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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. race to the finish. hillary clinton and donald trump. making their final push for president on this final day before a historic vote. trump blasting the fbi after the stunning aboutface. clearing the cloud of suspicion over those new clinton e-mails. >> she's being protected by a rigged system. e-mails in eight days. our brand new poll this morning shows a four-point race as donald trump travels across the country to flip states to red in a midnight rally. clinton calls on serious star power. >> everything you care about. everything i care about and i've workedking the final plea to voters. and our powerhouse political team is here. breaking down the final push for the white house.
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attorney general. those blockbuster decisions about elian gonzalez and more that shaped the clinton presidency and the country. also this morning, an urgent search for this supermom. the mother of two now missing after going for a jog. her cell phone found abandoned. we'll have what her husband is saying this morning. and we do say good morning, america. we're counting down. we know that you are as well. less than 24 hours to go to the election. we want you to take a look at our abc news election headquarters, right smack dab in the heart of times square. our entire political team will be with us all night long as the results roll in. thousands of voters are expected to gather right outside of our studio. michael will be there. and george, you will be here in times square as well leading our coverage. very big night. >> it's all hands on deck.
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amy with the trump campaign. you're blocks apart tomorrow night. >> true. >> we'll be here all night long. forgive us bleary eyes on wednesday morning. there's so much excitement for this election. so many people have turned out to vote across the country. more than 40 million americans already have voted. and our new poll this morning shows hillary clinton leading by four points. >> we'll hear from both hillary clinton and donald trump's campaign managers. that's in just a moment. george will speak to them. first, the blockbuster announcement from the in the 11th hour. clearing hillary clinton once again over those e-mails when she was secretary of state. global stocks jumping after that news. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, joins us now with more. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. just like that, it's over. the fbi director once again in the middle of a heated campaign drawing political fire, this
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trump campaign. nine days after he stunned the nation over hillary clinton's private e-mail server, fbi director james comey apparently believes nothing consequential has been discovered. in a letter sent to congress on sunday, comey writes, based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. >> and we're glad this matter is resolved. >> reporter: sources tell abc news comey's decision comes after agents worked around the clock to use computers to sort through thousands of e-mails, discovered in a probe of a york congressman, anthony weiner, the confidant of huma abedin. comey wanted to know if the new batch of e-mails contained classified information. sent to clinton's private server. sources familiar with the investigation tell abc news those e-mails from weiner's laptop contained many duplicates that the bureau already looked at. and did not have new information that would alter their previous findings that clinton's actions were reckless, not criminal. >> all right. thank you, pierre.
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perry, jon bon jovi, lebron james, beyonce, and jay z, ready to take off for the final day from westchester new york. cecilia vega ready to take it all on from westchester, new york. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, george. on this last day of campaigning, hillary clinton is crisscrossing the battlegrounds. they are glad this is over, but they're frustrated by the timing of all of this. this was hanging over hillary clinton's head for nine days while early voting was under way. in the final hours of this campaign, hillary clinton is new hampshire looking beyond election day. >> we will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. we have to begin listening to one another and respecting one another. [ applause ] >> reporter: and in that final pitch, she never once mentioned the fbi's latest announcement about her e-mails. earlier in the day, clinton waving for the cameras, but not answering questions. >> secretary clinton, have you
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>> clinton -- >> reporter: clinton was on her campaign plane when the news broke. aides huddled around an iphone. clinton's prayers answered. she closed out her final weekend campaigning at a church in pennsylvania. >> everything you care about. everything i care about and i've worked for is at stake. >> reporter: and in the battleground of ohio, clinton bringing big names to bolster her message. from the king, lebron james. >> i was one of those kids. i was was like, our vote doesn't matter. but it really does. it really, really does. [ cheers and applause ] >> the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> reporter: to queen bey and jay z. beyonce's backup dancers decked out in pantsuits. >> i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. and that is why i'm with her. >> reporter: and there will be
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a symbolic passing of the torch if you will. the obamas and clintons together at independence mall for an evening rally. bon jovi and bruce springsteen added to that night. it does not end there. her day ends with a midnight rally. that's in raleigh, north carolina, robin. donald trump wraps up his campaign with a five-state dash as he tries to expand the electoral map in key battleground state he was campaigning overnight until 1:00 a.m. before landing in florida. abc's tom llamas is with the trump campaign there in sarasota. dpo good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. in just a few hours, trump has an event here in florida. some people saying they have been waiting in line to see donald trump for more than 24 hours. thousand the trump campaign is banking on that enmuse ythusias
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>> one day! >> reporter: donald trump marching into election day on the attack. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> reporter: trump, who praised fbi director comey's additional review of clinton's e-mails, now attacking the agency after that announcement they would not pursue new action. >> right now, she's being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. i've been saying it for a long time. >> reporter: the republican no for a contested election. >> be careful with the voting. be careful with everything. you watch everything, folks. because we're going to win. we don't want it taken away from us. >> reporter: trump making the comments during a midwest swing, hoping to break hillary clinton's blue wall of support. hitting ten states in the final three days before the election. trump supporter, ted nugent,
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obscene gesture. at a campaign rally outside of detroit. >> i got your blue state right here, baby. >> reporter: in nevada, that security scare. trump rushed off the stage in reno. sources tell abc news an altercation with a protester grew intense when someone in the crowd shouted gun, prompting a quick response. no weapon was discovered. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. >> reporter: now we want to show from over the weekend. let's roll that clip now. this is a long line of mostly latino voters outside a polling location in las vegas. trump complained they have kept that polling location later than they should have. kept it open. those people were waiting in line. that's normal. there were several reports of record latino voter turnout. that could hurt trump in several battleground states. george? >> thanks, tom. let's talk to the campaign managers now. starting with robby mook. for the clinton campaign. thank you for joining us this morning.
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from james comey yesterday, but did it come too late? >> well, george. it was bizarre he sent that first letter saying he had some information. we were glad, obviously, this was resolved. i don't understand why he couldn't have just looked into the matter and resolved it and not created such a ruckus in the campaign. we're just glad in this last day, hillary can get back out on the road, celebrate the historic turnout that we have seen across the country, and talk about the vision she has for our country. we're actually releasing a special two-minute advertisement tonight that will be airing this evening, and she will be making her closer case directly to the voters. >> she's up by about four points. is that where you see the race? >> you know, at this point, we're just focused on turning out the voters. not really paying too much attention to the polls. but, what i am paying close attention to are those early voting numbers.
