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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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more ahead in a live report. >> kim: cirque de soleil death. we'll let you know what investigators are saying about it this morning. we do begin with breaking news. we have a live look at trump tower here in las vegas because president elect donald trump says he's leaving being the nation's 45th president. he took to twitter just a couple of hours ago very early this morning that legal documents are being crafted to take him completely out of business operations adding that the presidency is a far more important task. >> dana: this has been expected. he talked about this during the campaign he could not run the country and his businesses at the same time and there would be
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conference on december 15. going to talk about this among other things. >> kim: it's been more than 100 days since he's had a formal news conference. for starters on this wednesday morning we're the wagners kim and dana live here at news 3. >> dana: we're going to check in with tom in a second. kelly, as we bring you in on the conversation, it hasn't been this cold around here for 10 months. not officially yet. you are waking up to temperatures in the 30's. we'll start to see temperatures rise. only 52 at lunchtime today. we've got more cold temperatures until the forecast this week. we'll talk more about that and
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>> tom: an accident near buffalo and a fender bender but we're in great shape, travel times all looking great on the freeways. we'll keep you up to date on the traffic as we go forward. >> dana: happening today a former teacher could be sentenced today for having sex with a teenage student there. craig reports live from the regional justice >> she was a teacher at the , jr. high school in the clark county district. she avoided trial by pleading guilty as she was charged with an improper relationship with a 14-year-old student. she could today face as long as 16 years in prison and $15,000 fine. she was originally charged with
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student that started in 2015. she was a teacher when she met the student who was a seventh grader at the time. this is set for 9:30 this morning. >> kim: thank you for that live preview. right now we focus on a local dad who is behind bars this morning after shooting and killing his son and police about it. happened last night at this location. metro detectives tell us that two officers were out on regular patrol last night when they heard gunshots coming from that location. when police got to the particular apartment a man came out, told them he had just shot his son. the victim pronounced dead there at the scene. this happened to be metro's 155th homicide investigation they are into this year.
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still being investigated. once we know more, we'll pass it on to you. >> dana: this young man breaks in the car first and a minute later his accomplice breaks into the same unlocked car. this happened on the far west side of the valley all the way up the hill. this is about a mile to the west of the high school. we have pretty good shots of at the end looks like he's pointing toward the surveillance camera. any idea who they are? they were able to steal a gun out of the car as well. if you have any idea who they are, call crime stoppers. >> kim: dubbed civil disobedient. as a result six people were arrested for protesting on the streets of las vegas.
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the boulevard. then walking to a mcdonald's on paradise. as they were doing this they blocked an intersection. what are they protesting? most of these fast food workers say they are in a fight for 15. >> it is ridiculous if you take what workers are paid right now, even those who work 40 or 50 hours a week and imagine how somebody could feed a family, pay a rent. th hour. that day of disruption yesterday started in the morning. if you are a regular viewer then you saw this here on the program yesterday morning. that was the mcdonalds on the boulevard near flamingo. mcdonalds workers walking off the job. they were joined by workers at airports across our great nation, home care workers in on this, people who work with kids.
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morning protest you saw on the program yesterday. but there were six arrests last night. >> dana: a reno man behind bars accused of planning a terror attack in india. that's the man on your screen. he provided materials and resources to terrorist who were planning the attack three years ago. authorities say the attack aimed to create a separate state in a region in india. facing at least 15 years in >> kim: cesar's entertainment saying it's soon going to start charging for parking. the officials say the extra cash is going to make it a better experience for all of us visitors in the long run. next month eight properties are going to start charging for valet parking. then in 2017 you're going to start having to pay for
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parking your car in the garage at any cesar's property is going to be free of charge if you are a local and live here in the state of nevada. cesar's says there are a couple of reasons they have this change on the horizon. >> we're doing this because parking on our property is becoming increasingly scars. a lot of our high spenders can't park with us anymore. the revenue we're going to be program will go to upgrade our parking facilities adding led guidance to make the parking experience more pleasant for our customers. >> kim: if you know out of town people who happen to frequent the rio. they don't have to worry about it, the rio is exempt for this change. we're just getting started on
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week. one of them turned deadly. we're going to tell you what happened and which shows this impacted coming up. coyotes a video vault morning on the broadcast. tom goes into historian mode and takes us back to this. it's the early 80's and the grand prix. we hit the track at a high speed ahead. >> dana: and a goat wearing a duck jacket. why in the world would you do this other than to that's not the reason.
