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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  November 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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indulge. we're going to tell you where you can get that done this thanksgiving. >> michelle: and entertainment boom. with the growing popularity of the performing arts many artists are trying to stand out in a crowd. that's one way to do it. a look at what talent scouts are looking for at cirque de soleil. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon. thank you for joining us. we await -- as we await more good idea who is considered for top positions in the trump administration. >> krystal: tracie potts all over this story from washington. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf club over the weekend including former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitt romney. >> governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> reporter: so is former new york mayor and campaign confidant rudy giuliani.
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minute sit down with the president elect. >> he is a very talented man. >> reporter: kansas secretary of state was called in. he's been tough on immigration. retired marine corps general james madist seems to be a favorite for secretary of defense. >> i know that president-elect donald trump loves leaders like general matist. >> reporter: billionaire investor ross was in reportedly considered as commerce to deal with democrats in congress poised to put up a fight but signaling cooperation in some areas. >> we could get a major infrastructure bill done but maybe even in the first 100 days. >> reporter: but first securing the cabinet. that continues today. and that continues today with former texas governor rick perry due at trump tower to talk about what we're told is one of three possible jobs -- secretary of defense, energy or veterans
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washington. >> krystal: donald trump is waiting for an apology from the cast of "hamilton." he may not get it. the actor who plays aaron burr in the musical says there's nothing to apologize for. he gave vice president elect mike pence an earful about equality at the end of friday's performance. trump has taken to twitter to demand an apology. "hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda had a hand in crafting the he, quote, made some adjustments. >> michelle: do you think the media has been fair to donald trump after the election? we want to know what you think about that. yes or no. head over to and click on the question of the day. an area rich in an unmatched beauty but some say that gold butte northeast of las vegas is in trouble. >> michelle: now environmentalists and native american tribes are working together to get the area named a national monument.
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preview of her special report "gold butte" airing tonight on "news 3 live at eleven." >> reporter: it's an age-old problem on many public lands. enjoying what nevada has to offer without destroying it. >> once it's done. it's done. >> reporter: and at gold butte there is plenty at risk. native american petro glifs date back thousands of years. but with the ancient art there is graffiti. now the nonprofit friends of gold butte leaves office. supporters worry if it doesn't happen now starting over with a new president will push become any hope of protection for for years. i hope you will join me for a special report tonight on news 3 live at 11. >> michelle: let's try it again. rewind. we are soon going to learn the name of our new local professional hockey team. people are excited about this
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event. it's happening at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow night at the toshiba plaza outside of the t-mobile arena. the owner and nfl commissioner gary beckman will be there. and this fun fill event is going to have all kinds of cool stuff. there's going to be live et tanment, local youth hockey mrirs and appearances by former nhl players and here's the best part. you are going to be able to buy official merchandise of whateve we'll soon learn. >> krystal: and it's great they're allowing the public to be part of this because they want the community to embrace the new team. so it's coming tomorrow night. we'll keep you posted. the newest casino in town is officially open. we're talking about the lucky dragon. the first casino built from the ground up in las vegas since the cosmopolitan was completed back in 2010. the new asian themed casino resort opening this weekend located on sahara near the north end of the strip.
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casino floor with nearly 300 slot machines and 30 table games. the hope toss tap into the growing asian tourism base and to also attract locals with an authentic cultural experience from asian cuisines to popular table game. >> we try to make sure with everything that we do that we're putting the asian culture first and allowing the american culture to follow behind. >> krystal: something kind of interesting to cultural nuances. inside the hotel elevator you won't find a fourth floor because four is considered unlucky and it doesn't belong in a place called the lucky dragon. the grand opening set for december 3rd. variety of traditional festivities planned and, of course, here in the united states the number 13 is considered unlukey. >> michelle: that's really cool. no fourth floor. let's take a check of the
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our turkey or what's it our turkey day forecast. >> kelly: today we've got some rough weather in some parts. thunderstorms waking people up around mesquite last night. they're still dealing with scattered showers in that area. let's zoom in closer. most of this is coming down as light rain shower activity. you get higher up in some of the elevations and we could see a few flurries. most part this is very light, spotty activity going on. this is the virgin valley high school camera. it's really pretty. a few light showers. during the overnight that's when the bulk of the precipitation came down in mesquite. we saw thunderstorm and a lot of lightning. 58 degrees the current temperature in mesquite. we'll look at the current temperatures in the valley and who else is seeing rain in a few minutes.
