higher... if the federal reserve.... raises interest rates... next month. sot hitha..if you're the type of person that wants to pay for christmas on your credit card and you don't pay off that balance automatically//you're going to have this holiday hangover//potentially owing a lot more. (11) there are steps.... you can take.... to keep your costs down. look for.... zero percent a-p- r.... for the longest possible term.
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and rewards. blowing wind nats we're following the latest developments on a deadly blizzard moving across the nation's midsection. wyoming.. nebraska and colorado have a blanket of fresh snow about a foot deep. 300 weather related accidents have also been reported in minnesota.. two of them fatal.. and the storm isn't over yet. the pre-winter blast is expected to pound the northeast this weekend nevada.. but the snow guns are already fired-up at the lee canyon ski resort. managers there say it's finally cold enough to start making snow.. as they build a nice base for the upcoming ski and snowboard season. the weekend is looking to be pretty nice in southern nevada as high pressure moves in and gives us plenty of sun and slightly warmer temperatures. highs will stay below the 70 mark, but above the normal of
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overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on the horizon. there are slight rain chances in the forecast. another system, will move in from the pacific and this one could have moisture moving in rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizona where it could be heavy. this system will help drop our temperatures back into the mid 60s and expect more clouds than sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from
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a couple just wanted to take a relaxing hike at joshua tree national park. instead.... they found themselves.... in the middle of a nightmare... and... goin t to survive. please help me, please come
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that's a 63-year old maryland woman screaming for help as she's being mauled by an enranged bear in front of her daughter's home. authorities say the bear was trying to protect her cubs.. but they were still forced to kill the animal. experts say it's the first known bear attack in maryland history a california couple..... lost at "joshua tree national park" for - 5- days says... they survived..... by drinking their urine. the two say...
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they spent..... -5- days walking... with no food and little water. the couple finally reached a cell tower..... where they found... two maintenance workers.... who then contacted.... border patrol. a british teenager.. who died of cancer.. could someday live again after winning a controversial court battle. find out... why her body is now... in michigan..... as scientists work to cure the disease....
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medical transport plane were killed. it crashed in a mining company parking lot near a busy casino, grocery store and a senior witnesses on social media all reported hearing multiple explosions. the ntsb is heading up the investigation--no word yet on the identies of the victims. a 14-year-old 's controversial dying wish has been granted.. after winning an unusual court battle. her body is now cryogenically frozen.. after she died of cancer. the british teenager told the judge she wanted the chance to live again if scientists can someday find a cure for her
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years. her body is now at the cryonics institute in michigan. the cost of something like this is about 46-thousand dollars we'll be right back.... with a final look... at your wake-up weather forecast. the weekend is looking to be
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will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. for this edition of 13 action news... live at 11. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next.. and remember... we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com... and.. on the k-t-n-v mobile app. our next reports begin at 5-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another interesting day in america today. the transfer of power has


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