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in florida over the last two days. particularly in our strongholds in southern florida. north carolina and elsewhere. we're very encouraged and feeling very positive, but we want to make sure everybody has a chance to participate in every election. >> you talk about the early vote. you have seen a surge in the latino votes. in florida, and also in the state of nevada. have they delivered those states to hillary clinton? >> i think if secretary clinton does win this election, and we expect her do so, it will in part be because of enormous turnout in the latino community, and also, the asian-american community. there's really a clinton coalition that is formed of women, latinos, asian-americans, we're seeing them turn out at record levels. >> donald trump is taking aim at your blue firewall. the states of pennsylvania, minnesota, michigan. any of those states in danger? >> well, george, i think he
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i'm not concerned he is spending so much time there at the end because he didn't build a ground game. just this weekend knocked on 7.2 million doors, and made 8.1 million phone calls. we have an apparatus in place to turn out our vote. i don't think donald trump dark around to these states at the last hour is going to do what's needed to get his supporters out. >> what was the key moment in this campaign for you? >> you know, the convention and those debates were the big opportunity for hillary to speak directly to the voters in an unfiltered way. every time she had the opportunity to do that, and make her case, and particularly, when voters got to see her up against donald trump, she did her best. those were our best moments. both just in terms of the vibe out there but also in the polling. and, that's why she's going to be a great president. when she's in action, she does a great job. >> robby mook. thank you very much. >> thanks, george.
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kellyanne conway is here. welcome back to "gma." >> thank you. >> now the big announcement from comey. do you accept mr. comey's findings? and do you admit what mr. trump said was wrong when he said the e-mails would be devastating? >> this is the kind of fbi investigation, and i'm just so dismayed that the democrats attacked jim comey so viciously a week ago, and now he's a hero again. >> you all were attacking him before that. >> he said in july she was reckless and careless. she should not have set up the illegal server, and illegal private e-mail server. she lied about the number of devices she had. she said one. jim comey said under oath about multiple. turned out to be about 13. she lied about the classified information. i think her honest and trustworthy numbers have never budged. >> he said no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case. do you accept that? >> i do. it doesn't help hillary clinton that we're talking about the e-mails, what's in the wikileaks. i would think she would rather
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but i'm also struck by that p in the closing days, mr. trump is out there, five, six states a day. making an argument about what's next after obamacare, and how to make us more prosperous and safe. hillary clinton is spending tens of millions of dollars on negative ads. >> they're encouraged by the early vote in florida especially among latinos. your reaction? >> so we get an early vote absentee ballot report every day. including in we're very encouraged as to where mr. trump is in north carolina, florida, ohio, as compared to governor romney at this point in 2012. we in the rnc invested in millions of dollars in the early voting program. we're starting to see its dividends. republicans have a strong day-of vote. we anticipate that in places like florida and north carolina. and we're prepared for that. >> you have to find a way to pick off one of the blue states that has gone to democrats traditionally, and you're going to minnesota, and michigan, and
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all the public polls there show that donald trump has never been in the lead. >> michigan is tied. it's something we have seen in our internal data for awhile. there was a public vote this weekend showing the same thing. about 45% apiece, and the same thing in pennsylvania. we're very encouraged by the fact that hillary clinton is nowhere near the 52%, 53% in the states that president obama had twice. nothing is going to change to help her win back those undecided voters between today and tomorrow. >> if donald trump wins tomorrow night, what is the moment to put him over the top? >> it would be one of the upper midwest states. like a michigan or wisconsin, minnesota. and/or one of those rocky mountain states. we've had our eye on bringing back states that have voted republican in nonpresidential years for a while, and where the poll numbers have been tightening. we have at least been able to be semi-competitive on the air, and on the ground with the clinton campaign. >> kellyanne conway, thank you very much. >> thank you, george.
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our latest tracking poll shows hillary clinton with a four-point lead. abc's jon karl is here. with a look at both candidates' possible paths to victory. we heard trump is trying to turn blue states red. what did kellyanne say that struck you? >> well, the big thing is saying she has to win one of those big blue states. here's where the map stands. if you look, of course, we have our race ratings. red states favor donald trump, and blue states favor hillary clinton. for trump to win by kellyanne's own admission there, they have to trup table on all the tossup states. okay? all the tossup states, including new hampshire, which by the way, that shows hillary clinton with an 11-point lead. even if they do that, he has 263 electoral votes. not enough to win. that's why they have to carry one of these bright blue states up in the rust belt and midwest. if they can do that, if he can find a way to take, for example, michigan, he gets to 279 and can win.
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public poll since the conventions has had trump winning in any one of those states. >> we're looking at the map, it clearly favors hillary clinton at this point. >> it does. what hillary clinton would need to do is hold all of the states she currently has the lead. here's what they would like to do on the clinton team. is the state of florida. florida, florida, florida. if hillary clinton can win florida, take aing loo look at does if she wins florida, let me try that again. if she wins florida, 304 electoral votes. even if trump goes and wins all of those tossup states, and even if he wins the state of pennsylvania on top of that, he comes up short. in fact, even if he wins pennsylvania and wisconsin, he doesn't get to 274. if clinton can win florida, it's lights out for donald trump. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. all right. thank you, jon. we'll have more on that in just a bit. now to amy for the morning's other top stories. starting with just heartbreaking
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>> that's right. former attorney general, janet reno passed away overnight in her home after a 20-year battle with parkinson's disease. reno was the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general. she was appointed by president clinton. she served as a polarizing figure. she was harshly criticized for the raid on the branch davidian compound near waco texas, and the miami raid gonzalez back to cuba. janet reno was 78. another earthquake has struck oklahoma. the magnitude 5 quake in oklahoma hurt buildings in cushing. the 19th quake in oklahoma in the last week. many quakes have been linked to oil and gas drilling. in georgia, two sheriff's deputies were ambushed while responding to a dispute between neighbors. this happened where one deputy was killed and another wounded. the suspect is in custody. finally, racing star dale earnhardt jr. got a bit of a wakeup call on sunday.
7:18 am
while driving to the texas motor speedway. the officer did let him go with just a warning. i love this, though. someone on twitter asked him how fast he was going. his response, not fast enough. >> apparently not. amy, thank you very much. boy, ginger, you don't see that often in el paso. >> right. el paso, texas, the hail piling up. of course obviously, they had shovelled it together. still, our reporter from abc 7 down there standing on top of the pile. the flash flooding. the gulf states having an impact tomorrow. so your election day forecast includes that cold front that could impact parts of texas and louisiana. but also later in the afternoon, and evening as that front approaches, michigan and ohio both in there. let's get to the select cities
7:19 am
>> and i just love this photo. well, a time lapse of the beautiful stars and the long exposure of what it looks like. the world just keeps on going, no matter what happens. >> that's the truth. ginger, thank you. coming up, an urgent search
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what her husband is saying this morning. and we count down to the historic election. our team is standing by. matt tells us why he thinks the election is already over. plus, the best comedy moments of the election. all coming up here on "gma." el.
