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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this morning one lady actually getting here as early as midnight to get her ticket-- which mean she waited a whooping eight hours for the store to even open. but that was the worst today-- because the longest people had to wait for a ticket...only about an hour. we spoke to many people asking them...why they waited last minute? here's what they had to say. 11:50:56-11:50:59 edward lindsey "the last day is the best day...i say you save the best for last" 11:58:29-11:58:35 "i was at work..i don't get off of work until its over with might as money...we're told you could buy this lotto store right here. even purchase the new t mobile arena along with the hockey time...but one thing you won't be able to afford-- any hotel or casino on the strip. live in primm lesley marin channel 13 action news. let toss it over to michael
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lesley, i've been line hopping here in arizona to find the shortest wait. i started in kingman where there were no lines. now we're in white hills - a couple dozen miles from the border - and check out this line. i'm told the wait is about 20 minutes max - not a huge difference from the lines in primm today. people are dropping a lot of money on powerball tickets - buying them in bulk. i saw one man ealier today spend 200 dollars - hoping it will increase the chance winning - but as lesley mentioned ealier - buying more tickets will just barely increase the odds. based on what i've seen today - people are not getting the memo. "how much are people spending on a powerball ticket? $600 at a time. $400 at a time. it's crazy. what's the most you've seen someone spend? $800 cash." jennifer graffic express stop
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so let's say you drop 800 dollars and you win the jackpot.. should you take the one-time cash payout - or spread it out over 30 years. a lot of people i spoke with today haven't decided. later tonight - i'll tell you what experts have to say. back to you guys in the studio. let's take a look at some of the numbers heading into tonight's drawing courtesy of by now.. you know your chance of winning is 1 in 292 million. but crunched the numbers and estimates more than 1-billion tickets will be sold for tonight's drawing. that would be a record. given all the different combinations of numbers on they say there's a 97-percent chance there will be at least one jackpot winner tonight's. so.. even with a 97-percent chance
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is it worth it to buy a ticket? given the odds.. and considering the chances of splitting the jackpot along with the tax payment.. you're paying 2-dollars for a ticket with an actual value of only about $1.32. just something to think about. be sure to stay with action news through the evening.. on line.. and on the air.. winners.. we'll pass it along right away. now... to the breaking news... we've been following throughout the day... a standoff in north las vegas is now over.... after several tense hours... action news reporter..... mahsa saeidi has been on the scene all day long... near carey and civic center drive. she joins us now live with how the standoff... came to a peaceful end. mahsa? we just spoke with neighbors who know the suicidal man inside. they identified him to us. they say he lives at this home with his mother and two brothers. they say the man is the black sheep of the family. neighbor and friend told me how
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jasmine correa, friend of suspect today he tried to commit suicidebecause of family issues but he is still an amazing personand he always does what he can for his family 6 to 7 neighbors identify the man inside as ricardo martinez. this is video taken from his facebook account today. this was posted over six hours ago. he is seen holding a gun. he expresses that he's upset because his mother attempted to file a restraining order against him. it appears he chronicled...every step of this tense police standoff on his facebook account. he says he's going out with a bang he says he's going to get police to shoot...yesterday he posted that he has a big surprise for family and friends... today these images...of a man with a gun with a razor.... his last post three hours ago...
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friends confirming that martinez surrendered peacefully... jasmine korea has known him for six years... he was letting all of his family know that is not through mahsa ad libs tag and sigs out breaking news on the race to the white house... you're looking at live pictures from the pensacola bay center in pensacola, florida.. where donald trump is holding a rally tonight. the center can hold as many as 10- thousand people... tonight's rally is one day after president obama's state of theunion address.. and the republican debate scheduled for tomorrow night in south carolina. florida's primary is about 2 months away.. and is considered a critical state to shore up conservative republic support. that's the latest from the breaking news center. still ahead...
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standing up for solar customers.... here in nevada... 10:02:57 "they just want a tiny little slice. that's not asking too much." find out... what mark ruffalo is doing.... to get a little extra cash.... in your pocket. plus... nats -- // "who's house?!?! rams house!?!" 2 after 22 find out who else might join them in the city of angels. bryan? several low pressure areas will skirt the west coast in the next several days bringing with them with a huge amount of moisture but the rain won't make it to las vegas. any moisture that is there will get squeezed out by the sierra in california and won't be much more than some thick cloud cover for las vegas and
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out.... earlier this afternoon.... and quickly spread to several of the trucks parked.... near the oil well. no word right now.... on what caused the fire... or... if anyone was hurt. the -10- american sailors that were detained in iran..... after their boat drifted into iranian waters are free and safe tonight. we're getting our first look.... at the tense situation.... before their release... you can see the sailors guarded..... by armed iranian soldiers. the navy says... there are no indications any of
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while in custody. the rams are saying goodbye to st. louis and hello.. once.. again to los angeles. sot -- randy troy, la rams fan // "the great wrong perpetrated 21 years ago... has now been righted." 4 it's the homecoming l-a fans have been waiting for.. ever since the team packed its bags after the 1994 season and moved to st. louis. with two dueling l-a stadium proposals.. also involving potentional moves by the san diego chargers and oakland raiders.. nfl owners approved the rams move to this billion dollar inglewood stadium.. leaving fans heartbroken in st. louis. sot -- (no super) // "it's just depressing to see a team that i loved and poured all my sundays into... just leave." 6 thth move is immediate. the rams will play at the coliseum until the new stadium is finished in 2019. still ahead.. a lot of people are wondering what they'd do if they won the
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"powerball 17." "yeah!" cheers! well these guys already know.. but there's just one significant problem. we'll explain.. next. plus: plus... here's what we're working on... right now.... for action news.... live at six: gun safety. the new gadget safety experts here's what we're working on... right now.... for action news.... live at six: gun safety.
