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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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out in there career, especially when you look at the cost of living." 6 secs many aspiring teachers are obviously excited about this we spoke to one earlier today - more on this story, coming up at 6. reporting live - michael burton - 13 action news. right now.. detectives say they think they know who may have shot and killed a man yesterday morning near buffalo and flamingo. police tell us they're looking for fuyan liao. this is a look the type of vehicle he could be driving- it's a white 2009 infiniti suv.. nevada license plate 712-atz. if you have any information.. contact metro right away. 13 action news tracking the latest weather developments.... here in the valley a live look outside at "first friday" right now..... where people are out.... enjoying the weather tonight. let's go to..... 13 weather first.... chief meteorologist.... bryan scofield.... for what we can expect.
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it's been almost a year since was shot and killed in front of her home. tonight.. we're hearing what accused
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friends that night. "his words were, "i got them." 13 action news has been on top this story from the begining. mahsa saeidi joins us now with more on these new developments. mahsa. steve ... just hours after tammy was killed.... her husband...called our newsroom... we've spoken with him... and his son.... but right now... for the first time .. the story of the young girl who lost her mom that night. "just flashbacks of what happened, and seeing her in the hospital. and when my dad came out the door and just said she was gone." her mom shot in the head outside their home! the now 16 year-old hasn't been able to sleep since! those moments replaying over and over again! prosecutors say it began with a late night driving lesson. the mother-daughter then encountering shots on the road! the violence leading back to tammy meyers house! "i ask myself what if we didn't go, or what if i didn't want to go, or what if i never honked
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have been different." in the hours after the mother's death -- her distraught family sharing their pain! "file soundbite from family." days later -- a tense standoff outside the suspected killer's home! "he's my son! get away from my house!" the nation captivated as the story evolved from road rage to so much more! tonight -- a friend of accused gunman erich nowsch speaking out! sharing what happened just after the alleged murder. "he had texted me that something important. he needed to talk to me. due to it being 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, i called him like, "what-- what's going on? what's the problem?" the problem - there had been a evidence! but did he fire that gun? "his words were, "i got them." coming up at six -- we'll tell you who nowsch was talking about.
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that frightened her so much. live in studio, mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. the full 20-20 special includes interviews with tammy meyers' husband and her children. you can see it tonight at 10.. right here on channel-13. two breaking news stories top 13 action news at five. fast and first.. chopper 13 is over the scene of a homicide right now in the southwest part of the valley. metro confirming us to us minutes ago.. a stabbing and a shooting at a home on kiefer valley.. near west mountain's edge and south cimmaron. one person is dead. this happened right across the street from reedom elementary school. we have a crew on the way. an update now....
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13 action news is hearing.... from an eye-witness... who was standing just a few feet away.... from the shoot-out and homicide... at rainbow and westcliff yesterday! he says... it was like a scene from a movie. telling 13 action news.... a nissan pulled into the parking lot... and... the victim rolled out of the car. before he could stand-up.... another man got out of the car and shot him -6- times.... execution style "he didn't care that the car was moving 10/15 miles an hour. he rolled out while it was still moving. he came to a screeching halt right there, and he didn't have a chance to get up before the guy got out and shot him. michael jackson witness 12 secs police are still looking for suspects. snapchat... instagram... facebook.. those we all know.... now... there are way more apps like these... with hidden dangers. 13 action news reporter.... parker collins shows us.... some you might not have... heard of. valley parents can't forget-- a child taken and raped in a north las vegas home for a month. the fbi says jimmy carter kim
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he also had accounts on kik and meetme... 181022 "he's utilized social media to hurt people and 181028 for every jim kim there's 1000 others behind him" the victims and their parents are broken.. by something they didn't know much about. we called a few advocacy groups around town... most of them had never heard of these newer apps... and if the experts don't know... where does that leave parents? jodie worrell, parent 14:57:20-14:57:24 "he wants a cell phone, but i've told him lot like texting... except you need a password to see the messages... and there aren't a lot of options for parental controls. you can also talk to people you don't know.. but who happen to be near you. jason worrell, young tech user 14:58:34-14:58:40 "do they have apps and what are your friends doing on their cell phones? uh they have these really cool games." all the new apps-- and there's more every day-- create entirely new ways for kids to be in harm's way. kevin svendsen, parent
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limit her time on the internet? no, no she had full access to do whatever she wanted to do." even though some of the apps can be risky... there are ways of limiting which apps your kid can even put on their phone or tablet. we've explained how to do that online at ktnv dot com. parker collins 13 action news. a valley woman turns to 13 action news after her beloved cat turns up missing from a local animal hospital. 13:28:56-13:29:01 "this is what you do, you are supposed to love animals. then how can you just leave her there?" find out what staff members say happened to the cat.. causing it to get lost in the ceiling. growing conerns tonight.... as "the zika virus" continues to spread.... across the country. why its now affecting the blood supply.... here in the valley. stabbing, shooting
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united blood services is taking steps to help prevent the
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of the zika virus in the u-s. they're now asking potential donors who've traveled to affected areas not to donate blood for 28 days. health officials in brazil are now confirming a case of zika virus transmission from a blood transfusion. the restriction is expected to reduce the number of blood donors by nearly 2- percent. a local woman returns from vacation..... only to find her pet cat missing.... from an animal hospital. staff members say... the cat got lost in the ceiling tiles! now... she's turning to.... 13 action news looking for answers.... to what really happened. and.. shocking surveillance video of a struggle inside a convenience store.. after an 8-year old tries to
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plus... here's what we're working on right now.... for action news.... live at six: a violent dispute between two neighbors has now been taken to the next level... find out what one neighbor did to try and separate the homes
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switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. an 8 year old boy calmly walking into a convenience store for a holdup. the boy was wearing a motorcycle helmet with a gun wrapped-up in a sweater. police say he stepped-up to the register and demanded money.