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morning. police are investigating a shooting that happened on the strip around two this morning. police say a man got in argument with two other people, and that is when he pulled out a gun and fired several shots. both of the people were hit by the shots and were transported him into custody a short time after the shooting. right now... troopers are looking for a semi that they sa woman overnight. i-15 southbound near jean is now re- opened. it had been closed for several hours overnight. troopers belive the semi was headed to california. join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at 430am... for the latest weather, traffic and breaking news... we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half hour < > if you missed good morning las vegas this morning...
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? ? oh, oh, oh, oh ? did you see this on "saturday night live"? kate mckinnon. alec baldwin. their final sketch before election day. breaking character. calling for everyone to come together. that is breaking character. encouraging viewers to get out and vote. this is something we can all rally behind. amy will have more on that. and how comedy is shaping this election coming up. >> they did have a field day all election long. right now, the final day on the campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the battleground states. clinton calling on her top supporters. the president and first lady, michelle obama. they're all going to be in philadelphia tonight.
7:31 am
trump works to turn blue states red. we have one day to go until the votes are in. and we're going to be right here in the middle of our election headquarters all through the night tomorrow night. >> we certainly will. i'm sure you will join us. michael strahan will be out with the people. >> we have an oval office out there in times square. >> that's your headquarters. get used to that, george. you're going to see that a lot tomorrow. he woep that yo we hope that you will join us. two heavyweights of our team are here right now. cokie roberts and matt dowd. >> watch that heavyweight. >> she knew what you meant. >> yeah, she knew. she knew. we heard from both campaign managers in the first half hour. kellyanne sounding optimistic. everyone believes it's going to be a tight race, but you don't feel that much, matt. why? >> having been in her position in races before, there's not much more she can say. but when all the polls converge, a small, but very solid hillary
7:32 am
points. i watched some of the new york marathon yesterday. we're in the 25th mile. and hillary clinton is about four miles ahead in the 25th mile of the new york marathon. >> he can't help himself. >> no, i can't. can donald trump still win? yeah. she would have to stop running. she would have to walk. probably fall down to lose at this point. >> wow. >> 24 hours to go. she's not walking today. campaigning all day. we have never seen anything -- so many things about the campaign we can say this about. the influence of james comey. >> it's phenomenal. the judgment is just so questionable. first in july t statement. he is not a prosecutor. he is the head of the nation's police force. to promise congress he'll come back. he does come back. now he's back again. i really think probably, the result of it is the democrats lose the senate. >> he hurt hillary clinton? >> absolutely. what was happening before that was tremendous enthusiasm. she had come off the three debates. people were buying nasty woman t-shirts. all of that. and then all the air went out of the campaign the day he sent
7:33 am
and they would have spent -- she and her surrogates would have spent this whole last week on the trail campaigning for the senate, and that just went away. >> it leads to trump and his supporters saying it's rigged. >> that's one of the concerns. even if she wins, i think she'll win with a larger margin than barack obama in 2012 and a more diverse coalition. when she finally breaks the big glass ceiling of a woman being elected president. abraham lincoln was elected on that day in 1860, tomorrow. and she faces as divided a lincoln faced in 1860 when he first got elected. >> but thank god, we don't have an issue like slavery. txd it could not be an issue like slavery. >> real challenge to bring the country together. >> our numbers on divisions in our polls are just remarkable. among women, rural versus urban. >> education. >> education. about evangelical whites.
7:34 am
people who say they don't affiliate with a religion. that's almost 100%. that's remarkable. >> how does either one, after what we have seen this last year and half, bring the nation together? >> i think hillary clinton has to quickly reach out. i'm very curious. if she wins tomorrow night, which we think she will, she'll have to do it quickly. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have to step into the breach quickly. >> she'll do that. that is in her nature to do that. the letter george h.w. bush sent to bill clinton has been circulating. now it's our country. your problems are our problems. >> okay. >> there's not one sport you haven't referenced in the last year and half. >> i'll bring another one tomorrow. >> the challenge is on. we'll be here tomorrow. don't forget. we'll be here when the polls close tomorrow night. george will anchor live coverage with our entire political team starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will have a lot more on the election coming up this morning.
7:35 am
in california. sherri papini disappeared while jogging near her home. her family found her cell phone. they believe she may have been a abducted. >> it's where and how that is sparking so many fears this young mother was, in fact, abducted. her husband is opening up as the search intensifies. this morning, the husband of missing mother of two sherri papini speaking out for the first time. >> she was definitely taken. against her will. >> reporter: the 34-year-old described by her family as a supermom has been missing for five days, seemingly vanishing without a trace wednesday afternoon while out for a jog. >> i received a text message from her at 10:37 a.m. that day, asking me if i was coming home from lunch. i usually don't bring my personal phone in on any job. so i didn't respond to that message until 1:39 p.m. later that day. >> reporter: alarms initially going off for family members after she failed to pick up her two young kids from child care
7:36 am
but she would never in a million years, you know, not pick up our children on the time that she normally would have. >> reporter: keith papini saying he traced her phone using the find my phone app, discovering it near the side of the road. >> she's considered at risk, due to the suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: police telling abc news sh she was last seen wearing a pink jogging top. search teams over the past five days scouring the surrounding area for clues, trying to piece together what could have possibly happened to this beloved mother. >> she has a family that loves her. please just bring her home. >> reporter: and sherri papini's family is now offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can provide any information leading to her location. we hope they get some answers. >> we sure do. coming up on the big board. nate silver is here. his predictions made headlines all weekend long. remember, he called all 50 states in 2012.