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(butted to) "powerball 17." "yeah!" cheers! you're watching the celebration of an entire restaurant staff that won the powerball.. or so they thought. share in the winnings and begin a new life after last saturday's drawing. one cook even tossed his apron
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just one problem.. they were looking at the numbers from the previous drawing. it was left to one of the restaurant hosts to break the bad news. ( cladio campos / restaurant host ) "...and i'm staring on his phone. i didn't want to believe that, but i just like, 'okay, that's the truth.' the guys are still jumping around over there. i'm like, 'oh, my god.'" despite the bad news.. they were quickly looking forward to tonight's drawing for another chance at becoming millionares. it's no secret.... that folks here in our valley are fuming over the latest change with solar rates. they feel cheated..... after making an investment in solar energey. and today... hundreds of those people..... made a very clear point about it. action news reporter.... bryan callahan joins us
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with what opponents of the rate hike..... had to say to the commission.... during hours of public comment... this afternoon. (adlib status of meeting) opponents of the rate change got some big name help in the form of hollywood star... mark ruffalo. "this is a monumental decision you are making here. i don't thin you realize what this means to you, to your legacy. this is happening all over the united states. you are regressing." ruffalo took part in the rally ahad of the meeting. it was organized by solar city in an effort to get the commission to put the rooftop solar rate change on hold. the original decision calls for an increased service charge for rooftop solar users as well as a reduction in the amount of money homeowners are reimbursed for excess power produced by their solar arays. hundreds of people spoke before
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they included former employees of solar company's that have closed down operations in the state because of the change as well as upset homeowners. "how do you explain a threefold increase for basic service just because someone has rooftop solar. nv energy has not shown it is more costly for them to connect to my solar home than it is to connect to an identical non-solar home across the street. to me it does not add up." update on meeting progress. we will have the latest on the puc's decision coming up on action news at 6. reporting live, bryan callahan, channel 13 action news. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' several low pressure areas will
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next several days bringing with them with a huge amount of moisture but the rain won't make it to las vegas. any moisture that is there will get squeezed out by the sierra in california and won't be much more than some thick cloud cover for las vegas and southern nevada. the good thing with this pattern is that temperatures will generally start to warm up as climatologically the temperatures moderate towards the end of january. highs for the next several days will be in the mid and upper 50s with friday looking to be could contain a sprinkle or two friday night into saturday and saturday night into sunday. another more potent looking storm will push in for monday night into tuesday with another chance for some light rain. dynamics with these storms are weak at best and won't cause
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weather as normal for las vegas. time now... for the latest consumer news
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contact 13. the feds don't like.... volkswagen's recall plan! automotive news reports... agency... wants a plan that brings v-w... into compliance.... with clear air regulations.... without creating.... adverse impacts for owners. the issue affects... u.s. diesel engine vehicles... that fail to meet.... e-mission standards. contact 13... hears from a lot of you... trying to dispute... credit card charges. but... many people... don't know what to do. we're here to tell you... you need to call your bank... or credit card... and actually tell them... you want to dispute a charge. it's that easy. if that doesn't work... file a complaint... with the consumer financial protection bureau. we're just about two and a half hours away from tonight's one-and-a-half billion dollar powerball jackpot! action news has crews in two different places as people make the last-minute rush to get their hands on a ticket. let's head out to action news
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michael, what's it looking like? guys it's been about 15 minutes since my last check in and the line has grown. i think people are realizing that time is running out. ticket sales will stop tonight at 6:59 pacific time and the numbers will be drawn at 7:59. it's almost 5:30, now, so you've got about an hour and and a half left. the drive to arizona from las vegas, alone is about about an hour and a half - so if you're watching from las vegas, your best bet is probably to head to lesley, what's it like? lesley ad-lib we'll be right back with an
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here's what's coming up... new... on action news... live at 6. a lot of nevadans filled the lines in primm. with no state lottery... how much of our money.... is going to the california education system? we will take a look tonight at six.
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bringing with them with a huge amount of moisture but the rain more than some thick cloud cover for las vegas and southern nevada. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later on abc... in primetime... at -8-...
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followed by "the goldbergs" its 9:00.... it's "modern family" at 9:30.... "black-ish" at -10- it's american crime and we will see you tonight... live at -11- that's our news for now... but.. stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight...up next. thanks for watching and have a great evening. centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get showtime and starz free for 3 months plus up to 40 megs of centurylink internet all for only $70 a month. this deal sounds great, especially if you love sports. get prism essential tv and up to 40 megs of internet
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breaking news tonight. the video of american sailors, their hands on their heads. iran putting out the images. the americans kneeling and apologizing. tonight, how did they end up in iranian waters? and critics now saying iran is humiliating the u.s. breaking news, your money. the stock market and the deep dive today. tonight, what this means for your savings and your retirement. the escape from the economy. powerball fever tonight. we're just hours away now. $1.5 billion.
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tickets, too.
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