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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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is reporting one east bound lane and one west bound lane on tropicana is effected by this. they are asking you to avoid the area. as soon as there's an update -- count on us to the be the first to tell you. 014 woman - i was punched in the face two times, i was choked. just a brutal attack tonight... a woman is opening up.... after an arizona police officer is caught on camera.... punching her... in the face!!! that officer s leave and he's also talking about the encounter. abc's marci gonzalez reports what the officer says led to his actions. this is the cell phone video - investigators in arizona are reviewing? nats - "hey you can't hit a girl like that" trying to determine whether this police officer broke the law ?.when he punched marissa morris in the face woman - i was punched in the face two times, i was choked. just a brutal attack. flagstaff police officer jeff bonar was called to the home wednesday for an eviction - his body camera - nats - "yeah i've
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turning off before the confrontation? then back on- afterward nats - "stop kicking" bonar claims- morris resisted arrest, kicking and kneeing him in the groin before he hit her. something she denies. nats arrest video i didn't do anything?. officials learning on social media- about the encounter- and the cell phone video captured by a bystander - nats - "i got on camera" immediately launching an investigation. chief kevin treadway "we are taking this again, very very seriously, marci gonzalez tag they're looking into the officer's actions and why the entire time. the officer is on administrative leave?and morris is charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. mg abc news ny we're staying on top of another story developing story right now involving the weather. look at the temperatures across the valley. let's get to.... 13 first alert..... chief meteorologist.... bryan scofield with a look at just how much cooler....
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as high pressure moves in and gives us plenty of sun and slightly warmer temperatures. highs will stay below the 70 mark, but above the normal of 65. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on the ho in the forecast. another system, will move in at best with most of the rain 60s and expect more clouds than here at 13 action news. here are.... our top stories. i'm lesley marin from flamingo and torrey pines where police say 27 year old natalie bruno died after the car she was in lost control crashing into two other cars. tonight-- police are still looking for the driver of the car bruno was in.
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where more than a dozen big cats are being seized from this home. the owner jackie freeman has a permit for them but it's now being reviewed after nye county sheriffs deputies say they found the animals in horrific living conditions. freeman was cited with animal cruelty as well as found in violation of code for an illegal fox she had too. i'm tom george here at unlv the department of marriage and family therapy has therapy for relationship issues personal issues, but this is the first time ever that they've had therapy related to an election. they say the rhetoric of this particular election has caused a lot of people to have fear and anxiety and it's why they've set up group sessions running all the way through december i'm stephanie zepelin...someone has finally picked up the poop at an apartment complex at freemont and bruce. john allen says human and dog feces were sitting in two different stairwells he says he called management numerous times, but they did nothing. an attorney for the management
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after calls from us and from john, it's finally clean. v new at 6-30.. at least one person has been killed in a plane crash near half moon bay airport in california. the sheriff's office says two people were on board when it slammed into a house. one person on the plane was killed. the other was airlifted to a nearby hospital. no one was in the home at the time. right now... at least.... -20- people are recovering.... after being hurt in a s bus crash.... in nashville. the accident happened.... earlier today. two students are in critical.... but.... stable condition. most of the other injuries are not serious. the students from a high school were headed to the tennessee state convention.... for "the national beta club". no word..... on what led to.... the accident. new york attorney general eric schneiderman says his lawsuit.. and two others against trump university.. will be settled for 25 million dollars. a statement released by his office says in part.. "donald trump fought us every step of the way.. filing baseless charges and
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modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university. today.. that all changes." the settlement also covers two class-action suits lawsuit filed in california. president obama is blocking new oil and gas drilling in the arctic ocean.. but it will be allowed to go forward in an area southwest of anchorage. obama's action applies for the next 5-years.. but donald trump can begin the process of reversing it in a matter of weeks when he's sworn-in. presidentob drilling in the atlantic ocean earlier this year. a teenager is behind bars tonight.. accused of firing several shots into a neighbor's home. but there's still one thing police are trying to figure out. plus... an oprah winfrey network worker is suing the company.... for sexual harrasment.... what she says.... her boss did to her.. and.. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson opens up about her alleged sexual harassment. now she's opening up about what
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chopper 13 brings you..... breaking news.... fast and first. >> i'm deborah norville. coming up on "inside edition," children flying alone. are they always safe?
