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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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home on black rock street. nye county sheriff's department and animal control officials were alerted yesterday to multiple reports of animals living in poor condition. they found lions, tigers, lynx, a fox and a panther. many lives in areas of the home surrounded by their own urine and feces. the owner of the house and err friend cared for the couple and the couple were spotted here today as animal control continued the remova the sheriff says the scene was disturbing. >> the smell, the odor and just visually seeing the conditions they were living in is of course very disturbing and concerning. >> reporter: still the sergeant says freeman legally owned the animals. >> the owner of the property do in fact have a current special condition animal permit for those particular cats. that permit is currently being reviewed and possibly could be revoked. >> reporter: carl mitchell an
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and nevada humane officer was on the scene last night and is familiar with the situation. he felt the animals were not receiving proper care. >> there's no clean hands in this deal. >> reporter: mitchell has worked with wild animals for over 30 years. >> to neglect and not care for them, feed them and housing them inappropriately, those are things that are not the standard in our life of private animal ownership. >> reporter: a neighbor across the street from jackie says he knew the animal were there and is shocked they're being you know, they appeared to have a good enclosure and stuff. >> reporter: no arrests have been made in this case. although the sheriff says freeman is facing animal cruelty charges. the animals are being taken to a sanctuary to be treated with proper care. i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> reed: news 3 is your weather authority. the headline today? your heater. >> jim: turn it in the car on the way to work this morning. kevin janison is here to tell us
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weekend. >> in the morning hours. the story we have in southern nevada this time of year. heater in the morning, windows down in the afternoon. another cool overnight. but we're kicking it up three or four degrees not as cold as where the temperatures settled this morning. several tlaiz and 39s around the edges. but that would be as cold as it's going get. if you are heading out on a friday night we've got temperatures in the 50s valley ride. although summerlin is down to 50. they'll probably see the upper 30s by the early morning hours. where we go m interesting because we'll start out sunny but there's a system off the pacific coast that will be impact on our weather. full details coming up in the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> reed: a second murder suspect is in jail accused in a deadly home invasion. metro police now have both of these men in custody. they are jorge la torre and cody sullivan. police arrested sullivan earlier this week. this is the surveillance video metro police released hoping to catch the guys. according to detectives, they're
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thomas jones. police found his body in a home near torrey pines and flamingo on november 5th. officers were called to the home after reports of a home invasion. joseph's girlfriend was able to identify la torre in a photo line-up. >> jim: more about the woman killed in a crash last night where the driver of the car she was riding in ran off without helping her. she's been identified tonight as 27-year-old natalie bruno. police say the man driving caused the wreck that killed her and they're still looking for him tonight. news s flamingo and torrey pines. >> reporter: the driver who left this crash scene is nowhere to be found. police sources say they're looking at all the evidence and hope to make an arrest soon. >> there was a lot of screaming and hollering about, you know, the accident. >> reporter: mary was standing outside her workplace this, beauty salon, when a three-car crash happened just before
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>> we called 911 right away. it took them a little while to get here. >> reporter: police say the driver of this ford mustang lost control and sfleerd two vehicles going the opposite direction. the mustang hit a truck. that impact smashed the right front passenger side of the mustang. investigators say a 27-year-old woman by the name of natalie bruno was killed. the driver of the mustang ran from the scene. >> it was dark so we didn't see anybody. so i couldn't even tell what you he looked like. >> reporter: police say the driver is a hispanic man in his 20s. as seen wearing a black jacket and gray sweat pants. james norris also viewed the aftermath of the crash. >> he couldn't have had any record for his passenger at all. >> reporter: police say they need help locating this driver. if continue has any information on the whereabouts of this driver you are asked to call crime stoppers at 702-385-5555. reed? >> reed: antonio, thank you so much. news 3 is your traffic authority. we want to give you a live look
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and what it's like not too far from the 95 you are seeing it's slow go. 12 miles per hour. 14 miles per hour. but clipping along nicely in other parts of the valley. 65 and 65. then on either side east and west 52 and 61. there are major changes this weekend and our traffic authority's tom hawley is live in sky 3 talking about that airport connecto and how it will affect your weekend. >> tom: you won't see traffic slipping along here at all over the weekend. traffic over the top on closed completely both directions. you see these gerders on the side? they're staging. over the weekend they'll be lifted up and over the freeway and attached to this fly over bridge construction. to do that the county publics work department has to completely shut down the freeway lifting those heavy girders overhead. east and westbound traffic is going to be a real problem. getting into the airport. these ramps will be open to get in. however they think a lot of people will not get the notice or just drive on auto pilot and
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i would suggest if you are heading for mccarran to come from the north from paradise to tropicana to russell road. exiting you will be able to exit and get on to the 215 eastbound but not westbound using this loop ramp. what do you do for alternates? the county has set up a few ideas. from the west side exit at jones or decatur or las vegas boulevard. coming from the east you will want to get off at either eastern or wind mill or warm springs. but it is going be a major problem over the week end. this is over at the intersection of tropicana and dean martin. see all that water? they had a water line break earlier. the work continues right now especially in the southbound lanes on the right side of the road. seems deeper there. but stay away. they need at least one lane to do their work and it will mess up your car too. the 215, the southern beltway by the airport connector over the whole weekend nine tonight until five on monday.