7:37 am
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and it's time for a special election edition of the big board. our team of insiders all set to weigh in, including martha raddatz. welcome. reegt right here at the table. >> thank you. >> is this your first big board? >> i think it is. excited. >> whoo-hoo. >> first to nate silver of fivethirtyeight. you nailed 2008 and 2012. where do you have the race today? >> so we have hillary clinton getting about about 300 electoral votes, and leading by about three points nationally. he is about a 2 to 1 favorite to win tomorrow in our models. >> why is yours so much closer, nate, than we heard from matt dowd and other predictions of, what is the reason for the difference? >> ours is based on data and history. and a three-point polling lead is not fool-proof. in 2000, for example, george bush led by three points in the
7:40 am
won the electoral college. in 2012, the last election, president obama beat his polls in swing states on average. you have to think of the spread from maybe a six-point clinton win on the upside to a very, very, very close race on the downside. and that's how we make our forecast based on history. >> trump supporters talk about the fact that polls don't capture the trump support. they talk about the shy trump voters. what do you make of that? >> i mean, that's one arm for why trump could beat his and there are a lot of undecided people. the clinton campaign has a better turnout operation. the early data looks good for them in florida, nevada, states like that. you can't pretend that polls are precise to within a percentage point or so. why you could, you know, it's worth staying up late tomorrow to see how things unfold. new polls capture this changing electorate. >> i think it is going to be a late night, nate. you got that right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. now to american voters. so much is at stake. in this presidential election,
7:41 am
the country. talking to voters. you know, you were excited about moderating. more excited to be on the big board. >> much more excited. >> what are you hearing from people across the country, martha? >> you nailed it with the word emotion. people are so emotional about this. and they are so well informed. it's incredible. sometimes you hit a voter over the years, who is running again? everybody knows who is running. everybody knows what is at stake. everybody knows what the issues are. and everybody agrees on one th they cannot wait until tomorrow is over. >> we hear that over and over again. >> no accident that all the campaigns are converging on philadelphia tonight. the president, first lady, clintons, donald trump will be there. you spent a lot of time in that city and the surrounding suburbs. it's a bell whether for the whole country. >> it is. what happens in the collar areas right around philadelphia. but i was out in western pennsylvania. and i think more than anything,
7:42 am
you have philadelphia, you have the suburbs. and probably particularly, obviously, in philadelphia, for hillary clinton. but you go to western pennsylvania, and it is like a different state. the steel mills are broken down. it is absolute blight out there. you have a democratic mayor of a small town who all these months said he might vote for donald trump. now, just a couple of days ago, i was with him, he said, i don't know who i'm going to vote for. i might vote for myself. >> good thing in philadelphia that seems like a transit strike is over. people will be able to get to the polls. >> good news. >> makes a big difference. every campaign a piece of history. we'll talk about the historical significance of this one. we're here with mark updegrove. author and presidential historian. thank you for joining us. again, and of course, if hillary clinton wins, the first woman president. >> it's a monumental development, george. a monumental leap forward for
7:43 am
think about it, 100 years ago, women didn't have the right to vote. in this country. they only got the right in 1920, so nearly a century later, we have the possibility of electing the first female president. just 40 years ago, we were debating an amendment to the constitution that would allow equal rights for women. additionally, the potential of a president living under the roof of the white house with a former president. someone who was just president 16 years ago. the closest we come to that are father-son presidents. which we get with john quincy adams and john adams, his father, and george w. bush, and george h.w. bush, his father. just eight years between their presidenci presidencies. >> and donald trump could make a bit of history as well, right? >> he would be the oldest president, as age 70. the oldest to this point was ronald reagan, 69 when he took office. a couple of weeks shy of his
7:44 am
donald trump would be the first president without having served in the military or without being elected to a government position. he will be the most wealthy. we don't know how wealthy. he's made history by not releasing his tax returns. so we don't know the extent of his wealth. >> it's hard to catch george washington on wealth. >> it is hard to catch george washington. >> let me ask you each. leading up, here w than 24 hours away. we don't know the outcome. nate, what are you going to remember most about the whole process this year? >> i mean, i think donald trump winning the nomination is one of the motion interesting, shocking events in american history, period. so win or lose, the electorate is a lot different, and the republican party is lot different than we thought it was four years ago. >> mark? >> the negativity. the candidates both have negative ratings above 50%. the first time in our history. i think we're ready to see this
7:45 am
>> i think how wrong we were originally, and how it swings back and forth, back and forth all over these months. the whiplash. that's what i will remember. >> it's all over tomorrow. >> almost. >> the voting tomorrow. a little laughter can go a long way this election season. the best moments from late night next. best moments from late nit next. ing lien the strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really... happy thanks for giving! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. good is in every blue diamond almond. a good that comes in 20 flavors from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce.
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7:47 am
? life can be messy... but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. don't you wish life could be this mess-free? color wonder. find it in the crayola aisle. sets each sold separately. the whole election has been so mean. >> i just feel so gross all the time. i mean, don't you guys feel so gross all the time about this? [ cheers and applause ] ? >> alec baldwin and kate mckinnon going out with a bang on "saturday night live." they may be the only people that love the entire campaign, comedians. >> i think it's fair to say, it's been a tense election. this time around, and a little laughter goes a long way for all of us to cope.
7:48 am
"saturday night live" are helping us do just that. laugh a little. it helps that the candidates have provided from day one, plenty of material to work with. >> it's me, hillary from 2008. >> oh, hi, hillary. how are you? >> hello. >> rudy giuliani was on fox news yesterday and today and said you seem to be sick. you look tired. can you open this jar of pickles? this has not been tampered with. [ grunting ] >> oh, oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> the only thing the media is talking about is e-mails. it's like if during the o.j. trial everyone was focused on whether or not the ford bronco had up-to-date registration. >> i'm the only candidate up here who is not a billionaire. i don't have a superpac. i don't even have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professor. >> the big star of the convention last night, as you may know, was melania trump.
7:49 am
obama's life last night. >> you to think the scandals will doom your husband's chances among women? >> no, no. it's boy talk. they're all animals. if only a woman could be president. >> you want to win? here's what you gotta do. first, yell. i yell all the time. in fact, this phone isn't even plugged in. i'm just yelling. >> this man is clearly unfit to be commander in chief. >> w >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> hillary's next debate performance, she should bring her body double so trump doesn't know which one to lurk behind. >> number two. no lifetime limits. which, you know, is a big deal if you have serious health problems, and number three -- >> i need to bet back to 2008 and send a bunch of e-mail. >> no.
7:50 am
>> and now, it's time to get out there and vote. none of this will have mattered if you don't vote. >> and we can't tell you who to vote for, but on tuesday, we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in. and live from new york it's saturday night. >> that was a poignant moment. there with them both breaking character on "snl" to urge it will be interesting to see where they go from here. they have another show this saturday. it will be election themed. where do they go from here? they lose their two main roles. >> hard to top what they've done. >> and we needed the laugh. we did. coming up, the real reason you may be gaining back that weight you lost. coming up, "gma's" real money, brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think ofry airport to. hey, jesse. .