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most of the big local gaming stocks finished ahead today. caesars was up almost 3%. wynn and red rock resorts were both up more than 2%. tesla ceo elon musk is getting his wish for creating a clean energy empire. shareholders voted to approve tesla's offer to buy solar city for 2.1 billion dollars. that paves the way for musk to merge his two green-energy companies.. emission- free cars and solar panels for homes. according to tesla.. the deal is expected to close "in the coming days." : and.. volkswagen is set to cut about 30- thousand jobs as it tries to recover from that costly emissions scandal. the automaker says most of the job cuts will come in germany where volkswagen is based. fines and compensation payments against volkswagen have soared into the tens of billions of dollars after it was learned
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software designed to cheat on emissions tests. the company says the job cuts are necessary to reduce costs. mcdonald's is going.... semi- upscale!!!! the fast food giant is making changes..... to stay competitive.... by offering table service! mc-donald's is also rolling out..... touch screen ordering and mobile pay options. changes are already showing up under "the golden arches".... in florida... new york and california. new at 6-30 oprah winfrey network employee is suing the company.... accusing her supervisor sexually harassing her.... after she became pregnant. that's according to.... the hollywood reporter. rebecca taylor claims.... her boss regularly engaged.... in lewd behavior and even acted out sex scenes.... from horror movies..... during staff meetings. taylor says.... her boss would even pretend.... to squeeze her breasts and humiliate her..... for having morning sickness. the woman claims.... she reported the harassment multiple times..... but "own" did nothing.... about it.
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(laughs) an ohio teenager is behind bars tonight after police say he fired shots into his neighbor's amed it live on facebook. the first shots ame from a rifle through an open window.. then a handgun. the neighbor says she was stunned to hear bullets striking her home. "if you're just sitting in your house and you're watching television, you hear something like that, that would freak you out. it woul s not used to hearing that." the 15-year-old was arrested on weapons charges. police are still trying to figure out where he got those guns. a federal judge has ruled..... the state of michigan must supply the residents with bottled water!!! but now... the state has now filed paperwork saying..... it's an "unnecessary burden! hear from the desperate people... who say.... even with filters.. they won't touch.... the water!!! and.. as the world celebrates mickey mouse's birthday.. we'll tell you how you can now own a piece of disneyland. bryan? the weekend is looking to be
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mark, but above the normal of 65. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on the horizon. there are slight rain chances
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another system, will move in from the pacific and this one could have moisture moving in with it. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizn heavy. this system will help drop our temperatures back into the mid 60s and expect more clouds than hundreds of people in chile are being forced out of their homes because of a major out-of-control wildfire take a look at this dramatic video.. as a state of emergency was issued in several areas. the fire is currently affecting 15 hundred acres of thick brush and trees.. making it difficult for firefighters to battle.
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coming through their faucets.... for years now!!!! and... only a week ago.... a judge ordered the state needs to deliver bottled water..... to people affected. now.... the state is fighting back saying..... that's too much work. todd walker checks in..... with people who live there... who say.... even with filters.. they won't touch.... the water!!! it has been 2 and a half years since the last time the people of flint, michigan could trust the water that comes out of their faucets.. we were there almost a year ago when volunteers were going door to door donating cases of cover with water donations: 4:56 at one point on a saturday we ended up with 20-25 cases of water from people 5:02 coming all the way to washington.. and president obama came to flint.. to see the crisis face to face.. from girls like mari copany.. referred to as "little miss flint" nat flint girl pkg 5:04 as the water crisis lost momentum in the media the donations stopped coming 5:11 that's mari's mom on the phone with us today..
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distribution point to get bottled water.. because even with filters.. her tap water isn't safe.. 4:39 if you want it you go get it yourself :41 last week a federal judge ordered the state must deliver 4 cases of water to every house in flint ever week.. now the state of michigan is challenging the ruling saying saying it would create an "unnecessary" and "immediate, insurmountable burden" on the state. 1:01 us living like this is an unnecessary burden :04 in a statement, michigan governor rick snyder's spokesperson said "the resources to accomplish this would only be avaia national guard or hiring several logistics companies." people in flint say until the infrastructure is replaced.. it's what they need. 1:25 the water is still causing us a lot of issues and until those issues go away i can't in good faith expose my children to the water even if it's filtered :35 i'm todd walker we have an update to breaking news we've been following all night long. a water main break at tropicana & dean martin is not closing any lanes
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are only lane restrictions in affect. chopper 13 fast and first over the scene showing us all that water on the ground... they are asking you to avoid the area. as soon as there's an update -- count on us to the be the first to tell you. the world health organization issued that declaration today. the world health organization onw says the spread of zika is under control on a global level. the organization now plans to create a new committee to there is still no vaccine or medication to treat zika. from contact -13- we may soon find out..... if those high a-t-m fees... are even illegal. the u-s supreme count just ruled.... that a class action lawsuit.... can move forward. it's against.... visa.... mastercard.... bank of america.... j-p morgan chase... and wells fargo. the suit accuses them..... of conspiring to inflate.... a-t-m fees. that would violate anti-trust law. according to bankrate....