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>> dana: three people dead after a possible tornado swept through northern alabama. you can see the devastation it left behind. the three were killed in a mobile home park. four children at a 24 hour daycare center were critically injured as well. national werth service says there have been multiple reports of possible tornadoes across alabama and tennessee.
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today and determine if a tornado went through that area. fire, at least three people have been killed in the wildfires burning in tennessee. they had winds up to 87 miles per hour fueling the flames near gatlinburg and pigeon forge. the high winds quickly spread that fire on monday night. the flames came close to dollywood, that theme park owned by dolly parton. residents and tourist forced to evacuate. the fires burned an estimated 15,000 acres so far. >> kim: we have a tragedy to talk about with a show that is synonymous with las vegas. unfortunately a person is dead after an accident during rehearsal for a cirque de soleil show. in was one planned for san francisco.
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during the setup for the show at at&t park. the accident happened just before 7:00 last night. the worker died later at the hospital. an official saying the worker was hit by a lift. scheduled show last night was cancelled as a result. in a statement cirque de soleil says they are gathering more information about this tragic accident. there is more to talk about with tragedy and cirque de soleil. they've had another accident a few days ago. on to 16 feet while performing aerial hoops at a show in australia. former olympic gymnist was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> dana: black box versus been
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deadly plane crash killed 71 people including that brazilian soccer team. six people survived. this is video as they were getting ready to take off from brazil. search and rescue operations still under way at the site. hundreds of firefighters, police officers and staff for the red cross searching that site hoping to pull more survivors from the wreckage. but the situation grows dire with each growing hour. while we don't know the cause of the crash yet it's possible that plane ran out of gas. >> kim: we have an update on that awful accident that harmed tracy morgan. the truck driver who slammed into him has pled guilty. kevin roper was driving that wal-mart truck in june of 2014 when he slammed into morgan's vehicle on the new jersey
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friend was killed. roper pled guilty yesterday. under the terms of this plea he will enter a pretrial intervention program. if he completes the 36 month long program and satisfies other conditions over the next three years those charges will eventually be dismissed. have a 10 year sentence. >> dana: michael flagler testifying in his own defense. he's on trial for murder in south carolina. charged for murder in the unarmed death of walter scott. this is the traffic stop for a broken taillight. this is scott running away from the scene. this is the dash cam video.
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phone video. scott is running away from the officer. michael opened fire hitting him in the back killing scott. in the trial he got emotional. he said he was in fear for his life during that physical fight with scott, now has nightmares and can't sleep and felt like he had to pull the trigger. >> kim: we do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> tom: we're talking ability an acciden t southwest at blue diamond road and buff loaf. watch out for that one -- buffalo. watch out for that one. we have overnight work taking place in the far northeast. this has to do with widening out 15 up to the speedway. watch out for overnight restriction this is week and next week. we're in great shape on the freeways no. delays whatsoever so let's get to the weather
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>> kelly: bundle up. temperatures near the freezing mark in many locations. mainly clear skies. winds diminished and that's a recipe for cold @s will drop a couple more degrees before the sun comes up this morning. temperatures today remaining below normal. our high only 54. winds nice and light.
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mostly sunny skies. breezy conditions return friday. next week 4-9d for a high. >> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq. jane king is joining us. talking about a high of 4-9d next week. that is nothing for you in new york city. >> it's 55 in new york. it's crazy. it's warmer here than it is in las vegas. but we're getting three inches of rain. terminal three has been hopping. that's our international terminal. >> the number of international arrivals and departures taking off. a 4.2% rise last month. those numbers include a 10% jump in passengers from international destinations. the airport handled close to 40 million passengers this year.
