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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 16, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> urgent breaking news happening right now. a wild fire is best of your knowledge thousands of acres and we -- burning thousands of acres. this is happening near the cajon pass. this is happening near los angeles. this is a live look at the cajon pass up in flames, filled with smoke. you see the black smoke, white smoke, these are all signs that th we know this fire, called the blue cut fire, started around 11:00 a.m. this afternoon. it is now in the 2:00 hour and it is aggressive. it was at 1500 acres at last report. now we just found out 2500 acres. you know, blue cut pass, this is what is burning, which is why it's named the blue cut fire. it actually is named based on the origin of the first arriving
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blue cut fires have been names of fires in the past, actually just recently, because once a fire truck arrives, they say what's this fire going to be named, so they can alert. this is the blue cut fires. i want to toss it over to carla, our meteorologist in the weather center who is going to talk about how the weather conditions have impacted southern california and caused these wildfires. >> it's that time we have dry conditions. we have southwesterly winds and very hot temperatures which do not help firefighting efforts and the wind could help some of that fire to spread along with the dry conditions. now, here is where the fire is located. mind you, it's about 200 miles from las vegas. it's a little bit more. so if the smoke did get here, we're talking about maybe a day or so before it does arrive into the las vegas area.
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sp we're definitely this that breezy category. here's the concern, southwesterly winds in henderson, this is what we're going to see for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow. winds will pick up, so that will unfortunately help the transport of that smoke here and possibly could be seeing an air quality advisory by clark county. we're continuing to monitor it hour by hour. >> that's hour by hour, minute by we're sending gina out there. >> we do have a live look and riot now. there are the flames, there's the smoke, this is the blue cut fire, burning at 23500 ache -- 2500 acres down the cajon pass. use that #eye see 13.
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this is a very rare degenerative disease that could be a terminal disease in fact it has been for many of its sufferers. when she first met her back in 2013 there was a government shutdown that was blocking funding for the research for the treatment. >> oh. >> eliza's parents set up a ground funding campaign. they've been able to raise more than $2 million with the help of obviously the community, all of the people that have been donating their money investing their created a viral video that they use to create awareness about this degenerative disease and brought the process so far that they were finally able to treat eliza with this gene therapy treatment. >> so this treatment did it completely cure her? what's going on? what's the next step? >> why don't we ask them directly because joining us via skype right this minute we have
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glen welcome to the show guys. >> whoo. >> thank you for having us. >> now eliza is being treated. what is that like? >> we're absolutely thrilled, yeah, it's the gene therapy. there was one injection into the bloodstream, that's it. it's done. we heard you say is it a cure? we don't know yet. but we have some really positive signs just in three months, a new look in her eye. a clarity that is hard to explain. we have so much hope for her. that she can begin to relearn some of the things that she lost. >> think about how you guys are feeling now. >> we just feel incredibly blessed to be in this position that we're in. i mean, it's -- how it feels to -- >> it feels good. >> you know, we have hope so to have the future open is just you know amazing. >> so tell me what's different for you guys now since she's
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quarantine, our isolation is over so that's been probably the biggest change as a family. you know, we decided to sort of isolate to protect her, to be a candidate in the trial, and we were fortunate that she got chosen. and i mean literally the day after she got treated and we left the hospital we were at our grocery store for the first time in 726 days. getting back in the world was enjoyable for all of us. especially for this guy who just started fourth grade today. >> yay! >> we're you. >> thank you so much. thanks for all your help. >> thank you. if you've watched our show for more than a day you know that i love motorcycles. >> watching videos like this it's frustrating. we've got a guy here you can hear him drop a couple of gears crack the throttle wide open. >> the bike rapidly accelerates
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approaching this left-hander. you know what's coming. >> oh! >> ooh. where's is the bike? >> watch! quickly pops to his feet, sprints down the road. looks like he may have had a buddy riding with him right behind. >> oh, look at his hands. >> ooh. right through those glofs. >> right. but hoists it back up. eventually he fires this thing right back up. >> and he keeps going? >> oh, yes. >> isn't that a bit dangerous? broken on that bike. driving immediately after a wreck like that he should take that straight to a garage. >> i was a little surprised that he got going, too. maybe just a little bit of shock and adrenaline coursing through his veins at this point. certainly doesn't seem safe to continue his ride. on this next video comes to us from the mulholland highway area. the helmet cam from the right motors youtube clan.
