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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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(matt) good evening, and thanks for
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and, i'm sheila brummer. nebraska voters will hear a lot about capital punishment between now d the november election. (matt) lawmakers abolished the death penalty in may, but a petition drive is bringing the issue to voters. today, death penalty opponents made their voices heard at the state capitol in lincoln. they urged voters to keep the punishment off the books. " we are promised a punishment and made to wait for it for years and years and years. today, the group called "retain a just nebraska" also unveiled their first commercial. meanwhile, death penalty supporters say they too plan to reach out to voters before the november election. have an update, tononht, to a plan that could make roads safer for cyclists in iowa. the iowa senate has passed a bill that would require motorists to change lanes when passing bicycles. it now heads to the iowa house for consideration. supporters of the bicycle bill say half of all deadly crashes have been caused by a cars trying to papa bicycles without changing lanes. work is underway to connect a
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power to northeast nebraska. to see this "high wire act", you had to look up. nebraska public power district uses a helicopter to string the 39-miles of line. p-p-ds officials compare the threading a needle. when complete, the transmission line will carry 345-thousand volts of electricity between hoskins and neligh. snow has fallen on parts of siouxland, (sheila) and, that could cause some problems during the morning commute if temps fall below freezing. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with h e first look at our forecast. today was a bit cooler with a steady north breeze blowing throughout the day. we have some changes coming our way tonight as a quick moving system will affect siouxland. we'll see a chance of an evening mix changing to some snow showers early tonight. only very light accumulations would take place with most areas staying under half an inch. any precipitation should be out of here by thursday morning. after a cloudy start, we'll see a few peeks of sun by later in the day although it'll be breezy and just a bit cooler.
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virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency as a powerful storm system barrels through the eastern part of the nation. (sheilil three people, including a 2- year-old child, were killed today in the tiny farming town of waverly, virginia. the evergreen area of appomattox county, virginia, was one of the hardest hit parts of the state. those severe thunderstorm rolled through the area wednesday afternoon. that same system also brought heavy snow to parts of illinois and missouri. winter storm
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of the day. near st. louis: the highinds and the heavy snow brought down power lines plunging tens of thousands of customers into the dark. the winter storm also forced the cancellation of over 800 flights at chicago's o'hare international airport. a storm of a different kind if brewing in washington, d.c.. there, republicans have vowed to blk any nomination president barack obama makes to the u.s. supreme court. u.s. senator charles grassley, of iowa, is defending his party's refusal to consider a replacement for justice antonin scalia. grassley says the nominating process should be something the people should have a voice in. "these are things that we ought to decide in a national election, "said sen. charles grassley, (r) iowa. "and those are issues that can be discussed in the next election. and, so it's not about a person. it's about the prpress." the iowa republican chairs the committee that will hold hearings on the next supreme court nominee. the texas supreme court has
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perry of felony abuse of power charges. rick perry/former governor of texas "i've always known that the actions that i took were not only lawful and legal, they were right." perry was accused of using his veto power to threaten a public official and overstepping his authority. nevada saw record-turn out in the first-in-the- west presidential event. many showed up for the first time to a caucus. and, the winner donald trump received more than 34,000 votes. that's than the total number of people who caucused four-years ago. (matt) a popular social media site rolled out a new way to express yourself, today. (sheila) facebook's "like" button is letting users show more of their true feelings. ktiv's sam curtiss joins us in studio to explain. if you haven't heard, or seen, already you probably don't use social media much. today, facebook expanded their "like" button making it clear as day how a post makes you feel.
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to showing you're angry. "this offers a litte more pinpointed opinion rather than just liking something," said kristen perez, an assistant digital media professor at briar cliff university. transforming your newsfeed into an assortment of emotions from good to bad. an assistant digital media professor at briar cliff university says the new reactions might bring clarity to some posts. "that you don't necessarily want to like, [for example] when something negative happens like a death, somebody's mourning the loss of something or something bad happens and it's always that kind of 'am i going to like this or not'," said perez. if you use facebook, it's not hard to access the reactions and they're available to everyone. all you have to do is hover or hold the "like" button and the five reactions pop right up. you can "love" a picture. or show you're sad, something storm team 4 might notice on their posts more often. students reactions to "reactions" were mixed. "i've already used it several times and it's only been up for a few hours," said jessica mcdonald. "not yet," said dillon beckmann. "i haven't seen anything worthy of it yet." "i kind of want to check it out now," said morgan bathke."it's really
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where you insert a head scratching icon. "it's weird they don't have a dislike emoji," said bathke. kristen perez speculates that's because it would drive some users away. "it really comes down to ad revenues," said perez. "it's >> facebook worked for over a year to come up with the idea, and pick the emotions. so we want your thoughts on it, "love" it or are you not too happy about the changes? (sam) you can tell us right on our facebook page. that's where this story will be posted. (sheila) thanks sam. (matt) sioux city police have turned to facebook to track down a man suspected of using fake money. (sheila) police say this man passed several counterfeit bills on february 20th at a local
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the police are asking for the public's help in identifying him. they say the man appears to have a tattoo behind his right ear and tattoos on both arms. if you have any information you are asked to contact crime stoppers at 712-258-tips. also, caught on video a very scary situation for a man from kentucky. an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket at a connivence store over the weekend. people who witnessed the whole thing go down couldn't quite register what they were seeing. the man ended up with 2nd degree burns on his leg, but is able to walk. (sheila) still to come... downtown sioux city boasts a lot of businesses, and a lot on concrete. coming up... why local leaders would like to see a little more green on the downtown scene. today was a bit cooler with a steady north breeze blowing
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changes coming our way tonight as a quick moving system will affect siouxland. we'll see a chance of an evening mix changing to some snow showers early tonight. only take place with most areas staying under half an inch. any precipitation should be out of here by thursday morning. after a cloudy start, we'll see a few peeks of sun by later in the day although it'll be breezy and just a bit cooler. warming quickly comes our way as we get back into the 40s friday and 60 could be achieved on saturday here in sioux city.