7:51 am
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can you hear that? (vo) don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. for people with hearing loss, switch to sprint and save 50% today. visit back here on "gma," dozens of fires from tennessee through kentucky. you can see the video. looks like the stuff we show you from california. bebut it's not. the drought almost as bad in
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by breathe right. breathe better, sleep better tonight. brought to you by breat. breathe better, sleep better
7:56 am
you missed breaking news all morning. shooting that happened on the strip around two this morning. police say a man got in the shots and were transported to the hospital. no word yet on their condition. as for the suspect, police took him into custody a short time after the shooting. i-15 southbound near jean is now re- opened after being closed for several hours due to a deadly crash involving a semi. we're told a woman was hit and
7:57 am
15.. we talked with a man who was caught in the closure.. racing against the clock to get his ill daughter to a doctor in california. don shackley, father 7024608770 4:57:13-4:57:22 "getting her scheduled for these surgeries is extremely tough but we'll probably go back and possibly try to catch an airplane." n-h-p is still investigating this situation. new video in this morning from the scene of a crash near eastern and warm springs overnight. police tell us a man was hit by a car whil c outside of a crosswalk last night. the man was taken to the hospital. metro told us this morning that the man is expected to survive. a man is dead and a woman was injured in an u-t-v crash. police say the man was driving in the southern highlands area yesterday when this happened. the man lost control....amd rolled the the u-t-v. police say neither person was wearing a seatbelt...or a helmet. good morning las vegas is live every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven..
7:58 am
with more local news and weather. < > if you missed good morning las vegas this morning... you missed breaking news all
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. clinton and trump in a tight race to the finish. barn-storming key states. trump has a midnight rally as he tries to turn blue states red. clinton calls on star power. both candidates scramble to make their final case to voters. our brand-new poll shows the race still tight. clinton up by four, one day before the votes are counted. health alert. the new resear really gaining back the weight after you struggled to lose it. how your appetite is kicking into overdrive. what you need to do to control it. dr. ashton will break it down for you. internet obsession. why the mannequin challenge has everyone freezing in place. from the dallas cowboys. to the cast of "dancing with the stars." even stopping michael in his tracks. ? welcome to my house ?
8:01 am
a trio of dogs left stranded by the louisiana floods. their owners giving them up so somebody else could take care of them. they're going to a new home. with a surprise twist. you know her as a six-time olympic medalist. she's just adopted a rescue. you'll meet them both. and aly raisman is here live. and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. oh, stop it. please. it's so hard not to go home with them every single ti they're here. great monday. >> tell me about it. >> you do. and it's great to have aly here with us. and jesse at the desk. we're counting down thanksgiving. all month long. take a look at our kitchen cam. there's richard blais. he's going to show us his thanksgiving secrets. the best way to make turkey. >> and a shoutout to karen, our sous chef. >> there she is. >> hi, karen! >> put the shot on karen, there. >> she's the magic.
8:02 am
from now until thanksgiving, we're showing you recipes for every part of your dinner. which i'll be listening to. i'm hosting this year. >> it's so intimidating. >> the whole thing is. you just want to get it right. we would love to hear from you. please help us. what is your big thanksgiving question? tweet us your tips. it's ask gma. >> that's coming up. one day away from the election. first let's get the latest from both campaigns. want to start with tom llamas. he's on the trail with donald trump's team in florida. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. donald trump is predicting an election day shocker. most polls have him down nationally. he says on election day, it will be brexit times 50. we're closing in on a marathon campaign schedule. ten states in three days. he campaigned until 1:00 this morning. today, he'll be in battleground states like florida, new hampshire, north carolina, and then michigan, as well. trump is complaining about clinton's star power at her campaign events in the final hours. saying he doesn't need stars.
8:03 am
weekend were joe piscopo and ted nugent. while she had beyonce and jay z. trump calls it cheating. he's also visited the state the most. he knows there is no real path to victory without the sunshine state. robin? >> tom, thank you. we go cecilia vega. big news from the fbi. james comey clearing clinton once again over the e-mails when she was secretary of state. >> reporter: so far, no comment from hillary clinton herself on that investigation. aides say they're glad it's over on the final day of campaigning. clinton is crisscrossing battleground states once again. it is all leading up to tonight's big rally in fad philadelphia on independence mall. the obamas and clintons there for the passing of the torch. other big names added to that lineup, too. bruce springsteen and bon jovi clinton calling on famous friends in the final days from jay z and beyonce to lebron
8:04 am
>> i know there's a lot of frustration and even anger in this election season. i see it. i hear it. sometimes, you know, i'm the subject of it. i get it. but anger is not a plan. anger not going to get us new jobs, with rising incomes. >> reporter: she's making her closing argument and day. this past weekend alone, volunteers reached more than 14 million voters by knocking on doors and calling people. her final campaign event takes place tonight at midnight. rally. >> thank you, cecilia. let's get to amy for the rest of the headlines. the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has died. janet reno died overnight after battling parkinson's disease for 20 years. her tenure was marked by the raid on the branch davidian complex.
8:05 am
having agents seize 5-year-old elian gonzalez to send him back to cuba. she was 78. a shocking confession in south carolina. authorities say the real estate agent accused of kidnapping a young woman and chaining her to a storage container has now admitted to multiple murders. authorities believe charles kohlhepp may be responsible for at least seven deaths. he confessed to killing four people back in officials the grave sites or two more people. a magnitude 5 earthquake damaged buildings and caused injuries in cushing, oklahoma. there have been 19 earthquakes in just the last week. many have been linked to effects of gas drilling. overseas, new political tensions in china. thousands of hong kong residents took to the streets to protest china's intervention in their elections.
8:06 am
from taking office because of their views on independence. more protests are expected. a sweet surprise for a college student who was the victim of a cruel theft. hunter jobbins posted online that someone stole his kit kat bar from the cup holder of his car. they left a note saying, i checked your door. it was unlocked. did not take anything other than the kit kat. sorry. and hungry. hershey heard about it. they sent him 6500 kit kats. enough to fill his toyota. he got a text from his mom, hey, honey. next time, lock your car. >> that's a lot of kit kats. >> he's very popular on campus. thank you, amy. news that goes pop, lara? >> we start with heartbreaking news. michael buble and his family, over the weekend. the singer and his wife announce their 3-year-old son noah has cancer. he's undergoing treatment here in the u.s. no further details is have been released at this point. the news coming as a surprise as
8:07 am
brand-new album. spoke so adoringly about his sons. now he and his wife, luisana, say they're putting their careers and everything else on hold to be by noah's side every step of this journey. >> that news hit hard. >> it did. we're all thinking about you, michael. a good friend of the show. we're with you. >> absolutely. also in "pop news" a long awaited biopic, entitled "bohemian rhapsody." about iconic rock band queen, and th freddie mercury. this morning, "mr. robot's" rami malek was confirmed to be the lead role. as freddie mercury in the film. directed by x-men's brian singer. last spring, sacha baron cohen told howard stern he was attached to the project for the role of mercury. ultimately, he backed out. malek is the cult favorite. on the show.