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to be they're respecting the road. catch this guy get caught out. >> ooh oh, ow. >> [ bleep ] >> got the wind knocked out of me. >> yeah, got the wind knocked out of him for sure. i'm happy to report, though, that once they collect his bike he, too, also rides back down the mountain. but watch this as the guy tips his ride watch when he passes just up the road. >> the snake bite, a car this time he whips back a guy says don't worry i'm good. >> it's a miracle. it's amazing. it's wonderful. at least the last couple of weeks, get this thing out of me which is exactly where colby is right now but she is approaching it with some -- ?? >> oh. >> 40 weeks pregnant she was just so uncomfortable, just wanted to get out and do something. and she's doing something none
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now. >> right. i'm not pregnant i can't do that. think about it it not only takes her mind off of it, she's having fun. and she's probably inducing labor somehow. >> probably a good theory because if you go to her instagram you'll see that not long after that happens, little bubba shows up, as well, as you can see, came surfing out apparently no problem. >> can't help yourself. >> it's funny because i've seen this a lot lately there's an athlete in the bay area who is actually pregnant now and she's posting a lot of these and videos of her surfing apparently it's a thing now. >> it's the active pregnant momma thing. we've been seeing it a lot over the last couple of years. shows it doesn't matter, even at 40 weeks you can do whatever you want to do. >> simple magic that will blow your mind. >> oh, just quickly take a picture for me. >> sure. >> no problem but then the magic happens. >> right in front of their eyes. >> the trick that leads people
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closed captioning provided by -- out of my way strong. allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. magicians out there, in my opinion the king of youtube magic is rich ferguson because he just delivers simple magic that blows minds. in fact, with another doozy. it all starts with a very familiar scene. >> can you take a look at this? >> you know. anybody young girls, young guy, couples, whatever can you just quickly take a picture for me. sure, no problem. but then the magic happens. right in front of their eyes.
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we've seen before and they take a quick picture then -- >> whoa she's in a bikini. >> yes. just like that. they take a photo. she's busting a pose but when they take the photo and check it, the clothes are gone. >> is it -- >> what happened? >> what? >> ha, ha. >> people are getting very amused as you would imagine. also just a bit confused. >> especially she's on top of it. she thinks she's got this girl's number. >> gets a bit confused. hang on. tail take another picture. ha, ha, ha i'm on to you. changes pose. >> what? >> and it still is doing it. >> okay, give up the goods pettigrew, how? >> you know i don't like to give away the magic. i can give away the goods in this case. because if you go to the app store on your phone right now,
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trick pic, magic and prank camera which will enable you to do all kinds of things like, for example, make people appear in a picture that weren't there. make yourself vanish, make your clothes vanish and stuff like that. so if you think this is the kind of trick that you want to be pulling you want to be a bit more like rich ferguson check out his video and maybe grab this app as well and you, too, could have naked people on your phone. >> allow us to go wow instead of oh, no. bmw rally car coming around the turn here gets a little loose. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> wow. >> right. >> don't worry, though, as soon as the dust settles, there's your driver. oh, driver, also just fine.
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>> he gets out of the car so jovial like oh, almost died today. >> like a gymnast, todd today! >> a perfect dismount. >> that driver and tow driver okay these rally cars must be built like bank vaults because in three, two, one, >> oh! >> oh! >> oh! >> ha! oh, maybe too quick on that one. >> that thing was flying. >> look at it in slow motion. >> the great part about these kinds of videos and crashes and stuff like that so much safety technology makes its way from the racing world into the cars that we drive today, so we thank these guys for kind of testing the limits. >> they're our crash test dummies. >> i'm sure this thought has crossed the minds of parents all over the world. [ indiscernible ] >> how can i possibly make my
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>> here are five tips from emma that i think everyone will appreciate. [ indiscernible ] >> so you want to end the call just put the baby on the phone. >> incredibly convenient way to get off the phone did oh, my god -- [ indiscernible ] >> great little quality machines apparently. >> do this after they've had all their vaccinations, right? >> i'm going to take it -- >> builds up -- >> has any closer -- >> [ indiscernible ]
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[ indiscernible ] >> give them spaghetti, five minutes, spaghetti, done. >> that's a great idea. [ indiscernible ] >> it started as a fire on the outside. but when they got there they quickly noticed, no, that fire is well inside the building. see the biggest problem these firefighters face. and, got a good surprise or a bad surprise because right now it could be either. the bombshell that leaves mom in shock. >> open the door! it's frozen!