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little cooler with a passing rain shower not out of the question. a slightly better chance of precipitation could come our way by tuesday with a rain and snow mix
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with spring right around the corner, most of us are thinking about getting outside to cure our cabin fever. (sheila) and if you work downtown you may notice the lack of greenspace. downtown partners, and the iowa initiative for sustainable communities, are putting together new ideas to come up with more greenspace. the spaces could range from more planters on the sidewalk... to a rooftop garden. the developers want the public's input in what the spaces will look like. there's a community open house at the sioux city public museum on march 5 from noon until 3 p.m. with the beginning of spring almost upon us, sioux city will be seeing even more green in the near future. the sioux city farmer's market held it's first organizational meeting of the year this evening. the meeting was open to venders interested in joining the market this year. organizers are looking for vendors of fruit, art, and diary products, among other items. "it's a really great place for people to launch their products, so i think that's enticing for vendors. it's also a place that they can get their name out there." said stacy orndorff, market manager for the sioux
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market. the farmer's market will open on may 4th and will run each wednesday and saturday until october 29th. (matt) still to come... donald trump's name is still being chanted long after the iowa caucuses, but some are using his name to degrade a diverse iowa school's basketball team. stick around for the story. and, later... south dakota lawmakers push a bill to ban minors from indoor tanning
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(matt) the boys club of sioux city is taking a big step this summer and is formally becoming the boys & girls club. (sheila) with over 4,000 clubs across the country, sioux city's location is 1 of 4 that is still a boys-only club. the club is transitioning and
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girls starting june 6th for their summer program. a high school basketball team in central iowa has been the target of racist chants. justin surrency with the controversy targeting minority basketball players.
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do with immigrants" "with the political climate the way it is this year, it's a little more charged" it's cut the community and players like senior shammond ivory deep... s/ shammond ivory/basketball player :57-1:02 "it's honestly disrespectful, that's how i take it. i hear it during the game and on and off the court everywhere i go." it's been a constant almost all season for perry... "we had an instagram issue 2- weeks ago with a conference school and the school administrators took care of it very well." the blue jay's have found a way to turn the other cheek... "there's a way to be loud and proud and we live by that and we do it every single day we are respectful, we're loud obviously we win, it works we don't need to be disrespectful..." they've turned hateful chants into motivation... "as soon as i hear something like that it just triggers me and it makes me strive for more and to do it for my team, coaches and my community." s/justin surrency/reporter 1:39-1:45 "a check with some sportsmanship traits immediately greets all those that walk into the perry gymnasium...they hope opposing teams follow suit and if they don't, they hope their play on the court can change their hearts and minds about race... "it's not about the color, we are all equal." (--anchor tag--) steve watson the dallas center grimes activities director confirmed the chants at last night's game and said hat the perry coach ned menke was awarded the iowa high school association's character counts
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a public high school in des moines has opened two gender-neutral bathrooms for students and staffers. the principal at roosevelt high school said that two staff-only, single-toilet bathrooms no longer have symbols for males or females. a sign now on each says "all-gender restroom," and each is available for students and staff members. tomorrow, the diocese of sioux city will announce what it calls "major changes" for its future ministry. a spokesperson says these changes will affect the 108 parishes, priests and parishioners. we'll learn more during a news conference at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. ktiv will be there, and we'll stream the announcement live on our website, ktiv-dot-com. (sheila) still to come... a possible connection between cancer and talcum powder will cost johnson & johnson millions of dollars. the results of a groundbreaking
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the family of an alabama woman whose death was linked to her use of talcum powder won a major lawsuit against johnson and johnson. (sheila) the jury in missouri awarded the family $72 million dollars. lawyers for jacqueline fox claimed she used baby powder and "shower to shower" for feminine hygiene for more than 35 years.
