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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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we woke up to some wild weather in the valley... but what you saw depended on where you live. let's get straight to greg bennett for the latest. low pressure continues to spin up some interesting weather the next 24 hrs. this morning scattered showers both light to moderate with a few possible moments of heavy rain are expected through at least 9 am this morning. with snow levels dropping to 3000ft, snow, ice, and snow/rain mix have been popping up on the edges of las vegas charleston should have seen 5-9 inches last night and another be an issue for morning travelers. by the late morning the rain should subside and our next hovering at 40 mph! the red reach into the upper 40s and lower 50s. this means a wind chill factor will be nearing the upper 30s and lower 50s but by wednesday, with the low 50s wednesday afternoon, mid 50s thursday, upper 50s friday and the weekend will yield low 60s and action news reporter parker collins joins us live with
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he joins us live from overton. see a ton of mud out here standing water ad lib i saw rain and snow on my way out. saw crews working to clear the road. at one point some of these roads looked more like rivers. somepople were so scared they asked for help. jody madewell overton resident 3:40:51-3:40:58 "iad to ca the fire department last night see if i could get some sandbags to put in front of my door because i was afraid it was going to start coming in my house." it was coming down on us all morning. it might be letting up now.
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reporting live parker collins channel thirteen action news. back to you. it's been a busy 24 hours in the weather department.. there's a lot of great video and pictures coming in from yesterday's storm..let's take a look.. our own parker collins sent us this video of the palm trees blowing in the wind..and you can see how ominous those clouds look in the background. this next photo sent in by a viewer. this is highway 320 in lincoln county about 30 minutes north of caliente. snow making for treacherous conditions on mt. charleston. slippery roads, low visibility--all reasotn o prepare with chains and 4- wheel drive if you're going to
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and take a look at this smoke. this is a house fire yesterday near joe brown and d.i. firefighters say the call came in as a tree fire possibly started by lightning. and now to the breaking news center... where action news anchor jessica janner has new information about some world health news.. hey dayna & todd, i'm joining you for breaking news this midday- the zika virus is now considered an international emergency. that's according to the world health organizatio that made the annonent u wiin the pas hur. in fact the organization called it quote an extraordinary event the world health organization just wrapped up an emergency meeting... and is estimating there could be up to 4 million cases of zika in the americas in this next year. the zika virus is blamed for a surge in the number of babies the epicenter of the outbreak is brazil...
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internationally. indonesia reported its first case and colombia reported more than 2000 pregnant women infected. here in the us... four of the cases are in pregnant women. i'll keep watching for developments as thisstory develops. todd? a man dies after getting hit by a car while running across the street. police are telling us he was trying to catch the bus. around 6 yesterday morning, the man got off the bus near camino al norte and lone mountain. then he tried to run to the other side of the road to get on another bus. that's when he was hit. the 44 year old man was rushed to umc where he died from his injuries. police say the 18 year old driver who hit him stayed at the scene, and was not injured. and a developing story out of southern california... a massive fire in l-a... fire crews are working to contain this fire at a commercial building in glassell park. the massive fire erupted on
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officials say the fire is being fueled by combustible storage and propane cylinders. no injuries have been reported so far. turning to the race for the white house, and all eyes on
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voters there get ready for a big day. on both the republican and democratic side, only five points or less separate first and second place. still, a third of voters aren't sure which way they'll swing. candidates are still busy on the trail, though. their campaign can influence votes until the very last second. clinton sot: "i am a better candidate, and thanks to you, i will be a better president, and i want you to know that." sanders sot it sounds like you want to make political revolution." trump "get out of bed and caucus!" results for republicans are expected to come down around 5 o clock this evening, las vegas time. the democrats though could take longer as they try to swy voters from the non-competitive candidates over to their side.