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. we have crews where metro is looking at a possible gunman. we begin with breaking new developments in southern california. we have team coverage of the blue cut fire at this hour. tracking how the fire and smoke could impact us in our valley. and keeping an eye on the roads as part of interstate 15 is shut down. let's get straight to megan. >> the blue cut fire is burning rapidly in devore, in southern california, has turned 2,000 acres. you're looking at 2,500 acres.
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pass. we are familiar with that part of southern california, where people go up and down every day. it is about 3:00 right now. that commute time will be picking up very shortly. mandatory evacuations are in order for people living in the area of west cajun valley between highway 2 and the i-15. at least one elementary school has been closed with kids evacuated. we're looking at a live picture, this is from our in los angeles. the cajon pass up in flames. lots of smoke right now. it is white. we were seeing black smoke a minute ago. you can see from the aerial views just how insane this area is in terms of agricultural. how quick the flames can catch on and spread rapidly. we're calling this the blue cut fire, burning at 2,500 acres. san bernardino national forest estimating 2,500 acres. i was talking to former police
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said in san bernardino that this is pretty abnormal in terms of how quick it is spreading. we talk about the pilot fire that burned in southern california at 8,000 acres. another 38,000. the blue cut fire, 2,500 acres. we will keep you posted. we will get former san bernardino fire chief on the phone in just a bit. for now, i'm going to send it back to tricia. >> megan, thank you. with this fire so close, we are trademarking what it would take -- tracking for what it would feel f effects in the air. brian joins us with more. >> reporter: it is going to take more wind and more time. the haze you're probably seeing in the background now has little to do with that. me show you ai. it is still in the good category. tomorrow would be a better chance to get smoke and soot in the air. we'll monitor and track for today, tomorrow, and the next
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the southwesterly flow in the area, that's what will make the difference bringing smoke our way. better chance to see more of that in for tomorrow. >> we're going to be keeping a close eye on the air effectses here in our valley. and if you need to drive that way, a lot of people make that commute back and forth, you could run into problems. apparently part of 15 is shut down right now. but with more on that, the latest with traffic >> we're seeing 15 shut down in both directions. i want to give you perspective about where we are talking about in connection with las vegas. we are up towards las vegas. and the closure right now is on the 15 right near oak hill. so, on top of the evacuations, we are also seeing closure on the 15. people are going to be stuck in traffic out there, anticipating for a while now, hours last time we had similar situations like
2:53 pm
when we had the cajun fire out here. 64 here's were burned because the fire was so close to interstate. seven homes, seven square miles. hopefully we don't see something similar to that. if you don't need to be on the 15, i would absolutely avoid t. a little closer to town, the 15, here's a live look out here. traffic is looking okay. that's the good news. if you are on the nevada side of the state line, things are looking okay right now. tricia, back t >> all right. we want to show you more pictures, the wild fire, the blue cut fire is burning in cajon pass, burned at least one property right now. and it's closed down two major roads, and forced evacuations. the fire started over an hour ago and quickly grew to over 2,000 acres. as you can see, this is part of the fight at a reservoir to get more water on this fire to douse it. we want to find out the very
2:54 pm
the breaking news center. >> that's right, tricia, we were looking at live picture. you can see the helicopter grabbing water so they can spread it over this fire in an effort to make it smaller. this fire began at 11:00 this afternoon. we -- it is now 3:00. and we have more breaking news. chopper 13 over an active shooter situation in durango and elkhorn. more. leslie. >>. this is happening inside t.j. maxx in north durango. there was plenty of metro police officers and s.w.a.t. officers right at the entrance. in the last several minutes, we have seen several people come out of the t.j. maxx. we were told two suspects went in armed, held up employees, as well as customers. we did know some customers were