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last year's 45 million and maybe the record of 48 million. an 11% jump in gambling revenue statewide. nevada casinos 999 million on the bet on table games on slot machines in october. >> dana: do you think i c jane king to sing let's be a lady tonight. >> we have a bet here in the studio and i think i just won. right now it's time to crack open the video vault with tom. >> we are just three months out from the premier motor sport when nascar comes to town.
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attention not at the motor speedway but on the las vegas strip. >> and we're under way. >> the town has seen nothing like it. a track on the north side of cesar's palace. >> i got goose bumps the first time i saw this. it's wild. >> it is fun. >> the course was a challenge because designers had to build something to attract >> it's good. the men who make the track did a very good job. >> las vegas is all act the glitz and the track was promoted by stars like joe rivers as well as the city's ever smiling mayor. on the down side drivers weren't used to our desert heat or the
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>> they don't have their muscles built up to do that kind of thing lap after lap. the biggest complaint is the helmet becoming too heavy. >> the country was in a recession in the 80's and grand prix provided a welcome economic boost. >> it's wonderful. bring a lot of people here. hope it stays here. >> it didn't stay long. four years tote trillion 1981 through 1984. today the c cesar's shops. >> kim: speaking of history this morning you are witnessing it now on your screen. this is from minutes ago in cuba. castro's ashes have started a four day journey across that country for their final resting place. sunday will end the nine day
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of hitting and killing two brothers while drunk got emotional in court yesterday coming face to face with the victim's mother. what that guy said and what the mom said in response just ahead. >> kim: what are we looking at? that's a goat. the owner says that goat can't go anywhere without that jacket on and we have the switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs
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>> tom: we are looking good on the roadways. everything running up to speed. on the 15 and 515 we are at the posted speed limit. travel times all running in the green right now. no delays whatsoever. we've had overnight restrictions and we'll have more coming on the inbound 95 between rancho and the bowl. over the weekend this median is going to be taken out. changes on the way and overnight changesak let's check weather in a moment with kelly. >> kelly: it is a cold one this morning. bundle up, stay warm. crank the heat in the car. pahrump 27, primm 26 and mesquite 34. las vegas valley 32 right now. as we head throughout the rest of the day, temperatures will rise into the low 50's but that's it. that is below normal.
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will last coming up. >> dana: this little girl had a big problem. >> kim: just wants a coat. apparently this is not only just cute, it helps her with anxiety. nothing seemed able to calm her down until the owner put an old duck costume on polly initially as a joke. next thing she knew the anxiety was clam. >> everyday i get messages from people saying i'm battling depression or i'm battling cancer or i just lost a loved one and i look at your feed every day and see these little goats and if they can do it, i can do it. >> kim: she has an animal sanction ware she calls the goats of anarchy. they apparently all have special needs which was new to us you
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out a lot of other people who are apparently experiencing the same thing. >> dana: what do you do when you win $420 million in a lottery? you quit your job, right? not these people. we'll tell you why they are going to stay on the job. >> kim: and very generous too. more than six decade tradition is coming to an end.
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>> kim: tears in court. you just heard from the local mom who came face to face with the man who is charged with driving drunk and killing her two sons. what else was said in open court is headed your way. >> dana: first on three. we broke the news many people have fearedce charging people to park. we have a live look at the strip where another gaming giant is about to make people pay to park. a live report straight ahead. >> kim: also lucky winner. they are very generous. what they are doing we have headed your way. >> dana: good morning.
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morning on the final day of november 2016. >> kim: we're opening up over that live local picture because while most of you were sleeping because donald trump will have his first formal news conference talking about the future of his billionaire business empire. he wants to focus on the presidency and you're going to see that tweet a little later. >> dana: he's going to do this to his on the strip all the time. let's check out traffic. >> tom: we are looking good on the roadways right now. we had overnight restrictions on the i15 and 95 because work is continuing on project neon. watch for overnight restrictions. overall travel times look good right now. we have a new connection down here. western now tying in at charleston. that is the first tangible
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have you the roadway open. looking good. that's the traffic portion. let's get weather with kelly. >> chris: it is quite cold out there this morning. many neighborhoods at that freezing mark. temperatures still can drop a little more within the next hour. by noon today it's going to be cool. 52, 54 at 3:00 is our high today. we're going to talk about what the temperatures are like in your neighborhood right now in 10 minutes. >> kim: this is what they are we have parking information and how much you potentially will be charged headed your way this morning. michelle covering the story for us. say it isn't so. they are starting to charge for parking now on the strip. what is this world coming to? >> michelle: i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes this is true.