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next week all eyes will be on new hampshire... bernie sanders and donald trump currently hold big leads in the granite state, according to a recent c-n-n/w-m- u-r poll. 30 percent of likely republican primary voters polled are backing trump. that's more than double the support of his nearest competitor, ted cruz. sanders is way ahead of clinton in new hampshire. the c-n-n/w-m-u-r poll showed sanders with 57 support to clinton's 34 percent. starting today.. the next time you need an ambulance... it should get to you soonene! "community ambulance" is taking over 150 square miles of clark county, as the primary-private emergency responder. today the henderson based company will start responding to non- emergency requests, and then on april first they'll be taking emergency calls. this means there are now three different ems providers taking care of us. still ahead-more coverage on our wild weather.. viewers -- keep sending us your
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through also-- we're going to tae ka look at what's going on with the dow this week... and the market overall. contact 13 financial expert steve budin will be here to
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get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $70 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. possible moments of heavy rain are expected through at least 9 am this morning. with snow levels dropping to 3000ft, snow, ice, and snow/rain mix have been popping up on the edges of las vegas within areas such as, red rock, summerlin, enterprise, centennial hills, henderson,
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boulder city. these areas should not see an accumulation but 5500ft and above, will. mt. charleston should have seen 5-9 inches last night and another trace to 1.5 inches this morning looks possible. minor pooling back in the valley and wet/slick roads will be an issue for morning travelers. by the late morning the rain should subside and our next concern will be the winds. a wind advisory is up for the valley with sustained winds between 20-25 mph and gusts hovering at 40 mph! the red rock area and higher elevations
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mph or higher! along with high winds, temperatures today only reach into the upper 40s and lower 50s. this means a wind chill factor will be nearing the upper 30s so please dress warm today! the winds weaken slightly into tuesday with high temperatures still featured in the upper 40s climb slowly back to normal with the low 50s wednesday income/spending consruction
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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a five part strategy to figure out if the drinking water is safe. the pipes have been full of lea... leaving toxins in the taps. soon that city's department of health is expected to outline
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homes, schools, food services testing. flint's water became contaminated with lead after the city switched its water system in 2014 to save money. up next on action news.. maybe you can help police solve a mystery! someone stole drones from north rancho... see if you can help. plus... the latest details on whether the oakland raiders will come to las vegas. could it really happen? you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate.
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surveillance video shows the i smashing hrough the garage door of the shop on the north rancho with his car. he then moves in, and takes off with half a dozen drones. this is the third time the store has been hit by thieves. the owner of the store is offering a 500 dollar reward for information leading the arrest and prosecution of the
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some new developments on the oakland raiders' possible relocation to las veas. nfl dot com is reporting the league nt out a memo over the weekend to p-r directors of all 32 teams. in the memo... they say there's nothing forbidding any team from moving to a articular city. many critics of the idea say the league would never want a team in te valy because of legal sports gambling. this is the frst time the fl haso cmmented on the raiders possie move. the memo comes following last week's meeting between sheldon adelson and raiders owner mark davis. next on action news at midday... anothe look at our wild weather-- and greg bennett's forecast. check out some of these images! plus-- as we told you, the iowa caucus takes place today.. but do you really understand how it works? caucus 1-01 when we come back. and have you downloaded the all new channel 13 action news app yet? it's simple to use and featueslive streming ivdeo on demand with photos, plus radar.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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tt2w`t3n`&d" bt@qro, tt2w`t3n`&d" "a@qbch tt2w`t3n`&d" bm@qihd tt4w`t3n`&d"" dztq &#h tt4w`t3n`&d"" entq v'( tt4w`t3n`&d"" gzt& o p tt4w`t3n`&d"" hnt& _.< tt4w`t3n`&d"" iztq 5gd tt4w`t3n`&d"" jntq '7$ tt4w`t3n`&d"" lzt& ?zx plus... a manhunt in calfornia is finally over... as we learn new details about how they got out in the first place... and a police officer accused of breaking up a fight in a very violent way-- see if you think it was appopriate. hello. i'm todd quinones. and i'm dayna rosselli. welcome to the second half of action news at midday. i want to go ahead an update the breaking news we cut in with at the top of the hour. a man has just been arrested for helping those three inmates escape from a ousthern california maximum security jail. the orange county, californmia sheriff speaking out moments ago. we have few details on that accomplice other than that his name is lac ba nguyen.... his relationship with the jail is unclear... but he wasn't an inmate or
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we've learned very shocking details about their escape we learned the trio kidnapped cab driver after escape, took him to san jose... spent the night at a hotel... and even argued over whether or not to kill the that taxi driver. the cab driver survived. this story has made national headlines and has been particularly of interest to us here in las vegas because of the proximity. much more on this on later edtions of action news. this storm brought a lot of different elements to the valley... rain, snow and wind! meteroloist carlo falco is in mountain springs with what's going on there... low pressure continues to spin up some interesting weather the next 24 hrs.