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if you don't feel like the mess leave thanksgiving cooking to somebody else this holiday. >> krystal: why go through all the hassle just enjoy the wonderful taste of food for the season. we'll tell you what restaurants are having holiday specials and here is a sneak peek of what we're talking about. see it right there. yummy. that's live in studio right now. >> michelle: plus the growing popularity of the performing arts many art riz trying to stand out in a crowd. over the world. a look at what talent scouts are looking for for cirque de soleil
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>> krystal: thousand we like to do thanksgiving. when someone else does the cooking. look at this spread sa. brittany from 92.3 coming in to to show us where to go to get the work. >> no cooking or cleaning.
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it goes from traditional to like not so traditional. if you have someone else do it for you, you can pick what you want. >> the prices just as good if not better than getting all the groceries. >> krystal: where this is. >> buddy v. at the grand canal shops at the venetian palazzo. they have an italian touch to the american slow roasted turkey breast with pancetta herb dressing. >> krystal: butternut squash and the dessert right. >> yes. that is a pumpkin pie cheesecake. it's like marrying two of the best things. it's not thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin buy >> krystal: hash hash a go go
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which is thanksgiving in a pie crust. they take their bread pudding and put thanksgiving spin on it. >> krystal: their servings are so big too. >>. >> they have a very exciting announcement later this winter they're becoming hawthorne grill. >> krystal: that's the sal are these thanksgiving type dressings. >> and they got seared scallop and pumpkin spice cake. >> krystal: and yand iron. >> they just started serving lunch so they pumped up their thanksgiving hours to 1:00. >> krystal: i like that. so you don't have to eat so late and you can go home and watch the game and all that. this looks amazing. what is that? that looks good?
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it's like a little tart. >> i love it. they have a great vegetarian option. >> that is a homemade donut. >> a cr?me brul?e donut. >> and cornbread. got to love it. >> krystal: last but not least if you just want to pick up something quick. >> there's a shot of thanksgiving new york. >> michelle: thank you so much. can we eat this now? [ laughter ] >> of course. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> buddy d's, hash hash a go go, yand iron steak house and shake shack. >> michelle: the entertainment industry growing and kate rogers has more on how companies like cirque de soleil are looking for
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for. >> cirque de soleil performer ashley has seen her life come full circle. >> i remember seeing miss tear when i was 14. i remember walking out in ahh wondering how something like that was ever made. and thinking i want to do that some day. and here i. >> reporter: the 35-year-old gymnast performs bungee and chinese poles in las vegas's mystere the show show saw as a we do 470 show as year. >> reporter: performers will see more opportunities in the next decade as the entertainment industry is poised to grow by six percent creating 46,000 new jobs. pay in the industry can carry widely from $50 a night for a small production to up to six figures and a full contract with benefits at a major company like cirque de soleil which brings on 450 artists each year for new and existing productions.
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ideal candidate is multi-talented. >> we're looking for extraordinary talent. people who can do something that you do not see in the real life. many roles are going now into more of a what we call a generalist profile. on broadway they call it triple threat. >> social networks have given performers this opportunity to showcase their talent to a wider audience. out of every 100 two to four make tout the company's talent database with a potential to one day receive a coveted contract. >> my hope that is all of them one day will receive a phone call from him. reality is like maybe less than a quarter of them will receive a phone call. >> reporter: at the auditions in new york city, talent came in all shapes and sizes from eccentric clowns to victim nass, jugglers -- gymnasts and jaug lers. to make the cut they had to impress with throw p's.
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presence. presence subjective. precision and projection it's something they learn in school. >> reporter: having found success ashley says getting in is hard but well worth trying. >> i would say go for it. find what you love, find what you are good at and if it's something you really want to do just push for it. do whatever it takes to get there. >> reporter: just make sure you are cut out for it. not everyone is. >> that is hard. [ laughter ] >> krystal: it's not easy to do. they're so skilled. it is amazing we have them here in our backyard. people come from across the world to see these amazing performers. maybe you have seen a show. maybe it's something you would like to try. there's also the inspired exercise classes and gyms. follow us on facebook, twitter,
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>> kelly: that is incredible what these guys do right? i want to take a look at the radar over the last several hours. we had thunderstorms last night developing over lake mead and pushing out towards mesquite. as it moved eastern it weakened but dumping some snow in some of the higher evaluations. scattered spotty showers is what we're dealing with around st. george. mesquite as well. moapa. this is something we're going to continue to deal with for the next hour or so then everything is going to start wrapping up. let's go over to the spring mountains where we have been seeing activity as mountain spring saloon has been seeing rain showers on and off throughout the morning. we've seen video of the canyon, the ski resort getting flurry activity.
