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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the building is no longer safe to live in - and devon did lose everything - but he and his neighbor are both happy that no one was hurt. "the kids were safe so i'm glad i still have my kids." -end pkg- live tag: the property manager has given all of the tenant's their security deposit and february rent payments back. - and two of them have already been relocated to units in this building next door. reporting live - michael burton - channel 13 action news. busy signals.. dropped calls.. long delays. that's what callers had to endure for about 6-hours yesterday when metro's 9-1-1 system failed. it also led to longer response
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which may have made this house fire a lot worse. the family says they lost their home.. and their dog in the flames. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears is working to track down why las vegas temporarily lost its lifeline. darcy. metro apologized to the community today for an outage they still cannot explain. the failure comes just two months after a two-point-three- million-dollar upgrade to our 9-1-1 system . /911 operator nats/ around 3:30 p.m. tuesday afternoon, 911 dispatchers began to notice their system becoming unstable. soon, the phones essentially went dead. 20:16:06 asst. sheriff tom roberts : we realize 911 system is a lifeline for our community. and when someone calls, there's an expectation that someone will be on the other end to answer that call for help. while working on the system, metro sent staffers to help take incoming calls that were rerouted to north las vegas and henderson. but for about 30 to 50 minutes, there was a total lapse.
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get metro's system back online. technicians still don't know how it happened. they also don't know how many calls were lost while the system was down. we've learned between 4:15 and 10pm, henderson took 1,031 9-1-1 calls. they normally get an average of 300-400. metro's new 9-1-1 system is serviced by airbus communications. the company handles 60-percent of the 911 calls in the united states. contact 13 found a news article out of pennsylvania detailing a breakdown last october of a system supported by airbus. but metro says no one else experienced the same problem on tuesday that we had with our new system. 20:16:16 asst. sheriff tom roberts: is not representative of the kind of service that we want to provide. and it's definitely not what the public deserves. but it's also not the first time metro's service has fallen short. not the first failure to meet
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system was upgraded. 6:34 debbie: i thought what am i gonna do?! why aren't they answering?! contact 13 has been investigating problems at 9-1-1 for the past two months. our special report help on hold begins thursday on action news live at 11. we just got numbers from north las vegas on their increased call volume during yesterday's outage. they took 559 calls between 3:30 and 9:30pm. during the same time frame on monday.. north las vegas only had 138 calls to 911. new at -6-.. the man charged with driving drunk and causing a crash that killed two women last christmas eve is expected to hear his sentence... tomorrow. police say... ray diokno was speeding.... when he ran a red light..... near cheyenne and hualapai. the crash clamed the lives.... of an -81-year old woman and her -63-year old... daughter.
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as breaking news on good morning las vegas. a man is dead following a barrage of gunfire overnight.. and police are still looking for the shooter. debbie hutt, heard gunshots 10-15 "when we heard the shots and then we hear a ping on our window, i dove to the floor." detectives found at least a dozen shell casings at the scene near fremont and charleston. they say the victim made the call to 9-1-1 before he died at the scene. action news talked with a witness who ran over to the victim.. and could hear a dispatcher on the man's phone. ed williams, saw victim dying 4:10:07-4:10:16 "the gentleman was laying on the ground blood on the sidewalk and on his shirt and everything. 4:09:56-4:10:00 "i heard 911 operator on the cell phone and i heard moans." that same man believes a stray bullet hit his apartment. right now... a move.... that could have a huge impact....on the solar debate! constitution..... to ban a monopoly.... on electric service. and... requires lawmakers.... to open the market to other
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by 20-23. right here at home.. the fight with solar is picking up steam. homeowners are upset over the "grandfather" options n-v energy is now proposing. action news anchor lesley marin spoke with one homeowner who's feeling a little duped by the options. lesley? take a look this home has 18 solar panels-- last month they generated more than 500 killawats of energy. yet-- the homeowner inside says-- he's not seeing any money back. but tonight-- help could be on the way. or dale matz-- today was a perfect day for solar. "these are the days you're looking forward -- right now because right now the sun is beating on your roof the air is not on this is where your meters running backwards" running backwards and saving him money-- that's until nv energy stepped in with a rate hike. 12 2657 to 1220 702 nat new
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for energy than he did a year ago. and he doesn't think he'll ever win this and he doesn't think he'll ever win this solar battle-- a week ago nv energy said they would grandfather rates for all existing customers for up 20 years . on monday-- they decide to submit 7 different proposals-- not grandfathering in anyone who applied for net metering after september 10 12 2823 to 1228 37 they have changed their mind so far oh we're going to do 20 years now we're going to do for now you have to do it before september 10 make up your mind at least make up your mind but one person who had made up his mind-- state senator harry reid-- proposing in amendment to prohibit monopoly utilities-- like nv energy--from penalizing solar customers sot: 05:14- 05:20 we should encourage independence competition-- competition of putting more clean power on our electric grid. but until the votes are in-- matz just had one thing to say the puc plans to discuss the 7 proposal at a meeting on monday-- which dale says he will most certainly be