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some interesting weather the next 24 hrs. this morning scattered showers both light to moderate with a few possible moments of heavy ra are expected through at least 9 am this morning. with sno levels dropping to 3000ft,now, ice, and snow/rain mix have been popping up on the edges of las vegas within areas such as, red roc, summerlin, enterprise, centenial hills, henderson, .mt charleston should have seen 5-9 valley and wet/slick roads will be an issufor morning a wind advisory is up for the valley with sustained winds between 20-25 mph and gusts winds, temperatures today only so please dress warm today! the winds weaken slightly into values. high temperatures start to climb slowly back to normal with the low 50s wednesday
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upper 50s friday and the weekend will yield low 60s and mainly sunny skies. this just in... the n-t-s-b is about to release details on a deadly train accident in philadelphia. they will include interview transcripts with the train's engineer. in may... amtrak train 188 was going 106 miles-an-hour...more than twice the speed limit...when it entered a sharp curve and went off the tracks. eight people were killed. more than 2-hundred injured. the lawyer for the engineer says he doesn' rememer the crash.
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finally caucus day in iowa. with all the polls and all the final campaigni and all the analysis... we don't want to neect one very important question: how exactly does a caucus work? randi kaye went to a mock caucus an explains it all. (nats) "you all if you don't mind filing in we'd like to get started." (nats) "i'd like to call this republican caucus toorder." "students caucusing as a republican if you wouldn't mind taking your seat." it's caucus night.. at drake university in des moines iowa.. (nats) "i'm going to call this democratic caucus to order." not the real thing yet-just a mock caucus to teach first time many times have you asked yourself that, wtf is a caucus?" (bradley laassudent) "a lot, i googled it, and it made everything more confusing!" it's easy to get confused.. republicans and democrats caucus on the same night- but they do it differently. on the republican side --
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candidate's surrogates.. jeb bush jr. surprised everyone at this mock caucus- (jeb bush jr.) "with that we'll start with jeb bush" (cheers-jeb jeb jeb) .practcin his own sellikig lsb foe he big night (nats jeb bus j) "good evening my name is jeb bush jr.. it is an honoto ebere tonight at drake. gbulogs. o hpe you guys comeut and caucus on monday night!" then-- republicans simply fill out a piece of paper with the candidate they want.. (nats) ".... once you vote, return it to the secretary" then the votes are counted.. and a nner named fortha caucus site.. (nats) "we have a winner.. uh.. it looks like jeb bush" (cheers!!) now it's the democrats turn (josh levitt/iowa democratic party) "our process on the democratic side is a very active process, it's very namic, very enging and lots of enthusiasm the democrats divide themselves into groups.. each one supporting a different candidate..