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that's not at your bank..... is now at a record high of -4- dollars and -57- cents. talk about.... a home improvement project..... that's long overdue.. officials with "buckingham palace".... just announced today...... it's going to undergo..... a major facelift. that includes..... getting rid of lead pipes.... old cables and wiring... something that's been needed.... for -60- years. part of the concern...... is that the historic palace... built in 18-37... is a fire hazard. taxpayers.... -4- hundred -58- million dollars. the queen will keep living there..... during the -10- year renovation. the election - v a georgia man claims that in the week and a half since the election.. he still doesn't know who will be the next president. joe chandler says he didn't watch the results election night. he says he voted but doesn't care to know the outcome because he says he didn't want to see either major party candidate in the white house.
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cyclone, it's very peaceful in my bubble of ignorance. and being an artist and a writer, i've gotten a ton of and wears a sign around his neck that says "i still don't know". if you'd like to own a piece of "disneyland"... now's... your chance! california's van eaton galleries is holding a "souvenirs of disneyland" the auction will feature more than a thousand rare and never-before-seen items from the theme park over the last six decades. items include costumes, artwork, souvenirs and other collectibles. proceeds from those items will benefit her namesake research fund for neurological diseases tonight.... in an abc news exclusive interview... former fox news anchor.... gretchen carlson is opening up.... about alleged sexual harassment. 020 // he started asking me
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parts.13:58:57;25 and i thought, "whoa-- this is not a safe conversation." up next -- she's revealing her biggest struggle and has some advice for women who may be
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emotional story- one that she says dates back to the beginning of her career in broadcasting. carlson telling abc's.... amy robach how she handled the tough subject.... with her own children. amy robach: 13:36:05;28 your life has completely changed. // gretchen carlson: honestly, i thought i was gonna be sitting home at the start of the fall and being very sad every day, because i've worked my whole life. /// 13:38:07;08 but this time period has been so wonderful for reflection on who i am and what kind of mother i can be to thinking - about her kids. and yours. amy robach: 15:46:00;29 how do you go about starting a conversation with your
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just talking about empowering your children. that's where i am with my kids right now. and women are equal. and they're equal in our family and they're equal when you get to the workforce. amy robach: 15:46:42;17 do you tell your daughter though that that's not often the case? that's the ideal. gretchen carlson: 15:46:45;22 yes. brought it to my attention and asked me questions about it. and, you know, she'll say, "mommy, has that ever happened to you?" you know as a parent i tell her a little bit more than i tell my son, who is 11. but he'll get there. amy robach: 15:47:13;12 and you're hopeful for this next generation? gretchen carlson: 15:47:15;07 oh, i'm-- i'm very hopeful. but i always look at glass half full. (laugh) you have to. you have to. that was abc's.....
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interview.... in a special episode of 20-20 tonight... at -10- then later... on 13 action news.. live at 11.. it's a problem we've been tracking for months. squatters invading the valley. but do you know what to do...when it happens to you? that's 13 action news for now.. but remember.. we're always on... at k-t-n-v dot com.. and... our k-t-n-v mobile app. "inside edition" is next so stay with us.
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>> her 25 minutes of sheer terror. >> the guy is ramming into the back of me trying to kill me. >> this 25 minutes was the scariest time of my life. >> then -- >> president-elect trump escape from new york. >> his weekend at his beautiful country home. >> and >> crazy coocoo. >> alec baldwin returns to snl. >> did this guy change the course of history. >> fake news guy exposed. >> he is a comic. then children flying alone. >> i'm going on the plane by myself. >> but is it safe? wait until you hear what happened to this girl. and the teacher who didn't want this kid to speak at the thanksgiving school play. he burst into tears.


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