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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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she said they saw all kinds of officials taking gurneys of equipment upstairs, but she got most of her infrkmation about what was going on from us. (stephanie toss to lesley) stephanie-- media has had to stage across the street all day-- but now 13 action news is getting a closer look inside the luxor and what it's today. take a look this is video
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you can see the walk way where guest are coming through the front door just is filled with police, fire trucks and hazmat crews. -- many guest very curious at what was going on... other just didnt even know what was happening. -- but once you walk into the hotel-- you see less guest and a lot more hotel workers standing by. -- this is video from one of the front desk of the luxor-- you can see lots of commotion. hotel officials-- metro officers and even paramedics standing by. all this video obtained solely by 13 action news. now we did try to go into the hotel but were quickly escorted out. we were also told to delete any video taken inside the hotel. right now you can see as fire crews remain here at the scene-- luckily that substance deemed not hazardous-- and thing are expected to resume as normal, shortly. live in from of the luxor lesley marin 13 action news.
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taking a live look at the airport right now... where a united airline flight headed to houston.. had to turn back and make an emergency landing.. when the engine overheated. flight 1179 is a boeing 737. 162 people were on board. the plane landed safely. no word yet on what caused the engine problem. that's the latest from the breaking news center. an update now.... to a story we brought you.... as it was breaking!!! police say... they are speaking with the driver of a van..... that may have been involved... in a deadly hit-and- run.... that killed a two-year-old girl.... on "super bowl sunday". it happened.... near lake mead and pecos. police say.... the driver is cooperating with police... but... so far... no arrest has been made. they're still working to confirm.... the white van is the same one.... that hit evelyn green. the man accused of having sex inside a cabin..... on "the high roller" is speaking only to action news.... tonight!! and... the story is getting.... even crazier! 13 action news reporter.... about the rendezvous....
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gina? tricia -- the 27 year old says he was in town with his girlfriend! but they got in a he wandered off on the streets of vegas and met his partner in crime. "i probably shouldn't have done that. we acted pretty childish about it....but....we were in vegas!" court documents say panzica and 21-year old chloe scordianos went inside one of the high roller cabins by themselves.... security noticed the pair was starting to hook up. so over the intercom -- they were asked to put their clothes back on. the high roller employee says the two complied for a few moments....but then went back at it. panzica is blaming this one on having one too many margaritas. "everybody loves to drink you know what i mean, but people do get out of the right state of mind, people do do the wrong thing, people do things they wouldn't normally do while they were drinking." get this too -- panzica says his girlfriend paid three-thousand bucks to bail him out of jail. they have not broken up...but are still working through this whole thing. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news. breaking news on a grow house
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we just got word from metro .. about a grow house police discovererd on brookfield drive.. that's near south pecos and east hacienda.. very close to doris french elementary school. no word yet on how much marijuana was confiscated.. or whether anyone's been arrested yet. that's the latest from the breaking news center. new at five.. the parents of two students.. allegedly molested by a ccsd music teacher.. are suing the school district. in the suit.. the parents claim school officials didn't do enough to protect their children. the students.. ages nine and ten.. say jeremiah mazo would ask them to sit on his lap after class at hayden emelentary school. one girl says mazo told her she would be forced to move to another school if she told. a breaking news update.... tonight.. police are releasing new details.... on the arrest of a former north las vegas teacher. according to the report.. william crawford kissed two.... -12- year-old girls..... in -2- thousand -12- ... at "sommerset academy". the act wasn't reported.... until - 2- thousand -14-. the students say...