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future? could we see no more free parking eventually on all of the strip properties? we don't know but two of the major companies that own most of the buildings on the las vegas strip have decided they are going to start charging for parking. yesterday cesar's made that announcement. eight property also start charging for valet parking first that. is $8 to $18. 2017 people will start paying for here is the good news for those of us who live here unlike mgm who will start charging locals soon. parking your car in the agangs will be free for locals. one of the perks we can hold on to for now. for cesars they say there is a couple of reasons for this change ! we're doing this because parking on our property is becoming increasingly scars. we're hearing from our highest
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we feel like a paid parking program will address that customer service issue. the revenue we're going to be earning from the program will go towards upgrading our parking facilities adding led guidance to make the parking experience more pleasant for our customers. >> michelle: those upgrades will be happening in phases over a couple of months. we don't have any exact dates for when everything is going take effect. if you are going to the rio, you will not have to pay. that is the one property you'll still be able to park for free. >> dana: we had a feeling this would happen after the mgm broke the ice that other resorts would follow. the former teacher accused of having sex way student is going
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no. she pled guilty to two counts of having sex with a 14-year-old middle school student in august. court records show she was a teacher at the , jr. high school. met the student when he was in the seventh grade. she could face up to 16 years in prison and a fine of $15,000. >> kim: an emotional day in court yesterday. that man accused of driving drunk and slamming brothers who were out buying a gift for their mom apologized to that mom in open court yesterday. he admitted toddling before that crash that took the life of those brothers. that was more than two weeks ago this happened. you can't tell in this footage but our reporter said he broke down and was crying in the courtroom yesterday, very emotional. he was driving 115 miles per hour, more than three times the
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he says he was racing a pickup truck. >> i really don't think he's a bad person and that's so sad. that's three lives gone because of this s. >> that local mother's pain h our hearts going out to her. the case was continued yesterday. he'll be back anyway local courtroom in january. our cameras will be there. >> dana: after more than six decades the student run newspaper at unlv making big changes as we told you yesterday, gone is the paper's name rebel yell. some felt the title insensitive and a reminder of america's confederate past. students and staff decided to
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and gray free press. even prominent lawmakers expressed support for the change. >> unlv being one of the most diverse campuses in the united states i think the name should have been changed. >> harry reid did say on facebook this morning being proud of us is an understatement. being that he supports this name change is really nice. >> dana: got problems on their hands at the newspaper though right now they are running low on funds and can't operate next semester without help. local groups are stepping in to help out financially including the las vegas review journal. >> kim: we do have breaking news to share with you this morning. from what we understand look at the map on your screen. metro is investigating another homicide happening late last night on durango. police say a man pulled a gun
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we are working on getting more information for you. once we have it, we'll pass it on during this broadcast. tens of thousands of people paying respect to castro. many of you have witnessed history on this very program. we're taking you to the ceremony attended by many world leaders. we have it ahead. >> dana: what do you do when you quit your job right?
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for,
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hile you're mastering life.
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>> kim: over my should ter newest group of american multimillionaires all thanks to powerball. we now know who these people are. that group has gone public. they wanted to let everyone know we're the winners. a group of 20 of them. those coworkers purchasing the winning ticket worth 20 tennessee. the group plays twice a week and spend $60 each time. they are employees of the north american stamping group. they are so blessed and they plan to take vacations but don't want to leave the owner of their place in a lunch so they are helping the victims of the wildfires in gatlinburg. they are not going to quit yet because they want the owner to
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wins. these guys are going to get 12.7 million each. >> tom: that is why we pass around a hat here. i've mentioned this closure. there were some flashing lights is on the mend. we are doing ok on the freeway. >> kelly: we've got freezing conditions in many location this is morning. let's take a look at some of the temperatures right now where we're seeing 34. highs this afternoon in the low to mid 50's.