8:08 am
outstanding lead actor in a drama series at this year's emmys. built-in audience. >> mm-hmm. and finally in "pop news" "the simpsons" making television history. with the news that they're being renewed for a 29th and 30th season by fox. >> it's been that long? >> in the next two seasons. "the simpsons" yeah, you do it. there you go. will break the record for most episodes of any scripted tv show ever. cbs' western, "gunsmoke" held the title previously. with 645 episodes under their belts. now, the springfield gang will hit 669 in its 30th season. homer releasing a statement following the announcement saying, quote, take that, gunsmoke. you lost a race you didn't even know you were in. he's not a humble winner. better than bart yelling eat my shorts. there you go. congratulations. my son will be very happy. can you imagine?
8:09 am
>> can i just have a girly moment here? >> yeah. >> digging the hair. love, love, love what you've done there. >> special shoutout to courtney. my hairstylist from l.a. she came in and said, mix it up. consider it mixed. >> hope you guys don't mind. just needed a moment. >> it's all you. coming up, new signs the royal romance is heating up. the family member who was calling harry -- prince harry and his girlfriend a quote perfect match. and a big weight loss headline. new research about the real reason you may be struggling to keep off that weight. keep off that weight. [montage of chatter] [montage of chatter]
8:10 am
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8:13 am
i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics they think their vote doesn't matter. but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington, i'll work with anyone to solve problems. for nevada. we're back with the big health headline. a new study is shedding light on why it's so difficult to keep weight off after you lose it. our senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton is going to join us now. tell us about the new findings. >> this is more proof that if you're struggling with your weight, you're not lazy. you do not lack will power. if it seems like you body is fighting against you, it's because it is. this study found people who lost
8:14 am
they consumed three times as many calories as they should to maintain their weight. let me show you what i mean. you take two people, pound for pound, they weigh exactly the same. one person is at the ideal body weight. the other person lost weight to weigh the same. the person who lost weight is hungrier. they are less full. and they burn fewer calories. this is the science. it's fact. >> what does this say about diet versus exercise? >> well, if you're talking about weight loss. the biggest bang for the buck really does we eat. calories in versus calories out. the exercise, for maintaining weight, exercise probably has a better role. you know you're never gonna hear from me not to exercise. it's important for our overall health. if you want to exercise to lose weight, it's a combination of cardio and resistance. you have to pump the iron. >> you know there are people on the treadmill this morning, they're working out. they're trying to eat right. all these things. they get so discouraged.
8:15 am
>> 100%. the mind-body, the psychological component is important. this data is not meant to discourage. it's meant to enable us with strategy. here's your strategy. these are the tips i recommend. if you need to lose weight, get a support system. a friend, family, co-worker. electronic, online group. very important. expect the obstacles. we know you're going to be hungrier. know you're going to feel less full. prepare for it mentally and physically. consider medication. fda approved weight loss meds. a lot of them work in the brain to help combat that hunger. very safe and effective. and 100%. don't give up. this is a marathon, not a sprint. >> we have marathoners out there, too. >> we do. >> i like jody with the bee things. >> i love that. >> that's true. all right, thank you, jen, very much. >> you bet. coming up, the big headline about prince harry. what his family is saying about his new american girlfriend. come on back. saying about
8:16 am
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recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. [ cheers and applause ] and i'm back here on "good morning america," with aly raisman. you know, "dancing" alum. and of course, olympian. my goodness. we don't have to introduce her that much. we have to introduce gibson. >> yes.
8:20 am
our mission pawsible. gibson was a rescue? >> i got him a year ago. i got him when he was a baby. we were taking photos with puppies. i saw him and had to adopt him. he's so sweet. i love him so much. >> see, the perfect story for you all to get inspired. go to our website. right now to that headline about prince harry's royal romance. we're learning what his family
8:21 am
abc's lama hasan is at buckingham palace this morning with the very latest. good morning to you, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. not only is one of the world's most eligible bachelors off the market, according to reports, his cousin, princess eugenie is saying harry has met his perfect match. >> actress at his buddy's hollywood hills home in july. over halloween, they were joined in toronto by his first cousin, princess eugenie and her boyfriend. princess andrew's daughter telling palace that the couple are quote a perfect match. royal reports say markle and harry could try to see each other. before harry leaves for his tour of the caribbean on behalf of the queen in two weeks. >> it seems this is a couple who are serious and determined to spend as much time together as
8:22 am
apparently, she's got the seal of approval from many of his friends and family. who have met her. >> reporter: in an interview recently, she joked she may need to brush up on her knowledge of britain. >> in cockney rhyming slang, what does apples and pears mean? i really have no appropriate answer for that. oh. stairs. >> reporter: don't worry, meghan, there will be plenty of time for you to get to grips with all things british. next week. flying the flag for the queen. that's why we understand that meghan, sadly, will not be joining him. it is official business after all. >> not monkey business. >> we are going to make this couple happen. >> i think we already, have george. let's hope they're really dating. >> okay. we're going to move on to our real money series. today's topic is 401(k). all the experts say that enrolling in your employer's
8:23 am
what should you do if your employer doesn't offer one? rebecca jarvis is here with more on that. good morning, rebecca. >> hey, george. the easiest way to save for retirement is to opt into your company's 401(k) plan. half of small businesses don't offer them. if you're somebody who doesn't have one, we have you covered. 36-year-old simone is ready to start thinking long term. >> i'm getting older. i have two small boys. i think it's necessary to start making some plans. >> reporter: she works full time as a teacher. her job does not provide a 401(k) savings plan. we brought in an expert to explore her retirement planning options. starting with one that surprised her. >> you work in the public school system. >> yes, i do. >> and if you work for the government, the federal government, state government, they is have different retirement planning options. they essentially do pretty much the same thing that a 401(k)
8:24 am
>> reporter: if you qualify for 457 and 403(b) plans, they allow they allow the same contributions that a 401(k) does. $18,000 annually. another popular option, i.r.a.s. there are two options. traditional i.r.a. or a roth i.r.a. with no tax breaks for contributions but growth and withdrawals are tax-free. experts also suggest, if possible, earmark additional retirement funds in a normal brokerage account. >> put that money to work. take a little bit of risk. don't be conservative. and go for it. >> thank you so much. >> go for it. especially important when you're young and have time. when you do go to open the i.r.a. or roth i.r.a., remember, your bank might not necessarily
8:25 am
the key question to ask here is what are the fees? both vanguard and fidelity are industry standouts. for offering low-fee services. you might be eligible for a signup bonus. be sure to ask for that. >> those fees can add up. coming up, we're counting down the thanksgiving with the best recipes for your feasts. this morning, we talk about the turkey. >> yum. >> he's -- >> you actually just said that.