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o'malley-you caucus with his supporters. drake student lara cox told us she's voting democratic.. but was still undecided. (lara cox // stdent // voting democratic // undecided) "we're first in the nation and everybody's watching and then it goes away and nobody cares about iowa any more so i think it's a lot of pressure." lara first caucused with hillary clinton's supporters.. (lara) "i think hillary is so deep in the establishment i don't know if she really wants to change things or just wants to be president." then she caucused with bernie sanders group: (lara) "if the race is up with donald trump and bernie sanders do you think bernie sanders can get any modern republican votes??" she feels pressure from both sides-- and time is running out.. (nats) "at this point you have 30 minutes or less to decide which of the corners you can go to or stay where you are." this is exactly
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caucus so much pressure from friends, neighbors, even roommates-- to get others to vote their way.. (lara cox) "one of my roommates is over here and one of my roommates is over there, so either way i have to go home to one of them and the're gonna be mad..." in the end, lara decides to caucus for hillary clinton..mainly because she likes her experience. (lara) "here i am." randi kaye cnn des moines, iowa. an action news update on the armed standoff in oregon. one of the 11 occupiers arrested last week has been released from jail. that's according to our abc affiliate in portanld. 4 people still remain at the refuge. 10 others remain in custody. protestors filled the streets in burns over the weekend upset with death of lavoy finicum. protesters in jacinto-texas say a black teen is a victim of police brutality.
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fight between two teenagers at a convenience store friday was released... an officer attempted to break it up. dramatic and violent video, showing two teenagers fighting. jacinto city police officer eric rodriguez shows up... it's what happens next that protesters are angry about. they claim the officer pushed that 17-year old through a plate glass window. ((quanell x, community activist) "when they pulled-up, they both were engaged in a confrontation, but yet the young black man is the only one that they grabbed, threw through the window, assaulted him, handcuffed him and left him laying there without his shirt on.)) in the video you can see the teen backing away from the other kid when the officer arrives. the officer goes to grab him and the teen appears to be pushed against the window. jacinto city police chief contends his officer was trying to get control of the teen when he tripped over his feet and fell into the window. meanwhile rallies are being planned for today.. to protest the death of militia member lavoy finicum.
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mark where the arizona rancher was killed by fbi agents. and even though ammon bundy has called for his supporters to stand down and go home... this issue has left the oregon community divided. sot- ryan mingus: "the people aren't going to take this stuff it's time to stand up." sot- ryan mingus: "there is a lot of outsiders coming in, the more the merrier." (butted with) sot mos woman : "they need to pack up and go home." sot mos woman : "as tribal ready for the fbi and federal law enforcement to leave their quiet town. and that won't happen until all the protesters are gone. cops pull drivers over- right? but check out a case where it was the other way around! find out what happened in this unusual case. plus... imagine marrying someone you've never met. a modern bride did just that. and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib))
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a massive oak tree fell crushing four cars yesterday afternoon. fire crews worked to recover the victim's body from one of those vehicles for more than two hours. we're in the business of saving lives and when we can't do that it's a difficult situation, especially when it turns into a bad recovery. strong winds were tearing through that area when the accident happened. no word if anybody else was injured. we're getting some great video of the wind out in southern california too. this is timelapse video of the strongs winds blowing in huntington beach. you can see a lot of sand kicking up and blowing across that parking lot. yocan also see the trees whipping around... a telling sign of how strong the winds were in that area.
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alert... facebook and instagram are telling private gun sellers to take their business elsewhere. the social networks are updating their policies to ban private gun sales on both platforms. in an email statement, a facebook executive said licensed firearm retailers will still be able to post about their goods and services. but sales of guns by one person to another are not allowed. facebook -- which owns instagram -- also prohibits using either site to sell illegal drugs. the company says it has systems in place to detect private gun sales, and it will remove content that violates the new policy. a driver and police officer in florida had something of a role reversal on friday. it started after a miami woman noticed a squad car that she says was speeding. she says it frightened her, so she did something most of us wouldn't: she chased the officer down, recording the whole encounter on her cell phone. ((claudia castillo) "the reason i pulled you over today and cop: really ok.)) (officer) "well i apologize and i'll be
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castillo) "all right.)) claudia castillo says she was running errands for work around 1:30 in the afternoon, when all of a sudden a squad car allegedly sped by her so fast, it shook her car. high pressure breaks down and shifts east today allowing for clouds into the valley. the increase in clouds is due to a warm moisture flow feeding into a front just north and west of san francisco. the warm moist air actually helps us increase temperatures today to between 62 and 66 degrees and by tomorrow and saturday, high should range between 66 and 71 degrees!