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business. thank you. he is one of donald trump's best friend and biggest supporters. he is helping plan the inauguration. billionaire ruffin owns the treasure island and is in business with the president-elect. he owns 50 percent of trump las vegas. jeff gillan sat down with ruffin to get his take on america's soon to be 45th president. good evening, jeff. >> good evening. nine weeks from today donald trump takes office. but it was the night of november 8th phil ruffin will never >> i had spoken to him about two hours prior. and he didn't sound too optimistic. and i just went okay let's just see how it goes. >> reporter: new york, election night, 2016. and phil ruffin is with his friend, donald trump. >> when florida came in, god we knew that something big was going to happen. >> reporter: sure did. it was the beginning of the trump tsunami that landed the billionaire in the white house. even though the polls and the
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did he expect it? >> i don't know whether he expected it or not, but i think he was surprised by the outpouring. he was surprised that he won all those states. >> reporter: ruffin has known trump for years. worth $2.5 billion himself, they're business owners. he owns half of trump las vegas. ruffin was an early trump supporter. >> i know exactly what i knew he is going to win. >> reporter: it was august 26th. trump was here in las vegas meeting local latino supporters. that night ruffin and trump flew to lake tahoe for a gop fundraiser. he says a huge crowd lined the road. >> i said donald you are going to be president. >> reporter: the campaign of course had controversy. critics said trump was racist. >> i have been with donald for 20 years. never, never once have i -- did i ever hear a racist comment. and i would have heard it. >> reporter: or a womanizer or
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you know how it is. guys are oh, you know, i can do this and that, you know. i didn't pay attention to that. because that's not the donald i knew. the donald i know is very loyal to his wife. >> reporter: but the campaign is over. a new presidency looms. and ruffin is thrilled. >> he's pragmatic in what he does. and he's going to be a ronald reagan. >> reporter: as we mentioned ruffin will be in washington for the inauguration. he is on the inaugural committee along with steve sheldon adelson. >> jim: interesting to see if the inauguration has las vegas flare to it. president-elect donald trump agreeing to settle three lawsuits filed against trump university. he'll pay $25 million according to new york's attorney general who calls this a stunning reversal of trump's position just before a hearing was scheduled on the suits. the settlement also covers two class-action lawsuits filed in california. former students of trump university claim the school
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teach them how to succeed in real estate. the newest casino in las vegas is getting ready to welcome guests. >> reed: earlier than expected too. when you can start booking a room at the lucky dragon near the strip. have you ever wanted to bottle feed a baby camel? now you can. good afternoon. i'm denise rosch. this is fabio. where you can meet him and the rest of his family coming up. >> jim: how cool that is? >> kevin: big system moving in. we'll tell you when you can right up. >> jim: a local band teacher takes the stand to talk about bullying at a junior high school. his testimony coming up.
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>> jim: a new riding stable is celebrating it's grand opening here in southern nevada tonight. but you won't be saddling up any ponies. >> reed: look closely. this one is about to be a little bit of a different sort of ride. new at six, news 3's denise rosch takes us just outside of mesquite where every day is hump day. >> reporter: guy knows there will be corralling 14 camels in the nevada desert tends to bring out the curiosity in most people. but then that's what his new business is all about. this is camel safari. >> believe it or not this is where camels originated. north america. specifically han tats -- habitats like this. >> reporter: just over a year ago he bought up 176 acres just outside of mesquite. now his family attraction is ready to go. >> isn't he great.
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foot giant. >> people always ask do they spit. the answer is if you provoke anything enough it will spit on you. but typically these are very gentle animals. >> reporter: and more affectionate than you might expect. he has both drom adairy or one humped camels and back teean, two humps. a business that started in washington state and is now in nevada. the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon welcoming the first gu >> reporter: if you don't want a ride on camel that's okay. you can sign up for a camel encounter where you can bottle feed a baby. no matter what you choose there is always an educational component. and he says they're easier to train than horses. his new riding facility, nothing this range has seen before. denise rosch, news 3.
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safari and transportation is provided from strip hotels. >> jim: my bucket list just grew by one. >> reed: by two humps. >> jim: to find out about pricing and hours we've set up a link. go to >> reed: news 3 is your weather authority. kevin janison joins us now. this morning it was cold enough i wish i was wearing a hide >> kevin: very chilly start to your friday. it will be that way again tomorrow morning and we'll be able to tack on a couple of tomorrow and sunday to get out and enjoy some of southern nevada. whether you going to do hike at red rock. cold start, mild afternoon. up on the mountain now there will be a little more of a breeze blowing at the higher elevations so keep that in mind. i figure you will probably bundle up. water temperatures chilly. the folks wet suits or out on the boat willing visiting the
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at 15 percent. frank lamping, home of the lightning bolts. by the way i'm going introduce you to some of those crazy specimens in a minute. 48. no wind. it's chilly in the southern part of the valley. over the hump coming in at 53. rest of the neighborhoods across town. we are seeing some 40s around the edges. middle of the valley right in the mid-50s. pretty good spread as you work your way west to east. we started in the mid-30s around the edges. southern highlands at 35. bounced off that quickly. we won't be quite as cold tomorrow morning. mountains at 30. pahrump coming in at 53. laughlin is still at 61. at mccarran today the mercury maxed out at 61. the morning low is 41. that's coldest we've been since the beginning of february. both numbers below normal. only our second below normal november day. all those winds did a number on cleaning the air. air quality in the good category across the board. saturday starts in the 40s.
