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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  February 3, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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a judge has just ruled against cosby's lawyers to kick a prosecutor off the case. as we reported earlier.. cosby's lawyers argued a former d-a made a verbal agreement that would prevent cosby from every being criminally charged. the case involves andrea constand.. who claims cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her more than a decade ago. one valley neighborhood is fighting back, after they say they've seen a big spike in crime in their area. according to crime mapping-dot- com, there have been 19 crimes in mountain's edge, within the last two months. most of them home break-ins, car theft, and assaults. people living there say everyone needs to prepare themselves...and get firearms and surveillance cameras. neighbors tell us they think the crime spike is partly because of squatters taking over vacant homes... plus, a metro command post nearby got moved a few years ago. and here at action news we want to help you keep your
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we set up a new section of our website called "caught on camera." there you can see surveillance videos from all over the valley and even post yours.. new details on the murder of custody.. had been plotting the crime for weeks. according to police.. the girl was probably stabbed to death sometime after climbing out of her bedroom window. her body was found 80-miles south of her home. investigators have also revealed the teen may have met her killer on a popular smartphone app called "kik." now.. experts are warning parents about these apps. "kik" is a free app and lets users choose any name and photo. from there.. users can send messages.. photos and videos without a texting service. pamela casey, blount county district attorney: i am willing to say kik is the devil for young children because it's like a free ability to text anything you want and parents cant see the phone numbers that are coming in and out. experts say these apps can lead to threatening behavior and
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especially since teenagers and predators can sign up anonymously. parents are being encouraged to set- down ground rules.. learn about the technology your children are using.. and talk to your children about the dangers. one of the two convicted murderers who broke out of a new york prison last year...received the maximum sentence for the escape. while in court, david sweat did the unexpected--he apologized! :00 - :18 "i would like...that was never my intent." a judge sentenced him to three-and-a-half to seven years in prison for charges relating to the escape. he also has to pay more than 79- thousand dollars restitution for damages. sweat is also already serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a murder conviction. the results of the iowa
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claimed another casuality. they're also at the center of a new verbal broadside between the top republican contenders. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest from the campaign trail. < today- donald trump- once again on the attack- tweeting- (gfx tweet) ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. (gfx tweet)..calling for a "new election" in iowa?after the cruz campaign sent out this e-mail to supporters- falsely suggesting doctor ben carson was leaving the race. trump telling boston herald radio - he plans to file an official complaint. sot "its fraud..when you think of it and he picked up a lot of those votes and that's why the polls were wrong." cruz- responding - sot: it seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit, to engage in insults and i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose, also tweeting- "bernie is contesting" iowa results. maybe donald should go back to iowa and join the democrats. a reference to bernie sanders - not conceding in iowa, after coming in just 2 tenths of a point behind hillary clinton? the vermont senator - with a
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in new hampshire? sanders: secretary clinton won here in 2008 / you know, we are taking nothing for granted. as clinton says she's pushing forward: despite the challenge she faces here: clinton sot: "the argument is look you are behind? here? i am.. you are in the opponents backyard..// "i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here." tag- with 6 days before the primary here - the republican field's narrowing even more. rand paul - annouced today- he is dropping out of the race. mg abc news manchester, nh > in a new orleans courtroom.. new york real estate heir robert durst pleaded guilty today to weapons charges and agreed to an 7-year prison the charge stems from his arrest last march after a revolver was found in his hotel room. durst is also facing charges in l- a..
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durst maintains he had nothing to do with her death.. or the disappearance of his wife. two senior military leaders are pushing for women to be required to register for the draft. you may remember last year, women were approved to have combat jobs. the leaders say the matter should now be put to a national debate, and congress should look into the issue. right now, the current system requires men between 18 and 26 to register for the selective service system. and they could be called into service in the event a draft is re- established. a police officer is getting national attention.. but not because he saved someone's life. up next.. we'll show you the video of his quality time with a little girl.. and how it helped out a dad in a tight spot. plus, a m lost one hundred pounds on a pizza diet. he's sharing his secrets and his secret pizza recipe! the calm and sunny weather las vegas is known for is coming back to the valley and eventually the warmth will
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a video of a police officer is
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e officer is going viral. it's one of three trending headlines we are following today. take a look. a man was waiting to testify in a traffic court. when he went in, he was told he couldn't bring his two year old little girl with him. so the officer volunteered to baby sit! the cop is a dad videos. they love movies so we just watched cartoons on my phone and she was out before we knew
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the officer says he's not just out there to arrest people, but wants to help the community too. the fast and furious' movie franchise just keeps cruising. universal pictures says the popular series will get its ninth and tenth installments. the 9th film will hit theaters in april of 2019.. with the 10th movie 2- years after that. no details on the plots or titles. have your cake and veggies too! today is national carrot cake day. did you know...during the middle ages, carrots were often used to sweeten cakes and desserts because actual sweeteners were rare or too pricey. for more stories trending right now.. go to and to sound off on any trending news.. join us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. for more stories trending right now... go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending
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our handle is @ktnv use the calm and sunny weather las temperatures will take a while to recover as overnight lows in the low 30s will hold temperatures cool during the afternoon, but highs will break back into the low to mid 50s by thursday. sunshine will continue to push temperatures warmer with mid 50s for friday and temperatures near 60 by saturday. slightly gusty winds will move in friday and will usher in a strong high pressure system from the southwest which will really allow temperatures to rise. highs will be in the mid 60s to start next week with highs cracking 70 by the middle of the week.