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is shifting east/southeast and will be interacting with the valley by saturday. winds will pick up between 10- 20 mph saturday with clouds starting partly cloudy and build into mostly cloudy skies. by saturday night into sunday wide spread showers are very possible and look to last into monday morning/possibly afternoon. slick wet road will be common and te
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flooding is low but slowly increasing. winds pick up to lamost gusty conditionw ith sustained winds between 15 and 30 mph sunday into monday. be suo pack the umbrella and take it easy on the road sunday and monday. on top of all of this, temperatures will plummet out of the per 60s and low 70s saturday to the upper 50s sunday and then the low 50s and upper 40s monday and tuesday so have the heavy jackets handy once again moving into next week! modern romance was in full display over the weekend in california. erica harris and artie vann planned to get married - only minutesf ater they first met i person.
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the couple came face-to-face. (erica harris, bride-to-be) "we're going to be like...oh my god, there he is!" erica harris of murrieta anxiously waits inside the nearly empty ontario airport friday night. "you don't drag your feet with real love. you leap into that like there's no tomorrow, and that's what we're doing," a year ao, she and artie randomly connected over instagram. call it love at first click. but artie lives in new york - hashtag 'problem' so for months, their romance grew through original poetry...along with videos. (video nats) artie then bought a one-way plane ticket, and the two planned to elope minutes after he lands. (jennifer kastner reporting) "we've been patiently waiting for the past hour...erica is getting very nervous, but we just got the call artie's landed and any second he's going to come down that escalator." (nats) travelers look on in anticipation...then...
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i'm erica, don't drop me, it's nice to meet you." arite pops the question... (nats) "will you marry me?" "yes..." the two still in disbelief, quietly exchange vows. (christine lee, witness in airport) "it's just very exciting, it's very surreal to be a part of this experience." an insta-wedding and insta- success. their advice to all those love- seekers out there?... (artie vann, groom-to-be) "don't listen to your thoughts, don't listen to your head, follow your heart...follow your soul." (erica harris, bride-to-be) "so for anybody who doesn't believe in fairy tales anymore, who am i, and it can happen to you too." in today's top stories now trending... we have an udpate on a woman who was trying to set a record on the las vegas strip... but first...
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fast-talking "gilmore girls." the popular series ran from 2000 to 2007. netflix said friday lauren graham and alexis bledel will return as mother and daughter. the streaming service also confirmed several other cast members will be returning. netflix did not say when the show would premier or what its title would be. "kung fu panda three" kicked butt at the box office this weekend. the animated feature's ticket take was 41-million dollars... that's according to studio estimates from research company rentrak. however, it's the lowest opening for the franchise yet. wilderness epic "the revenant" -- with leonardo dicaprio in the title role -- pulled in 12-point-4 million dollars. that puts the oscar contender in second place. a big congratulations this midday to helene neville. she is now a world record breaker! she crossed the finish line saturday night on fremont street. the las vegas native spent the
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the strip--non-stop--for 135 miles! the 55 year old has survived three bouts of brain cancer and just had brain surgery about a month ago. for more stories trending right now... go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. still ahead..another look at our forecast... plus- check out an unusual site in australia.
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possible moments of heavy rain are expected through at least 9 up on the edges of las vegas charleston should have seen 5-9 valley and wet/slick roads will concern will be the winds. rock area and higher elevations should reach gusts around 50 staring at 8... followed by action news at 11.
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