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>> kim: would you go to a funeral for somebody you "you don't want to ride the 13l checkiforever, do you?"ore?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free."
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>> kim: that australian theme park is going to reopen after four people died there after a ride malfunctioned. the c.e.o. says the park is
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with several of its rides operational december 10. four people lost their lives when a raft overturned and that particular ride will never reopen. the rest of the rides will progressively reopen as they are signed off on as part of a safety review. >> dana: thousands of workers gather in south korea today. an impressive site. president to resign. they plan to impeach her. >> kim: we take you back to cuba where regional leaders and tens
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this was to honor castro. this was the same plaza where the leader delivered speeches to huge crowds in the years after he seized power. the president of the mexico, ecuador, south africa and i could go on and on all were in attendance. all paying tr white air of footage on the big screen. today castro remains departing from havana, cuba. his remains are going to retrace history. that is continuing to happen. it's a four day caravan across the island. the journey will trace his
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memorial park honoring the 19 firefighters who died fighting the 2013 yarnell fire is set to open. the park dedicated yesterday. inside the park a trail with plaques placed every 600 feet with a photo and story of each fallen hot shot. visitors will be able to view the site where each lost their lives and pay their respects. they hope the heal the wounds from-in that community from three years ago. >> kim: in new york city, a favorite holiday tradition will take place at rockefeller center that. christmas tree will be lit up. thousands expected to watch it happen in person. this tree lighting will be shown on channel 3 starting at 8:00 tonight. this year's tree will be lit and
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the first official tree lighting took place in 1993. >> tom: it's a holiday every day between thanksgiving and christmas. something different every time. right now we have trouble southbound on i15 block off the right lane. looks like they have everything now around the you have that one fender bender. the other freeways are in good shape. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, it's a cold one. bundle up. temperatures near freezing in many locations. this is a time lapse from yesterday. little bit of a breeze out
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winds diminished overnight and that allowed the temperatures to plum met. 32 in boulder city. winds calm across that area. centennial you are at 37 right now, spring valley 36. sunrise 33. just one degree above the freezing mark. clear skies throughout the morning hours. we have a disturb tons our northwest. we'll see high thin clouds from this later in the afternoon. cool temperatures all across the region. boulder city 52, mesquite 53. that's it for the high temperature. tonight pahrump you are going down to 26 for a low. our seven-day forecast showing more cool temperatures. tomorrow's high 56. breezy 53 friday. wait until next week. another storm system is coming that will knock highs into the 40's. >> kim: it's not normally news when a god daughter gets together with her god mother and
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cyrus and dolly parton. we have it from hours ago. don't go anywhere. >> dana: and the u.s. army against bill folly. why would he be in a fight with the u.s. army?
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>> dana: time for the water cooler. we're down to the final eight on "the voice." aaron gibbson every week for the last three weeks has been in the bottom two or three and he was
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that is aaron gibbson. also competing courtney. in the end it was gibbson being saved again by the twitter instant save for the third week in a row. he moves on. austin and courtney have been bounced from the competition. you know who founded facebook. it was mark zuckerberg. he posted a couple of things
5:56 am
down. do they know that mark zuckerberg is the guy there. in a post he talked about fake news having an impact on the election. a facebook spokesperson who has since been fired, i'm kidding. said a system error caused the post and eight others to be removed by >> kim: there is an oops in every company. >> dana: the golden knights under fire for their name. the army reviewing the use of the name. he says he has every legal right
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>> kim: freeze warning. a chilly start to your morning here in las vegas. we're the only morning newscast with two meteorologist. when will this freeze warning be lifted? details headed your way. >> dana: sentencing day.
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she'll spend behind bars for having sex with a 14-year-old student. we'll tell you the maximum amount of time she could spend behind bars coming up. >> kim: more fees. another major casino company on the las vegas strip says they are going to start charging to park and we have a live report with what it means for you headed your >> dana: happy hump-day. it is 6:00 on this wednesday. it's 7-degrees celsius. 44-degrees fahrenheit. >> kim: we're the wagners on this wednesday morning. we have a jam packed hour. while most of you were sleeping donald trump took to twitter, a


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