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and apart from a few passing high clouds the skies will stay clear and blue throughout the forecast period. taking a look at who's hiring. home depot is hiring
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nationwide.. including 600 around las vegas. the home improvement giant says they need to gear up for spring.. which they consider their christmas. home depot will be hiring positions including sales and cashiers. you can find a link to the application from our website.. a diet that sounds too good to be true. we'll hear from a chef who says he lost almost 100 pounds by eating pizza. and remember, you can watch action news anytime.. anywhere. we're streaming our newscasts at so you can stay informed on any computer .. smartphone.. or tablet. we'll be right back.
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doctocancer patients -- acupuncture. dr. ting bao "our trial definitely
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effects, and this can potentially help them have significant symptom improvement, both in musculoskeletal symptoms and also hot flashes." research has shown acupuncture can reduce nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy, and it can also relieve pain. your local c-v-s pharmacy may have moved even closer to you. the first c-v-s pharmacy opens today inside a target, in north carolina. it's the first of many joint locations. you'll remember last year, c-v-s bought out nearly all 17- hundred of target's pharmacies, so they'll be rebranded under c-v- s. the centers for disease control is expected to issue new guidelines on the zika virus outbreak. the governor of floalso declared a health emergency in 4 counties because of the virus. the c-d-c wants pregnant women to avoid traveling to countries affected by the virus.. and to use insect repellant while outdoors. experts are also investigating a case in texas.. that could involve the spread of the virus by human contact.. instead of by a mosquito bite.
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cause birth defects in unborn babies and paralysis in adults. at least 40-cases have been reported in 12 states. chances are.. you're sitting down right now as you watch this newscast.. so here comes the guilt-trip. some new research is highlighting the dangers of being sedentary. abc's dr. timothy johnson takes a closer look. < sedentary jobs? millions of americans have them. and when we come home - we sit there, too. like it or not, you've all heard that sitting around has consequences for your health. now a new study? suggesting that the desk chair? and the recliner? may be tied to a higher risk of diabetes or its cousin, metabolic syndrome. researchers in the netherlands tracked the activity levels of nearly 25 hundred subjects using accelerometers - similar to a fitbit. they wore these devices 24/7 for eight days straight. researchers also tested these participants for diabetes. what they found? those who spent an extra hour per day being sedentary were 22 percent more likely to already be diabetic. what's more, they also found a
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that a subject had metabolic syndrome with each additional hour they were inactive. that's a diabetes precursor -- with increased abdominal fat, bad cholesterol and blood pressure. a reminder? that if we want to cut our risk of diabetes? we can all stand up for our health. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. > everyone loves pizza.. and one chef says there's a way to enjoy it without packing on the pounds. in fact.. he says he ate pizza every day and lost 100-pounds in 7-months. chef pasquale cozzolino started gaining weight, after he moved from italy. 12;09;24;13 pc: // i discovered the oreo which we never had in italy-- gb: oh the oreo cookie gets you everytime!! pc: it was like an addiction! he got so heavy, that his doctor warning him he was on the verge of having a heart attack. so he turned to what he knew
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diet, that included pizza! so, every day for lunch he eats a homemade marguerita pizza. it's made of just 4-ingredients. he appeared on good morning america to explain. :57 - 1:13 "yeast...easy to digest." this home-made pizza has 570- calories. as for the rest of the day, he eats another 21-hundred calories. still ahead... a final look at your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc
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channel 13. 8 -- madoff 10 -- american crime 11 -- action news we'll be right back. before judge judy..
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the top stories we're following. an apartment fire leaves 16 people without a home! it happened near lake mead and warm springs. the red cross is now helping the families. thankfully, no one was hurt. metro is apologizing for their 911 and 311 systems' failture yesterday. last night, calls were re- directed to north las vegas for 6- hours. the cause of the failure is still unknown. but, they say no injuries were reported of the delayed dion's husband.. rene angelil.. with a celebration of life. the event is from 7 to 9 at the colosseum. if you want to watch.. the service will also be live. breaking news-- the internal revenue service says it's experiencing computer failure across 'several' systems. that means it temporarily cannot accept many taxpayer returns.
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repairs, but be prepared some of its systems will remain unavailable until tomorrow. coming up on action news.. live at 5... dramatic moments on caught on police dash cam video. watch as a truck crashes and flips, sending the driver flying from the vehicle after a high-speed chase.. you'll never believe what happens after this crash. plus, valley homeowners upset over the latest solar energy proposals. why they say they feel duped and are paying higher rates. those stories and more on action news.. live at 5. slightly gusty winds will move in friday and will usher in a strong high pressure system from the southwest which will really allow temperatures to rise. highs will be in the mid 60s to start next week with highs cracking 70 by the middle of the week. winds will generally stay light more signs the valley is growing. penske truck rental has just named las vegas as the 9th top place to move in the u-s. penske created this list by
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truck rental reservations. here is a list of the top-5: atlanta phoenix tampa/sarasota dallas-fort worth orlando. last month.. u-haul ranked henderson 7th in the u-s as a moving destination in 2015. and if you're single this valentine's day, have you thought about adopting "the one?" the animal foundation is hosting a valentine's day special. all dogs and cats 6-months and older, and rabbits will be adopted out forr14-dollars. you're looking at some of the animals looking for a forever home! the special runs until february 15th. and that does it for action news live at 3:30 but stay with thanks for watching and have a
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