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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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life that lived in the house." eugene's mother confirmed that portrayal. she said her controlling husband didn't allow her to drive...and didn't allow her or her son to have any friends. live in henderson..david schuman..13 action news. now... vivid words you'll see here.... only on 13 action news... that describe.... the seconds after tragedy. eyewitness we were sitting on my porch and i seen the vehicle that stopped - hit the baby butt to he got in his vehicle and took off new tonight at 6... people are coming together to remember the little girl... who was killed in a hit and run in north las vegas. 13 action news reporter... gina lazara has been on the right now - shes live where the crash happened near lake mead and pecos. family and friends have been adding to this memorial all day long for two year old evelyn green.
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the street last night. eyewitness "they yanked the baby off the ground and start screaming and hollering out in the neighborhood you know --- heyyyyy help me help me help me." what happened next - isnt exactly clear but the eyewitness tells us -- the driver of that white van pulled off to the side of the road... got out of his vehicle... approached the family saying he was sorry. the eyewitness says two year old evelyn green's mom didnt want to hear it and told the driver to leave. so he got back in his van and peeled out of the neighborhood. vicki green, victim's mom "i never thought i would have to witness something like this like lose a child. im only 26 and i lost my baby." in about 30 minutes -- im told the family will be gathering out here for a candlelight vigil in memory of evelyn. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news metro is looking for suspects in an overnight stabbing. investigators say it happened during a violent fight
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apartments near eastern and fremont. no word on the condition of the victim. new at six.. a las vegas medical marijuana business is opening three new locations. 'essence' says it's now planning to open a medical marijuana store on the west side.. near tropicana and lindell. they also have a second location on las vegas boulevard. this building is the first medical marijuana operation on the strip. 'essence' says it's also planning a location in henderson.. and a new cultivation center. all three stores will open this spring. img2211 00:27-03:08 (nats of protesters chanting) a raucous crowd.... outside today's p-u-c meeting..... as regulators heard arguments on whether existing rooftop solar customers.... should be grandfathered.... into the lower rates. but today.... was only half the battle for solar employees. they say... if the p-u-c does decide to grandfather... in the existing customers.... then... theyll have to worry about.... the next step... reversing...
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theyre gathering signatures of people.... committed to supporting rooftop solar... in nevada. 15:11:35:03 we got a lot of signatures at broad acres swap meet last week so we're everywhere, we're all over, we're not going to give up until we win 15:11:43:11 the p-u-c- is expected to vote on the grandfathering issue... on friday. also new at 6.. a warning about an unlicensed contractor.. ripping people off in north las vegas. the nevada state contractors board says michael delbridge is targeting homeowners.. taking their money and not performing the required work. the contractors board says it's important to always hire a contractor who is properly licensed with the state. new at 6.. police release disturbing new details on the murder of a henderson father. investigators say 26 year old johnny haney was shot and killed in front of his 4 year old last week. tonight.. the child's mother and her boyfriend are facing murder
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13-action news reporter mahsa saeidi has new information on what's being revealed in the arrest report. loved ones told us what a great dad haney was! how close he was to his daughter! well today! we found out what a crucial witness the little girl was in the case. the 4 year-old told police quote "tae shot my dad and killed him!" she described: how the man got out of the car - with gloves on! and how her mother was they say he was dating the child's mother - krystal guice. after hours of questioning, police say guice told them she was picking up her daugther from haney. that the trio walked towards the car together. that coleman stepped the victim approached. that she heard the shots. but she told police, she never saw her boyfriend with a gun. she described how after he fell to the ground, they took off with the child. guice told police she dropped off her boyfriend at a gas
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coleman declined to speak with police. police say the two defendant's have a newborn together. in the newsroom, mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. entertainer flavor flav.... pleaded no contest today.... to driving under the influence.... in las vegas..... last may! police clocked the rapper.... going -87- miles per hour.... near mccarran international airport. flavor flav admitted.... he had marijuana in his system.... at the time. this is his second plea.... in two weeks.... involving similar charges. his attorney says.... he also pleaded.... no contest last month.... to having pot in his system.... when he was found asleep... in the front seat of a vehicle.... on the side of a bring more drinking water... to las vegas is getting international recognition. it's "the lake mead third straw project"! experts are calling it.... one of the most challenging tunneling projects ever... nominating it for the -2- thousand -16- outstanding civil engineering achievement award. this -6- year project cost.... the southern nevada water authority.... nearly -8- hundred -20- million dollars.