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from north las vegas, lesley marin, channel 13 action news. henderson mayor andy hafen delivered his state of the city speech today at green valley ranch resort. hafen touched on a number of topics inlcuding the continued economic development in henderson and efforts to bring-in world-class medical facilities. new at six.. some say some local wildlife
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you might remember the story about cecil the lion.. killed last year by a big game hunter in africa. now.. some scientists say the american version of cecil.. the mountain lion.. is also in danger. action news reporter marissa kynaston explains why experts at a 'counter convention' are concerned about hunting in southern nevada. take pkg sot wendy keefover, carnivore protection manager, humane society united states we want to be the antidote to the thousands of big game hunters gathered at mandalay bay. scientists and animal activists here say-- they wanted to be an alternative voice for trophy hunting. sot wendy keefover they encourage people to pay to slay but they also say-- they have research that shows big game hunting is affecting people living right here in the
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sot keefover we gathered unique data from all the mountain lion states southern nevada doesnt have a large population of mountain lions-- but that makes it more concerning for those wanting to preserve its species. sot keefover it gets hammered large carnivore conservation lab at washington state university she's going to go to areas that she normally would never live, and she's since big game hunters are killing mountain lions-- people living in southern nevada are chief meteorologist.... bryan scofield is tracking these cold temperatures for us. bryan... how much longer will this cold be sticking around? the calm and sunny weather las vegas is known for is coming back to the valley and the low 30s will hold temperatures cool during the afternoon, but highs
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mid 50s by thursday. sunshine will continue to push temperatures warmer with mid 50s for friday and temperatures near 60 by saturday. new at -6-.. the container park needs you.... to add a lock.... to "the love locket"..... sitting at the entrance. you may remember.. last month.... some vandals ripped off one of the metal grates. it's been replace.. but... it looks naked. tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.... you're invited to add your own dollars.. with the money going to.... the american heart association. the heart's artist.. nova may..
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the animal foundation is slashing prices to help you find "the one".... before valentine's day. now... through the -15-th.... adoption prices for all dogs and cats.... -6- months and older.... are only -14- dollars. the deal applies to rabbits too. from contact -13- tonight... we're losing the battle of the vows.... to orlando! it turns out... las vegas is now the second best place... to get married. personal finance west cities... across the country. orlando came out on top... as the best place... to walk down.... the aisle. followed by las vegas... and atlanta. wallet hub looked at things like... venue options... and hotel availability. new at six.. more signs that southern nevada's medical marijuana business is taking off. "by the end of may we expect all of the dispensaries to be up and running but it's not easy. we'll explain what's involved in the licensing process. plus...
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caught on camera. the one mistake that landed the woman.... in the freezing river. coming up... in contact -13- tonight... there's a new app that's changing the way some people buy a home... how your wish list can turn into reality... ad lib
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atlanta. first responders say the woman
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control of her car this morning before it flipped over a guardrail and landed upside down in a river. the woman survived.. and is doing okay. new at six.. evidence that southern nevada's medical marijuana industry is growing. one of the biggest dispensaries in the county just got the go-ahead to expand its business. action news anchor jessica janner takes us inside. weed, weed, and more weed.... the medical marijuana industry in the valley continues to grow. we're not just talking plants... like these. from candies, to what looks like honey you'd buy at a grocery store... all sorts of products are available. but getting permission to do all this, requires businesses jump through a lot of paperwork hurdles. sot - " won't tell you it hasnt given me a lot of grief, a lot of sleepless nightsi." we visited nevada pure, a 70-thousand square foot facility located near boulder highway and desert inn just hours after they got approval
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expand their growing and production operations. now they'll sell product made here, to smaller shops within city limits. sot - "i will be honest with you, the city of las vegas licensing was not an easy process for us, it was an application process that took us a long long time." sot- "i think there's one or two grey hairs up here that i didnt have 31 months ago!" they're not the only ones getting their ducks in order. "by the end of may we expect all of the dispensaries to be up and running and online cuz there's a state deadline" so why should you care? more licneses means more savings for patients. sot - "this product is going to be very much like supply and demand like anything else. the more supply that is produced, it's going to drive down the price." and the average customer might surprise you -- over the age of fifty... and spends about 80 bucks each trip. it's now about 6 months since the medical pot industry in southern nevada really started budding... expect to really see it really bloom these next few months.