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mid-60s at lunchtime. i think we're going to sneak into the mid, maybe upper 60s. some of the east side could hit 70 tomorrow. not much wind. that might change in the weekend. there goes our wind bag. and it's going to produce blizzard-like conditions parts of michigan, even northern ohio. we're clear. weak area of high pressure is going to yield to a huge system off the pacific coast. this is going to cause some trouble rain wise and that's good news for northern california and northern nevada. so that's the good kd trouble. it's going split apart and throw energy into southern nevada and that's going to give us a decent chance for rain but not until sunday night and monday. so the weekend should be okay. next chance for rain and/or a little bumpy ride will be late in the weekend. mountains in the mid-20s. caliente on their way down to green. high temperatures tomorrow -- 18. high tomorrow afternoon 68 boulder city. mesquite up to 72. laughlin jumping to 78. in town we will be clear. we'll be cold. 43 for the low temperature.
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morning. again some neighborhoods around the edges in the 30s. tomorrow's official high with sunshine should hit 69 in town. we think the lake will top out at 72. but the water is getting cold real fast. up on the mountain that's where we will have more wind. after that cold morning low in the 20s look for a high of 56. 7-day forecast. officially near 70 tomorrow. into the 70s we go on sunday. clouds come in late in the day on sunday. chance for rain on monday is looking pretty good although it will b we cool out tuesday and setting the table for what should be a really nice thanksgiving and shopping day. i should say, hello to my friends the crazy specimen. not these guys. this is the kindergarten first and second graders lamping elementary. great start to the day at 8:00 a.m. for the fine assembly. but then things really got serious. you think we had a little bit of fun down there? we really had a great time. a lot of energy.
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lamping because the first author presentation i gave was ten years at lamping. any time you see a jacket flying in the air you know they're having a good time. >> reed: that's where you and i went last year. >> jim: absolutely. those kids rival the cub fans after the big victory >> kevin: for the parents you are welcome because they'll be real tired tonight. >> jim: coming up here tonight, not quite the blob but a mystery foam spreads across city streets leaving people speechless. >> reed: where investigators are pointing the foamy finger >> jim: and super here star dom hits the valley. news 3 there is as the city rolls out the welcome math for
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denny's knows the holida with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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>> reed: the lucky dragon opening early than expected. opening tomorrow at eight even though it announced it wasn't opening until december 3rd. this is video released via time-lapse. a lot of progress putting together a centerpiece of the property an elaborate dragon chandelier. it is on sahara near las vegas boulevard. >> jim: if you want your hands on good deals on other people's stuff just make reed an offer. dealing. or go to the county surplus auction tomorrow morning. we gave you a preview of some of the things up for grabs. talking about cars, retired police motorcycles, construction equipment, dental chairs. that was the manikin they used to practice cpr. the bidding starts at eight tomorrow morning at the auction yard on stephanie near flamingo. >> reed: can you see us packing that out? we'd stop traffic. he is the genius behind so
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and comic book writer stan lee honored with a key to the las vegas strip tonight. >> you get the same enjoyment you got when you were young reading fairy tails. the same -- fairy tales. because you are reading things bigger than life. >> reed: she is still a kid at heart. lee who helped create heroes like spider-man and he's really involved tonight in spreading a special message. a message of unity. launching what he calls the most important project he's ever wo black and white pin to encourage respect among all people. >> maybe there won't be these awful things that happen in various cities where policemen are shot and civilians are shot. it's not necessary. it's a terrible thing. we should just really respect each other. >> reed: yes we should. lee also met with dozens of fans at treasure island's marvel
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super heros. he is 93 years old, looks great and sharp as a tack. >> reed: and he's got something to teach us all. donald trump's transition is shifting into high gear. >> jim: it's not without controversy. his picks for three high profile positions coming up. >> reed: a plane smashes ib into the side of a home in northern california. one person is dead.
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>> jim: the clark county school district is fighting back against allegations they put two students in danger because of
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a band instructor took to the stand today in the bullying trial brought against ccsd. news 3's sergio avila shows how the school district is defending itself. >> i thought it had worked. after the 15th in september email i had not heard anything. i heard no complaints from the boys. >> reporter: that's the band instructor robert beasley talking about his involvement in protecting two students from bullies in his class. the mother of one of the boys sent him an email bullied. after finding out about more harassment beasley said he took it a step further. >> i would walk near them as they came in. i would stand near them when they put their instruments together, put them away. almost like a shadow. >> reporter: the school district is trying to prove they did all they could to protect the children. both boys were removed from the school by their parents. >> it never occurred to you they're not coming to your class any longer might be related to


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