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in- appropriately... but.. they say... he often brought students.... into a closet and "tickled" them..... as punishment for misbehaving. in a story you're seeing first on action news.. contact 13 has some answers about last week's 9-1-1 system crash. chief investigator darcy spears is here to tell us why las vegas lost its lifeline for a 6-hour block of time last tuesday when metro's system went down. and darcy.. you're holding what may have caused the crash. it's almost hard to believe, but it might have been as simple as a cell phone plugged into a computer with a u-s- b cable. whether it was a cell phone or some other device, that's what metro says caused the crash--exposing a vulnerability they didn't know existed. the fact that our community's life line could be compromised by something so simple is difficult to understand. but metro confirms someone plugged something in to the 9-1-1 network that caused it to crash. could've been a cell phone, digital recorder, even a kindle or nook plugged in through a
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they're not calling it a security breach. it wasn't a hardware or software failure. it was caused by someone inside the building that houses metro's 9-1-1 call center. from individual computers to server rooms full of equipment, there are about 130 access points to the 9-1-1 system. metro says they won't be able to isolate which one caused the crash. employees and outside vendors, like maintenance and electricians, can access the system. though metro believes whoever caused the crash didn't do it on purpose, they admit it's a tough lesson learned to beef up security and close access points. one of the things they're now doing is placing back room hardware in locked cabinets... which they note will make maintenance and making changes more difficult. it might seem crazy that our 9-1-1 system had this level of exposure, but metro says they're like most other government agencies in the way
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set up. now, they're taking security clearance to a higher level. they also say this wake-up call will cause them to look at all radio and i-t networks in metro and other agencies to improve checks and balances. contact 13 learned the crash probably could have been prevented. there's something metro's 9-1-1 vendor didn't them warn about after a similar situation in another city. i'll have details on that tonight on action news at 6. in the studio darcy spears, 13 action news. breaking news near hawaii.. a coast guard airplane is racing to help 40 people who are clinging to life rafts and four boats. they had to abandon their fishing vessell after it caught fire.. about 18-hundred miles south of the hawaiin coast. an oil tanker is also headed to the scene.. and is expected to get their hours before the coast guard plane. that's the latest from the breaking news center.
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her backyard while her house goes up in flames. coming up next.. hear what a passer- by did that may have helped save the woman's life. a major shake-up..... in the race for the republican presidential nomination... find out... which two candidates are dropping out of the race! and.. metro officers find a bizzare suprise after responding to a call this morning. come outside-- it's a 17-year-old kid butt naked... police got him on the ground." and find out what the naked teenager did that landed an officer in the hospital. bryan. high pressure will continue to dominate the weather over the west coast with generally clear skies for southern nevada and temperatures a solid 10-15 above average.
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there to help pull an elderly woman to safety. it happened near washington and valley view. a man was driving by the house when he spotted the flames.. and saw the woman sitting in the backyard. tim szymanksi, las vegas fire and rescue 16:10:58:20 so he turned around, stopped his car, got out, him and another gentleman went and lifted her over the fence and got her out of the backyard and out of the smoke, it was very thick black smoke 16:11:10:23 the woman was rushed to u-m-c to be treated for smoke inhalation. she was the only person in the house at the time. she told firefighters she burned some linens the night before..
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determine if the fire re-ignited. damage is estimated at 120- thousand dollars. the department of justice has filed a civil rights lawsuit..... against the city of ferguson, missouri!!! the suit claims... a pattern of unconstitutional practice. to improve.... its police and court practices.... especially.... in how they treat minorities.... in the area. ferguson has been under federal scrunity..... by the justice department..... since the shooting death of michael brown.... back in november -2- thousand -14-. after poor showings in last night's new hampshire primary.. republican presidential candidates chris christie and carly fiorina ended their campaigns today. but.. for the remaining field.. it's off to south carolina. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is riding high after a 20-point landslide victory over hillary clinton. ((sot)) "the view" bernie sanders: "...the message that we're bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now. " republican frontrunner donald
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the record voter turnout in new hampshire. still ahead... a brutal assault.... caught on camera!!! find out.... what led to this disturbing beatdown... and... why police say.... a separate attempted murder case is the key..... to finding the suspect!!! plus.. a shocking mystery in a summerlin neighborhood. a man and his 14-year old daughter are fighting for their lives after they were shot during a break-in. we'll have the latest on what happened. plus... here's what we're working on.... right now.... for action news.... live at six: dozens of people learning... tonight a vicious assault is caught on
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it shows a teena praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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but police say it doesn't show what happened seconds earlier.. when she was also tased. police say the fight started because the suspect thought the victim snitched on her brother.. who was a murder charges. police are still trying to track down both girls. a bizzare morning for a metro officer after responding to a call. he was reportedly kicked in the head by a teenager.. who was completely naked. parker collins has the video you'll see only on 13-action news. img1508 0-2 "stop kicking!" in this video you see several officers wrestling one suspect to the ground... underneath the pile of men... is one naked teenager. earnest rogers, witness 16:19:16-16:19:29 "woke up, thought it was a lady screaming, thought someone was doing something to a lady. come outside-- it's a
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police got him on the ground." police had no way of knowing what they'd see when they took the call... a lover's quarrel? a family feud? no-- instead they found a naked boy jumping up and down on a car. standup: witnesses tell me this is the car the teen was jumping on... they tried to get out some of the dents... but you can still see a few on the hood. chantell lovett, witness 16:22:24-16:22:29 "i was just like oh my god, oh my god like is this actually... cause nothing like this happens around here." taking him in... custody now. butt to 6:21-6:25 he's so far still screaming. copy. in the struggle... he kicked one officer so hard on the head... the officer had to go to umc trauma... possibly with a concussion. 16:23:26-16:23:32 "i'm really lost for words, you know. it's really sad more than anything, seeing our youth go through something like that." the suspect also made a trip to the hospital. police think something this guy was on made him act this way. once doctors finished with the suspect...