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fire near near blue diamond and rainbow. clark county firefighters say it started in an abandoned home.. most-likely by squatters. the fire was first reported by a passing motorist. no one was hurt. a las vegas kid is hit by a car.... walking to school. chopper 13 is over the scene.... all morning. people tell us.... the intersection at lake mead and rampart is an accident.... waiting to happen. 13 action news reporter.... parker collins spoke with the driver.... minutes after the crash. it started as a regular school day... but before the sun was even up... it came to a grinding halt. 4:37:15-4:37:22 "he was listening to music and he had his head down. when i seen him i swerved to the right to avoid him and i clipped one of his legs." a teen was rushed to the hospital... after being slammed by a car... no super 4:37:53-4:37:57 "he asked about that. is my phone okay? and i'm like man your leg, is your leg okay?" it was dark out... time... knocking the teen to the ground... until paramedics could get there.
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intersection and also you know kids and teens need to post attention walking across the street." standup: i even had trouble getting across... not a single car stopped to let me walk across... i had to wait for a break in traffic.... for someone crossing... not drive right through the crosswalk. people who live right next to the crosswalk say they've seen too many accidents right here. bobby willis, lives near intersection 9:57:46-9:57:56 "i would just love to see a light there. make me feel more safe and comfortable... people crossing and everything. in fact, i have to go out this way myself sometimes... and you got to wait trying to get across there." the kid is supposed to be okay... but the driver could face some misdemeanor charges. near lake mead and rampart parker collins 13 action news. we reached out to the city... they said... they'll get back to us. an action news update now on a deadly crash last month. metro now says the driver at fault died of his injuries yesterday. according to investigators.. victor sandoval was likely
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stolen car when he ran a red light and hit another vehicle. that driver.. 43-year old jenio trani eugenio.. died on the scene. the crash happened at rainbow and spring mountain. an investigation is now underway into the death of an inmate at the lovelock correctional center. prison officials say eugene mauwee died saturday at the hospital. mauwee started serving two life sentences in 1990 for murder. investigators are waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine exactly how he died. new at -6-... more job openings... on the strip. the tropicana is hiring... for the summer. the hotel's brand new sky beach club opens.... in april. they need: blackjack dealers... security... lifeguards and bartenders. yoed on-line. there's a link to the application... on our website.. k-t-n- v dot com. this was a busy weekend for the sports books. according to the gaming control board..
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was wagered on the super bowl this year.. and the casinos kept about 10 one man walked-away with enough to last a lifetime. take pkg just as he did with the kansas city royals in the world series, vegas dave walked into the tuscany casino here today and walked out with the check for nearly $1 million. as yo can see in the video hear that check was actually he says he took home a total of $2.3 million. he plays the first of his bets back in august at 14 to 1 odds. he plays the first of his bets back in august at 14 to 1 odds. just as he did with the kansas city royals he continued to midseason. molly says he had $120,000 online he says it just takes guts to win big. vegas dave sports bettor "when men and got hurt everybody gave up on them, but i saw it as an opportunity." between the royals world series victory, the broncos super bowl victory and holly holm's upset of
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vegas dave says he's taking home about $5 million in winnings in the past 90 days or so but has no plans to retire. reporting at the tuscany casino bryan callahan 13 action news. you can help someone in las vegas..... go to prom. "help of southern nevada" is collecting gently used gowns.. then.... they sell them for only -20- bucks. they accept old wedding gowns too... those go on sale.... for -50- dollars. just drop them off.... at any "al phillips the cleaners". this year's "gown town".... is febuary 27-th.... at town square. coming up.. some tense moments when a car plows into a doctor's office.. with patients inside. "god was watching over everyone in here today" how this car ended up barrelling through that window. from contact -13-... tonight... hidden by technology!!! online vandals have a new scam. how to keep yourself.... from falling victim this tax season!!! and... contact 13's "call for action"
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consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers... any weekday.... between -11- am and -1- pm. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. new at six.. a rollover bus crash injures 30
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connecticut. 70 people were on the bus. at least 6 are in critical condition. it's not clear what caused the crash.. but road conditions may have played a role. snow and ice reportedly delayed ambulances taking the injured to nearby hospitals. this is the scene.... near spring mountain and jones... where a car crashed into a therapy center this morning... injuring several people inside. 13 action news anchor.... lesley marin explains.... how it happened. "we're standing in the waiting room of lymphatic therapy services-- but take a look this see it is now patched up but ecause of the tire marks on the ground it was a pretty scary scene for everyone
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happened so quickly-- 1403 41 to 1403 46 "the patients in the waiting room were screaming and were all scared " a car came barreling into a waiting room-- it's a moment massage therapist christin lynch couldn't see coming. christin lynch, massage therapist i watched him pull in but he just hit the gas and he went halfway through the building according to lynch-- the driver was an elderly man who was running late for his appoint... after the car struck-- the building went into panic, 1403 56 to 1404 06 we were waiting for the fire truck to come we couldn't even get him out ecbause he was trapped in there and they got him out and he was fine and everyone else we just pushed to the back only one woman was in the she had to be taken to the hospital... but everyone else considers themselves lucky. thank god god was here watching over all of us here today look live: the hole is now boarded up and luckily the driver has insurance and the business has insurance so they will be all covered and open for business tomorrow morning-- from from
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lesley marin..13 action news right now.. that storm we showed you earlier is making it's way up the east coast.. and some areas could see up to 18 inches of snow. new jersey is getting hit with snow and flooding. a winter storm watch is in effect through tomorrow evening. forecasters are also predicting some big surf.. with waves reaching 8 to 12 feet. dry conditions and above average temperatures will continue to be the theme of the forecast as strong high pressure remains settled over the western u.s. breezy winds will taper down later tonight and remain calmer through the start to next weekend.