8:26 am
8:27 am
morning. police are investigating a shooting that happened on the strip around two this morning. police say a man got in argument with two other people, and that is when he pulled out a gun and fired several shots. both of the people were hit by the shots and were transported
8:28 am
over the weekend some harsh words from g-o-p leaders accusing polls in clark county of staying open illegally to bring in democratic voters. the nevada g-o-p chair said it was so quote " a certain group" could vote, referring to latino voters at cardenas market. even donald trump weighed in on this topic. certain key democratic polling locations in clark county were kept open for hours and hours beyond closing time to bus and bring democratic voters in. it's a rigged system and we're going to beat it. a clark county spokesperson said several sites stayed open to accomodate all voters in line. . join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at 430am... for the latest weather, traffic
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:29 am
we'll have more local news
8:30 am
? it is creepy in here. we welcome you back. >> what happened? boo! >> lara. >> the audience and crew, well, they're getting in on a little -- they're getting a little stiff this morning. let put it that way. i the reason everyone here -- >> oh, brad. looking good. >> jesse looks frozen as well. can we isolate our pierre thomas? >> ver serious correspondent, pierre thomas. >> i don't want the see pierre frozen. he's supposed to tell us if there's a terrorist attack going. >> i loved your eyes. >> that's good coffee.
8:31 am
>> i had not heard about this. >> lara, this is the mannequin challenge. 1.4 million tweets with the hashtag mannequin challenge. the dallas cowboys. michael strahan and the guys holding the pose as well. this is a trend that viral right now. on the internet. >> it's pretty cool. >> it is. >> believe it or not, we think it was a 16-year-old girl, named emily adams in jacksonville, with her friends. one day, hanging out. having fun. making all these poses, like mannequins. one friend said, put it online. make it a challenge. this thing took off. blew up. there's been all the other challenges. the running man.
8:32 am
>> ice bucket. >> a plank challenge. a harlem shake challenge. this one requires the least amount of talent. >> just stamina. >> who can hold a cup of coffee without dripping it all over yourself. it's gone crazy. >> thank you, audience. >> well done, guys. >> pierre thomas. >> back to work. now, we have parents in the audience today, right? >> raise your han a or dad? >> here's the puzzle for the morning. 9-year-old daughter comes home, learn graetd new song at school. sings it the whole way home. says boy, i'm really great at this. >> i want singing lessons. >> turns out she's not so great. do you tell her or not? that was the question posed. >> 9 years old? >> yeah. this was a question posed by a lady. i agree with you. i laughed when i heard it, too. you don't tell her. no way!
8:33 am
>> without a question. >> your vocal chords are not fully formd. if she wrecks this child's dream. >> i love how much you love it. keep on trying. what's the big deal. >> this was a whole thing about when is it too young to tell your child to -- >> that they're not good at something? >> everyone has a different personality. it's true. you could crush somebody's deem? if you can't dream when you're 9 years old. >> if they say, i want to school and take singing lessons, that's a different thing. >> when do you not want to give your child a false sense of hope, though. do you say, oh, my god, you're amazing. >> you have to temper it the. >> i have to ask you. what do you feel about that everybody gets a trophy, everybody gets to play. >> i like that. when you're young, i do. it's sprnt to guild confidence. there san age, i think, with youth sports.
8:34 am
>> a lot of pampbts don't like that. you can learn through losing as much as winning. >> if you don't let your kids win in game with you or something, they can't win at. once they beat you, it's a big accomplishment. >> you don't let them beat you, right? >> they can beat me at a lot of things. it's okay. >> i love that. >> you know who is a real winner? the woman coming out here right now. you want to see who we're bringing out he would you please welcome to "gma," welcome back aly raisman. yes. hey, boo. how are you? >> how are you? >> nice to see you. >> you have been keeping busy. >> i know. thank you for is having me on. >> we love your dog, too. >> we can't wait to talk about the dog. we want to talk about other things first. saw you at the cmas. the first ones out. >> yes. >> it was great to see you all.
8:35 am
present at a couple of things. we're getting the hang of it. when we hold hands, it's less likely that we'll wipe out. we hold hands. walk slow. this time we were in gowns. we had to walk extra slow. even walking out there, i'm like, don't fall, don't fall. don't fall. >> you're a gymnast. what do you mean, don't fall? >> how nerve racking to teach the president how to do the splits? >> it wasn't that nerve racking. he couldn't do it. it's okay. he gets an "a" for effort. >> how do you teach someone who can't zmoit. >> we just told him good job. you just be supportive. he knew he wasn't good. he didn't really try. >> of all the things to teach him, a split is -- >> it was his idea, so i don't know. >> cart wheel.
8:36 am
do that. >> it would have been hard in a suit, though. >> can't mess up those armani threads. >> how is the tour going? >> it's great. we've been gone since september 5th. first show was september 14th. the last show wis in boston, where i live. november 13th. 36 cities. 38 show we have been sleeping on tour buses. so much fun. it's a totally didn't experience. it's great for people to see our personality. we do gymnastics. we're having fun. the last number is mixing of '80s songs. we're all in bright colors. we have a really good time. >> were you born then? just checking. >> no i was born in '94. i know all the songs. >> the '80s are back.
8:37 am
with the stars" -- >> she's so good. we love watching her. she's amazing. >> is he enjoying it? >> that's me, laurie? or me? i can't tell? >> you're together. >> i hope i can go watch her again. she's so good. >> did you give her advice? you did well. >> she needs to give me advice. she's so m she always has had the "it" factor. your eyes are drawn to her. she's such a natural performer. after this, when she's done with gymnasti gymnastics. she's going to bonn disney channel. she's a star. she's so good. >> a great idea. they probably just picked up zplsh yeah, she's so bubbly. disney channel, hire her. >> we'll have on you stick around. we want to know more about your
8:38 am
update coming up as well. the whole thing when we come
8:40 am
back here on "good morning america." we are celebrating just a little extra this monday morning. because, these foeblgs ran the new york city marathon. oh, my goodness. they said they're retiring after this one.
8:41 am
>> jamie. >> 32 marathons you have run. and that's not your last. >> no, it's definitely not my last. i have disney in january. >> she's going and going. >> that was your first? >> it was. >> your name? >> kelly. >> it was a beautiful weather day. you guys. i really admire y'all. >> i imagine you could do another one right now, couldn't you? >> i feel good. it's the new york electricity. >> we got crazy people out here. thank you, ginger. how are you, everybody?