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lodge camera. we saw a lot of clouds around the area. we've seen rounds of wave and snow. most of it a little bit higher up as you can see from this video here. mount charleston at the lodge it is 41 degrees right now. primm 57. boulder city coming in at 60 degrees at this hour. in the las vegas valley. temperature's low to mid-60s. mountain's edge 67. as we look at high temperatures around the region. pahrump 58 degrees. boulder city 62. temperatures right about where they are right now. overnight tonight we're going see decreasing clouds and that's going to relieve us with colder temperatures. pahrump 32. low temperature tonight mesquite down to 43. laughlin 52. 7-day forecast. lots of sunshine as we get into
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it's actually normal. that's seasonal for this time of year. pretty seasonal conditions for the entire 7-day forecast. thanksgiving day looks good. >> krystal: sounds good. you are not seeing double. >> michelle: oh yes we're wearing the same dress and it was an accident and we didn't plan it in case you were wondering. we just have to mention that we would have not gotten good points on the red carpet. >> krystal: not at all. >> michelle: when it cops to the american music awards we did it last week. so go on facebook, instagram and twitter if you would like to see it. back to their manikin challenge. it was trending at the american music awards. >> krystal: that's me. i was doing the manikin challenge. jay hosted along with his co-host high fashion model gigi hadid. who that is?
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testing to see how commit they'd were even throwing a fake punch to see if they would flinch. he says if you can't beat them just join them. look at heidi. she blinked. like you. >> krystal: i blinked. >> michelle: several memorable moments from ls night's american music awards aside from the manikin challenge include this one. >> krystal: host gigha she looks beautiful. decided to take a crack at her impersonations during her opening monologue. take a look. >> i love my husband president barack obama. and our children sasha and malia. >> krystal: she is knocking
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given by first lady michelle obama. hadid said she was working on that impression all week. and he told her that his impression was spot on. then he did his own impression of president-elect donald trump. so i guess kind of going along with snl theme there. >> michelle: i am trying to figure out what is going on with her dress. half short and half long. >> krystal: the same color of . the minnesota viking defense known to take down opponents on the field. this poor guy. he took it good. >> krystal: his name is bernie. he smiled even afterwards. we're talking about the sound engineer. boom! >> michelle: that's a big man that just ran him over. >> krystal: bernie got knocked down during the game. he was just trying to capture sound and he got knocked down. you know what i heard? the linebacker robinson who
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of that moment and give it to him at the next game. they're going present him with that. >> krystal: that's crazy. i guess the thing they say is you got to keep your head on a swivel and i guess he didn't do that. bernie was just trying to do his job. you can't blame bernie. he said it looked worse than it was. he is smiling so that's good. >> michelle: coming up tomorrow at noon, we're going get a taste of little italy in downtown summerlin. authentic italian food with th the newest location. they will be here to tell us about that right here on "news 3 live at noon" tomorrow. more food. all week long.
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>> krystal: a woman recovering
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grabbing on to a moving suv and then crashing into a wall. this morning near desert inn and joe w. brown drive. police say the two were in an argument the girlfriend and boyfriend. police say the driver is being held on suspicious of dui. >> michelle: police investigating after a girlfriend shot and killed her own boyfriend. a woman -- this woman here in an apartment complex on lake mead near lamb. according to police she is 35 years old. her name is cheryl. she showed up at the door asking been involved in a shooting. she has been charged with murder now. >> krystal: police in san antonio searching for a suspect after he allegedly shot and killed an officer. that officer was gunned down while writing a ticket right outside of headquarters. that person came up along the passenger side window and shot into the car. that detective killed. not clear what the motive was in that shooting. >> michelle: we have a lot more coming up on "news 3 live at three" today.
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we're going tell what you experts are saying about that. >> krystal: a waitress receive as massive tip on a small bill. but it's what she does with that money that's really going to put a smile on your face. that's the good stuff. those stories coming up on "news 3 live at three." >> michelle: i hear we're going to have more good food the rest of the week as it sits outside in he hallway. i just had some of the dessert. the cornbread. we've got you covered for no calories count this week. >> krystal: it's all sugar free, fat free and calorie free. next week we're back on track. >> michelle: and we'll make sure not to wear the same dress again. thanks for watching! hope you are having a great start to your holiday weekend. ?? attention medicare beneficiaries living in clark county. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs,
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[soft dramatic music] ? ? >> abigail: mom. mom are you-- >> jennifer: yeah, i'm good. i just... this is... you're here. [laughs] it's not--it's not my dream. you're really here. yeah, i am. are you sure jj's not gonna come walking in here or anything? >> jennifer: no. no, he works late tonight. he won't be back till 8:00 or 9:00. >> abigail: okay. okay, good. i just... i'm starting to get a little bit claustrophobic hiding up in the attic. >> jennifer: no, you're good. we can just relax, and we have lots of time. >> abigail: i know, but i still feel kind of guilty that you're missing lucas and


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