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top out in the low to mid 70s for the rest of the workweek and the weekend. sunny to mainly sunny skies are expected through saturday with more cloud cover pushing in sunday, ahead of a storm system that will bring the return of breezy winds sunday and chances for rain next monday. (bryan back to desk) time now... high pressure remains settled over the western u.s. breezy winds will taper down later tonight and remain calmer through the start to next weekend. high temperatures will top out in the low to mid 70s for the
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weekend. sunny to mainly sunny skies are expected through saturday with more cloud cover pushing in sunday, ahead of a storm system that will bring the return of breezy winds sunday and chances for rain next monday. (bryan back to desk) time now...
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from contact 13. a las vegas man... pleads guilty... for his role... in a healthcare scam!!! shy azoulay... pleaded guilty to - 2- charges... including -1- count of insurance fraud. he defrauded customers... of a personal training business... by charging their health insurance... for medical services... that were never provided. a consumer alert for parents. graco... is recalling..... its - extend-2-fit-... convertible child seats!!! they may have.... the recline label... in the wrong spot. that could lead to the seat... being improperly installed. graco is providing a new corrected label... free of charge.
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and the nation are open once again after a 4-hour closure for a food safety meeting. employees took part in a new food safety program that was put in place last month. it was in response to an e-coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants last year that sickened about 500-people. a valley police department is now hiring. we'll tell you how to apply. plus... new scams are getting harder.... to spot. even the experts are concerned. it used to be that spammers were 12 year old kids in a basement trying to see what they could pull over on somebody , now its actually organized crime." before you do your taxes.. know the two steps.... you can take.... to protect yourself.... from on-line thieves. you're watching channel 13.... action news... where "you ask, and we investigate". switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you,
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yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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do your taxes... here's an alarming statistic: the government estimates... tax fraud scams... cost us around.... -15- million dollars last year. new at -6-... laura harris is asking..... what we can do... to avoid becoming.... the next victims:
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(please put in a tv box, courtesy turbotax) "meet tim mahoney tim thinks you need to be some sort of master mind warning against the psedo-masterminds who are targeting you during tax season. kelly phillips erb, forbes media 3:24-3:32 "spammers are smart enough to know if they send out 100,000, maybe 10,000 will be turbo tax customers so they are going to make someone nervous." kelly phillips erb with forbes media has written several articles about the latest scams. one of them phishing emails like these are even convincing enough to trick tax professionals. 3:19-23 "the problem is you can get this kind of spam even if you dont use turbo tax" and there are plenty more where that came from and not just through email. youtube clip 04-09 "the reason for this call is because the irs is filing lawsuit against you." some potential victims starting to post warnings on youtube hoping to protect your...
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actually organized crime." but erb says you can easily protect yourself. here's your checklist. do not click on the link in the there is a potentional that you could be installing malware on to your computer youtube clip 04-09 "the reason for this call is because the irs is filing lawsuit against you." if they leave a voicemail do not call back! 8:15-8:24 "when you respond to phone calls or text messages-- even if you just want to give them a piece of your mind-- you are confirming to them that it is a real we also reached out to "turbo tax" they sent us an e-mail that reads in part before e-filing yourself make sure... you have installed anti-virus software.... on your computer... update your web browser... and... do not open any attachments claiming to be software updates.... for their software... because they don't send updates... like that. they say... bottom line is when in doubt assume it's a scam!!! a look at who's hiring around the valley. the henderson police department is hiring. an information meeting will be held tomorrow for interested candidates.
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henderson convention center. next on action news live at 6:30.. we'll have the latest numbers on the las vegas housing market.. and let you know which way property values are moving. ad lib memorial
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tonight.. t neighbors are saying about the family's history with police. plus..
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