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jumped in. "all of a sudden i'm so shocked. i don't know if it's a real gun or if it's a fake gun, but my priority is to take it away from him because i don't know." "i just turned his wrist and took it out from his hand. at that point, another coworker of mine grabbed him." authorities say the boy stole the gun from his mother. he's being charged with attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault. a valley pet owner is heartbroken. she boarded her four cats and left town... and... when she returned.... there were only three. when "you ask, we investigate"... reporter.... stephanie zepelin is live.... where it all happened... stephanie... this is the roof at southwest animal hospital. and folks here say max is somewhere between that roof and the ceiling inside....after escaping from his cage. owners all know...their pets are an important part of the family. 13.18.47 it was 51 an enriching
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max, susan rasmussen's cat that she raised from a two week old kitten, is now missing. 13.20.32 we're all missing her terribly 34 susan took her four cats to southwest animal hospital to be boarded. when she came to pick them up a week later...they only had three. she says they told her someone was cleaning the cage, when max attacked the staff member, ran out of the cage and pushed her way into the drop ceiling through a tile. susan says they later admitted the tile was missing. 13.27.46 if she got into the ceiling with all the stuff that's in there, including the insulation 51 and she was hungry and she was upset 55 she would have eaten the insulation 58 which would have killed her 59 susan says some staff members claim to have heard max in the ceiling....other say they never did. 13.26.43 it just is most upsetting not only that we lost max, but now we're dealing with people who are not telling us the truth 51....54 the truth is easier to deal with 56 at least
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then you move on 59 so we went to southwest animal hospital to get the truth. dr. pete perron spoke with us. he says max attacked a vet tech who was cleaning the cage and got into the ceiling where a tile was missing. he said in 28 years they've never had this happen, and they do all they can to keep up with ceiling repairs. ""i feel for the owner, i am sorry"""" (dr perron) after a week, dr perron says they've looked for max and aren't optimistic they'll find her alive. 13.32.00 so at this point, what would make it right? 32.01 you can't make it right 03 even and apology is not going to make it right 05 but i would t this never happens to anybody else 09 dr perron says he's alone in the clinic at night and he has not heard anything. he also said he didn't charge susan for max's fact, she didn't get any record from them confirming she was ever in their care....only records for the three cats they did return. so now susan is coming to terms
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probably never see max again. live at jones and tropicana, soc as always... when "you ask.... we investigate". if you have a problem or issue you want us to check out.. send an e-mail.... to and... please be sure to include.... your phone number. adlib let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan
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we'll be right back.... with a final check.... on your forecast from bryan. but first... a look at what's coming up on 13-action news.. live at 6: a man stuck on hold with 9-1-1 as he watches a man's life ticking away... chief investigator darcy spears digs deeper tonight in part two
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investigation... tonight at six. before we go... here's a look....
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coming up later.... on abc.... in primetime... at -8-... it's "last man standing".... at 8:30.... it's 20/20... action news... live at 11 that's our news for now.. but... stay with us for abc's world news tonight.... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news...
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tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire. the new polls on the eve of abc's big republican debate tomorrow night. is there a shift in the race? the deadly winter storm this friday. drivers losing control on the ice. hundreds of crashes. a foot of snow in some places. and tonight, the new storm we're tracking for the weekend. the major new concern. the zika virus now turning deadly. and the new warning tonight about the disease and sexual contact. a health emergency declared in parts of the u.s. and tonight, investigators now asking, was it a bomb hidden in a laptop that ripped a hole into that jet? a passenger blown from the plane. and tonight, with the super
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