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near buffalo and summerlin parkway parker collins 13 action news. invasion-v an update.... to breaking news..... we first brought you.... on "good morning las vegas"! a father and daughter are in critical condition right now.... after being shot inside their own home. officers say... someone kicked down their door, near haulapai and desert inn.... around 4-45 this morning..... and then started firing. the man and his -14- year old daughter were both hit.... and then.... the suspects took off. officers found a handgun in a nearby park and now.... they are trying to piece together why.... this happened. 3:59 "14 year old female on the upstairs bed. she's breathing." 07:01 "looks like a 12-gauge shotgun laying in the backyard up against the wall." officers tells us... this was not.... a random act of violence. they think... this house was a target.... they are asking anyone.... who saw anything.... to please call police. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' high pressure will continue to dominate the weather over the
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generally clear skies for southern nevada and temperatures a solid 10-15 above average. highs for the next several days will be in the 74-75 range with overnight lows around 47. very little change is expected through friday before a very weak low pressure area gains enough energy to gently nudge our high just east. that will pull temperatures down by a few degrees, but we should stay at or above 70 through the weekend just in time for another strong high to replace it from the west. winds will stay increase over sunday into monday as the replacement high builds in. wind advisories are possible
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in las vegas initial model forcing shows gusts to 20 or so possible, but not much more than that. winds die down into monday and tuesday as the high settles directly overhead which will allow highs to push back into the mid and upper 70s. time now...
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from contact -13-. the bleeding continues.... tonight.. for volkswagen. v-w is recalling -6- hundred and -80- thousand vehicles in u.s... over airbag problems!! the recall affects models... built between -2- thousand -6-... and -2- thousand -14-. the announcement comes... a day after mercedes-benz... issued a vehicle recall... for possibly defective takata airbags. toyota is recalling... some 20-13 through 20-16... sigh-on.... f- r-s vehicles. there's a problem.... with the automatic transmission... that could make it possible... to remove the key... in gear positions..... other than park... increasing the risk of a crash!! owners will be notified by mail... and... instructed to return the vehicle.... to a toyota dealer... for repairs... at no charge. and... don't forget... if you've been ripped off or scammed... contact 13's call for action
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any weekday... between -11-a-m and -1-p-m... at 702-368-2255. a driving force behind the southern nevada sports hall of fame and unlv athletics has passed away. family members say rich abajian.. the general manager of findlay toyota.. died last night of an apparent heart attack. abajian was inducted into the southern nevada sports hall of fame in 2008. he was 62 years old. bryan will be back right after the break with an update on tonight's forecast. but first... here's a look.... at what we're working on new... at -6-... an ongoing dispute between neighbors turns into a vicious fight.... and then... a tarp being put up.... between the two homes. what we're now learning. high pressure will continue to dominate the weather over the west coast with generally clear skies for southern nevada and
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10-15 above average.
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through friday before a very weak low pressure area gains enough energy to gently nudge through the weekend just in time for another strong high to wind advisories are possible for the colorado river valley than that. winds die down into monday and tuesday as the high settles directly overhead which will here's a look.... at what's coming up later.... on abc in primetime... it's "the middle"... followed by "the goldbergs"... at 9... it's "modern family".... at -10-... it's "american crime"... and then... we will see you tonight... for action news... live at 11 that's our news for now.. but... stay with us for abc's world news tonight.... sup next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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