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action news. right now.. a disaster declaration is in place.... for -10- counties.... in washington state.... signed by president obama. last month's winter storm unleashed heavy rains... washington's governor says.... it caused more than.... -19- million dollars in damage.... and... budgets in the state are stretched "very thin." the move paves the way..... for federal aid.... to help local recovery efforts. the calm and sunny weather las vegas is known for is coming back to the valley and eventually the warmth will follow. temperatures will take a while to recover as overnight lows in the low 30s will hold temperatures cool during the afternoon, but highs will break
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thursday. sunshine will continue to push temperatures warmer with mid 50s for friday and temperatures near 60 by saturday. slightly gusty winds will move in friday and will usher in a strong high pressure system from the southwest which will really allow temperatures to rise. highs will be in the mid 60s to start next week with highs cracking 70 by the middle of the week. winds will generally stay light and apart from a few passing high clouds the skies will stay clear and blue throughout the forecast period. details tonight.... from contact -13-... involving....
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it led to -5- struggling... nevada homeowners... losing thousands. emily vasquez... has been sentenced to -1- count of attempted theft. her company... "california sky"... told homeowners.... they could help... prevent foreclosures... and lower mortgage payments. but... vasquez never delivered! her victims lost their homes... after paying her... more than.... -50- thousand dollars. so the days of buying a new home... the good old fashion way has changed... a new start-up website... based out of cincinnati... is changing the way.... the younger generation shops for real estate most websites... let you check things... like price... and square footage... the new site called.... "casa- matic" takes it a step further... factoring in interests... like restaurants.... lifestyle... and architecture... then... the data is processed... and sends you matches... in the desired area. when they buy a home. things like being near their friends and family, being a certain distance from work,
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walking and driving." right now... the website is up and running... in cincinnati... chicago... and... dayton. it will launch in more than a dozen other markets this spring... including phoenix... indy... cleveland... and... san diego... it will likely expand from there. casa-matic's mobile app... will launch this summer. sales we're down to a matter of hours before tickets go on sale for the 'life is beautiful' festival. online pre-sale begins tomorrow at 10am.. but supply is limited. you can find a link at 100-thousand people attended last year's festival. this year's 'life is beautiful' happens september 23rd through the 25th. registration is now open for an event that makes dreams come true for some very deserving children. plus.. a whole new perspective on a police chase. and the best part is how police got their hands on the bizzare cellphone video.. from inside the suspect's car. and... a viral picture....
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people. coming up.. the story behind the toddler and his friend... ad lib
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new a praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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tt0w tiy(%! %4@-?ox tt0w tiy(%! el@-5h4 tt0w tiy(%! ed@-3jp tt0w tiy(%% )8h-s4, tt0w tiy(%% kzh-n[p tt0w tiy(%% n-h-;2\ tt0w tiy(%% 0ph-%ud tt0w tiy(%% s"h-5'$ tt0w tiy(%% ueh-6et tt0w tiy(%% 7hh-*g from inside the suspect's car. sheriff's deputies in ohio say the man held up a cell phone during the pursuit and recorded video through the back window. the only reason investigators know about it is because it was later posted on facebook. it's 40 seconds long. no one in the car says anything. you briefly get a glimpse of one of the men in the car.. then the police right behind them on the highway. this chase yesterday morning continued for 55 miles through southern ohio.. into kentucky.. then indiana.. and finally back to ohio. this photo of a cincinnati
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playing with a toddler of the floor.... is blowing up on social media. officer will nastold and his partner were called to pick up the wandering..... two year old in cincinnati. the brought him back to this station.... yesterday morning.... at 2:30 a-m. the boy's mom didn't show up.... for another -15- hours.. and.... the police report says.... she was drunk. both officers say.... they're not looking for recognition... they just did.... what they had to do. the boy's mom is in police custody facing a child endangerment charge. if you want to make a difference in a child's life... you may want to register for the make a wish fundraiser.... "walk for wishes". -25- hundred people are expected this year. it's march -12-th.... at town square. opening ceremonies start.... at eight a-m. you can register... on-line. we've posted a link.... to k-t-n-v dot com. next on action news live at 6:30.. las vegas tourism gets a boost. we'll tell you about the two things experts say we need.. to keep the visitors.. and their wallets..
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plus.. new york prison escapee.... david sweat.. breaks his silence! the shocking announcement.... he made in court today.
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