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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 14, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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for the first time, we see the confusion inside. >> we're going to have to evacuate. >> reporter: passengers then told to wait. >> please remain seated. >> reporter: it was 12 minutes before the evacuation starts, over one wing exit because the other wing was leaking fuel. >> sit down. >> reporter: it took 17 minutes before all 127 people were off, and it should have taken 90 seconds. investigators say the cause was pilot error, too much reverse thrust to slow the plane, the pilot losing ability to keep the jet straight and started sliding. >> this was a very serious mishap. it could have been much more serious. >> reporter: investigators say there was no urgency in the captain's order for evacuation, and adds they believe the plane could have landed without incident in the conditions. david kerley, abc news, washington. apparently, the pilots lost control of the plane the second it hit the ground, and so the
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that pilots just need more training. >> hard to avoid that kind of landing. they are going to use the findings to improve safety in the future. coming up, the school bus driver hailed a hero this morning. >> how bravely and quick thinking saved lives of 20 school children. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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? being a school bus d ? being a school bus driver is obviously stressful at times, but there are moments with quick thinking is absolutely life saving. >> we saw that in maryland where one bus driver is being called a hero, and you can understand why. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: it's the kind of terrifying scene most people run away from, but not renita smith. >> i jumped up and went in mommy mode. >> reporter: the maryland school bus driver on the third stop of the day when her dash board brake light comes on. she pulls over, and seconds later, the smell of smoke. >> there was a fire, smelling the smoke. it smelled like, like a rubber kind of gas. >> reporter: in her rearview mirror, flames. she scrambled to get the
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goes back in. going seat by seat to make sure all 20 children are out safely. watching the footage, even she is shocked. >> i am not a firefighter. what was i thinking running back into the bus? a burning bus. >> reporter: the cause of that fire still unknown, but all those children, safe. >> we did a group hug, tears rolling, but me, as mommy, no, i have to be strong for the babies. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> lots of parents grateful for that bus driver this morning. >> yeah. she said it was her job to keep the young children safe, and there were others that rescued as well. some neighbors who saw the fire and got all the kids into the house nearby as well. >> all right. a happy ending. we like those. >> yeah. coming up, newest feature series, two truths and a why. >> why? we guarantee it'll lift you up, or at least we hope so. you're watching "world news
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clearasil works fast. ? final from us this half hour, emphasizing the new in world news now. with something that might make you smile. >> here is abc's will gantz. will? >> reporter: good morning, you two. you know that old game, two truths and a lie? well, this is a segment we call two truths i'll bring you two very true and heart warming stories and the third story that'll leave you laughing thinking, just, why? but first, they say music can do the soul good. and that's exactly what 400 plus students and faculty at chris presbyterian academy hoped when they gathered outside their teacher's home in nashville. look at the moment students joined in song to lift the spirits of the beloved latin teacher who is housebound battling cancer.
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? to be overcome by your presence lord ? >> the video caught the eye of country superstar tim mcgraw who shared it on facebook where it's been viewed more than 23 million times. ? your presence lord ? >> it's never easy deciding what to give a loved one for a birthday, but a gold medal is a good backup. katie kelly is a legally blind paratriathlete from australia who, along with calety holmes, took home the gold m it just so happens they won the competition on jones' birthday. she told press after the event there was no birthday cake to be had, but, hey, a gold medal does just fine. >> and, finally, time for our why. if you're tired of the s.o. demanding you pay attention to them or communicate with them, have we found the technology for you. introducing love bot, a computer program that will send your partner messages of affection or admiration so you don't have to.
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send the messages and is takes over from there. the app was built at tech crunch disrupt san francisco. what do you think? love notes from an app? innovative and helpful, or is romance totally #dead? >> it doesn't send love notes you wrote, just sends -- >> oogs automatically. >> automatic love notes. >> i like it. >> no, no, not okay. that gets you zero points. zero. >> let me tell you, to start out, i start at 0 points. >> you're in negative territory. >> thank you, will. >> that's the news for this half hour. zero points. >> remember to follow us on facebook.
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so sure... :17-:22 i really really really want to elect hillary clinton president obama and former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton while she recovers from pneumonia. bill clinton will be right here in the valley today! ... and i'm xxx.... the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett... ((ad-lib)) low pressure begins to shift just enough to lighten the winds for las vegas but keep temperatures within the mid and upper 80s this afternoon! highs will range between 84 and 89 soon after, high pressure and dry air will take over the southwest and light winds with temperatures will slowly creep back to normal values for this time of the year.


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