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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 16, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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a congressional report targets edward snowden saying a congressional report targets edward snowden saying the leak of information caused tremendous damage to national security. >> it comes amid a growing campaign for president obama to pardon snowden and as one take on snowden's story is shown in movie theaters coast to coast. >> reporter: he exposed the nsa's surveillance secret, and today, the story hits the big screen. >> think of it as a google search, we see e-mails, chats, whatever. >> which people? >> the whole kingdom. >> reporter: they painted him as a hero. >> i feel i'm made to do this, and if i don't do it, then i don't know anybody else that can. >> reporter: joseph gordon levitt plays the character. >> the net results of what snowden did was positive. did he break the law? he did. he admits it, delivering classified documents to
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nsa was also breaking the law. >> reporter: making a pardon push, the snowden campaign asks president obama to pardon the leaker before leaving office. it's drawn support of celebrities like martin sheen, and daniel radcliff. >> snow den thanked his supporters. >> i don't know what tomorrow looks like. i'm glad the decisions that i made, and i'm thankful to all of you supporting me. >> reporter: there's a new report released on an investigation into snowden's action. the report called him a, quote, serial exaggerator and fabricator. snowden mocked the report on twitter saying, quote, the american people deserve better. this report diminishing the committee. the white house wants him to return to the u.s. to face charges of espionage. >> he's not a whistle blower. his conduct put american lives
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security. >> reporter: those comments suggest it's unlikely president obama will pardon snowden any time soon. a debate over whether he's a traitor or hero will continue. >> all right. thank you. coming up, our insomniac theater. >> the sequel to the blair witch project and third bridget jones next. "world news now" continues
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it's time for insomniac theater checking out a couple of r-rated movies this weekend. >> yeah. some feel good movies starting with the blair witch. the sequel of the 1999 blair witch project. there's a video of what he believes to be his sister's experiences in the haunted woods of the blair witch, james and e the forest in search of his lost sibling. >> come on! don't look! in the corner. >> i'm so sorry.
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saying giving blair witch only 56% on rotten tomatoes, writing, at least a third of blair witch consists of people running through the woods with flashlights shouting out each other's names. a little of this goes a long way. edward douglas says, this is one found footage movie that should have been left lost in the next to some lighter fare. renee zellweger returns in bridget jones' baby. now 43 years old, bridget is slimmer, more confident, and a little more "sex in the city" so to speak, but after two poorly timed relationships, you could say, with old flame and a new love interest, she finds herself pregnant with one big
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>> oh. >> so we had relations, and the next week, that is to say on the 11th of the month that -- to be exact, following quite a bit of alcohol, mark and i, well, we had similar relations. and -- this is the funny part, i suppose -- of these two relations, the result is residing in my tummy could, in fact, be either of yours. >> that's one way to break the news. >> i'm bored already. the critics, by and large -- maybe not you, but critics love it. it's scoring a solid 84% on rotten tomatoes. the movie is a jubilant celebration of women. >> okay. >> and serena donadodi calls it the warmest and most satisfying of the series. >> wow. that's saying a lot for the series. >> yeah. >> they've been fun. they are hilarious. >> interesting. that could be the choice.
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this morning on "world news now" -- wait, they are better than the real ones. >> in case you have not checked your calendar, it is world play-doh day. >> there are more alive than the real thing, i would say. >> i love this. so play-doh made play-doh versions of us to celebrate this holiday, and we are absolutely fascinated. look at the world news now mugs. they have handles on them, by the way. >> they do. it's a big anniversary for play-doh, 60 years, and this is fascinating thing that they did for us. take a look at how it all took place. a time lapsed video of the amazing artists in new jersey who took some seven hours. look at that.
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now set. >> i have eyebrows and everything. so cool. >> i have a pretty good chest. >> the iconic brand turns 60, 1956 is when play-doh came out, and more than 3 billion cans of play-doh sold since across 80 countries. we're trying to see if we can duplicate what they do. somehow manage to make this happen. we like to mention that it took them seven hours, and they are experts. >> exactly. >> and we, of course, are not at all experts and don't have seven >> i think i need -- >> our best here. >> i need a lighter color. >> i need to make your shirt. i think -- >> what mac number do you news? >> mc 17. they don't have that? >> they don't quite have mc 17. >> play-doh use to be red, blue, yellow, and white. >> yep. now there are more than 50 colors.
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>> more than 50 colors. all it is is water, salt, and flour. it ends up being, i don't know what i'm doing here. >> so there's cologne by the fragrance library that's scented like play-doh. >> oh, really? >> yeah. >> this smell is nostalgic, i find. doesn't it? when you smell play-doh, you know exactly what it is. >> i made your ears -- they look like princess lea. >> really, really dark eyes. >> your ears like like princess leia. >> you have like obama ears. >> trying to give me some eyes. >> oh, where is it? where is it?
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step one is complete to bring n- f-l to las vegas...there's still a lot standing in the way of it being a done deal... there's a lot of excitement this morning...but not everyone is feeling the same way... new overnight... donald trump's campaign says president obama was born in the u-s it's something the nominee has never confirmed we are following breaking news... we're hearing reports that an officer was involved in a bad crash at tropicana and durango. we know fire and rescue is heading to the intersection right now. and we have our parker collins headed there as well... we will update you as soon as


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