2:55 pm
we're told most of them were hiding, none held hostage. we are going to talk to a woman at the dollar tree next door at the time this happened. can you go ahead and tell us what you heard. someone ran into that store. >> yes. someone ran in and asked for a manager and said lock the doors because there's an active shooter next door. i was at the back of the store with other women and children and we ran out the emergency exit over to centennial hills hospital. and they did release us just recently. that's why you see us across the street. we were trying to get to our cars. we are told there is another shooter, and we can see s.w.a.t. teams at t.j. maxx, we are waiting across the street waiting for the clear to get to our vehicles. >> you were in there with several other women. i'm glad you're okay. no one hurt at this time. another person possibly inside armed. we did see several people leave that t.j. maxx. several moments ago with their hands up. we don't know if they were the
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latest that we're getting from here. we'll check back in with police as we get more information. reporting live, 13 action news. thank you, leslie. we are staying on top of the blue cut fire burning 2,500 acres, that is according to san bernardino national forest. they are estimating that this fire began at approximately 11:00 this morning. it is now 3:00. 2,500 acres. one school on i have chief brian on the line. to talk about what the blue cut fire means. and the blue cut fires in the past. brian, are you there? >> hello, tricia, megan, this is chief bryant. >> this isn't the first blue cut fire of its kind, correct? >> that's correct. on a regular basis, this area of cajon pass burned.
2:57 pm
extremely dangerous. >> what are some of the characteristics? >>...began this morning, and already it has led to over 5500 acres now. ...cajon pass, and alignment. you have...winds that develop, and are freedom intently southwest. of the canyon, which...more winds...and the temperatures over 100 degrees. everything is perfect storm now for this fire to continue to develop. >> thank you so much, fire chief brian. we will get back to you in a bit. right now, i'm going to send it over to tricia. >> we want to update you on the blue cut fire burning right now in san bernardino county. you see some of the pictures behind me.
2:58 pm
pictures. again, the interstate 15 is shut down in both directions, which really will have an impact on a lot of things going on here in las vegas. as we know, a lot of people use the 15 to and from southern nevada. there's a lot of conventions in town. a year ago about the same time where we had dozens and dozens of cars that got caught up in the spreading to 2,500 acres. according to the associated press, one home loss in all of this. there are evacuations. and also, school apparent on lockdown, and megan telles is joining us at the breaking news center. megan, i understand you have new information. >> reporter: yes, trish. i want to pop up pictures, this is the blue cut fire, since 11:00 this afternoon burning at 2,500 acres.
2:59 pm
firefighters this is the time to go in and be the heroes that they are. southern california wildfires are common. they happen every single year this time of year. we talked about the pilot fire which burned 8,000 acres just a couple of weeks ago. the sand fire, 38,000 acres burned. right now, the blue cut fire, 2,500 acres burned. we call this the perfect storm, looking at photos now. there you have some of that white smoke. if you take a look the at live picture from our sis you just see the amount of destruction that this fire has caused. it looks like a structure up in flames burnt to a crisp. you see a lot of the -- look at that, the agricultural around there burnt to a crisp. that is the cajon pass. the commute, from southern california, the cajon pass is the only way that connects the top of the hill to san bernardino county. this fire is happening right above san bernardino county.
3:00 pm
i-15 southbound and northbound. once a fire, or snow, any kind of natural disaster really hits the freeway system there, it is a disaster for the people commuting. so, if they're on top of the hill, they got to stay up there for the rest of the evening. if they are at the bottom, then they can't get up the hill if they got to go home. looking at a live picture from our sister station, those are flames, this is an active scene in the cajon pass acres. i'm going to toss it to the weather center now. we're actually out here at live drive on the 15, just approaching state line right now. we're showing, we're about 165 miles away from the northbound start of the closure for this fire, moving extremely fast.


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