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62 after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer three-years ago. jurors found johnson & johnson liable for fraud, negligence and conspiracy. jim onder plaintiff's attorney says :22 talcum powder does in fact cause ovarian cancer. it's been known for over 30 years by the industry, but they've hidden the truth." johnson and johnson says it will appeal the verdict. tanning has once again become a hot topic in the south dakota legislature. some lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would ban all minors from using indoor tanning beds. one doctor, who gave a testimony on behalf of the bill says it's necessary to keep kids safe. "this is something that you cannot realize the damage that you're doing until you're 34, 35 and you see the effect of it. it's very common that the things we do when we're young, we don't understand the risks down the road." the bill that only passed 7 to 6 in the house health and human services committee will now be heading to the full house.
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learning math and spelling if they step away from their desks... and jump around! researchers in the netherlands tested the impact of combining moderate to heavy physical activity with classwork. after two years -- the kids did better than other children on spelling tests and performed faster and better on math tests! the increases in scores were equal to four extra months of learning. (matt) brad's here -- with a full night of college basketball. iowa hasn't beaten wisconsin for three years, and the badgers are hot again. we'll have the highlights from iowa city. and, the gpac tournament gets underway for ranked teams from briar cliff and morningside.
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thursday morning on news 4 today.... getting students to focus in class has always been difficult. now 2 teachers have come up with a way to keep their elementary kids on task in the classroom. and ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest forms. we'll show you how researchers
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season to remeber for the hawkeyes. one team the iowa hasn't solved is wisconsin. the badgers have beaten the hawks five straight times -- including both times last year. but the hawks are 13-0 at home this season. this is the only scheduled meeting between these two teams tied at 25 -- peter jok spots up and drains the three. jok had 17 in the first half. late in the first half -- wisconsin steals the lazy pass and jordan hiill throws it down -- badgers up 1 at the half. second half tied at 51 -- kahlil iverson with the windmill dunk -- wisconsin takes a 2 point lead. six minutes to go -- jok with the jumper -- we're tied again at 56. jok finished with a game-high 21. but down the stretch -- the badgers hit the big shots -- nigel hayes with the dagger 3 --
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hawkeyes go to ohio state on sunday. a pair of 17-10 teams, creighton and marquette -- trying to improve their resumes in omaha. marquette dominated the first half - shooting 53 percent - jajuan johnson had 13 by the break as the golden eagles took a 10-point halftime lead. but creighton climbs back into it with help from their bench - ronnie harrell, junior scores - the bluejays had a 29-nothing edge in beneh points. with under 4 minutes to go - isaiah zierden hits a big three - that ties the game at 56. marquette up 2 with 30 seconds left - henry ellenson hits the big shot - ellenson had 22 points, 10 boards as marquette picks up the win, 66-to-61. two more scores from the missouri valley conference. northern iowa gets a home win against indiana state 66-44 to improve to 18-12. drake loses their seventh straight game, 61-52, at missouri state. the bulldogs are 6-24. as the winner of the gpac regular season title,
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in the naia national tournament. the chargers are just looking to improve their seeding -- with a good showin the gpac tourney. bc opening up against 8th- seeded northwestern . briar cliff beat the red raiders twice in the regular season. good start for northwestern -- taylor francis knocks down the open 3 -- red raiders up 7-nothing. it stays close -- big jordan baker had 20 to lead northwestern -- 2 coming off the nice feed from jaxson heinz. briar cliff starts to heat up -- shane graves hits the 3 -- he scored the chargers first 8 points and had 20 in the first half -- finished with a game-high 30. then, bryan forbes gets the steal -- gets karate chopped but scores anyway. briar cliff pulls it out 94-83. the 12th-ranked briar cliff women hosting #17 concordia. chargers up one after three quarters -- in the fourth -- morgan hansen gets the hoop and the hack. she had 10 and bc leads 62-61. it stays close. jessi corrick knocks down 2 of her 15 points -- again, bc leads by only one. the chargers got production from
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is up to five, with five minutes to go. the chargers hold concordia to one field goal in the final six minutes -- kaylee blake had 16 and briar cliff advances, 76-69. the morningside women -- back to number-1 in the naia rankings, hosting saint mary of omaha. morningside starts slowly -- but lexi ackerman drives and hits the pulls up "j", mustangs trail by three. later on, the mustangs on the attack, jessica tietz gets the second chance basket, morningside up only 2 at the half. morningside looks to take the lead -- jordyn wollenburg gets the friendly roll -- and the mustangs are up one. morningside gets some breathing room late -- taylor bahensky is left wide open in the corner and sinks the three, mustangs advance 82 to 72 -- they'll host briar cliff saturday at 3. one other women's score, #14 mount marty beats northwestern 75-67 in yankton. on the men's side -- dordt's
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#20 nebraska wesleyan, 111-98. the gpac semi's are on saturday. wayne state women beat mary 78-69 in the northern sun conference tourney opener. the wayne state men lose 109-83 at minn-moorhead, their season is over. tonight: mix/snow showers possible. low: 27 wind: nw 10-20 mph tomorrow: breezy and cooler.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson, mike birbiglia, musical guest fka twigs. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 424 compton.


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