8:42 am
pawsible. the big reveal. how many dogs we have helped find forever homes. drum roll please. the new number is -- 1299, jess, make it 1300. do it, bro. >> this is going to be one of the best decisions you ever make. we have seen so many amazing success stories. including a group of three who have stuck together through some rough times. take a look. meet the three musketeers. sammy. bonn temp, and little shavae. a trio that has gone through a lot together. this summer, their home was waushed away in louisiana. >> the owner of these three dogs lost everything. they couldn't take care of the dogs. >> reporter: so, north shore animal league america hit the road. bringing the pups back to new york. where they stole our hearts during "gma's" mission pawsible
8:43 am
>> they want love. want to be played with. >> reporter: finding a home for one dog is hard enough. north shore made it their mission to keep the three together. finding one home for the whole pack. >> we want to find them the perfect home. perfect match. >> reporter: after a rough couple of months, one couple made it pawsibel, adopting the three musketeers all together. you on ben zobrist. the 2-year-old minute pinscher has found a forever home. >> you have another special prize right here in gibson. tell us about gibson, how you met and why you had to have him. >> he's getting afraid of that dog. so, i was at a photo shoot. we were shooting a promo for nbc olympics. we had a photo shoot with rescue
8:44 am
because he's so cute and loving. >> can you talk. my microphone just got dogged. don't mind me, america. >> we have the first photo of you and your dog. yeah. >> oh, gibson. >> why do you think it's so important for people to adopt? >> i think every dog deserves a home. my life has been so special, especially the last year being so stressful. it's so therapeutic to have a dog. so loving. so caring. he's amazing. i love him so much. >> we want everybody to love -- what you're looking at, the final five of puppies that are all available for rescue. i'm holding lori. she's an 11-week-old hound mix. >> we have to allies here. >> she's a 14-week-old terrier mix. we have sadson, simone, and
8:45 am
rescue. please, let's get that number going. we're doing this all month long. we have had such great success. >> what is up for you next? you're superbusy at this time. >> we have one more week left of the tour. i'm excited to spend time with my family over the holidays. things will pick back up again. i missed my puppy a lot. >> we're so philadelphia you gave a dog a forever home. we hope you will, too. we'll be live-streaming from the animal wes ewe league of today, aly's hometown. we'll be live from north shore animal league america's woof-top party. if you adopt, share your story with us. get all the details about how you can get involved in our website. coming up, we're counting down to thanks giving with the
8:48 am
countdown to thanksgiving. for the next three weeks, we're showing you how to cook each part of a complete thanks giving dinner. celebrity chef richard blais is going to talk turkey. >> yes. >> let's talk marathon. for the fourth year in a row, you ran for someone. this was for save the children. >> i ran for save the children. we're helping kids across the globe. yes, i, also, everyone, i had a p.w. a personal worst. that's okay. >> that's okay. >> i finished, right? loathes of marathoners out here. >> let me just -- what is it about turkey that is so intimidating for so many people? >> i'm going make it not so intimidating. in my house, we cook two birds. one, the traditional way. for the other one, we break it down into parts. it makes it easier. we cook the legs and wings with
8:49 am
we bury it in this mix for a cup kofl hours. rinse it off. take the legs and wings, put it in the confit. it's a pretentious word that means cooking it in its own juices. we do it. we remove it. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. >> it's literally falling off the bone. we sear it in the pan. now the next part is our brine. >> i got to -- >> you're stopping. we're going to eat later. i'm going to talk about brining. for our leaner cuts of meat, we brine our bird. salt, spices, kin mon,ennon, garlic. give that a water bath. a salt bath. i took a salt bath last night. i brined myself last night. we brine this for a few mourps rinse it off.
8:50 am
rinsing all the salt solution. we roast it in a pan. >> you don't lose everything? >> you lose some of the excess salt. we brine it atsalinity. so it's perfectly seasoned. juicy. other here, you see the finished product. slice up right here. >> can i request ask you a question. do you like it this way better than cooking the whole >> i like doing both. this is a way if you have a smaller oven. or the you don't have the time. you break the bird down. >> what if you're not a great cook? >> this is more full proof. >> i brined last year. it was amazing. it was so good. >> you're a fan? >> i'm a believer. >> i have to sell you on confit.
8:51 am
brussels sprouts, every dkid didn't like. now everyone loves. they're on every menu. >> it saves time. it's still time-consume ppg you break one birnd down, you start three, four days ahead. you make your own stock. row have gravy made. the key so thanksgiving is to get it done >> good job, man. are we doing this every day? >> are you here? >> i'm going to make sure i'm here. >> do i always have to follow you holding a puppy though? >> what are the questions you always get about turkey? >> my thanks giving is filled with lots of people tweeting me like, oh mirks god, what's happening? it's about time and temperature. >> that was me. >> i got back to you, i hope. >> thank you. >> it's about time and temperature. key is a low oven.
8:52 am
instinct. i think most people leave the bird in a little too long. that plastic thing hasn't popped out. if row have the instinct that the bird is done, pull it out. >> the instinct that the bird is done? what is that? >> it's like a sixth sense. >> people don't realize it's still cooking when you take it out. >> it has to cool down. rest. the worst case scenario is you pop a piece of it back in the oven. you would rather it be less done than overdone. >> congratulations again for running the race. >> thank you. >> it's awesome. >> how much do we love chef blais here? >> he's the best. >> get the recipes on our website. next week, emeril lagasse will be here with his favorite recipes.
8:53 am
as you make up your mind, remember -- congressman heck voted 10 times to defund planned parenthood. he even threatened to shut down the government over it. heck took all that money from wall street and predatory payday lenders and voted their way. he even wanted to privatize social security, risking it on the stock market.
8:54 am
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how about richard blais. that was really great stuff, wasn't it? sleep off. you're going to be up late
8:57 am
shooting that happened on the strip around two this morning. police say a man got in argument with two other people, and that is when he pulled out no word yet on their condition. as him into custody a short time after the shooting. both presidential candidates are still trying to secure our state. all weekend long, their surrogates have been drumming up support in northern nevada as well as here in the valley. former new york mayor rudy giuliani, and senator bernie sanders each held events here yesterday. we can still win .... the reality is he has the enthiusiasm on his side , she doesn't they have to drag people out to vote (buttedwith)
8:58 am
candidate that has corner stone of bigotry the cornerstone of his campaign-- we are not going to elect trump to be president. our state carries 6 electoral votes. right now the numbers are showing the democrats are leading in early voting. good morning las vegas is live every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven.. more local news headlines are coming up on action news live at midday. i'm beth fisher and here's
8:59 am
9:00 am
yes, monday morning. taking a live look outside right now at t mobile arena. for a limited time, the strip is getting aen all new cirque de soleil show. preview of the "avatar" production in just moments. is it and i have ears from taruq. i'm excited. they're over there. >> i was confused. >> it's all based on the "avatar" movie. >> i never saw "avatar." i know. i'm the only one. it was one of the most popular movies of all time. i have not seen "avatar." >> i remember coming to tears in that movie. i saw it in the theater. >> you have to watch it in imax and i missed it. i feel like i watch it now, i'll miss something. >> it's a beautiful message.


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